Mist Rolls In

Date: 2019-07-28
Pose Count: 15
Runealy Waldia 2019-07-28 03:53:28 106218
For the last several months, Rune has claimed that during the team's time stuck on their homeworld... very little of note happened; only minor, brief encounters with demons who fled almost immediately when confronted. That was only mostly true. There was one demon that put up a little bit more of a fight before retreating, in an incident a bit further away from the capital district than the Guardian Princess is usually seen at.

Mistral Durand had been caught up in that incident, and has spent some time recovering in the castle; Rune requested that her friends make absolutely no reference to this to others, believing the demon might try to track Mistral down and make a surprise attack. The lie/omission-of-details was thus meant to protect Mistral.

Letters had been exchanged during Mistral's recovery, and one of the more recent ones was especially interesting. Interesting enough that Mistral's request was granted, and a best-guess time was scheduled for her attempt to cross over.

It's early evening, and a limo has left Tokyo with Rune and Hinote as passengers. This isn't the first time the driver has made this trip, and he has no idea why he keeps bringing them out here at seemingly random intervals... but they always pay enough to make it well worth his trouble. So he drives to the foot of a mountain several miles outside the city.

Rune heads up the mountain, into a nearby forest clearing. The blue energy field, circular in shape, lies ahead and it's wide enough that a hazy image of a massive hollowed-out tree trunk and bits of a forest beyond it can be seen. "It seems our prediction was correct. Mistral should be joining us very soon," she explains to Hinote. "I've asked her to help us as a healer, but she seems eager to go far beyond that as a friend..." Her voice trails as she nods aside to him, "...and in your case, as a peer. She has not completed the ritual, and there's no guarantee she'll succeed at it but I am confident she will do just that. Please help me welcome her."
Hinote Kagari 2019-07-28 04:05:16 106219
Hinote Kagari mostly follows Runealy out this far if he's able to, especially with this strange girl out after her. Also, you know, he's a friend and all that too! But mostly he doesn't trust the girl that claims she wants a new start but... somehow shows up with magic.

Regardless, Hinote steps out of the Limo and up the way and towards the portal as her keeps his hands in his fancy jacket's pockets.

"Well. We could use a healer..." he says. "That chair monster kinda messed me up." he shrugs with a good natured smile. "But.. she wants to take the oath. Is what you mean?" he asks with a raised brow.
Mistral Durand 2019-07-28 04:24:47 106220
Mistral Durand hadn't really been sure how to take the news that the doorway to this new world was through a tree. It seemed almost comical to her, though no more than anything else, one guesses. Stepping through with a degree of confidence she didn't particularly feel, she takes her first breath of air on this side. Smoothing out her coat, she looks around and spots a pair of faces, only one of which would be familiar.

There's a glance back at the doorway. Tilting her head back towards the other two, she twists, waves and asks, "Was I on time?" Hoping she hadn't kept them waiting long.

She hesitates, turns to face the two proper. "Hi." she says simply.
Runealy Waldia 2019-07-28 04:39:10 106221
"That's right," Rune confirms Hinote's guess with a smile. "Her interest in it is no guarantee the Oath will succeed, but... from what I've seen of her, I believe it will. She seems sincere enough and determined enough. In any event, all we need to do now is waiii--" Rune cuts off mid-sentence, seeing movement on the other side of the portal.

"I think that's her!" It's blurry, but a figure is approaching...

...and Mistral does indeed emerge. "Mistral! There you are! Yes, you're right on time and we'll be ready to take you home in just a few minutes. ...Ahh, one moment."

She leans aside so she can see the portal, as a guard in a modest set of metal armor waits on the other side, looking at the Earth-side gathering. Rune nods to him and gives a quick "Thank you", which satisfies him; he looks away and returns to his duty of watching over the Waldian side of the portal.

Then Rune looks to Mistral, then Hinote, and offers: "Hinote, I don't remember if you spoke with Mistral while she was recovering at the castle. If you didn't, this is Mistral Durand; she'll be joining us here on Earth. Mistral," a nod to the new arrival, "Hinote is the Knight from Earth I've spoken of, and also often our guide; what seems impossibly new and bizarre to you or I is common enough to him, and he can help you learn a great deal about this world."
Hinote Kagari 2019-07-28 04:49:00 106222
Hinote kinda kicks a rock in an 'awww shucks' manner when he's spoken so highly of. "I spent most of my time convorting around the capital, I think." he admits. "Learning. I was as lost in Waldia as you guys we're over here..." he snorts a bit.

"That being said." he nods. "I am Hinote Kagari. Yes, I am from Earth here." he says.

"It's nice for you to join us!--- hey um."

"You didn't happen to hear anything back home about someone else coming through before you, at all? In an odd manner? Um. Just asking... fine if you don't!" he smiles.
Mistral Durand 2019-07-28 05:02:40 106223
Mistral Durand brushes her hands against her coat, then offers her murmured thanks to the guard along with a quick wave. Twisting on her heel to face the two proper, she replies to the comment with a simple, "No I'm afraid I don't recognize him. Nice to meet you Hinote." She tries not to mangle the name. "I will do my best to help with... any injuries." There's a pause, "I mean in fixing them, not creating them." She hesitates and adds hastily, "That didn't need to be said."

Resuming her stoic look, she instead tries to brush it off. "Mistral Durand, nice to meet you." From Hinote to Rune she glances to Rune and says in a tone that hints she's trying to be polite and proper in a natural shift, "I will do my best to help and I will succeed at becoming a knight. I promise that."
Runealy Waldia 2019-07-28 05:06:00 106224
"Which makes you all the better a guide for us," Rune notes to Hinote. "You've experienced the same kind of confusion and bewilderment we have, just in reverse."

