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Date: 2019-06-17
Pose Count: 10
Alexis Raskoph 2019-06-17 21:40:23 105631
    A message was sent over to Fate's phone from a number corresponding to the one connected to STahlritter. Rather than the number associated with Alexis' civilian identity. THere's some strange distinction to be made here-- primarily one that implies 'this is a business call'. ANd it's a simple enough call at that-- one that requests her presence at the Korma Chameleon.

    ONce Fate does get there, she will find the large, german young adult sat at the corner booth with... oh. Oh there's plenty of already-emptied bowls there at his table, and he's currently devouring the contents of yet ANOTHER bowl of lamb masala. And there's another tray of food being brought along by a waiter RIGHT NOW too! THis one has an appetite at least.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-06-17 21:57:01 105632
Fate T. Waldia got the call. She brushed he hair, and made sure that her sister and her knightly friends knew where she was going. Not the details therein, just that she was going to the Korma for some quiet time. This usually stopped people from pressing her too hard. She did bring Arf, who stayed outside to be a cute puppy waiting by the door... actually a GUARD WOLF FAMILIAR!... in the shape of a cute puppy waiting by the door.

She steps in to find Alexis hanging out and eating mounds and mounds and bowls of food apparently, or at least the tail end of such an endeavour as she arches her brow, impressed. That's a neart 'Arf' level of eating.

"Hello, Alexis-san?" she asks softly. She'll have a seat in the spot opposite him in the booth. "So.. is it time?" she asks softly. She knows this is a 'bussiness' call. Due to the number afterall!
Alexis Raskoph 2019-06-17 22:18:40 105633
    Speaking of puppers. THere is a corgi outside the restaurant too, attached with a leash attaching the small doggo to a post there. The corgi might seem VAGUELY familiar. And once Fate has left Arf outside and moved in, the corgi's ears perk up with obvious interest aimed at the tiny wolf guardian. Cue the tail wagging of a floofy corgi butt with a wide, tongue-lolling goofy pupper smile and some excited noises. HI I AM A CORGI AND I ALREADY LOVE YOU.

    Either way. INside the restaurant, Alexis looks up from his food with his mouth full enough for his cheeks to be swollen out a bit to peer at Fate's approach. A quick, comical swallow follows, and in a near instant, he's already re-assuming his typical stoic expression.

    "It's time," he confirms for her. "I've located a site that should fit our plans. ... And hwile you're here, order whatever you want, I'll foot the bill."
Fate T. Waldia 2019-06-17 22:31:47 105634
OMG I'M A WOLFGIRL THAT IS ACTUALLY A DOG RIGHT NOW I LOVE YOU TOO. There's a lot of wagging and jumping and pushing and nosing going on outside right now between dogs. Probably adorable as hell. Fate isn't paying attention though. Arf is a big girl that can take care of herself for a few moments.

Fate shakes her head. "No thank you. I think one of the other knights is cooking and I wanna save room for that." she smiles. "At home I mean." she says. She nods a little, as she raises her head.

"Yeah, you found a site?" she asks. "I don't mind getting through security it would... not be the first time but..." she says. "Heavy resistance? Or just a hard to get into facility?" she asks quietly.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-06-17 22:51:57 105635
    "Mmmh? WEll, if you're sure. The lamb and the naan is to kill for though." Well, at least he offered.

    "But, yes." Alexis pauses there briefly to slurp up a bit more lamb curry into his seemingly never-ending stomach. "Mmmh. I located a site that seems to be used for storage, study and replication of Device technology. The thing is, this one was actually... fairly difficult to find, so they do consider the place important enough to probably warrant heavy defenses. I expect that there are defenses already in place to prevent spatial disruptions, so just teleporting inside isn't possible, and besides their own local security, I expect any intrusions to be met by a quick reaction force from outside and... at worst, *her*. Last time she directly responded to an intrusion at one of her facilities, she turned the place into a prison cell."

    "BUT." The now-emptied bowl is slammed down onto the table amongst the others. "You know how people robbing banks and gas stations and such beat silent alarms? Be quicker in grabbing what they want and getting outta there than the guys coming in to stop them. The facility is underground... Right by a sewage line. See where I'm going with this?"
Fate T. Waldia 2019-06-17 23:05:00 105636
Fate T. Waldia listens softly. "Mother used me to infiltrate Mid-Chidan Military facilities for illicit, hard to obtain technology." she says, a little curtly. "I'm not afraid of dealing with such a location." she says.

