No Batter, No Batter!

Awaken, Prism Keeper Brass! Griselda is a jerk.

Date: 2019-05-10
Pose Count: 39
Reiko Touyama 2019-05-10 16:40:44 104931
If there's one thing Japanese people and American people share, it's a weird obsession with baseball sometimes. Therefore, Reiko has decided that it'd be fun to run an impromptu game of kind-of-like-baseball but we don't have a full team to run it.

Reiko's got the catchers mitt and the bat and a baseballs and-----

Well she doesn't have bases so she's chosen a few stuffed fish from her stuffed plush fish collection to serve as bases. It's kind of super silly.

She has a cooler filled with water. Paper cups, and sandwiches for later. She's shoved her backpack behind the cooler. And draped a blanket over it. Then another blanket. She kicks the backpack for some reason.

"'Don't get any dumb ideas.'" she says to the backpack.

A cardinal of all birds, lands on Reiko's shoulder. This may be odd to the mundane Riley, as it appears to chirp something then flap out. Reiko makes a sour face. Then a blue bird lands, and whispers something and Reiko perks up a moment. And that's also double weird maybe.

Regardless, she turns back around and says. "Okay!" she says as she throws a stuffed clownfish at Hoshi. "That's second base! Can you got place it?" she throws a shark plush at Riley. "That's third! I'll set first and home!" she says.

Off she does to do just that! So far. So good. Nothing horrible happening. It's gonna be a good day!

Riley Hunter 2019-05-10 16:51:46 104932
Riley held a well worn bat in her hand, adjusting her sunglasses slightly as she looked around the field. "Yeah, yeah this'll d- Oop! Third, gotcha!" she managed to catch the thrown shark, looking at it before casually tossing the thing into the air and catching the thing before setting it down. "Right! So, third." She looked to everyone in turn, idly tapping the bat against her hand as her eyes scanned the park from behind her aviators. "We good to go here or what?"
Hoshi Kogane 2019-05-10 16:56:21 104933
Hoshi looks a little worried, especially when biv shows up, but she keeps up a cheerful face. There's a star in an old school's teacher's outfit glaring at Reiko though, with that 'what aren't you telling me?' look. Still, Hoshi doesn't ask even if she's curious along with worried, and does her part in arranging things.
Miho Kagami 2019-05-10 16:59:06 104935
Miho is jogging through the park, dressed in her summer outfit consisting of a lime-green T-shirt, a black skirt, and shorts. Her goal for today is twofold: get in some nice practice for the track team, and find an out-of-the-way spot where she can transform and practice not being a total putz with her Jade Light Arrow attack. And she's all out of Light Arrows wait no that doesn't make any sense!

She happens to pass by the baseball game, and it puts a smile on her face; she was never into sports until being a high-speed magical girl brought out her joy (heh heh) for running and jogging, but she's starting to develop a passing interest in general. She gives the familiar Reiko and Hoshi a wave if they happen to look her direction, but otherwise, she keeps on jogging. She sees the birds and the star, of course, but ... well, they probably know how to handle it better than she does.
Griselda 2019-05-10 17:09:26 104936
    There's a cool breeze that sort of comes out of nowhere on a warm day as Hiroko Koumoto descends upon the general area the Prism Keepers and friend are. She has with her three, well dressed apparently 'wealthy' girls following her that most people identify as her 'friends'. She eyes Reiko and Hoshi. There's a girl she doesn't know. Now why is she hanging around with them? She must also be lame. Her eyes trace to Miho who's jogging by but she isn't given a second glance.

    Hiroko's very prescene puts most magical people on edge. She a high concentration of dark magic. She decides to walk along with her 'mean girl squad' as most people in school have jokingly called her 'friends' as she stops short of the furthest base. She's right close to Riley at this point as she places her hands on her hips. "I see you're hanging around with a bunch of stupid people. You're never going to make friends hanging around with these dumb girls." she says a little cooly. The girls hang back.

    "Baseball is such a low class sport, anyways." she says. ".....and you don't even have proper bases." she says as she kicks the plush fish that served as that base further into the infield.

    The girls behind her laugh at this for some reason. Hiroko is always right! Yes she is. Always. She looks back to them and then back to Reiko and Hoshi. "You really shouldn't get new girls hopes up." she says a little scoldingly.
Reiko Touyama 2019-05-10 17:19:38 104937
Reiko Touyama smiles. "We're all most setup!" she says. "Let's----"

Reiko's Chroma Crystal on her necklace begins to tug a little bit as she looks around and-- oh... Oh no. Hiroko... Princess Griselda. Whatever that is pretending to be their former friend. No-- not now. Reiko grows this look of frustration on her face.

"Gr--" a pause. "Hiroko-san. Go away. We're trying to play a game with a new friend. If you don't have anything nice to say... don't say anything at all." she says...

Miho's passing gets a quick wave but it's clear Reiko is dealing with this rude girl problem now.

