Girls in a Garage!

CW: Dark Backstory / Abuse. Reiko and Riley talk in her parents garage! Reiko learns a Dodge Charger is worth money. Riley talks about about her life in America.

Date: 2019-07-02
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Reiko Touyama 2019-07-02 23:26:34 105888
Reiko Touyama takes the bus to the otherside of Pikarigaoka, the suburban side of Tokyo that isn't the city proper but on it's edges. She can see Clover Tower in the nearer distance and Tokyo in the further distance but not that far away as she gets off at an intersection, and walks the rest of the way. She's dressed in a pair of shorts, with a skirt and a tank top in the summer heat.

She arrives in front of Riley's home and walks up to the door and gives a little series of knocks. Knock knock knock! She softly looks around a moment before she looks back to the door. She's expected, so she isn't expecting to wait too long at the door. She looks nervous though!

She always is when meeting new people.
Riley Hunter 2019-07-02 23:40:55 105890
The door soon opened to a clean and tastefully decorated modern entrance, with Caitlin Hunter standing within it. She gave a warm friendly smile, looking down at Reiko. "Ah hello there! You must be Reiko Chan? Riley said you'd be swinging by. Come on in!" The woman stepped out of the way slightly as to let the girl pass. "She and my husband are still in the garage I think. They've been in there for hours. Lord only knows what they're up to.

The words had barely left Caitlin's mouth when a loud clanging came from the direction of the garage, and the voice of both Riley and the afformentioned Samuel could be heard as they scrabbled searching for "that god darned 10mm socket". Caitlin let out a sigh. "Yep, they are both still in there."
Reiko Touyama 2019-07-02 23:47:36 105891
Reiko Touyama smiled. "Yup!" she said as she heard the clang, jumping a little, but not much, as she um'ed. "I'll go there then. If that's okay." she says softly, as she'll make her way in that directly, peeking the door open, then all the way as she steps in to see what Riley and her dad are working on. Reiko doesn't see her parents like... ever.

So she may be a little jealous feeling as she watches on. "Hey...?" she asks softly as she tilts her head up. "I'm here, Riley-chan!" she smiles softly.
Riley Hunter 2019-07-03 00:07:42 105895
"Of course! Garage is that way." Caitlin pointed over to a door on the right, which despite the rest of the house being spotless was stained with the marks of quite a few oily handprints that had stubbonly stuck to its surface, despite all the countless attempts to lift them. When Reiko opened the door, her eyes were met with both Riley and Samuel standing around the chassis of what appeared to be some old American muscle car, both of them in oily jumpsuits with visors down as Riley lined up a welding torch. Fortunately, they both heard Reiko enter before starting, flipping their visors up almost bang on simultaniously.

Riley spoke up first. "Reiko! Eyyy! You're uh, you're early?" Samuel meanwhile, simply shook his head, checking his watch. "We've been at this five hours kiddo. She ain't. Nice to meet you Reiko Chan. I would shake your hand but, ahh..." The man looked down to his engine grease and oil soaked glove. "Yeah."

Curiously, neither Caitlin or Samual here looked in any way related to Riley. Caitlin was a dark haired tan almost hispanic looking lady, meanwhile Samuel looked almost as though he could have found work as a Terry Crews impersonator. Riley grinned, pulling off her welding mask and placing her torch back down. "Shucks, so we have. Yeah sorry 'bout the mess Reiko. This was-"


"Yeah, *was*, a Dodge Charger. Samuel here thinks we can fix it up and sell it on."
Reiko Touyama 2019-07-03 00:30:12 105897
Reiko Touyama. "A..Am I early!?" she suddenly fishes for her cellphone and looks at the time on her rainbow colored phone and shakes her head. "I..I'm not late!...Unless my clock is wrong...!" she says as she panics and re-checks that. No.. No it's right. "It's right!" she says.

Then Riley's dad confirms it and she nods rapidly.

