Of Donuts, Dreams and--- OW HALLOWED GROUND!

Lacrima delivers donuts to Rei Hino as a thank you for helping her deal with the whole ghost vampires and Podoeroso. But she can't walk on temple grounds without burning sensations and discomfort so she stays just outside the gate! Donuts, Dreams and Charms!

Date: 2019-06-21
Pose Count: 12
Lacrima 2019-06-21 21:18:12 105645
Lacrima had come to thank Rei Hino, aka- Sailor Mars- for her role in helping with all that... mess and Poderoso and basically risking her life for this problem. She was standing at the edge of the shrine's property, near the main gates as she grimaced and took a few steps and started...

Well feeling like she was burning alive. It wasn't like last time she came here angry and almost ready to fight-- where she had strong negative emotional energy to burn off and effectively 'tanks' the effective 'rip field' of hallowed ground--- she wasn't here in that sense and didn't have a large reserve of that emotional energy. "Nrgggfgh..." she muttered frustratedly. "I um..." she thinks super hard.

"I'M ANGRY SAILOR V, DEFENDER OF JUSTICE II WAS DELAYED UNTIL NEXT QUARTER!" she yells out and tries to walk up a step and quickly walks back yeah okay, being 'angry' at a delayed over a videogame release doesn't have the same ommphhh like last time.

Yeah... she isn't getting up that path unless she wants to pass out right now.

"How am I gonna..." she mutters. "Argh.. maybe..."

"HINNOOOO-CHANNNNN!" she tries to call up the path. Lord knows how far away she is.
Rei Hino 2019-06-21 21:23:42 105646
Sailor-V still gets video games?

This is the first thought that passes through Rei Hino's head as she perks up at the sound of someone shouting nearby as she sweeps up at the shrine.

The second thought is: Wait, whose kid is throwing a fit about video games at the shrine?

'Hino-chan' is called, and Rei's head pops up at the top of the stairs with a tiny "Eep?" Blinking twice before she processes the diminuative figure at the base of the stairs, and the implications therein. "Oh! L-Lacrima-san!" She says, sweatdropping slightly. She wasn't expecting a visit, especially considering the last time she came here. She tilts her head slightly, dressed in her Mako outfit; elegant black hair gathered up in a ponytail for cleaning purposes. "Is everything... oh." She starts to ask, then starts to walk down the steps, remembering that Lacrima can't easily get any closer. "Is everything all right, Lacrima-san?"
Lacrima 2019-06-21 21:30:10 105647
Lacrima might die if the Sailor V videogame doesn't come out soon. The last game was crappy mobile clicker? She hates it so much, she wants another real entry. Regardless, she makes a face. "I'm not full of anger and hate so it kinda hurts a whole lot to step onto your property right now." she says frankly, as Rei approaches.

Lacrima is holding a white box, wrapped in a gold bow. She presents it. "H--here. These are... for you. Um. As a thank you... of sorts for..." she looks around.

"Well with the whole.. vampire ghost... and Poderoso stuff..." she says softly. "Um. They're donuts. From the artisan place I get my donuts from. They make them in store. You'll like them." she says. Indeed, inside are a bunch of artisan donuts of varying flavors. There's a dozen of them. Chocolate, Vanilla Frosted with pink sprinkles---is that a maple frosted one with bacon on it? Regardless.

"No-- nothing is.. wrong. That's why I brought these donuts to... thank you." she says softly.

"--and... thank you. Of course." she says softly.
Rei Hino 2019-06-21 21:36:11 105648
"Hai, hai, gomen." She says embarrassedly as she reaches the bottom of the stairs, feeling odd about apologising to a creature of the night for her shrine acting exactly as intended. Things were a lot more simple when they were exlusively jerks.

She looks surprised as she takes the box, blinking once before smiling softly as Lacrima describes the contents, one eye narrowing briefly in bewilderment at the sight of the bacon one. Still. "Ah... Thank you very much, Lacrima-san." She says genuinely. "It was no problem at all." She says, giving the box another once over, "I'll share these with the other Senshi and tell them they're from you~"
Lacrima 2019-06-21 21:44:20 105649
Lacrima snorts. "'No Problem'." she says frankly. "Still, thank you. I... felt bad. I wasn't able to tell you thank you. Personally... just. Ariel was..." she bites her lip. "....Ariel never had... raised a hand to anyone.. anything before. She's a pacifist..." she says quietly. "So she became distraught and--and Poderoso made her... do that." she says. "She's okay now. I think." she says. "I just hope she doesn't need to do that again." she says silently.

She fidgets. "Do you know if Kunzite is okay? I saw him.... absorb something he shouldn't." she says quietly. "I mean. I assume he is... by now. I'm positive Mamoru would had known." she says.

