Not Jadeite's Fault Really

Date: 2019-04-19
Pose Count: 22
Mamoru Chiba 2019-04-19 06:23:20 104554
Tall and friendly-looking-- in a kindly aloof way if he's not with his friends, but in a charmingly ridiculous way if he is-- Mamoru Chiba opens the door of everyone's favorite restaurant, mid-conversation with Saburo Yukimura, the blond of his guy friends with the yellowest shade of it, and arguably the fluffiest. "I swear I didn't touch it. But I did hear something about a youma in Pikarigaoka, one that nobody's actually been able to find after it starts attacking? And that's probably a little more worrisome than a missing sculpture--"
Saburo Yukimura 2019-04-19 06:30:34 104555
"That sounds like something someone with sticky fingers and a guilty conscience would say," said fluffiest blond argues suspiciously. For the first time in over a month he's minus a cast of any sort, even if the formerly-trapped hand is currently tucked away in the pocket of his pale jeans. "I'm just saying, considering the nature of the piece, someone probably stole it and I need to bring them to justice, Earth style."

And then he pauses, obviously reconsidering some of those statements. "How many attacks is it supposed to be involved in?"
Lacrima 2019-04-19 06:37:16 104556
Lacrima requires Korma. Lacrima goes to the Korma Chameleon as a consequence. The world is as it should be then. Well. Not quite. Lacrima does occasionally look over her shoulder every few thirty feet or so and right as she gets to the door which stops her from immediately noticing Mamoru and Jadeite as she looks down the road, and then forward when--- she sees the backs of Mamoru and Jadeite. OH! Mamoru! And Jadeite! She follows on out and purses her lips. And considers whether to actually bug them. Do they even wanna talk to her right now?!

Regardless, her mood is good enough that any doubt is pushed aside to at least, meekly let herself be known and to ask if they don't mind some company. "He--hey Mamoru, Jadeite!" she says. "Um, mind if I join you two....?" she asks, as she head tilts. She looks around and leans in. "Did I hear you two talking about a youma?..." she asks quietly. "....nothing that. Looks like me? I'd hope..." she asks, eyes looking down and to the right as she taps her bottom lip. She hasn't... had an episode or anything recently. She doesn't think at least. She'd wake up somewhere unfamiliar out of nowhere usually. During that, and she hasn't.
Rashmi Terios 2019-04-19 06:43:00 104557
The activity is slowing down for the day, which is always something of a relief. Thus when Mamo and Saburo enter, Rashmi is just done with helping out for the day, and greets the boys with a brilliant smile. "Hey you two! How've you been?"

When Lacrima speaks up, the redhead's eyes flick her way, and a puzzled frown touches her face. "Hey... Pretty sure that's not it at all, Lacchan. C'mon. Why don't we all sit down and hear all what's up?"
Mamoru Chiba 2019-04-19 06:51:38 104558
"Three that got interrupted, yesterday being the last. One a day. Have you considered Neil? Maybe he accidentally stepped on it and thought you wouldn't miss it if he relocated its remains," suggests Mamoru. "Especially if it was dusty. It's not like anyone would go through your stuff. Wait, what do you mean, the nature? Is it made of baby sharks?"

And then Lacrima speaks up behind them, and the college boy half-turns and looks delighted. "Yo! Of course not, sit with us."

Then she asks about the youma and then!! Rashmi's there and off shift and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. Except probably the people getting attacked by the youma. "Hi! Yes, good." There's actually a table and menus involved this time because they're not getting takeaway, and of course Mamoru spins his chair around and straddles it, elbows on the back. He keeps his voice down, of course. "Just as Rashmi says: it's not like that at all. What I've heard is that it's enormous, and made entirely out of bones and teeth, and people have been complaining that something bit them but there aren't any marks when they wake up exhausted. I mean, the two magical girls that said what it looks like didn't see it bite people, but it was in the area when the people they saved collapsed and they got glimpses of it before it disappeared."
Lacrima 2019-04-19 07:13:54 104559
Lacrima 'ahs'. "I'm not the bitey kind of vampire so, no couldn't be me." she insists. She frowns and taps her bottom lip. "I've not encountered a creature like that before." she says softly. She purses her lips and shakes her head. She already knows what she wants. She always gets a usual of Chicken Korma with a lassi usually.

