Gifts of Grief

Erato needs a Grief Seed, so she visits Kyouko at the ECFH.

Date: 2019-03-22
Pose Count: 14
Erato Ishin 2019-03-22 13:49:02 104304
Erato Ishin took a deep, deep breath. She could do this. Kyouko had ASKED her to do this. But... But....

What if she ended up BOTHERING the COOLEST girl EVER? GAHHHHH! But she did tell her... And as her last grief seed had disappeared into Kyubey, she knew she now HAD to. And well... She'd delayed a bit, and now her own soul gem was a bit... dark. So it was only a matter of time until... She sighed.

She nervously reached out and knocked on the door. "M-Miss Kyouko-sempai?" she called out. She was wearing her verone academy uniform, having come over straight after class.
Kyouko Sakura 2019-03-22 13:52:39 104305
    It should be noted that Kyouko is far from the only person to normally be at the ECFH. She does not, in point of fact, even actually live there. Which means that there are plenty of other people Erato should worry about bothering before Kyouko. Luckily, though, in this case, Kyouko is there, and it doesn't seem like anyone else is- at least not in the public living area.

    She pulls open the door, wearing her usual black t-shirt and jeans combo which means she's going to work later (or possibly was at work earlier). She frowns faintly, upon seeing Erato there. "Erato? What's up?" She asks the younger Puella, taking a step back to let the girl into the apartment. "You know this isn't actually my apartment, right?"
Erato Ishin 2019-03-22 14:14:56 104306
Erato Ishin blinked a few times. "It's... not? I'm sorry. I thought it was..." she mumbled. "Oh! Err! Right! I wanted to tell you! Ummm. A lot has happened. I fought that weird uhhh... girl. With the book? I even kicked her butt!" she said proudly, then chuckled. "T-though, it was a sneak attack. So ummm... I don't know if that really counts. But sneak attacks are what I do best."

She obviously WANTED to hug her sempai, but well... she kept her hands to herself, obediently, just smiling up at her. "And... ummmm... you told me to come to you if I uhhh.... ran low on grief seeds, right? Well... errr.... there was this... issue with a really nasty witch and a bunch of familiars and I kiiiiind of burned through all of them. I had that one but, wellll... errr... heh heh..." She sighed and pulled out her soul gem. It was half dark. "So... uhhhh... you told me if I ever got like this, to come to you. Right?"

Kyubey, of course, was sleeping around her shoulders. And dressed as a police kyubey.
Kyouko Sakura 2019-03-22 14:20:34 104307
    "No, Mamoru actually owns this apartment. I live downstairs." Kyouko points out, adding, "Though I am here a lot, so it's not a bad place to look for me, just.. don't expect me to always be here." She blinks a bit at the deluge of information. "You fought against Signum?" She frowns slightly. "She's tough. When I fought her, we basically ended up in a draw. Although I guess hitting her when she ain't looking isn't a bad idea.." Although it's hard to claim you're stronger when you do it that way. As Erato is clearly aware.

    At the emergence of the half-corrupted Soul Gem, Kyouko sighs. "Dammit, kid. You need to be more responsible than that. Build up a stockpile." But she's moving as she chastises, walking over towards the kitchen area. Stretching up, she opens a cabinet and pulls out a tupperware. A tupperware that has several Grief Seeds rattling around inside it. She pops it open, pulls one out, and tosses it over to Erato. "Here. Use this. You shouldn't rely on us for this sort of thing, though. It's dangerous to get complacent."
Erato Ishin 2019-03-22 14:26:02 104308
Erato Ishin nodded, staring up at her. Oh my gosh. Now she knew where Kyouko actually lived! Eeeee! Kyouko must have trusted her so much! Yes! The coolest magical girl EVER trusted HER! She wanted to shriek out with delight. Instead, she gave a quick nod. "Yeah. And then I got a seal. Though... it turned out to be a magical person. I guess. He was so cute, though! I got to dress him up." ... Erato was fun.

She urked. "I... I did have a stockpile..." she mumbled, her cheeks burning. "But... I kind of... lost it, with that really bad fight. I lost like... four or five of them there... The thing was really, really, reallllllly tanky and had so many familiars and ummm... I got impaled at one point. I had to shut off all my pain and stuff, but it wasn't easy..." she said sheepishly, poking her fingers together. She took the seed, gently pushing it to her core.

"I'm usually fine, a sneak attack can end things in a moment. But... the more durable ones are a lot tougher."
Kyouko Sakura 2019-03-22 14:28:55 104309
    Kyouko frowns.. dismissing the talk about pet seals that might actually be magical people, for the moment, as less important than dealing with Grief Seeds. "Well, that might be true," She allows, about how sometimes really difficult fights can require more energy. "But in that case you should have backup. It doesn't much matter if you win the fight if you just keel over right afterwards because you used all your magic up." She points out. Although technically you should have gotten a Grief Seed from finally killing the Witch, which at least would have helped for a short while.