She crosses her arms a moment. "...nothing's really changed since then." she says quietly. "But it feels ungrateful to..." she says. "Wish for more to have happened? Besides just the problem being solved I guess. Just..."

"Was hoping..." she says. "Maybe I could have my own dreams and nightmares maybe ya know?" she asks.
Rei Hino 2019-06-21 21:51:00 105650
Rei frowns slightly as Lacrima describes Ariel's problem. She may not be the world's biggest pacifist - Senshi of Passion and War and all that - but she can certainly understand being pushed to... extremes you're not comfortable with. "I hope so too." She says softly.

That said, she does manage a smile. "Kunzite's fine. Mamoru-kun did some kind of..." Rei tilts her head, and gestures vaguely with the box, "Magical detox? And then he gave us all ice cream, so, you know..." She smiles helplessly, "Mamoru."

The smile wavers a bit at Lacrima's admission, and she lowers her eyes, "I'm sure you will, Lacrima-san." She says softly. "... I have some charms that might help, but they're, well... blessed, obviously. I don't know if there's some kind of safe distance from that."
Lacrima 2019-06-21 22:18:33 105652
Lacrima sighs a little. "Well. It's harder than that. I have three kinds of 'dreams' I guess.. or... well more exactly things that may happen when I sleep. In no.. particular order, the most basic is just a black void with weird glitter shapes and specks.. I am---"

"I am under the belief that this is more a common facet of a dark energy construct being sleeping, since... well... Kunzite has confirmed he had similar nights of dreams in detail to mine of that manner when he..." she shakes her head. "You know what I'm saying." she says quietly.

"The second is... dreams about Poderoso's life. Like I'm in some weird VR simulation. I can't interact with it all. It's just static memory." she says softly.

"The third is... well I end up in my dreamscape. The castle, we we're all at." she says. "I prefer that over the other two. Since I can at least have Ariel over while I sleep and she dreams. But there's problems with it. It's broken. Things aren't complete." she says quietly.

"So that's about all of it." she says quietly. "Miho-chan suggested I speak to Ariel about the problem and figure something out. Maybe... maybe something changed and I just don't see it." she shrugs.

"But... erf. Sorry for that long description." she bows apologetically.

She gently sighs a little as she sighs. "Is it wrong of me to have expected something to change...?" she asks softly. "After that?" she asks quietly.
Rei Hino 2019-06-21 22:19:54 105653
Rei slowly frowns as the description goes on, wracking her brains for ideas and coming up with none. Traditionally the Shrine MIGHT be able to help with things that could be causing such phenominon, but... those methods would most likely kill Lacrima. It's not really on the table. "It's all right." She says, and shakes her head, "No, I don't think so. You've been through a lot, it's not... it's not unfair to wish for things to get better. I'm... sorry, Lacrima-san. I wish I could help."
Lacrima 2019-06-21 22:28:24 105654
Lacrima shakes her head. "I'm not asking for your help..." she says... then a startled sputter. "I--I mean! If I thought you could help! I would most certainly ask for it..." she says, realizing that the first statement maybe sounded callous in the wrong light. She sighs. "Just. Talking, that's... okay, right?"

"...People talk.. to one another right?" she asks. She rubs a hand up her face and sighs.

"...A blessed charm... should-- should be okay." she says. "Um..."

"I can't exactly.. walk in... a buy one. How much is it..?" she asks quietly, fishing for her wallet on her person.
Rei Hino 2019-06-21 22:31:38 105655
Rei sweatdrops slightly, maintaining a pleasant smile as Lacrima stumbles over herself, and nods. "They do. It's fine." She says, then tilts her head with a smile. "Ha. This one's on the house~" She says, "Though... I might give it to Ariel-san so she can... install it, safely."
Lacrima 2019-06-21 22:43:32 105656
Lacrima sighs and nods a bit. "Alright." she says. She puts her wallet away as she purses her lips and says. "I should... maybe be going now then." she says. "I'll have Ariel pick up the charm as soon as she can." she says. "She can handle this place better than I can... obviously." she says.

"I need to attend to some things." she says quietly. "Before it gets too late in the day." she says. She gives a bow.

"Thank you again and--"

"I mean if you ever want to come over to the manor. To.. visit, it's safe." she says. An invitation of sorts! With that, she'll take off- unless Rei stops her!
Rei Hino 2019-06-21 22:45:50 105657
Rei looks surprised by Lacrima's offer, but pleasantly so. "It was my pleasure, Lacrima-san." She says, and, regarding the offer, answers, "I might do that." If nothing else, a good purification once over on the mansion might do some good. Risky, though! She wrestles the box under one arm and waves with her newly freed hand, "Take care!"

With that, Rei regards the box thoughtfully. Now. How to deal with this in a way where Minako-chan and Usagi don't just stuff their faces...