Bell's Night Out

Bell gets stir-crazy and wanders off to downtown Mitakihara. This proves to be a bad idea, as the shadowy figure sends some (non-UMBRA!) youma-bots after her! Fortunately, Sakura and Cure Victory are there to help her out! Unfortunately, Bell's leg is injured in the process ...

Date: 2019-04-01
Pose Count: 32
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-01 00:13:52 104442
It's a nice evening out in Mitakihara, with a clear sky and the sun is almost set -- later than it has in previous months, the days are getting warmer, and school's out for another two weeks!

... Not that that last part matters, although presumably some students at Infinity University are wondering why their classmate Akari Hayabusa vanished a couple of weeks ago -- little knowing anything about Akari's real identity, or that Bell stopped calling herself that after she was attacked at school.

At the moment, Bell is sitting on the rooftop of a random apartment building, looking over the scenery as she drinks from a bottle of soda. To her left is a much taller building, which just happens to obscure any line-of-sight from Sunset Tower. She probably strikes an odd figure, nearly seven feet tall, with glowing golden cat-eyes (cybernetic inserts) and faintly-glowing blue eldritch markings (magical tattoos), dressed in a stretchy blue track suit, and with a black pendant hanging around her neck, a double-barred cross with a rosy pinkish-red gem inlaid in a ring in at the crux of the upper bar.

She sighs softly, staring off into space as she sets down her soda. She came out here because she was starting to get stir-crazy in Haruna's bunker, so she came downtown and grabbed a bottle of soda in her Akari form, but ...
Mari Katsu 2019-04-01 00:30:48 104443
    City life is never completely quiet.. But when the sun starts to set, sounds seem to get more distant and travel just that extra little distance further, making out of place noises easier to ascertain and pinpoint. One such sound would be the unmistakable 'Thwock!' of a tennis racket smashing some poor tennis ball as hard as it could, followed by the sound of the ball bouncing back and forth between two stone surfaces before meeting the tennis racket again with another resounding 'Thwock!'

    Early evening is one of Mari's favorite times to practice.. When school and... "Obligations" didn't complicate things. Like always, she's found some new, extreme way of honing her skills and today's victim? Is an alleyway that just so happens to be between the two buildings Akari had perched on.

    Another resounding 'Thwock!' followed by the same echoing bounces, as Mari follows the ball up the wall with her eyes then leaps after it, kicking off of a dumpster to make the jump just an extra bit higher before she swings. Only this time she misses her mark, resulting in a surprised yelp, followed by a resounding crash as she tumbles back to the ground landing rather unceremoniously.

"Ow ow ow...! Okay.. I'm going to have to find some way of making the landings softer..." Mari grumbles to herself as she pulls herself back to her feet, then stops to stretch back and look up towards the sky, stopping in her tracks for a few moments to stare off into space herself and contemplate how things had been going recently. "...Things have been pretty quiet lately, huh... ...Maybe it's time I try hooking up with the others again..."
Sakura Kinomoto 2019-04-01 00:44:15 104444
Sakura Kinomoto was out, once again, with Tomoyo. Ever since the... break up wasn't the right word. Crushing, soul shattering rejection from Yukito, Sakura had been in the dumps. The normally cheerful girl was trying to keep her spirits up, giving small smiles, lots of nods, weak grins to her friend but... It was obvious her heart wasn't in it. Even the cards were trying to cheer her up. She'd ended up transforming dash earlier and it had spent almost an hour in her lap, being pet and cuddled.

All in all, though, her heart was broken and she had no idea how to properly mend it. And this was sad sakura. The WORST Sakura in Tomoyo's mind(not that any sakura could EVER be bad, mind.)
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-01 01:11:38 104446
Bell blinks, and looks over towards the decidedly un-tennis-like sounds nearby, and grasps her pendant. << Anything I should be worried about, Rubindorn? >> she says telepathically.


