Tanoiting It Too Much

Hannah and Haruna go running! They catch up on things magical and non-magical. And then a jerk tree interrupts!

Date: 2019-06-26
Pose Count: 14
Hannah Sharpe 2019-06-26 00:45:44 105739
Hannah is out and about today, the early morning sun spreading warmth on her cheeks as she makes impressive work on her usual morning run amidst the park. She has an earpiece in one ear, jogging shorts, a tank top that proudly says 'Muscle Up!' in garishly english letters, and a lead in her hand.

A few beats away as her sneakers pound the running pavement, the big fluffy Familiar Boris is a jogging machine as well! Aside from his service dog designation, he's carrying the bag with the running supplies: some cash, water, towels. Useful, this questionably russian mutt! There's a smile on Hannah's face, not the one of scientific discovery or dark mischief, but of enjoyment of movement, the outdoors, and life!

One finger rubs a certain ring about it, and some of that beaming smile is sent to the owner of the matching one!

"Don't die on me, Haruna-chan! Necromancy is /not/ on my list of things to try!" Pause.

"At least not on humans. Maybe on interns!" Someone is /not helping/ today!
Haruna Kurosawa 2019-06-26 00:53:00 105740
Haruna Kurosawa has not been running every morning because she spends her mornings, before school, making sure the Coffee Shoppe is well stocked and ready to go and it doesn't leave much room for running. That is, not every morning either. Today she's left in Corvus's dubiously capable hands and/or wings to make sure the shoppe is set for the day because she didn't wanna sleep in and wanted to go run with Hannah today!

Haruna is in a black tank top. (Seriously, who told her that was a good idea in summer?) and running shorts and running shoes and her tank top doesn't have any particular markings on it because she felt ultimately boring today!

Haruna is not dying! Though she's panting like she's close to it. "I can do it... I can do it! I can... do it like... ugh I can't find anything that rhymes um.. I can do it like tanoit." she says.

"Tanoit isn't even a word. I'm pretty sure but it is now." she says bluntly. "It means. To do something a whole heck of a lot." she says between pants.

"How does Boris do this so much so easily!?" she asks. "I blame magic."
Hannah Sharpe 2019-06-26 01:07:55 105743
Hannah, like an evil jerk, is staying /just/ far away enough to keep Haruna running but not at a dead-butt run so as to not leave the poor coffee-Gull behind! She's a considerate-slash-torturous athletics partner like that. Just ask Naru before her transformation into Australian IronMan!

"It sounds like a small town in rural Texas. I wonder if there's any American cures from there." Hmmmm! Inquiring CEO's want to know!

As for Boris? Well, he's not giving away his secret. Waaaag wag wag wag goes the fluffy tail.

Hannah ends up being the traitor here. "I mean...magical doggie, four legs, /and/ wind magic! He's the trifecta of speedpups. Aren't you!?" Leeeean, ear-scritch! Booooork of pride! For a second, he hovers off the ground. Then R.T. telepathically bonks him on the head! Down goes the pup!

"How's the cafe doing anyway?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2019-06-26 01:24:19 105748
Haruna Kurosawa pants and says. "WELL. Now their name means to do something a whole hecka a lot!" she says. Haruna is pretty sure it's magic. Dumb.. magical device familiar magic. She calls out. "Yeah, there is Precures in America, the Bomber Girls Pretty Cure." she says as she pants.

"Still Tanoiting it." she says "Cafe has been running good, Hannah-butt- you should come by more when I'm working~" she teases.

"I have a new worker-- psuedo-sis!" she says. "Roaslie. Another sis Sakura-chan adopted. So adopted sis of your adopted sis is psuedo-sis!" she nods matter of factly.

"Otherwise it's been quite. I mean. Aki and Miho are a thing!~" she teases. "Also-."

"Don't go to any gameshow tapings. Like. There's a Phantom Empire General called The Quizmaster in Tokyo at the moment I guess. His scitck is he's a gameshow host and he hates you." she says bluntly.
Hannah Sharpe 2019-06-26 01:50:09 105753
"Huh. I wonder if I could hire some of them too!" Because that is /definitely/ a good idea and won't get her punched in the face harder than usual. Or maybe dueling on the supremacy of different flavors of BBQ. Maybe both at once!

