Write With Ariel

Date: 2019-05-07
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Sa Siu 2019-05-07 00:44:34 104826
Infinity Campus is home to the biggest and most stocked library in Mitakihara and one of the biggest in Tokyo, with a collection matched only by the public library here. And it's good for Siu to have ready access to it in case she have some random thoughts she can know more in depth here, although it is open to the public for free. Just now Siu is working on her Homework on the second floor. The working desks is visible on the right of the entrance, a few workstations with archive database is placed futher right of it, and straight down the entrance is the start of the immense shelves of books.
Ariel Theodore 2019-05-07 00:58:02 104827
    Ariel does not go to Infinity! But when a homework assignment requires a very specific book and Seishou doesn't have it, there are few other options. So here she is, making making her way through the library in search of what she needs. It's not long before she finds what she needs and plucks it off the shelf!
    There's a soft thump of a backpack getting set on the floor and, she starts settling herself in at a nearby workdesk. "Ah, excuse me~." Not wanting to intrude or disturb, being polite as can be, as she settles down pretty nearby.
Sa Siu 2019-05-07 01:18:18 104828
Siu pays a little bit of attention to someone else sitting besides her, then goes back to her own work. It's not always Siu can focus on what she is supposed to do instead of what she wants to do. And this is not one of the times as she glances aside and sees the book the girl besides her takes with her. Seeing this isn't an easy book to swallow, she offers help:

"Do you need help with that book? It's not common to need that for homework, or are you reading that out of interest? You can ask if there are anything difficult. I'd be happy to help." Plus she needs an excuse to turn her away from doing her work, but that is an afterthought.
Ariel Theodore 2019-05-07 01:33:25 104829
    IT takes her a moment or so, get her notes out, flip the book open, and tuck a lock of silvery hair behind an ear, before Ariel is good and settled in, lips pursing as she pores over the contents of the pages. Studious little thing; she gets right to it. And frowns.
    Indeed, it's not an easy book to work with, and the offer does make her glance up. "Ah? -OH! I mean, if it's not any trouble." She does say. "There are just a few concepts I'm having trouble with, but once I figure those out the rest should be easy!"
Sa Siu 2019-05-07 01:51:25 104830
All that little actions to ready herself for the book gets her attention, but it's just a little observation that doesn't really mean anything and is more of a sign that Siu is distracted from her work. Either way she does think she has an in-depth enough understanding of it to help other people out on it.

She closes her own work while turning her full attention to the book and its reader, "Go ahead, I'll see what I can do. I did say I'd be happy to help did I not? It's not everyday this book have a vistor."
Ariel Theodore 2019-05-07 02:00:56 104831
    It's a book on kanji. Along with some serious Japanese grammar. And it looks like it's the kind of thing that would give a little foriegn girl like Ariel problems. It's probably weird enough that her dialect of Japanese is utterly archaic-- like the girl learned everything from watching too many samurai movies or something.
    She spends a beat, biting on her lip, before giving a few practice strokes.
    "Eheh heh... It's kind of difficult. My mom talk me how to speak Japanese, but her lessons on writing were a little um. Lacking."
Sa Siu 2019-05-07 02:16:55 104832
Ah, kanji. Contary to what you might imagine, being from a Chinese-using place like Siu is does not help with Kanji one bit. Well it does let you know or predict the characters, but it doesn't tell you what it means or how to pronouce them. However Siu was not lying when she says she can help, she does know her Kanji well despite that above statement. In fact, her ability to comprehend is noticeably greater then her ability to produce meanings, skewing to her spoken Japanese a bit as well. She gives a few pointers here and there then watches her practice.

"My mom spent extra time making sure I don't confuse my Japanese kanjis with my Chinese characters. But less so on practicing speaking, only to the extent I can deal with daily situations.
Ariel Theodore 2019-05-07 02:35:39 104833
    "Mn. Mom said she learned Japanese out of necessity, and taught me what she knew, but she used to say she wasn't the best teacher. I'm still learning every day, but I can at least hold my own. Usually! ... Except when it comes to kanji. Eheh. My other mom was really the teacher between the two of them."
    Well, she's a chipper sort, bright and sweet. But she also picks up on lessons fast, judging from how a few tips and pointers have her progressing much smoother than she was a second ago. "--I'm Ariel by the way." Comes her introduction. And then, tacked on as though she had almost forgotten, she adds her surname to that. "Ariel Theodore."
Sa Siu 2019-05-07 02:53:46 104834
"Ah, I see. I had interest in Japanese, because anime, but it's not until we had to immigrate here that I started to seriously learn it. And so I'm better at reading and listening then I am speaking and writing. Every now and then I had to look up the dictionary just to confirm what I said is what I wanted to say." She had two interpretations of what she said, but she knows to not comment on private items and let her talk when she wants. If she wants to, that is.