She nods. "I'm sure. I'm not hungry right this moment anyways." she excuses. That seems to be true. She isn't eyeing your food or anything-- not even when she thinks you're not looking. She does nods. "Dimensional teleportation is always detectable in some manner and not a good method of infiltration silently." she says. "But we should be able to move fast." she should be able to move fast at least. She says. "And if we can disable their potential blocking field we can dimensional teleport out with a larger haul." she asides. "Though I will settle for cases of parts. A lathe would be better." she asides. "Even a small one." she says.

She nods. "A Sewer would be a good entrance or exit, but maybe not both?" she asks. "If they know how we entered, they're gonna block it off." she says. "If they have any sense."
Alexis Raskoph 2019-06-17 23:18:36 105637
    One corner of Alexis' mouth twitches upwards ever-so-slightly. "Figures you were the right person to trust with all this."

    "The sewer doesn't have an entrance to the facility in it's own right, which is the only reason I'm planning on using it in the first place. Element of surprise. A friend helped pinpoint the exact location where the tunnels intersect with the facility's walls, and with an excessive enough force, even it can be broken through. The plan's to bust in quick, take what we can and bust the blocking field from the inside so we can get out of dodge before the Demon Bitch comes along. That's... Plan A anyway. Quick one, probably would result in a lessened haul due to the time constraints. Plan B is... well, mostly the same. Except..." Elbows come propped on the table and fingers steepled together just in front of Alexis' lower face, while his eyes peer over them. "Instead of joining you, I go make noise at the Raskoph Conglomerate's Tokyo Branch offices just before you and whoever you take with you go in. My mother is smart, but even she will have to personally respond to someone burning down her front door. Should buy you more time like that."
Fate T. Waldia 2019-06-17 23:30:51 105638
Fate T. Waldia listens as she sighs a bit. She says. "I can probably break it." she says. She's sure she can. She's strong and she knows that. "If not, I intend to bring along Runealy and hopefully one of the knights." she says. She lifts her head a bit and frowns. "Plan B sounds risky. And you wouldn't be able to fight them forever. Hinote-kun keeps telling me some sort of rule of a game he plays with some mundane friends um it was 'don't split the party'?" she asks. "But if you think it may let us grab more, it may be worth attempting. If not- the plan just results back to 'Plan A' doesn't it?" she asks. "In theory."

"Smaller haul. Moving quicker." she says.

"What kind of defenses does your mother use?" she asks. "Mother used a variety of 'golems' to protect The Garden of Time. I guess you could call them 'Robots' or 'Drones' too." she says.

"Does your mother use similar things? Or does she rely on stationary emitters?"
Alexis Raskoph 2019-06-17 23:53:31 105639
    "You getting a bigger haul to take out with you is why I am proposing plan B in the first place, so I have faith in it," Alex offers without any hesitation whatsoever. "Dangerous? Sure. But only for me. But I've survived her before. And I do have the benefit that despite her claims otherwise, I do think she still wants me alive rather than dead."

    His hands seperate in favor of folding his arms along the tabletop instead, his weight leaning in to them. "Variety of golems. Her brand. They vary quite a bit in terms of abilities and style. THe most common are ones disguised as humans-- men in black sort of things. Usually armed with batons charged with mana that pack large enough of a punch to affect transformed magic folks. Sometimes they have modified handguns. THe facility is... likely importnat on ther priority list, so I expect they will have more combat-specialized drones on site too. Larger, no human disguise or anything of the sort. Come with arm cannons and energy blades as standard. I've seen a lot of different heavies showing up, but they almost seem to be invidually designed rather than mass-produced so I can't predict those any further. There's probably human staff present there too, but I wouldn't expect them to be combatants."
Fate T. Waldia 2019-06-18 00:17:14 105640
Fate T. Waldia listens. "Do you mean the men in black Eclipse uses? I'm familiar with those units." she says softly. "They don't offer much of a fight on their own except in large numbers." she says. She seems to think on this a moment and gives a series of nods. "I think I can handle this. Destroying them all isn't the goal anyways. Getting the technology and supplises in." she says as she hears barking and yapping and looking to the window and then looking to Alexis

"I have a good gist of what's going on now. Thank you." she says as she stands up and smiles. "Text me a few hours before the operation. And....."

"Please don't tell Nanoha about this. Okay?" she asks with arched brows a moment. Before she grabs Arf, pets Hope and takes back off towards home.