What Curry Through Yonder Kitchen Breaks

Emi and Alexis show up at the Korma Chameleon to discuss past and present happenings and, perhaps more importantly, introducing the android to a whole new subcontinent's worth of cuisine.

Date: 2019-05-07
Pose Count: 36
EMI v248.1 2019-05-07 22:16:07 104836
    One might expect an robotic person with a magical computer for a brain to remember everything, but when EMI is concerned that is far from the case. Her memories from before her arrival on Earth are fuzzy at best, giving her only an impression of what her life had been like before her endless drifting through space.

    That is not, however, the reason she'd failed to follow up with Rashmi. That was a more 'human' type of forgetfulness, with other events happening in her life that eventually led to what had come before fading from consciousness until one day she was watching TV program in her apartment where a large magical tome was prominently featured.

    "Oh, right. That." Red eyes blinked twice followed by an impassive expression that took place of a frown. This was a particularly annoying emotion: feeling foolish.

    Some time later this mistake was to be corrected, an arrangement made between EMI, Alexis and Rashmi to meet up at the Korma Chameleon to discuss what had happened at the warehouse when EMI accessed Nichomachea and learn what, if anything, the Support Device had been able to make of the data collected in the mean time.

    At least Nichomachea had plenty of time to process it all.

    As she enters the Chameleon EMI looks around, thinking it might have been good to discuss seating arrangements beforehand. Her look is impassive, as is usual, but as before this is an intentional choice to cover up feeling foolish yet again, even more foolish than forgetting to inquire about the data for so long.

    "The curry. How could I have forgotten about the curry?" Deadpan displeasure is clear in her quiet voice. That is okay, though. This mistake will finally stand corrected. She has come prepared. Rather than a normal goth-lite affair that she might normally wear she is instead wearing simple jeans and an oversized white T-shirt with a large stylized cartoon of a squat with a fork in each hand, the top of his head unhinged to allow his mouth to open unnaturally wide. In flaming Greek lettering the words 'I'M READY TO EAT' are boldly emblazoned.
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-07 22:29:40 104837
"Emi-chan!" comes a delighted squeal from the kitchen behind the counter, and a moment later Rashmi, bedecked in a green apron with the restaurant's mascot, Korma-kun, emblazoned across the front. "Oh my gosh it's been so long, how've you been? ...Actually hang on." Scooting back to the kitchen, she pushes open the door and leans into the cacophony beyond. "Papi, I'm taking a break, an old friend's showed up! I've got all my orders in~!"

Without waiting for an answer, she undoes the apron and all but tugs Emi toward an empty table in back. Nicely secluded, should shoptalk become necessary. "Sorry about that, hi! Anyway, question remains, how've you been?"
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-07 22:43:08 104838
    It's not really all that difficult for Alexis to agree to come meet up in the curry restaurant. Even if internally, he has some issues of his own that one might consider something to get in the way of things.

    But a Knight doesn't shy away from duty just because of some mental issues.

    It's all the way up to the next block over before Alexis - still in his Knight Armor - drops down onto the street and quickly casts away the Henshin in favor of his civilian clothes. As if he'd never been in the suit of dark armor in the first place, he quickly melds into the city crowds and walks the rest of the way over.

    So it's just after Rashmi comes to greet Emi when the door opesn again to reveal a tall foreigner in a brown leather jacket-- no hoodies to cover up Alexis' identity anymore these days. Hands stuck in the pockets of the jacket, the young man scans his green gaze through the restaurant to quickly take sight of the two girls, and promptly comes stomping over their way.

    "You called," he grunts out as he approaches, nodding to Rashmi first before turning his eyes to Emi. With a hand drawn out of a pocket to reach up and scratch at the side of his neck sheepishly. "... Hey."
EMI v248.1 2019-05-07 22:53:16 104839
    A small smile and something akin to a polite bow is given to Rashmi by Emi as she appears so cheerfully, "I am well. I must apologize for my negligent treatment of personal relationship." Red eyes behind black frames slowly track the redhead as she rushes away and then back. She is easily led, though lets Rashmi make a bit of a show of drawing her into the secluded section of the restaurant.

    "It is good to see you doing well and energetic. The last I saw you were... not." An awkward moment of quiet and passive expression passes before Emi adds, "It pleases me to see that you are resilient."

