Spring Ball 2019!

The Spring Ball! What More Needs Said!

Date: 2019-06-22
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Lacrima 2019-06-22 19:02:56 105658
The Spring Ball is started just after school on the half-day for public schools that is Saturday! It is being held in the Grand Augusta Ballroom by the lonel-ish appearing and elegant transfer student, Maria Hanzawa. She's in a pretty black and purple white trim. It's skirt stops about two inches from the ground, as not to drag. It's expensive looking, but a modern piece that invokes old designs. She is gracefully greeting people at the door for a bit.

The Augusta Ballroom has been decked out in pretty green streamers up the wall us if to imitate viens with folded paper and silk flowers dotting them. The student club that puts together these things really went all out, various schools pitching in. At the center, just under the grand chandiler of the ballroom-- many rainbow colored streams curl out into a sunburst pattern. Lights on the wall give out a 'wavy' pattern on the dance floor, it seems like the goal was to make people feel like they we're dancing in a vase full of flowers. It mostly succeeds, but it's still clearly a decorated ballroom.

Off to the side is the usual buffet of 'dance food' people have come to expect-- crab puffs, tiny finger sandwiches. That kind of fare- along with the usual small sweet pastriues and an eclectic donut selection for some strange reason. There's plenty of tables lined up along the sides of the ballroom's dance floor-- and the patio along the back has been opened to the outside air -- and additional seating.

The stage has a live, modern 'pop' band on playing dance music of varying varieties. To peppy songs to slow dances to novelty songs such as 'The Chicken Dance'. Sometimes they take a break and switch to some sort of computer system playing a set playlist.

Overall, it's your standard school dance and there isn't any sort of youma or horror in sight. Lovely.
Rashmi Terios 2019-06-22 19:12:40 105659
Ballroom dances, even if one doesn't like to actually dance, can be utterly enchanting if you're the right sort of geek. Which is why Rashmi never misses the Spring Ball, even if the 'masquerade' part tends not to make her actually all that mysterious; how many students in Tokyo, after all, are going to show up in a white and red saree, with yellow sun designs picked out along the trim? The owl design of her domino mask, at least, should get a chuckle from those likely to pick up on the joke.

For the moment, she's simply wandering around the edge of the ballroom, taking in the decorations and ensuring that at least one student appreciates the time and effort put in.
Lacrima 2019-06-22 19:25:25 105660
Maria Hanazawa has had enough of welcoming people in, gently giving a short hairflip and adjusting her glasses. Lacrima, nor Norie, wears glasses. Maria does. It's super weird. She'll start to finally drift back after a bit and she's pretty sure she saw Rashmi. Maria is not wearing a mask because she's the host, and she didn't find a mask that fit over her glasses in time.

She.. didn't account for 'Maria's' glasses. She sighs a bit as she meanders towards Rashmi. "Rashmi-chan?" she asks.

"That's a pretty dress. Is it Indian in origin?" she asks, making a broad assumption she can assume is right given it's style.
Riley Hunter 2019-06-22 19:28:38 105661
"How do you feel sweetie?"

"Embarassed mom. I feel embarassed. You happy?"

"Nooneseeence! You look great!"

"I hate you."

"Shush sweetie. Now, do you remember what we talked about?"

"Yeah yeah, smile, dance, have a good time, try not to call anyone cu-"

Riley's mum raised a hand to shush the kid before she could add yet more pennies to her overflowing swear jar while her father looked on, leaning on the door of the family's daily driver with just an amused smile on his face. Sure, she wasn't his own blood but damn it, that little exchange alone proved it if there was ever any doubt left. Riley was his damn child.

She soon entered the room proper, rolling her shoulders and moving her hand up to adjust her simple black mask while internally lamenting how her mom had caught her little plan to walk in wearing a novelty floppy rubber horse one. She started by just scanning the room, trying to spot anyone she recognised.
Rashmi Terios 2019-06-22 19:34:07 105662
As Maria approaches, the gleam of Rashmi's own spectacles can be seen set in the wide eyes of the owl mask. Someone got handy with a power drill; most likely her father. The redhead lights up as her friend greets her, bobbing her head. "Hi~, Maria-chan! Yes it is! It's one of Mami's, she brought it from the Old Country! You like it?" Extending her arms, she turns one way, then the other, showing how the skirts billow. "And I love your dress too! When's it from!" When, not where, because Rashmi is very aware of Maria's fondness for proper vintage dresses.

