Squeezing the Toothpaste

After meeting Stahlritter, Sa Siu goes home to question Kyubey about all the details of a Puella Magi.

Date: 2019-05-01
Pose Count: 17
Sa Siu 2019-05-01 07:45:41 104756
Siu comes home some time before dinner. After a simple "I'm home" "Welcome home" she went right to her room and finds Kyubey there. Her room isn't too spacious, only having space for a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and little else, but that's enough for what she would do in her room usually: daydreaming, gaming, homework, and chatting with Nivek, in order of frequency. There's several figurines of her favourite characters on her desk, which makes her desk highest on the list out of all the furniture in her room sorted by money she spent on. But besides admiring her collections there's something else she cares more: the nature of a magical girl.

"Kubey, can you explain in your words what is a Puella Magi and what do they do?"
Lacrima 2019-05-01 08:08:43 104757
Kyubey is indeed there! He's there, on the windowsill, right when Sa Siu comes home. Was he watching her earlier? Did he know she had questions? It's really hard to tell with Kyubey why he's anywhere and anywhen for that matter.

Still. He looks at Sa Siu with that adorable :3 catface as he says. "A Puella Magi is a magical girl that has a made contract with me, Sa Siu. They fight bad Witches." he says, as curtly and without emotion as usual. He is assuming this answer is enough perhaps, for Sa Siu. It is, afterall. In the job description.
Sa Siu 2019-05-01 08:22:24 104758
Siu did not expect his answers to be this short, it reveals little and can hardly be questioned further. But not impossible, especially after being warned that there's more to it. She looks into Kyubey, who can hold up his smile better than Siu can ever be, and asks, "Let's see... what is a contract? Didn't you say it has something to do with a wish? Is it verbal, mental or written, and is it legally binding, or perhaps magically binding?"

And let's ask questions that does not follow his line of thinking that much if he really is not to be trusted, "Witches are bad and the enemy of Puella Magi. But what are witches? How do they come to be, what dmages do they cause and how do we fight them?" She write down on a paper what question she asked and what answers did she get.
Lacrima 2019-05-01 08:53:44 104759
Kyubey licks his paw cutely. He listens to the questions Sa Siu proposes. "My contract! You can make a wish, and I will grant it. In return. You will become a Puella Magi and fight Witches." he says. It's very matter of fact. Kyubey doesn't lie there. That's the truth of course.

Kyubey says. "Witches are the enemy of all humans, Sa Siu." he says with that same smiling-like cat face. :3. "They're pure, negative emotion. Given form. They kill people, convince them to hurt other people... or kill themselves in suicide, Sa Siu." Also not lies. "Puella Magi fight them in ways they wish. Many have weapons... swords. bows.... guns." he says as he places both paws down in front of him now as he stops licking it idly.
Sa Siu 2019-05-01 09:32:22 104760
Siu writes down what Kyubey responded with. Immediately one thing jumps at her. "You hadn't answered this question," Siu points at her paper at a line labeled (8), "How do witches come to be?" And then there are some more new questions, but she wirtes them down first before asking them so she won't forget. "What about magic, do we fight with magic(11)?", "Give me a full list of what is changed from between someone contracts to after said person contracts(12).", "Does what weapon they use, or lack thereof, relates to their wish made from contracting(13)? Also, who use guns to fight witches(14)? Do you give them guns(15)?"

She reads again though all their questions and replies, trying to read between the lines then adds a few more questions, "Is it correct that witches are enemies of life other than humans(16)? Most importantly, are they by extension your enemies(17)?" and finally, "How is my wish interpreted? Is it to the spirit of my wish, to the letter of it, or both at the same time(18)?"
Lacrima 2019-05-02 13:38:36 104772
Kyubey looks at Sa Siu with that same, emotionless, unblinking face. "I did tell you, Sa Siu. They are pure, negative emotion given form. Powerful negativity, massing, given form, From humans. Like you." he says. "All Puella use magic, Sa Siu. The 'changes' will depend on what you wish for. It is common for someone who wishes for someone 'to be well' to obtain strong healing powers, for example. Or for someone that wishes for protection of someone to gain a shield. Or for someone who wishes for a particular talent to obtain that as their source of power. Many changes can happen, Sa Siu!"

