Feeling Very Jelly

(Content warning: strong language.) Riley teams up with Bell to take down a jellyfish-youma! In spite of being mildly disastrous (and the fight wasn't exactly a clean victory either), Bell explains a bit more about the magical affairs in Tokyo.

Date: 2019-05-30
Pose Count: 26
Riley Hunter 2019-05-30 00:39:07 105477
"Siri! What's the SR-71s record?! Siri!? Gahshii-!"

The dead of night was a good time for Riley. While everyone including her parents were fast asleep, she was up above Tokyo streaking across the Japanese skies like a damned meteor. That said, trying to talk to her phone did not yield positive results, the girl barely able to keep a grip on the relatively expensive device as she accelerated. "Man screw this noise." She said, putting the thing into a safe pocket.

She maintained a slower cruise speed for a little, watching the Japanese skyline fly past her along with the occasional onlooker on the ground. Magic might not stick around in the minds of the mundane for long, but for those few moments it did? It was damn worth it. She was actually trying to figure out a way past that, a way to gain herself some recognition as the "Firestarter", but perhaps that is how "magic" was simply meant to be.

"Alright." Riley started to psyche herself up, flattening her arms against her sides as much as she could, feeling the chill winds whipping against her face. "I'm breaking this sound barrier."
Rosalie Janus 2019-05-30 00:52:03 105478
In the two months since the fight with the youma-bots due to her stupid mistake, Bell's strategy for going out on patrols has basically just been to pick a random spot in Tokyo and teleport there. She's all but sneaking through the skies of Tokyo, keeping Rubindorn in pendant form, not using any other kind of flashy magic, and generally leaving no traces.

Off in the distance to Riley's left, a rosy pinkish-red bolt of light shoots down from nothing in particular and lands onto a rooftop a dozen blocks away -- but even at Riley's speeds, if she were to change her course to investigate, there would be nobody there by the time she reached it.

This would, however, put her just close enough to detect be a strange feeling of wrongness, with its origin apparently a couple dozen blocks further away in approximately the same direction. A feeling that something dark is happening. It might even be reminiscent of when Griselda drained the civilians at the park ...
Riley Hunter 2019-05-30 01:35:18 105482
Riley paused, slowing herself back down again. What the heck was she thinking? This was too low and too fast. Sure, she wanted to figure out just how damn fast she could go but this was neither the time nor the place. The best thing breaking the sound barrier would do right now would be to shatter some windows and really annoy some folk, which while the girl might consider that pretty darned funny, it would not exactly be the best thing for a "superhero" to do.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

She instead shifted to a higher altitude, watching the nighttime streets of Tokyo below. Even in the dead of night, this city never slept. In a way, it almost reminded her of New York with all its neon glow and crowds, despite her only having seen that city in movies and on TV, rather than in person.
Rosalie Janus 2019-05-30 01:38:38 105483
("Hm? What's that?"

<<ES IST EIN ... MAGISCHES MADCHEN ...?>> It's a ... magical girl ...?)

The increased height would allow Riley to see the source of the sensation of darkness.

It looks like some sort of black jellyfish the size of a small car, surrounded by an eerie purple glow, hovering above the roof of an apartment building. A slightly dimmer glow is emanating from the apartment itself, and seems to be flowing upwards into the jellyfish's body. It's clear enough what's going on: it's draining energy from the residents of the building!

It does not, however, seem to have noticed the presence of the fiery superhero magical girl.
Riley Hunter 2019-05-30 01:50:05 105484
"Hoh shi-... Yeah last I checked this isn't Australia. That ain't normal." Riley did a quick flypast, getting perhaps a little too close as she tried to smack it with a quick one two with her flames. In truth, she didn't truly expect to do much with that strike, more so to get its attention on her and away from the people inside that apartment complex.

Provided she didn't get a good swipe from the creature's tendrills, she set herself down upon a nearby rooftop, of course, landing with the "traditional" superhero three point landing, complete with her dramatically looking up and over at the "big stupid jellyfish" while still maintaining the pose.
Rosalie Janus 2019-05-30 01:57:59 105485
The jellyfish only reacts to Riley when she's almost upon it! It dodges the second smack but not the first, which leaves a lurid purple bruise. The energy emanating from the apartment vanishes, and it tries to whip at Riley, but misses completely. It pauses as she lands, and then fires a blast of dark energy over at her!