    "Anyway," She sighs, waving her hand. "Shit happens. I know that. So don't worry about it. And if you do get in trouble again, definitely come back here. I'd rather yell at you and give you a Grief Seed than I would have to deal with the aftermath of not doing so." One less Witch is always a good thing.. regardless of how you end up with one less Witch.
Erato Ishin 2019-03-22 14:35:09 104310
Erato Ishin nodded, lowering her eyes. "I-I'm sorry. I'm just... used to doing them on my own. If... if I'd known it was so tough, I would have called for backup. I just didn't want to bother anyone..." she said, her eyes lowered. The words seemed to have a pretty big hit on the girl, at least. "And I got a grief seed after, and that helped. But... I just haven't... come across many witches in the last week or two... so I haven't been able to recharge them. I'm sorry."

Although, when she admits she'd rather help the girl, well... "Are... are you disappointed in me?" Erato asked at the end, sounding... nervous. What? She didn't want to disappoint her idol. After all, Kyouko rode a MOTORCYCLE! That was the COOLEST THING EVER!
Kyouko Sakura 2019-03-22 14:37:56 104311
    Even Sailor Moon has a motorcycle! Mamoru had gotten it for her for her birthday a few years ago. And Kyouko had had to teach her how to ride it. A story for another time, though. "Look, we'd all be a lot more bothered if you died from lack of magic than because we had to come help you with a tough Witch." Kyouko points out reasonably, leaning on the counter. She doesn't seem mad, just.. trying to make sure the lesson is pushed home.

    "It happens sometimes. So you did the right thing, coming here for help." She nods her head. "No, I'm not disappointed." She says, with a faint roll of her eyes. "I'm not your keeper. I'm just tryin' to make sure you don't get yourself killed, that's all. Like I said, you did the right thing to come here. Everyone who lives here knows where the Seeds are, so you coulda asked anyone for help and they would have given it. That's why we keep 'em here, after all." Well, partially anyway.
Erato Ishin 2019-03-22 14:50:20 104312
Erato Ishin nodded, staring up at her. "R-right. Of course. I won't die, I promise! I'll be more careful, okay?" No she wouldn't. She'd still run off alone to deal with witches, only waiting until after she found out they were strong or not, to call for help. Usually, by which time, it was too late. "I'm sorry."

"And yeah! I mean... you offered. I didn't wanna bother you, but I know it's better to ask for help than like... risk something bad happening, right? Mom always says there's nothing wrong with asking for a hand up when you fall down! So... ummm... what's yah doin'?" she asked.

Oh gosh. She was using the grief seeds as just an excuse to come hang out with her... She was secretly pleased that she only got the one. Because now she might need another later and another reason to meet with Kyouko!
Kyouko Sakura 2019-03-22 14:52:35 104313
    Kyouko is willing to give Grief Seeds on an as-needed basis, but Erato is hardly the only Puella in the city who might need help, so she's not about to just give her entire stash away. She waves her hand, dismissing the apology. "Like I said, you did the right thing to come here and ask for help. No need to be sorry. Just try to be more careful in the future, okay?"

    She smirks a little at the quote from Erato's mom- a lesson she herself had to learn, and had quite a difficult time with. Maybe it'll be easier for Erato. Maybe.

    At the question of what she's 'doing', Kyouko gives the girl a look. "Nothing. I'm going to work in a little while. Just killing time until then."
Erato Ishin 2019-03-22 14:58:45 104314
Erato Ishin nodded. "R-right. Always! I'll be super mega careful! I promise! Besides, my powers are built for that. I'm the sneakiest magi around, I promise!" she said with an emphatic nod. Well, there was a reason that the rogue usually had a PARTY. Especially if they had a taunt.

But yes. Erato always took what her mom and dad said to heart. She had so much to learn, it was only natural she'd listen to her elders happily.

"Oh. Right. You're relaxing before work. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bother you. I could leave?" Awwww. But she obviously didn't want to. She wanted to hang out with the coolest magical girl ever!
Kyouko Sakura 2019-03-22 15:00:59 104315
    Kyouko snorts in amusement. "I can be pretty sneaky too.. when I have a mind to." Although less so these days, since she lost her power over illusions. Not that the trade wasn't worth it. "It's just these days I don't usually have a reason to be sneaky." The direct approach tends to afford her better results.

    "You're not bothering me," Kyouko says, firmly, "But I am going to have to leave in a few minutes. I don't like being late for work." If there's one thing that Kyouko takes seriously, its her job at the conbenie. "You don't need to leave though, this place is open to everyone. It's up to you."
Erato Ishin 2019-03-22 15:04:25 104316
Erato Ishin nods. "Really? Wow! You really all the coolest, Kyouko-sempai! Could you teach me some of your sneaking techniques sometime?" she asked, grinning up at her. Oof, her idolization was way too obvious.

She nodded. "Oh. Okay. Are you walk--" And paused. No. Wait. She'd be riding her motorcycle. She blushed a little. Asking to walk with her would be fine, and perfectly acceptable. But asking to ride on her bike? Nope nope nopenopenope. She nodded. "I'll just let you get back to it, then. I should probably go home and study, anyway. It's been great speaking with you again!" she said happily, before turning to leave after putting away her core and the remaining grief seed.
Kyouko Sakura 2019-03-22 15:05:59 104317
    Kyouko hesitates. "Well, I'm not really sure I can claim to have any techniques so much as.." She trails off. Instincts and experience are hard to teach but. "Maybe I'll try sometime." She allows, leaving herself plenty of wiggle-room.

    As Erato turns to leave, Kyouko heaves a faint sigh and waves her hand. "Uh huh. You do that. Stay in school kid." As if she's one to talk. "Catch you later."