Not On Her Last Legs

Immediately after Bell's Night Out, Mari helps Bell reach the ECFH, where she gets healing from Daisuke.

Date: 2019-04-16
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Rosalie Janus 2019-04-16 19:41:28 104506
It's a nice, clear starry evening; the new school year is less than two weeks out, spring is starting to get underway, and there's a bolt of rosy pinkish-red light shooting down from the sky.

-- Wait, hang on ...

The light lands on the balcony, producing a Belkan spell-triangle, and coalesces to form Bell (formerly known as Akari Hayabusa), the nearly seven-foot-tall Belkan girl with glowing golden eyes and somewhat eldritch-looking tattoos, leaning heavily against the much shorter Mari Katsu.

Bell is looking fairly battered, dressed in a stretchy blue track suit which is fairly tight in this form, with the left pant leg ripped off and used for a makeshift splint with a two-by-four on her leg. "Okay, whew," she says, gritting her teeth as she nearly collapses against Mari. "That was ... that was surprisingly n-not as painful as I expected ..."

Rubindorn, hanging in pendant-form around Mari's neck (all three of them agreed that it would be a bad idea for Bell to try to teleport under her own power), lets out a soft ping. <<WUNDERBAR,>> she says, in a tinny and more cutesy version of Bell's voice, and Mari would be able to understand that this means Wonderful regardless of whether she knows German. <<LASSEN SIE UNS JETZT BEKOMMEN SIE HINLEGT, OK?>> Now let's lie you down, okay?

... Rubindorn's standby form is a small black pendant in the shape of a double-barred cross with a rosy pinkish-red gem inlaid in a ring in the crux of the upper bar. Rosy red, not blood-red. And Bell is also palette-swapped from the way this form might have been described before she was purified ...
Mari Katsu 2019-04-16 19:50:08 104507
    Mari had done Mirror Walking alot.. but this was a whole new sensation of 'nope' that took her a few moments to reorrient from.. To her credit, for her first true 'teleport' she doesn't fall over. Which is especially good since she's helping Bell stay on her feet. Once Bell adds more weight, Mari just grins a bit and bears it.. surprisingly strong for her size and frame.

"Hey hey, we made it... ...I guess that shouldn't be a surprise with your help though Rubindorn..." She pauses, tilting her head as she seems to understand what the device is saying... then smiles a bit. "Yeah, I agree.. Let's get you to a couch or a bed... Easy..." She adds while slowly helping Bell to the doorway that leads inside from the balcony before she clears her throat as she reaches up with her free arm to knock on the glass softly. "Hello? Anyone home?!"
Daisuke Hansuke 2019-04-16 20:05:27 104508
Daisuke Hansuke is here at the ECFH calling out. "MAMORU. Are you home!? MAMORU I NEED HELP." he's been calling out. "VENUS IS GONNA START THROWING ME INTO LIBRARIES TO LEARN BETTER HERO INTERUPT SPEECHES UNLESS I GET BETTER AT IT!" he calls out. "And I'd like a few pointers, please, advice!?" he barges into the next apartment, maybe he's hiding in Kunzite's palace. He's pondering going to check when there's a call out and Daisuke blinks in that direction.

Daisuke suddenly appears in a quick little 'blit' of a teleport. It's lickety split fast. "Yeah, Hi." says Daisuke. "Hi, I'm Daisuke Hansuke. I don't think Mamoru is here right now because I've been calling for him for the past few good minutes." he says motioning a finger behind him.

"Uh---wow-w. What happend?" he asks as he begins to move towards Mari and Bell. "Here. to the couch. Don't worry. It's easy to clean." he says grimly.
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-16 20:12:05 104509
Bell is trying not to hyperventilate. "Ah, hi!" she says. "I-I'm Bell, formerly, uh, Akari Hayabusa, and this is Cu -- uh, this is Mari Katsu."

She grimaces as they bustle her over to the couch. "What happened is I'm on the run from Eclipse a-and I'm an idiot," she says. "I got ... stir-crazy in Gull-chan's hideaway and went to Mitakihara to get a soda. Gang of youma-bots happened. And now my, my leg's in worse pain than I've ever had in either of my lives, and S-Sakura-imoutochan passed out after using the Thunder Clow Card!"

