Fighting a Gameshow host is perfectly normal, you know. Perfectly, normal girl stuff. Just perfectly normal.

Date: 2019-05-28
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Haruna Kurosawa 2019-05-29 00:14:42 105436
"Oh my god Haruna, TAKE ME!" says Corvus as he shakes Haruna's collar with tiny wings as he pleads and begs! This was yesterday. "Well okay! It might be fun!"

Haruna is now sitting in the audience of a game show called 'Let's Get Quizzical', today! Corvus apparently, really likes this quiz show and when he heard it was filming in Tokyo today he really wanted to go. Haruna has her arms crossed across her chest as the eager, white haired boy next to him leans forward. "Maybe I'll be picked! Maybe I can get the host's autograph!....." he says.

Haruna snorts. "We can try after the filming. But who knows, maybe I'll be picked and I'll show them how smartly I am!"

Corvus eyes Haruna as he makes the straightest face ever that screams 'yeah that better not happen.'

MEANWHILE. There's hustle and bustle as people are taking their seats. Nothing terrible is happening- yet. Haruna is sitting somewhere in the middle right of the audience, not wanting to be in the thick of it, with Corvus to her right.

Haruna is about to ask Corvus where the snack guy is-- because Haruna thinks snacks exist during a show taping- when the stage goes dark and the 'Quiet' sign goes on and the host comes out. He's dressed in a gaudy red suit with question marks and has blonde hair and probably isn't Japanese. What's funny is that he isn't the badguy but still dresses like the Riddler or something.

"HELLO!" he says. "I'm CHET YABETCHA and welcome to LET'S! GET! QUIZZICAL!" the crowd cheers, Corvus cheers. Corvus starts yelling 'PICK ME!' 'PICK ME!' but also lots of other people do. CHET YABETCHA does a 'settle down motion' and the crowd quiets. "LET'S MEET TODAY'S CONTESTANTS! HE'S A MANAGER AT A POPULAR COFFEE CAFE! COME ON DOWN COR------" Corvus is about to leap out of his seat when there's a sudden 'POOF' and the flagrant glower of dark energy next to Chet as a man in a dark suit and a red pocket square and an incredibly square jawline appears next to him. "Hiii Chet- have a seat!" he says as he raises his hands---

"LET THE FUTURE REFLECTED IN THE MIRROR BECOME TERRIBLE!" he calls out as CHET YABETCHA gets entraped in one of the Phantom Empire's coffin-shaped mirrors as he casually uses a foot to knock in backwards as a GIANT, Question Marked Shaped Terribad rises up and screams "TERRIBAD!". The Audience goes nuts and begins to panic, but the man continues.

"HELLO! Chet is off this week, I'm THE QUIZMASTER!" he insists as he grips the sides of the podium.

"HARUNA KUROSAWA! COME ON DOWWWWNNNNNN!" he yells as the Quiz Terribad shoots out weird, long arms and rips Haruna from her seat with an 'AWK!' and is placed down at a Podium. "W--woah!" she goes as he grabs her mirror behind the podium--- Yup, time to change. She'll transform behind it.

"MIHO KAGAMI, COME ON DOWWNNNNNN!" he yells as he flips to the next card as the Quiz Terribad also attempts to drag her down.

"AND wooo ho, double trouble, AKI KUROSAWA COME ON DOWWWWNNNNNNN and finally... MILLIE WHITE, COMMEEEE ONNNN DDDOOOWWWNNNNN..." he says as he throws cards over his back everytime he announces a name, each time the Terribad trying to grab the attendants down to the booths.
Miho Kagami 2019-05-29 00:32:23 105438
Miho almost isn't entirely sure how she ended up in the live audience of a quiz show. Or, well, she knows exactly how this came about: she and Aki were trying to decide on something slightly more date-like and this precise situation seemed like a good idea at the time; now that she's technically on a sports team, she's been getting better at handling noisy crowds. On the bright side, it's more time with Aki, which is a vast improvement in every way.

She smiles as the "quiet" sign goes on and Chet Yabetcha shows up. "Kind of ostentatious there," she murmurs to her girlfriend, in her usual scratchy and androgynous voice. "I wonder if that's a --"

And then, sudden Terribad!