"L--look can't we do this another day?...." she almost pleads. Yes. Come attack us or bother us another day. We wanna baseball. Riley is a normal girl. We wanna have a normal baseball game.

Reiko knows something is gonna go down now. She hates this. She looks to Riley and says.

"That's... Hiroko-san. She's a bully. Used to be a friend... just.. just ignore her. Maybe she'll go away."
Hoshi Kogane 2019-05-10 17:30:19 104938
Hoshi waves in return to Miho, but then the darkness comes. She calmly approaches the group of 'mean girls' and examines the girls with a snobby upturned look, "Huh, seems like you just let any hag be your friend these days, Hiroko. It's a shame, the Hiroko I used to know had standards." Her tone is one she never uses with friends, and thus almost never uses period, it's that aggressively sweet tone only ever used to put down others, "A shame to see you so jealous about people who can actually make real friends, you used to be able to, perhaps you should look at what changed and fix it."
Riley Hunter 2019-05-10 17:37:41 104939
Just what was this? Riley first looked towards Reiko, a look of bemused puzzlement on the girl's face which soon made way to a grin and overaggerated shrug. Bullies weren't a new thing to Riley, although usually in the past her fists had sent them packing. Not that she was looking to rely on that old fallback of course, at least, not unless she had to.

"Who the fuck even says that?" Riley managed to get out, at least what she could get out between suppressing a bout of laughter at Griselda's expense. "Hurrdurr yurr nurver gurner murk frurnds. Jeeeeesus christ, is your ass jealous of just how much shit that came out of your mouth right then? God bless your soul!"

She managed to hold back another laugh before her tone suddenly harshened, turning darker and deadly serious. "Tell you what, pipe cleaner arms. You just walk away, and I won't have to throw you to the loving tender embrace of Japan's *woefully* underfunded hospitals 'cos I sure as shit don't have the patience for your bullshit. Also who the hell kicks sharks?"
Miho Kagami 2019-05-10 17:40:45 104940
And Miho swerves off-course and nearly trips and falls. She can sense darkness in the Life Blessing, and that ability is going yikes at the newcomers. And the ringleader does not sound like a "reluctant" creature of darkness like Lacrima or Maeko.

She frowns and rights herself. So, Reiko is calling this Hiroko-san a "bully" for the benefit of a girl who's apparently mundane. Yeahhhhh, three guesses as to what's going on here, and the first two don't count. Time to start glancing around for a convenient spot to transform, just in case. She does get a lopsided smile at the enthusiasm of Riley's rejoinder, though, even if the girl's foul mouth does make Miho's face redden slightly.
Moriko Hayashi 2019-05-10 17:53:08 104941
Moriko Hayashi had been running late, her mom hadn't really expected her kid to suddenly want to play street baseball or anything and was hunting a glove down. It's why Moriko comes bouncing up dressed all comfortable-like, mit tucked under her arm, bat over her shoulder and a drink in her free hand.

She's got headphones on, is enjoying herself and doesn't immediately notice someone has shown up that she'd rather not see at this point.

Lifting her eyes, she spots the issue though, her hand half-raised, head cocked to hold the bat, she stops and says, "Go away." flatly to Griselda. "You're a mood killer and always end up running away anyway." Seems whatever happened last time has left a bit of a stain on her take on things.

With that said, she starts to set her things down, out of the way, maybe near a convenient corner.
Griselda 2019-05-10 18:00:49 104943
    Hiroko gives Reiko a little, slight chuckle. "No, we will do this today." she says frankly. "It is such a beautiful day out. Isn't it?" she asks her. Her eyes trace to Hoshi and she frowns. "Friends more reliabe than you ever we're... Kogane-san." she says coldly at Hoshi. She seems to be aloof up until Riley and her ultra foul mouth cause her to step back aghast.

    "Such language!" she says. "Someone needs to wash your mouth out with soap." she says. Angrily as she---

    Summons a parasol from nowhere apparently. She sweeps it up and over herself-- hiding herself-- and mysterious her friends from view as she brings it against her shoulder. Her outfit and dress has changed. A frilly, perfect grey princess dress... long, grey hair swept down with a silver tiara of sorts, set with an odd grey gem. The girls? Have become smoky, black impish figures all giggling in high pitch. She opens her grey eyes as she looks down at Riley.

    "What a rude, crass girl...." she says lowly.

Moriko's threat goes unheeded or unanswered. Mainly because Riley has left her agahst.

    SUDDENLY--- the three creatures suddenly take off into the air and spin around---- the world begins to darken and grey as the color is sucked away from it. Nearby peoples who we're watching suddenly become drained of color... become sluggish and fall down onto the ground. Magical people can feel this drain. Riley can feel this drain too, but for some reason.... it doesn't seem to affect her as much. Maybe her hue darkens a little. But she doesn't drain completely.

