Kyouko's 18th birthday party. Karaoke.

Date: 2019-05-07
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Kyouko Sakura 2019-05-07 23:22:10 104844
Karaoke is not usually a 'Kyouko Thing'. This is, as Naru can attest to anyone who asks (though it's not a topic that comes up often) because Kyouko cannot sing. Not even a little bit. That doesn't stop her from doing it, but she is, by and large, content to keep it confined to her apartment, generally when nobody is around. But you know what?

Fuck it. It's not every day a girl turns 18.

So, with a wad of Shitennou cash and a good word from Motoki, the entire Karaoke Crown has been rented out for the evening. The place is small anyway, so it's not like we're shutting down a huge venue or anything, renting the place out is probably a Thing People Do. And now it's a thing these people in particular are doing.

The small bar still has a tender, a young man who is on hand to make food and drinks and will probably need to be heftily tipped at the end of the night in order to keep silent about what he may witness, but otherwise the only people allowed in the basement parlor are the invitees. Kyouko herself is already there, puttering about. She's even mildly dressed up for the occasion, which means black jeans, new sneakers, a black top with narrow shoulder straps and a bit of ruffle around the neckline, and (gasp) a small amount of makeup. Just enough for her to claim 'special occasion.'
Naru Osaka 2019-05-07 23:36:27 104846
Naru loves to sing. She sings all the time, usually with headphones in while in the studio, and it sounds a bit like a half strangled cat, as one does when singing bubblegum pop with headphones on. Still, she has emerged from school and studio. She has collected herself a drink that looks suitably fruity and is leaned against a table watching Kyouko putter about. She's gone with a slender, fitted dress that would be a little black dress if it was black. Instead it's a great turquoise print that manages to lean just this side of gaudy to be spring-like and festive.

"The chairs are fine where they are." Naru points out as she watches Kyouko before taking a sip of her drink.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-05-07 23:43:39 104847
Kazuo does not sing. At least, not that anyone's been able to catch him at it.

Unsurprisingly, Kazuo is wearing a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up; he is at least wearing black trousers, rather than jeans. Also unsurprisingly, he has coffee.

"I wasn't aware the chairs were paying customers," he comments to Naru. "Will we need to buy them drinks, too?"
Kyouko Sakura 2019-05-07 23:51:35 104848
"Naru," Kyouko says, with an Unreasonable Amount of Good Cheer, "When it's your birthday, you can tell me when the chairs are fine. On my birthday, I can mess with the chairs as much as I want. Yeah?" She flashes a brilliant smile to the love of her life which might have just a little too much fang in it. She gives the chair she had been fiddling with one final shove, as if to prove her point, then leaves off and walks over to where Naru and Kazuo are standing.

She picks up her own drink, left on the table, some kind of beer. (Fake IDs having been provided, regardless of anyone throwing the number '18' (two years shy of the legal drinking age) around.) Taking a sip, she uses her free hand to punch Kazuo lightly, affectionately, in the side. "Nobody's buying anybody drinks. Open bar, dude, just tell the man what you want and it's on the house." Our house, really, since all our money comes from the same source but hey no need to think too hard about it.

A pause, and then, "Thanks for coming guys. It's not that often we get to like.. go out and have some fun, y'know?"
Naru Osaka 2019-05-07 23:55:12 104849
"Depending on the usual clientele, I fear the chairs have had more than enough to drink already, over the months." Naru points out to Kazuo as he brings coffee with him, and comes to stand with her.

There's a bright smile for that fangy grin from Kyouko. "On my birthday, most of the country is hungover and I don't tell anyone much of anything." Naru quips and then blows Kyouko a kiss. "Social has not been our strong suit of late. Too much doing everything else. Good inspiration, and thanks for turning eighteen to give the exucse."
Makoto Kino 2019-05-08 00:03:12 104850
As Motoki could probably attest, Mako's personal favorite is the DDR machine in the game center - but she likes karaoke too! And really even if she didn't, it's not like she'd have missed this. It's not every day a friend turns eighteen, and all.

Dressed to land right in the midpoint between casual and fancy in a white-and-black button-up vest over a spring green mock turtleneck, she breezes on in with long strides to plunk her trusty cake caddy down on the bar. "The big cake is at the frat house and it's not moving, but this should be fine for just us, I think."