And then it whirls around as the cause of the earlier flash of light catches up. "Aha, here it is!" she says ...

... It's a blue-haired woman who's obviously not Japanese, and is equally-obviously nearly seven feet tall, with glowing golden cat-eyes and sort of eldritch-looking faintly-glowing ultramarine markings on her face and arms and legs; she's dressed in a red and black knight-themed costume with golden trim, and with gleaming white gauntlets and sabatons. "Oh, hi!" she says as she notices Riley. "I'm Bell." She holds up her double-barred-cross pendant. "Rubindorn, put up the anti-collateral-damage-barrier, would you?"

The pendant pings. <<BESTIMMT, HERRIN!>> it says, in a cutesy version of Bell's voice. Certainly, mistress! A rosy pinkish-red triangle covered in magical sigils appears at her feet with smaller spell-circles at the points, and then a rosy and black circle of light appears in the sky above her, before spreading out to form a dome that seems to cover the neighborhood. People and moving cars vanish from the enclosed area, and the remaining scenery takes on a faintly unreal tinge ...
Riley Hunter 2019-05-30 02:16:28 105486
The kid tucked and rolled, the blast of dark energy crackling just past her ear with the sound of harsh tear of shredding paper and leaving behind a loud "eeeeeeee" ringing in the girl's ears long after it passed her by.

"Oh, hi!"

"Yeah. Hi." Riley had ducked behind whatever cover she could find between herself and whatever that thing was. It was Australian though, at least, that's what she thought it must be. Australia had things like that. She peeked out, her back to a large air conditioning unit before ducking back in behind it and looking to the blue haired and extremely tall woman. "Little busy trying to not get my head shot off by a, uh, what even is that? I don't really know much about Aussie jellyfish."

Taking her chance at the "anti collatoral damage field" though, she leaned out and took another shot, a bigger one this time, sending a solid barrage the creature's way, along with her at least somewhat accurate if stereotypical take on an Australian accent.

Rosalie Janus 2019-05-30 02:24:51 105487
The jellyfish floats backwards to avoid the blast of fire, dodging and weaving, but a few of the shots strike true, giving it more purple bruises.

Bell takes the opportunity to hold the pendant out in both hands. Ping! <<SCHWERTFORM!>> Sword form! In a flash of light, the pendant transforms into a sword, and Bell charges in, swinging and slashes at its side and tearing another slice out of it -- though it does less damage than Riley's purifying flames.

And then she giggles at Riley's outburst. "I'm sorry, what!?" she says in English ...

... right before the monster counters with a whip-attack from its tendrils! Ping! <<PANZERSCHILD!>> Panzer Shield. Bell thrusts her hand out, and another spell-triangle appears, which almost immediately starts to crack under the assault, and she leaps backwards off the side of the building as it shatters. The monster then rotates slightly, firing another series of blasts at Riley.
Riley Hunter 2019-05-30 02:46:13 105488
"What? This thing *has* to be Australian, right? I mean, look at that th-" Riley flinched, tensing up as the Jellyfish pounded shot after shot into the air conditioner she was hiding behind. "AW STREWTH! THIS SHEILA HAS A REAL ATTITUDE!"

The girl knew she couldn't stay in this spot forever. That creature was going to flank and smack her with everything it had, not to mention that even though this "anti-collatoral-damage-barrier" was holding for now, she had no idea whatsoever if it would hold forever, leaving whatever that thing was an easy oppertunity to just rip through what she was hiding behind and into her. With that in mind, she took off again, trying to evade its shots while continuing to fire off blast after blast at the creature in turn. One though does manage to catch the girl square in the chest, sending her crashing back down to the rooftop, her eagle chestpiece scorched and dented by the impact.

