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Date: 2019-05-14
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Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-14 00:46:54 105046
    Even during the night, Tokyo is never truly dark. The city streets are awash in neon lights from street signs and headlights alike, casting a constant lightscape where the only thing differentiating night from day is the color of the sky above.

    But even with all the lights, much of the city is still left hidden. Not so much in terms of the structures within it, but rather the people-- and the culture. Chief reason for why a certain figure sat at the edge of a tall building's rooftop seems to be going completely unnoticed by the entire city at large.

    Not that Stahlritter is truly expecting everyone to completely ignore him. Just the people who are not at all involved with the magical world. But even if he isn't, he is still not putting on quite as vigilant front as he usually does. THe usual crouched posture is replaced with his rear firmly on the rooftop's edge, with armored legs hanging off over it, with several stories of empty air left underneath his feet. Fiery-orange visor stares off down at the moving lights far down below, and a take-away cup of coffee barely has a trace of steam left wafting above it, next to a halfway-finished doggy bag of takoyaki.
Millie White 2019-05-14 01:06:47 105047
"I KNEW I smelled Takoyaki!"

A low but highly amused voice announced, only accompanied by the sound of boots hitting the ground behind Stahlritter as Cure Shield arrived. The green knight sniffed the air and a warm lopsided grin split her features. Without hesitation she made her way to the edge Stahlritter sat at and plunked down with a carefree grace. Cure Shield's legs swung over the side of the building as she took a spot next to the Steel Knight. Her shield was casually held in one hand, and she turned to face her friend and mentor.

"Seen anything weird tonight? It's been pretty quiet for me. Not even a whiff of dark magic so far." The Cure offered before her gaze turned streetward. All the mundane folk were going about their lives, completely oblivious to the world that operated in and around them. Every so often she caught herself thinking about it, like now, and it still felt a bit surreal. Even so, she wouldn't trade it; being a Cure was one of the greatest things to ever happen to her. For now she was content to keep a watchful gaze over the world just below them, intent on keeping it safe and protected.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-14 01:17:34 105048
    Just the Green Knight's voice is enough indication for the Steel Knight to not react in any alarmed manner to the sudden approaching presence behind him. THe only thing he does, at first, is bring the imposing helmet turning slowly sidelong to cast a look at the Cure while she's settling to sitting there.

    The visor's directed right back downwards all over again, afterwards, just as a low rumble of a slightly modulated voice offers, "Not much for now," while reaching for the collection of Takoyaki besides him. "Needed to sit down for once, though."

    The doggy bag, then, is pulled over, and swapped over to his other hand-- so that it can be held out to the Cure, in wordless offer.
Millie White 2019-05-14 01:28:35 105049
The Cure grinned and accepted exactly one takoyaki with a quickly uttered thank you. The fact that Stahlritter was sitting down and eating while on patrol was surprising enough, she didn't want to ruin it by eating all his food. That single poor takoyaki was wolfed down in cold blood and the green knight emitted a cheerful grunt of satisfaction.

"Nothing yet, eh..." She mumbled almost to herself as her gaze wandered through the people on the streets below. It wasn't unheard of that a night could pass without incident. It wasn't exactly common, but it did happen from time to time.

"You okay?" She asked simply, her head tilting up to look back at him. The way he had said that he 'needed' to sit down made her ask such a question, but also because she had never known the Steel Knight to take a break like this. He deserved a break, of course, but she wanted to make sure he was alright.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-14 01:37:22 105050
    After she eats up the first TAkoyaki... the doggy bag is bumped lightly against her again. "Eat up," he insists. "Folks like us need way more food to function than the folks down there.

    Eventually, he does pull it back, but even then he leaves it settled on his lap. In easy enough reach like that.

    "I'm fine," the Steel KNight insists, in answer to her question. SO stubborn and persistent, as usual. But this time... it doesn't come without an addendum. "...Just a little tired, I guess."

    A low series of metallic clattering accompanies the retracting of the platings forming his helmet-- drawing away from around his head down towards his neck, until it eventually disappears entirely into a brief billowing of mana dust. Leaving the face of the germanic young man exposed, just for the express purpose of letting him draw out a takoyaki to pop into his mouth without the metal in the way. And bright green eyes brought unobstructed in their faintly fatigued stare down to the streets.