Never mind that the place serves its own food. It's a birthday. There must be cake.

"And yeah," she adds, turning toward Kyouko with a cheery smile, "we should definitely be thanking you for getting us all out of the house, birthday girl."
Kazuo Takeba 2019-05-08 00:04:30 104851
"I did," Kazuo assures Kyouko, and lifts the cup of coffee to demonstrate. Either Kyouko is allowed to get away with these things (yes), or Kazuo's used up his urge toward vengeance on Jadeite for the moment (possibly also yes). To Naru, he says, "The usual clientele isn't much different from the current clientele. So you're probably right. I wonder if they warn people with dairy allergies not to sit down."

And then there is Makoto, and he makes certain not to add coffee to the place's spill list as he turns and bows solemnly to her arrival. Not to the cake's arrival. That may possibly take center stage for Kyouko, even if it's not the Real One.
Mamoru Chiba 2019-05-08 00:11:07 104853
As if summoned by chocolate, a wild Nerd Prince appears! He's carrying an envelope, which is usually not as exciting as a box, but they have been known to carry surprises on occasion. He's also wearing a white tie and tails and gloves and a top hat and a god damned monocle. "I heard there was gonna be cake and alcohol and singing, so I brought my stomach and my ear plugs!" he calls out cheerfully, spinning the top hat off his head and vanishing it like it's honest sleight-of-hand.
Kyouko Sakura 2019-05-08 00:19:47 104856
"For most people, turning 18 is just a thing that happens. For me, I actually do feel like it's an accomplishment, so you're welcome." Kyouko says to Naru with a wry grin, sipping her drink again before casting that same wry glance upon Kazuo. "You are No Fun, but since you wouldn't be you if that weren't true, I wholeheartedly accept your insistence on being so." She says, with a grin.

Then there's Mako-chan! And cake! It might be a toss-up as to which Kyouko is more excited to see, though of course she knows she wouldn't get one without the other. "Y'know, we could have just had a house party," She says, with a shrug and a smirk, "But then I was like, how'd that be different than any random saturday night, y'know?" Then she walks over (after putting her drink down), and gives Makoto a hug. Also a not-very-Kyouko thing to do, but see above re: birthday. "Thanks for coming. Cake or not, I'm glad you're here." She says to the girl, before backing off and turning to see Mamoru entering as well.

She eyes him for a moment. "You just.. can't not, can you?" She asks, upon sight of his outfit, with mild exasperation.. then grins, and walks over to punch him lightly right in the gut, and then transition it into another hug, because see above re: fuck it. "Stomach and earplugs, both probably a good idea."
Naru Osaka 2019-05-08 00:23:36 104857
Naru's smile is warm at Kyouko's declaration of her accomplishment of turning 18. She's not wrong. She lifts her hand to wave as Makoto arrives with cake and then pushes herself up from leaning to come and get out plates and forks that were brought along as not to require the shop to wash up from cake they didn't sell. Besides, there's something right about birthday cake on paper plates.

The white catches her eye and Naru turns and then bursts out laughing. "Don't you look dapper, Endy. Some of us are planning on doing this sober, I'll have you know."
Makoto Kino 2019-05-08 00:32:16 104859
The hug is a surprise, but a pleasant one that's warmly returned. Makoto even refrains from ruffling Kyouko's hair, out of some respect for her dignity on her birthday.

Then Mamoru's making his entrance and Mako has to try to smother a laugh at his antics. "He really can't," she agrees with Kyouko, before turning bright eyes toward Mamo. "I'd be a little worried if anyone showed up without a stomach," she quips, "but I guess you never know."

As she's talking she's pulling out her phone, which she brings up to photo-snapping level. "Hold still a second, Astaire-san."
Mamoru Chiba 2019-05-08 00:36:07 104861
Mamoru oofs obligingly at the light gutpunch, then hugs back and hands over the envelope, agreeing with both Kyouko and Makoto. "I can never not," he says firmly, and then the monocle falls.