    The artificial girl takes a seat as they arrive at the table. Her eyes flick to a menu and linger for a moment before returning to Rashmi. "I have been laying low. Not hiding as such but following a simple routine that allows me to remain discreet, as I have been warned and now understand the potential consequences of falling into the wrong hands." She gives a small shake of her head, "I'm afraid I let the routine get the better of me. My attendance record at work has no blemishes, but I allowed more important things to suffer."

    A moment before the door to the restaurant opens Emi's eyes flick in that direction, though as Alexis approaches she keeps her attention focused on Rashmi. It isn't until she's addressed that she turns her head to regard him, tilting it up to face him directly.

    "It isn't as if I wanted to see you again," Emi deadpans in perfectly even tone of voice. One corner of her mouth turns ever so slightly upward into a tiny smirk.
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-07 23:03:07 104840
"Yeah I was in a pretty bad headspace last time," Rashmi admits, her smile faltering a bit. "But... yeah. Things are generally better, now. Still a lot of other shoes waiting to fall, but..." And the redhead lifts a shoulder, briefly. "We need to grow to meet the challenges in front of us, y'know? Anyway... Honestly it's *good* that you spent more of your attention on keeping your head down. Now you've got the routine down, it'll be easier to modify it to pick your friendships back up."

And then there's an Alex! "You'll never believe this Alex-kun but this was 'totally a coincidence. C'mon sit, have some actual food and sunlight for a change!"

...Oh no. Rashmi's wearing That Smile. The one that says 'You want to do everything I say because you know it's in your best interest,
don't you Alex-kun?''
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-07 23:14:09 104841
    Alex blinks slowly at Emi, and finds himself staring at her for a solid five seconds before-- a flush of red briefly colors his cheeks and he snaps his head over to the right to avert his eyes with an overly dramatic pout of his lips. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

    The pout fades away, but only to be replaced by a squint of the eyes sent into Rashmi's direction. "... I get food and sunlight," he mutters. "I couldn't function so well if I didn't eat as much as I did." That look. He recognizes that look, though. THat terrible smile that just leaves him with his brow twitching slightly.


    Broad shoulders slump slightly, and he finds himself relenting, at least, to the point that he comes sliding himself down onto a seat. "... SO what's up."
EMI v248.1 2019-05-07 23:31:25 104845
    "Hm," Emi sounds as Rashmi gives her something interesting to think about. Growing to meet the challenges in front of her. A quick flashback to thousands of hours of watching TV, movies, and youtube videos all while eating snacks. That counts as growth for an emotionally powered android girl, right? Right?

    "The power of a routine is a fearsome thing, but I believe you are correct." She gazes at Rashmi for a few moments, wondering how she'd grown since they'd last met. Did she even have enough information on Rashmi's previous state to make a proper assessment?

    "Food and sunlight are both nice, but in this setting I believe the former is the most fitting. Don't you agree, Alexis?" She looks back to him and is positively amused at his flushing and other reactions. That this is visible on her face might be somewhat new for Rashmi.

    Emi looks between the two as Alexis' question gives her a good opportunity to speak about why she came, "Rashmi, Alexis, do you remember the tests and exercises we conducted last year on the second of June? It has been a long time but I wish to discuss it and see if Rashmi and Nicomachea have learned anything."

    A short pause. "That, and I realized my foolishness in not trying cooking of Rashmi's family sooner." She reaches into the pocket of her jeans and produces a comically oversized roll of 10,000 yen bills and lightly slams it on the table in front of Rashmi while looking directly up to the redhead, "Curry seller, give me your strongest curry."
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-08 00:05:13 104852
Of course Emi would slam down the money just as Rashmi is having a sip of water. Because few things are funnier than someone startled into half-drowning themselves on dry land, right? Hurriedly crumpling a napkin over her mouth, the redhead coughs until her airway is mostly clear, then draws in a shuddery breath. "....Um. Actually no, Emi. Couple reasons. One, our strongest curry requires payment a month in advance, because it's so strong we need to shut the store down for half a day just to keep people who didn't order it from having to smell it. Two, Mami would ground me if I didn't tell you that 'strongest' isn't 'best,' so what I'm going to do..." And Rashmi takes the oversized roll off the table before people can stare hard at it, and thumbs away a decent wodge of bills, before passing Emi the remainder under the table.

"...Is use what I took to build a tasting menu, and you can even take the leftovers home since they'll be full dishes! So first tell me what kind of things that you've had, and you like. That way I know what to order for you."

