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Date: 2019-05-17
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Rashmi Terios 2019-05-17 21:50:21 105120
School's out~! But not for the summer; the half-term doesn't end for another week. Even still, students are in high spirits, and the ones that enjoy their food fragrant and spicy have crammed the Korma for post-school snacks on the way home. Tables host uniforms of several different schools, and the background is a happy chatter as waitstaff keeps the flow of decidedly un-Japanese snacks and sweets going steady.

At a table near a door labeled 'Owner Only,' a dark-skinned, bespectacled redhead studies, her place at the table defended by a fortress made of textbooks, with a large mug of tea at her elbow.
Miho Kagami 2019-05-17 22:01:50 105121
Miho has invited the newest Prism Keeper to the Korma Chameleon, on the basis that if anyone can give a sensible explanation of magic and the state of Tokyo, it's Rashmi. And, of course, it's got great food.

"I remember the second time a monster came after me, before I started becoming a magical girl myself," she says as they reach the door. "Rashmi-chan invited all of us over for chom chom, which is this awesome dessert." She looks around, sees the redhead, and calls out, "Hey, Rashmi-chan!"

And then she blinks, and giggles nervously. "Wow there's no way I would've been able to just call out to someone at around this time last year ..."
Sora Hisakata 2019-05-17 22:25:23 105122
After a long afternoon of smacking balls, Sora Hisakata needs to restock on carbs, and what better way to do it than by getting some of the best indian food in town. Besides, she's needs to catch up with folks anyway.
Riley Hunter 2019-05-17 22:36:43 105124
Riley's response was measured, almost deadpan as she walked alongside Miho. "You're talking about giant monster attacks like you talk about the damn weather. Oh yeah I remember my first thunderstorm." She shook her head, following Miho, looking through the window of the Korma Chameleon. "So what, Indian place? Let me guess, another monster's gonna be there but that's just Tuesday in Japan. Am I going to have to fight off a vindaloo in more ways than one here? Wait... Bleh no. No, bad mental image..." She shook her head, as though trying to throw out a thought that had become physically lodged right in there just behind the eyeballs.

The comment after Miho called for Rashme though gave her more pause. She turned to the older girl, looking up towards her. "What. Okay yeah, that makes sense, you fight big ass scary godzilla motherfuuhaauh... No, not going to swear... Uuh, things, but you can't even call someone's name?"
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-17 22:51:12 105126
The redhead looks up from her studying, and her generally pleasant expression becomes a beaming smile as she lifts a hand to wave at Miho. As the pair approach, she starts to put her books away, revealing the remains of something at least a bit greasy, and probably made with ground beef. "Hi Miho-chan~! C'mon over, and who's your friend?" Riley, likewise, gets the sort of delighted smile one might normally see on a big sister for her favorite little sibling. Even with one a stranger, both girls are waved over.

Which point her attention is snagged briefly by an entering Sora, who gets another cheery wave. Today is going to be quite the social day, and Riley is meeting one of those happy ones, apparently.
Miho Kagami 2019-05-17 22:59:05 105127
Miho blinks. "Actually y'know what, now that you mention it, that is actually very weird," she says. "Wow. I've ... actually gotten used to being a magical girl and fighting monsters." She shakes her head. "And, uh, the name thing is because I used to be really shy, and got intimidated easily." She makes a face. "... until an evil magical girl stole Tuxedo Mask's soul in front of me, and my standards for being intimidated just got completely knocked over."

Miho smiles and bows to Rashmi. "Rashmi-chan, this is Riley Hunter." Letting Riley be the one to explain herself on the magical side of things; she isn't entirely comfortable outing someone else. "Hunter-san, this is Rashmi Terios, the daughter of the owners of this place. Rashmi-chan, we're here to talk about, like, magical business and all that."