He ignores it. It's on a string anyway. He goes to pop his collar at Naru, chest puffing up, and then remembers he's not really wearing an outfit that lends itself to collar popping, and his white-gloved hands falter, and he clears his throat and looks supercilious to cover for the miniature cascade of fail.

"Well I figure Kyouko has extras in case anyone forgot theirs," he says about stomachs and bringing them, and then he blinks and scrambles for the monocle to put it back on. "Wait, wait!" he says hurriedly, then re-apparates his top hat and sets it jauntily on his head. "There!" Beat. "Wait! Is Kazuo looking unimpressed in the background? It's an aesthetic."
Kazuo Takeba 2019-05-08 00:37:12 104862
Kazuo inclines his head toward Kyouko solemnly, in the best No Fun tradition. And steps back a little from the cake-and-Astaire-centered assemblage, the better not to drain Fun from it by his mere presence. That, or possibly he's hoping that if he stays quiet and does the architecture act, nobody will try to get him to sing.

(This means that yes, Kazuo is looking unimpressed in the background.)
Kyouko Sakura 2019-05-08 00:45:37 104864
Kyouko appreciates Makoto's restraint in not ruffling her hair. Do you know how long it takes to get her hair to look artfully ruffled the way it does? Like, a long time. Ruining that with actual ruffling might be cause for a scuffle, but thankfully that can be saved for next workout day. She smirks again, backing off as the photo is being taken- not that she objects to being in photos, but this one is all for Mamoru.

In the meantime, her attention shifts back to Naru. "Oh, are you joining nii-chan in the 'No Fun' corner?" She asks, playfully, then leans over to apply a kiss on the cheek to her girlfriend to take any sting out of the words. "I have to commend you for your bravery. I wouldn't want to listen to me sing sober." As if to demonstrate, she picks her beer back up and takes a long drink from it.

She has also taken the envelope from Mamoru. "Dude, you didn't have to actually bring me a present." She scolds him, lightly, "You literally saved my entire life, that's kinda a lifetime present coupon, I think." But she seems happy anyway, as she retreats with it to place it on a table where it will be safe for now.
Makoto Kino 2019-05-08 00:52:39 104866
Mako's in the process of lining up the shot on her phone's screen when Mamoru asks about Kazuo - she has to pause to check, but then she looks up from the phone long enough to flash him a thumbs up. "Perfect!"

The picture is snapped, and Makoto immediately taps out a quick text to Nephrite before, looking satisfied and no little amused, she pockets her phone again.

Giving him advance warning to decide just how extra he wants to be is somewhere in the girlfriend rules, surely. "Thank you~!"
Naru Osaka 2019-05-08 00:52:52 104867
"I am utterly no fun, whatsoever." Naru confirms with a touch of a smirk, leaning into that kiss AND managing to stay out of the photo. Even if her fellow 'No Fun' corner inhabitant has been captured in the celebration. "Someone will need to pour you home later." She points out with a chuckle. "Besides, someone needs to be capable of operating a cell phone later."

Naru looks around at everyone gathered. "Anyone have anything they really want to sing first?"
Nephrite 2019-05-08 01:04:56 104869
"Foul ball! Utterly uncalled-for, Chiba!" Nephrite's voice comes booming down the stairs before a Neil himself appears. Evidently, he received Makoto's photo en route to the karaoke bar, jaunty hat and unimpressed Kazuo and all. The suit he wears may be of Italian design, but it decidedly does not have tails. It is, however, a nice shade of burnished red in honor of the birthday girl. He's carrying a bag that is unmistakably bottle-shaped, which he passes to Kyouko. "Here, little sis. That one's not your real present, because your real present isn't meant to be drunk in one night. I just figured the birthday girl deserved some decent champagne. Not every day you get to celebrate being 18."

Most important priority addressed, he turns to Dapper Mamo with loathing admiration. "Bring a nuclear bomb to a knife fight, why don't you?"

He then crosses to Makoto, gives her a kiss, and proceeds to Sulk.
Kyouko Sakura 2019-05-08 01:24:25 104872
Nephrite's arrival is greeted by a renewed grin from Kyouko, crossing to accept the wrapped bottle from him and give him a hug too, albeit one-armed and jovial. "You guys really didn't have to, I'm just glad people came." She says for like the third time, as if she really thought people might not. She takes the bottle over and puts it on the bar next to Mako's cake, to be popped at the appropriate time.