Bell nods, and gets to her feet. Maybe she can chat with Sakura. Presumably, she still needs help cheering up, given the last time they talked, but Bell has honestly been feeling like --

There's a clang behind her, and she whirls around. "Ohhhh, cr--"

Sakura and Mari would hear several clangs from the direction of the rooftop. Followed by the appearance of a circle of red and black fractal light directly overhead, which then spreads out over the surrounding neighborhood; all non-magical life (except Tomoyo, if she's currently in physical contact with Sakura) and moving vehicles and whatnot vanish as the time-space barrier forms.

And then there's a yelp as Bell gets knocked off the rooftop! Fortunately, by that time she's had the chance to activate her Knight Clothing, black and red with golden trim and with gleaming white gauntlets and sabatons; Rubindorn's in sword-form, a red-bladed longsword that's nearly as long as she is tall. She manages to right herself, and hovers a dozen or so meters off the ground. "Oh jeez ..."

And then several floating youma-bots start floating off the edge of the building after her, arms extended!
Sakura Kinomoto 2019-04-01 01:16:59 104447
Sakura Kinomoto sighed, glancing to Tomoyo. "I really appreciate it, but.... I'm not realy in the mood to wear a new outfit today.. Even if it is adorable.... and no... I don't really..."

"I just don't feel like penguins today..."

And then, as if the world was reacting in horror at that statement, a circle of red appeared around everything. Sakura's eyes widened and... "Don't move, it..." She paused. Right. As if Tomoyo would listen. "Just... Be careful. Please," she said, already the girl had her camera out. She looked up at the youma... Before... OH. This was NOT going to be pleasant. She drew a pair of cards, before thinking better of it. She only transformed one for now. She held the card up, recited her transformation and... "Jump card!" she cried, little wings appearing on her feet.

She stumbled back, Tomoyo moving to hold her. "I-I'm fine. It's okay. I-I... That's... I gotta go help."

"Sakura-chan, you're exhausted, the cards--"

"Will keep me safe. They always do!" she said, before looking up. She then leaped up and...

"Eat this!" she cried and tried to smack one of the bots in the face with her wand. It... Was a very strong wand. Alas, she was NOT a very strong girl.
Mari Katsu 2019-04-01 01:21:15 104448
    The sudden appearance of a circle of red and black light spreading through the sky makes Mari's thoughtful stare into the distance become more concentrated as she listens to the clanging noises from the rooftops... The sudden disappearance of non magical life...

"Raquel... Looks like it's time to go to work..." Then there's the yelp... and Mari's head jerks up to catch sight of Bell getting knocked off the roof before she grabs her mirror from her pocket, and allows it to flick open and reflect herself while slotting in the appropriate cards. "No time to stand around wondering if I should get involved...! Time to Change!" There's a snap, and a click... And Mari vanishes into a purple light as she calls out "Precure! Rolling Mirror Change!"

    Within the light, Mari transforms, and a hip-wingged shilouette launches out of the alleyway onto a shorter nearby rooftop near Bell as she forms a tennis racket in her right hand and looks around quickly at the gathering youma-bots.

"...Okay, this is new.." She comments to herself as she glances to the side when Sakura leaps in to attack one of the bots. "...Haven't met her either. ...Okay! I'm not sure what's going on.. But it looks like you need help, right?"

    Cure Victory taps her prebrace with one hand.. and draws out purple light into her hand to create a ball of pure energy that she tosses up like a tennis ball to serve, then smashes it with her racket at one of the other bots.
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-01 01:29:35 104449
When Sakura whacks the youma-bot, it turns to look at her in a sort of ... non-reaction. One claw raises up ...

And then the red blade slices it in half. "Watch out, Sakura-imouto!" exclaims Bell.

She blinks as another youma-bot gets smashed by the energy ball from unfamiliar Pretty Cure. "Hi, yes!" she calls out. "I'm Bell, I'm a tr-- I'm an alien robot hologram, this is my sister Sakura, I'm on the run from Eclipse which wants to kidnap me ... for ... convoluted reasons!" She punctuates this with a stab towards the next-nearest youma-bot.

