A Ros(ali)e By Any Other Name

Bell and Rashmi visit Fate and Nanoha at the Waldians' home to get the ball rolling on giving Bell her new civilian identity of Rosalie Janus.

Date: 2019-06-10
Pose Count: 21
Rosalie Janus 2019-06-10 20:00:45 105583
Bell has been less busy than she would have liked, so she's gotten in touch with Fate to discuss the business with changing her civilian identity, and seeing if they can't dig any useful functions out of Rubindorn and Ritterglocke.

At the appointed time in the afternoon after school, a bolt of rosy light shoots down into the back garden, and Bell materializes atop a Belkan spell triangle, wearing a tank top and shorts which look slightly too small. She's carrying a notebook in one hand, with a Device shaped like a round black bell about the size of a basketball under her shoulder. She takes a deep breath, heads over to the door, and knocks.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-06-10 20:19:43 105584
Fate T. Waldia was expecting a visitor today! None of the other Waldians we're currently about-- maybe they we're in rooms, maybe they we're out visiting other people? Regardless, Fate has mostly been preparing a tray of freshly backed rolls, with a homemmade jam she's been experimenting with-- some sort of edible berry from Waldia she asked for that they we're able to ship through the portal. It's tart, but edible and safe, and sugar seems to make it more palpable. Fate has aquired it's taste already though, idly munching on a roll spread with the jam.

She's asked Nanoha to come along, beause they had plans but Fate is needing to belay them just a bit to attend to Bell's matter, which Fate is considering 'at least a little important' enough to change plans.

"Sorry, Nanoha. But this sounded important enough. It's not like chances to go out are rare. Right?" she asks. "And-- it's helping a friend. I think." she says softly. She slides a be-jammed roll towards Nanoha, who's sitting on the other side of the table, as she hears a knock on the back door.

"That must be her." she says as she gets up and walks to the door and slides the back porch door open.

"Hello, Bell-chan!" she says. "Come on in." she says, offering her inside. "Nanoha is joining me tonight. I hope that isn't a problem."
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-06-10 20:27:25 105585
Nanoha Takamachi is making a slight face at bitterish jam. It's very tart. Unlike anything she's used to that is described as such. Elseword jam is weird. Must be an acquired taste. At least Fate likes it, right? She's very politely trudging through the roll that was slid to her.

Nanoha manages to keep a straight face the whole time. It isn't too bad. She has to take a deep swallow though.

"Hi Bell-chan." she says with a smile. Nanoha isn't upset due to the cancellation of plans--- she sees Fate everyday. Other opportunities will happen and probably sooner than she plans too.

She's also curious what Bell needs help with, exactly.
Rashmi Terios 2019-06-10 20:39:15 105586
Shortly after Bell is let in, another knock sounds, this one on the front door to Waldia House.

Hanging from one shoulder is a thermal carryout bag bearing the violently adorable mascot of the Korma Chameleon, and in her opposite hand, she turns over Nicomachea's charm as if it were a worry coin. It's been more than a little time since she's caught up with Bell, and to be asked to Waldia House to help with her is... nervous-making. Mistakes could be catastrophic, after all...
Rosalie Janus 2019-06-10 20:42:57 105587
Bell smiles and bows to Fate. "Hi, Fate-chan!" she says as she steps inside. "No, it's not a problem at all!" Bell has few enough opportunities to get out of Haruna's bunker that she's willing to take what she can get. "Hi, uh, Nanoha-chan!" she says, shooting Nanoha a smile. She's a bit caught off-guard by being on a first-name basis, but it's not really a huge surprise, considering Bell personally brought her here after their encounter with the Wolkenritter. "Oooh, what are these? They look delicious!" She looks around. "Has Rashmi-chan arrived yet?"

Knock knock. Nicomachea gets a greeting-message from Rubindorn, who then pings aloud from where she's tucked into Bell's top. <<JA SIE HAT.>> Yes she has.