"Oh you have got to be kidding me," Miho says flatly, jumping to her feet. "You know anything about this time?" She jumps up onto her seat to get out of the way as the crowd begins to stampede. "Aaaaand there's Haruna-san, I ... why is it that the first thing that comes to mind is wondering if we should let her know that I'm a magical girOH GOD!" She lets out a not-particularly-feminine yelp as the arms grab her, flailing as they drag her over to the podium!

She side-eyes Cure Gull. "Son of a monkey's uncle," she murmurs. "Uh ... hmm ..." She looks around, as if trying to find some sort of escape route. Or a better place to transform than practically right next to Haruna ...
Aki Kurosawa 2019-05-29 00:44:38 105440
    Aki Kurosawa thought it was a fun idea. It was unique. It wasn't the cliche 'dinner and a movie' and maybe it'd be fun watching people be dunked in water and pies for getting questions wrong. She leans over to Aki as she talks under her breath, not wanting to talk too loudly when the queit sign comes on. "That's so lame. I bet he's secretly like a youma. Watch." she says entirely jokingly as she leans back and crosses her arms. They better not pick her. She isn't ready to be made a fool on live TV.

    She was joking so the appearance of the other guy makes her frown. "Wait, this guy!? Isn't he the USA's problem!?" she mutters. She's about to get up and go transform in the chaos when she's suddenly grabbed and put besides a podium and oh god it's her sister. "Er.... Hi. Haruna-chan." she says as she looks over to Miho- having heard her words earlier. She looks back to Haruna. "HEY GULL LOOK, IT'S A THREE HEADED CHICKEN!" she says as she suddenly pulls out her own mirror to transform into Cure Tide as she places her hands on the podium. She makes a 'hurry' motion at Miho to transform quickly when Haruna turns around. If she turns around. Come on, hurry Miho!

    "You jerk." she says as she points at The Quizmaster. "When I get over there I'm going to prove you wrong about whatever this is." she says.
Millie White 2019-05-29 00:56:32 105442
The fact she was at this game show at all was incredible in and of itself; normally this type of thing really wasn't her style... but this happened to be one of her parents favourite shows back home. The sheer chances of it filming in Tokyo and her actually being around for it might as well have been a million to one, and there was only one reason she was here; the limited edition bobble head of the host that audience members received as part of their live-show taping experience. It was her only chance to get something for her father that was so limited in supply. That was why the Terribad showing up put Millie in a TERRIBLE mood.

As soon as the dark energy came into existence next to Chet, she knew because she could smell it. The Cure swore under her breath and sank back into her seat as the audience began to panic and stampede. Names she recognized started being called and she froze for only a moment before pulling her mirror from her belt.

A green flash from the centre of the panicking crowd announced the arrival of Cure Shield. She launched herself towards the stage, towards the Quizmaster, but the strange long arms were faster. Grabbed in mid air, the green knight was plopped down behind a podium.

"Great." Cure Shield growled before her gaze traveled from face to face. Haruna and Miho she knew, but the other she didn't. The design was similar... was she a Cure?
Haruna Kurosawa 2019-05-29 01:10:19 105443
Cure Gull looks at Tide with sudden surprise. "Aki-chan what are you doing her----" then Miho. "Oh----" then she grows a devilish look. "OOooooohhhhhhh~ You're on a date!." she says. She's about to probably say something when Tide exclaims that there is a three headed chicken. "Wait, what!? WHERE!?" she sputters as turns completely to the side to look. She takes way more time than is reasonable for this. This would give Miho plenty of time to transform while her back is turned.

Meanwhile, the Quizmaster is more than happy to turn back towards the group. "Welcome to our... CONTESTANTS...." the sign upside suddenly flashes SILENCE AND SIT FOR QUEEN MIRAGE. The chaos in the audience suddenly stops and those that hadn't run suddenly feel compelled to sit down and be quiet. Stone faced. Well that isn't unsettling at all. This kinda snaps Gull back into focus as she turns back around to face the host.