She looks over as Rashmi waves. "Oh, and that's Sora Hisakata, she's friends with a bunch of magical girls." Respecting Sora's desire for privacy about her secret identity, without actually lying and saying Sora is mundane ...
Sora Hisakata 2019-05-17 23:06:50 105128
"Kagami-san, Terios-san." Sora greets warmly, and then informs the latter, "I just came from practice, we're preparing for the nationals you know, so it's hard work and I need to stock up on energy. What do you recommend?" Finally her gaze settles upon Riley, "Friend of yours, Kagami-san?" She smiles and adds, "It's only natural to be friends with magical girls, some curses can't be dealt with conventionally."
Riley Hunter 2019-05-17 23:20:28 105129
"Yeah I ain't even gonna ask about that. So okay, add things that can steal your soul to the list of whatever the hell that thing Griselda pulled was. Giant Babe Ruth Goomba. Youmba. Roomba. Whatever the hell that thing I set on fire was called." Riley gave a smile and a small polite head nod as she was introduced. "Ayup. I'm Riley. Pleased to meet ya'. Miho was saying you know more about this uh, magic stuff. Said we should meet here. I'll be honest I still don't know what the hell happened to me or, well, anything really that happened."
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-17 23:29:48 105130
"The doi maach is amazing today, Hisakata-san, I'd definitely start there," Rashmi answers almost immediately. "It's not really spicy, but it's fish and it should at least fill you up until you pass the conbenie a couple blocks from the house." This last, said with a lopsided smile; the running curse of every magical girl, calorie intake triples at the very least.

Reccomendations given, she turns to Riley and Miho, sitting back in her booth seat. "It's good to meet you, Hunter-san. I probably can fill you in on a lot, but mostly the general stuff. My magic probably isn't like yours like it isn't like Miho-chan's, y'know? So, how about we start by you telling us what happened, from your perspective, and we can go from there?"

Glancing at Miho, Rashmi grins. "And let me guess; lassi and chom chom, or you in the mood for something different?"
Miho Kagami 2019-05-17 23:34:58 105131
Miho smiles at Sora. "Oh, nice!" she says. "Yeah, the track team is getting ready for their stuff, too! Can't wait to hear how the volleyball stuff goes!" Eloquent and erudite, she ain't. (Little does she know, the one time she tried to give romantic advice is also hanging over her head.) But she's gotten more and more into sports in ways she hadn't expected before.

She grins at Rashmi. "I'll have the same stuff Hisakata-san's --" She pauses, and then looks embarrassed. "Uh, actually, how about you add some extra dessert stuff, if you can? I, uh ... my sixteenth birthday was two and a half weeks ago, and now I'm kinda wishing I'd come here for that, but my birthday parties have always basically just been more lowkey at-home stuff."

She shrugs, and turns back to Riley, waiting to hear her story. Best if the girl tells it herself, and Miho will fill in any extra details if it sounds like it really needs it.
Sora Hisakata 2019-05-17 23:43:32 105132
"I'm sure we'll do well, I'd love to win but competition is pretty rough at that level." Sora answers Miho, and she nods to Rashmi, "That sounds good then. Don't make it too big a portion, though." Sora seems to be excempt from the calorie intake curse, somehow. "Nice to meet you, Riley-san? Uh, that's your personal name right, do you have a family name?"
Riley Hunter 2019-05-17 23:54:31 105133
Riley gave a slight head tilt, listening as the others spoke names of food that were completely unfamiliar to her. In truth she was curious yet she didn't pipe up and ask for anything, it wasn't like she had all that much in the way of cash on her right at the moment, and she was not exactly about to just ask the others if they'd comp her or start a "I'll pay you back" trail that would likely never be resolved. "I was playing baseball with Reiko and Hoshi in the park. Someone came up, started being a bitch, so, I told her what I thought of her. Turned out this person was "Griselda" or something. Summoned a giant baseball player, thing. I don't have words to describe that bastard but some gemstone was tossed to me and now-" She looked to her left, then to her right, blue eyes scanning the room. No one was looking their way. "-I'm the firestarter."

A small spit of flame danced across the girl's fingertips, flickering, spitting, its dancing amber light glinting in her eyes until she clenched her fist, siliencing it. "Or, what was it, "Prism Keeper Brass". Firestarter sounds cooler."

Riley looked over from Rashme and Miho at Sora's question, her hand still held up and clenched in the same position that it was when she put out the fire, a warm smile on the younger girl's scarred face. "Hunter. Last name's Hunter."
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-18 00:04:44 105134
"Ahaaaaa," Rashmi muses, sipping her tea. "You're a friend of Hoshi-chan and Reiko-chan, okay. Now I understand." The fire dancing across Riley's fingers is... well by the look on her face it's not a thing of wonder, but, very definitely impressive. "I'm afraid I don't know much about Griselda... but almost every mahou variety I know of has a problem like her. And what you fought was called a 'youma,' it's a pretty interchangeable term for the monsters the leaders like to set on people for whatever reason. Well... I'd definitely talk to your friends about the particulars, but between the three of us we can probably answer just about any question you have."

