Happy Birthday Nanoha!

Fate surprises Nanoha on her Birthday with a gift! (Technically happens in March!)

Date: 2019-04-06
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Fate T. Waldia 2019-04-06 01:58:53 104476
IT'S MARCH and Fate knows it's Nanoha's Birthday. Nanoha doesn't know that Fate knows her birthday. Fate learned from Nanoha's Momma when it is. Therefore- Fate and Nanoha's mom have conspired for her to surprise Nanoha. Fate was hiding attentively just behind the door of Nanoha's room with a brightly wrapped small box.

She has taken the extra steps of leaving Bardiche at home, so that Nanoha can't detect him and therefore oust Fate. She waits, ever so patiently, and when the door opens and Nanoha closes it behind her, Fate practically jumps, the blonde twintail girl practically bursting out with-- "HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANO-CHAN!" holding out the bright magenta colored paper wrapped box with a metallic red ribbon on the top!
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-04-06 02:30:05 104477
Nanoha Takamachi, indeed, had just got done helping her family with the chores and had her in the back sweeping the storage room as to keep Fate's arrival a secret. She finished relatively fast enough, Fate would only need to be hiding for a couple minutes by the time Nanoha is done. She sighs a bit. "Mom, I'm done! I'm going upstairs to finish homework!" she calls out on her way upstairs.

She closes the door and is about to head over to her desk when there's a bright 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANO-CHAN' from behind her and it causes her to jump forward a few good feet and turn around and----- "F--fate-chan!? How did you get up here!?" and why didn't Raising Heart ping Bardiche when he got in range!? Regardless, it finally settles in her head that...

Fate wished her happy birthday!? Wait...

How did Fate even know that!? She was gonna text her before homework and let her know...! And see if she wanted to do something tonight for it...! Oh--

Oh this stinks of Momma Takamachi.

She's too pleasantly surprised to be upset at it though as she beams and tugs Fate into a hug, and then gingerly takes the package. "T..thank you Fate-chan.." a pause. "Do-- I open this now?" she asks.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-04-06 02:40:47 104478
Fate T. Waldia smiles wide into the hug! "You're welcome... your mom told me when your Birthday was a long while ago. I told her I'd want to surprise you.... when um. She explained to me... what a Birthday actually entailed..." because it's not like Precia 'Best Mom' Testarossa threw Fate birthday parties.

She nods. "Open it Nanoha..." she says. "...I wasn't quite sure... what to get you." she says.

"But it's going ot be summer soon..." she says. "Or at least much warmer and hot soon!" she also adds.

Indeed, in the box is a nice, fine strawwoven sun hat/beach hat, with a wide brim and tied around the base of the top with a light pink ribbon! It's moderately of a fine make- and not a souviner beach store quality of trinket to be sure at least. It isn't going to come apart after a few uses for sure!

"Because... you're near the ocean? Right? And I thought...."

"It'd... you know...." she trails off. "Look cute on you...?" she mutters a little red faced.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-04-06 03:11:37 104479
Nanoha Takamachi nods. "Yeah... I figured that." she rolls her eyes. Mooooom. Oh well. She'll whine at mom later about it. Regardless, she unwraps the package, not ripping it open but also not quite taking her time as she moves aside from the protective paper inside and--- oh! It's... a lovely hat!

She gently places the box down and carefully removes it as she listens to Fate's reasoning for the hat as she carefully examines it. She flips it around and then places it square on her head.

It's so delicate and light and pretty. Fate is also one hundred percent right, she looks amazingly cute and adorable in the straw beach hat. She gently hops on her heels a moment. "So..."

"Do I look cute in it?" she asks with raised brows and a giggle. "I like it, Fate-chan~" she suddenly says, just teasing Fate with the question about her cuteness in it.

She gives Fate another hug. "This is much better than texting you before homework!" she sings out.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-04-06 03:24:43 104480
Fate T. Waldia head tilts. "You're not... upset at her for her telling me that, are you? Just the question of birthdays came up and..." she shakes her head. "It isn't important." she smiles. She doesn't need to bring Nanoha's mood down of reminding her about her more rougher early days of figuring herself out. Like when her birthday is because she technically didn't have one and such and such.

When Nanoha puts on the hat, she smiles but then blushes fiercely when Nanoha asks her if she looks cute in it. "W-well yes. Like I thought you would!" she says as she crosses her arms defensively.

She looks at Nanoha thought and asks. "Where did you wanna go after homework? I can help you with it, so we can get there faster..." she trails off a little.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-04-06 03:31:00 104481
Nanoha Takamachi slips the hat off and carefully places it on her dresser, before taking the empty box and placing it next to her tiny wastebasket to remember to take it to the trash proper later. She smiles and sits down and motions for Fate to sit on the bed near her desk so she can help her.

"....Let's go...." she thinks a moment.

"I wanna go for milkshakes at the Crown!" she says with a soft series of nods! Hey, not every night can be a romantic moonlit walk in the park! Sometimes...

Sometimes you just need the biggest milkshakes money can buy with someone you care a WHOLE buncha about!