"OUR FIRST QUESTION." he says. "A man sits down to watch a movie. Next to him, is a parrot. What is the parrot doing watching the movie?" he asks. A timer sound starts ticking. Tick... tock. Tick... Tock.

Cure Gull is tapping the bottom of her chin. Corvus is in the audience rapidly trying to charade something but he's too far away to make heads or tails of it.
Miho Kagami 2019-05-29 01:17:32 105444
Miho throws herself off the stage, hands clasped together! "Lifeblessingwakeup," she mutters, and then there's a column of jade-green light right in front of the audience.

Life Witch Joy flies back up on her own power. "Hey guys!" she says, in her clear and bright voice which sounds almost, but not quite, exactly unlike her out-of-henshin voice. "Wh--" She stops. "... I just realized I'm the only magical girl here who isn't a Pretty Cure, and Tide-chan is the only one whose color scheme isn't green. Anyway, time for --"

She whirls around, eyes going wide as the audience suddenly falls under the control of the Quizmaster. She tenses up as the first question is announced.

And then she stares up at the Quizmaster. "... What." Her mind goes through several possibilities, but ... she's drawing a blank.
Aki Kurosawa 2019-05-29 01:26:00 105445
    Cure Tide is... really ashamed that worked. She face palms miserably as she suddenly gasps when Haruna looks back. "Oh look, Life Witch Joy saved my beloved Miho-chan and took her place, how brave of her-- anyways!---" she turns back to the Quizmaster and frowns deeply as she listens to the question... Why is... a parrot in the movie theater? This is clearly a riddle. Is this a trick question? She crosses her arms and points her hand foward.

"Because... it PAID FOR THE TICKET!" she says loudly. She's positive she's right! She looks to the right and eyes... Cure Shield? This is a new Cure. She doesn't wave right now. Now isn't the time. After this... this craziness.
Millie White 2019-05-29 01:32:21 105446
Why was the parrot doing watching a movie? For a moment the Cure was stunned to silence. This was actually happening. Granted she was used to encounters where they were trading punches instead of words, but even then, really? For one thing, why does a parrot NEED a reason? Secondly... she wasn't getting that bobble head, was she?

"Watching the movie. Leave the poor bird alone." Cure Shield responded, stone faced as the audience. No bobble head, jerk people making parrots explain themselves when all they wanted to do was watch a movie, an episode of one of her dad's favourite shows ruined... oh she was going to have fun punching this one when the chance presented itself.
Haruna Kurosawa 2019-05-29 01:51:20 105447
Cure Gull frowns. "I'm gonna clean your clock. Is that an answer?" she asks as she smacks the podium. Corvus facepalms in the currently entranced audience. Her buzzer goes 'bzzzzzzt!' in a wrong question form. The crowd lets out a monotone 'booooo!' as suddenly Gull 'eeks!' and is suddenly engulfed in a dark aura as ENERGY IS drained and causes her to wobble a bit and frowns heavily. "O--oh so that's what happens... when you get a question wrong...." she mutters.

Oh dear. The same BUZZER also goes off for Shield and the same aura tries to engulf her to drain energy. Not all of it. But enough to feel it.

Since Joy didn't actually answer, she doesn't get a buzzer... but does get a lesser energy drain effect going on. Cure Tide, is a harder affair.

He stares at the index card he has. He looks up, he looks over to the empty judge stand. Makes a 'shrugging hard' motion as he looks back at the card and then asks. "Judges!?"

'DING!' goes her booth as the Quiz Terribad acts like it just got socked in the face. Okay. So that's how this works apparently!

"Next Question." The Quizmaster says with annoyance. "'What goes away... when you say my name?'" he asks.

Corvus starts throwing charades around. Still not close enough to see anything.
Mari Katsu 2019-05-29 02:10:01 105448
    Mari had been in the middle of dinner when she recieved a heads up from Blue via communicator that her friends might be in a bit of trouble... Not that he didn't have full confidence in them to pull through on their own, but there's never any harm in sending some reinforcements when things get tough. As if that news alone wouldn't have been enough, when the mention of the Phantom Empire came up, Mari was already well out the window and mid-henshin before Blue could finish his sentence... There were still a number of bones she had to pick with them after the mess they put Gull and her other friends through.