She settles down on the couch and grimaces. "Eurrrrrrgh, scheisse ..." She takes a deep, ragged breath and runs a hand through her hair.
Mari Katsu 2019-04-16 20:19:00 104511
    Mari bows her head a bit as she's introduced, then continues to help bell sit down as painlessly as possible before she straightens up slightly. "...Honestly not telling him is more suspicious than saying something, at this point..."

    With that, Mari puts out one hand and flips her thumb upwards to point back at herself. "The Passionate Pretty Cure, Cure Victory. ...I happened to be in the area practicing... when those things attacked... So I lended a hand."

    Mari then glances to Bell for a moment. "...You're not an idiot, anyone would want to get out after being cooped up too long... Just.. next time maybe don't go alone? If nothing else, give me a call. I'll tag along..."
Daisuke Hansuke 2019-04-16 20:32:01 104512
Daisuke Hansuke keeps a neutral posture as he makes sure Bell gets sat down as he listens and nods. "Ah--okay so. Full introductions. I'm Daisuke Hansuke, as I said. People just call me Dai usually. I'm also Asclepius- the healer, and also am The Phantom Ace." he says.

"That being said. What's hurt?" he asks. "All over?" he asks examining Mari. He grimaces. "You mean the card girl. Sakura-chan right?" he asks. "Does she need help too?" he asks. Not chiding. More of a 'I'll follow up later' tone.

He frowns. "Sounds like you're being too hard on yourself.... Bell-san. Being cooped up because 'people wanna hurt you' is terrible. I don't blame you for wanting fresh air." he says softly and as carefully as he can.

"Anyways. I can take care of injuries right now. I'm not doing anything else pressing. This is probably more pressing than anything else anyways." he says with a curt nod.
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-16 20:41:29 104513
Bell sniffles, and shrugs. "Right," she says softly. "Okay. Uh." She shakes her head and rubs her eyes. "I-it's just ... there's two other places where I'm safe, and one isn't done being built and the other is ..." She gestures to the room around them. "... someone else's apartment." Yeah, there are definitely tears in her eyes. "... s-sorry, I'm kind of a crybaby I guess ..."

She nods to Daisuke. "Right, Sakura Kinomoto," she says. "She, uh, adopted me. In August." She smiles weakly. "A-and that's why I'm not Eclipse's darkness-corrupted 'weapon' Nightbell anymore." She frowns. "But ... Sakura-imouto is probably just exhausted, she doesn't have much capacity for magic. She's being taken care of by her magical guardians, Kerberos and Yui. They'll probably ..." She hesitates. "I'm not sure how to contact them. I can just call her later."

And then her frown deepens. "Well," she says, "I'm ... basically the trouble is, I-I'm not human. I'm, I'm a magical robot hologram from Ancient Belka. With ... a brain-scan AI." That might explain the 'either of her lives' comment ...

She looks down at her leg, and grits her teeth. "But I was ... I was designed to imitate human physiology perfectly. E-even in this form. So ... it's probably ..." She shrugs. "Well, if you have healing powers that work on a human, i-it's worth a shot."
Mari Katsu 2019-04-16 20:47:09 104514
    Mari's left eye visibly twitches at the name 'Phantom', and Daisuke even gets a sideways glance from her eyes... just to look him over for a moment and be /sure./ ... There weren't alot of people that pushed Mari's buttons, but Phantom... Phantom was one of them. Enough to make her drop her usually friendly demeanor for a total stranger and immiediately suspect them, at least...

    After a few moments of examination, Mari makes her way over to lean against the balcony door again, before she closes her eyes in thought. "It's nice to meet you." She finally replies, before she opens her eyes again and continues. "Someone's going to have to bring me up to speed..." She adds as she glances back out the balcony window. "...Even before I went solo for a bit, I was never... really officially part of Virtue. They approached me a few times, but I never really made the innitiative to join them... So I've missed out on alot of things concerning Eclipse. Only really got heavily involved when Haruna-chan called me in for things. ...Probably ended up letting down alot of other pretty cures when I started acting solo for a bit, too... Gonna have to try catching back up with them, if I can."
Daisuke Hansuke 2019-04-16 20:54:37 104515
Phantom Ace. Totally different person. Venus would say they're both jerks to be cheeky probably. Probably. Daisuke does eye this suspicion and it causes him to twitch a little, but he shakes at Mari. "I'm not the one to do it. I've been busy with Venus tracking down a few last remnants of a bad memory." he says tersely.