Sitting back in her chair, Rashmi purses her lips, thinking about the question posed, and glancing aside at Alex. "We-e-ell... We have some ideas. And lots of thoughts. And so many questions. But what it comes down to at the very bottom... We don't know how your creators' magic works. Based on everything we could find... It's just different enough from Midchildan and Belkan formats that it's like... trying to figure out how to power a TV you got in America, by plugging it into an outlet in France. Just doing that directly isn't going to end well, so there needs to be some kind of regulator-transformer thing before we even really think about accessing your magic in any way besides having someone draw off your capacity. And even then, it could be dangerous to the Mage if they don't pay much attention to their physical limits as a matter of habit, don't you think so Alex-kun?"
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-08 00:18:33 104855
    Alexis manages to come down from all the flushing reactions fairly quickly at least, to his credit. Even if he does look vaguely indignant, still, what with his arms crossed and all while he leans into the backrest of his chair.

    "I remember it was an utter mystery," Alexis provides, helpfully-- only to wince right after when Emi orders the STRONGEST CURRY. "... Trust her," he chimes after Rashmi, directing a small smile to the white-haired girl. "It's for the best that way."

    He silences himself while Rashmi talks, though. For his credit, he does look like he is following along pretty well, in spite of all the rumors pointing to him... not exactly being the greatest student at school.

    "I guess," he grunts out with Rashmi's addressing of him, with a slow shrug. "Not sure why you're asking me, though." Sure. No idea at all. "Oh, and I'll take six bowls of Lamb Masala, with rice. Naan bread on the side." A brief pause there, before he adds in, prematurely, "...My body needed a lot of calories evne before the magic. You can guess how much I burn these days."
EMI v248.1 2019-05-08 00:32:18 104860
    Emi blinks as Rashmi almost drowns in her cup of water and for a moment is very still. Don't laugh. Do not laugh at your friend being in pain. That would be Rude. As her request for the strongest curry is tastefully denied her head tilts slightly upon hearing the reasoning. "It would be irritating to be unable to disable unwanted senses upon encountering something bothersome." Very understandable then, to require such caution. She looks between Alexis and Rashmi before nodding, "This is an acceptable solution, but it does not dissuade me from wanting to attempt the challenge." Short pause, "though in my case I suppose completion would be a foregone conclusion."

    She accepts the bills as they're handed back to her and puts them back in her pocket as discreetly as they were handed over to her. She's aware she put down a ludicrous amount of money, but it seemed to fit when making a ludicrous request.

    "Foods that I have tried that I like?" She seems to consider for a moment before answering, "Doughnuts, cookies, potato chips, ice cream, tuna sushi, salmon sushi, eel sushi, yellow tail sushi, omelets, takoyaki, baked sweet potatoes, teriyaki, katsu, ramen, udon, soba, shirataki, pho, steak, beef ribs, pork ribs, Korean barbecue, American barbecue, Nigerian barbecue, fettuccini, linguini, ravioli, spaghetti-- I would be eager to help answer any questions you might have, provided I know the answers or can help procure them."

    She resumes rather blatantly listing off everything she's eaten, in order, until someone stops her.
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-08 00:52:23 104865
"Okay okay okay okay," Rashmi says, raising her hands. "So.... hm. So I think I'm just going to pick things I know are good at more or less random, and if it turns out you don't like one we'll eat the rest for you."

That said, she starts scribbling things down on a pad; half a dozen orders of lamb masala, one order of assorted samosas, shukto, catfish curry, mutton korma, and rosewater chom-chom, plus an entire pitcher of mango lassi for the table. Slipping out of her seat, she smiles at her friends. "Okay, I'll take this back, and it'll be a bit before it all comes out. Alex-kun, I'm going to get four of your orders to go, because I'm pretty sure you can't power through all that much food in less than an hour." And with that, it's off to the kitchen, leaving the two alone to be awkward at each other perhaps!
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-08 00:57:09 104868
    "You'd be surprised," is all Alex tells Rashmi in complete deadpan. Eyes blinking slowly, arms still folded up. He is VERY certian about this, apparently.

    Once Rashmi's off to the back, he sweeps his eyes over to glance at Emi, only to look off... somwehre else again. His foot scuffs along the floor lightly underneath the table, while he tries to come up with... *something* to say. ANything at all.

    He really doesn't usually clamp up this bad when it comes to social occasions.