"A few use guns. I am not a directory of Puella Magi, Sa Siu! Why don't you contract and meet many new friends!" he urges.

"Witches prey on humanity, Sa Siu. They don't have an interest in devouring wildlife."

"You get what you wish for, Sa Siu! It would not be beneficial for me to twist your wish. Would it?" he asks.
Sa Siu 2019-05-02 14:21:35 104773
Sa first wirtes down what he says, having some mild difficulties doing so due to recieving so many answers at once. But her listening test scores didn't come by cheating! So she manages it and marks questions (8), (11), (12), (13), (15), (16) and (18) as answered. That leaves (14) and (17). But then again, some of them still aren't answered as well as she would want. Like question (12), she was expecting Kyubey to give her a comically long list of changes. Or question (8), where Kyubey seems to be failing at grasping the difference between how and what.

At the same time, Kyubey also gave some interesting insights. Like question (15), where Kyueby apparently don't keep track of who he contracted(but then again there are privacy reasons to refuse to give that information), and question (16), where he reveals that wildlife isn't preyed on by Witches. Meaning many things, they either don't have a sense of territory, can't get sustenance from wildlife, or both. Which makes sense since they aren't biological things.

Time for new questions, but she dares not fire them all at Kyubey at once. Let's wirte down all of them first and ask and learn each of them. "I meant the process behind which witches are generated. Can you describe what events happen to a human that is going form a witch from 5 seconds before the witch is formed to 5 seconds after the witch is formed(19)?"
Lacrima 2019-05-02 14:53:20 104774
Kyubey licks his paw again a moment, except the other paw than the one he was licking before. He's a good little adorable white.. cat rabbit thing. Yup. He answers. "Humans don't form witches." true. In a sense. "I said their emotions do." he says. "You are wanting to quantify something scientifically, that cannot be, Sa Siu!" he says with an adorable catface. :3. "Emotions given form, whether they be good, or bad, are powerful, and sometimes take a life of their own!" he says,

"Think of it as... a virulent build up on anxiety and depression and anger all mixed up until it takes a form and life all it's own!" he says.

"I know this must be hard for you to quantify, Sa Siu." he says with those red eyes peeking upon her.
Sa Siu 2019-05-02 15:12:12 104775
Kyubey is right. As much as Sa is told not to trust Kyubey, his answers all makes sense. And he is adorable~ Sa pats his head while writing down his answers, then think about it for a bit. Human emotions given form can sometimes take a life of their own like well witches. And they are scientifically difficult to understand. Although even some basic observations can do, shouldn't it? Well, she just needs to see that one for herself.

"It is. I'll try to find out myself." She makes up her mind on that and notes that down alongside her question-answer booklet, then cuddles Kyubey while asking the next questions. "Consider the next three question a elaboration of question (12). Is there changes that happen regardless of the wish(20)? I imagine at least we get enhanced physical strength, speed, durability and such. Will these changes happen(21)? What other changes are there(22)?"
Lacrima 2019-05-02 16:30:02 104776
Kyubey listen contently. He is not lying. Everything he has said such far, is true- from a certain point of view. He he listens to conquestions. "I already answered that. You so love asking repeat question,s Sa Siu!" he says.

"But let me iterate again. A Puella Magi's power will depend on their wish. Someone that 'wishes to be a good signer' may not be a strongest combatant, using song to attack, while someone that wishes to hurt someone, mayb obtain desierable amounts of strong power." he says. "There are no... default abilities, of a Puella Magi. If that is what your asking. There's a few common ones. The ability to light heal by expeding energy- but- not at all as a specialozed healer you see. Better durability is a common ability, but will depend . once again, on the magical girl and wish."

"Sai Sui, if you are asking me for the 'default' Puella Magi, there is no such thing!" she says.%R
"Everyone's wishes are different, and therefore, the Puella Magi that results, is always different!" he says.
Sa Siu 2019-05-02 16:56:06 104777
Sa writes that down again. She considers question (20) and (21) answered but not (22). "So you are saying that there are no default abilities of a Puella Magi. And yes, I have to repeat questions becuase you answered them in a way that opens up more questions. If you give definitive and detailed answers, that would save me some time." She takes a long sigh before explaining, "Good news is I can do this all day. I know I sound ridiculous and obnoxious, so I promise this is the last time I ask this question or anything that means the same thing. Is there any other changes from a human to a Puella Magi aside from what you already talked about(27)?"