He looks towards Bell and nods curtly. "Okay, so she's being tended to." he shakes his head at Bell. "It's still worth to try." he says as he taps the snake ring on his right finger a moment, as it seems to unwrap and magically grow into a staff-- it's the Staff of Asclepius. Also known as 'the symbol that basically graces every hospital ever'.

He holds it sides and it hovers in his grasp as he head tilts and starts to work the healing powers through his staff--- which amplifies them, making them their most potent as he lets the purple glow engulf Bell. If it works, she'll feel that short tingle-- and slowly start feeling things mend-- however that happens for Bell as she is.

He looks over to Mari. "I would suggest getting in contact with Kukai Souma and Rashmi Terios." he says. "If you want to know what's going on." he offers.
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-16 21:11:33 104516
Bell looks over at Mari. "It's ... a long story," she murmurs, before turning her attention to Daisuke's staff. "Eclipse salvaged me from the Dusk Zone ... almost a full year ago." She blinks away more tears. "I can ... give it a whirl from what I know ..." She sniffles again.

Her body is ... well, first and foremost, it's a magical construct. But it's a magical construct modeled after a human being. Really, a cursory magical examination might miss that fact completely. And the slight fracture starts to mend, more-or-less exactly how an analogous injury would for a human. Already, Bell's breathing is looking less ragged.

Rubindorn lets out a soft ping. She doesn't really have much in the way of medical systems, being primarily a weapon, but she can at least watch. <<... BIS JETZT SIEHT GUT AUS.>> Looks good so far.
Mari Katsu 2019-04-16 21:19:08 104517
    Mari just nods a bit, taking note that her eyeing Daisuke was noticed before she smiles and rubs the back of her head. "Sorry... That name triggers some bad memories is all... I even know you're a different person.. But Phantom is a guy i'll constantly be looking over my shoulder for, even knowing he's "gone"." She replies before she sits back again then nods her head. "Kukai-san... Been ages since I saw him, but I can try to look him up. ...And you telling me what you know will help, Bell-chan. But let's worry about getting you fixed up first."

    Unfortunately, medical stuff - as she had already told Bell, wasn't really Mari's strong suite... so other than being told what to do, she really wouldn't be able to add or help all that much. Well, outside of the fact that she got Bell here... Which in it's own right was enough to pull a pleased little smile out of Mari when she realized that fact herself.
Daisuke Hansuke 2019-04-16 21:36:23 104518
Daisuke Hansuke nods and listens to Bell. "I know what the Dusk Zone is. Vaugely. I'm not a scientist or a researcher. I also don't know what your friend there is saying." he says with a short smug look, refering to Rubindorn's language. "But sounds like one of those 'Space German' devices." he says softly.

He nods, when he sees that his attempt is working so he amps it up, the staff glowing a little more intensely and working a little faster. He looks towards Mari. "So you're a Pretty Cure. You work for... Blue?" he asks. "Or one of the other groups." he asks. He shakes his head. "Phantom Ace is 'Sailor V's Partner'." he says curtly.

"Uh... the uh. Vague romance subtext in the games and stuff isn't a thing. For the record. Venus mostly fastball specials me into things." he snorts.
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-16 21:45:47 104519
Bell nods to Mari. "Excellent plan," she says. "Oh, uh, a-and Rubindorn is my Armed Device, we just ... all agreed that I shouldn't be teleporting on my own." She takes a deep breath. It's the easiest breath she's taken since they got here. "Y-yeah, I can honestly feel like it's working pretty well!" She manages the first smile she's had since she got here, too.

Ping! <<JA, "SPACE GERMAN" IST ES!>> says Rubindorn, inserting Japanese with a nearly impenetrable accent. Yeah, "Space German" it is!

Bell chortles at the comment about romantic subtext. "Yeah, uh ... are either of you even --" And then she abruptly just stops talking and looks away. Slightly more of a red tinge to her cheeks.
Mari Katsu 2019-04-16 21:58:30 104520
    Mari quietly nods her head proudly at the mention of Blue. "Yeah.. Blue-sama is pretty chill... And he doesn't mind me hanging out in his mirror space when I need a few minutes to cool my head..." She replies as she sits back a bit. "...Sadly I really don't know that much about "Venus" or the other Sailor Senshi outside of what little i picked up in passing.. I've never had the chance to sit down and speak with any of them for an extended period."
Daisuke Hansuke 2019-04-16 22:08:24 104521
Daisuke continues to keep the healing up. He's having no hard time right now, but he's eventually gonna start to tire out. "Just a heads up. I'm gonna start reaching into my deeper reserves here so..." he looks to Mari. "Could you come over here just in case I start to waver and topple?" he asks politely.