    "...So," he eventually breathes out, arms unfolding to allow one hand to reach up behind his head and rub along there. "... What food *don't* you like?" SMooth. Real smooth.
EMI v248.1 2019-05-08 01:11:34 104870
    "That will do, I trust your judgment, Rashmi. I would expect you to know what the best dishes are, though I apologize for having unexacting preferences." She looks over to Alexis as much if his order is changed to go, wondering just how fast he could eat if he put his mind to it. "Would you be able to enjoy it if you ate so quickly?" she finally asks, giving him a curious look before returning her gaze to Rashmi to see if she has any insights on speed eating.

    "Thank you," she replies to the redhead as she goes off to put in their orders. Her head slowly, mechanically turns to Alexis as they're left alone. She hears his foot scuff and watches as his eyes seem to try to look anywhere but in her direction. She sits there, utterly impassive, easily capable of coming up with something to say but not doing so in order to let him stew in his discomfort.

    She's enjoying this, yes.

    "I did not enjoy eating trash with you in the warehouse," she replies simply, "though that was not food."
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-08 01:21:06 104871
    THe problem with not looking at Emi means that Alex isn't really able to see how she is taking all this. If she's acting at all similiarly to him, or if she's just taking it all in stride.

    However, he does know her pretty well, so he probably doesn't really need to even look to know the answer to that. And the knowledge of that certainly doesn't help him not stew in his spotlight of akwardness.

    "I didn't tell you to eat it, for the record," he murmurs, as his hand falls down away from his head, both settling on his lap.

    "... It is nice to see you though, for whatever it's worth," he allows after another moment of akward silence, and turns his eyes to peer sidelong to her way, even if his head is still partly turned away. "Figure there's no point bein' all tsundere about it with you, right?"
EMI v248.1 2019-05-08 01:30:39 104874
    If Alex was the sneaky type he could have Kreigsfauste monitor her while he looked away, completely bypassing the need for normal human interactions such as eye contact. He does, however, probably know her better than anyone else so it isn't much of a stretch to figure out she's merely teasing him.

    And Emi knows Alexis well enough to know he can take that kind of teasing, at least as long as it's well natured.

    "No, I did that of my own volition so you wouldn't have to feel lonely eating garbage." She smiles a little at the amusing memory. "It is good to see you as well, Alexis. And now, there isn't. We already know where that road leads. Besides, people might think we were on a date if they recognized your behavior." She looks towards the kitchen and then looks to Alexis out of the corner of her glasses, "I am not convinced Rashmi isn't trying to make that a reality."
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-08 01:37:55 104875
    There's just the faintest wince along Alexis' body, over Emi's words. "Yeah, well... It is what it is, right?" Playing it off-- or at least trying to. But there is a rather pointed look sent down at his right wrist. The one that bears the Standby Form of Kriegsfauste, hidden underneath the leather ssleeve.

    And with Emi's latter words, he casts a look over towards the way Rashmi went off to, to gather up food. "She never really struck me as the matchmaking type," he notes, with a hint of amusement in his voice. "Though I can't really remember if I told her what happened back when."
EMI v248.1 2019-05-08 01:54:39 104880
    "It is regrettable, but given that the situation is as it is I can not see another possible outcome unless Kreigsfauste decided upon a rematch. Even so, I would never want to damage the partnership the two of you share. So you are correct; it is what it is." Straightforward, direct, honest. Sometimes teasing would be the gentler option, but clarity is even more important.

    "She appeared invested in our mutual acquaintance, and seemed to imply so much to you while attempting to keep it from being clear to me." She is still for a moment as she thinks, only to add, "I believe the term is 'wingman', is it not?" Emi makes small dismissive gesture with her hand, "You know her better than I do, though, and I have no direct experience against which to weigh my observations."
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-08 01:59:49 104883
And now Rashmi bops out of the kitchen, hanging her apron on a peg and rubbing at arms reddened up to the elbows. "Papi said that if I was going to be having dinner with friends," she says apologetically as she slides back into her seat, "I may as well to the latest round of dishes so he can say I've helped out enough for the day."

Not long after, a waitress lugs a sizable pitcher of pastel-orange liquid to their table, along with three glasses, then leaves as Rashmi begins to pour for the table. "....So I guess I have to ask, given the list you made; do you have a sense of taste, or is food just food?"
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-08 02:12:42 104887
    "I guess..." Alexis' lips purse for a few seconds, while he considers Emi first, then his wrist once more, and Emi again. "But I mean..."