She does notice the oddity there between parents and child, but doesn't question it a little. She places her hands behind her back and merely watches on in curiosity.

"A Dodge... Charger?" she doesn't know a lick about cars. Grandpa doesn't own one, and the ones her parents own are never ever in the driveway BECAUSE THEY'RE NEVER HOME Darnit Riley is lucky she thinks.

"Is... is it worth a lot?" she asks.
Riley Hunter 2019-07-03 00:43:36 105898
Samuel actually laughed at that. A big deep "hohoho" of a belly laugh. "Ohoho... Aaah. Yes. Yes very much so. Hopefully anyway."

"You're gonna have to find the 10mm socket first Sam."

"Ooh, whine whine whine. You sound like Caitl- Oop shi-"

"One more for the jar!"

"Ah shush you, I'm not even close to your record. Hey honey!"

Caitlin at this point was standing by the entryway, leaning on the doorframe with her arms folded as she watched the proceedings and shot Samuel with an all too familiar glare before softening her face again as she turned to the kids. "Reiko Chan, have you eaten? I could go fix something up if you'd like. I know you've gotta be hungry, how long have you even been in here? What's it been, five hours? Don't you think you ought to take a break?"
Reiko Touyama 2019-07-03 01:05:26 105902
Reiko Touyama thinks a moment and puts down the backpack she brought along and pulls out a sketchpad as Riley and her dad talk and she sketches... then erases lines... then draws more solid lines, as she gently purses her lips and listens. She blinks. Did Riley just call her mom by her first name!?

Still she turns around and shows a pretty spot on drawing of the car. Reiko is a prodigy level artist and it shows her and she smiles. "There." she says softly. She nods, matter of factly, before she hears stuff about food.

"Well.. if everyone is ready to eat, sure? I don't... wanna be a bother otherwise." she says softly.
Riley Hunter 2019-07-03 01:16:36 105904
Caitlin shook her head "Pah, nonsense." She gave another big warm smile, shaking her head. "No no, it's no bother. I'll go put something together, it shouldn't take too long. Sam, Honey, could you come give me a hand or is my "whining" getting to you too much?" Riley just laughed, looking over to what Reiko was sketching out. "Yeah, ain't really much to draw just yet. Hey maybe it'll look better at some point."

Samuel gave Riley a quick pat on the shoulder in passing, leaving a handprint behind before heading out.

Riley then turned to the other kid, the two of them now alone in the garage. She waited a little, listening in until she figured they were far enough out of earshot. "So uh, what you were saying about those "magical familiars". I think I've found what mine is."
Reiko Touyama 2019-07-03 01:25:40 105905
Reiko Touyama tore the quick drawing out of her sketchbook and place it on the workbench so someone could do whatever they wanted with it later. She could paint a better version later. Maybe find an intact one online to draw one of as a gift.

As Riley's parents left, with a big. "Okay... thank you!" she said with a grateful smile, as she turned to Riley. "Magical familiars...? OH... you mean..." she put a hand out, and a tiny koi appeared, waving a fin at Riley, Hiiii!

"The constructs..." she says softly as she gently gives the koi a tiny pet, and a wave bye and it poofed away. Reiko has pretty good control over her constructs nowadays... albeit. Only when she's emotionally in control.

"That." she says. "Yeah?" she asks. "W..What are they?...."

"They're not... tiny like... North Americas.. right?" she asks. "That'd be super weird."
Riley Hunter 2019-07-03 01:33:10 105907
She grinned. "You know what? Close. Actually close. God that would be funny though. Constructs, familiars, can't really remember. Heard familiars too, eh, what the heck doesn't matter. This does though." The girl held her arm out, and then...


An eagle's screech filled the air, then, a sharp snap, a plume of fire forming around the girl's arm. It morphed, shaped itself, its features slowly solidifying until sitting right there on her arm was a bald eagle seemingly made out of nothing but flames.

