Not A Stantanic Donut Recipe

Lacrima invites Ariel over to gift her a pendant after talking about silly romance novels a moment. Ariel finds half of some gag Halloween donut recipe that most certainly isn't stantanic.

Date: 2019-03-30
Pose Count: 10
Lacrima 2019-03-30 00:25:08 104413
Last Time, On MahouMUSH!

Lacrima bought a silver unicorn pendant from a stall! But it needed modification! She met Jadeite in the park! He helped her work it the way she wanted a bit! She finished the rest at home! Was it well made!? Would Ariel accept her confession!? Wait that already happened!?

Meanwhile, Lacrima wasn't pacing in nervousness in her manor in the vestibule, she was sitting on the couch. Dressed in casual clothes, trying to finish her trashy, but still age appropriate vampire romance novel 'Love, Darkly' because she stopped reading it for a bit after that incident with Kotomi.

She has donuts set out, and milk and tea! Because donuts just sort of materialize around the vampire sometimes and this is one of those times. They're frosted cake donuts, with sprinkles. Not even a super fancy kind!

Because sometimes you just need a mass produced baked good.

She occasionally comes out of her reading reverie to the door waiting for it to open, and it to be Ariel.
Ariel Theodore 2019-03-30 00:37:48 104414
    It's not long before a soft rap at the door herald's the unicorn's arrival. Ariel, being clueless about the intentions behind being called over, assumes it's just another opportunity to swing on by and visit! So here she is, waiting at the door, idly rocking on her toes.
    "Norie! I'm here!" She calls, just to announce herself before cracking the door open to peek in at first, before letting herself in. It says something about how comfortable Ariel feels at the manor to just letting herself in, now.
    "Eheh heh~. You're still reading that" She asks amusedly, before beaming. "I finished my copy just the other night."
    Completely clueless.
Lacrima 2019-03-30 00:52:49 104415
Lacrima just expects Ariel to come in if she wants now. She doesn't need permissions to be here! Though Ariel is super polite all the time but she understands that. She blushes a bit as she bites her lip. "H--hehe, I am." she says with wide eyes. She closes the book and puts it down. "I had to stop for a bit. I'm almost done." she says, with a dreamy look. Because romance novels. ~.~. Trashy ones. Just utterly shameless about it.

She gently pats pats the seat next to her and basically waits for Ariel to sit down before dragging her into a hug. "Sorry about all the dumb.. vampire ghost... stuff trouble." she says.

"I wanted you to come over for not that for a bit." she says with a series of rapid nods. "Unless I mean. It's this specific vampire. Me. I mean." she says with a snort. She says. She just leans against Ariel a moment before pausing.

"So... I gotcha something~ Wanna see it?~" she asks. "I mean. Not a big.. huge. Something. It's... small but.. Jadeite-kun helped me with the harder bits at Mamoru-kun's, in return for helping him find good hiding spots for tiny plushy sharks." she says.
Ariel Theodore 2019-03-30 00:58:59 104416
    It is probably Lacrima's fault that Ariel has started her own foray into the world of love stories. Probably entirely Lacrima's fault. But this is a sidenote as Ariel takes off her shoes at the door, as is polite and makes for the indicated seat. There is no look of surprise on the girl's face when she's tugged into the hug, in fact, she readily returns it, her own arms warmly looping around the vampire to return the embrace. "It's fine, really! I don't mind if it's for you." She says at first, before settling into a little bit more of a subtle grin. "And of course I definitely don't mind stopping over if it's for you."
    But then topaz eyes blink in a mild display of confusion. "Got me something?" Not that it's a bad thing though. "Y-you didn't have to! You know I'm more than happy just being with you!" She chirrups at first, "... But I won't say no to you." Added after the fact, mildly curious!
Lacrima 2019-03-30 01:12:03 104417
Lacrima totally loves trashy romance novels. Because sometimes you just need the schmaltzy and somewhat questionable writing about love. Regardless, Lacrima smiles happily into the hug and nods a little with a blush. "I.. I know Ariel. I just... feel really bad about. All that yet." she says. She shakes her head. "Enough of worrying about that though! Right.. the thing..." she digs into her pocket and pulls out-- well pocket lint. "Er..." she shakes her head. "..t..that isn't it. Where is it!?" she suddenly blurts as she pushes into her pocket and---

There is a hole. In the pocket. She suddenly shoots up. "Oh no there was a hole in my pocket it must had fallen out!" she says with wide eyes as she suddenly gets to the floor and starts suddenly rapidly searching the carpet the table rests on before moving to the wood floor. "I..I put it in my pocket earlier... and I haven't left the manor so it's still gotta be in here somewhere..." she says with prime annoyance.