Bell nods. "Okay, great," she says. "Okay, uh ... where should I put Ritterglocke ..."
Fate T. Waldia 2019-06-10 20:55:24 105588
Fate. T. Waldia bows at Bell and says. "A moment. Help yourself!" she says to the rolls as she walks to the front door and lets Rashmi in. "Hello Rashmi-chan! Come on in." she says as she guides Rashmi in. It's a fancy home. Filled with fancy royalty from another world, but is otherwise perfectly normal!

Except for those things just mentioned! She smiles. "Rashmi-chan is here. Okay then." she says as she has a seat, just next to Nanoha.

"What is it you want to talk about, Bell-chan?" she asks softly. "Something about... device modification?" she asks as she raises her head a bit in thought. "What is it you need exactly?" she asks quietly. She motions.

"Here on the table should be okay." she says.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-06-10 21:02:11 105589
Nanoha Takamachi uses the arrival of people to put her mostly finished bread roll down. Lalala-- being polite, not trying to hurt her girlfriend's feelings by saying the berries may be a little too tart for that jam. Regardless, she smiles. "Rashmi-chan! ... erm. Did you bring something?" she asks as she looks to her bags.

He gaze turns back to Fate and Bell though as she gently purses her lips. "Right. Does... something need fixed?" she asks. "Fate's better at the really technical hardware stuff about devices and the software stuff. I'm more of a spellmeister or something." she says.

"....I'm really only here because Fate felt bad about a change of plans..." she giggles a little softly. "So don't mind me. I'll just watch if you want me to." she says. "And keep my mouth shut." she says.
Rashmi Terios 2019-06-10 21:13:14 105590
"I did!" Rashmi chirps, unslinging the bag, and removing a trio of Thermoses, their lids marked in pink, yellow, and green, as well as a flat, wide box. "Chilled lassi since it's starting to get hot... and amriti!" The box is opened to reveal largish, mandala-shaped fritters, dusted with powdered sugar. "I just thought since I was visiting, I should bring something nice for everyone; there's enough for everyone to have one, and the rest of your family too, Fate-chan."

Beaming a smile around the room, Rashmi takes in a deep breath. "So... You wanted my help, with... Device modification, from what I just heard?"
Rosalie Janus 2019-06-10 21:20:58 105591
While Fate goes to get Rashmi, Bell sets down the Device, and starts nibbling on a roll. She doesn't find it particularly bothersome, however. "Hm, reminds me of this one Belkan dessert," she murmurs.

She sits down, and looks between Rashmi, Fate, and Nanoha. "It's ... equal parts technical assistance, and something that Virtue might be able to help with," she says. "A Pretty Cure named Cure Victory actually recommended that I talk to you, Rashmi-chan. But basically ... I need a new civilian identity."

She shrugs. "The whole issue with the battle at school was that Eclipse gave me the 'Akari Hayabusa' identity," she says. "I'm not really missing it in retrospect, since I'm changing my name willy-nilly anyway, and now I have weird trans feelings about it. First, I need help delving into Ritterglocke to see if there's any functionality for changing my appearance. Second, I need Rubindorn to get modified to use magic to hide my identity; right now, she doesn't, because my creators thought that being seven feet tall with glowing eyes would be enough." She gestures to herself. "And on the non-technical side of things, I need paperwork and things to make the new identity 'official.'" She hesitates. "My new name is going to be 'Rosalie Gryffin Janus.'"
Fate T. Waldia 2019-06-10 21:35:06 105592
Fate T. Waldia listens. "Okay so. Basically--- you want to be able to change your appearance. I think it would be best, if we installed a suite that would let you create and modify designs on the fly rather than a set appearance... or at least just plugin in a new one without creating from the ground up. In case you find yourself needing to change again." she offers. She looks to Rashmi and Nanoha to see if they have any input before continuing.

"I mean such things aren't easily modified on the fly, but it'd solve this problem for you in the future." she says.

"As for... fake document. Paperwork. That's out of my expertise. I had to have Lindy-sama create 'new' papers that didn't exist for me, for me to be legally adopted and care of by the Takamachis. But Lindy has connections in--- yes, Virtue for that kind of thing." she says softly.

Fate T. Waldia takes out Bardiche and then places her on the table.

She draws a line in the air from Bardiche, then to Ritterglocke, and a little filament of light appears on the arc she traced-- like some kind of connection wire. Ritterglocke effectivly gets some sort of permission check for access, Bardiche isn't trying to brute force it's way in or anything. That is not Bardiche's style at the moment.