A couple of the youma-bots start lunging towards Cure Victory. A couple of others make a swipe at Sakura. But the majority seem mostly trained on Bell herself, and they apparently err on the side of caution; they don't seem to want to hurt her that badly, even as she slices through their number with her sword.

Bell frowns. "I haven't seen these robots in UMBRA," she says. "... Ruby, can you detect Lacrima-san anywhere?"

Ping! <<NEIN ...>> says her sword. No ... There's a note of uncertainty in Rubindorn's voice.
Sakura Kinomoto 2019-04-01 01:43:00 104450
Sakura Kinomoto stared up at the youma, her wand just kind of... Pinging off it. Oh dear. "Oh dear." See? She stared up at the claw, coming to... And then it was cut in half! She let out a sigh of relief. She HAD to be mobile to fight, at least while they were in the air. So...

Sakura landed on a nearby window ledge, and drew a second card. Transforming it... The sword card! A powerful one, with a blade that could cut through anything...

Except, the second transformation, drove the young girl to her knees. Transforming and sustaining two cards in a row? It was obviously having an effect on her. And when the youma bots descended on her...

It was onlky thanks to the sword card's will and experience that saved her. Her hand moved up, the blade cleaving through the claw that was coming towards her, then a second slash slashed through the bot itself. And then the second met a similiar fate...

The third hit her, though, a glancing blow that cut a nasty gash across her left arm and sent her crashing into a window, hitting it hard and then dropping onto the ledge with a groan, lightly bleeding. "O-ow...." she whimpered.
Mari Katsu 2019-04-01 01:59:34 104451
    Cure Victory lobs another ball of energy at the next bot to approach, as she gives a thumbs up, "Sorry I haven't really had time to introduce myself! I'm Cure Victory. If you know Gull-chan, you might have heard her mention me once or twice." She comments as she leaps again, this time actually staying in the air with her wings as she moves closer to Bell. "Eclipse, huh.... Got it. I'll help you out! ... Though I gotta say this is the first time i've ever seen Youma like this... I've been out of touch for way too long..."
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-01 02:07:14 104452
Bell nods, floating closer to the ground as she slashes through the youma-bots around her. "Yeah, I know Gull-chan!" she says. "Kinda long story. And yeah, Eclipse has robots which are kind of -- SAKURA-IMOUTO!" She hurriedly whirls around and starts flying towards her sister, alarmed. "I'm sorry, this is my fault, I should've just stayed in --"

In her distraction, one of the robots manages a solid hit on her, and she yelps and goes crashing to the ground; there's a rip in her cape now. The robots all turn as one and float down to ground level and swarm around her.

Ping! <<MENSCHENMENGEFORM!>> Crowd form. In a transformation which is half-magical and half-mechanical, her sword transforms into a nine-foot double-ended spontoon spear. She alternately stabs at the youma-bots, and knocks them around with the shaft of the spear, which is slightly wider around than the blade of the sword was.
Mari Katsu 2019-04-01 02:18:01 104453
    Cure Victory frowns a bit as she hops over to join Bell and Sakura with her racket in hand and narrows her eyes slightly. "Man it takes all of you to gang up on one girl? Disgraceful...." She spits to one side before she swipes her hand across her prebrace and draws out a larger ammount of energy. "It pisses me off when bad guys like you bounce around /my/ city doing whatever you like, trying to kidnap my friends-" She associates Bell with Gull so friends by extension! "-So you know what?"

