Dream Date

Kotomi wanders into one of Unmei's dreams, and then invites her into her own dream. Notwithstanding Yasumi's brief interruption, Kotomi's romantic overtures towards Unmei go better than either of them anticipated.

Date: 2019-03-23
Pose Count: 28
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 16:42:30 104318
Unmei Tama was curled up in bed, a big smile on her face.

In her dream, she was a villain. A powerful villain. She was ruling the world with an iron fist. "MWA HA HA HA HA!" And... everyone looked up on her with awe and amazement and desire and love and... Okay, she was less a villain, more a kind overlord. But she DRESSED as a villain. And like. When she fought people, she fought them with villainlike powers. And dreams didn't have to make sense.

The important part was that people idolized her. Thought she was the most beautiful. The most amazing. Breath taking. And she reveled in their love, their affection. Their desire just to know her. And she had so many friends and even her parents loved and supported her and...

It was a really good dream. So why was she fighting her friends and capturing them in it?
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 16:47:44 104319
"Unmei-chan!?" says a voice which sounds like Kotomi's, but is subtly different. More girly, maybe.

Well, okay, let's cut to the chase: the "difference" is exactly the same kind of difference that Unmei's voice has when she's using her gem to become 'fully female.' Kotomi is dressed in a black and white and lavender magical girl costume with a star and butterfly motif, and ... yep, she's 'full girl' in the dream-world herself. She looks nervous and concerned. "W-what's going on!? Did your dream get corrupted by darkness or something!? Is there a Nightmare here!?"

... Oh dear.
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 16:55:19 104320
Unmei Tama turned and... all the lucidity came back. "Huh?" she asked, her sword of darkness raised high. Only for her thoughts and memories to come into existance. She stared for the longest time, before she dropped the sword and red flooded her cheeks.

"K-Kotomi? Oh gosh. Y-you're doing that magical dream thing, aren't you? O-oh my gosh. I-I said not my dreams, eek! I-it's not what it looks like, I swear!" she said, covering her face with ehr hands. And the dream began to distort and shift...

Well... it hadn't BEEN a nightmare... but now Unmei was starting to panic.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 17:03:24 104321
Kotomi panics. This is the worst-case scenario! She made Unmei panic! "I ... I ... h-hey, uh!!" Hang on, what can she do!? What can she do!?

... The obvious thing, really.

She flies up and hugs Unmei. "Hey! It's, it's cool!" she says. "I mean it's okay! You don't ... you don't have to panic, it's anxiety being a jerk! It's just a dream! -- Or, I mean, not just a dream, but, uh ..."

She's still slightly panicking herself, but she's able to displace it somewhat by focusing on Unmei instead.
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 17:06:00 104322
Unmei Tama gulped and turned red, slowly her panic dying down and the world began to steady... though it was on the precipt of... "O-oh gosh. You must think I'm a... I just..." she squirmed and. "I-I just... I don't wanna be a villain or... or anything and... please don't tell the others, I-I just--"

And there was that panic again. As thoughts spilled into Unmei's head. She was going to get mad. She was going to hate her. She was going to give up and--

The world shattered. And unmei... was gone? Just an inky, black void... And it was very inky. As if she was swimming through an ocean of ink, threatening to choke her, drown her... oh dear... Or tar, maybe...
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 17:12:05 104323
Kotomi yelps at the sudden change! But then she concentrates, gritting her teeth with the effort, and creates a multicolored bubble around herself. ... Specifically, the colors of the trans flag.

"Hey! Unmei-chan!" she exclaims. "It's okay! I'm .... I'm not mad at you! O-Or scared of you or anything! It's gonna be fine!" The gem on her butterfly-brooch starts shining brightly, and she tries to peer through the inkiness as she tries to look for Unmei.
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 17:24:11 104324
The darkness swarmed around the girl, trying to pull her under. But then, it was only a dream, versus a dream defender. It couldn't fight against it too much...

