Stop The Chairs

When undue lack of care by a mad scientist conference leads to an evil infused stack of chairs becoming a living golem bent on destruction Princess Runealy and Guardian Hino are up to the task of stopping it, but not without being vexed by the singing insults of the ice sorceress Requiem.

Date: 2019-06-30
Pose Count: 19
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-06-30 01:22:21 105824
Even mad scientists have to meet from time to time to compare notes and gloat amongst their compatriots. One such event was recently held in a conference center and a great time was had by all without incident and no one without such proclivities aware of it's existence.

Or at least it was right up until now, a week later. Someone's pet project wasn't quite as well sealed as they'd hoped and leaked, slowly contaminating the conference room it was held in. Everything got a thorough cleaning afterward except for the chairs. The folding chairs didn't get cleaned, they got lazily brushed off and stacked day after day until whatever dark energy contamination had settled on them had time to fester and grow.

Whatever the experiments original purpose was no longer matters, the chairs merging together and melding into a quasi humanoid shape some ten feet tall. Given form and some semblance of intelligence it does what any misguided failure of dark science does: it goes on a rampage.

Unable to be contained by it's former closet home it smashes through the door and it's accompanying wall, followed by another. Janitors run screaming as it howls with the fury of a hundred poorly oiled hinges, breaking it's way out through the conference halls entry way and out onto the streets. More screaming and fleeing, cars coming to a screeching halt in the streets. And worst of all, an entire row of brand new vending machines selling hot drinks and cooked instant soups kicked like tin cans, spreading a hot, hunger inducing mess all over the sidewalk.
Hinote Kagari 2019-06-30 01:39:32 105827
Hinote Kagari is out for a walk with Runealy. "So, you met a Waldian in school?" he asks somewhat confused. "How did she even get here? And... even if so, The one that has recently seemed to be specifically looking for you..." Arina. He shrugs a little. "I dunno Rune." he says. "Maybe... she's a runaway?" he asks. He's trying to think, as the two take a walk as he seems in thought. The summer fresh air is good though when talking about stuff like this.

"Do you... want me to speak to them? or.. we leaving them alone?" he asks. "I mean I dunno what I can say or do to learn more but..." he scratches his head.

There's a lotta honking. Cars are stopped. "Ha. Good we walked. Seems there's traff------"

Then there's a giant chair beast, ten feet tall that comes into view. "--ic........"

He looks at the nearby alleyway, in which to transform, and motions to Runealy. "After you~" he says politely. "Because we should probably.. do something about that uh...."

"Thing." he says. He doesn't have a better word for it.
Runealy Waldia 2019-06-30 01:47:37 105829
"Running away from the whole world, from what she said." Rune's tone is low as she paces alongside Hinote. "I can't make sense of much of it," and Rune notably hasn't shared everything that Cecelia said to her that day, shaken by how seemingly impossible it all was. "And given how upset she seems to be... honestly, use your best judgement. If you want to talk to her, go ahead. If you'd rather not, that is fine as well. She hasn't done anything that would make me insist on keeping her isolated."

Talk of Cecelia fades when Hinote notices the problem at hand, and Rune likewise. "An alley? I have no intention of fleeing." She has perhaps misunderstood why he wants to go into the alleyway. "Regardless, you're right about confronting it! Summoning Princess' Tiara!"

A pulsing energy-hum noise is heard as golden, jeweled headwear appears in one hand. "The line of successsion..." It's passed to her other hand, which brings it to her head in the same motion. "Transform!"

A flash of red light engulfs her, and when it fades a few seconds later she's in magical dress with wand in hand. She'll wait for Hinote to change though, not keen on moving in alone.
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-06-30 01:53:19 105831
The chair golem roars it's supremacy as people flee from it's presence. A mistake of mad science gone wrong it doesn't have much purpose for now other than to smash things. A line of stopped cars make a pretty good target for showing off. People don't wait around to see what happens as it approaches, fleeing their vehicles as one after another is stomped on, overturned, and flipped. It certainly seems strong, but not quite strong enough to send them flying. Probably good news for whoever decides to put an end to it's reign of terror.

Though it doesn't seem to have any eyes or ears the callout and energy release from Runealy's henshin draws it's attention. It raises itself to it's full height and bellows a challenge, both of it's large, awkward arms lifted high above it's head to make itself as large and imposing as possible.