He looks over to Bell again. "Yes! I know what an Armed Device is. Storm Knight who visits sometimes has one." he offers. He looks over to Mari and nods a little rapidly. "Venus is... a thing." he says with some sort of flat seriousness. "Be prepare for 'Cloud Cokolander'... but I'm pretty sure the silly front is just that. A front. If people don't take you seriously, they won't handle you seriously so you can suddenly punch them hard in the face with their guard down." he offers.

"If you want I could send her your way. Just have her seek you out. She's errierly good at the figuring out who people are where they are thing. Basically a detective." he twitches a little at this.

"Personal experience." he bluntly says.

He looks over to Bell. "Either of you even wha?" he asks, oblivious. "Dating? I know Venus and Kunzite are kind of a thing maybe? I'm not really sure. I shouldn't be gossping-- Me? Nah. Not really." he shrugs. "I mean, not yet?" he shrugs.
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-16 22:17:14 104522
Bell frowns a moment. That wackiness sounds familiar, actually ... But Daisuke's comment about toppling does worry her. "I'll ... I'll try to ..."

<<NEIN,>> says Rubindorn flatly. No.

Bell looks down at the still-healing leg, and murmurs, "Right ..."

And then her blush returns. "Uh ... n-nothing, just a stupid ... way of thinking I have that, uh, I had to have explained to me was wrong ..." Dr. Murano had needed to explain to Bell that liking boys was a thing. And then she sighs softly at that thought and the associations thereof, and looks away pensively.
Mari Katsu 2019-04-16 22:22:57 104523
    Mari's face reddens slightly at the mention of Storm Knight, before she actually slaps herself to clear that problem up before it starts again, then nods as she stands up. "R..Right! Consider yourself in good hands!" Mari calls out to Daisuke before she walks over and - before he even shows signs of faultering, braces him. "I'm willing to let you tap into my reserves too, if that's something you can do. Anything for my friends!" She adds, before she glances down to Bell. "...Space German, huh? ... Storm Knight jokes about it the same way..." She mumbles as she tilts her head to one side at the pensive look from Bell then glances away slightly herself wishing Haruna was here.. She had to help Mari through her relationship issues, so Mari was probably less than qualified to try and help anyone in that department.
Daisuke Hansuke 2019-04-16 22:31:36 104524
Daisuke Hansuke senses the awkwardness. "Look." he says. "None of you can make me more awkward than Venus storming out of my dorm room yelling 'DAISUKE-KUN LIKES CUTE GIRLS IN COSTUMES TO VISIT HIM AT NIGHT'." he says bluntly. "So if you wanna talk about anything..." he shrugs. "Can't be more awkward than having a bunch of doors open down the hallway and the entire hall all looking down at my door at the end."

He snorts a little. "I think that might be whole I picked it up from." he says as he continues going on. With the healing. This is when he 'stutters' his stance a moment, but doesn't fall. "How you doing?" he asks. Just a hint of strained to Bell. "Gonna keep going. I don't have the strong reserves Mamoru does. But I think I can finish this." he offers.
"What did you have to have explained to you?" he asks softly at Bell.
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-16 22:39:48 104525
Bell smiles faintly up at the two of them. "I've never met Storm Knight," she says. "I'm ... well, I was technically built on Belka, but I really still have no idea why the language is so similar to Earth German." This doesn't seem to be stopping her from joining in on the joking.

She furrows her brow. "Okay, wow, she's ... quite the character, it sounds like," she says dryly. She turns her gaze on her leg. "Um, it's definitely feeling better." She chortles. "... and, of course, my next thought is how much worse this is than when Sailor Jupiter body-slammed me when I was working for Eclipse."

She looks up at Daisuke, and grins nervously and looks away. "... that liking boys was a thing," she said. "I'm just a huge tr--" She blinks. "Okay wow, that thought caught me by surprise." She shakes her head. "Anyway, uh, my brain-scan template was transgender, and ever since I figured that out, I keep having thoughts like 'I'm just a huge trans lesbian' even though, in this context, 'I'm just a huge lesbian' is the part that's significant." She doesn't seem to be the slightest bit uncomfortable coming out like this.
Mari Katsu 2019-04-16 23:12:08 104526
    "Man, welcome to /that/ club.. Though you're way more comfortable figuring it out and admitting it than I was when I started noticing Storm Knight... It took Haruna-chan literally almost yelling "Victory Likes Storm Knight!" Infront of her before I would even admit to her that I liked her..." She states before she shrugs her shoulders a bit. "... Not really because I was embarassed but more because I was afraid i'd say something stupid." ... "Of course it ended up more embarassing than that, but.. Haruna-chan's heart was in the right place. .. And it worked out well in the end, too."