This causes Griselda pause as the creatures suck up the now grey baseball items, and random clutter like benches, and a nearby lamp post, ripping it out of the ground and it takes shape....

Into a giant, giant bipedeal baseball player with glowing red eyes as the Shade takes form. "BATTERRRRR UPPPPP!" screams the monster.

    Griselda makes a daintly leap to the shoulder of the giant baseball player as she sweeps her hand out.

    "I'll end you all this time." she says. "I was going to leave you alone until that girl shot her mouth off." she says sourly. Very sourly. No she wasn't. But it's a convient excuse, and maybe she's trying to have everyone blame Riley for this.
Reiko Touyama 2019-05-10 18:14:58 104945
"No...!" says Reiko as Griselda reveals her 'true form'. "Nonono--- not now!." calls out Reiko. She knew that a monster would eventually come. She was hoping it would be a common shade. But no. It had to be... Griselda. And one of her more souped up monsters. Something she can't fight alone or even as a duo. "Arrrggghhh! WHY! WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAPPEN LIKE THIS IT ISN'T FAIR!" she screams.

Reiko is having a minor breakdown as she calms herself as best she can as she grabs her orange prism from around her neck.

""CHROMA PRISM ORANGE, TRANSFORM!" she calls out as orange light engulfs her, a pretty dress forming around her as she appears a bit taller, her glasses disappear... she becomes Prism Keeper Orange!. She sighs and looks down at the backpack in her hand as she opens it and pulls out the metallic looking Chroma Prism.

She frowns and looks to Hoshi-- or Yellow by this point at all, and then to Riley. "I'm sorry about this." she says dryly. "T.. this is my fault. I'll explain later." she says. "But right now it's important to make sure you're safe..." she says as she throws Riley the Prism.

"Hi!" says a red bird that lands on Riley's right shoulder. A bluebird lands on Riley's left shoulder. "Hello." she says sweetly. "We're Roy and Biv!... Look..." says Roy as he takes a deep breath. "Your friends are about to have an important fight. Do you want to help them? If you do... hold that Chroma Prism and say... 'Chroma Prism Brass, Transform!'." he says, mimicking the motions Reiko had just used moments ago. Biv adds. "If you don't. That's fine. But you need to get out of here... and keep that safe. That contains all the power of that color in this world. It's very important." she says.

"The color of machine parts... of buttons and wind instruments-- like trumpets!..." she says. "Very important." she nods rapidly.

Also Riley, you know, birds that talk, too on top of whatever this is that's happening right?
Riley Hunter 2019-05-10 18:29:53 104946
This was certainly an unforseen series of events. One doesn't expect to be setting up for a round of baseball and then suddenly facing off against, whatever this thing was. Riley stood her ground though, glaring up at its hulking frame as she yelled for everyone to get back. It was safe to say the girl wasn't acting at this point, more reacting, a pure rush of addrenaline as she saw the world crumble around her and then...

A crystal. Metallic, shiny, she caught it in her hand and glanced down at it for a second, with her bat still raised in her other hand as if it would provide some protection against whatever that... thing... was. She knew there was no running, there was no fleeing from this, it had longer legs than her for a start and while normally she would be thinking that perhaps she hit her head or she ate something that didn't agree with her, this all seemed too real.

"Uuuh, what? Birds. Right. Sure why the fuck not at this point right!? What the fucking shit is this!?" There was nothing left to lose. There was no running, there was no hiding, and whatever that thing was it had just dropped a fair handful of civilians, turning them monochrome. "Chroma Prism Brass, Transform!"

Her transformation was quick, smooth, a flash of light and a woosh of rapidly igniting flame as a suit, just like that of which Reiko drew before grew, burned, over her body looking as if someone had shot a video of the suit burning away and reversed it.

Instead of backing up now, she was walking towards the creature, flames licking, leaping off her entire form before she broke into a run, each footstep small spots of smouldering and burning grass behind her until... she jumped, with gravity electing to not pull her down, a shimmer of intense heat radiating from Riley as she rapidly climbed to face off against the giant batter. "I bet you think you're some reaaal hot shit, don't you? Well..." The haze turned to yet more flame, her entire body now wreathed from head to toe in the blaze "... You're about to be."
Hoshi Kogane 2019-05-10 18:43:05 104947
Hoshi kind of expected this to happen, well Griselda's side of it anyway, but she said her piece and thus raises up her own crystal. "Chroma Prism Yellow, Transform!" She announces and one transformation sequence later, Yellow is there. She blinks when there's another Prism Keeper all of a sudden, but she rolls with it, "Brass, Orange, Green, let's show Grey what we're made of." She insists, and sends little yellow stars flying towards them, and also any others who come to help, each wearing an 'eat me' hat, which would provide additional strength and energy upon being ate, rather poisonous to shades and Griseldas, though; what with all the colour energy.
Miho Kagami 2019-05-10 18:55:18 104948
Yeah okay, it's time for Miho Kagami to not be here anymore! Wincing at the feeling of a drain, she takes off at a dead sprint into a group of trees. Out of sight and earshot, she claps her hands together. "Life Blessing, Wake Up!" she says, in her somewhat scratchy and androgynous voice.