It then actually tries to flip a car at her, trying to send it flying end over end, only to have it flop over onto another car to the sound of shattering glass and grinding metal. Okay, something lighter then. Back onto the sidewalk it trods, sending a sweeping kick at another vending machine so that a spray of plastic shards and fizzy soda are sent flying towards the otherworldly Princess. It's honestly barely a threat for someone in henshin, but it gets the point across that it means to fight now that someone isn't running screaming from it.
Hinote Kagari 2019-06-30 01:59:39 105832
Hinote Kagari sighs a little and just follows suite. Not using the alleyway as he holds out his bracelet. "To Protect Justice, I am Guardian Hino!" he calls out as as a firey blaze encircles him from his Guardian Relic and he transform into the knightly Guardian Hino as he grips the hilt of his sword and draws it in a smooth motion.

"Incoming!" he calls out... though the car falls short as he purses his lips. "Or--- maybe not...." he says before can starts flying their way and Hino doesn't bother trying to protect the Princess from Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola. Those are basically nothing.

He does however, call out a challenge. "HEY. BACK SUPPORT. WHY NOT GET A LEG UP, AND GET YOUR SEAT OVER HERE." he calls out as he holds his sword out in such a challenge!
Runealy Waldia 2019-06-30 02:25:17 105835
Even if this lesser attack isn't a huge threat on its own, Rune takes the chair-monster and its attacks seriously regardless; it might not be strong enough to hurl a car all the way to where she was... but it was able to move a car. That implies enough strength to pose a problem if it manages to hit her!

So when vending wreckage sails her way, the princess' boot-wings light up and hurl her into the air on a trail of silvery sparkles. "Hino, I'll back you up! Once you're close, I'll switch to safer attacks so you won't need to worry!" She cries out this advice while sailing above the attack, legs curling to redirect her gliding fall so that she won't land in a pool of spilled drinks.

Yet even as she descends, Rune's staff is pointed down at the chair-monster. The staff's tip launches at her foe, then a second tip is grown and launched right afterward. If either of them connect, they detonate and leave emerald sparkle-mist as 'smoke' from their explosion!
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-06-30 02:36:11 105837
Another transformation and lightshow and this time a direct challenge comes with it. Predictable so far it repeats it's own challenging roar. It does recognize that it's efforts to both intimidate and harm the pair have completely failed. Seeking to remedy this it's trudging gait quickens as it breaks into a run, charging down the street towards Guardian Hino.

Runealy's orbs fly in catch it full on, the explosions rocking the creature backwards and causing it to bellow it's rage. Injured but not undaunted it leans forward and charges at Hino anew, green sparkles trailing from small craters in it's chest where the impacts hit, showing the damage but implying this thing is tougher than it's mishmashed shape would indicate.

Once it nears the Guardian Knight it leaps into the air with a half spin, all four limbs flailing behind it as attempts to crash butt-first on top of him. Oh, the irony.

The flailing arms aren't for nothing either, and Runealy will soon find half a dozen folding chairs flying in her direction near where she intends to land. Not only would they hurt to get hit by but upon impact they open up and begin snapping viciously at her, threatening to pinch her between seat and back like a maw of dubiously comfortable sheet metal!

Elsewhere, a few blocks over, Cecelia Stovjord is walking down the street when the flow of pedestrians starts to change around her. The pace increases until a wave of screaming people run past, leaving a bare and empty sidewalk ahead of her, whatever hysteria has caught on completely unaffecting her. It isn't long before the sounds of crashing and shouting are heard, and its enough to pique her interest. Changing course she turns into an alleyway rather than waiting to reach an intersection, emerging on the other side in the formal black funeral dress and garb of Requiem.

She's still a block or two away though, not yet able to see what's happening or likewise be seen by the Princess of Waldia, her Guardian Knight, or the monster they're fighting.
Hinote Kagari 2019-06-30 02:42:32 105838
Ever have that feeling you've made a bad mistake, yeah.

Guardian Hino leaps backwards before he's sat on like a chair himself. He manages to evade directly being sat on, but is forced back by the sheer force of the crash that landing on pavement by a supernatural entity presents as he keeps his sword held out as he 'nrgs' and raises an arm up in front of his face, cape billowing behind in the force.

"Understood, Princess." he says tersely, as he leaps into the air, flame suddenly igniting along his sword as he attempts to come down into the chair with a flaming downwards slash to start off.

No smart words this time, again. At least not again, yet. He tries to not make himself an obstacle for Runealy to deal with either if at all possible.
Runealy Waldia 2019-06-30 02:47:49 105839
Rune lands, blinking as her blasts had only modest effect. "Do I need to be more precise on where I hit it, or... hnn?!" Her ponderings are interrupted by flying chairs! She spins aside from the first one, fires a wand-orb at the second to shoot it down, and deflects another with her staff.