    "...Been fightin' most my life, you know. When you're pushing nineteen, I guess that's pretty telling of how things are."
Millie White 2019-05-14 01:56:22 105051
Her intuition had been correct. As glad as she was that he was taking a break, she sympathized greatly over why he needed one. At his persistence, the Cure devoured one more takoyaki to keep the other one company, but ate no more after that. For a moment she said nothing in return to his statements. The silence between them was thoughtful as opposed to awkward as Cure Shield softly bumped her boot against the stones of the building they sat on.

"It's okay to be tired, sometimes, I think." The green knight said softly, her gaze turning skyward. "It means you remember a normal before this crazy magic one. I kinda see it as a point of reference, you know? Knowing where you've been helps you figure out where you're going."

She answered honestly as she sniffed the air again. The ability to smell magic was an odd yet useful one that allowed her to keep tabs on her surroundings even when otherwise occupied by conversation or even combat. The night had been devoid of youma so far tonight, which was good, because inwardly she felt that it was good for Stahlritter to get stuff like this off his chest.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-14 02:16:13 105052
    "I am not really sure I know what normal is," he admits after a short moment of continued thoughtful silence. His eyes drift over to one of his gauntlet-bearing hands, the steel fingers of it curling closed slowly before opening all over again. "I'm the son of two people running a multi-billion international conglomerate who just went on defiantly getting involved in gang warfare all over London, Berlin and Tokyo. And even that was... I guess it was planned by them, too. They did plan for me to be their own living magical weapon since before I was born, so..."
Millie White 2019-05-14 02:34:58 105053
The green knight reached out and placed a hand on Stahlritter's shoulder. He was right, of course; with a childhood like his, he was far from any sort of normal... but that didn't mean it had to stay like that. When she met his gaze, her grin was a gentle one.

"Normal is subjective, Stahl. Literally everybody's normal is different because normal is what we make it. It's part of being human, so you have to live with it. Sorry, I don't make the rules." She shrugged good naturedly, letting her hand drop back to her side. It was part of being human... which was what Stahlritter was. Not a weapon that belonged to someone else; his power was his own, and he was using it to help people.

"For what it's worth, I'm proud of you." She said in a more serious tone as she looked back down to the streets below. "Your folks aren't making you patrol at night to keep civilians safe. They aren't telling you to worry about the people close to you, or to help them when they need it, or to train them to fight for themselves... but you are. That's all you."

The Cure left it at that as nothing else really needed to be said on the matter, and she let out a small content hum as she spotted a stray dog making its way through the streets below.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-19 22:25:34 105185
    When the Cure's hand finds it's place on the Steel Knight's shoulder, the young man tilts his head over sidewards to peek down at it. There's just a brief sound of a sigh on his part, before he leans himself slightly sidewards, and lightly against her.

    "I'm not sure I am anyone who anyone should be proud of," he murmurs quietly, eyes idly drifting down along the streets beneath once more over. "I was made to kill for all I know. And I'm just... trying to make amends. Even more so since I had an incredibly priviliged life before I started butting heads with my folks, you know? ... Even if I am not that guy anymore. Even if they did only make Alexis Raskoph, and not Stahlritter."

    He does notice the dog wandering along down there, too, and after a moment, he suddenly asks, "... Did I eveer introduce Hope to you?"
Millie White 2019-05-19 22:44:40 105186
"Too bad; I'm proud of Stahlritter and there's nothing you can do about it." Cure Shield grinned as her gaze returned to him. As he leaned against her, she patted his back sympathetically. The steel clad knight had been through a lot, he deserved to be able to let his guard down every once in a while. She was just glad that he felt comfortable enough to do so with her around. At the question, she shook her head but her eyes lit up.