"Let me show you some real passion." She states simply before she swirls the energy into a ball and smashes it with her racket, sending it flying into the sky. "PRE CURE! VICTORY PASSION STORM!" A few moments later, the tennis ball of energy shatters in the sky, before beginning to rain down from the sky in many smaller orbs of energy targeting the youma bots surrounding them. And as purple tennis balls rain from the sky, Cure Victory turns around to the others. "Let's move. I doubt this is going to be all of them. We need to find somewhere more defensible."
Sakura Kinomoto 2019-04-01 02:22:54 104454
Sakura Kinomoto groaned and just laid there, on the window sill for a moment. Before, slowly, she rolled off and leaped down. She landed on the ground, her sword(whi9ch reverted to a wand) clattering besides her and the wings disappearing from her feet. She knelt ther efor a second, panting.

She slowly picked herself up. "I've... only got about one more card in me..." she mumbled gently, glancing up to Bell. Then urked! She forgot her manners.

"O-oh. Right. I'm sorry. I'm Sakura Kinomoto. A pleasure to meet you," she said, standing up, her wand resting horizontally in front of her and bowed forward.... And almost fell over, panting. She shook her head.

"I.... I have an idea... if we get somewhere more.... defensible. If... if you can gather them up. I ummm...."

She drew a card. THUNDER?!
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-01 02:38:57 104455
A rain of purple tennis balls descends from above! When it's done, all present youma-bots are in pieces! Some of them explode a bit, but ... yeah, that's all the ones that're here for now.

Bell laughs nervously. "Well, I guess they weren't expecting to meet someone with an area-of-effect ability like that, Victory-san!" she says. She frowns, looking around. "... The first things that comes to mind would be to drop this barrier and teleport away, since they're after me specifically, but I don't want to do that until I'm sure we've got all the youma-bots and aren't just, like, unleashing them onto Mitakihara. So, yeah, find somewhere more defensible it is."

She frowns at Sakura. Rubindorn transforms back into a sword, and she puts it onto her back, where it clicks into place. "Hey, I think you should rest up a little first, Sakura-imouto," she says, picking her up and hugging her close. "You almost collapsed just now, if you --"

Ping! <<HERRIN! MEHRERE SIGNALE ERKANNT!>> says her sword frantically.

"Uh-oh," says Bell, looking around warily. "Rubindorn says 'multiple signals detected'."
Mari Katsu 2019-04-01 02:50:12 104456
    ...Sakura's apparent exhaustion wasn't lost on Victory, and it was showing in the concerned look she was giving the girl. "...Hey... Just how much of a draw does your magic put on you? ... Maybe you should take it easy...?" She asks in a similarly concerned tone while kneeling down to offer the girl her shoulder to hold on too.

    Cure Victory glances up at Bell and tilts her head. "Multiple huh... Right. New plan. Take her and get to safety. I'll hold them off here." She states before she pulls out her change mirror again and slots in two new cards. "Pretty Cure! Rolling Mirror Change! Rose Tango!"

    Cure Victory is shrouded in another veil of light.. then reappears with a dark red dress in place of her original winged outfit and clutching a violet rose between her lips.
Sakura Kinomoto 2019-04-01 03:07:00 104457
Sakura Kinomoto gulped and wobbled a bit, closing her eyes and leaning against her in the hug. "It's okay...." she mumbled. "I'll be a good girl... I mean... I'll be fine and... where..." She shook her head. "It's fine!" She papped her cheeks a few times. "I'm up! I'm fine!" she said firmly. "Just.... just follow me and... I mean, I'll follow you, and we'll do the thing. I promise. We'll.... I'll hold it. Just... If we get them together, I can use Thunder. It'll be fine." Oh she was so out of it.... My goodness....
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-01 03:23:12 104458
Bell raises her eyebrows at Cure Victory's costume, but doesn't remark. "I like that plan," she says. "Let's hope they don't just ignore you in favor of chasing after me."

She narrows her eyes at Sakura. "I am pretty sure that if you use Thunder, you won't be fine," she says firmly. She looks at Cure Victory. "She fainted just from using a Device's diagnostic system," she says. "Right, Sakura, let's get you --"

Ping! <<HERRIN!>> Mistress! Bell throws her arms around Sakura and bodily lifts her off the ground just before the wall of the nearest building explodes as a youma-bot with massive fists charges through it. And, yes, it seems to be ignoring Cure Victory in favor of Bell.