From the perspective of the group, there's a sudden column of jade-green and mint-green light in the trees, and then out flies a witch in green and white, riding across a golden broomstick! ... or, wait, no, the end is a glowing heart-shaped emerald, not a broom. She raises her eyebrows at Riley's transformation. Well, that's interesting! Guess she's not mundane, but an actual new kid on the block. She nods in approval.

Turning her attention to Griselda, she shakes her head. "Okay y'know what, this is kinda ridiculous," she says, in a clear and bright voice which sounds almost, but not quite, exactly unlike her out-of-henshin voice. "Like, I mean, I get the business with the color-wars and kingdoms and stuff kinda --" She does not particularly get the business with the Color Kingdom and their war. "-- but making this kind of mess in the middle of the park is just rude!"
Moriko Hayashi 2019-05-10 18:57:30 104949
Moriko Hayashi contemplates throwing her bat at Griselda. It's tempting, but that's... probably not the right answer. It gets put down, her prism is pulled from it's hiding place with a flick of her wrist and she holds it out. "CHROMA PRISM GREEN, SHOWTIME!" Ending the green smoke and light show in a green, older style stage magician's getup. She can't resist it, while adjusting her sleeves she calls out to Griselda, "Just like last time, it's time for you to disappear." It's so cheesy, but that's half the fun of a stage persona, right?

Spotting the metallic prism, she pauses and calls out, "Wait wait, that still works?" Then she pauses, grins and says, "Hah, costume changing would totally work!" Pause, "Wrong time."

With a flick of her hand after that adjustment, a series of green backed cards appear in her hands and she grins, "On with the act. We have to keep curtain times in mind right?" before fanning the cards and throwing them towards the cluster of grey.

Miho's green is met with a deadpan, "My green is stronger than your green." Whether it's true or not. She has to maintain her stage presence though! It may be a joke, guessing by the tone. It's about that point that the cards, stuck in the ground explode in a flash of bright green, eliciting a grin from the girl.
Griselda 2019-05-10 19:11:04 104950
    Orange, Yellow, Green we're expected. An interloper is a novel change of pace but expected to some degree as Griselda sits on the shoulder perch of the giant 'bat'man. What is new. Is the prescene of a new Keeper. A keeper who was not part of the game. Who is not a primary color. This... causes Griselda more pause, as she scowls. "No. You are not a part of this game....!" she says angrily at Brass. "...Brass isn't even a color!" she insists crassly.

    Regardless, it's Brass that gets the first hit in, as she comes on in, in literal fire, sending the creature truding backwards a bit with it's giant lamppost bat. Griselda only gives a passing look towards Miho and frowns. "This is my bussiness. Go away." she says angrily as a bolt of dark lighting flys out from her parasol as she points it down at at the Life Witch.

    The cards explode, causing the giant batter to stumble. Griselda is getting increasingly upset as the monster screams 'BATTER UP!' again and suddenly slams the bat into the ground and swings it towards the heroes back and forth- ripping up the dirt and sod in it's screaming, unintelligent rage.

    "I'm going to end you all." says Griselda. "I am going to kill you and father is going to be so happy." she says with a strange glazed over look to her eyes. Something ain't right with that girl, nope.
Reiko Touyama 2019-05-10 19:19:13 104951
"That thing in the Grey Kingdom isn't your father..." says Orange as she raises her hand and fires off a quick blast of orange color energy into the monster, leaving a quick splash of color against it as it absorbs it, causing obvious discomfort to it, most likely. She flails though as she leaps into the air--- little tiny fairy wings keep her aflight now as the 'bat' sweeps under her former location. "Hiroko... please. Stop this..." she pleads as she raises her Chroma staff and then summons up a bunch of fanciful orange koi, that swim through the air towards the create like a bunch of youma seeking missiles that aim to explode into color energy against the beast.

She is suddenly faced with a little star that says 'eat me' and she blinks and looks at Yellow quickly before she just eats the star and--- oh wow , energized!

"T..thanks Yellow!" she calls out. "This thing is bigger than normal... but I think that's her fault..." she says with a frown as she looks towards Griselda. She moves to get a better height.

"B--brass." That's an odd color to say. "--- we need to... hurt it enough to expose the color core. We can destroy it then. I dunno where it is--- usually.. in the center of the monster." she says. "S-sorry for the crash course but..."

She looks towards Miho. "Um.. Joy. It was, right?" she asks, as if checking. "On the HeartNET?" she asks. "Um-- do you. Purify? That'd work really, really well right now if you can...." she asks. She looks at Green.

