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Date: 2019-04-26
Pose Count: 9
Fate T. Waldia 2019-04-26 04:14:32 104611
Fate T. Waldia is happily in the backyard on a clear late afternoon. It's gotten warm enough she's in short sleeves and a pair of shorts. She's in the out of doors area, probably in Gaofelle's garden area, with Arf, who is happily dog prancing through the grass in her puppy form she tends to spend most of her time in nowadays and chasing a ball that Fate is tossing out and then having her return and then throwing it back out.

Sometimes it's good to do nothing but play ball with a dog, you know. "Ruff ruff ruff!" goes Arf. It wouldn't be so silly except she's practically saying 'ruff' instead of barking. Because sometimes easy to tell when the magical animal is just a little less animal and this is one of those moments you see.

Fate has a very small smile on her face. It's easy to forget how adorable a puppy is when a puppy is a puppy. Arf kind of trips head over heels over herself as she runs back with the ball.

She's left the back door open by accident though, oops!
Runealy Waldia 2019-04-26 04:20:55 104612
Arf's run-and-tumble coincides with Rune pacing through the home, heading for the back door in her usual royal dress. She steps into view right as Arf tumbles through, and notices this just barely in time. "Hnn?!" A wide-eyed leap back ends in a stumble, but Rune catches herself on the wall beside the door...

...And calms down when she figures out what just happened, modest concern replacing the momentary alarm she had. "Oh? Arf... are you okay? That looked like quite the stumble."
Fate T. Waldia 2019-04-26 04:37:47 104613
Fate T. Waldia looks on in wide eyed alarm when Arf runs towards Runealy. "Runealy, watch out!" she calls out. She doesn't yell it out super loud, in case any Knights come running down from homework or something important thinking they're underattack, but it's loud enough that Runealy should hear it clearly enough.

She runs after. "I'm sorry! I was playing catch with Arf. She's been exuberent!" she says as she reaches down to pick up the frazzled puppy who stumbled too hard on her run. "Come on you." she says as she walks on over to.... well what is outside here to sit on? Maybe there's a bench. Or similar sitting place outside here. Which lovely outdoors place doesn't have a bench!? She places Arf in her lap and motions for Runealy to follow. "I left the door open. That's my bad, my apologies." she says softly. "...Do you always dress this way when it gets warmer Runealy?" she asks curiously. "...should I be thinking about dressing like that?..." she asks curiously. Princessly older sister advice request it sounds like, for sure there.
Runealy Waldia 2019-04-26 04:42:06 104614
Fate's arrival reassures Rune, a bit of a smile forming as Arf is retrieved. "Quite alright. I must say... it is rather cute!" She follows after Fate as they talk. "As for the door? Perhaps it's for the best it was open; tripping onto carpet is probably much better than tripping into the door, after all. And... as for this?"

Rune gestures to her own attire. "Force of habit. Perhaps I should change it sometime, but I'm used to this and favor it. However... you can wear whatever you wish. Especially with the weather as it is!"
Fate T. Waldia 2019-04-26 04:56:11 104615
Fate T. Waldia muses on this a little and nods a little, in a short, matter of fact way. "Alright..." she says. She appraises this statement a little more in her head as she smiles a little. "I mean. If you find it comfortable, wear it. I thought maybe there is a spring dress? Or a summer dress? Is... comfort not a factor... back in Waldia for royalty?" she asks curiously.

"...Does it even get 'hot' during the summer? Is..." another pause. " there even a summer? I May be over thinking this now. I am probably worrying about nothing when there's nothing to worry about." she admits.

She pats Arf. Arf idly lounges in her lap panting still as dogs are won't do after excercise. "It's nice out. Very nice out." she says. "Picnic weather soon. I want to go one." she brazenly admits, wholesale.
Runealy Waldia 2019-04-26 05:05:56 104616
"You might have a point, and perhaps I'll find some other options soon enough," Rune concedes to talk of alternate attire.

Then she has a slight laugh at Fate's second-guessing. "Worrying? Or wondering about your home, one you've only been allowed to briefly see? We do have seasons, and the weather changes. Sometimes it gets incredibly cold! We prepare for that; we store food, gather firewood, and have blankets ready." A moment's breath to gather her thoughts before Rune resumes: "Sometimes it gets hot, and we ensure our wells are in good order before then. As for a picnic..."

Rune goes silent for a few seconds, head tilted down in thought. "That..." Her expression flickers a few times, before settling on a smile. "Is an idea I haven't made good on in quite some time. You're right; we should do that!"
Fate T. Waldia 2019-04-26 05:22:42 104617
Fate T. Waldia nods, make sure their wells are ready? So it must get dry during the summer without a lot of rainfall? Cold so a winter. She has a berth of questions. Is there snow? Is the snow white colored? Probably all dumb questions to ask. Maybe... maybe she should had Bardiche run scans on the portal someday and figure out if theres a 'good time' and a 'bad time' for it.. see if there's time to risk a quick '3 day visit' or something in the future. Experience home for herself... spend some time with 'dad'. Maybe make a fool of herself in some actual royal court!...

"Yes! We can order some picnic food or I can try to bake something?" she offers. "Or maybe use it as an excuse for Gaofelle to teach us about edible foods in the woods...?" she asks.

"...He... hunts. He can hunt.. right? I'd be nice to learn some things like that." she thinks curiously. "I mean. I figure we'd need to go futher than the park to do that." she smiles a little.

"But a normal picnic without that could be fun too. I don't wanna assume too much on what Gao-kun is willing to teach me-- us. Whoever goes!" she says.
Runealy Waldia 2019-04-26 05:28:53 104618
"Perhaps 'all of the above' would work. I can help with whatever you have in mind on food, and if the others wish to come with us, they certainly may!" Rune's earlier hesitation is gone, enthusiasm returning.

"I imagine he does hunt, though I've never asked him for the precise details. For all I know, perhaps he does no such thing. All I know is he and his family tend to know far, far more about nature than I ever will. Their aid in hiding certain secrets within our forests, such as the portal's location, has been quite important over the years!"
Fate T. Waldia 2019-04-26 05:40:46 104619
Fate T. Waldia. "I made an assumption he might hunt based on what I know." she says. "It makes sense that he would know how to hunt. I would be surprised if he... doesn't. honestly." she admits. "Maybe we should ask soon if that's the case first." she asides.

"I hunt! I hunt.... tacos...." says Arf as she looks up conspiratorily. "Hunting the taco resturant's bag doesn't count, Arf." she says cautiously as she pets at Arf's ears.

Arf hops off Fate's lap. "I want tacos now. I'll be back later!" says Arf. Arf escapes into the house, transforming to her human-like form along the way. Because this is less conspicious when you walk into the to-go resturant.

She nods as she watches Arf leave. "Arf is going to get tacos I guess." she giggles. "The mighty hunter... I guess, applies sour cream first." she says a little deadpan.

"I went on a date with Nanoha-chan recently. I wore one of the dresses that was sent from home. I think I looked good in it." she smiles.