    Upon her arrival at the stadium, she had managed to make it just after the first round of questions, and to see the consequences if the questions were wrong.

    Grinding her teeth a bit, the Pretty Cure of Passion decided wether than wait to see if the others would be alright, she would use herself as a distraction to offer them a few moments to breathe.

    A leap from her perch and she's on her way, falling down into the croud as she calls out, "What goes away, when someone says your name? My apettite, for one...!" Cure Victory sounds off in response to the terribad's question in a confident sounding voice from the back of the room, as another pre-cure shilouette takes shape from the far back as it drops in from above, winged hips catching her in the fall as she starts making her way down the central stairs. The approach is suddenly light up in a violet light as an orb of energy shaped like a tennis ball takes shape, followed by a resounding 'Thwock!' that sends the orb of energy spiraling down towards the terribad on stage... Though with the early warning of her snarky remark, it might have more than enough time to respond or dodge.
Miho Kagami 2019-05-29 02:16:59 105450
Joy just quickly turns away from Cure Gull so that she can't see her blushing completely red at Tide's "beloved" comment. This is followed by a yelp of pain as she gets hit by the energy drain, and she staggers slightly ... before quickly righting herself. "Okay, that was nowhere near as bad as Poderoso," she mutters. She would have told Aki about her adventures fighting vampire ghosts, which culminated with fighting him the dream-world ...

She blinks at question 2. "Oh, I know this one!" she says. "Silence! Because if you say 'silence' aloud, it's not silent anymo--"

She pauses as a fourth Pretty Cure shows up, and grins as the tennis ball goes flying, just leaning out of the way slightly in case it explodes. "Well, now it looks like things are turning up!" She thrusts her hand towards the Terribad. "Jade Barrage!" she calls out, and the heart-emblem on the back of her hand glows emerald green and fires jade-green pellets of light which might somewhat resemble mint leaves.
Aki Kurosawa 2019-05-29 02:31:44 105453
    Cure Tide probably gave Miho incredoulus looks when she told her that she's friends with a vampire when she was told about fighting vampires. She also blinks at the question. "S--right, Silence!" she says as she clasps her arms in front of her. Take that, one two punch! WHO HA! That's when a giant tennisball careens down past them and into the Quiz Terribad and she blinks as she looks to Joy with a hard blink and then back up. "I seem to remember something... about being told about... a... 'Tennis Things' Cure...." she says as she narrows her eyes.

    Regardless, she turns around and calls out. "TIDE WAVY PUNCH!" as she throws a water infused punch into the Quizmaster's Terribad to try to send it flying off it's feet, consequences be darned!
Millie White 2019-05-29 02:42:17 105454
The knuckles of the hands holding the podium faded to white as Cure Shield tightened her grip during the energy drain. That... was a dirty trick. What was stopping them from just charging over and punching the Quizmaster right now? Her eyes flickered to the audience and she frowned. Best not try anything drastic for now. Joy, Gull, and Tide all gave their answers and she was about to respond with the word 'Quiet' which, in hindsight, sounded much lamer than silence, when a tennis ball was sent careening towards the Terribad. Oh... well that was more her speed.

As the others focused fire on the Terribad, Cure Shield launched herself at the Quizmaster, winding up to take one heck of a swing with her fist. That bobble head had been important, damnit! Also the audience members needed to be protected! ... maybe not in that order, necessarily.
Haruna Kurosawa 2019-05-29 02:58:57 105455
Cure Gull yells out her answer finally! "I KNOW! 'A white haired boy, crazily waving his hands!' " she says confidently as the answer, since she assumes that's the answer that Corvus is trying to tell him, when a giant tennis ball slams down upon the Terribad somewhere behind them.

Well what's stopping them from doing that? Why the captive audience primarily, seems to have been the impetus behind that. But maybe it was a bluff to be called since The Quizmaster hasn't exactly been threating the audience.

Maybe there's a reason for that.

Cure Gull is about to turn around when Shield makes a grab for a General of the Phantom Empire and she sputters. "SHIELD DON'T!" she calls out. She calls out. "GULL WINDY GUST!" she calls out as she throws a strong gust of wind into The Quizmaster.