Winded and coughing, she did her best to once again get something between her and it. "Gah! Not cool! Not..." The accent started to come back... "NOT FAIR DINKUM YA WANKA! GET BENT YA FOOKIN-" another blast cut her off, forcing her to duck back down again, exposing only her arm to send another quick burst back.
Rosalie Janus 2019-05-30 02:55:48 105490
The air conditioner shatters under the monster's assault immediately after Riley jumps out from behind it. The monster starts floating ominously towards her, dodging most of the fireblasts, before it sinks down below the edge of the building, and makes its way around to fire another blast at Riley from the side!

"Oh no you don't!" exclaims Bell, floating over from the other side. "Rubindorn?"

An actual gun-trigger setup mechanically extends from the handle of her sword. <<KARTUSCHE BEREIT!>> Cartridge ready! Bell pulls the trigger, and shudders slightly as the sword produces a thunderclap and glowing energy wraps itself around the blade! <<ROSENWIND!>> Rose Wind. Bell swings the sword, launching glowing slivers of light at the jellyfish, starting to push it back! "Go for it!" she calls out. "Your fire is purification, right? You'll do more damage than my attacks!"

... She doesn't seem particularly perturbed by the damage to the scenery caused by their attacks.
Riley Hunter 2019-05-30 03:06:14 105491
The girl tried to duck under the Jellyfish's flanking fire, yet a strike winged her in the arm pretty good, feeling like a hammer blow and instantly turning it numb from the impact. "Gah! Son of a! Same arm! Same arm that stupid dog bit! Alright I'm officially done with this... whatever it is! Take it!" She winced as she raised both her hands, sidestepping to make her a harder target and gave it all she had in a solid beam of fire.

Her accuracy wasn't great, in fact it took her a moment to get the beam onto anything vaguely considered her target area in the moment of distraction Bell provided for her. "BURN! BURN YOU BASTARD!"

Something was happening though, or, rather not. Riley was getting worked up, way too worked up, anger and rage gripping her heart and seething through her mind stripping her flames of both their accuracy, and any chance at purification they had.
Rosalie Janus 2019-05-30 03:13:26 105492
The monster flinches back, at first badly hurt by the beam of flame ... but as Riley starts getting furious, it clearly does less and less damage. It ducks back around the building, almost casually.

Ping! <<IHRE REINIGUNG NIMMT AB!>> Her purification is decreasing!

Bell swoops forward and reaches towards Riley's shoulder. She stops short of actually reaching into her flames, though. "Whoa! Hey there, calm down!" she says. "Raging at these things isn't helping! Don't lose yourself to your fury!"

There's something frantic in her voice. Almost fearful, even.

And even then the moment is interrupted as the jellyfish rises up and fires an intense beam of darkness at both of them, tearing a chunk off the corner of the building!
Riley Hunter 2019-05-30 03:26:31 105493
The building crumbling knocked Riley off her footing, causing the beam to surge skywards before the girl managed to get it under control and out. She tried to return the favour, but the flames just surged past the jellyfish, her rushed shots flying up overhead, crackling past the creature.

She snarled, trying to adjust her aim until the beam tore yet another small piece out of the building's corner, sending a barrage of debris into the girl, sending her sprawling to the floor, just looking up at the creature stunned for a moment.
Rosalie Janus 2019-05-30 03:45:24 105495
"Oh jeez ..." Bell frowns at the fallen Prism Keeper. "Ruby?"

Ping! <<ROSENSCHILD!>> Rose Shield. Bell points her sword at Riley, and a pyramid of rose-red light around forms her -- just translucent enough that Riley can see the battle going on.

"It's only solid on the outside, you can just walk out if you need to!" Bell swings the sword a few more times, launching the remainder of the Rosenwind energy at the jellyfish. It manages to dodge all but a glancing blow , and then fires another few blasts. Bell dodges the first couple, but then takes a third hit square in the chest, and she lets out a yelp, staggering back and tossing up another Panzershield a split second too late.

"Scheisse!" She recoils back, floating down closer to Riley. For a few seconds, there's a faint tarnish to her armor, and a few strands of her hair have turned purple, but they quickly go back to normal. "... Ruby, should we go all out?"