    There's some measure of conflicted thoughts in Alexis, clearly. But what's there, he probably isn't even entirely certain himself he should be lingering on. Internally or outwardly. And the conclusion he inevitably comes to is a quietly murmured "...Nevermind."

    Even if he did try to go down that particular lane of thought, Rashmi's coming back just in time to have interrupted it anyhow. So a low cough is let out, rumbling along the german's throat, with his focus turning to watch the pouring of drinks. In the instant the glass in front of him has been filled up, his hands take hold of it immediately to bring it up for sipping. Oh thank god, something physical to focus on in the middle of all this.

    "So anyhow," he comes out with eventually, with a more stoic presence presumed once more over. "What you were saying is, that as we are right now, it's almost impossible to get a proper read on Emi, then?" Yes, maybe focus on the more professional matters will help distract him from literally everything else.
EMI v248.1 2019-05-08 02:22:46 104889
    Emi studies Alexis as he thinks to himself, and this in a thoughtful rather than teasing 'I can tell you're uncomfortable' way. When he begs out of explaining further as Rashmi appears she gives him a 'we'll discuss this later' look. Or at least she attempts to.
    "I see, you worked harder to complete your daily objectives so you would have more time for yourself," Emi comments to Rashmi as she returns and explains, nodding a little in approval. As the glasses are poured she reaches for the nearest one and lifts it, gazing into it to examine the consistency before holding it closer and smelling it.

    Then comes the taste test, Emi taking a small drink. The slight widening of her eyes and the way she sits up a little more straight in her chair probably answers Rashmi's question before the girl can herself. "This is delightfully sweet and fruity, but also has a very creamy texture." She looks over to Rashmi, "You were right to bring so much."

    Emi closes her eyes and slowly drinks half her glass before setting it down before finally answering the question, "I enjoy a full range of scent and flavor senses. I enjoy sweet things, salty things, spicy things, bitter things. Even fermented things. It isn't that food is all the same to me, it's that I haven't eaten any food I didn't like."

    Looking back over to Alexis she gives a small shrug, "It would be unexpected to find more answers than questions from the limited testing and scanning. I am sure there are some blanks I can fill in, but my knowledge is unfortunately limited enough that I can't say how many of my systems work, only that they do."
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-08 02:45:02 104894
"Oh well that makes sense!" Rashmi chirps, beaming at Emi's appreciation of the drink. "It's called 'lassi,' and it's basically yogurt thinned with milk, then sweetened and flavored. It's really super hard not to like, I think."

But Alexis hauls her mind back to business, and if she was at all aware of the uncomfortableness she enabled, she doesn't show it. "Well yeah... I mean, Nico'd kind of need to have a lot more than just the one test to analyze before he could be at all confident in his findings. But we do have a way forward, at least... And honestly? I'm starting to think I need to find someone willing to teach me how to be a Meister, because if I wanted to do anything about anything we find... I'd need to know how to be a Device mechanic."
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-08 02:58:23 104898
    If Alex notices the look that Emi gives him, he doesn't let himself show it, while he quietly sips at the lassi-- and listens to both her and Rashmi. Processing the information provided. Or rather... the information on the lack of information.

    "...Such a pain in the ass."

    The glass, mostly emptied by then, is lowered down onto the table, as Alexis lets out a quiet sigh of a breath. "Not being able to make any sense of any of that. And I'm sure it is just as much so, not being able to read your own body. Isn't it? Well, either way..." A single finger brought up, scratching along his left temple. "We're dealing from the empty here. No reference documents or anythin'. So that means we gotta treat it like the first scientists of the field too, eh? Keep tryin', keep studyin', and make our own conclusions. Though if all else fails..."

    A nose wrinkles, brows knit together. "...There is someone I know, who must have records on handling Devices."
EMI v248.1 2019-05-08 03:05:05 104900
    "This lassi is delicious," Emi agrees, thinking someone might have to dislike milk to think it wasn't very good. Since there's a whole pitcher of it there she drinks the rest of her glass, slowly enough that she can savor it, only to look to Rashmi and offer something of a smile, "I can teach you that, or something similar. I am well versed in diagnosing and repairing myself so long as I have the proper materials available. The technology is different, but I believe I am advanced enough that the skills required would quickly translate."