"No, I haven't met lil' Hope. Only heard of the scruff ball." Her tone was amused, almost excited. It was no secret that Millie was definitely a dog person, so it wouldn't be all that surprising to find that she was eager to meet Hope. "How is she?" The green knight peered at her mentor expectantly.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-19 22:59:46 105187
    "Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure I'm only as good as what I can leave behind," Stahlritter notes, and gives a light bump of his knee against the side of the Cure's leg. "And you're part of that. I... deal with a lot of stuff, you know, so I'm pretty sure my life expectancy isn't a long one. And there's gotta be folks able to pick up the fight the same way I have afterwards." It... might be a bit unsettling that he's convinced that his end is goign t be inevitably a violent one.

    He laughs a bit when she refers to Hope as 'scruff ball'. "I'll have you know I keep her well cleaned and groomed," he insists, face bearing a good-natured smile for once. "She's... well. Energetic. I'm glad I have her. Though... I feel bad for her, too. I don't get to be home much. I fear I might not be... a good human for her."
Millie White 2019-05-19 23:40:47 105188
As good as what he left behind? Life expectancy? The Cure frowned and raised one hand. A swift yet gentle punch was administered to his shoulder as she glared at her mentor.

"I told you not to talk like that. Any one of us could die tomorrow, and there's no way to ever know until it happens. No point in starting to think of it as inevitable... time is better spent enjoying what you do have and fighting to protect it." At the end of the day, wasn't that what Stahlritter was doing? It sure seemed like it to her and that was all she needed.

"And what you have is a doggo that loves you. If you love her in return and take care of her? It's enough. I'm sure she'd tell you herself if she could." She responded after a few moments, rather matter of factly. The green knight leaned back slightly so that she could look back up at the sky. She had to admit, it was nice being able to have moments like this. In their profession, these kinds of things could be few and far between.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-19 23:58:07 105189
    Stahlritter jostles ever so slightly from the play-punch-- though it's obviously exagerrated just for the sake of a show put on for her. "That's kind of the thing," he says then, in a surprisingly serious tone. "I already died once. And of all things, that's what set me free from them. And so I'm not... entirely bothered by it, I suppose."

    What she says about Hope does draw a faint smile from him, offered over to her before he directs his eyes back downwards again. "I suppose there is that," he murmurs. "Dogs are so... unconditional like that, aren't they? I can't help but feel like I am not giving her enough in return, is all." A deep sigh is let out, and he slowly tilts his head backwards, directing his eyes up to the sky... dark as it might be. "Would be kind of nice to hear that from someoen for once, though."
Millie White 2019-05-20 00:18:41 105190
He was a good sport about most things, which was another reason the two of them had gotten off on the correct footing at first. When his tone became more serious, Cure Shield looked back over at her friend. He had... died? Like actually died? Surely magic or the like was involved since he still breathed and walked about, but she had never known this about him. Unnerved was a good word to describe what she felt in the pit of her stomach right now.

"Well it bothers me that it doesn't bother you. It may have set you free, but dying shouldn't exactly be high or even placing on your 'Well It's Not a Big Deal' list." She countered, but not without a sense of gentleness to the tone of her voice. His comment about hearing 'that' from someone would be nice caught her by surprise, and her head titled ever so slightly.

"Hear what? That it's enough? That they love you?" she asked curiously.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-20 00:33:53 105191
    "It's not that I don't think death itself isn't a big deal in general," Stahlritter points out with a shake of his head. "I don't... want anyone else to die. If anyone I knew died I would rage at the heavens. But me? ... I'm at terms with the fact that I am probably going to die sooner rather than later. I'm not afraid of death. I'm more afraid of failing to help someone. I am afraid of... leaving behind something worse than I left off with. Afraid there won't be anyone else there to continue. That's all."

    A more akward laugh, then, at her following question, and he even sheepishly gives a slight scratch at the side of his neck. "Something like, I guess..."
Millie White 2019-05-20 00:55:16 105192
"I get what you meant, but I meant your death specifically." The Cure chided with a frown. "I don't care if you aren't afraid of dying. I'm afraid of you dying, and I'm sure everyone else you associate with is too." Just because he had accepted it didn't mean she had to. The green Cure was always honest and forthright in the way that she spoke and now was no exception. When he laughed awkwardly and agreed with her question, she paused. Had no one ever expressed that they cared to Stahlritter before? Surely they had, but maybe indirectly? Now that she thought about it, why didn't they? It was important to let people you care about know that you care.