Requiem's arrival goes almost completely unnoticed during this; it's possible the elder princess has technically seen a tiny speck of movement far off in the distance, but even if so it's not something really registering in her conscious thoughts. Instead, Rune is focused on the chairs.

Three more are heading her way already, and the first of these is avoided by ducking under it. Her boot-wings light up again, rocketing her above the next chair... but it does glance her ankle and draw a brief wince and knock her somewhat off-course. Enough so that the final chair manages to snap onto her left arm, clamping down even as Rune makes a hurt cry! "Get off...!" A gasping shout, as Rune lands on the sidewalk and curls her fingers around the chair. She's trying to get a decent enough grip to wave the arm up and down, hoping that banging the chair on the concrete will dislodge it!

Her other hand is busy. Reaching behind-back, her main staff disappears in a flash of light while a smaller wand with a ruby tip takes its place. It's brought in front, as she aims at the chair-beast... taking note of where Hino is in relation to it before firing a trio of thin, sparkling red rays at their foe! No one of them is as strong as her main wand, but they might be easier to hit with... and they don't explode. That last part is important; she does not want to accidentally hurt her friend.
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-06-30 03:00:47 105841
The golem crashes into the ground where Guardian Hino stood before his leap, rattling with a great clamor that now seems foolish to make for shoddy construction, concrete cracking in a spider web pattern around the impact site. Hino's jump is well timed as the golem wastes no time returning to his feet, swiping beneath the Guardian Knights legs.

It's rotation continues around as the sword is raised, one rough hewn and randomly upholstered arm lifting to meet the weapon. The flaming blade finds purchase, cutting into the metallic 'flesh' of the golem and drawing a howl of fury from it as it hews a third of the way through, setting the seat coverings ablaze and causing further damage as the heat causes the metal to begin melting.

Not to be outdone it uses the moment of the strike to it's own advantage, reaching out with a blunt, fingerless fist as it rotates about it's center, twisting it's entire bulk to try and catch the Guardian Knight from where he might least expect it, above. The fist comes crashing down and all the momentum of the chair golem's weight comes with it, threatening to single handedly piledrive the chivalrously minded young man to the ground.

The chairs that miss Runealy begin to leap and snap at her as she evades, and the one at her arm begins quickly rattling open and shut like wind up toy teeth, aggravating the injury but ultimately making it easier to remove, the waving of her arm and banging enough to send it crashing away.

The beams shoot in, sizzling as they strike the golem unawares. Pain seems to be something this creature can feel, the injuries causing a sudden spasming and slowing of it's huge twisting motion, quite possibly giving Guardian Hino the opening he needs to escape it!

Meanwhile Requiem nears, catching a glimpse of red and white in the air for a brief moment as Runealy moves. The dark magical girl's small eternal frown grows a little and she makes an abrupt turn into a building. Not through a doorway, mind, she simply walks straight through the wall, phasing through it as if it wasn't there. A jump and another phase puts her on the second floor, a small series of these having her suddenly raise up the roof, and land with a light clack of her boots.

A dexterous hand reaches forward as she walks calmly to the edge of the roof, summoning a tall magical staff in hand, only for her to hold it closer to herself and lean upon it as one might an ordinary walking stick, blue eyes following the motions of the fight and trying to make sense of what she's seeing.
Hinote Kagari 2019-06-30 03:19:48 105843
Guardian Hino feels his sword cut true, and the fire spreading. Good. He's about to look back up for another good strike when he lands on his feet when suddenly he notices a shadow forming under him. "Oh dear..." he says as he gets ready to leap back, when instead he gets pounded into the ground suddenly hard and fast as he 'opphhhss!' and is trapped underneath a fist.

This leaves him under pressure, and which his hands out trying to push the fist away with all his might as he looks upwards to...

Is... that a girl in some sort of dress looking over the edge of the roof. "H--hey, a little help?" he asks, he's assuming another magical girl here. "We could really uuuussssee----" he manages to push himself out from under the fist finally as he grabs his sword and with a snap--- and a burst of flame spiraling out he yells out. "IGNITION!" sending the flame spiral out towards the chair based creature.
Runealy Waldia 2019-06-30 03:32:18 105845
"Hino, be careful! These chairs can clamp down upon us!" Rune calls out with an urgent, warning tone as she finally dislodges her chair and leaps away from the other furniture. Landing on a window-edge, Rune knows where she wants to be: A rooftop, so she can be away from these things!

The problem lies in that her intended destination is occupied. She notices this while glancing up, preparing for a second jump to head to the roof... only to see Requiem standing on the edge. "What?! That face... ...are you who I think you are?"