"I can... go search around that area? If it's dark energy based. Which it sounds like-- it's apparently eating energy with the people waking up exhausted.... I might be able to detect it and follow it around." she says. "-and if it's slipping into the Dusk Zone I could follow it there, too." she nods.

"But... if it's vanishing that quickly..." she purses her lips. "It's clearly eating energy."

She smiles at Rashmi and Jadeite. "Aha-- sorry. I wasn't thinking I was being accused just. Draining someone and getting the crap outta there is my M.O. when I feed--" she says a little shamefully. "--and I autopilot that if I go into starvation mode, but rougher. So. Was just making sure. I mean. I haven't starved myself recently." she says.

"Also. Unmei-chan is settling in well. She's had friends over besides housemates!" she offers.

A pause as she leans in more as if this requires more secrecy. "Has Kunzite found any of the sharks yet?" she asks. "I mean. Jadeite is still alive so I'm wondering." she says with a hint of tiny joking smarm~.
Rashmi Terios 2019-04-19 07:16:21 104560
"Bones and.... teeth...." Rashmi shudders. There are youma, and there are scary youma, but even the undead ones are usually either people-ish shaped or too monstrous to be oogy. "That's..... concerning. Uuuuugh."

Reaching out, she pats Lacrima's shoulder, smiling gently. "No I understand... And that's really great about Unmei-chan! I'm glad she's got housemates, that'll really hel-- wait? Sharks? What sharks?"

She looks back and forth between the other three, the ? above her head practically visible.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-04-20 05:06:38 104562

Of course. He's the perfect culprit, and it would be just like him to - no, wait. If he'd stepped on poor little Sharptooth he'd have howled fit to raise the dead.

If it's not Mamoru and it's not Neil, there's only one person left who would care about taking vengeance on his poor sculpture.

"We can focus on the youma then, it was definitely - Lacrima!" This surprised greeting should not be taken to mean Lacrima is the perpetrator. It's just a sign of how focused Saburo was, that he didn't even notice her coming alongside them. "How have you been?" Other pleasantries are exchanged as they find a table and Rashmi joins them, and the disturbing talk of a giant, toothy monster distracts him entirely from the accusation he'd been about to make. Biting people, draining them of their energy, and then leaving without a trace?

"That's an effective strategy, too. I mean, for something that big to go around speed biting people, doing it in a way where they don't even notice, and then zipzapzooming away? Super clever, which is never a good sign for us."

But kind of exciting, a little, and definitely something to take care of. He's gotten his case off just in time, clearly -

And then Lacrima brings up the baby sharks and his earlier thought comes crashing back. "It was Kazuo! I mean, yes, he's found a lot of them, and I think he's taking double revenge on me and my poor creation, who never hurt anybody at all, and was at least seventy percent innocent."

To Rashmi's confusion, he says very seriously, "Our home has been embroiled in a war of man vs shark, and man is trying to claim victory."
Mamoru Chiba 2019-04-20 05:39:21 104563
I'm glad to hear about Unmei! And that sounds like a wonderful idea, Lacchan-- just don't let anyone think you're there because it's yours, okay? They can call me and check, you can tell them," says Mamoru, propping his chin in one hand, elbow on the chair back. "And--"

And wow Jadeite has basically the best explanation ever, sort of, and Mamoru drops his face to his forearms on the chair and just laughs. "Noooo," he says, all muffled, "why would Kunzite do something that petty? If Kunzite gets revenge you know it without a doubt. Maybe Zoi trying to frame someone."