"All green is good." she says sternly.
Riley Hunter 2019-05-10 19:36:32 104952
Riley wasn't holding back, she dodged left and right, bursts of condensation clouds from the rush of air flashing briefly off her arms and legs as she looped around to a better position and loosed off fireball after fireball roughly aimed at the Youma. It was safe to say she didn't know what was going on, not really, after all just five minutes ago they were setting up for a game of baseball but from what she had to go off, whoever this was had just somehow slaughtered a large group of civilians, somehow draining both their life and their colour from them. She stopped in the air, slowing her momentum with a quick burst of jet like thrust from her hands.

She paused for a moment, glaring at Griselda after she spoke of killing them. "So that's how you want to play it?! After you murdered all those people, you think I have a problem doing the same to you?!" She raised her hands, her gauntlets glowing, incandescent with Riley's sheer heat and fury. "They're going to have to ID you by your fucking dental records!"

She let the attack loose, but, something went wrong. A huge blast of fire shot from her hands yet it veered off course, flying wide past Griselda's head and slamming down to the earth below, obliterating a large old oak tree as though it were struck by lightning. "Grraaah!"
Hoshi Kogane 2019-05-10 19:47:27 104953
"They're not dead. If we can defeat the shade, we can return the energy that was stolen from them." Yellow clarifies for Brass' sake and adds quite empathetically, "And somewhere down beneath that darkness Hiroko still exists, and she's my friend. We should be trying to free her, not kill, please." To pair with that, Yellow flies upwards, "We're heroes, so long as we maintain hope, we can accomplish anything eventually." And with that, she sends a series of stars towards the shade, and another one to Griselda. Each whizzing about, pulsing with yellow colour energy as they whizz past, not enough to really do meaningful damage but a continuing distraction.
Miho Kagami 2019-05-10 19:51:16 104954
Life Witch Joy nods to Moriko. "Yeah, I guess in this situation I'm sorta one of your subjects?"

But then she hurriedly swerves out of the way of dark lightning from Griselda's parasol, flying higher to avoid the attack! "Seeing as how you're threatening my friends, I'm pretty sure it's my business too!" she calls back to Griselda.

She nods to Reiko. "Right, Orange-chan, still Joy, I just changed from 'Mahou' to 'Witch'," she says. "I helped you fight Maeko-chan, remember? But, uh, yeah, I'm still made of purification, it --"

She jumps in surprise at Brass's outburst, eyes going wide. Murdered!? Wait, no, that can't be it, right!? She concentrates. Darn it, in spite of all her training, she still hasn't quite worked out detecting life and death. She almost deflates with relief when Yellow speaks up. Okay, right, whew, they're alive! Wow, St. George's incident must have been more of a shock than she realized.

She thrusts her fist outward towards the batter-youma. "I'm the magician of light and hope flying faster than the breeze, Life Witch Joy!" she announces, and there's a slight edge to her voice now. "And in the name of the life blessing, we will halt the threat before us! JADE BARRAGE!" Out from the glowing emerald heart-emblem on the back of her glove shoots a barrage of pellets of jade-green purifying light. They almost kinda sorta look like mint-leaves? It's her weakest attack, but again: made of purification.
Moriko Hayashi 2019-05-10 19:53:16 104955
Moriko Hayashi wishes she could throw her voice sometimes. The tantrum lands rather close, having required Green to sidestep quickly. To be safe, she hop-steps back a few steps back, keeping out of the way by distance as much as anything. Only after, Reiko's reaction to her teasing is met with her hat being taken off solemnly, held to her heart, then sticking her tongue out. "It's a joke, relax." With her hat off, she pauses, looks inside, then flips it, opening towards the batter and Griselda and shakes it a few times. Finally, reaching in, she pulls free another deck of cards and a murmured, "I thought that would work." The cards are folded hand to hand, that old show of dexterity before fanning the two halves out and flinging them roughly towards the greys, spreading them out and watching them explode in a cluster of green energy.

There's a star with 'eat me' on it. There's hesitation. "It won't taste like soap right?" Before snatching it out of the air to eat it anyway. There's that shiver of anticipation, then she grins and calls out to Hoshi, "Thanks." Wondering if she shouldn't try to learn to do that. Does a good performance energize? Thoughts for later.

"You, the rest of us and I all know that he's not your father, you're not supposed to be evil and you're not stopping any of us. It's a repeat, old hat, you're running off again here real soon. Let's change it up! Everyone loves a good redemption right?" In a more serious tone, she adds, "Really, you have to know it somewhere in there, we've all heard it." Bravado's important, but so is honesty.

