Parkside Persecutions & Pretty Pendants & Petty Pranks

After shopping at a cart in the park, Lacrima runs into Jadeite and Icela! Some sudden accusations happen and talk of Kazuo and also about... baby sharks!?

Date: 2019-03-28
Pose Count: 24
Lacrima 2019-03-28 03:01:12 104372
Lacrima is having a lovely walk in the park. She is dressed casually and not super fancy- which is generally a sign of having a generally sound mind and thoughtscape to those that knew her well enough. Fancy dresses we're when she was a mess. Regardless, here she was, walking!

She'd stopped by a cart setup in the park to obtain a trinket of some sort. A little silver medallion with a tiny unicorn on it. For reasons. Obvious.. reasons. She decided she needed to modify it some, but she had an idea for it as she held it loosely in her hand by it's chain as she stared at it in the afternoon sun. There was still a few hours of daylight left. She'd have to get home soon....

But not that soon. She could take her time.
Icela 2019-03-28 03:05:30 104373
Someone is wearing a fancy dress, however the pale girl is in fancier version of her dreamworld dress, white like the rest of her but with some frills and other decorations. She is, however, recognizably the same person; even if it wasn't for the fact that her body is a dark energy construct, and that she puts no particular effort into hiding this.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-03-28 03:17:03 104375
Rounding out the fashion of this group is the exceeedingly casual Jadeite, dressed in nothing more than thin black leggings, an open black jacket, and a grey t-shirt with a Pikachu printed on it. He's walking along the outskirts of the park, visiting the local PokeStops and contemplating if he wants to try battling a gym with just one hand. One hand, because the other is tucked into his jacket pocket, currently held in shape by a block of clay that he's under pay of death-by-disappointed-prince-glances not to fiddle with.

He decides that the definite frustration of not being able to play the way he wants isn't worth it, and looks up, determined to do something with himself -

and there's Lacrima coming from one direction and - Icela, he thinks, and the sight of her makes him instinctivly twist to be sure Rei isn't anywhere nearby, ready to caution him about talking to ghost girls before he waves, first at one, and then in the direction of the other.

Lacrima 2019-03-28 03:38:09 104376
Lacrima will someday tell Jadeite about the haunted Pokemon Go phone. Someday. Today won't be that day. She's actually holding that little tiny pendant up into the afternoon light when she sees 'movement' behind that with purpose. Oh it's Jadeite!

She puts the pendant down and stuffs it into her pocket as she smiles and makes a little jog over. "Hi Jadeite-kun!" she says. "...How are you?" she asks softly. "--sorry I haven't been over recently. Stuffs been goin on... it's fine, really. I guess. Nothing I can't handle with the help... I've been getting..." she stutters a moment as her eyes slowly pan towards Icela.

Oh... isn't that... that girl again?...
Icela 2019-03-28 03:42:01 104377
Notices Jadeite and actually smiles, casually walking over in his direction when she notices Lacrima and there's a hint of a frown, just briefly. "Have we met?" She asks Jadeite, seeming a bit uncertain. She doesn't seem to mind, however, getting out drawing supplies, and sitting down on a bench nearby, staring at Jadeite as her pencils begin to dance, then glancing to Lacrima, "You're one of Unmei's friends, right?"
Saburo Yukimura 2019-03-28 03:55:13 104378
As the one to summon ovr both girls, he stands in place, waiting until they're in range - Lacrima first, as she jogs over, and he favors her with a smile in response to her apologies and partly shared explanations. "Don't worry about it. We've been dealing with a teeny tiny baby shark invasion, so it hasn't been the best time to visit anwyway."

Is he grinning? Yes. Is there package that he is oh-so-eagerly waiting for, due to arrive any day? Yes. In a few days, all who drop by will be able to see his army of baby sharks.

(The look on Kazuo's face, when he realized that there he hadn't used his pain medication in a week, and yet had still been humming that song... worth it.)

"I hope everything is alright though - " he trails off, because there's Icela, having finally caught up, and he has to stifle a laugh, seeing her immediately pull out her drawing supplies. That was exactly what she did last time.

"Just once," he answers, "You were drawing then too."
Lacrima 2019-03-28 04:04:40 104379
Lacrima blinks "Baby.... sharks?" she asks, as she head tilts. "Did Mamoru-kun have a salt-water tank installed recently? If so, I wanna come by a see it..." she says quietly as she taps her bottom lip. She then shakes her head. "...I dunno much about fish keeping though..." she says.