That's good, primarily because he'd suddenly thrown his hand out as if to catch Shield or touch her for some reason but is thrown off by the gust of wind, allowing the fist to strike true and send him back flying. "Don't-- don't attack Mirage's generals alone.. these guys are pretty goofy but pretty dangerous." she says with worry.

MEANWHILE--- the Terribad takes a LOAD of hits and seems to cry out 'TERRIBAD!' as the creature throws a loads of question marks like shuriken, spinning around their dotted ends at the heroes as it seems to be leaking dark energy from the attacks!
Mari Katsu 2019-05-29 03:13:35 105459
    Cure Victory rushes the stage as the others follow her cue to attack, and leaps up as she reaches the edge... Just in time for the counter attack from the teribad's question mark shaped shuriken as she covers her face with her arms and attempts to block most of the more serious damage with her own energy. "So much for keeping this cool... I walked right into that." She mutters before she glares at the Terribad in question and taps her prebrace with her right hand... her eyes move to the general as well before she frowns.

"Another one..." A thought drifts through her mind to continue that thought, before she shakes her head. "I know I've been busy doing other things since Phantom and Oresky were around, but you can let your boss know Cure Victory is back on the scene. I'm sure that news will thrill her." Victory comments to the General before her eyes turn back to the Terribad. "As for you..."

    Drawing purifying energy from her prebrace, Cure Victory forms another tennis ball in her left hand, and throws it up for the serve. "Pre-cure! PASSIONATE VICTORY SHOT!" Swinging her racket with her right arm, the ball hits with the same 'Thwock!' as before, though the added purifying energy converges around the glowing ball in a spiral shape that adds to it's penetration power as she sends it sailing forward towards the Terribad.
Miho Kagami 2019-05-29 03:16:53 105460
Life Witch Joy shoots Cure Tide a grin. Wow, they're in sync! Which probably doesn't actually mean anything, but hey it's cute, and now's not the time to blush in front of Haruna jeez!!! She gives Millie a somewhat worried look as Haruna calls out -- okay, good, she's safe though.

"Right, no attacking Quizhamster, got it!" she says. "The Terribad, I can handle! JOYWHOA!" At the attack of the question marks, she summons a large golden staff with a large glowing heart-shaped emerald at the back end, straddles it like a broomstick, and hurriedly dodges and weaves through them, avoiding them as much as she can, but she gains a scratch or two and a few rips in her costume.

She quickly rights herself. "Right, then!" she mutters. "JOY ..." She twirls her hands in a pair of circles, leaving ring-shaped trails of light. "... SHINING ..." She thrusts her hands forward into the rings. "... RAY!" The rings collapse, firing brilliant beams of purifying jade-green light, straight for the Terribad! (Or as "straight" as anything about Miho can be.)
Aki Kurosawa 2019-05-29 03:32:40 105462
    Cure Tide manages to only blush herself a little into oblivion. Only a little. Tiny bit. Regardless, she clenches her fist and lets loose a soft seething sound through her teeth. "Cure Shield, that's your name?" she asks. "I'm Cure Tide. I'm Gull's sister." she says softly. She relaxes as she raises her hand through, it has her PrettyChange Mirror in it. "JOY, TURN INTO A SACRED POWER!" she calls out.

    She doesn't mean .. Life Witch Joy. She means what she protects as a Cure. Okay maybe that's also Life Witch Joy at the moment too.

"TIDE... JOY... RIPPLE!" she calls out as she throws a gigantic, wavy laser into the Terribad seems to pulse a little with puyrifying light! When it hits the Terribad, she'll call out. "JOY, RETURN THE HEAVENS!" she calls out as the energy inside then EXPLODES in a purifying blast!

    She'll turn around. Cool girls don't look at the explosion.
Millie White 2019-05-29 03:37:42 105464
Hang on, Mirage's general? THIS was a general?! The green Cure gratefully jumped back towards Gull as the gemdial on her shield began to spin.