She laughs, just a little bit guiltily. "Sorry. The higher ups keep me busy, /and/ I've been spending too much time in the lab again I guess. I'll come around. YOu're a saint for putting up with your horrible betrothed!" Smiiiile!

Blink blink. "Oh wow. That's...actually adorable, and I /have/ to meet her! I know Mom always wanted to expand the family, but I don't think she thought it'd happen like /this/."

As for Aki though? Hannah darn near trips onto her face! By nearly bowling over Boris too!

"W...wait! /Aki/!? DATING!? Have I fallen through a space-time portal? Did that Barrier experiment send me into the bizzaro-verse!?" Oh yeah, she wants to know more!

Then her jaw falls! "Oh now you're just being ridiculous! What kind of evil general would do a /gameshow/? I mean, robocaller or evil hacker, but /gameshow host/?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2019-06-26 02:04:52 105755
Haruna Kurosawa snorts. "You come home every night. That's all I really worry about~" she teases. She smiles and smirks. "There's more to talk about there, but... like. I shouldn't discuss it publicly. And without her permission you know? Just come by the Gullwing someday, she should be workin~" she says.

She stops though. She stops dead. "Stooooooop." she finally yells out. "I need a break. And water. Water and a break!" she says. "I'm Tanoiting it too hard." she says loudly. Yeah she needs air and to wipe her forehead. And over all looks around rapidly for a bench. They are---

NOWHERE NEAR ONE ugh. Oh well. She sighs.

"Y-yeah." she says as she makes a grab for a water bottle on Boris's harness. "That's a thing now. That happened, completely without my input! I'm totally shocked! I mean. It was still the same girl I wanted to hook her up with but it happened... WITHOUT MY INPUT!" she says shocked.

Really it's a miracle Aki found anyone at all! "I think Aki finally realized the whole love is banned for Precures thing Blue pulls is super duper annoying." she says frankly. "And dumb. Did I say it was dumb yet today?"

"Well it's dumb." she says angrily as she drinks water.
Hannah Sharpe 2019-06-26 22:26:05 105777
The call for a break is made, and Hannah gives this /smug/ grin! She flicks a good bit of sweat off her brow, Boris leads her into range of Haruna, and then she's sliding an arm around the other young woman's shoulders. Leeeeean!

"If you're so out of it, maybe I'll just princess carry you all the way home~! Dear Princess Tanoit~" Teases the mage with a whisper in Haruna's ears!

Smooooch! Right on the cheek! "You know the deal, no giving away others' secrets. Confidentiality is important in WPS!" nod nod! Unlike some, unfair adventages aren't her bag. That's Boris' job.

It's Hannah's turn to snag a water bottle, chugging it gainfully. Crunch. Off into one of Boris' harness pockets, no doubt connected to some subspace pocket. /Mages/ man!

"Going against the wishes of your sister!? As a Kurosawa!? I would /never/ have thought! Such a thing is unthinkable in your family!" This time, her surprise is teasing! She's calling on the powers of Hannah-butt-ness!

"I'm seriously glad though. Blue is an idiot! Who listens to that guy!? I swear. You become a god, pass out punch-power, and suddenly you get to dictate everyone's love life? Know what I think? He can't get a date. He's jealous of Aki. Of /US/!"

Hannah, as always, lets her contempt be known. Blue is not her favorite person.

"Tanoiting levels of dumb!"

Unless the bride-to-be requires Princess'ing, Hannah offers an arm for support and general snuggelry mid-park. "How's the news with the 'Community' been? Any dangers I should know about?" Yup, using Gull as her informant again.
Haruna Kurosawa 2019-06-28 00:51:38 105782
Haruna Kurosawa is pretty sure Mamoru has some sort of hammerspace under his cape, too. Really, Haruna doesn't like to think too hard about magical physics because it makes her head hurt a whole heck of a bunch. You can say it really tanoits her head. A whole heck of a lot.

Oh whisper... smooch... blusssssh! she huffs and tilts her head. "Yeah. She hasn't told mom and dad. And sworn me to secrecy there. I agree. Considering...." she shifts uncomfortably. Hannah's met her parents. She knows how that'd go.