But then... Unmei was a girl known for her panic. Fortunately, she caught sight of Unmei... drowning. And once she was drawn out from the ink... Unmei began to sob.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't... I didn't mean to... I just.... i-it's just a dream and... and now you're g-going to hate me too and and... and..." The waves of inky darkness crashed against the bubble, trying to send it flying. "I just.... want to be s-special and unique and wanted... t-that's all... I just... I-I don't want to be a monster... I just..."
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 17:28:54 104325
Kotomi hugs Unmei close. "Hey ... hey, it's okay, Unmei-chan!" she says, doing her best to smile. (Kotomi is kind of bad at smiling.) "I don't hate you! And, like, that's a completely normal thing for trans girls to want!" She giggles weakly. "Like. You looked totally awesome like that, too, now that I think of it!" she adds. "Like, I'd totally do something like that, i-if I ruled the world ..." She sighs, and looks away uncertainly. "... if ... if I had the slightest bit of confidence ..."
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 17:56:01 104326
Unmei Tama nodded, and the inky tar began to calm down. She stared up at her and... "Y-you know... ummmm... You look kind of cute like this too..." she said, giving a weak smile.

And the inky tar began to tinge a bit red. And Unmei turned red. Nope. Nope nope nope. She was NOT going to have a dream about kissing girls while KOTOMI WAS IN HER DREAM! Bad bad BAD!

"D-don't take this the wrong way, but can you like... wake me up? I ummm..." Oh gosh. She did NOT want Kotomi of all people to see her dreams. "W-will I remember this?" she asked. "C-can we like.... talk on the phone or something? Please?!" Oh gosh she wanted to die. Or wake up. Before it got worse.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 18:06:13 104327
Kotomi giggles, and also starts blushing deeply. "Um ... thanks!" she says. Her anxiety is trying to tell her that this is going to end badly, but getting complimented by her crush is definitely the feeling that's in the lead.

She blinks. "Uh ... yeah! I've just always remembered stuff. Especially when I started working on lucid dreaming," she adds. "I've sort of been practicing, and --"

She hesitates, and then blushes. "Um. Actually I ... had an idea but I don't know if it's a good idea since you want to wake up ..." It seems she's completely missed out on what's worrying Unmei. "... um, the idea is that I could take you to my dream ... but ... um, I haven't tried to wake myself up before, but you can probably just pinch your cheek. That ... probably makes sense."
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 18:12:26 104328
Unmei Tama was turning more and more red with each second, watching her, trying not to let the dream turn anywhere... Oh gosh. What if Kotomi remembered this but she didn't? Would that be rude? Would--

And then there was an out. Her eyes lit up. "Wait, yes, that! Let's go to YOUR dream! Out of mine! Please?" she said. Yes. Escaping HER dreams, so she wouldn't like... have the panic get into her mind here? Yes please. Was there anything better? She quickly nodded, grinning up at the other girl. Yes. This was her way out. A way to be somewhere where her thoughts and ideas and everything wouldn't come crashing in around them. "I just don't want to be in my dreams!" And now it was darkening again. Panic....
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 18:21:40 104329
Kotomi blinks in confusion. "Oh, um, okay!" she says. She grabs Unmei's hand, and starts flying back in the original direction she came in. "I ... let's see ..."

The tar would fade as they find themselves at the edge of a dreary field with a white Edo-period house in the center, covered in vines and kudzu. Kotomi dispels the bubble. "Oh, whoops, not here," she says. "Uh ... okay, hang on ..." She closes her eyes, does an about-face, opens her eyes again, and leads Unmei out of this dream and into another.