    Once more she is quiet and thoughtful, only to speak up after only a moment or two. "It is likely that my ability to self-diagnose is much faster than it would normally be to diagnose a malfunctioning or damaged Device, but it is also likely that Nichomachea's superior scanning techniques would expedite that for you, Rashmi."

    To Alexis she nods, "It is, but it is also something I believe can be unraveled with time. I am curious to learn more about myself, but what I do not know isn't impeding me from functioning or acting as I choose, at least not right now." Now a shake of her head, "It is far from starting from nothing, however. I am here, after all, and figuring out how something existing works should be easier than attempting to create it in the first place. To do that would take a real genius."

    Yes, that's a total humblebrag about whoever her original creators actually were.
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-09 20:35:27 104906
"Well it's not like she can't read her own body, like she said," Rashmi points out with a smile. "Just... well I know when something's wrong with me, usually, but I'm not a doctor or even Mizuno-senpai; there's only so much I can diagnose with what I know. Nicomachea's a whole lot better than me... but that's because he has a toolkit that I don't have and need to learn, and even then there's only so much he can do with that knowledge without having access to a Meister's shop. And, y'know, hands. Hands are good too. If there's anyone you know of that can help me get a little further on the learning and parts end, I'd be super grateful."

She seems about to say more, but now begins the veritable train of waitstaff with their banquet; two bowls and a pair of takeout bags and a plate of grilled flatbreads for Alexis, and a stupendous array and variety of dishes for Emi. Whole fish filets, mutton swimming in broth, brightly-colored triangular pockets of something breadlike stuffed near to bursting with fillings, balls of something golden soaked in sweet syrup... and of course, rice and rice and rice. In front of Rashmi, a simple bowl of lamb tikka.

Once the staff leaves, Rashmi clears her throat. "So anyway, any help teaching me would be super appreciated, Emi-chan. Though I have to warn you, math isn't exactly my best subject."
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-09 20:48:36 104907
    "I get that much," Alexis mutters, to both Emi and Rashmi, when it comes to the matter of Emi being more or less able to read her own body, and a hand instinctively goes to scraping along the back of his head all over again. "But there's still all the mysteries you'd like to know behind it all, yeah?"

    As the food starts being brought along, he brings himself to silence--- if only because even if metaphysical forces prevent the waitstaff from taking anything they say seriously, he still prefers to keep the subject of their discussion away from prying ears. It's much easier than having these people think they're really deep into some LARP, anyhow.

    But the food is not ignored. No, no. The instant the bowls are set down in front of him, he pulls one over and-- well. He DEVOURS the contents, is the simplest way to describe it. Fork moves at the speed of sound, and the lamb and rice alike get effectively shoveled into his mouth. By the time the waitstaff leaves, there's only a small bit left in the bowl!

    "Either way--" He pauses from the filling of his maw - with a bit of masala sauce left staining the corner of his mouth - to speak up with a fork pointed at the girls. "If there's even a slight chance of it being a help, I *can* see if I can't... acquire some data or records or whatever else from 'that woman'." A pause in the verbality there to pick up one piece of flatbread and shove THAT into his mouth. No, not take a bite out of it. Just instantly consume the whole thing. "Mmmfh. Probably do it while I'm trying to grab some other crap with Fate."

    The mostly-finished bowl is brought up, tipped over by his mouth to bring gravity to assist the fork bring what remains within towards his hungry maw. Fully emptied and practically cleaned, the bowl is slammed down just in time for the german to give Rashmi a look. "... You've calculated the trajectory for launching me at an enemy how many times and you're trying to tell me you're not good at math?" A low, incredulous grunt in the back of his throat and then... he brings over the second bowl. Oh dear.
EMI v248.1 2019-05-09 21:08:39 104908
    "I am afraid I cannot help with having all the proper tools and diagnostic software required for alternate tech bases, but the practical knowledge for most repairs is within my memory banks." As Rashmi mentions hands the robotic girl looks down at her own hand for a moment, opening and closing before replying to Alexis' musing question, "Yes. I can repair myself, but aside from the obvious things, like hands, I do not entirely understand how they work together to function. I am unsure if my creators ever intended me to. I do not believe I was ever planned for independent operation."

    Her attention is quickly taken by the vast array of food that starts being brought to their table, scooting her chair in a little closer to the table in anticipation. She eats more slowly than Alexis, momentarily at a loss when deciding what to try first when everything looks and smells so good. But then she's eating from multiple plates at once, taking small bites of one thing after another with little regard for what would normally be considered to go well together, including a bite of something rich and spicy followed by a taste of more delicate fish.