Then she turns, as Naru asks about singing, and holds up a finger. "First.. I just wanted to say thanks." She says, loud enough to draw attention to herself, for a moment. "I know I already said it individually but like.. to the group. You guys, and the guys who couldn't make it, too." A pause, teeth worrying at her lower lip for a moment, before she goes on- words ever being something of a struggle for Kyouko, but she's practiced this. "Like I said before, for most people turning 18 is just a thing that happens. But for me, it's never somethin' I expected to see. Four years ago, I could never have imagined being here, in this situation. So like.." She glances around again, taking in everyone in the room, and beams a bright, fangless smile. "Thanks. For real." She raises her glass of beer in a toast.

"Now let's have some fuckin' fun, yeah?" She runs up to the stage and grabs the microphone in her free hand. "Anybody want to pay me to not sing PONPONPON?!"
Mamoru Chiba 2019-05-08 01:39:01 104876
Mamoru blinks at Neil. "What, this old thing?" he gestures down at himself innocently, then gives a shit-eating grin to fuel the sulking. He opens his mouth to say something to Naru, then Kyouko's making a speech, and he gets that Look on his face, that's that complicated mess of affection, pride, exasperation, and -- no, yeah, affection in spades. And then she follows up with HORROR and Mamoru literally books it after her, running up behind and grabbing her arm. "I WILL. I WILL PAY YOU TO NOT SING IT. Price negotiable. Come on let's do a thing. Not THE thing, but a thing whisperwhisperwhispermumble--"

White tie, top hat, tails, neck badge, and all-- impossible to say whether or not he henshined into it, isn't it. The boy never has to be underdressed ever, and there's no such thing as overdressed.

At the SLIGHTEST sign of assent from Kyouko, Mamoru hurriedly types something up into the machine and a Really Familiar Song starts up on the PA.

And Mamoru de-henshins.

And he is wearing his glasses.

And he is cosplaying.

And he literally misses the cue because he's so impressed with himself. Hopefully Kyouko is singing 'Can you feel-- my heart beat?'
Kyouko Sakura 2019-05-08 01:47:13 104877
Kyouko makes a myriad of faces in the few moments that Mamoru is whispering to her, ending on a grin and a nod, taking another swig from her beer afterwards- which she almost spits out all over the stage as he de-henshins into that. She was definitely not in on this beforehand. But she seems to be on board now, even if she's almost laughing too hard to sing when the cue hits. But she does sing. She knows this song, secret fan of sappy shoujo that she is.

"Can you hear- my heartbeat! Tired of feeling, never enough! I close my eyes and tell myself- that my dreams will come true!~"

I want to make something clear- Kyouko. Can. Not. Sing. She is awful. She cannot carry a tune in a bucket. She also would never, ever do this in a room with any other people in it but those who are here now. But boy, now, with these people, with a beer in her and it being her birthday and just generally feeling good, boy is she being enthusiastic.

Which nearly makes it worse, coupled with the fact that she is having trouble keeping it together while watching Mamoru, and stopping after every other line to take drinks from her beer.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-05-08 01:50:21 104879
Ponponwhat? Kazuo gives Kyouko a somewhat perplexed glance over his coffee. Somehow, he has escaped the horror. (It is almost one hundred percent certain that Neil will take advantage of this information at some future time.)

... and then there is a familiar opening, and Kazuo glances sideways toward the machine, dubious...

... and almost drops his coffee. Not because of Kyouko's singing.

The narrow-eyed look he is directing at Mamoru almost certainly means 'I am not spontaneously cutting my hair for this plan.'
Makoto Kino 2019-05-08 01:57:38 104881
As Neil makes his entrance, Makoto ends up trying - not very successfully - to look innocent, and then to suppress giggles. On the bright side, delivering respects and champagne to the birthday girl means she's got a minute to get a hold of herself, so by the time she's looping her arms around Nephrite's shoulders and leaning in to return his kiss, the smile she meets him with is one of sympathy instead of on the brink of cracking up. "You could've out-extra'd him with more warning," she assures in a confidential tone.