"Mphhh..." she looks to Nanoha. "Something sounds off about that last name, but I feel like it's an Earth language thing I can't quite remember." she says.

She looks to Rashmi and motions. "You can connect off mine or do your own." she says.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-06-10 21:42:11 105593
Nanoha Takamachi watches as looks to Fate. "That sounds like it'd be best. I never messed around with such a system. Making something like a... plugin system to make... 'files' for that could be plugged in would be easier for me. A whole creation suite... would take me time. Did... did you have a preference, Bell-chan?" she asks quietly. "Yuuno's taught a bit about the Belkan Operating System. So I could probably make something basic that would work for now." she smiles.

When Fate asks her about the name. "Oh! Well... Janus means 'two faced'. But in this case, I think it might be intentional... not in a bad way or anything." she says. She looks to Bell.

"Did you... bring a sketch... a reference... for how you want 'Rosalie' to look?" she asks. "Or have you not decided?" she asks. "I mean. We don't need to finish this up today I guess if you're not ready but..." she says.

"I'm curious!" she smiles wide.

She does eye Rashmi's snacks she brought. Which looks more alluring than 'really super tart rolls'. She steals one to nibble one, ugh it's so gooooood. She tries not to look over-relieved at the break for tart rolls. No hurting Fate's feelings right now. She can talk about it later in private! Nicely! Politely!
Rashmi Terios 2019-06-10 21:52:26 105594
With a brief sun-colored glow, Nicomachea transforms out of his low-power mode and is set on the table. *bing!* << HELLO! >> he chirps to all and sundry, bringing up his half-dozen screens -- the kittens are absent for the moment, as he judges the stress potential to be low -- and after a moment's startup routine, looses another chime. << COMMAND INPUT READY, MASTER. >>

"Paperwork... I can't do, but I know who can," Rashmi muses. "It'll take a bit, but, I can get the ball rolling at the very least. As for what you want..." Rashmi pauses, and taps at the screens, causing two more to resolve themselves to either side of the main display, as both Ritterglocke and Bardiche get connection requests, and their own bitrate meters. "If Ritterglocke has the relevant data, it'll be a lot easier... But to be honest you're probably better off with a dedicated module, to keep the energy cost low. Nico-kun says that purpose-built is always the best way, but um... I've... never done a whole lot on the hardware side. So..... *that* part will need time and parts. We have time, but parts...?"
Rosalie Janus 2019-06-10 22:12:22 105595
Bell gets out Rubindorn, and grants access to Ritterglocke to Bardiche and Nicomachea. She finishes the first roll and starts eating a second without hesitation. "I am actually curious about that," she says. "Being able to change my appearance multiple times, I mean." A pause. "If nothing else, I feel like my glowing eyes and magical tattoos have kind of worn out their welcome, but, uh, that'sjustmyownissues ... with ... not being human." A soft sigh.

She smiles at Nanoha. "Good catch," she says. "Yes, it's a reference to the fact that I literally have two faces. And yeah, I have a basic sketch." She finishes the second roll and opens up her notebook; the right page has a list of names which are mostly crossed out except for "Rosalie Gryffin Janus", and the left page shows a somewhat stylized sketch of a broad-shouldered young woman in a track suit holding Rubindorn in standby-form; she has with shoulder-length hair that flares out slightly at the bottom, labeled "RED" in Japanese.

She nods to Rashmi. "Honestly, I think we can just add that as a module to Ritterglocke," she says. "I don't imagine I'll need or want to do it too often. As for parts ..." She shrugs, and looks to Fate and Nanoha. "I dunno, either of you have any ideas?"

Ritterglocke has a bunch of software and spellcraft, most of it for maintenance and diagnostics on Bell, and the overwhelming majority of which seems to be operating on the assumption that the user is one of Bell's creators and already knows 90% of her inner workings. There's a log file from a week and a half ago with vaguely frantic warning-messages in Belkan saying that Bell's Dark Energy levels have been at zero for quite some time, not counting a brief increase during a battle a few hours before the log file was created. And so on and so forth. It all seems completely disorganized.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-06-10 22:16:54 105596
Fate keeps a very straight face in front of Nanoha. "'Parts' won't be an issue after next week." she says softly. "I have a deal in place to aquire parts. Nanoha is aware of it." she says. Aware as it... as a deal of some sort. Not a robbing Alexis's mom deal. She's keeping mum on it.