    It might seem like she's completely forgotten the other two are there, so focused is she on trying one thing after another but after Alexis is finished speaking she lifts a napkin to delicately dab at her mouth before replying. "A human mind is very good at calculating trajectories and recognizing patterns but that is a different task from calculating complex mathematical formulas and algorithms." She turns her head to look at Rashmi, meeting brown eyes with red, "I do not mean this to be offensive, but I would suggest forgetting the math and leaving that to Nichomachea. It is unlikely you could ever compete with him in that regard, and your effort would be better spent focusing on other challenges. An understanding of fundamental principles and how they interact would suffice and you have a partner more than capable of explaining the details in a way you can understand, if each of you focuses on your strengths I believe you will find success much more quickly."

    After a brief pause she adds in the same tone, "My compliments to the chef. Everything is delicious."
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-09 21:23:37 104909
And at Alexis' incredulous voice, Rashmi waves toward Emi's explanation. "Basically that, Alex-kun. Nico knows what I want, and does the math to get there. But Mizuno-senpai's tried to tutor me in the backwards-pig-Martian of Device science, and I'm just not math student enough to really grasp it beyond the Device equivalent of changing the oil and changing tires."

And she watches with quiet pride as Emi tastes from the bounty on the table with greater and greater gusto. And unlike her friends, she eats here and there, circling around the inevitability of a clean plate rather than actively sprinting toward the goal.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-09 21:32:40 104910
    "I might be able to find some tools too, considering," Alex suggests from the middle of his devouring of food. It doesn't take very long until the second bowl has been emptied, too, and more of the flatbread is getting savaged. Only evidence of the fact that there was, at some point, lamb masala in the bowl is the bit of brown sauce stained at the left corner of his mouth and at his right cheek. "No promises, though. None besides 'I will try', anyhow. For all I know the bitch might have nothing, afterall, even if I kind of doubt that."

    It might also come as a surprise to absolutely no one, when Alexis drags over one of the takeaway bags and starts opening it up, despite Rashmi's warnings about eating too much.
EMI v248.1 2019-05-09 21:48:32 104911
    Emi inclines her head in a small nod, "I believe Nichomachea can assist you in much the same way in device repairs. You do not need to know and understand the full equation describing electron field probability to know electrons prefer the lowest possible energy state, and why that matters for the emission of light. In precisely the same way you do not need to understand how polydimentional field mechanics function to allow a device to take multiple forms and that vary in mass, density and volume."

    She sets down her fork for the moment, since this exact moment is for talking, "I am not saying it would not help. In the long term it certainly would, but it isn't required to begin gaining a better understanding of how the technology you are using functions. I believe you should focus on that first, and leave the complexities until after you have mastered it."

    Emi makes something of a small frown, not looking unhappy so much as concerned. "Were this purely an academic pursuit my opinion would change, but you have warned me how careful I must be and shown me the potential downsides for failing to do so. If you are to protect each other you will need to ensure proper Device maintenance and as such a pragmatic approach is appropriate."

    She inclines her head again in dual purpose, politely stating, "I would be happy to assist in any way that I can," before turning her attention back to the feast laid out in front of her.
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-09 22:09:45 104912
Rashmi's nose wrinkles at 'the bitch,' but mostly at the word itself rather than Alex's use of it; she has, after all, met the bitch in question. "You're probably right, Emi-chan. It makes sense, but I can't help feeling like I need to cram harder than just studying maintenance. With the Wolkenritter still running around, and all the other stuff... I think it's time I did more than just combat and moral support for my friends, y'know? Even if it means eventually learning how to Voodoo Math."

And here she turns to Alex, giving the black hole of lamb a bright, beaming smile. "I know you'll try your best, so that's more than enough for me, whatever you and Fate-chan can find." 'Find.' Because openly talking about theft is a bad idea, even if it doesn't give one the reflexive good-citizen wibblies.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-09 22:19:15 104913
    While Rashmi and Emi converse, the third bowl has been consumed already. And the fourth one has been drawn out from the takeaway bag and halfway worked through, too.

    Over the bowl, he peeks to Emi, first. "...I'm glad," he murmurs, in a voice much more sincere and soft than what most might be used from him, in contrast to the thuggish behaviour and speech patterns. "That you've grown this way from since I found you in the park."