"That right there, is pure freedom. 'Murica, fuck yeah. It's a day early though, the Fourth's tommorow but what the hell, not like I'm complainin'. Look at this thing!"
Reiko Touyama 2019-07-03 01:46:04 105909
Reiko Touyama huhs as the BALD EAGLE forms and she blinks. "Woah! That's cool!" she said with wide eyes. "Just so.. you know. Your parents can't see that. AND if they can, they're hiding a magical secret from you anyways." she says bluntly. "So, you know, be careful. But it's okay if it shows up and does things. Just you know. Be careful. It'll probably respond to your emotions so..." she shrugs.

"Mine appear like emoticons sometimes. It's weird. So does Hoshi-chan's..." she says softly as she gently rubs the side of her head...

"Grandpa can see mine. I dunno what's up with that." she says softly. "So I dunno really..." she says.
Riley Hunter 2019-07-03 01:54:54 105911
"Yeah I hope they don't. Flaming eagle, that's going to cause all sorts'a chaos." She looked at it again, the bird was still just sitting there on the girl's outstretched arm, seemingly doing its best to look all regal and majestic while preening at its feathers. "Responds to emotions. Right. So what, if I get angry at something this guy gets angry? He eats a communist? How does this all work?"

She was just absentmindedly stroking the thing at this point, running her hand down its back feathers, which it responded with an occasional shimmy as if midly irritated by the girl's hand perhaps brushing them just ever so slightly out of line. "Oooh man this is awesome! Who's a good widdle freedom bird? Yes you are!"
Reiko Touyama 2019-07-08 22:27:08 105943
Reiko Touyama snorts. "Well. When I was angry at Tadase, a koi followed him giving him the evil eye for basically an entire dance..." she says quietly. " appears when I feel strategic that I named 'Sgt. Fins' who is a koi in a tiny army hat..." she says. "...when I get angry the koi do get angry... some appear to try to soothe me though if it's something dumb I'm angry at. Like... I couldn't open a jar of peanut butter the other night and I got 'so angry' at it." she says. "Which was dumb so a koi kinda patted my cheek and then gave it a fish kiss and poofed." she says.

"....It might try to eat a tiny communist eagle. I... had something similar happen before." she says. "With my koi." she says. "So I mean. It isn't... out of the question. This isn't..."

"An exact science." she says with a blush, rubbing the side of her face. "It's magic... powered by love and feelings and stuff." she says. "That's how this stuff works." she says.

"...They kinda have a mind of their own. You have better control over them when you're transformed. Un transformed? Basically mischief."
Riley Hunter 2019-07-08 22:36:00 105944
"Powered by love and emotion. You know, there are so many jokes I could make there but, yeah, I can't think of any." Her attention turned back to the bird's flaming plumage for a moment as it remained still and perched on her arm, occasionally ruffling its wings slightly and looking around. "I'd hate to think what this guy'd do if I got mad at a jar of peanut butter. Probably smash it. Is there any uh, any particular reason they show up as these animals? Like, you got a Koi, I got an eagle, there's gotta be a reason behind that. Surely it's not just because I'm American right?"
Reiko Touyama 2019-07-08 22:45:01 105945
Reiko Touyama snorts. "Hoshi has these tiny little stars that look like the mascot of some American burger place? And Moriko has these green tiny playing cards." she says softly. "And Pink had cameras...." she says. "And Mei-chan has roses..." she says.

"But... you probably have a connection with what you admire most and with the color." she says. "Probably... like the brass eagle on top of a flag pole?" she asks. "Would be my best connection guess." she says.

"Koi we're...." she looks down. "I don't see my parents much. Or at all really." she says quietly. "They're always busy on trips or always only come home when I'm at school..." she says. "So grandpa. Would take me to the koi pond in the park and--- I always liked watching them and feeding them and when they get used to you, you can get them to nibble your fingers...!" she says. "I mean. I liked them a lot. You know?..." she says. "I mean. Also. Other fish. I Really love going to the aquarium..." she says.