Passing through a few other dreams of various subjects, they end up in a beautiful garden in front of an elegant two-story mansion. The atmosphere is all bright and cheerful. "Okay! We're here!" says Kotomi, smiling. "I ... dunno if this is actually persistent, but like ... I've been putting this scenery together. End Metamorphosis!" Her magical girl costume glows bright lavender, and then the light shatters, revealing a dress in the colors of the trans flag, and her eyes are back to their normal darker color.
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 18:36:23 104330
Unmei Tama held tightly onto the hand, letting the girl drag her along. They were almost out. Soon, they'd be all good and she could relax. She couldn't stop the smile from forming when they traveled, giving the other hand a msall squeeze. "You're really incredible, you know that?" Unmei told her.

Once they came to the garden, Unmei let out a light sigh of relief. They were all good, yay! She gave a small giggle, smiling up at the other girl. "So... nothing of my dreams can affect here?" she asked. Granted. Seh was still in her evil getup. Her cheeks then burned. "A-and I'd just like to say like. Even though I had that dream I don't... want to be a villain. I mean, playing a villain to help everyone out was fun, but I'm not like... I don't do that any more, honest!"
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 18:42:20 104331
Kotomi giggles, blushing. "W-well, I mean ... anyone could do that, if, if they know how to lucid dream!" she says bashfully. "It just takes practice, and all that!"

Kotomi blinks. "Oh, yeah," she says. "It's just my dream here now. Your own dream ... was affected by 'you', so I could only change my own stuff." She looks Unmei over, still blushing. "Well, um. You can sort of ... concentrate, and will your outfit to change. I-I mean, if you wanna."

She nods at the talk about not wanting to be a villain, smiling. "Yeah, it's okay, I get it," she says. "In your own dreams, you can do cool stuff you can't do anywhere else, and like there aren't any consequences! Unless, like, you're fighting a Nightmare." Her smile falters. "... I kinda wish I could transform in the waking world, but ..." She shrugs. "Well, everyone's always rescued me so far."

She hesitates at the comment about 'playing the villain', but her anxiety stops her from inquiring further.
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 18:50:16 104332
Unmei Tama glanced off to the side. "Y-yeah. I've never been... lucid in my dreams, before. Usually I have a bunch of nightmares. Though lately I've been having less of them," she said with a small smile. Maybe it was because she was having more success. "Granted. That was like. After I helped everyone out and stuff," she said with a light giggle. "So then., What do I do now? Like.... if I hang out with you here, do I still get rest or..."

Then she quickly looked away to hide the blush. Was this a date? She was inside Kotomi's dreams, right? So like... that was.... kind of really personal. And Kotomi trusted her in here. Was this a way of her confessing she did want to go further? Oh gosh, what should Unmei do? She liked her, she knew that! So what if things were a little off and... GAHHH! Oh gosh it was so scary... nggggg.... She had to cover her face with her hands, she was so red.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 18:58:28 104333
Kotomi nods. "Wow, yeah," she says softly. "Like. I've been really lucky with my life, and with the way my family's been about it. It's no wonder you haven't had good dreams before ..." She does giggle softly in return. "Yep! We're still 'actually asleep', as far as our bodies are concerned, this is a normal dream."

And then she blushes as well. "So, uh ..." She gently takes both of Unmei's hands, and steps closer. Looks like she's full of barely-controlled panic, too, but Unmei might be on the right track with that line of reasoning. "... I mean, uh ... we're ... alone here ... and ..."

"You are not alone here!" says an unfamiliar girl's voice. There's a catgirl standing at the edge of the garden with silvery white hair, dressed in red and black frills.

Kotomi steps back and whirls around. "YOU!?"
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 19:03:05 104334
Unmei Tama nodded. "yeah. I mean... I was hardly the best son ever and... I'm... I guess.... it's not... surprising they don't wan tto put up with my weirdness. But I just wish they'd like... give me a chance to... try and be me..."