She mpphhss. "As far as I understand it. Bell has two devices, and one is technically her or... where her program resides..." she says softly. "Is that correct?" she asks looking to Bell.

She nods. "Yeah, a minor upgrade, really, this sort of thing usually is for mages? Mo...." a pause. "Precia used to do this sort of thing in moments of spare time." she says. "But that was on a Mid-Chidia related system. It's why I wanted Nanoha here. She has a little knowledge of Belkan. Even if I can use Bardiche to fudge my way through well..."

"We shouldn't fudge with internals like that." she says gravely. "Nanoha may actually know what she's doing and be able to help me." she says.

Fate is staring down things screening down her eyes in a VR sim like manner thanks to Bardiche patching her in, She whistles.

"I don't think your creators ever learned to comment their code." she says bluntly.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-06-10 22:29:16 105597
Nanoha Takamachi plugs into Bardiche. Bardiche politely lets her because Bardiche is basically like a tiny little brother now. She sees the stuff Fate sees and makes a face. "Yikes. Yeah everything is disorganized..." she taps Raising Heart, which pings, and activates a bridge program that Yuuno installed for her that lets her access a Belkan system more like a fellow Belkan device.

It's like a Mac Emulator running on a PC to access a Macintosh network really. It's strange.

"Eh, the mess isn't too bad, but I can make it so this organizes while I'm in here... if you want." she says.

"Yeah, if you can't change your apperance easily again, we're just back here again doing this all over. Not that we wouldn't want to help you!" she smiles. "But it's easier assuming that some jerk may eventually find out and when that happens you can just find a safe spot and spend ten seconds plugging in a new visual appearance module than find us all..." she says.

She eyes the sketch and nods, and has Raising Heart make a scan of it. She smiles.

"I don't think I can finish a program tonight. I'm gonna need Fate's and Yuuno's help... and Fate's gonna be the one doing most of the heavy lifting anyways. She's better than I... I just... port? I'm the porter. Like... someone else makes the think for Xbox and I just make sure it's ported to Playstation." she asides with a smile.

"...d..did that even make sense?" she asks more self-consciously.
Rashmi Terios 2019-06-10 22:47:34 105598
"Oh good," Rashmi says in relief, regarding the 'parts issue.' She side-eyes Fate from around her screens, and closes her mouth extra closed to keep from asking any further questions, since it sounds like something at least one person in the room, and possibly two, wouldn't approve of.

Forcing her attention back to the screens, she leans back as Nicomachea's cross-referencing reflexes get.... tangled. "...I think that's a very nice way of putting it, Fate-chan."

At Nanoha's analogy, Rashmi beams at the Ace. "That makes perfect sense, actually... And it's kind of why Nico-kun and I will be designing a module for all this to go in. Oh also, when you two finish the Mid-Childan version of the program, could I have a copy? One thing Nico-kun's really good at is introducing tunable points, and we might be able to patch something in where H-- Janus-chan could switch little things like hair and eye color." Smiling over her shoulder at Bell, Rashmi looks back to the mass of text crawls. ".....I really wish we had something to explain the assumptions... Hrn."
Rosalie Janus 2019-06-10 22:57:40 105599
Bell makes a note to ask Fate more about the deal later. But to Fate's question, Bell shakes her head. "Ritterglocke originally contained the spell which was used to create me," she says, "but no. I actually 'run' completely independently. My spell is fully produced by my own Linker Core, which in turn is sustained by the spell."

(At that moment, a thought strikes her: what if it's different for the Wolkenritter? Maybe they're connected to that book of theirs? But she sets that aside for now. One thing at a time.)

She shrugs. "As for the disorganization ... at a guess, my creators might have had their own software they would've used to access Ritterglocke, whereas we've been all having to access things directly because the Doppelkreuz labs got blown up and knocked me and Ruby into the Dusk Zone." She makes a face. "Or they could've just been that disorganized, I wouldn't put that past them either."