The newcomer catches her attention, and she pauses to try and figure out where she knows that hair from. "Hey, Maria-chan... D'you know who that is?"
Lacrima 2019-06-22 19:36:53 105663
Maria Hanazawa mphhhs? "Oh it's a modern dress." she says softly. "But it's based on Japanese styles. Obviously." she smirks. Maria isn't wearing Lacrima's super fancy period dress here. Nope. It'd get punch spiked on it. SPEAKING OF WHICH, Lacrima shoots an eye to the punch bowl. Okay. No one's spiked it yet.

Good... she thinks.

She blinks as her eyes trace over to the girl that's come in as she looks back to Rashmi. "I don't know. But I don't remember seeing her at other dances...." she says tapping her bottom lip thoughtfully.

"...Wanna go say hi, I guess?" she asks Rashmi.
Riley Hunter 2019-06-22 19:50:07 105664
Riley's dress was fairly basic in design, just a simple yet fairly classy little number like the sort of thing one would wear to a black tie event. She was standing close enough though to overhear Rashmi's question. Was this perhaps how Clark Kent fooled everyone with those glasses? Nonetheless, it was no good just standing around taking in the scenery, and it was slightly comforting to see a familiar face.

"Yeah I'm Zorro in a dress. Just due to Japan's restrictive weapon laws I can't carry a sword." Her face and voice remained completely deadpan until a somewhat uncontrollable grin crept its way across her features.

"Hey Rashmi, thought the idea was disguise? Ain't no one here who doesn't know who you are from seeing that. Fancy though." She thought on that. "... Ah yeah, probably blown my cover too. Hooray accents."
Alexis Raskoph 2019-06-22 19:51:46 105665
A certain german boy, despite possessing the knowledge of how to dance at a ball, is known to not think of a ball dance his sort of scene.

But, when your adoptive sister is the one arranging and managing it (even if she is magocally disguised as someone else), there *are* certain expectations and obligations, you know?

He did not, however, have the time or the inclination to come up with a *mask*, however.

The result of all this is one (1) Alexis walking to the site of the dance in a white dress shirt and black slacks and jacket and tie, along with black sunglasses propped upon his nose. With all that, and the jacket left unbuttoned, the tall and muscled foreigner ends up bringing up someone's best effort of a Men In Black or Reservoir Dogs cosplay.

If nothing else, at least the thuggish german cleans up real nice.
Rashmi Terios 2019-06-22 20:00:10 105666
"Oh! Hunter-san!" Rashmi says, delighted. "Good to see you again, and that's a lovely dress! Yours too, Maria-chan!"

When asked about the masquerade, Rashmi blushes. "W-well, I mean, it's still a pretty dress, and I just... y'know, wanted to wear it." She seems about to go on, but then Alexis rolls into the Ball, and her mouth shuts with a sharp *click.*

Followed by a muttered "y'know it's easy to forget how well he cleans up..."
Lacrima 2019-06-22 20:03:08 105667
Maria Hanazawa gently raises her head. "Do you know her, Rashmi-chan?" she asks softly as she gently looks back. "Hunter-san?" she asks. "Hello, I am Maria Hanzawa. I'm a transfer student from Spain... who is here to learn about the Japanese part of her heritage." she says.

She bows as she looks over and---

Oh, oh yeah that's Alexis. Looking like an MiB. "Alexis-kun." she calls out softly. "Me and Rashmi-chan are over here." she smiles as warmly as a vampire being a human can. Which... it doesn't quite reach her eyes. But that's normal.
Riley Hunter 2019-06-22 20:17:50 105668
"Never said it didn't look good! Because ah, it does!" She paused, trying to think of what to say next and how to perhaps make this a little less awkward. "Look, I have no idea with this sort of thing. Not used to everything being all fancy, even if this is just a school dance." She nonetheless managed to compose herself at least somewhat, looking towards Maria. "Hey there. I'm Riley Hunter and uh, well, I'm from Alabama. Parents moved here not all that long ago."