He peers at Rashmi just above his arm and explains, eyes still laughing, "Jadeite's been planting singing plushies around the apartment. Motion-activated. In places Kunzite's likely to accidentally trigger them. They sing Baby Shark, but to different tunes..."
Nephrite 2019-04-20 05:40:53 104564
Neil need curry. Neil losing all ability to form sentences. A certain brunette, who may or may not have been involved with the destruction of a certain sculpture, shuffles into Korma Chameleon wearing what is definitely a pink blazer and carrying a thick book. He is a student, so the object being a textbook is entirely plausible, except for the fact that he is not known to actually crack open his required textbooks more often than he has to.

He spots the table with a growing number of familiar faces and beelines for the nearest empty chair, where he promptly slams the book down on the table. Not hard enough to be loud, just enough to be dramatic about it. "Oh my god have you ever looked at kitchen reno catalogues? Did you know there are like 87 variations on beige marble countertops? I need all the curry to get through this, also hi. Did I hear something about sharks? I'm not singing that in public?"
Lacrima 2019-04-20 05:53:34 104565
Lacrima looks at Jadeite. "Only 70 percent innocent?" she asks curiously. "What about the other 30 percent? Reasonable Doubt?" she asks. She looks over to Mamoru and nods a little. "Yeah. Just... being at the scene of that could be bad for me. Since. Some magical girls... just usually. Hit me? With stuff." she snorts a little uncomfortably.

She looks over to Neil as he enters and she blinks rapidly. "W...what are you looking through countertops for...?" she asks. She wonders. "Are you guys... renovating the ECFH?" she asks. She gently looks between the three then over to Rashmi. "Are you thinking undead, too?" she asks. "I mean... it's... bone and teeth." she shivers a little at that.

She purses her lips. "So, someone broke one of your things Jadeite and you don't know who?... erm... when? Maybe... maybe I knocked it over by accident when I was over when I was helping with the sharks and--- getting your help on the metalworking project?...."

Pause. "A project, Which by the way, got me all the smooches so I'm gonna be in a good mood for at least a few more days." she says with an arm cross.
Rashmi Terios 2019-04-20 05:59:35 104566

....Yes that is the sound startled out of Rashmi's mouth when Neil slams his books down. Yes she starts blushing bright red after she makes the sound. Being easily startled can be embarrassing, especially when you're in a crowd that an anime would charitably call 'lively.'

But, heroically, she shakes it off, staring at Jadeite first, then Mamoru. "Singing.... baby.... sharks...? I.... wow okay I am so glad the only big brother I have was one I made myself because I shudder to think of how prank games would be leveled up just hearing about that. Oh! Also we haven't ordered yet, Neil-kun, so you have all the curry at your fingertips."

Pause. Rewind. Blink blink at Lacrima. "...Metalworking smooches project?"

Occasionally Rashmi's scattershot focus and active imagination produces.... weirdness. This is one of those times.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-04-20 06:11:42 104567
Mamoru's laughter is heroically ignored in favor of greeting Neil and shrugging at Lacrima.

"Twenty percent reasonable doubt, ten percent totally guilty. But no - I don't know if anyone broke it, and you're always so careful, so if it is broken, it probably wasn't you. It's just totally gone missing, and Zoi would not have been able to resist taunting me about it by now, so I think Kazuo did it for second revenge, so I need to get third revenge. Second revenge? Never mind! Congrats on all the smooches! I knew my dastardly artistic skill could create good in this world."

That being said, he squints at Neil's book like it's going to bite him, shuffling away. "But even all the creative skill in the world isn't going to help you with that choice, not if you aren't brave enough to sing of the baby sharks in the public eye. We're catching Rashmi and Lacrima up on sharknanigans and a youma sighting. It's big and toothy and full of bones and teeth, apparently."
Mamoru Chiba 2019-04-20 06:27:14 104568
"Made of, they said made of," Mamoru tells Jadeite severely, "not full of. That sounds like it's eating bones and teeth. Do you guys know what you want yet? I can go order." He glances over to the counter, then eyes Neil's book suspiciously. "What are you renovating?"

