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Date: 2019-06-19
Pose Count: 4
Alexis Raskoph 2019-06-19 19:01:41 105641
    A sewer line underneath Tokyo is not quite as spacious as movies and videogames might lead one to believe, but it's wide enough to accomodate at least a few people moving through it, thankfully, as long as they can bear the smell.

    What does the sewer have to do with anything, you ask? The long story short is, that Fate and a certain Knight called Stahlritter have made the plans to raid a secret underground facility of a shadowy organization. And the plan, evidently, involves finding where the facility itself intersects with the sewer tunnelage and bust through it. So...

    The large, black-and-red gauntlet of Stalhritter himself slowly traces along the tunnel's wall. It's not perhaps outwardly obvious, but the effort does bring his Device to doing an idle scan through it search of... something. And the large Knight coming to a stop eventually signals the discovery of it.

    "...Alright," the man's magically-modulated voice rumbles from underneath the helmet that turns to direct it's visor peeking back to those Fate has brought along for the ride. "It's here. We just need to put everything we have to blasting through. And after that, we can't stop. We have to be in and out before reinforcements come from outside."
Fate T. Waldia 2019-06-19 19:19:06 105642
Fate T. Waldia has brought her sister, Runealy Waldia along because she needs help, and what best way to sisterly bond than also blow up and steal from people that deserve it like Alexis's mother!? Also. Fate has something like a grudge against bad parents and that much is evident.

She may had also called Bell for help too. Fate T. Waldia is in her barrier jacket and following along. She has Bardiche out in it's axe form since a big sytche in a small sewer is bad news.

She has helpfully bought surgical face masks for everyone to deal with sewer smell for the moment that don't have face masks or helmets.

"Plan is." she says. "Blast. Move in. Grab supplies. And Dimensional Transfer out." she says softly. "This facility deals in device construction, supposedly so I should find what I need." she says with a nod.

Fate nods to the area Stahlritter points to as she raises Bardiche and it starts to spark with electricity and she throws a powerful bolt of electricity at the spot. She's expecting everyone to follow up with this statement of blast through the wall! Hopefully.
Runealy Waldia 2019-06-19 19:21:32 105643
Rune has been uneasy about all of this. Going through a sewer bothers her for its poor smell and aesthetics alone, but the plan itself is even more concerning. She had objections to it at first when Fate approached her, worrying this would provoke hostilities between her nation and some unknown-to-Rune entity. The information Fate provided was enough to win the older princess over, though.

Thus she came along, in full magical garb and main staff in hand. Stahlritter's modified voice visibly unnerves her, with his words drawing a momentary wince before she adjusts to it. "Essentially a... you have a word for this..." It takes a few seconds for Rune to arrive at: "A raid? Banditry, but for a good cause? Either way, I understand; the goal is the prize within rather than winning the battle outright. When it's time to leave, I'll leave with you."

To Fate, she offers: "I'll be right behind you. If you see something or someone you need to pursue, go right ahead; I'll back you up!" Staff aimed at the wall, she joins in right after Fate's attack by launching a green orb at it; the sphere explodes on contact into a mist of emerald sparkles!
Rosalie Janus 2019-06-19 19:26:57 105644
Bell is already in her Knight Clothing with her sword at the ready, and she's a total palette swap from the last time Stahlritter might have seen her. And she's is not-so-subtly positioning herself so that at least one of Fate and Runealy are between her and Stahlritter at all times. Frankly, it's fairly obvious that she's nervous around Stahlritter.

But this is a very important mission to Bell for three reasons. The first is so that she can become Rosalie, although Fate is the only person who knows about that. The second reason is so that she can fix up some of the stupid decisions by her creators which went into Rubindorn.

The third is to finally take proactive action against Eclipse. It's a message of sorts: she's not a malfunctioning asset. She's their enemy.

"Right," says Bell. "Ruby?"

Ping! <<KARTUSCHE BEREIT!>> Cartridge ready! Bell pulls the trigger sticking out of the handle (which is one of the stupid decisions in question), and there's a thunderclap as her sword vents steam, eliciting a slight shudder from Bell. <<ROSENWIND!>> Rose Wind. The blade begins to thrum with rosy pinkish-red energy, and Bell rises up a few centimeters off the ground, swinging the blade six times and launching out six slivers of light at the wall and expending all of the rosy energy.