Alexis caught her eye at pretty much the same time as it did the others. "Hah. Hey, who invited the CIA? well he's looking sharp, whoever he is."
Alexis Raskoph 2019-06-22 20:25:16 105669
It ia probably fortunate for everyone involved that Alexis doesn't get close enough in time to hear Rashmi's compliment. He does, however, hear Riley's comment, and it brings him to slightly pull his hand downwards so that one green eye can peer over the rim of the shaded lense at Riley.

"BND," the german's rumbling voice quickly corrects. "I don't come where the CIA is."

The sunglasses are returned firmly in place, and he turns to make a pronounced western-style bow aimed to all three of the girls. "Good evening, ladies." HE HAS MANNERS???
Lacrima 2019-06-22 20:35:02 105670
Maria Hanazawa purses her lips. She looks at Rashmi a moment and then back at Alexis. Back to Rashmi. Alexis. She has to take a sharp hard breath a moment to stop anything inane and regrettable from coming out of her mouth. "Alexis-kun." she says. "It's nice to see you Alexis-niisan~" she says. "You look good!" she asides.

She looks back to Riley. "So you are from the United States?" she asks. She can't go into the details of Norie's life here. Like her dad is Japanese American. She really wants to.

But she's already gone with the 'from Spain' angle. Curse fake identities. She seems to visibly sulk a bit. "That.. that's cool." she says. "Alabama is in the south right?" she asks.
Rashmi Terios 2019-06-22 20:36:07 105671
Rashmi bobs her head as Riley introduces herself. "She's one of Kogane-san's friends," she says by way of two-layered explanation. "We do this once a year, Hunter-san. It's just... fun, y'know? Dressing up fancy and being at the kind of ball you see in movies..." She trails off with a shrug and a grin; even if she can't explain it properly, she always has a good time at the Spring Ball.

But then Alexis rolls on up, and not only does he clean up nice, he bows like a fancy Westerner. And this apparently throws Rashmi; a man who half the time can't be bothered to observe basic training principles like 'don't run on an injured leg' unless it's actively broken (optional even then depending on the severity of the break) having dance manners...

"....Wow, hi Alexis-kun."

Shaking her head, she quietly pats Maria's arm, as if understanding the reason for the faint wilt.
Riley Hunter 2019-06-22 20:48:27 105672
Riley nodded, holding back a laugh at the "that's from the south right?" comment. "Yep. Yuuup it's from the south. Very south. Good ol' boys, shotguns, big trucks, we got it all. Not going to lie, I miss it sometimes. It's been a uuuh..." Her voice trailed off, the girl thinking for a minute, switching back to english as she mused out loud on just how to translate that term. "Culture shock? Yeah, I think that's it. I've been here what, a year or so now and I'm still not quite used to everything."

She smiled at the explanation of the event, nodding. "Yeah yeah, I get that much but, ah you know. Not used to fancy. Heck I'm not even used to wearing a dress, I'd have just shown up in jeans if my mom didn't pretty much force me to wear this. So embarassing..."
Ariel Theodore 2019-06-22 21:05:37 105674
    Ariel was late.
    The last time Lacrima had organized one of these dances, the littlest unicorn had the worst luck. She had her purse snatched, a car drove by and splattered her nice dress with puddle water, her heel snapped in a gutter and she stumbled across Tokyo fighting a youma... That was last year.
    This year. THIS YEAR, things will be different, as Ariel makes her way to the Hotel Augusta, carrying a duffel bag.
    When she is splashed by the car, this time she is in a sacrificial pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt...
    When she trips over that same gutter, she regains her balance thanks to comfortable sneakers.
    And when the Nightmare rears its ugly head--
    "No." Ariel says firmly, pointing a finger directly at a horrorterror of the very Dream Realm itself.
    "No! Not today! You go back to the Dream World, and you wait. I have a very important place to be right now and you are not ruining it this time Mr. Nightmare!" She says very firmly. Firmly enough to make the Nightmare confusedly crawl back to the dark pit from whence it came...
    So where IS she now?
    The fact of the matter is, unicorns are timid creatures, shy and elusive. They are only seen when they want to be seen, and that might be why it's not until she sidles herself up behind Maria that anyone will finally see she has arrived; arms going right around the Spanish 'transfer student' as she drapes on her from behind, in a white three-piece suit. It's not a pure white, but a green shade of off-white, with a deep sea-green necktie and matching pocket square. Adorning her brow is the most bedazzled domino mask, with a spiralling horn sticking out from the-- no that is her actual horn showing through. And there's a space in back of her suit for her tail, as well, hiding her true form under the guise of fine look for a costume dance.
    This time. This time, Ariel makes it to the dance.
    "Hello, everyone~."
Alexis Raskoph 2019-06-22 21:15:02 105675
"I just brought out the old suit honestly," Alexis tells Maria over the compliment when he straightens up. "I'm nothing special."