    Then she smiles to Daisuke and nods. "Yeah you can send her my way if you like.. though I dunno how much she'll like me. From general experience, Pretty Cures tend to give other magical girls a headache." She jokes with a wink before she gives a thumbs up.
Daisuke Hansuke 2019-04-16 23:16:20 104527
Daisuke is pretty sure Mari means 'Haruna Kurosawa gives everyone a headache' but is too polite to admit it, at least from what he's heard of the girl. Venus also gives him a headache and he still likes her though. The boy then begins to topple, finally. "Nrg--okay now please." he mutters lowly.

He'll wait for this to hopefully happen before he continues. "Well. That doesn't sound out of place?" he asks to Bell. "If you we're 'created' and not programmed with certain things, then it would be silly to hear anything else I'm sure..." he says with a shrug. "Just as long as you're willing to accept that it's a thing and let people be who they are- ya know?" he says.

"That's what's important." he says. "I'm bi-sexual myself. Male bias. So... there's people everywhere on that scale ya know?" he says with an ache.

"Okay..." he says as the purple glow fades. "That's it from me. Can you help me over to a seat?" he asks. "I hope that was enough." he mutters.
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-16 23:26:10 104528
Bell shrugs. "I haven't heard that one," she says. "My best friend is a Pretty Cure. Cure Shield is sort of ... in the opposite direction from that." She decides not to mention her brief crush ...

Bell sits up, stretching her leg, and discards the splint. "Okay, yeah," she says. "The pain is now below the level of my arm after Sailor Jupiter, and even that only took a few days to recover from." She smiles. "Thank you very much, Hansuke-san!"

Rubindorn pings up at Mari. <<OH, SIE KONNEN MICH JETZT UBRIGENS ZU HERRIN BELL ZURUCKBRINGEN.>> Oh, you can give me back to Mistress Bell now, by the way.

Bell considers Daisuke's other words for a moment. "Honestly, being a robot among humans has never been particularly ... comfortable," she says. "Especially when I was corrupted by the darkness. But ..." She glances down at herself, and at her arms. "... aside from when I was corrupted by the darkness and didn't know what it was doing to me, I've always had a very clear idea of who 'I am', even when I learn new things about myself."
Mari Katsu 2019-04-16 23:37:15 104529
    Mari nods helping Daisuke sit down before she gently removes the pendant from her neck and walks over to hand it back to Bell. "Yeah well.. Shield-chan isn't a tennis obsessed nutjob who takes training techniques from the latest Mario Tennis seriously and attempts to emulate them in real life because she has way too much energy..." She states before she grins and produces a tennis ball from her pack and starts spinning it on the tip of her finger. "Though I don't think i've met Shield-chan yet...." Which is weird considering she's already calling her a friend.

"Human or not, you're my friend. So.. Try not to feel uncomfortable around me okay? I know it probably isn't really that easy, but I'd at least like to think you don't have to feel that way around me." She says with a grin before she moves to sit down again transfering the ball spinning on the tip of her finger to the top of her head.
Daisuke Hansuke 2019-04-16 23:45:50 104530
Daisuke Hansuke sits down, and nods. "That's good. Just give the same courtesy to everyone you meet." he smiles as he then relaxes. "Yeah sorry. I'm gonna need to rest hard after that one." he says as he reclines a little.

"Haven't met this 'shield-chan' yet. I'm sure I will eventually." he says with a short shrug. "Anyways. Don't mind me if I pass out. Tired." he insists.

No sooner than he says that, that he's basically out like a light.
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-17 00:03:27 104532
Bell smiles at Mari as she takes the pendant and puts it back around her neck. Ping! <<AH, DANKE SCHON!>> ... oh, Mari can't understand her anymore.

Bell pauses, and then adds, "She says thanks."