This is approximately when the song starts up and Makoto is IMMEDIATELY PROVEN A LIAR.

For a few seconds she just kind of stares, and it's a good thing she didn't have a drink yet or she might have choked on it. By the time Mamoru joins in on Kyouko's mangling of the song, Makoto is curling an arm around one of Neil's so that she can hide her face against the sleeve of his fancy Italian tailoring. "...oh my God," she gasps, muffled. "I think I need a drink."
Mamoru Chiba 2019-05-08 02:01:06 104884
At least once Kyouko starts, Mamoru can catch up really quick. He knows the words, too, and isn't quite as *bad* as Kyouko, but he's a lot less certain about it, *and* actively trying to do the opening theme dance without even rollerblades, just sock feet. Sock feet and moonwalking. While trying to sing. The singing and dancing both suffer for it greatly, and he ends up missing the syncopation frequently and rushing to catch up with Kyouko or lingering on the wrong beat because he sang ahead.

He should have had something to drink. Maybe then he'd be belting it out with confidence too, and also tripping. Or sliding off the stage onto the carpet and stopping short.

He also does, in fact, make dramatically emotive gestures; he's at least at home doing *that*. "There'll be no more darkness when you believe in yourself-- uh-- you are unstoppable! Where your destiny lies dancing on the blades, you-- set my heart on FIRE!" Cue exuberantly flung hand and a confident word! One. One confident word.

He's also flung that hand out exuberantly at Kazuo, and the look on *his* face says 'I have until Halloween to convince you'.
Naru Osaka 2019-05-08 02:02:58 104885
Kyouko's singing is a familiar sort of pain in Naru's life. One that she endures with grace and longsuffering. When the choice of music isn't ponponpon, she has a moment of surprise, followed by eye widening shock at the actual choice. Possibly eye watering too, as the pair of them make something of a mangle out of clever beats and interesting timings.

It is, however, a mangle made with love, and Naru can't help but laugh as blue jacket flutters with expansive gestures, applauding the momentary confidence.
Nephrite 2019-05-08 02:10:01 104886
"It's very kind of you to say so," Neil says with all the grace of a child who's just lost his first hockey match. Much sulk. Very sad. "But thanks for warning me anyway. I could have gone home to change, but then you'd be waiting on me."

But then the music starts, and all he can do is stare in disbelief. "A costume change? And sequins? Okay no, next party we're at, I'm going full Met Gala and there's nothing anybody can do to stop me." He nods at Makoto's suggestion of a drink. "Please. Let's do that. Distract me from... " he gestures vaguely at the stage "everything happening there. What will you have, my dear?"
Kyouko Sakura 2019-05-08 02:13:02 104888
To be fair to Kazuo, if he had dropped his drink upon hearing Kyouko's 'singing', nobody probably would have blamed him. It really is that bad. But she keeps on anyway, as best she can amidst the desperate 'trying not to laugh' of.. whatever it is Mamoru is doing on the stage. Like most people who can't sing, she appears to be attempting to replace skill with volume, with predictable results.

She even joins in the dance routine a little bit, by which I mean she sort of twirls around the stage like a drunk ballerina a few times (one of those things she is not, one she is soon hoping to be) while doing her best to keep up with the lyrics of the song. This is made even more difficult by Mamoru's failure to have rhythm, which further throws her off as well.

"Don't stop us now! The m-moment of truth! We were, BORN TO MAKE HISTORYYY! We'll make it.. happen! We'll turn it around! Yes we WERE BORN TO MAKE HISTORY!" She's practically yelling into the microphone at the last bit of the refrain, her eyes squinched shut, possibly to shut out the sight of Mamoru so she can even get the words out in the first place.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-05-08 02:23:40 104890
No-one is stopping them. No-one dares try to stop them. The singing is a more powerful weapon than any of the magic anyone in the room could bring to bear.

It is exceedingly likely that Kazuo is wishing he dared lower his face into a hand even now, except that that would suggest to Mamoru that he was resigning himself to this plan, and Kazuo fully intends to hold out. (The betting pool on how long this lasts is undoubtedly officially open. After all, this one is marginally less embarrassing than the last joint costume idea Mamoru talked him into.) Which means that it is entirely possible that he and Naru both bear witness to the full length of the horror.