The exploding tree is met with a flat look, then a slow shuffle away from it. Slowly, carefully. Miho's comment about being a subject gets a snrk, then a reply of, "Stage hand, assistant? You're not quiet enough to be my partner I don't think." There's a pause again, "You probably don't get that joke. I'll explain later!" before she draws more of those green energy cards, scattering them at the creature and in Griselda's direction, spreading the green flashes of light and smoke.
Griselda 2019-05-10 20:09:03 104956
    Griselda scoffs. "I wouldn't kill my future subjects. But you?....." she says as the giant beast suddenly starts deftly swining that bat around, meeting Brass's strikes occasionally like a block as it resounds off the lampole bat, but not every single one-- she gets many good hits in, mostly thanks to the distracting shots provided by Yellow. Griselda seems to be concentrating. Is she directly controlling the thing now?

    Reiko's koi missiles cause the monster to stagger a moment, as pellets of green energy and the cluster of exploding gree n energy cards around it.

    The bat comes flying down for Brass again. "LANGUAGE!" Griselda yells out angrily as she glows with a horrid grey aura. Riley can feel that dark pressure for the first time probably. It's terrible... oppressive. A sense that Griselda is pulling punches. A sense you probably don't want to find out what more she can do.

    Regardless the beast raises out it's left hand and suddenly flashes a large black ball of energy into existence as it screams 'BATTER UP!' again before throwing it upwards and attempting to hit a homerun directly into Orange's face. stop her from providing hints and help and overall dumb koi.

    Griselda thinks the koi are dumb anyways.

    Somewhere on it's forms, glints of flashing color can be seen! Is that the color core? Maybe someone can get a good hit in there.
Reiko Touyama 2019-05-10 20:12:19 104957
Orange watches as the beast takes a lot of hits. She can see the glints of color. "The Core....!" she calls out as she moves forward when suddenly-- 'Batter up!' and there's a large, Reiko sized ball of energy hurtling towards her and Orange's eyes go wide as she throws her staff up in front of her and she sort of eats the hit, being thrown backwards into the ground. Absorbing most of the dark energy with a fish-shaped shield but still dealing with the full on force of being throwing into the dirt as she shrieks....!

She doesn't get back up immediately. There is movement though. She probably just needs a moment to get to her feet.
Riley Hunter 2019-05-10 20:24:03 104958
Riley attempted to evade again, but the bat's edge caught her on the ankle, glancing off her protective greaves. It knocked her off balance, the girl instead of being able to fly away smoothly instead grabbing on to the only thing she could. The baseball beast itself. She tried to land on its shoulder, hoping to melt through its form by once again wreathing herself in flames and making her boots and gauntlets glow an incadescant gold.

With one hand lowered, aimed at what she hoped would be through a gap in its shoulder, into its very core and the other used in a desperate attempt to find some sort of balance she let loose another burst of fire, this time more accurately with a focused mind.

That said... She was still flipping Griselda the bird all the while.
Hoshi Kogane 2019-05-10 20:28:31 104959
Yellow is fortunately not the one taking hits, she keeps to the back and sends more stars flying towards Orange and Brass, these ones seek out the places the other girls have been hit, and try to attach themselves like a soothing energizing bandage, helping reduce the pain and giving the strength to keep going.
Miho Kagami 2019-05-10 20:45:16 104960
Miho nods to Moriko. "Right, that works!" she says. "If we -- ORANGE!"

She frowns. Her first impulse is to try to heal Reiko, but they have an enemy in front of them. Let's see, if she can aim this without hitting Prism Keeper Brass ...

She floats sideways to get a better angle. "Double ..." She moves each of her hands in a circle, leaving two ring-shaped trails of light. "... Shining ..." She thrusts her hands forward, into the rings. "... RAY!" The rings collapse, firing out twin beams of brilliant green purifying light!
Moriko Hayashi 2019-05-10 20:47:09 104961
Moriko Hayashi calls out to Brass, "You know that doesn't mean as much out here!" before realizing Reiko was knocked head over heels. She begins to run over, hand on hat to keep it in place. On her way by, she slaps the creature on the back, leaving behind a deck of cards that she hopes will keep it distracted as it starts to detonate in a rapid chain. Ducking past, she's clearly trying to make her way to Orange. This also means ducking under incoming attacks from the others mind you, but hey she's got a mission and she's sticking to it. Besides, she gave the creature a kick me sign of exploding green.

Sliding to a stop, assuming she wasn't knocked silly for her antics, she checks to see if Reiko's okay and, you know, offer a hand up.
Griselda 2019-05-10 20:56:07 104962
    Griselda seems pleased with Reiko's state. Good. Teach that girl to be uppity again. To drag new allies into this. To try to outnumber her. The gall of it. Brass is all her fault. Right? It has to be. Life Witch Joy fires rings of brilliant purifying light that rakes across the debris that makes up the monster as Brass just crashes into the core and causes the beast to finally stop. "BATTTTTE--------" it yells out as it begins to fall apart into it's compoenent pieces as the monsters making up the Shade dissapate and leaving the brilliant core of shining color there hovering.

    Griselda has gracefully hoped off the shoulder of the creature as she frowns as she glares at Brass and Joy. "This is all your fault. I won't forget this and-- you..." she points at Brass.