She sighs a little as she brushes her hair a little back along over her shoulder as she looks back to Icela. "Yeah, I am. Has Unmei-chan updated her address with you?" she asks softly. "If not, you should give her a call soon or a text." she says softly. She looks back to Jadeite, with a pause. "Unless. Also, Baby Sharks-- That's code for a bunch of tiny dogs.. like. 'sharks'...?" she asks. "--ahaha-- s-sorry." she says.
Icela 2019-03-28 04:07:35 104380
The pale girl raises an eyebrow at the baby sharks thing but decides not to ask. "I like drawing." She tells Jadeite, "I want to be a mangaka when I grow up." She explains cheerfully. When Lacrima brings up that Unmei moved she nods, "I think she's mentioned it. I don't have a phone though, so I couldn't call her or send her a text."
Saburo Yukimura 2019-03-28 04:23:27 104381
"Oh, they aren't - literal sharks?" But he's not really explaining it further, either, leaving it at that, because continuing one conversation while being in the middle of another is difficult at best and pretty rude at worst. He's happy to settle back for the moment and let them catch each other up on Unmei - a bit of new gossip never hurt, not when it kept him abreast of the moving pieces of the mahou community.
Lacrima 2019-03-28 04:42:06 104382
'When you grow up'. Lacrima seems uncomfortable at this wording. "H--heh. We--well. I'm sure you can do it. With practice. But. What kind of stories would you draw, Icela...?" she asks curiously. She gently twitches a bit. Art was never her strong suite. At least not... physical-- tangible art. Dancing is an art-- she guesses? But it's not one you save and put on the wall or save for later...

She shifts a bit more uncomfortably as she looks back to Jadeite. "Not literal sharks?" she asks curiously. "...I'm curious now." she says with wide eyes, seemingly eager to get off the topic of what one does when they grow beyond sixteen years old. She shifts a bit. "'s not an actual problem is it?.. do you need help...?" she asks.
Icela 2019-03-28 04:48:09 104383
"Stories in which mean bullies get the treatment they deserve." Icela answers Lacrima's question with a hint of venom in her voice, not directed at Lacrima as such; but at the 'mean bullies.' Whether she includes Lacrima in that category is unclear, "So what are these sharks then?" She asks Jadeite, pencil still moving rapidly.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-03-28 04:54:15 104384
He's quick to pick up on that discomfort, as Lacrima latches onto the topic and Icela follows, and considering his own inability to art, he's happy to go along with it. "No, no, there's no need for help. So, to make a long story short, I'm getting a little harmless revenge on Kazuo, who got his revenge on me, all because I was innocently singing my new favorite song, which happens to be about baby sharks and their families."

The grin on his face indicates that there was absolutely nothing inncent about any of this, and he knows it.

"So I might have ordered about a dozen shark plushes online, and I might be getting ready to hide them everywhere."
Lacrima 2019-03-28 05:10:34 104385
Lacrima gently stares at Jadeite. She stares and then giggles. "...ahaha... Make sure to hide them in places where they might not be found for like weeks or even months later. That's the best place for them." she says. "Like the pocket of a fancy suit someone might not wear until an special occasion." she says.

She snort giggles a little and shakes her head, as her eyes look back to Icela. "...ah..." she says as she shifts, not wanting to get into the details of what Icela thinks a bully deserves. She purses her lips as she looks back to Jadeite.

" revenge for revenge but... not really. Because I don't think stuffed sharks count as a nuclear strike." she snorts. "But..." she says.

"...if you give me one I can always hide one around the manor in a place he might see it next time he comes by." she snorts.
Icela 2019-03-28 05:15:18 104386
The name Kazuo brings forth a frown, and a quiet confirmatory question, "Kazuo Takeba-san or some other Kazuo?" Icela's tone is very intentionally neutral, watching Jadeite to try to gauge a response, it's clearly a question to which the answer matters. Though why seems unclear. The topic of art is discarded from Icela's mind.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-03-28 05:29:21 104387
"You understand me!" Jadeite beams at Lacrima, absolutely delighted to have shared his plan to such succeess. "A suit, huh? That's a great idea! Even Kazuo can't possibly go checking his every suit all the time."

Yes. Yes! His revenge of a revenge shall be wicked and terrible!

"The strike isn't the plushies, the strike is that they sing Baby Shark if you shake them," he confides, happy to share the details of his evil. "So every one found and disposed of will be at least another week of that song stuck in his head."