She nods to Nanoha. "It made perfect sense to me," she says, and hesitates. "I ... think I'd rather you just made a map of things to start with? No, uh, modification or anything like that yet, until we know where everything is."

She breaks into a smile and actually blushes faintly at Rashmi's 'Janus-chan' comment. "Ah ... yeah!" she says. "Though, um, 'Rosalie' is fine!" And then she giggles. "... Wow, I'm actually having that reaction already. Okay, y'know what, I'm just going to say it, with the three of you here working together with me on this, I am feeling very optimistic about all this!"

... Somewhere, deep among Ritterglocke's files, with a last-accessed timestamp dated 983 Earth years ago by the Device's internal clock, there's a file containing the full specifications for the spell which is used to transform Nachtglocke I (Night Bell One) between her 'civilian' and 'knight' form.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-06-10 23:13:55 105600
Fate T. Waldia nods a little. She hrms. "I wonder if any of that equipment got shunted in with you and is still sitting there..." she says. "I'm not safe to go into the Dusk Zone. Nanoha isn't. Rashmi-chan isn't. And... I wouldn't go back in if you're able to, Bell-chan." she says sternly. Not... comandingly. But more like in a mother hen sort of manner. 'Please don't do the bad idea, please?'.

"The only two I trust that could do it without asking too many questions and the know how to remove such things without damage-- If I asked, would be Riven-sama or Lacrima-san." she says.

She sighs a bit and purses her lips as she listens to Rashmi. "The more the program does, the longer it'll take. But I think we can figure something out..." she says quietly as she taps her chin a bit in thought, as she eats one of the... spindly.. pastry things Rashmi brought.

Huh that's good. Need tart jam. She may be purposely trying to get Nanoha to make a face right now as she spreads just a little on.

"I'll get to work, and work with Rashmi and Nanoha on getting something done as soon as possible, okay?" she asks.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-06-10 23:30:42 105601
Nanoha Takamachi nods and doesn't add or subtract anything. She does make copies of things she finds interesting and passes them onto Bardiche. This includes the specifications. She'll find those later as she gently sighs a bit.

She resists making a face at Fate putting jam on one of Rashmi's pastries. She does purses her lips a little as her phone suddenly goes off. "Erp! Excuse me." she says as she digs for her phone and has a politle conversation over what sounds like her mother.

"....Oop. I gotta go." she says softly. "I'm sorry! I'll see you later Fate, Rashmi, Bell!" she says. "I'll be in touch as soon as possible!" she says as she gathers her backpack and---

Off she goes, unless she's stopped!
Rashmi Terios 2019-06-10 23:51:11 105602
"That sounds like the best plan, yeah," Rashmi says, nodding at Fate. When the blond spreads jam on one of the desserts, Rashmi's head tilts. "Wait... what's that, Fate-chan?" Oh dear. She's probably going to try it.

"Rosalie-chan, then," she says to 'Bell,' inwardly tickled at how much brighter she seems to have made the taller girl's day, just with a word. "I have an idea, too.... but I don't want to say anything until I find out if it's feasible. Meantime, we'll all work on our parts of this, Rosalie-chan. It shouldn't take too long, until we get to the fabricating side of things. I'll keep you posted?"
Rosalie Janus 2019-06-10 23:55:18 105603
Bell nods in hurried agreement to Fate. "Oh, sure," she says. "Even if it was safe, you wouldn't get me to go there for a billion yen!" She picks up some amriti to snack on as well; she clearly has a big appetite. "But we ... did check. I went there a couple of times, back when I was still corrupted, especially after Lacchan taught me to dusk step. And no, Ritterglocke and Rubindorn were the only equipment that survived."

She blinks in surprise and waves goodbye to Nanoha, then smiles at Rashmi. "Of course, Rashmi-chan," she says. "I'll, um, you have my phone number! Or, I mean, Fate-chan has my number." She shrugs. "But, um, yeah!"

Rosalie sits back and smiles. She's starting to feel good about her situation -- better than she has all year, really.