He glances over his shoulder back to the way of Ariel,and his hand lifts up briefly to wiggle his fingers towards her while he notes idly, "Looks like your dance has arrived, Maria."

And then,finally, he turns a surprisingly gentle,warm smile to Rashmi. "...Yes, hello Rashmi. Is something the matter? Your dress is beautiful, though."
Lacrima 2019-06-22 21:17:47 105676
Maria Hanazawa knows it's in the south. She just wanted to make small talk. She remembers dad speaking about Oklahoma... Kansas... Alabama... Louisiana. His favorite state that last one. Gumbo is a common food in the Okana household. She softly purses her lips as she gently sighs. "Is there a particular kind of Southern Cooking you're missing? I tend to be able to acquire most of the odder things." she says softly. She doesn't explain how or why there.

She's about to thank Rashmi for the moment of comfort when suddenly arms drape around from behind and she blushes a bit! Her glasses become dis-shelved! But she catches them. She huffs. It's Ariel~ <3.

"Ar~i~el~" she sings practically. She smiles. "You made it!" she asks. Because she remembers Ariel didn't make it to the dance. And she was okay with that. And if Ariel didn't make it to this dance... she'd be disappointed like last time... but she'd understand why. Ariel would noooot blow her off unless there was a stellar reason for it.

She smiles. "Hunter-san, this is my girlfriend, Ariel Theodore." she says softly. Since the others already know Ariel. She smirks at Alexis a moment. Yes, the old suit. That looks immaculate and clean and handsome. uh huh.
Riley Hunter 2019-06-22 21:27:31 105677
"Thanks for the offer, appreciate it, but I can *usually* fix up I'm lookin' for. Or I can copy it well enough without burning the house down. Uh, mostly. There waaaas a close call one time but hey, what my parents don't know don't hurt them. I mean, it costs them a towel in "hurt" that I had to use as a fire blanket but..." She trailed off, just giving a somewhat overexagerated shrug. "What the hell right?"

She raised a brow at Alexis' comment about it being an old suit. "Must have had that a great dry cleaners. BeT iT's AlL tHaT cIa MoNeY."
Ariel Theodore 2019-06-22 21:50:57 105678
    Ariel spends a beat, adjusting her tie, but she's already looking like she's settling into the festivities!
    "Nonsense, Alexis. Everyone is special. Including you~." She chirrups sweetly, resting her chin on Maria's shoulder.
    "Eheh heh~. It's nice to meet you." That's to Riley, as Maria introduces her.
    "I almost didn't make it again, but this time I planned ahead and everything worked out. So here I am~."
Lacrima 2019-06-22 21:59:31 105679
Lacrima sighs a bit and shakes her head. "Hunter-san. Alexis-niisan doesn't work for the CIA. I promise." she says. She gently turns around and gently helps Ariel with her tie, fidgeting a moment, but ultimately lets Ariel finish getting it in place.

"He might work for the Men in Black. Maybe he's flashy thinged you." she says softly as she smiles at Ariel.