Bell's eyes go wide, and she darts away and gently sets Sakura down. "... Great," she says. "And this is just the first of three. Ruby?"

Ping! <<ROSENSCHILD!>> Rose Shield. A pyramid of rose-red light forms around Sakura, and Bell immediately rises off the ground and glides away, trying to draw it away from her!
Mari Katsu 2019-04-01 03:32:07 104459
    Cure Victory steps.. her movement fluid and decisive, just like a dance as she listens to the information that Bell shares.. Then she nods her head as she claps her hands.. then whips the rose free and charges it with energy from her prebrace. Another motion, and the rose is flung at the large youma as it breaks through the wall. If it hits, the rose will explode and shower the youma with purifying petals. "That's not something i'd call okay, at all... But it doesn't seem like it's going to let us just get you two to safety, either way..."

    That makes her frown slightly, though the look of determination in her eyes flickers. "...Stand our ground it is, then..." She pauses glancing back to Sakura. "...Just.. Take it easy okay? Let us do some heavy lifting while you recover."
Sakura Kinomoto 2019-04-01 03:41:25 104460
Sakura Kinomoto shook her head. "I-I'm fine. Really. I just need to... I'll be--"

And then shards of ice rained down on them, as an angel-like figure descended from above, blasting out shards of ice from his hand.

Oh, good. Yui. While SHE might not be very energetic right now, her guardians still had some power! As evident by the flying tiger that unleashed three fireballs on the youma, the two moving to protect their master. "Yui... Kero-chan..." she said softly, giving a smile. "How'd you find... us?" she asked.

"We sensed you were in danger," Yui said. "Give her to me, I'll keep her safe."
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-01 03:53:30 104461
The youma-bot staggers back from the shower of petals! They actually seem to do some damage; seems it's got some dark energy backing it, and purification is effective. It's staggering and sluggish now, barely upright.

"Oh, whew!" Bell looks relieved. "Glad you guys could make it!" She gestures, and the pyramid-shield vanishes. "I was gonna try to find Tomoyo-san around here. Cure Victory, this is Yui-san and Kerberos-san, they're --"

Two identical copies of the first youma then lumber onto the scene: one by smashing through the taller building's wall, and another jumping off from the rooftop Bell was originally sitting on. "-- Aaand introductions can wait," she says. "Ruby? Any other youma-bots around here?"

Ping! <<NEE!>> Nope! A gun-trigger setup extends from handle. <<KARTUSCHEN BEREIT!>> Cartridges ready!

Bell charges at the second youma-bot as she pulls the trigger, producing a thunderclap and causing her to shudder. <<ROSENFORM -->> Rose form --

The youma-bot darts to the side and punches Bell out of the air. She screams and falls to the ground, eyes wide with shock. Her Knight Clothing briefly glitches, and there's a flicker in the time-space barrier as well. Uh-oh.
Mari Katsu 2019-04-01 04:12:37 104462
    Cure Victory seems to switch back after the petals vanish, returning to her original form and exhales quickly to try and catch her breath. "Man.. I'm not exactly new to this but this is some heavy lifting... I'm going to have to have a chat with Gull-chan later about Eclipse and what i've missed while i've been taking care of my own things...." Still. That left the issue of the two remaining youma, a fact brought to Mari's attention as Bell is sent flying again and Victory moves to try and intercept the youma that had attacked her.
Sakura Kinomoto 2019-04-01 04:24:24 104463
Sakura Kinomoto couldn't NOT do anything. She gulped and wobbled forward. "Sakura, don't! You'll--" Kero-chan started, but she ignored him. Instead, she turned the card, drawing thunder and...