Kazuo is probably regretting his choice to stick with coffee already.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-05-08 02:38:03 104891
Saburo enters late, and the triple whammy of Kyouko's voice, Mamoru's voice, and Mamoru's outfit is almost enough to turn him right back around and out the door. Almost. Somehow, despite this truly horrific sight and sound combination, he actually finishes Step 1 of plan attend birthday, namely, enter the venue.

His own outfit is comfortably between Kazuo and Neil levels of casual to fancy - black slacks and a white button down under a gold vest - and the little box in his hands is decorated with red gift paper. This little box is clutched desperately as he makes his way over to the gathered mass of stunned friends.

"Please tell me this is an open bar event," are the first words out of his mouth, quickly followed by, "Can anyone here actually sing?" It's an important question. It will tell him how much he needs to drink tonight.
Makoto Kino 2019-05-08 02:39:45 104892
"Any other time I heard you say that I'd be worried," Makoto tells Neil, "but honestly at this point Mamoru-niisan has brought it on himself."

He's asking what she wants to drink. What does she want to drink? It's a little difficult to organize her thoughts with all the Extra that's rolling off of Kyouko and Mamoru at top volume. "I have no idea," she admits at last, laughing. "Recommend me something? I mean, rising to this kind of challenge," she gestures toward the singing duo, "is a bit much to ask out of a beverage, but... Hi Saburo!" If they don't get to run, Jadeite doesn't get to either. The moment Makoto spots him she's calling a greeting and waving energetically at him with the hand that isn't clutching Neil's arm. "I think that depends on how you define 'sing'."
Mamoru Chiba 2019-05-08 02:40:20 104893
Since Kazuo's other option is to wear the Eros costume himself and grow his hair longer, because yes, now there are only two options for Kazuo and that is absolutely that (unless he holds out against the wheedling)...

Mamoru belts out the last bit of refrain with Kyouko, "WE WERE-- BORN TO MAKE HISTORYYYY!!" and manages a slide-spin backwards from a moonwalk in sock feet but can't... actually stop. His arms pinwheel and he's still stuck on YYYYY as, eyes widening, he crashes into the birthday girl with the microphone.

On the other hand, he's also Tuxedo Kamen sometimes.

Even if they both end up on the floor, her beer will be clutch.

She'll need a new one anyway. He needs one at all. But probably something harder, honestly.
Nephrite 2019-05-08 02:45:40 104895
The spectacle on the stage is such that even Neil can't help but break. Between Kyouko's "singing" and Mamoru's flourishes, it's too much to stop him from laughing. "Are we handing out prizes at this thing? I have a feeling they just won it, whatever it is." He greets Saburo with a grin. "Why, are you offering to go next?"

But they are at the bar, and Makoto is asking for drink recommendations. He considers, before turning to the bartender. "My friend, can you please make this lady a cosmopolitan? She deserves something pink and delicious." After a moment, he adds, "actually, make that two."
Kyouko Sakura 2019-05-08 02:46:28 104896
Kyouko's singing is mercifully brought to an end in the most appropriate way- someone tackles her. Even if that someone is Mamoru, who is supposed to be her duet partner. The merciful effects for the rest of the room are the same, as she goes tumbling onto the stage with an indignant sqwuak which somehow is more musical than her actual singing.

And yet, Mamoru saves the beer.

The rest of the music is left to play on, un-sung-to, as she scrambles back to her feet, still laughing. "Oh, of course, let the girl fall on her ass, save the beer." She says in mock-annoyance, giving Mamoru another faux-punch to the side, before retreiving said beverage. She notices Jadeite has arrived as well, and grins, hopping down off the stage to approach him, her cheeks flushed from the combination of booze and exertion. "Hi! You totaly didn't have to bring me a gift." She repeats for like the third or fourth time tonight as she accepts the small box anyway, and places it with Mamoru's envelope and Neil's wrapped bottle. Then she gives Jadeite a hug, because she is, for once in her life, in a hugging mood.

Then she turns to Mako-chan and Neil. "I expect you two to outdo us in the duet department." She says, with a bit of a devious grin. "I mean, you can't possibly be any worse, so.."