"So... orange and... koi. Mean a lot to me. So that's how my power manifested." she says.
Riley Hunter 2019-07-08 23:02:40 105946
@emit "Hah, naw, I don't think this is just from a flag, although, totally does look like it. Haaaang on a second. Holy fuck. I got it. I know why this eagle's here" One could almost hear the gears turning in girl's head. She stroked her chin, looking down. When she spoke up again her voice was a little more distant, and it almost seemed as though she was looking straight past Reiko, the look in her eyes getting further and further away as she continued on. "I didn't exactly come from a good place. My "mom" and I came from a shitty trailer park and lived in a shittier trailer. She was messed up in all sortsa shit, I got the worst of it." She slowly gestured to the scar on her brow, tapping it slightly as if to point it out.

"So I left. I just got the fuck out of there. Don't know how old I was. Even stole her gun. Dumbass methhead didn't even keep the safe locked. Yeah I had no idea where the fuck I was goin', just, little me out in the ass end of 'bama with all the shit I could stuff in a backpack."

The eagle sidled up her arm a little, starting to lean against Riley some, yet it seemingly didnt even register to the girl as she sighed and continued on. "Thought I was gonna die, I hadn't been able to find water and I'd run out a day ago. I felt my legs goin' but then I looked up and saw this eagle in the distance. Don't know how but I managed to follow it. I guess I figured I had nothing to lose. It was circlin', maybe it was fishing over a lake. It just kept its distance and I somehow kept walking. Didn't find a lake but, I found Samuel. That was good enough I guess." She stopped for a moment, taking a few deep and shakey breaths. "F-fuck's sake. Why did I think of that shit again? Damn it!"
Reiko Touyama 2019-07-08 23:09:24 105947
Reiko Touyama listens carefully and leans forward and squeezes Riley's arm, and... tries to offer a hug? She doesn't wanna full on hug the girl... without knowing how she might react. She then lights up a moment. "Oh! So---" a pause. "Ahaha-- nothing..." she trails off. About to say 'So that's why you look nothing like your parents'. "But..."

"There's others who have had similar experiences.... here. I think Grise---- Hiroko's parents are like that." she says. "Maybe not physically but..." she trails off. "And it's part of why she's like she is now." she sulks.

"---Right. Griselda. Our... 'Badguy'. Princess of the Grey Kingdom... actually... Hiroko Koumoto. Well off rich girl... you'll meet her eventually. She travels with a retinue of mean girls straight out of a dumb movie pretty much." she says with a 'huff'. "I mean... you fought her once. The Shade, remember? In the park." she says.

"Regardless..." she says.

"...Are things better now?" she asks quietly.
Riley Hunter 2019-07-08 23:27:49 105948
Riley tensed slightly at the arm squeeze, though it did seem to snap her back to reality some even if there was somewhat of a small awkward moment before she accepted the hug in full, the eagle stepping back a little to avoid getting knocked off. She held it for a little while before breaking off, Reiko could probably feel that Riley was even shaking slightly. "Y-yeah. That's why. We ain't related. Not by blood anyways.

She listened, nodding as Reiko spoke about Hiroko, although that name didn't twig at first for her. She had just pencilled her up in her brain as simply "bitch". "Didn't she call up that giant satanic Babe Ruth? Wait shit. If similar things happened to her, and she was on your side before, you uh, you don't think I'm going to end up all dark and edgy like that right? Sure as hell hope not, I could never pull that dark dress look off."

Finally though to answer Reiko's question, she nodded. "Yeah. Yeah I got a nice house, I got Caitlin and I got Samuel. It's uh, kind of a weird, they never planned on having a kid and I just sort of showed up but hey, we do what we can. Having to move off to Japan totally shook things up, but, well, we make it work."
Reiko Touyama 2019-07-08 23:38:23 105949
Reiko Touyama frowns. "No. I don't think you'll end up like her. She'd be Prism Keeper Silver but... she was... retconned. I suppose. Before me and Mei started doing the comic. And we pretended she was Griselda instead." she says. "Me and Mei didn't like the way she was treating us. She was a bully even BEFORE the magic stuff." she says.