Ping! <<UHHHH ...>>
Riley Hunter 2019-05-30 03:57:03 105497
It took her a moment to shake it off, her vision swimming in front of her eyes before clearing behind the shield to see the jellyfish looming overhead. Normally the pounding headache and trickle of blood running down her face and stinging her eye from a cut just above her hairline would have angered her even more, but instead she focused, concentrating fully on the Jellyfish.

She got back up to her feet, stepping out of the shield as she was unsure whether or not firing from within it would simply shatter the useful piece of cover and raised her hands again. "Prism Aegis power! Brass Fury!"

A giant beam shot from her hands, this time more accurate than her previous lance of fire, and this time resembling a red hot molten burst of flaming brass propelled so fast as to create a solid streak from the rooftop.
Rosalie Janus 2019-05-30 04:05:55 105499
<<JA,>> says Rubindorn decisively. Yes. <<KAR -->> But she's cut off by Riley taking the initiative.

Bell jumps in surprise, visibly shocked as Riley calls out the name of her attack! Which doesn't affect the shield at all, nor is it the slightest bit obstructed. The monster, on the other hand, takes the full brunt of the beam, and there's a loud metallic pop as it simply evaporates into a glowing purple mist.

Bell takes a few shaky ragged breaths, watching as the mist simply fades away. "Anything left, Rubindorn?"

Ping! <<NEE!>> Nope!

Bell nods. "R-right. You can ... uh ... yeah."

The fractal dome vanishes, and with it, the damage caused by the fight. If it weren't for their respective injuries, it might as well not have happened.

Bell sits down heavily. She almost looks like Riley's presence is making her nervous. "So ... uh ... Prism Keeper, huh?"
Riley Hunter 2019-05-30 04:15:30 105501
"I don't think that thing was from Australia." She said rather groggily as she put a hand to her head, getting a brief flash of "ohcrap" on her face as she saw it come back bloodied. "Great... Not sure how I'm going to explain that." The girl seemed pretty unsteady on her feet from being pelted by all the debris kicked up from the jellyfish slamming the corner of the building, stumbling back and half sitting half falling on the ground with her hand still on her head. She looked over to Bell, wincing for a moment. "Yeah no, I think I'd have heard of those. Steve Irwin would have tried wresting with one. You okay there?"

She shifted back into her regular form with a final woosh of flames. She was hardly intimidating anymore at this stage, just a twelve year old kid with blood running down their face that was reaching into a messenger back and pulling out a small first aid kit. "Argh. Yeah. Prism Keeper. That's what they said. Look I know about as much as you do. Ain't been in Japan long and this pretty much just started happening."
Rosalie Janus 2019-05-30 04:24:36 105502
Bell blinks. "Oh." She takes a deep breath, and starts to relax. In a surge of rose-red light, she reverts to ... exactly the same nearly-seven-foot-tall, except she's wearing a tank top and shorts which look slightly too small, and the sword is back to being a pendant. "... ugh, why is it that creatures of darkness always always always cause me more trouble than expected," she mutters, running a hand through her hair.

She looks back over at Riley, and takes a few deep breaths. "Sorry," she says, "I'm just ..." She shakes her head. "... kind of a disaster due to circumstances which I'm only barely wrestling back under control." Her English has just the slightest hint of a Canadian accent. "I'm Bell, and this is Rubindorn, my Intelligent Device." She gestures with the pendant.

Ping! <<HALLO!>> says the pendant.

Bell looks over Riley's injuries. "You can probably say you got hit by a bicycle," she says. "I've used that exact excuse in the past ..." Though that, too, seems to cause a noticeable amount of melancholy to descend on her. "... back when I had a civilian identity ..."
Riley Hunter 2019-05-30 04:32:21 105504
"Yeah that works. Still, that's two in as many days. Dog and now uh, bicycle to the face I guess." Reaching into her first aid kit she pulled out a couple of small antiseptic wipes to clean herself up, wincing, tensing up and slamming her fist into the ground as the disinfectant stung the wound. "Gah... ff... Yup. That's not fun. Ah what the hell, I can probably just hide this with my hair anyways. What's a little concussion amongst friends, right? I need to start wearing a helmet for this crap."