"Unleash the full power of the heavens, thunder card, STRIKE!" she called, using her wand on the card. For a moment, there was silence...

Then CRACK-THOOM! The world split and sound was shattered. A PILLAR of lightning formed in the heavens and then crashed down around them on all sides, tearing apart the sidewalk, buildings and, unfortunately... well. For the youma, them.

Bell and the others were... Only spared the onslaught when Kero formed a barried with his wings(since the card was under him). When it fell, smoke and destruction was in its wake, the card having rampaged without restraint...

And sakura had gone entirely limp in Yui's hands, who held the small child close, one hand wrapped around her wand.

She was out... it'd likely be a while before she could move again. Yui and Kero looked concerned but...

"We'll take her home. She over spent herself, again. She summoned the card with all her power... but... she couldn't control it like this," Kero mumbled. "I'm sorry..."

If they looked closely, however, they could see the spirits looked exhausted as well... and the worry was evident on their faces.
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-01 04:31:27 104465
The first youma-bot staggers towards Bell's prone form, and then collapses completely as small internal explosions rock its frame. The Thunder card, meanwhile, takes care of the other two, which are simply torn to shreds by the massive surge of lightning.

Bell stays laying where she is. Her glowing golden eyes go wider at the sight of the lightning, but she doesn't really respond. "... autsch ... autsch ... tut weh ..." she mutters. Ouch ... ouch ... hurts ... She's almost hyperventilating now.

<<ATME, HERRIN,>> says Rubindorn, which is barely in her fingertips now. Breathe, Mistress. She's using a gentle tone which ... makes it more obvious that she has a more cutesy version of Bell's own voice.

Bell takes a couple of ragged breaths, and looks over at Cure Victory. "... G-get me ... out of the road so I can drop the barrier," she gasps. "Remains of the robots and damage will disappear."
Mari Katsu 2019-04-01 04:33:50 104466
    It takes alot to make Victory shut her mouth for more than a minute, but that display of raw power actually managed to succeed. A full minute and a half passes before she grips her fists a bit then glances back to Sakura. "Geeze... You really... didn't need to put yourself out like that..." ...Of course Victory knew the sentiment. She would have done the same thing to protect them.

    The voice from Bell causes Victory to look back before she nods and moves over to lift her up gently and move her out of the road as steadily as possible, while glancing back towards Kero and Yui. "Thanks.. Take care of her. I'll do my best to be in touch with you guys and her soon." She states while giving a thumbs up, then looks back to Bell. "I think we should get you back to somewhere safe so you can get some rest..."
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-01 04:44:17 104467
Bell lets out a cry of pain as Cure Victory moves her along. "MEIN BEIN! -- M-my leg!" As soon as they're in a convenient alleyway, the barrier collapses, along with the damage and robots. In a rosy pinkish-red glitchy effect, Bell's Knight Clothing vanishes, leaving her blue track suit, and Rubindorn is a pendant again. "I ... think I'm ... hurt more than I expected," she gasps. "Scheisse." She takes another few deep breaths. "... need a splint," she says. "And then ... I think I need to get t-to Chiba-san's place. Ruby, can I teleport?"

Rubindorn just lets out an exasperated groan in response.
Mari Katsu 2019-04-01 04:54:43 104468
    The sudden cry of pain from Bell causes Victory to flinch, before she shifts how she's helping her move to take less preasure off of the injury while they do. "...I don't think you're in any shape to teleport or walk. I can carry you there, or take you back to my place and call Gull-chan..." She pauses, considering for a moment... She knows Gull-chan and.... Well she did shift back right infront of her.. So Victory just sighs then takes a deep breath as she lets her henshin vanish and return her to her normal state. "Actually.. Do you know if Mamoru has any dress mirrors?"
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-01 05:05:42 104469
Bell just stares up at Mari; her glowing eyes seem slightly unfocused. "... I ... honestly have no idea," she says. "I've ... only been in the, the main living room before." She groans. "... ugh I should never have come out here ... I should've just stayed in Gull-chan's hideaway where it's safe ... but I just got stir-crazy, and ..." She sighs, and shakes her head.