"....You don't seem like a bully. Just. You gotta reign it in, ya know?" she says. "And yeah. That's the one. The 'Babe Ruth'." she says. She nods.

"You'll find a lot of... 'family by choice' here. In the magical community. So most of us aren't really gonna bat an eye at that. Some of us will. Lots of weirdness. Like I said. My grandpa can see this magic stuff and I still dunno why. Grandpa... fought in World War II." she nods. "...I kinda. Know a lotta weird war stuff because of it. Lotsa watching documentaries with Grandpa." she says.

"Our magic is... based in pure color. The weapons we use, and the effects, tend to fight 'dark energy' things well." she says. "Like Griselda, and the Monsters, but also a bunch of different things. People may 'tap you' to color fuse them. Basically. Shove your color into them. It helps drive dark infective stuff away... right. Infuse. Diffuse. It's a really... dumb power. But it's useful for that kind of thing like...." a pause.

"...I don't think I can demonstrate on anything here without it being noticed but..." she says. "But you touch a thing. Command... 'INFUSE!'" she yells out as she points at the Dodge Charger, and suddenly it turns BRIGHT ORANGE.

Reiko suddenly freaks. "THAT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!" she calls out. "I WASN'T EVEN TRYING!" Awk!

"DIFFUSE! DIFFUSE!" she yells.

The car suddenly returns to it's normal color.

She suddenly turns to Riley and swallows. With a wide blush. "Ah---ahahahaha. S--sorry! But like that. It works.. y--yup... That.. wasn't supposed to happen." she says. "Like at all."
Riley Hunter 2019-07-19 03:12:04 106146
Riley jumped back, her eyes widening as she rapidly looked from the car to Reiko, and then finally back to the car again, her mouth hanging open slightly. "Uuuuh, Reiko? The hell did you just do?" She eventually just gave a nervous laugh. "Paint ain't meant to be applied yet, buuuut hey good thinking. Orange's a good look for these old muscle cars y'know?"

Hearing all the commotion, Samuel Hunter poked his head around the door, looking at the two of them standing awkwardly next to the half complete car. "Everything okay in here? I heard shouting." Riley meanwhile looked up at him, grinning. "Uuuh, everything's under control! Situation normal! Everything's perfectly alright now, everything's fine, we're all fine here, uh, now... How are you?"

Samuel just shook his head. "Star Wars huh? Sure thing "Han Solo". Just don't break anything, okay?"

"Sure thing Chewie!"

She turned back to Reiko, still with that shit eating grin on her face. "Yeah situation uh, "diffused". The heck was that?"
Reiko Touyama 2019-07-19 03:22:22 106147
Reiko Touyama fixes it before Riley's dad comes back in... she breathes and practically exhales her god darn orange colored soul out as she gently turns back to the man and says. "Hello, Hunter-san." she says. "Nothings broke! I um.."

"I saw a HUGE spider and I panic'ed!" she says with wide eyes. That's believable, right? A bug in a garage? Right?

She doesn't make any other insinuation, like 'maybe you should spray or lay out traps' because that's rude and also she's lying anyways. She coughs.

"Um.. is.. food ready, yet, Hunter-san?" she asks politely. Right that was a thing she can hook onto that isn't weird or magical at all!

A tiny koi appears and facepalms as if to go 'smooth move' and disappears. She's glad Riley's dad can't see these things.
Riley Hunter 2019-07-19 03:34:17 106148
Riley quickly glanced to Reiko, giving her a quick look as if to say "Really? That's what you're going with?" She took it in her stride though, confirming Reiko's side of the tale with a nod, quickly saying "It was like the size of a dinnerplate dude! You should have seen it!"

"I didn't hear you freaking out over it Riley. Are you not scared of those things any more?"