And then he pauses, glancing at Icela as if surprised that there could even be anothe Kazuo. "Yup! He's my housemate. You know him too?"
Lacrima 2019-03-28 05:49:48 104388
Lacrima snorts. "So they're singing plushy sharks to get a song stuck in his head..." she says. "That's kind of devilish. I hope he doesn't shove you down a flight of stairs after this one though~" she sing songs a little, knowing Kazuo probably would not do that.


She looks over to Icela again as she gently head tilts. "That's Kazuo-kun yeah...." she says. "...Why do you ask?" she asks curiously. "Do you know him?" she asks curiously, head tilting a little.
Icela 2019-03-28 05:54:59 104389
"If you hurt Takaba-san. I will make sure you regret it." Icela warns Jadeite in a very icy tone of voice. That's a threat that she clearly has no scruples following up on, but the ice fades when both Jadeite and Lacrima ask whether she knows him, and the answer is. "He doesn't know me." Like that's supposed to make sense.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-03-28 06:03:13 104390
"Eh, if he does, he'll have a very sad prince to explain himelf to - huh?" He's all set to continue joking about, but Icela's warning is - distressingly serious. Probably not for the reasons she'd like it to be, though. No, he's not too worried about being threatened, and much more worried about the fact that someone actually thinks he'd hurt Kazuo.

"I'd never hurt Kazuo!" His face is the embodiment of a sadface emoji at the very thought. He is living surprised distress. "It's a harmless prank, that's all!"
Lacrima 2019-03-28 06:10:32 104391
Lacrima blinks. "....He would never hurt Kazuo-kun... why... why would even suggest that!? ---that doesn't even make any sense, when you say that he doesn't know you!?" she asks with a blurt. Jadeite's distress has made her distressed in turn.

She moves closer to Jadeite though as she frowns. "...So no one here is going to hurt Kazuo-kun... most certainly not me or him... !" she says a little uncomfortably.

"D--do you have a distant crush or something?" she asks suddenly. Since. Well. It isn't unlike that to be asked by someone with a distant crush who may not quite know all the parties involved!
Icela 2019-03-28 06:13:24 104392
"What? No. He's way too old. He's like even older than that guy." Icela is looking at Jadeite there, she doesn't know his name, "And it makes sense if you have context, but I can't give you context. Sorry." She insist and then adds, "But, I'm sorry for suggesting you might want to hurt him. If you're a friend of his, you're probably ok people."
Saburo Yukimura 2019-03-28 06:38:30 104394
"Well...good," Jadeite says awkwardly, distress melted into a weird relief-discomfort. At least that had been cleared up, and there's, well, some humor in the idea that it could have been just a kiddie crush, but he's still a little rattled that anyone would ever seriously think he'd harm Kazuo.

It doesn't matter that Icela doesn't know him well. He feels like it should be written on his back or something, obvious with a single look, that he would never, ever, in his entire life, purposely set out to hurt Kazuo. "Because I wouldn't, and I definitely like to think I'm okay people, and - is there a reason you can't give context?"
Lacrima 2019-03-28 06:47:08 104395
Lacrima blinks blankly at the he's too old bit. "That doesn't nessacrily discredit a crush." she says. "It just makes it unfeasible for the crush to result in anything expect awkward feelings." she says bluntly. "Afterall. A girl in my class thinks the teacher is cute. Doesn't mean they're going on a date tomorrow." she says.

She sighs and looks to Jadeite. "I should... go. Are you are gonna be okay? I have some work on a pendant I bought today I wanna try to modify for someone..." she trails off softly. "But.. if you'd like company on the way home I can walk with you?" she asks. She looks back at Icela.

"...I will let Unmei know to try to contact you soon." she says. "Alright? So she can tell you where she lives now." she says. "If she doesn't get to you before I get to her." she says.
Icela 2019-03-28 06:50:37 104397
Icela doesn't even bother acknowledging the crush idea any longer. "I'll be checking in at my tree, you can tell her that." She answers about Unmei, and Jadeite very technically gets an answer to his question. "Yes, there is a reason." No more answers are forthcoming, as without any real warning she crosses over a barrier between worlds, returning to her dreams.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-03-28 06:53:33 104398
And Jadeite just - stares at the space where the girl had stood and shakes his head. He's not going to question it. Life is weird. He just sighs and nods at Lacrima, trying to shake away his remaining uncertainty. "I'd love company on the walk home, if you really don't mind. You can tell me about your pendant, maybe, and I can give you some ideas maybe? As thanks for help with my pranks."