She shrugs. "I meant uncomfortable with myself," she says. "But of course!" She chuckles. "And if you're acting like you want to be her friend even though you've never met her, you might be more like her than you think!" She smiles. "... y'know what, I might find it in myself to feel the same way." Though at that moment, she sobers up. "... Which is surreal, when I think of the fact that just six months ago, I was two steps away from being a raging darkness-youma at any given moment, and I thought that it was totally cool to drain energy from civilians indiscriminately." She sighs and shakes her head.

She watches Daisuke go inert, and hmms. She pulls out a notepad and pen, scribbles a note asking to get in touch with Lacrima, and gingerly gets up and pads over to the fridge to put it up. "... I need to step up my game," she says. "This is like the third time I've gotten my butt kicked after I got complacent. Four if you count that time it was verbally, from that civilian girl Hisakata-san ..." She shakes her head, and sighs. "... You wanted me to tell you about Eclipse?"
Mari Katsu 2019-04-17 00:16:51 104533
    Mari nods her head. "I would appreciate that, but if you need to rest a bit, there's always tomorrow or something. I don't want you to push yourself on my account." She adds before she stretches, the ball still spinning on the top of her head. "...Though the sooner i learn, I can start getting my act together.. maybe actually team up with others propper...." She leans her head back, the ball rolling forward as she does to spin on her forehead. how she manages to do so is a mystery. "I really can't say how I would feel in that position... Ever since Blue-sama contacted me.. I've only been able to think about being the best person I can be. Passionate, striving to help others..." She sighs shaking her head before she smiles and slaps her right cheek again. "It's fine. If you feel up to it, I'd love to hear about it."
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-17 00:37:37 104534
Bell looks around. "I might just stay the night," she says, in response to the comment about resting. "In which case I'd like you to send Haruna-chan a message letting her know I'll be out." Seems she's still a bit stir-crazy, but at least this way she'll be safe.

She gingerly sits back down on the couch. "Starting with the basics ... Eclipse is a secret global magical organization. To the extent that 'bad guys' exist as an institution, on the human side, Eclipse is it." She shrugs. "And they've got their hands everywhere, from technological research and development to pharmaceuticals."

She stretches. "They're after me because there was a shadowy figure on the screen who took an interest in me when I was salvaged. Someone who thinks I'm just a malfunctioning piece of software to be reprogrammed if I'm misbehaving." There's a faint trace of bitterness in her voice.

She sighs softly. "Those youma-bots we just fought were just one of Eclipse's resources they could send after me." She looks troubled now. "But ... before, it was just UMBRA, the division I was working for when I quit Eclipse. UMBRA's Vice-Director Lacrima was fine with letting me go, but Mr. Mysterious said no, and tasked her with bringing me back in. I'm not a hundred percent sure where they came from ..."
Mari Katsu 2019-04-17 00:46:18 104535
    Mari slowly closes her eyes as she listens, then slowly frowns as she crosses her arms at her waist. " that's it huh... Basically big brother but with magic behind them to be more threatening..." She states before she closes her eyes again listening to the rest of the explaination before springing to her feet with a lazy stretch.

"Got it... I've heard what I needed to hear for the short version. Eclipse deserves a propper trouncing, and anyone who /dares/ try to hurt my new friend is getting the business end of a tennis racket." She states, before giving a enthusiastic thumbs up. "...You got any way you can get in touch with me quick, if something comes up? If not, I'll have to try to get you a cure phone."
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-17 00:55:12 104536
Bell smiles. "My phone number is ..." She rattles it off. "But I'll probably get a new one soon, I'll have Haruna-chan get in touch with you about it." She pauses. "... which is because I'm planning on getting a new civilian identity, since Eclipse gave me my old one. The name will be ..." She hesitates. "... Rosalie Janus."
Mari Katsu 2019-04-17 01:02:34 104537
    Mari nods her head then smiles. "Sounds good. I look forward to meeting her." She adds a small wink to that before she glances back to the nearest clock. "....Think they'll mind if I stay over too? I doubt you'll be in mych danger here... But at the same time I'd rather not... Leave you here by yourself." She says in a concerned tone before she shrugs her shoulders a bit. "Not like I really ahve anything else to do tonight... Storm Knight is off handling things elsewhere so... I'd probably just be heading home to my dorm again."
Rosalie Janus 2019-04-17 01:16:42 104538
Bell considers this for a moment, then smiles. "Okay, sure," she says. "I'm starting to get the hang of this whole 'easy friendship' thing!" She stretches, and carefully gets to her feet. "-- wow healing magic is great. Uh, I'll find one of the guest rooms and add another note letting them know we're here ..."