    "You don't belong here. You're not their friend. You can't possibly exist." she says angrily--or is it jealousy of some sort? It's hard to tell, as she suddenly wraps herself up into a fluffy grey storm cloud and----

    It suddenly dissapates into nothing... and leaves nothing behind. She's ran away.

    Father... is not going to be happy with the news of a new Keeper. Not even a little.
Reiko Touyama 2019-05-10 21:07:40 104963
Orange is healed enough to drag herself up as she gets to her feet just in time to watch the beast fall apart. She frowns as she looks down to the color core and gently hovers over to it and lands in front of it. "Chroma.... Paillette... Cleanser...!" she calls out as she touches the ball of energy with her wand and the color explodes outwards! Not violently. More pleasnelty, as color returns to the world. And the people around. The people will be fine. They'll need a moment or two as the color sets back into bodies--- the same colorful explosion repairing damage... setting things right.

It'll look like a battle didn't happen here at all in a bit...!

She sighs a little as she looks to Yellow. "T..thank you Yellow." she says. "And Green and... Joy-chan." she says as she shifts a little. She looks over to Brass.

"...I... um..." she shifts again, holding her magic staff.

"Look. um...."


"....darnit. This is always hard to.. explain." she says quietly. "Remember. When I told you about that game?..." she asks. "It was just a game. But... Hiroko. Was our friend. She used to play to. She was... Prism Keeper Silver." she says quietly.

"One day... something changed. She said she couldn't play anymore. But also... became antagonistic to us. After that. No one wanted to play the game anymore. So we stopped..." she says.

"Except... me. And Mei-chan. Met is.. 'Red'. By the way--- um."

"We continued it in the form of a story... a comic and-- lots of stuff." she nods.

"...a force. Made the bad parts of the story real. We had... based a.. character. Off Hiroko. Griselda, Princess of the Grey Kingdom."

"So that's what she became. When the story was made 'real'. When the game became real." she says.

"...the counterforce to the Grey Kingdom... The Color Kingdom.... Spectra." she says.

"--made the 'good' parts real. So the characters we made that we're...."

"Well honestly self inserts..." she huffs. "Became real." she says quietly.

"So we've been fighting her. For the past few years. We're.. The Prism Keepers." she says. "We protect color."


"I wanted to draw you as a 'Keeper', because. You we're my friend now too? And I wanted you to feel like you fit in too? But... I didn't think. It would be 'made real' like us. I'm a dummy." she sulks. Some koi appear near her. They sulk too, like in forgiveness.

"So-sorry that was a long explanation. If.. if you have questions. I mean... please. Ask if.. if you're upset.. I understand I-- just..." she shifts.
Riley Hunter 2019-05-10 21:21:30 104964
Riley jumped clear from the creature as it disintegrated, flying upwards as fast as she could to get away from what she thought was a technicolour, but no less harmful explosion. She watched from above, her heart feeling like it was about to jump out of her chest. The entire time fighting she wasn't thinking about how insane that was, how it went against anything she ever knew. She looked at her hands, still bathed in a red afterglow. What just happened? She had to find out.

The girl flew towards the ground, landing on one knee and balancing herself with her hand, blasting a smouldering crater beneath her. She rose to her feet, her "superhero" suit still kicking out a heat haze as if not yet fully cooled. "Reiko." Her tone was flat, calm and even yet still held behind it a harder edge. "I think you might have some explaining to do."

She listened to what she had to say, nodding. "Alright." She said, shifting back to her normal self, her suit seemingly burning away to reveal her normal hoodie and jeans beneath "That is probably just about the craziest thing I have ever heard. but we just fought a ten meter tall Babe Ruth so I suppose all bets are off at this point. So what are you really saying here? Is this some sort of superhero team? Shit, where's Nick Fury when you need him?"
Hoshi Kogane 2019-05-10 21:28:05 104965
While Orange explains things, Yellow approaches them both with more stars ready, sending them to their most hurt looking spots so they can attach like band-aids. They'll soothe the pain and help recover more quickly, and to a normal person they just look like star-shaped band-aids. "Hanging out with Steal Wrath." She answers Brass's last question.
Miho Kagami 2019-05-10 21:33:04 104966
Joy bows to Brass. "And I'm Life Witch Joy, completely unrelated to the Prism Keepers, with enemies of my own," she says. "I'm the only Life Witch, though, I don't have anyone else with my source of power." She shrugs. "I dunno who 'Nick Fury' is, but, like. Have you heard the urban legends about Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask?" She grins. "They're real, I've fought alongside 'em. I even gave Tuxedo Mask magical life support once when his soul got stolen."