She huffs. "I'm not gonna complain about be princess carried~" she teases. "That's less tanoiting it for me but more for you, you surrrre~" she asks.

She purses her lips and says. "Not that I cant thinnnnk... but I haven't been paying full attention." she admits sheepishly. "It may be best to ask someone else. Mamoru would definitely know. Maybe some others around the Gullwing, I'll ask." she says.
Hannah Sharpe 2019-06-28 01:18:44 105783
Hannah /exists/ to make people's heads hurt. Usually through exasperation, but occasionally through Mage Cheating (tm).

There's a /huge/ sigh from Hannah as The Parents come up. She slowly runs a hand through her hair, until finally she just kinda slumps. "We're going to need a battle plan for that one. A united front. I think we can make a miracle twice, but it's going to require buy-in, bribery, planning, barrier magic, and maybe a bbq salmon or three. Or a low country broil. The secret weapon!" Nod nod nod.

Hannah leans back, a light breeze 'mysteriously' runs through her hair, and she's all dramatic suddenly! "There's no such thing as tanoiting for Hannah Sharpe! All things are possible with me, my beloved Boris-pup, and the most beautiful girl in the world at my side!" Oh, now she's just being shameless!

Still, Haruna has a point. "I need to beat down their doors anyway, see if Kyouko's eaten anyone yet or Kunz-kun has finally gone bald from stress. At the worst, they'll tell me to stop making evil pla..."

Before she can continue, there's a loud sound, and an entire tree walks into the jogging path. Straight out of the Lord of the Rings, this thing is big, leafy, and is only just off of the 'Ent' stylings by way of an over-exaggerated mouth full of teeth and two comically large eyes that rotate in /disturbing/ ways. With every movement of it's tree-trunk-legs, it shakes loose leaves that cut into other foliage on the way!

"Rrrraaaah! Photosynthia needs energy!" The thing drolls in an utterly annoying voice. Then it opens it's mouth towards the two girls in the park.

They get to hear what can only be described as 'vomiting an entire volley of bushes' sounds. Hannah, smartly, along with her dog is body checking herself into the trees long enough to flip R.T. into the air.

"Some idiot let their youma loose! I knew I should've joined Greenpeace! RAGING TEMPEST SET-UP!" A burst of magical energy, a green symbol upon the air, and Miss White makes kicking motions as the air 'tightens' around her. Lines of magic from a quick area search start to filter out.

And then there's big, stabbey-ended bushes being spat out at our CEO-slash-Gull-Heroines!
Haruna Kurosawa 2019-06-28 01:45:23 105784
Haruna ughs. "All that and also purification magic and a personal visit from the god damn emperor or something." she says bluntly. "My parents aren't gonna crack easily, Hannah. They barely talk with me. I don't think they want me back to visit quite yet. Maybe soon. It's still... taking time. Ya know?" she says.

She snorts. "uh-huh." she says with disbelief. Because like a gazallion times being possessed or drained or driving your power to nothing being reckless TOTATLY is not a limit to tanoiting it!

(Shut up spell check, that's still totally a word. HARUNA SAYS SO!.)

Then there's a callout. A little tug at her muscles that makes her tense. "Nrg--- well then... That's a.. sound...."


Goes Haruna's mirror as she transforms into Cure Gull in a elaborative sequence. She mostly is about to point and give a speech when suddenly she spuits. "Wait is that thing vomitting bushes!?"

And then she's slashed with like a crapload of projective brush and she decides to take off into the air quickly. "EEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I THINK IT BUSHED ALL OVER ME!" she yells out.
Hannah Sharpe 2019-06-28 02:02:28 105785
Hannah's ready to pray to God, country, God-Emperor and an obscene amount of shinto deities if something beyond talking happens with Haruna's parents. Still, she can hope.

Therefore, the Mage is quite happy to have potentially lethal bushes vomited at her and her beloved Gull. This is somehow /less/ dangerous than the potential for family member blowups. Miss White is still kind of jaw-dropped though, as Cure Gull goes high. Hannah goes low, ducking in close, as she summons up a defensive shield. It shatters after several impacts, but by now she has their trajectory enough to deftly juke away from most of them. Brushing off a few errant Evil Twigs in her hair, she scowls!