That's a pin drop kind of statement. If it's something Mamoru forgot about then it's on him, but he doesn't think he forgot, and his stomach is all of a sudden curling into a tight ball of cold lead.
Nephrite 2019-04-20 06:30:21 104569
Neil pauses in whatever dramatic tirade he was about to go on to look sheepishly at Rashmi. "Sorry. I didn't mean to startle. Very kind of you guys to wait for me, since you obviously knew I was coming at this exact moment." He settles into his seat and flips open the catalogue in question to Beige Marble #45. "We're not exactly renovating the ECFH." Well, no more than the usual amount of maintenance that a revolving door of attacks/explosions/bleeding/Neil requires. "My corner of the apartment has a kitchen I barely use. I thought I could fix it up to give Mako a quieter workspace if she wants it. Hers is small and our communal one is, well, communal, so she has to contend with the rest of us being underfoot and messing with her system."

He pauses again after Lacrima's statement. "Bone and... " Neil blinks. "Man, you guys have all the best dinner conversations."

Jadeite's explanation makes more sense, but now they're back to sharks again. He gives Saburo a remarkably pouty look for a man of his size. "Saburo. Please. If I'm left to my own devices on this, Mako's going to to end up with like, periwinkle counters with orange backsplash. Why would you inflict that on Mako?"

He looks affronted at Mamoru. "I want all the curry, of course."
Lacrima 2019-04-20 06:38:44 104570
Lacrima ohs! "I usually just get the Chicken Korma, with a lassi...." she says quietly. "So that." she says quietly. She looks to Mamoru softly and head tilts as she looks back to Jadeite and smiles. "It was super helpful.-- oh!" she says. "Um. I got a unicorn pendant. But it was an equine unicorn, so I got Jadeite to help me work it into a more cervine one... like Ariel is." she giggles.

"And she liked it a lot~" she sings teasingly.

"It was a metal pendant. I was gonna try to 'edit' it myself but I don't work well with that stuff. Jadeite does! So it looked really slick when it was done." she smiles at Rashmi.

She looks to Neil and nods. "....Makoto..." she shifts uncomfortably.

" she okay?" she asks. "I know one of her friends was attacked during the whole... 'Earth Clone' stuff... yeah." she says. She purses her lips and tries to shake off the guilt.

"But yes. Chicken Korma. Lassi. I can pay for my own. Of course.

She frowns. "But yeah. That monster is bad news. It sounds intelligent enough." She looks at Mamoru again and purses her lips. "I'll bring some donuts over soon. I haven't done that in a while."
Rashmi Terios 2019-04-20 06:45:10 104571
"Just some beef samosas and a saffron lassi for me," Rashmi chuckles. "Papi lets me nibble in the kitchen when I'm helping out, so I'm not super hungry. And wow, Lacchan, that sounds wonderful! D'you have it with you? Saburo-kun I didn't know you could do metalwork!" Is tha-- yes, those are indeed stars in her eyes. And they don't go away when Lacrima outs Jadeite as a blacksmith."

More mention of the monster does quickly wither the metaphorical sparkle-flowers of her imagination, however, and she shakes her head. "That does sound horrible, yeah. I'll spread the word around my friends, make sure they keep an eye out. Is there anything I can help with specifically?"
Saburo Yukimura 2019-04-20 06:55:44 104572
Mamoru doesn't know what Neil is renovating. It's one thing if he doesn't know - he's a self admitted scatterbrain about things like that, because they're always doing work, but Mamoru, Mamoru pretty much always keeps track of the work being done. If he doesn't know, maybe Saburo should worry about why Neil is looking into renovations, and marble slabs.