Her gaze leaves Requiem for a moment, as Rune twists her upper body to aim sideways at the chair-monster. Making sure Hino isn't in the path of her shot, she releases another red ray from her smaller wand before facing Requiem again. "Why are you here? There's a monster attacking!" Another quick head-twist to call to Hino: "I'm not sure that she's our enemy, but she might not be our friend either!"
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-06-30 03:55:10 105848
The monster gets a good solid hit in and does it's best to pin the Guardian Knight down as he struggles, but the impact isn't near what it might have been without the Princess timely intervention with her wand beams. The hold is more of a press, what with the creature having no hand or finger analogues, and Hino is plenty capable enough to force his way out from under it.

Once more the tables are turned and the gout of flame roars into the creature, causing it to stagger backwards while trying to shield itself with it's huge arms. The flames clearly have an effect, the surface of the golem glowing red while more upholstery catches fire, the golem's chest and torso clearly beginning to soften, and then melt.

Turnabout seems to be the rule of the day, however, and the golem scrapes a the end of it's arm across itself, scooping up molten, flaming metal before flinging the gloppy, viscous liquid right back in his face.

Up on the rooftop Requiem finds herself addressed by both Princess and Guardian Knight, raising her chin and thus lifting her hose imperiously as the knight of fire requests assistance. Her head turn turns as she leans against her staff, looking to Runealy and setting a royal blue eyed gaze upon her that leaves no room for mistaken identities, even through that thin black veil of hers. "Good call," she notes as Runealy states her as neither friend nor enemy. "This fight has nothing to do with me, aside from entertainment."

As the golem swings at Hinote the ray of red energy catches it in it's melted chest. The effect is perhaps surprising, the beam carving into the creature as deeply as the exploding wand blast before it, though more focused. Watching this struggle Requiem begins to hum, and then sing.

"A princess and her fool,"
"A dull and useless tool,"
"To justify her rule,"
"Invites such rdicule,"
"To be brought low by a glorified stool."

This and the blast from Runealy's wand catches the golem's attention and more chairs are flung up near the roof, though this time they're significantly more on fire. Requiem releases one hand from her staff and swings it upwards, "Shield me from the cruel!" A wall of craggy ice six inches thick rises from the edge of the building, causing the chairs heading in her direction to bounce off and clatter to the ground several stories below.

This protection does not extend to Runealy.
Hinote Kagari 2019-06-30 04:21:23 105849
Guardian Hino watches his strike hit, the burst of spiraling flame, as he turns his attention back to Requiem for a moment, it's really all he can spare. "This thing is attacking people and causing havoc!" he says. "Please help us!" he calls out.

Then the girl starts rhyming and he listens to that, stews frustratedly, but just mutters. "This the Waldian you mentioned, Runealy?" he asks softly, as he draws his sword out as he concentrates, the air simmering near the creature as he flings his sword down and calls out. "COMBUSTION!" as that area explodes into brilliant flame, trying to catch the creature in it.
Runealy Waldia 2019-06-30 04:25:12 105850
"Fights have nothing to do with entertainment!" Rune protests, and starts to say more... then Requiem begins singing. Singing a blatant, completely unambiguous insult to the elder princess and Hino. "What are you doing...? Listen, I don't have time for this. Help or leave, but this mockery is... ch!" A gasp-shout as she catches sight of flaming chairs in the corner of her vision, which cuts the discussion short as far as Rune is concerned!

She leaps down from the window edge, landing on the sidewalk below as chairs crash to the concrete right behind her. A fortunate coincidence that Rune landed at the right angle to avoid being hit by them, as it had not crossed her mind that this mysterious newcomer would simply block the chairs. It nonetheless gets her looking up over-shoulder, noticing the ice wall. Despite facing that magical power, her words are addressed to answering Hino's question: "I'm almost certain it's her, unless she somehow has someone who looks almost exactly the same and also despises us."

Notably, Rune isn't fighting the chair-monster right now. She's aware of it, and still occasionally glancing back... but she's really focusing her attention on Requiem and expecting a possible attack; the princess silently hopes and trusts Hino can handle the monster on his own for now.
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-06-30 04:44:36 105851
The explosive discharge of fire makes a mockery of the molten beads the monster flung towards Guardian Hino, blowing them away and some even back into the creature as the wave front and concussion hit. The mix of shock and heat work wonders, sending the brutish golem staggering backwards and nearly falling over from the force of it.