Also that bartender is going to need a prodigious tip.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-05-08 02:51:54 104897
Mamoru is safe. Kyouko is safe. Kyouko's drink is safe. Kazuo finishes his own coffee for safety's sake, inclines his head solemnly to Saburo as if nothing shark-related had ever occurred especially not in recent weeks or related to singing, and confesses nothing. Nothing.

Well, almost nothing. "It's definitely an open bar," he says to Jadeite. Because there are shark wars, and then there are war crimes.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-05-08 03:04:34 104899
At least Saburo got in at the end of the song. He grins Mako and sticks his tongue out at Neil, and he very carefully does not acknowledge anything shark or agent related whatsoever in his greeting wave at Kazuo. Any would have been shark related tension is broken before it can really settle, as Mamoru saves them all by knocking poor Kyouko halfway down the stage and ending their duet.

He's still laughing a little when she comes over and takes her gift, though he calms it down in time to return the hug. "Not having to bring a gift is the best reason to grab one!"

And then, with her distracted and Kazuo giving him the gift of sacred knowledge, he takes the chance to ask the bartender for a negroni, but like, with a double shot please. He's gonna need it.
Makoto Kino 2019-05-08 03:17:21 104901
As Kyouko and Mamoru pick themselves up from their unexpected collision, Makoto disentangles herself from Neil enough to applaud, no longer even trying not to laugh. "That... was definitely a Thing, you two."

Her eyes widen at Kyouko's suggestion, and Mako shakes her head hastily enough to set her ponytail swinging wildly, bringing up both hands. "Oh no, I am not even trying to be a part of the whole competition for who can be the most extra. Besides, unlike some people here..." brief side-eye towards Mamo, "I didn't bring a costume."

As if to emphasize her point, she turns enough to pick up the cocktail glass that the bartender has just set down in front of her. Can't sing! Just got a beverage! "Jadeite can go next."
Nephrite 2019-05-08 03:29:28 104902
Neil chuckles at Makoto's extremely swift shut-down of karaoke suggestions. "Maybe after a drink or two." Speaking of, he's got a very pink, very sweet cocktail in hand and he's not afraid to enjoy it. "What's a good duet number, anyway? Ooh, I bet they've got some Disney songs."

He looks to Saburo. "Yep, it's sounding like last one who got here gets to go next. Unless you want to help me make the machine track down something special."
Mamoru Chiba 2019-05-08 03:42:45 104903
"I figured you cared more about the beer," Mamoru says huffily, dusting off his pearly epaulettes and straightening his jacket, a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth. Finally he wanders over to the bar and, before Saburo can egg him on or Kazuo can stop him, orders a Long Island Iced Tea. The bartender, who's literally just not going to ask how he got from Astaire to Yuuri in zero seconds flat, and is probably wishing he were drinking one, gives Mamoru his poison of choice.

Holding it up in salute, Mamoru pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose and smirks at Neil. "Oh it's already prepped. Believe me. Now that my extra for the evening is over, I'm going to sit down and figure out if I broke my phone or not."

And yes: he's done performing until way later when he is way drunker. For now, he's going to meander over to Kazuo and sit next to him. His plan: while no one is watching them, edge closer and closer and closer. And closer. And finish his drink. And closer. And see if he can end up sitting on Kazuo without anyone noticing, including Kazuo. Also, laugh at everyone else.
Kyouko Sakura 2019-05-08 03:48:43 104904
"I don't excercise as much as I do because I don't care about my ass, I'll have you know." Kyouko shoots over her shoulder to Mamoru. "Besides, if you damaged it, you'd have to face Naru, and I don't think I need to tell you how much you don't want to have to do that." She grins as he quits the stage as well to get his own drink.

Then she actually has the temerity to giggle at Mako-chan and her vehement denials of getting up on that stage. "Oh come on, like anybody here is going to make fun of you." She says. "Then they wouldn't get cakes on their birthdays, and nobody's willing to risk that."

Grinning, she turns to the poor bartender to get herself another beer, the rescued one having been duly quaffed after being saved from spilling all over the floor. Better safe than sorry.