She looks down at herself. "... that wasn't an UMBRA job," she says. Some part of her is able to remain focused on her situation. She grimaces. "I ... I used to be corrupted by dark energy, and I belonged to Eclipse ... to UMBRA. But this shadowy figure on a screen didn't want me to leave, and ... now he's ... sending attacks from other groups besides UMBRA. Which means I doubly need to hide ..." She's starting to look slightly scared, and there are tears in her eyes.
Mari Katsu 2019-04-01 05:21:46 104470
    Mari just frowns a bit as she shakes her head. "Raquel, get a message to Gull-chan that we're headed her way.. Suzu-chan will just have to overlook me not coming home tonight." She states before the 'keychain' toy clipped to her neck pops free and floats up a bit.

    The toy, revealing itself to be a fairy companion, nods it's head. "Got it Mari. I'll let her know!" She replies, then flies ahead before Mari glances to Bell. "Mari Katsu, by the way. Nice to meet you. We'll get you home... and don't worry about UMBRA or Eclipse or anything. We're friends now. So if they want to mess with you, they're going to have to go through me first."
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-01 05:26:32 104471
Bell smiles faintly. "Still just ... 'Bell' now," she says softly. "I ... used to be 'Akari Hayabusa', but Eclipse gave me that identity, so ... I've just dropped that altogether. I'll, uh, tell you more when we're safe." She's been poking at the name 'Rosalie Janus', but hasn't found any way of changing her appearance in either Rubindorn or the Device which had contained her, Ritterglocke.

She winces, and looks down at her leg. "... Just as long as we can get some sort of splint together, getting home will, will probably be fine ... last time I got hurt, Sakura-imouto used the Wood Card, but ..." She shrugs, and then winces and gasps. "... i-in other news, ow."
Mari Katsu 2019-04-01 05:37:55 104472
    Mari nods her head slightly and helps Bell move over to somewhere they can sit down before she glances around for something she can use to splint the injury in her leg. "...Medical stuff isn't my strongest suite, but... I think we can make do with some branches and things... Sorry i'm not better at this kind of thing." She states while gathering up things. "You'll definitely want someone actually trained in medical skill to look at it once you can though."
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-01 05:44:03 104473
Bell nods. "Oh, I know, definitely," she says. "That's why I suggested ... ow! ... Chiba-san. He's healed Lacrima-chan before, if anyone can heal a magical construct like me, it's him."

Fortunately, there's a discarded two-by-four lying a little ways away in the alley. "Maybe we could ... tear off part of my sleeve to hold it securely in place, or something ..." She blinks. "... You know, if I was a human, I'd be surprised that I'm not going into shock. Actually, I dunno, am I in shock? I feel a little too ... coherent."

Ping! <<DU STEHEN MEHR ODER WENIGER UNTER SCHOCK,>> says Rubindorn. You are more or less in shock.

"I'm 'more or less' in shock, okay." Bell groans. "Have I said 'ow' in the past fifteen seconds?"
Mari Katsu 2019-04-01 05:47:48 104474
    "In shock enough that i'm not leaving you to walk by yourself." Mari states while she fixes up the splint as best she knows how from having had to wear a few on her own injuries during the course of her training. "Either way.. We can get you to Mamoru's place, yeah." She smiles a bit then nods... Not seeming at all surprised by the magical construct reveal. "Either way.. I can let Gull-chan know through Raquel what's going on."
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-01 05:52:02 104475
Bell nods, watching Mari put the splint together. "I don't even want to try getting around on my own!" she says, somehow managing to put some force into her words. "... I'm told I sort of buck the stereotype for Belkan Knights trying to tough things out, ahaha ..." She shakes her head, then looks up at Mari. "So! Uh ... ever tried to move someone who's over two meters tall?"