"They're just bugs dude. What harm could they do?"

"I don't know. Maybe ask the one that's creeping up on you all scary like."

"Ahaaaa. Funny. Reaaaaal funny. Wait shit it's not behind me is it?"

Samuel just gave a grin, looking towards Reiko "Ahaaaa, yup. Spiders." He then turned his attention towards Reiko, giving a nod. "Yeah it should be ready any time now I'd say. Watch out for the spiders Riley! This whoooole garage might be full of them! You never know when they're going to attack!"

"Nice try man, you're going to have to do a whole lot better than that."

"Ohohoho! Is that a challenge little miss?"

Just at that moment, Caitlin's voice rung out down the hall, it seemed like lunch was ready!
Reiko Touyama 2019-07-19 03:43:10 106149
Reiko Touyama gives Riley a shrug and a head shake. "Yeah it was really big, but I don't think it was poisonous it just fell on me is all, totally." she says. She takes a deep breath and then she hears food is ready. The girl relaxes and starts to head inside as she turns around to see if Riley and her dad are following. She smiles a little.

"So.. no big deal, right?" she says. "I'm sure it's only one. I mean. There's no cobwebs in here right?" she asks as she suddenly looks around to the corners of the room at the top corners.

Is there big spider webs up there!? Maybe there is and she didn't even notice! Hopefully...

There is not actually huge spiders in here.
Riley Hunter 2019-07-19 04:01:50 106150
"I uh, I don't see any." Riley said, looking up towards where Reiko was before shrugging. "Naw we're good I think. No spiders here." She did her best to sound certain and confident in that, but there was certainly room up in the roofspace there amongst all the rafters for a whole army of the things and no one would even know! "Well then. Let's go see what's been fixed up. Smells good!"

Riley walked off down the hall, quickly washing her hands in the kitchen sink before looking around at what Caitlin had prepared.

Burgers! Chicken burgers to be more precise, with fries on the side for good measure! Samuel had already started plating up. He shot Reiko a quick grin and brought his hand up as if to say "shhh" before putting *something* on Riley's plate.

Riley sat down after washing her hands, took one look at her plate, and... fell right back off her chair! A fake plastic spider shooting off it, seemingly timed and spring loaded perfectly, donking her right in the face! "AAAAAARGH!"


Samuel just gave a big hearty belly laugh, in fact, nearly falling over backwards himself, bracing himself on the wall. "Challenge accepted Riley! One all! Mess with the bull and you get the horns young lady!"


Caitlin on the other hand, did not seem so amused, standing there with her hands on her hips glaring daggers at Samuel. "Was that really neccessary?"

A simple "Yup" with a cheesy grin was the only response she got.
Reiko Touyama 2019-07-19 04:19:50 106151
It's food time! She walks in and it's chicken burgers! Which... she imagines to be an American delicacy. She doesn't really know why burgers are chicken here right now but she's sure it's good! It's just chicken on a bun. Surely, it can't be that bad. Also, there's french fries with it! That's a rare treat for her in and of itself!

THen suddenly Riley falls back. "Riley-chan! Are you okay!?" she says as she stands up and putters to the other side to help Riley back up to her feet. She looks to the... fake spring loaded spider. She does her best to stifle laughter.

Okay that was pretty good. She does look at Riley's mom disapproval as she looks over to Riley's dad and then back to Riley. "You gonna be okay...?" she asks softly. "Besides upset at your dad." she whispers.
Riley Hunter 2019-07-19 04:27:58 106152
"Oh yeah. I'm just fine." She accepted the help up, brushing herself down, before leaning forwards on the table, trying to stare the much larger and hugely well muscled Samuel down. "Juuuuuust fine. Asshat." Samuel on the other end of the table just laughed, taking a big bite of his burger, simply repeating "One all."

All Riley could do at this point was grumble, right her chair, and sit back down. Caitlin also plonked herself down at the table, giving Samuel yet another dissapproving look before shaking her head.