She stretches, and in a burst of jade-green light, she reverts to being a gangly girl with brown hair. "Also, I'm Miho Kagami," she adds, in her now-kinda-scratchy-and-androgynous voice. Wow, she looks different out of henshin! But her demeanor and manner of speech are exactly the same.
Reiko Touyama 2019-05-10 21:43:58 104967
Orange shakes her head as she touches her Chroma Prism on her staff and she lets her magical transformation fade back into Reiko. She looks tired. She shakes her head. "Not 'Superhero' exactly. We're magical girls. It is... different." she says quietly. "Many of us protect certain things. The Prism Keepers protect color." she says.

"Don't worry, I'll give you a few Sailor V comics, you'll get it!" she smiles wide. Because of course Reiko has like ten thousand magical girl comics.

"I erm... drew you like a western comic though so I guess.. that stuck..." she kicks a foot as she rubs her arms. "Thanks..." she says to Hoshi for the bandages. "S--sorry. I didn't mean to hide the new Prism from you. It just... I literarily only had it for a day. I hadn't a chance to talk to you about it uet." she says wide eyed.

She looks to Miho with a dreamy look....

"Tuxedo Kamen.......~" she sighs.

A koi appears. It makes a '<3' and blushes with it's fins clasped.
Moriko Hayashi 2019-05-10 21:49:38 104968
Moriko Hayashi calls after Griselda's retreat, "CALLED IT!" with a mix of laughing and a scowl. It shifts though as Orange gets herself up. Stepping back to give her room, she brushes herself off and considers for a moment before replying to Riley's comment, "Stahl might count there. The fury part I mean. Big guy, can't miss him. Usually punching things." Leaning from one side to the other to get a look at everyone she asks, "Anyone else hurt?" Not that her magic really lends itself to helping at this point.

Looking around the park at the others she murmurs, "We should either drop before they wake up or leave. Right?" ... "Or just linger around and pretend to be cosplayers. Does that work?" She's not super used to this whole hero thing yet.
Riley Hunter 2019-05-10 21:52:52 104969
"Right, so when do we fight Thanos? All we need to do is find Antman and get him t- Gah!" She stumbled looking down at her leg where the bat had glanced her. "Wow. Okay sprained ankle, fuck you too. Okay all joking aside, how the hell does this work? You drew me as a superhero and it, uh, well happened? Also what's the deal with this Grisel-" She tailed off. "You do realise this makes no sense, yeah? You draw a comic and then, poof, I'm flying around and setting people on fire."
Reiko Touyama 2019-05-10 21:59:06 104970
Reiko Touyama sighhhhhs. "You can't just set people on fire... some of these... people are brainwashed. Or being controlled or manipulated..." she says quietly. "I mean, stop them just..." she sighs. "It's complicated. Ya know?" she asks.

"Yeaaaa... you're gonna start to see things too. Like... these koi!" two koi appear near her head. "We-- the Prism Keepers-- all have these uncontrollable emotes. It's strange. I bet you'll have them too, eventually... I wonder what they'll be..." she says quietly.

"But there's other heroes... like... Tuxedo Kamen... the Sailor Senshi.... um. There's some Guardian Knights... um.... Device Mages... a Werewolf--- oh but a good werewolf! She's my friend!" she says with a curt nod.

"My grandpa knows about the magic stuff. I dunno why he can see and understand it..." she says. "But. Most people can't see it. Or interpret it differently. Like... what just happened? These people are gonna wake up and remember like a gas leak. Instead of a giant monster..." she says quietly.

"So you may not wanna tell your parents n' stuff..."
Riley Hunter 2019-05-10 22:05:39 104971
"Whoa whoa whoa, hey, I didn't say I was just going to set people on fire *randomly*! I would need a uh, a *very* good reason for that. Like mecha Babe Ruth. That's a pretty good reason. Great power, great responsibility, yadda yadda yadda. I get it." Riley looked up at the magical floating Koi. "Emotes. That makes exactly no sense, but, what has today?" She paused for a moment, thinking. "Eagles. It's gonna be eagles. I'll bet you it's gonna be eagles. My suit had this sort of theme to it, had a weird eagle symbol on it, it's totally gonna be eagles. Also uh, yeah, totally not going to tell my parents that I'm somehow now a magical flying fire spitting superhero. They'd think I've finally lost it."
Miho Kagami 2019-05-10 22:09:21 104972
Miho shrugs. "Here's how a Pretty Cure explained it to me," she says. "The magic stuff never stops being weird. You just get, like, desensitized to it and stuff." She grins. "It's when the weird stuff starts to seem normal that you start worrying."

She blinks. "Oh right, the other big thing you need to be warned about is Witches." Beat. "I mean, not like the 'person' kind of witches like me, I mean there's these huge monsters which are called Witches for some reason." She shakes her head. "If, uh, if reality starts looking stretched and all totally gonzo-weird like a kid on caffeine started pasting it together from craft paper and stuff?" She stops herself from making the same warning she got before she knew she was magical, which is simply 'run'. "Uh, like ... make sure you don't go in alone, you need to work together with other magical girls and boys to handle 'em. Those kinds of Witches are nasty business."