"Well Stahlritter, I care about you and I think that what you're doing is more than enough. It occurs to me that I've never actually told you before, but I really admire you y'know? You're a good guy and one day you'll see that." A lopsided grin spread across her face, one that indicated that she was convinced she was absolutely correct in her last statement.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-20 01:33:19 105193
    Ah..." A hand returns to the back of Stahlritter's neck, and he grows to look increasingly more sheepish by the minute. "... I don't know that I am as big of a deal as you make me out to be, honestly," he insists. "... But I haven't... really had a whole lot of friends through my life. Even here, I've pushed away a lot of them... including like four girlfriends. One of them even left me for another girl. SO maybe my view is just skewed because of that. I don't know."
Millie White 2019-05-20 01:46:27 105194
"Not a big deal? You're Stahlritter!" Cure Shield insisted, raising a hand and waving it in the air as if that alone proved her statement. "The Steel Knight! Even if you were like a tenth as badass as you are, you'd be a big deal! I swear you you have an action figure out there somewhere, and if you don't, you should. But only if it has real Belkan Action tm."

Her tone was light, joking, but he would know she meant every word of it. Truth be told, she herself hadn't had many friends before this whole Mahou Shoujo Adventure had started over a year ago now. Even though they grew up under completely different circumstances, she felt she could relate to him if even a little.

"I've never had a girlfriend either. Or a boyfriend for that matter. I guess I never really thought about that kind of stuff. I've always been focused on other things because I'm young yet, I have my whole life to figure that stuff out y'know?" She couldn't quite silence the tiny voice in the back of her mind that whispered 'HAD' in correction to what she had said.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-20 02:02:53 105195
    "Wh--" The Knight is actually taken visibly aback by the Cure's talking up of him, and he briefly leans back just slightly awya from her while staring at her with widened eyes. And after a few seconds of staring... he just bursts into laughter. "Pffft-- do you have a poster of me in your room or something? You're talkin' about me like I'm some international celebrity or the hottest anime character of the year!" He shakes his head a bit with that, and the laughter dies down before he adds in, "...I'm not flashy enough to get any attention like that, anyhow. Even without the universe itself ending up making people just... not notice folks like us, heroes like the Sailors would get way more attention than me. I'm more... in the shadows. And I think I'm fine with that. I'm not doing any of this for praise or glory."

    He narrows his eyes at Millie, then, when she talks about her own relationships - or lack thereof - and inevitably nudges his elbow against her side while his expression turns to a look of utter, teasing mischief. "What, my student never have a crush on anyone even?" He murmurs, with an utterly *shit eating* grin on his face while he teases her. "No heart eyes at any girls or boys in PE class? No one you wished would swoop you up off your feet and carry off to some romantic field?"
Millie White 2019-05-20 02:16:40 105196
"I don't have a poster, but whenever your brawler video game hits shelves, I'll get one of the box art." The green knight responded without missing a beat, the grin never leaving her face. Her pride in her friends was not something she was ashamed of or embarrassed by, so teasing her like that had little to no effect. When he commented on her own romantic interests, a thoughtful expression crossed her face as she thought about it seriously.

"Hm... can't say that I have. I'm uh... I'm not sure what a crush feels like, exactly." She admitted, the tips of her ears reddening in a blush. After a moment, she looked back up at him. "Do you?"
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-20 02:26:17 105199
    "Ah... So it's all the way there, huh..." Stahlritter murmurs, with his expression easening away from the teasing undertones. HE considers his student for a moment, before giving a slow nod.

    "I do," he admits, without any sheepishness left. "It's... a strange feeling. Warm. You just kind of... know it is what it is, when you look at someone you feel it for. It varies a lot for different people too though, from what I hear... Some people kind of just lock up and forget how to speak properly, for example. Me, though? I just... I just kind of feel this 'wish', you know? A wish I could do more than what I already am. And a fear I might ruin what is already there by saying that much. A wish to be with that person as much as you can... and the realization that I would do anything, just to see that person smile."

