Weird Puella Science or Something

Date: 2019-05-17
Pose Count: 5
Lacrima 2019-05-17 07:44:05 105115
Easter Tower is the home of Easter's Department store but also main offices, with the first three floors being a department store. There's a small lobby area up front though if people need information or direction to an area that isn't in the department store.

There's a trio of friendly smiling women behind the lobby booth one is watching the door and other two are busy with something or another. Maybe glancing through security cameras once in a while of the department store.

There's some hustle and bustle associated with a department store but not much more than that. If Sa Siu was looking for someone particular she could probably ask one of them.

A purple haired girl with purple eyes and dressed in an impeccable business suit reads a book on a bench next to an extremely fake tree by the window. The book seems to be titled 'Love, Darkly - The Forbidden Romance' and seems to be a PG-13 romance novel of some sort. She seems really engrossed in it and has the remains of a boxed lunch next to her. She's probably on a 'break' of some sort, though her manner of dress suggests she holds some sort of position for her lunch to be 'however long she wants it to be', despite her apparent age of around sixteen.

She seems to giggle a bit lightly at a page and blushes. Ohohoho--- she flips the page.
Sa Siu 2019-05-17 08:12:38 105116
Siu has arrived before the address Fate gave her. She brought that paper with the address on it and her notes on questioning Kyubey. Considering she is going to see people on the magical side of things, it might not be a good idea to ask the concierage but eh, can just asking for the person works. Hopefully she doesn't get looked at weirdly. She shows the part with the address to one of the women at the booth, "Hello, is there a Lacrima-san at this flat?"
Lacrima 2019-05-17 08:27:33 105117
The woman smiles and asks "May I help you?" she asks, pleasantly and politely. When she asks for 'Lacrima-san' though the tone seems to change a moment. "Yes, what is your business?" she asks, the tone going from 'pleasant customer service' to 'serious business' pretty quickly.

Lacrima looks up, seemingly hearing her name somewhere and closes her book and walks on over to the front desk as she hooks her book under her arm after throwing out her bento box and clears her throat. "Thank you, I can take it from here." she says to the lobbyist, who quickly nods and gets back to work. She looks Sa Siu over and purses her lips. "Hello." she says softly. "I don't believe we've met before...? I am La Crima. What is it you want with me?" she asks curiously.
Sa Siu 2019-05-17 08:44:09 105118
Sa Siu is intimidtated a little from the sudden change of tone. Buuuut she can't turn back now or that would sound even more suspisous. So here goes nothing. "Hello. Lacrima-san... uh is your name supposed to be read together or seperately? I'm referred to you by Fate. I would like to ask about the deal with Puella Magis and Witches." She looks around and is a little relieved nobody looks at her weird.

"I don't suppose this is the place to speak over this issue? Do you have an office or something I can visit?" Speaking of, she remembers Fate telling her that she studies Witches and environments. Does that mean there would be a laboratory? Oh, that would be exciting!
Lacrima 2019-05-17 08:58:33 105119
Lacrima listens softly. "Either, or, really. Lacrima is fine. Friends call me 'Lacchan', usually." she says softly softly as she head tilts as she lifts her head. She blinks a little. "Oh, you want to speak about Puella Magi... so--- are you?..."

"Well a magical girl?" she asks. "Come with me." she says as she leads Sa Siu to an elevator off to the side labeled 'Employees Only'. She removes a card with a half-moon on it and slides it through a slot inside the elevator and it travels..... oddly. It feels like the elevator actually starts moving to the right....

Then the left...

Then... forward? Shouldn't it had gone through the wall? Regardless, it opens into a laboratory , yes. She steps forward and sighs. "This is UMBRA's temporary home. UMBRA is a... research wing of another organization I won't discuss with you." she says as she steps in and sits down at a computer and turns the chair to face Sa Siu.

"I'm a field research and field agent. My specialty is 'creatures'-- monsters and the like." she says with a soft nod.

"Fate sent you... she is a former associate. Who left mostly amicably. So for the moment I'll trust you." she says. "What exactly is it you want to know?" she asks.