    And then, a faint, brief frown at Rashmi-- though the frown itself might not be strictly meant for Rashmi herself. "You're good for much more than that already, you know," he insists. "But be good to be able to do more than that. And not be like me-- only good for fightin'." The bowl's tipped up again, and the final ounces of the food thus disappear into the black hole that is Alexis' stomach. "...Now and 'till the end of time."

    With the bowl set down, he finally takes a napkin to dab at the bit of sauce left at his lips and skin, and digs out several bills to set down on the table. "Thank you for the food." With that, he scoots back with his chair to let him stand up. "You two probably have a lot to talk about still. I'll let either one of you know if I come across something in my... work."

    While he starts to turn, the thumb of his right hand wiggles ever-so-subtly. As if though tapping at some phantom object. And possibly (probably not) coincidentally, Rashmi's phone chimes to notify a received text message.
EMI v248.1 2019-05-09 22:34:28 104914
    Soon the bread-like triangular pockets, mutton, and syrup soaked golden balls are mostly gone. Mostly, but not completely. Because what's better than a huge feast of new foods than being able to have another, smaller feast again later? She seems to relax back into her chair a little, content with the amount of food she's eaten already. "I trust you to know your circumstances better than I do. Whatever you decide I would like to support you, as you have helped support me."

    When Alex tells Rashmi she's good for more than she thinks Emi nods to show her agreement with his assessment, though when he chooses the same moment to self deprecate she shakes her head. "That is not true. You are also good for moral support, Alexis." As he stands up to go she affixes him with her gaze, "I would appreciate that, thank you. But please, be cautious. Parts are useful but are not as important as you."

    When Alexis is out of earshot Emi leans a little closer to her remaining friend and speaks in a hushed tone, "Rashmi, I am confused. In many stories there is a trope about eating vast quantities of food very quickly being an attractive quality in men. I do not understand it. Can you explain?"
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-09 22:43:51 104915
At the reassurances, Rashmi shakes her head. "No no no, I'm not devaluing myself. Just... I want to do more, y'know? Especially with all the Device User friends I have, it'd be... kind of... fulfilling? If I knew I could help you all fight better without having to be there, y'know? I like the idea, anyway."

"Thanks for stopping by, Alex-kun," she says quite sincerely. "It's good to see you again!" And as Alexis turns to leave, and the phone pings a message, Rashmi gets a look for a moment like a dog that has heard a new and mystifying sound. Her eyes unfocus for a moment, but then she shakes her head, leaning in to catch Emi's whisper. "I... I don't... actually know," she says after a beat to process. "I've only ever seen it played for comedy, or with like... sports and fighting characters. Like, they're so physical they burn lots of calories? Frankly that's just a wild guess though."
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-09 22:49:50 104916
    Alexis does linger long enough to afford a look back to Emi, with a slow blink made at her statement. The blank look is replaced quickly enough with a wide, confident grin, thoguh. "It'll be fine," he declares. "Besides. When ever have I not been careful?"

    Cue flashbacks to dozens upon dozens of times Alexis pulled off an injury- or death-defying stunt.

    Apparently completely obvliious to the irony of his own words, he continues on his way to the door, with an idle flick of a wave made over his shoulder. "See ya' later."

    Once outside, he dips almost immediately into an alleyway. And moments later, an armored figure swings across the district in the air above along mana-formed chains. Because of course that's how Alexis goes around.
EMI v248.1 2019-05-09 22:58:22 104917
    Doing more to help device user friends would be fulfilling?

    "You are a good person, Rashmi Terios," Emi simply states.

    After a moment she comments, "I would like to help you help your friends," and then in a quieter tone thinks aloud, "I wonder if that would be 'fulfilling' for me, as well."

    As Alexis leaves on the note of asking when he's not been careful she watches him with hooded eyes, lifting a hand and saying a drawn out, "Byyyyye," giving the barest approximation of a wave. Then to Rashmi, "I hope he comes back."

    "Is it funny?" She then considers aloud, "being funny can be considered an attractive quality, but usually when the comedic action or statement is made for the sake of evoking laughter and not coincidental." She sits up straight in her chair again. "Human society is confusing."
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-09 23:16:43 104918
"Honestly I have no idea," Rashmi whispers back. "And I think that was his human contact for the day." Sitting back in her chair, she mops up the last of her sauce with a chunk of naan. "It really is, and it changes a lot from region to region. Try comparing American comedy to Japanese some time, you could get a whole day out of the differences."