Riley's English, and Japanese for that instance, had a very distinct southern twang. She raised a scarred brow at the mention of "intelligent device" and the mention of losing a "civilian identity". "So uh, intelligent device? Is it like Alexa?" She grinned. "Can it play despacito? Also uh, *had* a civilian identity? What happened there?"
Rosalie Janus 2019-05-30 04:45:27 105506
Bell shrugs. "Yeah, you'll be surprised at what strictly-mundane people are prepared to believe as an excuse."

Ping! <<JO!>> Yep! She then immediately starts playing a distorted, tinny version of Despacito.

Bell giggles nervously, and runs a hand through her hair. "Uh ... basically, I'm an alien robot hologram sort of thing from a dead world called Belka, which produced magical weapons with more-or-less sentient AIs, Armed Devices. For no reason I've ever been able to figure out, their language was nearly identical to modern German. There's an extant alien civilization called Midchilda, which produces more intelligent AIs, Intelligent Devices, which speak a language which is more-or-less identical to Standard American English, somehow."

She shakes her head. "... Before I could be activated, Rubindorn and I got blasted into this Darkness-filled dimension called the Dusk Zone, which corrupted us. We were salvaged by the evil organization Eclipse, and I became their new weapon 'Nightbell', and because I was corrupted, I thought being evil was just A-OK. Anyway, Eclipse is what gave me my civilian identity, 'Akari Hayabusa'." She frowns. "I quit because of the love for my adoptive sister Sakura Kinomoto, and I subsequently got purified, but ..." She shrugs. "They want to kidnap me back, so I need to be careful about showing my face too publicly."

She hesitates, regarding Riley for a moment, as if she's trying to figure out what to say next.
Riley Hunter 2019-05-30 05:03:14 105510
Truth be told, Riley didn't expect her little meme reference to even be recognised there, it got a chuckle out of her nonetheless between her cringing as she cleaned up that injury. She listened fairly attentively to Bell's story, nodding and trying to take in as much as possible.

"So wait, you're a robot? Shit that's awesome. You uh, you seem pretty solid for a hologram though."

"So uh, what's this Eclipse? We talking uh, Robocop megacorp thing? Wait shit, it ain't Skynet is it? I guess a hologram isn't as freaky as-" Her accent switched, this time instead of Australian she was pulling a Schwarzenegger. Or at least, the best Schwarzenegger a twelve year old kid could. "cebbantic ogganism, living dissuh ova medl endoskeleteon."
Rosalie Janus 2019-05-30 05:10:05 105512
Rubindorn lets out a quiet giggle in response to Riley's appreciation. <<FIST BUMP>> she says in English, with a nearly-impenetrable accent. She giggles more loudly at the Terminator-impression.

Bell frowns, and looks around. "... I should probably head back to the hideout where I'm staying soon," she murmurs. "Don't want to stick around in one place for too long ... Basically, Eclipse is 'evil magical illuminati'. I know for a fact they own several corporations, and they've got a few politicians in their pockets. As for me ..."

She gestures vaguely. "I'm a magical construct," she says. "Also, my mind's based on a brain-scan of my creator. But the technical term is 'living magical program.'" She frowns. "... Speaking of which, my creators based me on ... well, I thought it was just a legend, but this 'legend' is running around Tokyo. They're called the Wolkenritter, and they drain away your ability to use magic. It grows back, though, they got me once."

She glances down at herself. "... Anyway, they're ridiculously tough," she says. "If you run into a pink-haired swordswoman, and a darker-skinned man with wolf-ears? Run, unless you outnumber them, and even then, watch out."

... Oops.
Riley Hunter 2019-05-30 05:25:56 105516
"Wait wait wait. Wolkenkritter. Pink haired swordswoman, dog person guy, magic draining. They went after a friend of mine. They Got to her before I could do anything and dog guy slowed me down." One could almost hear the gears turning in Riley's head at this point, as she quickly flared, switching forms to incinerate the antiseptic wipe. It wasn't like there were any bins up on this rooftop. "He bit my arm so, I grabbed the back of his head and well..."