    He rolls his shoulders around slowly, before continuing. "...But I do know how it feels to lose all that, too. It's... just part of life, I suppose." Looking back to the CUre, he offers a small, but warm, smile. "There'll be someone for you, I'm sure," he tells her, with complete confidence. "BUt you have time. THere ain't no time limit for these things. But... You should definitely think about that sort of thing at least a little, too? YOu're at that kind of age where these things should be getting a bit more relevant. And I can't have a student of mine ending up as badly with their social life as I have!"

    "So..." A light nudge against her side again, and some of that teasing tone returns to him again. "Gun to your head, you're told to pick what your type is. WHat'd it be?"
Millie White 2019-05-20 02:41:20 105202
The description Stahlritter gave her was both unexpected, and incredibly specific yet broad at the same time. A crush was warm, made it hard to talk, made you think you could be doing more, and made it hard to resist someone's smile? When picked apart like that it was no wonder there were so many love songs about heartbreak and confusion. Her brows furrowed gently in thought. The thought of having someone out there for her one day had never occurred to her and now that it was on the table, she wasn't sure how she felt about it. She couldn't really imagine anyone thinking of her like that, which made it hard to gauge what her emotions on it were.

Her train of thought was broken by the sudden elbow nudge to her ribs. Her ... type? Like what kind of person she liked? How did he expect her to answer that when she just had to ask him what a crush felt like? Cure Shield frowned for a moment in serious thought. "... Someone kind. Warm. Determined. Smarter than me, though that's not hard." She chuckled. "What about you? What does the Steel Knight fancy?" The green knight turned the question on her mentor with a quirked brow.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-20 03:00:05 105207
    "... I was *really* hoping you wouldn't turn that right back around on me," Stahlritter admits with a defeated groan. "But I suppose I would be disappointed by your wit if you didn't, too. THere's the dilemma of being your teacher too, isn't it?"

    With a roll of his eyes, he considers the question for his own right... though he probably spends less time on it than she did. "Someone kind and... energetic. Someone more positive about life than me, anyway, like sunshine casting shadows away in the morning. ... ANd they'd certainly have to be able to keep up with me to some extent, too."
Millie White 2019-05-20 03:08:19 105208
Cure Shield chuckled at her friend's initial reaction. Of course she was going to reverse the question. Friend, teacher, mentor, it was fine whatever he wanted to call it. It had never been a problem to her, so whatever dilemma he was talking about was news to her.

"Sunshine..." She murmured to herself before nodding in agreement. Like sunshine was a good descriptor, she thought. Her gaze returned to his face when she grinned. "You're not too hard to keep up to, what with all that armour."
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-20 03:10:13 105209
    "Eeeeehhh?" He narrows his eyes at her into a squint! A SQUINT! A very suspicious one at that! "...You tellin' me I'm slow-like, eh?" He mutters at her. "Do I gotta start steppin' circles around you and see how well you keep up with me, huh?"
Millie White 2019-05-20 03:16:03 105211
"I think you'd only manage squares with how bulky your armour is. Like a mini-van trying to parallel park." She let out a hearty guffaw, fully realizing what this would mean later. Teasing him like this always lead to more push ups, or more laps, or more reps, or more whatever during training. Even so, she didn't mind; extra training was extra training, and if she got to have a little fun while doing it, how could she resist?
Alexis Raskoph 2019-05-20 03:26:59 105215
    "Please, I'd be dancing all over around you while you were still stuck figuring out how your footwork was going," Stahlritter counters with a snort and a light bump of his elbow brought over against her ribs again. "The armor ain't weigh me down at all. But I *might* toss you over to the other side of Tokyo at this rate."
Millie White 2019-05-20 03:30:51 105216
"That's fine. I'm pretty sure I can fly. I think. Or at least jump well enough that I have my own landing strategy." The Cure said sagely with a nod, and it was true. She had heard that the other Cures could fly, perhaps she just had to figure it out? Either way, she had been jumping everywhere regardless and she was confident in her ability to land on her feet... even if she was tossed across all of Tokyo.

"I'm glad there wasn't really any youma tonight. It's nice getting to talk like this every so often. Kinda refreshing, yeah?" She said quietly, scuffing her boot against the side of the building again as she rubbed her ribs.