When the flames clear enough for it to be visible it's blackened and charred across it's entire front side wherever it isn't beginning to melt away to slag. It's clearly a considerable mass, the damage beginning to mount. For the first time in it's short existence the rudimentary intelligence of the creature realizes losing this battle might end it's existence.

No more half measures, no more ineffective ticks. It charges Hino again and moves in for heavy attacks, the only thing that has thus far had significant success. A huge arm is pulled back and swung forward with the golem's full weight behind it, only to split atwain and open like some ravenous maw, chomping with a viselike strength as it looks to put a quick end to the Guardian Knight.

Up above the fray Requiem sees the fruits of her singing rebuke, the frustration from Hino and the acrimony from Runealy. A different type of person might jeer and laugh, finding enjoyment as the barbed words find purchase, but not Requiem. Even that kind of bitter joy is almost entirely foreign to her, one comprised almost entirely of mournful sorrow.

The wall of ice shatters and falls, but it isn't a threat to Runealy below, crumbling to shards then dust than motes of fading magic, gone long before they reach the ground. When she's seen again there's still with her pouting frown firmly in place, her gaze cool as she leans over the edge to regard the combatants below. "What right do you have to order me off, Princess? This is not Waldia, and I am no subject of yours to be dispersed by Thy Royal Decree."
Hinote Kagari 2019-06-30 04:55:46 105852
Guardian Hino can see the attack coming this time , as he lets Runealy handle Requiem. He'll bend his knees and leap high into the air, moving to come down on a nearby car with a thud. The car's alarm goes off. He grimaces. A reminder flashing in his head, to something old, but he still stands on top of the car as he sheathes his sword and brings his arms out to either side of him, slowly bringing them in front of him as if to pray.

The air begins to simmer around him like a mirage might, before he alights in flame as he calls out. "RAGING!...." flames blow upwards, forming a shape...

"FIRE!...." the flames take the shape of a huge dragon... flaming maw and wings..

"....DRAGON!" he calls out, opening his eyes and sending the huge firey beast to engulf the chair beast, engulf it in horrible flame and fire before exploding, spectacularly.

He's hoping this will end this awful beast.
Runealy Waldia 2019-06-30 05:10:22 105853
Even as the battle continues behind her, Rune remains mostly focused on Requiem; she's paying just enough attention to intervene if Hino needs help, but she believes he has the monster well in hand.

So she responds to Requiem's protests sharply, "I won't stop you if you wish to instead consider yourself a citizen of Earth, but I would say exactly the same things to them regardless of whether they recognize my title. Merely standing around is distracting, and it could get you or someone else harmed. So I'll say it again: you should either assist us or leave!"

She is very careful to keep her eyes on Requiem throughout all this. Rune is, however, not aiming anything up at her singing critic. Despite expecting some kind of attack, the princess isn't making one of her own.
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-06-30 05:22:09 105854
The golem attacks with a swing and a miss, but it's resolve is not so easily broken. It pivots and slides as Hino leaps to the top of a car, losing scare moments as it's mass shifts direction. The heat builds around the Guardian Knight and the clear danger urges the monster forward, picking up speed as the flames ignite and take shape.

As this unfolds Requiem watches from her elevated perch, once more parting lips to sing, her voice high and clear but her tone moody and mournful.

What for did we deserve this fate?
Being ruled by feeble potentate,
Irresolute, then hesitate,
Retinue lifting all the weight.

As she sings another a hefty dashing haymaker is thrown by the chair golem, only to be caught by the jaws of a fiery dragon, the power of the attack stopping it cold and sending it crashing away from Hinote before the explosion of force and heat rip the beast apart, a howl of anger dying midway through and leaving only bits of harmless slag and ash falling slowly to the ground, evaporating as they hit.

Even the few chair strewn about the area spontaneously combust as their master is slain by the Guardian Knight of fire, burning to ash, then smoke and finally nothingness as the evil magic within is extinguished.

Her awareness I do berate,
Her temperament easy to frustrate,
Her rule I deem reprobate,
To her power I'll never prostrate,
This Waldian head of state.

Her song fades and ends as the climax of the battle comes to an end clearly in Guardian Hino's favor. "I fail to understand how you have survived this far if my singing is enough to so distract you from the threat before you. It is true I've no intention of helping you fight this monster, or any other, but I've likewise lifted not a finger to harm you."

Leaning upon her staff she pushes herself back into a more upright position, "Once again I am spurned and mistrusted. I come only to investigate some unknown calamity and find myself considered an enemy. So be it."

She turns her back to Runealy, walking across the roof and away from the two. "How paradoxical. I so clearly state my ambivalence towards your ruler ship over me, and here I am accepting your untoward judgment."