As if to demonstrate, she focused all her fire on a single point, this time on her hand which quickly glowed to a brilliant white hot, radiating light and heat a good distance away. "Pink haired chick kicked me off before I could really do anything. Kind of uh, glad, honestly. That could have been nasty. I did what I had to do there but I didn't *want* to do it."

She closed her fist, extinguishing the flames that had almost turned into more of a plasma by this stage, and shifted back to her normal self. "Are they holograms too? I didn't think you could burn a hologram but uh, his mouth got pretty damn burnt. What more do you know of those bastards? Know where they are? What they're doing? That son of a bitch-" She paused, suppressing a giggle at the accidental pun before her voice darkened, the anger starting to creep in again "-isn't going to get off so damn light next time."
Rosalie Janus 2019-05-30 05:29:53 105517
Bell blinks, recoiling slightly from the white-hot blaze. "... Oh jeez!" she says. She frowns. "Well, at least you're as unharmed as you are, and you can still use magic. You can let your friend know that she'll recover with time. They're living magical programs like me, yeah, but we don't know where to find them or anything about them." She frowns. "Except that they have a master, and they really don't like the idea of accidentally killing someone ..."

She sighs. Well, I'd better head out now. But ..." She puts a firm hand on Riley's shoulder. "You do not want to let your anger get the better of you. Magic is directly powered by your emotions, and Ruby detected that you actually started losing the purification when you started getting furious. I mean, just beside the way your accuracy went down to pretty much zero." She shakes her head. "You probably won't have to worry about going darkness-crazy ... the way I did a few times back when I was 'Nightbell' ... but ..."

She steps back, and sighs. "Just take of yourself, all right?"
Riley Hunter 2019-05-30 05:44:29 105518
"Yeah, I can still use magic and he can't use his mouth for a while. Shit I'll set him on fire, I'll set her on fire, I'll set the damn master on fire! It isn't going to be a damn accident when I-!" She trailed off, shaking her head and sighing. "Gawd Jesus. No. No, you're right. I can't. I-I can't let myself get like that. I can't let myself *think* like that. It's not that I can't hit the broadside of a barn from the inside I'm..." She looked up at Bell. "I'm scared. I'm scared of myself. Before I got into punchups and well, yeah, I went all out but sure, I could still throw a mean punch but I wasn't setting things on fire *with my mind*. What if I *do* hurt someone? What if, what if I do worse?"

She paused before continuing. "That night I was perfectly willing and able to hold dog guy there and make him bite down on the surface of the fucking sun. Before that, the first time I uh, transformed, I naturally went for this Griselda person. Apparently she used to be a friend. I just saw red and hey, she was the one controlling the huge Babe Ruth looking motherfucker but what if my friends didn't stop me there? What if *I* didn't stop me? This started from a drawing. A damn drawing Reiko did and now I can do this a-a-nd... And I don't think I'm the right person for the job but it's stuck now."

She took a shakey breath after just opening up like that, mentally kicking herself and virtually dying from embarassment on the inside for saying and admitting such things, her internal monologue turning mocking, harsh. "Good job psycho." She thought. "She's going to think you're fucking crazy now."

She managed a quick nod and a "You too." in response to Bell saying "Just take care of yourself", not able to say anything more.
Rosalie Janus 2019-05-30 05:54:57 105519
Possibly in defiance of Riley's expectations, Bell simply nods. "Yeah," she says quietly. "I was like that, too. It just made perfect sense to me to just start lunging forward, screaming invectives and hatred and flailing wildly. Ruby had to change back into her standby form to stop me even a little." She shrugs. "Ever since I ditched Eclipse, I've tried to change myself into the kind of person who'd never do that kind of thing in a million years." She grimaces. "Not exactly something you can just do and then it's done, but ... it's worth it, in the end."

She steps back and grasps Rubindorn. "See you later, then," she says. "And again, take care of yourself."

And then she hesitates a moment.

"A-and if you see ... Prism Princess Yellow ..." She takes a shaky breath. "... tell her I'm sorry, and that she was right about me -- about everything. Um." She looks away, and sniffles slightly. "And ... y-yeah. Later."

A spell-triangle forms at Bell's feet, and she dematerializes, a rosy bolt shooting skyward and vanishing.