"Yes, yes, like so- ah right. Introductions. I am Siu, Sa Siu. Really it is the other way around if we go by my birth name convention or the Japanese convention, but whatever. Nice to meet you." She does her own introduction too, with specified point on the order of surnames and given names.
Ariel Theodore 2019-05-07 03:11:39 104835
    "Anime huh? I watch a little bit." Ariel admits. "But that was only after I moved here." Stated amid getting a better feel for the strokes and symbols on the pages. She takes to it pretty easily once she gets past her initial hurdle actually, though she still talks like an Edo period princess. "It's nice to meet you too~." She is super polite to boot; proper to a fault.
    "Do you go to Infinity? I actually go to Seishou, but this book wasn't available there, so here I am."
Sa Siu 2019-05-08 01:29:46 104873
Watching somebody learn is fun. Watching somebody learn quickly is fascinating. And just as Ariel said, one she got the confused parts cleared the rest is easy for her. And speaking archaic is fine too, it's not like Siu can even try to pretend to do that. "I watch anime at first because that's what's on the TV when I was young. Well younger. But then I found some other ones on my own time, and it turns out to be super fun and vast and exciting! Also yes I go to infinity, it's not always that I remember we have such comprehensive collections."
Ariel Theodore 2019-05-15 01:18:13 105058
    "Anime is still pretty new to me." Ariel admits. "I did not exactly have a television back home." She says amid scrawling a new kanji down now that she has the hang of things, it's almost preternaturally easy for her. "Most of my entertainment was... Ah... Well, mom would tell me stories very often."
    "I like Seishou. But sometimes after class activities occasionally have me visiting the other schools in the area."
Sa Siu 2019-05-15 01:32:04 105061
Seeing Ariel is already on track, Siu turns back to her own work and prepares to continue her own work. Her stuff is complicated, but it's just a matter of time. She responds to Airel, "I see, I am sure your mother must be a good storyteller! Although it would still be a shame to miss out on television IMO."
Ariel Theodore 2019-05-15 01:36:43 105062
    "She is!" Comes Ariel's elated response. Though she hushes down fast, sheepishly remembering that this is a library, and flashing an awkward little smile.
    "She used to tell me stories about knights, all the time. Sometimes samurai too. But mostly knights, and dragons and heroes and unicorns..." She starts up a list only to pause part way. "Really, with most of her stories, I was fine without television for a long time."
Sa Siu 2019-05-15 01:53:39 105064
Not really paying attention to the elevated response of Ariel's, at least the elevated aspect of it, Siu plugs a few numbers into her calculator and writes down the results below her working steps.

"They all sound interesting. Have you read some of the books on those, and are they anything like she told?"

"I know you were happy without television, but bear with this analogy. Would you be happy with just staying at home knowing there's an entire world out there?"
Ariel Theodore 2019-05-15 01:58:56 105067
    "I have now, yes." She replies in regards to reading. Ariel purses her lips at the analogy.
    "Well. That's kind of how things were." The girl states rather plainly.
    "We lived--... Out innnnnn the countryyyyy." Stretched out as though reaching for a non-descript way of putting her thought. "Me and both my moms, alone, for a long time."
    "I didn't have many friends at all, and Mom and mom decided I needed to see the world and sent me here." Explained before she frowns. "Mm. Some of the books are like how she told the stories. But some aren't. ... Like the tale of Georgios..."
    Wow that one makes her wilt.
Sa Siu 2019-05-15 02:18:45 105069
Sa needs to learn to tread carefully. "Alright, time to change topic! Is the students at Seishou fun? Are your classmates able to keep up with you no matter what topic you are on and how quickly you change it? Are they as knowledgeable as you are even in your fields of expertise? Infinity is full of these classmates!" She thinks about it a bit, and her tone sinks slightly, "It gets hard to keep up with them sometimes."
Ariel Theodore 2019-05-15 02:24:20 105070
    "Eheh heh... Everyone is different, some of my classmates are way better in some fields than others." Ariel picks right back up. "Mmm so it's tough to say really." Admitted pretty frankly. "I'm sure you have your own strengths to rely on though!" Added chipperly as she works on her next kanji. "Whether you know them or not."
Sa Siu 2019-05-15 02:33:39 105074
"I certainly would like to think so." Siu checks her progress on the kanji. At this pace she should be done with it in no time? "One of the things I like about here is how many students we have. Seniors, juniors, and people at the same year, I just need to find and I will know who has the same interests as me."
Ariel Theodore 2019-05-15 02:51:19 105076
    The kanji is going smoothly, at this point Ariel has it down pretty well and shouldn't have much more issues going forward. "You know." She muses. "That shouldn't be too hard if you maybe try joining an after school club. They usually have all kinds of activities, so there's probably something interesting to find that has like-minded people. I'm in the swim, gardening, and track and field clubs, myself."
    Active girl, huh.
Sa Siu 2019-05-15 03:07:09 105081
Impressive, that's a lot of clubs. "Yeah, but there I don't remember having philosophy club or a gaming club. At least, unless I go to the university part of the school. I usually ask the teachers or the school intranet if I want to find a schoolmate with what I want to talk about." She thinks some more, "Maybe I can start those clubs myself? Oh, that sounds awesome! But also an immense amount of work."
Ariel Theodore 2019-05-15 03:15:43 105082
    "Maybe you can start them up yourself, if they don't already exist." Ariel agrees, before closing her book. "Fwah... There." Looks like she's finished. "I'm going to go put this back now. Thank you for your help, maybe I'll see you again soon~."