He's just about to say something to that effect when a perfectly reasonable explanation settles in, and barely birthed worry is squashed flat by relief. "Oh, well if it's for Mako I guess I can take a look with you, as long as you help me hide the last shark. I want mushroom matar and a mango lassi-"

This last is, obviously, because they're all giving orders, and he grins at Rashmi, winking at her obvious delight. "There's a lot about me people don't know! If you have any metalworking projects, let me know! I haven't been able to do any serious work in a while, but my hand is back to one hundred. Ready for making jewelry and for fighting bone-tooth-nommity-nom monsters."
Mamoru Chiba 2019-04-20 07:06:21 104574
At Neil's explanation, Mamoru's posture shifts from its sudden poor attempt to hide a vast increase in tension back into relaxed, even as Jadeite is letting go. Okay good Neil's not sidelong saying he's moving out. But then, he could eventually say that at any time and Mamoru wouldn't know how to react then either, so he has to kind of just actively squash his tendency to overthink and borrow trouble. It lingers a little around his eyes, but he's really good at acting, so it doesn't otherwise show anymore. "Oh nice," he says approvingly. "And yeah good, Saburo, you can do all the things to Neil's kitchen I wouldn't let you and Mako do to mine."

He grins at Lacrima as he's unfolding himself from chair-straddling to go take the orders up. "Donuts would be amazing. They're always amazing." Then eyebrows up at Rashmi. "You should see this guy's sculptures in literally any medium. Even his play-doh stuff is prizewinning. As far as other things to do to help-- just be careful, but be on the lookout for the thing, or for people complaining they got a bugbite or something and then ended up taking a day to sleep it off."
Nephrite 2019-04-20 07:17:37 104575
Neil nods at Lacrima. "Yeah, she took that pretty hard. She's doing better, though. A unicorn pendant, now that's a nice gift."

There is a weird shift in both Mamoru and Saburo that takes Neil too long to work out. "Yeah, it's for Mako, what else--oh. Oh! You thought--what, you think we'd want to move somewhere on our own? You think either of us could stand all that silence?" As Mamoru stands, he reaches over to give him a punch on the arm. "I'm doing this to make it enticing for her to be at our place more. And I wouldn't announce it to you via marble countertops even if that were the plan."

He grins over at Rashmi. "He also makes sharks. Which--yeah, I'll help you hide the last one. I'm already an accomplice."
Lacrima 2019-04-20 07:27:07 104576
Lacrima snorts at Rashmi. "No, I don't have it, Ari-chan does! Cuz I had it made for her~" she teases." she smiles and nods as her eyes trace back to Mamoru. "I'll bring them, then. From the same artisan shop I always bring them from~" she says. She looks to Jadeite and nods. "If I need something made, I'll definitely come bug you." she smiles. She looks to Neil. She looks down and back up.

She nods at Neil. "Good..." she says. She shifts uncomfortably again.

She does look back to the door a second before looking at Rashmi and the others. "Right.. um. If you see a tall, red haired, red eyed man that kind of reminds you of me and dresses like a period Dracula. That's... a problem I'm dealing with right now. Smack him as hard as you can until he goes away. His name is Poderoso. He's a jerk." she says quietly. "I'm not even sure he can manifest on his own yet. Just. A warning."

"I won't go into details. Right now. I wanna eat. Just. Yeah." she says quietly with a series of nods. "And- I don't think the Bone and Teeth Monster that I will now call 'Bee-Tee' from now on for simples sake- is related anyways."
Rashmi Terios 2019-04-20 07:40:14 104577
"...That sounds like a good idea," Rashmi says gently, firmly nodding in agreement with Lacrima's wishes. "So... lots to watch out for now, even if you're not on the lookout for singing sharks." She trails off for a moment, eyes unfocusing. "...Aaaaand now I want to figure out a way to get Ryu-kun involved. Because I mean come on, if nothing else there's a ton of shark toys at the Aquarium."

The byplay of Neil's pre-dodged moving out doesn't go unnoticed, but does go uncommented, save for a look of gentle encouragement thrown Mamoru's way. And to fully paper over the embarrassing turn the boys' side of the conversation has taken, she seems to completely dive into Saburo's metalworking. "That does sound great! Yeah I don't think I've seen any of your work, Saburo-kun!"