"How dare you get excess foliage on the most amazing Gullfriend in the world!" Miss White has no shame. Then with a burst of wind at her feet, she's sliding for the thing. One massive branch hammers down!

"HURGGGHHHHHH!" The sound of muscle, wood, and Device slamming together can be heard throughout the park, until finally the mage gets a barrier to spring into being!

It's focusing on Hannah right now, the two trading wood and fists!

"That's why they invented lint rollers and hedge trimmers, Cure Gull!" She huffs out in between /punch/!
Haruna Kurosawa 2019-06-28 02:30:26 105786
Cure Gull starts sneezing. Ha CHOO HA CHOO. As she's heading into the sky. She must be allergic to whatever the hell that bush is. "Argggh!" she sounds stuffed up. "Argh I think I'm allergic. Hay fever come on not cool, bush gal NOT COOL!" she yells out.

Cure Gull doesn't have any allergy medication on her person though but at least it's just like... allergies. And nothing dead or sickening and overall she's just gonna need all the Loratadine ever.

Still, Hannah is leaning into the bushwhacker already as she huffs and draws her hand back from her skybound position. "GULL WINDY...." she calls out, gathering wind energy into her fist.

"....PUNCH!" she calls out, sending out a wave of funneling wind careening down like a narrow, aimed torando into the creature!
Hannah Sharpe 2019-06-28 03:01:47 105787
"Hah hah haaaah! Sneeze! Drown in terror! AND MUCUS! Mwaaaah hah haaaah!" Comes the youma in response to Gull's indignation at suddenly being assaulted by the dreaded /allergies/!

Hannah's brow twitches, and she punches the thing hard enough that it staggers! Right in the arm-branch!

"That's just rude! And more annoying than anything else! Seriously, mildly inconveniencing someone through the sniffles is just insulting! What ever happened to plain old murder!?" Miss White's voice is just full of judgement right now, even when one of those log-thick-logs of legs hammers into her chest! OOMPH! She's sent skidding back, R.T. helpfully providing 'air brakes' of a sort.

Up goes both branch-filled fists, prepared to slam down onto Hannah! But Cure Gull lashes out with that funnel of wind, flattening it down to the ground! It struggles, valiantly even! It tries to vomit forth more bushes, but that is only slammed right back into it's maw! There's this horrible wooden gurgly sound!

"Photophuglurghlyghly!" Goes the youma.

Miss White raises one foot into the air, dress shoes briefly shining as wind burst into existance around it. Then again, and again, as a second localized tornado erupts! She gives a broad smirk.

"A little twig can't face a gale, much less two of them! You're not worthy of my labs! Jerk!" WHAM!

The twin winds of Cure and Mage blend together, the blast of zephyr routing straight through the creature. With a howl, the youma expires, sent flying through the air in increasingly tiny twigs! The superimposed trees fly too, until there's seemingly not a stick to be found in the park, only the greyness of a barrier!

With a snap of her fingers, even that fades. The trees of this reality reassert, and the only evidence left is a single shattered bench.

Boris trots right up, leash in maw, and with a bork Hannah's leaning down to snag it.

"...So how about we take a breakfast break? I know a certain cafe owner who's been tanoiting it too hard recently!" Wink!
Haruna Kurosawa 2019-06-28 03:05:21 105788
Cure Gulls sneezes herself in the air. A different direction with every sneeze while Hannah fights the creates below, and she begins floating down to the ground and with a thud on her tush crawls up to her feet and calls off her transformation. She's rubbing her eyes.

"I need breakfast and also antihistamine for the stuff that antihistameanie dide!" she says angrily.

"....But yes. Breakfast. Please. Sunny side up. With KETCHUP ON THE EGGS!" she says.

Because only evil people eat ketchup on eggs, it's a fact! OKAY not a fact but look how many people go 'ewwwwww' if you ask them about it! Questionably evil! YES!

She does, however, lean on Hannah-chan for support. And a stolen smooch to a cheek, mwah!