She looks back with a severe blush! As she she stands up and brushes herself off and begins scanning the ground. "'ll be... silver...." she mutters. "C..can you help me Ari...?" she asks. "I..I've been in this room.. and the kitchen and the parlor area upstairs for a bit reading earlier so it's gotta be.. be in one of those rooms..." she mutters.
Ariel Theodore 2019-03-30 01:24:41 104418
    There's a blush. And no sooner than Ariel sees it, her palm is cupping a warmed cheek as she spends a long beat just staring into Lacrima's eyes. But then she shakes her head. "I already know you'd do the same for me, I'm really okay with it." It's not like Norie hasn't helped her with dream unicorn problems after all. But fine! Enough worrying about that and moving on! ... To find that the thing is missing.
    "... Eh?" Oh dear, it looks like something as trivial as hole in the pocket has caused a terrible mishap to occur, and Ariel slowly sits herself up when Lacrima hits the floor in a frantic search.
    A hand gently rests on the vampire's shoulder.
    "Peace, Norie." The unicorn says in her usual gentle and placid tones. "If you didn't leave the manor, then it should still be here, indeed." She concurs, already scanning the floor with a furrow of her brow, slowly standing herself up to start her own search, "I'll check the kitchen." She decides. "But hopefully you find it first, so you can still surprise me with it." Added with that silvery bell-like giggle of hers.
Lacrima 2019-03-30 01:45:17 104419
Lacrima enjoys affection and that contact from Ariel. ~.~. It's like a dream, almost. Okay not almost, Ariel is literarily a dream and that's how she makes her feel so there! Huff! Someday. She's gonna need to explain this to her parents. Someday. That day isn't today though, thankfully. Lacrima can only handle so much awkward!

She nods a little. "I.. I know... right.." she says. "I don't... see it in here so I'll check the parlor." she says as she scoots up the stairs-- searching the stairs as she walks carefully up the hallway and along the parlor. She doesn't find it on the way there, but starts trying to backtrack her steps. Okay she walked...

This way? Into the parlor area... walked to that chair and sat down.. or--

Was it a little to the right? Still, she didn't see it on the ground. At least the floor was a dark wood--- something bright silver would stand out. Right?

Lacrima shoves her hand down the cushions and--! "Aha!" she says as she digs it out.

"Found it!" she calls out as she grasps it in her hand.

Lacrima's kitchen does not contain a silver anything on the ground, obviously, since Lacrima found it. No matter how hard Ariel looks. She does find a piece of scrap paper though that apparently contains half of a secret, arcane recipe for--- chocolate donuts. That Lacrima probably accidently ripped out of a magazine poorly.

She huffs a bit and steps into the kitchen and bites her lip. "" she mutters. It's a silver chain necklace--- well. Mock silver. It's clearly silver plated metal. The chain isn't what's important. On it, is a tiny unicorn pendant, that's been painstakingly modified to make it a more cervine unicorn than an equine one. Parts of it do look like they've been modified--- melted new metal next to old stuff stands out. But otherwise looks well enough done thanks to Jadeite's help primarily there.

Since Lacrima's attempt would had been far far less elegant and probably involved dark energy melting metals than actual metalwork.

"...It was.. horselike. Before. It isn't now and.. stuff and-- yeah..." she mutters.
Ariel Theodore 2019-03-30 02:00:41 104420
    That explanation can wait until later, yes. There will be a time and a place for awkward and now is not it, as Ariel rummages through the kitchen and finds... A recipe for the Brood Donut... A terrible dark confection of the most evil make, baked under the light of the blood moon, comprised of three hellishly delicious types of cocoa, frosting made from Stan's most vicious sugar, and the most EVIL sprinkles known to man. ... ... What an odd recipe, it must have been from an old halloween magazine or something. And just who is Stan anyway?
    Nevertheless, floppy ears prick up when Ariel hears that Lacrima has found the missing object in question and she peeks out of the kitche, only to meet Lacrima on her way in, holding out...
    Upturned hands delicately accept the chain, but more importantly, the silvery trinket, as topaz eyes blink and stare down. For a long moment Ariel silently takes in the details of the modified pendant, thumb gently running over it here and there as she absorbs the level of painstakingly hard work Norie has put into this gift for her.
    "Ah..." She utters a single breathless little sound as her first response, before words actually come to her; "Norie, this is... This is beautiful."
Lacrima 2019-03-30 02:18:20 104421
The recipe seems to be tongue in cheek. Lacrima probably isn't making Stantanic donuts. Probably.

Probably. She's mostly happy that she found the pendant first before Ariel did because she'd honestly been a little disheartened if she wasn't able to actually physically hand it to her. She bites her lip as she watches Ariel examine it... oh no.. it isn't perfect.. oh no.. are unicorns allergic to silver plate? Oh noooo---

Oh, she loves it! She beams and gently hops a bit on her heels. "I saw it.. at a cart in the park and I figured I could modify it all special like... I'm glad I ran into Jadeite on the way there." she says. "He helped me with it." she says softly.

"I mean... in turn. I had to help him hide tiny plushy baby sharks all over Mamoru's place." she giggles. "A prank of some sort. For Kunzite." she nods rapidly. She blushes still and tugs Ariel into another hug.

"..glad you like it though..." she shifts a bit.

She blinks. "...Is that the other half to the donut recipe I've been looking for?" she asks curiously.
Ariel Theodore 2019-03-30 02:41:17 104424
    Lacrima got lucky there in finding it first, so it all works out well and dandy, being able to give the pendant to Ariel personally. Ariel is still engrossed in the pendant as she's tugged into hugging once again, but she doesn't mind it in the least as her arms return the embrace in a firm squeeze, but then can't help but giggle once more.
    "Baby sharks? What kind of prank is that?" A harmless and amusing one, clearly, and that's why it seems to amuse Ariel quite a bit, before she pauses to look at the slip of paper she had found. "Oh." Oh right. "Well it's a recipe for... A donut." A bafflingly EVIL donut.