"I'm glad you made it." she says softly. "....No major messes this time I hope?..." she asks softly and with a little worry.
Riley Hunter 2019-06-22 22:06:38 105680
"Aha, but that's exactly what he'd want you to think!" Riley laughed, partially at her own stupid CIA jokes, and partially at the "niisan". Sure, she knew what that meant for the most part, but her mind just went to the car brand. Alexis Nissan. "He's not CIA, I know I knoooow. I'm just messing around." She waited, grinning again. "Naw he's clearly NSA. *German* NSA. Hallo, ja, we ist nicht spying on ze calls." She couldn't help but laugh at her own stupid joke at this point.
Ariel Theodore 2019-06-22 22:17:30 105681
    "Nothing that can't be handled later~." Ariel chimes in reply to major messes.
    That Nightmare is probably still curled up in its hole somewhere, baffled at how it let a tiny unicorn intimidate it.
    But then Ariel blinks.
    Someone missed a pop culture reference.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-06-22 22:28:58 105682
Alexis' eyes narrow down over to Riley. ANd he slowly turns to face her directly, while... still holding that smile he was giving to Rashmi. Except it is turning into somethng much less warm. "Not quite," he growls, leaned over ever so slightly towards the girl. "Yakuza money. Reappropriated kind."

Having said that, he leans back upright, and turns off to the general direction of where the finger food has been set. "Have fun dancing," he offers to Maria and Ariel on the way there. "I'm going to find something to eat."
Lacrima 2019-06-22 22:31:24 105683
Maria Hanazawa softly blinks at Ariel. "I'm going to have to watch a movie with you back at my place when this is over a thing~" she teases. "Don't worry, it isn't important~" she giggles. She smiles a little as she gently looks over to Riley and frowns just a tiny small bit. "Lots of guys are dressed in suits here. I don't see how Alexis-niisan is any different?" she asks softly as she head tilts.

"I bet the next guy that comes in is dressed no different!" she says with a soft series of hard, matter of fact nods.
Ryo Okana 2019-06-22 22:35:41 105684
As if the universe heard this regularly, inane statement that Maria just made, the next boy to come in, is a tall, somewhat well built male with blonde hair and smug, lady killing grin. Ryo Okana has come dressed in a black suit, a tuxedo jacket no less and has aboulstely no date that walks in withh him. His usual high apprasial of himself said he could steal someone elses date probably.

That's his usual mode of operation anyways to those that have noticed. Has he noticed anyone yet? Not yet. He's walking through the crowd. Admiring the decorations, and hasn't taken note of who the event arranger is.

Else he might not had even come! He starts making his way around the edges of the ballroom.
Riley Hunter 2019-06-22 22:39:51 105685
"Oh no he's not. Not really. Apart from, honestly, that suit being the nicest one I've seen here." Riley admits. "But it's still funny. Plus I'm getting a reaction. Yakuza, pssshhh, yeah and I'm a bloods chapter master. Ah what the hell, don't matter either way." The kid didn't even flinch at the lean in or growl, she just folded her arms and looked right back up at Alexis.

"So uh, what now? This it? We just going to stand around talking wearing these masks or is there something else to do here?"
Ariel Theodore 2019-06-22 22:46:14 105686
    Suits are a good fashion statement. Ariel's in one right now, after all. But she's not a guy so.
    "Yakuza are easily distracted by penguins." She does point out to Riley, but then scrunches her nose. "It won't be a scary movie, will it?" She does press Maria, before pausing. And sniffing at the air.
    Is that a familiar scent in the air?
    Nah. It couldn't be.
Lacrima 2019-06-22 22:53:46 105687
Maria Hanazawa was actually looking at the door when Ryo Okana entered as if to prove her point and she just 'freezes' and just stares... then does anything else but stare as she tugs Ariel close and whispers. 'Ryo just walked in. I don't think he noticed us. I don't think he's dumb enough to try anything here.' she says to her as she gently tilts her head back up and swallows.

"W..well people talk and... eat and dance. It wouldn't be very fair of me to drag Ariel out out the dance floor and leave you here alone... right?" she asks.

She missed that interaction between Riley and Alexis just then. She was too transfixed on the big, Mahou Hunting jerk, moving along the edges like a big shark in a reef tank.

"Hey um----" she kinda wants to warn Riley, but she just shakes her head. "N--nevermind. Just. You know where. The emergency exits are.. right?" she asks. That'll have to do for now as some sort of warning or hint.
Riley Hunter 2019-06-22 22:58:46 105688
The girl seemed to register the mood shift, even before the mention of the emergency exits. She took a moment to try and take stock of the situation, eyes glancing around the room as she tried to figure out what the possible threat could be almost as if she was on "autopilot". All eyes seemed to be on this new guy.