And then the other girl took her hands and stepped in. Unmei couldn't help but shiver a bit, staring up at the other girl. Oh gosh. Here it was. Someone was FINALLY going to ask Unmei out. On top of that, someone she got along with. Who shared hobbies with her. Her heart began to beat faster. Yes. "we're--"

AND THEN SURPRISE! Unmei flushed and then... "Do you mind?! We're kind of having a moment here!" she snapped, her cheeks burning. "Just once can someone NOT interrupt?!" Seriously. She wanted to start crying! Why, every single time?!
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 19:08:21 104335
The catgirl's ears flatten against her head. "Ah! M-my apologies," she says, blushing. "You passed through my home dream, and ..." She smiles nervously at Unmei. "Well, I was going to attempt flirting, but if you --"

"NO!" says Kotomi, with ... probably more force than she ever has. She's looking exactly the same way Unmei feels, really. "Okay look, whatever your name is --"

The catgirl says, "Yasumi Yumeji, the Hopeless Nightm--"

Kotomi shakes her head. "Look, just GO AWAY! We were about to kiss --"

A pause. Kotomi is completely red-faced now. "... uh ..."

Without another word, Yasumi backs away, then turns tail and runs out of the dream as fast as she can. Kotomi stays standing there, completely rigid.
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 19:17:27 104336
Unmei Tama blushed a little at the 'flirting' bit. "O-oh. I ummm..." And then KOTOMI! Her eyes went wide as the other girl went full... 'NO! Mine!' on whatever that creature was. She turned towards Kotomi. "You... wanted to kiss me?" she asked. Well. She DID look amazing in her 'evil magical girl' outfit. All black and dragon wings and stuff.

And then unmei glanced to the other girl. What now? What should they--

"Ah, screw it." And then she stepped in, gripping the girl's hips and pulling her in, pushing her lips to hers. Well, it was a dream... it's okay.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 19:24:49 104337
Yasumi doesn't stop running until she reaches the Japanese house in the dreary field. She walks around to the front of the house, and then flops facedown with a groan.

Kotomi sighs softly, looking frankly completely defeated. "Sorry," she says quietly. "I, uh. Yeah. But she's the catgirl who attacked me ... and ... I guess she ..."

And then she blinks, startled as Unmei suddenly takes charge! Kotomi's eyes go wide at the kiss, and she freezes up for several seconds. But then she wraps her arms around Unmei, and somewhat awkwardly kisses back.
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 19:38:10 104338
Unmei Tama pulled back after a few moments, her cheeks burning. She then stared up at the other girl. "S-so... does.... does this mean we're... dating now? Then?" she asked, staring up at her. "I mean... I said I'd be open to it... if you wanted..." she said gently.

"I mean, not to put you on the spot or anything. But I am definitely putting you on the spot." What? She'd been alone for a LONG TIME. She just wanted a crystal clear response and answer.

"Also, um. She attacked you? Should.... should we go beat her up? Or is she more like... a funny bad guy? Cause she seems kind of sad now that we yelled at her..."
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 19:45:23 104339
Kotomi giggles bashfully. "Uh, sure! Yes!" she says. "We should ... we should definitely go on dates. In the waking world, too, I mean!" Yep, that's as crystal clear an answer as Kotomi can manage, and completely devoid of ambiguity. "Heh. Wow. My first kiss!" She grins -- an actual, happy grin! "And this is like a dream, so ... I'll have another 'first kiss' when we, uh, go out on a date while we're awake!" She hesitates, and then giggles again. "Wow I'm actually giddy now. Like I've never felt like this before!" She grins widely at Unmei. "I ... have a girlfriend!"

She looks out towards the edge of the garden. "... Nah, let's just leave her for now." She waves her hand, and a high iron fence appears around the property. "She just covered me with nightmare energy or something, and that's why I smell delicious to creatures of darkness. I actually have no idea what her deal is," she says. "I, uh. Still need to talk to Ariel-san about that, see if she knows anything, but ..." She giggles, more nervously this time. "You know how it is!"
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 19:57:49 104340
Unmei Tama nodded, giving a soft little giddy smile. "Y-yes. I like the idea of more dates. A-and yeah. So. Um. How does this work? Err. Who... who asked who out? I mean... it... errr..." She felt her own courage wavering. At least the other girl seemed to like her kiss. "A-and yeah. We'll, uhhh, we'll have all the kisses. Once we get back, and, and stuff. I mean. Yes? Err. If, if that's okay. I-I mean... hee hee..." she said, blushing horribly.