"And a new question," Siu points to the next question down the list, "Oh, sorry Kyubey, this one is a repeat question again because you forgot to answer it." Siu's experssion is clearly apologetic while asking, "Are witches, by extension to being humanities' enemies, your enemies(23)?" But, she needs to do it. Devil's in the detail, especially for what he explictly calls a 'contract'.
Lacrima 2019-05-02 17:26:20 104778
Kyubey says "Sa Siu. I have answer this question more than a few times already." he says ultra patiently. "The abilities of a Puella Magi are determined by the wish. Many, regardless, seem to ehbit a personal healing power, of sorts. A base resistance to damage, that- many other non-Puella also share, it would seem." he offers.

"You are asking for a definitive list. There is none. This is just how it is, Sa Siu!" he says , tilting a head.

He head tilts. "I have answered Sa Siu, but you have not listend, in favor of many many lists of questions you believe, while slightly different will get you different answers." he saids.

"You are not the first that think they are being clever finding some way to game the contract. There isn't anything to game." he says with a little series of nods.

"My enemy, of sort. It is my job to handle them. But I can not on my own. If I didn, I would not bee Puella Magi." he says. "It's too powerful, for me to handle alone." he offers.
Sa Siu 2019-05-03 12:10:33 104794
Hmm. "I know you did, that why I said I'm not dragging this question on for longer." Sa took a long sigh while recording his answers. "You know how this goes, the exact wording makes all the diffrence. You bet I am trying to game it, just because I think I can. And even if not, I still want to know everything I can before contracting; after all, only informed consent holds water." She tries but fails to see anything more to it, so she moves on to the next set of questions. "These next one are about my wish. What stops me from wishing for omnipotence and then getting it(24)? Is there truly no limits to what wishes you can grant(25)?"
Lacrima 2019-05-03 12:51:23 104795
Kyubey looks at Sa Siu. "Your karmic potential." he says. "You could wish for omnipotence... but if your karmic potential isn't enough, your wish will not be granted. The same goes for limits. It all depends on your karmic potential." he says.

Before Sa Sui can ask, he goes on. "Karmic potential is a measure of worth. The more you have, the more likely you can wish for the more marvelous things. A good example many Puella try to wish for, but all fail is 'World Peace'. While a more common one that often succeeds is 'I wish a friends' limb was not broken'." he says.

"One that ofen depends on Karmic Potential is Wishing someone back from the dead, but-- once again. Only if your karmic potential is able to 'afford' it." he says.

He explains this all in a matter of fact manner.
Sa Siu 2019-05-03 13:17:36 104796
Fin-freaking-nally, a major reveal. I can't just wish for omnipotence or world peace, but I can just eliminate all reasons of armed conflict by creating a post-sacrcity society, or get ridiculous wealth or information then create said post-sacrcity society, or probably kickstart a technological singularity that leads to it. There's tons of potential. ...But maybe my karmic potential is too little for any of that. How laughable, the oppotunity to create a utopia just hangs between my eyes and I'm told not worthy of creating it.

Anyway, "Here's probably the last question, unless it leads to more questions, so answer this in detail. Can you give me the workflow of a Puella Magi hunting witches(26)?"
Lacrima 2019-05-03 13:40:50 104797
Kyubey would seem pleased if this is probably the last question. He is mostly emotionless still. Humans have lots of questions. Always, lots of questions. "I leave how Puella Magi hunt to themselves, Sa Siu." he says.

"Some hunt alone. Some hunt in small teams." he says. "Some have recently been enlisting non-Puella help. This seems to be rather popular as of late." he says.
Sa Siu 2019-05-03 14:03:07 104798
Annnnd he once again reverts to his cryptic answers. Whatever. She gave Kyubey a chance to explain himself, but he doesn't just spit everything out. No matter, she can just find real Puellas and ask them instead. Although it's interesting that you can find non-Puellas to fight with you.

"Thank you, Kyubey, you have been patient. I promise I will give some serious considerations on it. And I give myself a good chance to contract based on what I know." She smiles as she thanks Kyubey, "I will dine now, bye!" She ends with something that you would hear in phone conversations.