"Yeah, I know where they are." She confirmed, with a rather confused look on her face. "Something to do with that guy?" She was trying to be as subtle as possible in indicating just who she was talking about, although, she hoped it would be obvious enough to Maria. "Why? This guy a problem or something?"
Ariel Theodore 2019-06-22 23:04:07 105689
    ... Or maybe it is a familiar scent. One that makes Ariel purse her lips into a thin line when Maria whispers in her ear.
    "M-mn." She resolves to just act natural and not draw attention. Even if she's suddenly somewhat more stilted and stiff in every act to follow.
    "Hopefully." She utters back, but then clears her throat. Riley starts asking pointed questions. How does she answer that?
    "He's ah... A little rough." Ariel puts very diplomatically.
Riley Hunter 2019-06-22 23:12:39 105690
Riley gave Ariel a flat stare. "A little rough. Right. Look, I'm tryin' to find out if we got a problem here. Do we got a problem? You can't just drop a "do you know where the emergency exits are" then freak out over a guy unless there's a problem."
Lacrima 2019-06-22 23:24:34 105691
Maria Hanazawa watches the boy disappear to the back patio. She takes a soft, hard breath. "He is... not a great person. No." she says sharply as she gently tugs Ariel a little closer. She frowns. "It's... hard to explain, okay?" she says. "Just... ya know. Not a lot we can do about it right now." she says nervously.

She seems nervous as she occasionally looks back and forth to the entrance to the back patio.
Riley Hunter 2019-06-22 23:34:54 105692
"Riiight. Yeah crowded room. Would be too obvious." She let a small spark of flame dance upon her palm for a moment, looking between it and Maria, quickly clenching her fist and extinguishing it before anyone else could see. "Just more weird unexplained stuff. I've been getting that a lot lately. Look if this guy's out for trouble, perhaps I should know *what* trouble. Last thing I want is to get blindsided by this."
Ariel Theodore 2019-06-22 23:35:30 105693
    That flat stare? Ariel meets it with a sheepish little smile with one tiny fang, as a bead of sweat rolls down the side of her brow.
    "R-rough. Right." She was trying to be nice. Even for Ryo's sake.
    But she quietly puts an arm around Maria'a back. "It looks like he won't be much of an issue, tonight, though. Hopefully. So let's just try to keep having fun."
Lacrima 2019-06-22 23:48:14 105694
Riley displays some magical talent and Maria stares for a moment. Part of her wants to troll and act all shocked like a mundane might. But... not with Ryo back there somewhere. No. She looks over to Ariel and then back to Riley and sighs and walks over to a quieter corner of the ballroom and she gently rubs a hand down her forehead.

"That's my brother, Ryo Okana." she says. But wasn't she calling Alexis 'Niisan'? Also that family name doesn't even sound a little like Hanazawa. "He's a killer. His idea of evil is more or less anything magical that isn't himself." she says bluntly. "He goes by the name 'Saint George' and is the reincarnation of the Saint himself." she says.

"I'd say we're safe except he's attacked me and Ariel in a public place before." she says softly.
Riley Hunter 2019-06-22 23:59:38 105695
She just looked between the two of them. "... So he's a murderer who thinks he is a English knight guy. Why the fuck is he here and not in the loony bin?" She shook her head. "Great well this is really going to put a damn downer on things. Now we gotta watch our backs in case kill crazy mc schizo tries to stick a knife in it. He attacked you guys before?"
Lacrima 2019-06-23 00:10:26 105696
Maria Hanazawa frowns. "He doesn't 'think'... he 'is'." she says softly. "He's the genuine reincarnation of 'Saint George'. The Princess, from that story, is also reincarnated. Though the dragon never reincarnated because the Dragon never died." she says sharply. "She lives at my manor with me and my two other friends." she says.

She sighs. She rattles off an address. "Come to my manor- at that address- if you want to talk about this more. Just... keep a wide berth around him. Don't show him you know magic." she'll look to Ariel, and tug her to the dance floor. She wants at least one dance before the night is over. Saint George be damned.