And that warm smile comes back, and she slides out of the booth. "So I'm going to get some snacks for us, and order for Sora-chan and Miho-chan. If there's anything you want, Hunter-san, I'll be happy to explain all the food you're curious about to you. Papi met Mami when he was traveling through India, so this is a proper curry shop," she says with a grin. "Back in a second~!" And with that, the redhead bops toward the counter, floor-length plait tucked under one arm so as to avoid hitting the patrons.
Miho Kagami 2019-05-18 00:12:12 105135
Miho suddenly finds herself leaning slightly away from the space between Sora and Riley. She quickly relaxes, though, when Riley doesn't seem issue.

She nods. "Reiko-chan mentioned that she'd drawn Hunter-san as a superhero, and apparently that's how she became a Prism Keeper." She nods and waves as Rashmi heads out.

"As for the names ..." She shrugs. "Magical girls tend to be more ... connected with themes and stuff, instead of how superheroes are more unique. I guess we're more like the Green Lanterns? Except each one has their own name." (After the encounter with Griselda, Miho spent some time looking up superheroes specifically so that she could talk about this with Riley.) "Like, the Sailor Senshi have Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury and all those guys. The Prism Keepers have Prism Keeper Green and Prism Keeper Orange, and so on. And I guess if there was more than one person who had the power of the Life Blessing, there'd be more than one Life Witch."

She shrugs again. "But, like, honestly? Call yourself whatever you think works the best for you. And, like, whatever comes naturally to you when you yell out your name. My title used to be 'Life Mahou Joy', but I decided to change it to 'Life Witch Joy' for a couple reasons." She smiles. "Not least of which was because I figured out that the whole 'line' is kinda malleable, which is to say I changed it because I could. So, uh, yeah." She seems to slightly run out of steam there, or possibly out of words.
Sora Hisakata 2019-05-18 00:19:29 105136
"And there's some people who don't bother with special names at all." Sora doesn't bother giving examples, though she gives Miho a mild side-eye at the mention of calling herself a witch, nothing too serious though. "My family are 'curse hunters' so many of us have at least a little awareness of magic, some more than others, though. If you ever need help with something to do with curses, we've been doing this for generations, so we might know something relevant." Like Miho talking about Sora before, this is all true, just omitting some key facts.
Riley Hunter 2019-05-18 00:30:16 105137
Riley nodded, listening to what each person at the table had to say in turn. "Youma. Yeah. I remember that name. What I don't get is why a drawing suddenly means I have flashy magic fire powers. As superhero origin stories go, that's a weird one." She thought for a moment on that, rolling it around in her head "Hell, not as welrd as some I can think of though, like, god damn even I know radiation doesn't work like that."

Her eyes followed Rashmi as she moved away to get some "snacks", Riley pondering just what was going to come back, especially after looking at the giant plait but her attention went back towards Sora at the mention of curses, a grin on her face. "I think I got that covered! I can swear in like, every langua- Oh wait. Like. Magic. Uh, yeah can't say I've come across that yet."
Rashmi Terios 2019-05-18 00:40:09 105138
After talking briefly to the staff behind the counter, Rashmi bobs her head, grabs an apron off the peg and puts it on with the ease of long practice, and disappears into the kitchen as the girls talk amongst themselves. It's not long after that she emerges, bearing a loaded tray in one hand, and a pitcher of something thick and pastel-orange in the other. The tray is slid onto 'her' table, and she starts unloading glasses and food. Two bowls of fish curry and rice, the smaller (though you'd need a tape measure to tell for sure, the Korma tends to only have one portion size) for Sora.

What gets put in front of Riley is a plate of.... Twinkies? Surely not, but that's certainly what they look like, golden-brown oblongs soaked in something sweet and smelling of roses. "This is chom-chom," she explains with a grin. "This is what happens to cottage cheese when you treat it like bread dough and simmer it in syrup for hours. Papi likes to flavor the syrup, so these're rosewater. And this," she says, pushing a glass of drink toward the American, "is mango lassi. Mostly sweetened yogurt and mango juice, you seem like you've never been in a restaurant remotely like this so I asked Papi to take it easy on the exotic."

Snacks served, she fills her own glass last, then plops back into her seat, undoing the apron.