"Where should our first date be? A-and... yeah. It feels... it feels nice. H-having a girl friend aand... and stuff..."

She had a girl friend she could share her hobbies and loves with...

"And wow... Yeah. Never mind then. LEt's like. Punch her in the face or something. Cause that's mean." And then she pushed in for another kiss. Jsut for a second. "Y-yeah. So, err... what.... d-do we do now?"
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 20:13:27 104341
Kotomi hesitates. "I mean ... I think I'm the one who asked you out," she says. "Even if you made the move to kiss me first. I don't think dating is supposed to have technicalities or rules or whatever." She giggles. "Maybe we could look up --" She blinks. "Oh right, this is a dream, my phone won't work. Uhh ..." She giggles again. "How about, um, the Frozen Beach ice cream place!"

She is frankly having the same feelings. She has a girlfriend! One who loves magical girls! the way she does! One who is a magical girl!

She lets out a squeak of surprise at the second kiss, but returns it, smiling wide. "Okay, yeah, I have no idea what to do now," she says. "We're, like ... still in a dream, so, like ..." She looks over at the mansion. "I dunno, wanna just hang out here? Or come up with some other scenery or something?"
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 20:26:20 104342
Unmei Tama nodded, slowly pulling away and letting her go. She smiled up at her. "I... I like frozen beach ice cream place." She had no idea where it was. BUT SHE WOULD FIND IT! "Come... pick me up around ummm... nine? Or... or noon? Or... whatever you like. W-we can do whatever you like. I... I think they're still playing magical girl burst stars in theaters.... t-that might be fun?" It was a terrible movie. BUT DAAAAAATE!

"And um. You're the expert here. I mean. In dreams I don't really... have powers. Really. Soooo... I can't... really do much. So you're in charge. Heh heh.... so... take care of me, please!"
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 20:32:58 104343
Kotomi hesitates. "Tomorrow's ... oh right, tomorrow's Sunday!" she says. She shakes her head and giggles. "Okay I miiiiiight be head over heels for you. Or something like that." She shrugs. "But, uh, yeah, noon works! And ... watching a magical girl movie sounds like it'd be cool, too!" ... Oh, dear, she doesn't know about that one. It's what happens from being more interested in books and manga than in movies ...

She smiles at Unmei. "Hmm ... okay," she says. "We can ..." There's suddenly an elegant bench on the ground next to her. "I kinda feel like just sitting down for a little while. Just ... being together, and all that." She sits down on the bench, and pats the spot next to her.
Unmei Tama 2019-03-23 20:40:56 104344
Unmei Tama slid into the seat next to her, closing her eyes and leaning against her. "Is... is it like... weird if I rest against you, in a dream? Like, that seems like a really, really weird thing to do..." she said with a light, weak, flustered giggle.

"So... ummmm... wanna hear about my last big fight? I got to pretend to be a villain with Lacrima. It was a lot of fun. I mean, I got a bit hurt in the end, Cure Shield sent me flying into a wall. But it was still pretty fun to play make believe, you know?"
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-23 20:43:55 104345
Kotomi thinks fast. "Um ... I think it's fine," she says. "Since. We're dating and all that, y'know?" She wraps her arm around Unmei's waist. "... Lacrima-san and Ariel-san probably do something like this all the time." She considers raising the subject of just asking, but ... well, it's not about her girlfriend, so anxiety wins this time.

She blinks. "Oh! Um, sure!" she says. "... Jeez, you've been busy!" She grins. "Sure, go ahead and tell me all about it ..."