"Emerald Guard!" The energy barrier shot out from the edges of her shield, giving her enough surface area to protect both herself and Gull from the oncoming quiz-themed shuriken; the throwing stars hit the shield and became stuck before crumbling into green dust.

"Sorry, Gull, and thanks for the save." She kept her barrier up as if to imply she would handle their defenses if Gull wanted to go on the offense, against either the Terribad or the general.

"Cure Shield, pleasure to finally meet you, Tide." She called out in response to one of the two Cures she didn't know. While she had certainly heard of both of them before, it was good to finally meet the two of them.
Haruna Kurosawa 2019-05-29 03:52:35 105466
Cure Gull sputters. "You're welcome!" she says as she's saved from quiz themed throwing stars. She turns around just in time for purification to overtake the Terribad and send it off back to the awful ethers of darkness or wherever these things come from as she watches the mirror unphase from around the captured quiz host. He's still unconscious though. She looks back to the Quizmaster.

"Okay. The jig is up, dirtbag! No more questions! We're all gonna beat you up, so I have a question for you---"

"'What's the sound of one hand punching your face.'".

The Quizmaster has picked himself up from the attack and overall dusted off his suit. He wagged a finger. "Hey-- I ask the questions around here." he says angrily. "But---" he turns to the right, as if towards a camera. "Our time is up, ladies and gentlemen! See you next time!" he says waving off the audience with a two finger salute off his forehead as he disappears into the same fade effect like a ninja, just disappearing.

At the same time the audience all slumps unconscious. Was he energy draining the whole time? Maybe. Better than dealing with all the eyes on them. Right?

Cure Gull nods fiercely once. "Ugh." she goes. She turns to the others. "Hi! Hi Victory! Hi Shield! Hi Tide Hi Witchy Joy!" she says.

"Victory, that's Shield. She's from Canadia!" she says. She means Canada. but still. "Shield, this is Victory, she does Tennis Things!" she says.

Corvus makes a rukus from the audience seats. "'IT WAS SILENCE, GULL! SILENCE!'" he yells.

"Silent? I'm never silent." she scoffs.

"I um.. I should take Corvus home though guys." she says. "I imagine he's gonna be bummed out. I better buy a bag of french fries on the way home..." she muses.
Miho Kagami 2019-05-29 03:59:27 105468
And once again Life Witch Joy gets a very slight pause at Cure Tide's incantation having "Joy" in it. But she grins and settles down, relieved as the Terribad gets KO'd. ... And also relieved that the group of magical girls aren't suddenly the subject of a civilian audience's scrutiny.

"I'm Life Witch Joy, by the way," she says, turning to Haruna and Victory. "The only Life Witch, unless like there's another Life Mahou or Life Mage or whatever out there who's had the exact same idea I had before." She pauses. "Anyway I'm friends with Tide-chan and Shield-san, so, uh ... actually y'know what I'd better go and check to see if Tide-chan's 'beloved' girlfriend is still safe."

Wow. She managed not to blush there.
Aki Kurosawa 2019-05-29 04:03:38 105469
    Cure Tide purses her lips. "It was nice meeting you." she says. "But uh. yes. I gotta go. Make sure my girlfriend is okay. That Life Witch Joy totally saved." she says as she turns to follow Life Witch Joy. She catches up and mutters under her breath. "'Next time, dinner and a movie can't possibly end like this.'." she says as she leans back straight up and makes off to untransform.

    -and try not to be completely awkward seeming about her choice of words. She'll probably never live that down, nope.
Mari Katsu 2019-05-29 04:10:52 105470
    Cure Victory frowns watching the General vanish but smiles once things resolve themselves completely before she turns and bows to the others as Gull introduces her. "Hello everyone.. I'm Cure Victory. Pretty Cure of Passion." She states before she bows once more, then smiles and straightens up, glancing to Gull for a moment before she winks.

"And a little bird told me my "legend" is still being spread around by a certain pretty cure I happen to be good friends with..." She states, then winks before she gives a slight smile. "...Sorry I've been too busy to stop by and say hi, Gull-chan." She mumbles as she gives the other girl a hug. "Stormy-ai says hello, too.. Incase you haven't gotten to see her out and about."