She walks beside Mistral, then pivots to face down-hill and looks aside to the new arrival. "If you do succeed in completing the Oath ritual, I imagine you'll be treating and creating injuries. Treating the innocent, and creating injuries for demons and a variety of monsters unique to Earth. You'll be given a chance to learn more about this world and the threats that face us prior to the Oath, of course... so you can make an informed decision. For now, however,"

Rune begins to walk forward, heading downhill. "We should get you home. Our... 'steel carriage' awaits."
Hinote Kagari 2019-07-28 05:16:29 106225
Hinote nods. "It's important to Runealy that you make an informed decision, rather than make a decision, take the oath and decide maybe.... you don't like how lousy Tokyo is with noise. It really, really is a stark difference." he says. "Between Waldia and Tokyo." he says. "Ah--"

"Tokyo, is the name of the city. Japan is.. the name of the landmass it's on." he says. "Just because... that's where we are right now. Tokyo, Japan. Well. The outskirts of it." he says.

"Right. It isn't too far a walk." he says.
Mistral Durand 2019-07-28 05:27:37 106226
Mistral Durand looks to Hinote while asking, "He's been home? Did he stumble through the tree?" She sounds rather curious. He's given a more critical look after the question. Looking over to Rune when she realizes she's being on the rude side, "I don't intend to fail." she states matter of factly, followed by, "I know I can do it."

However, there's the comment about monsters unique to Earth that shifts her focus after it does the round through her head. "What kind of monsters are we talking? Not like back home surely?"

She turns to Hinote, "Japan?" She asks, wondering just how accurate she got it, not that it's a hard word. And of course there's mention of a metal carriage. "Isn't that too heavy for the horses?" She asks bluntly, "What a waste."
Runealy Waldia 2019-07-28 05:30:56 106227
"It would take us a few hours or more to walk back. Hinote's right; we could... and in some cases, we have done so. However, what we usually do..." Rune's smile persists as she leads the way down, "Is meet our driver at the base of this mountain. It should only take several minutes to reach him, and he is waiting for us. From there, we'll bring you home and you'll get to stay in the safe room," Rune uses this phrase with a different, warmer connotation than the term typically means on Earth, "until we get a permanent one ready."

She nods at Mistral. "You will like it here once you've adapted to how different it is, I imagine. As for Hinote, he joined us shortly after we arrived here and came with us to assist in the Barrier Restoration ritual. Now, about the 'carriage'..."

Rune jogs a step ahead of the group, looking sharply aside to Mistral. "Far too heavy for horses. The carriage is able to move itself, as strange as it appears. They refer to them as 'automobiles', or 'cars.' Quite a nice way to get around the city once you get used to it, though sometimes I'll fly with Fate if she's going to the same place I am."
Hinote Kagari 2019-07-28 05:41:22 106228
Hinote nods. "Horseless Carriage. It moves with an engine, powered by a fuel source." he says. "We have a 'magic'-but..not really maigc?-- here, for lack of a better term, called 'science' and 'technology'. You'll adjust, I promise. It'll just take a bit. And you have the rest of us to help you figure out things too." he smiles.

"Right-- the things you see here... you probably shouldn't talk about them back home." he says. "Lots of... things if brought back could probably muck things up." he says softly.

"Monsters..." he sighs and places his hands against his head. "Too many to count. I was attacked by a chair monster not too long ago. It was dumb." he mutters grumpily. "Luckily..."

"Chairs are weak to being lit on fire."
Mistral Durand 2019-07-28 05:54:30 106229
The backwater girl looks confused, but quickly tries to hide it. "If it pulls itself, is it really a carriage?" She pauses in her stride, running it around in circles in her head. She quickly picks up her pace to follow of course after. "Magic, but not magic, just science." She looks over, scowls, then eventually just shrugs and says, "I understand well enough I guess. It's a new world, new things. New ideas."

She hurries to keep up now, not wanting to get left behind and not wanting to slow everyone else down.

"I'll remember the term. Car. Shorter, easier." There's of course another pause though. "Chair monster?" She looks at Hinote, then to Rune and asks flatly, "He's joking right? It's not science right? The chair monsters I mean." She's ready to go either way of course.
Runealy Waldia 2019-07-28 05:58:22 106230
"'Carriage' is simply the best equivalent I knew of. I've alluded to them in my letters to you, but was not specific in case someone other than you read what I had to say," Rune offers as an explanation as she continues to lead the way down; the limo is visible in the distance, and should be in reach with just a few more minutes. "And yes, 'chair monster.' A merging of several Earth-style chairs, which then attacked us... I am not sure how it was formed. What I do know..."

She leans forward slightly to look over at Hinote, "Is that you did a wonderful job holding it off when I had to confront our... mysterious critic." Then to Mistral: "I will tell you more of her later, but it is not an entirely happy topic... and I want your arrival here to be a warm one. For now, let us focus on that!"
Hinote Kagari 2019-07-28 06:10:02 106231
Hinote Kagari snorts. "If that chair thing was science, I guess I'm a monkey." he says bluntly. He walks on ahead and gives Runealy a coy smile as he opens the limo's door for the others. "After you two." he says. "Go ahead, and sit on inside." he says.

He'll wait for the others to enter with a smile. "Let's get you home and we'll take it from there." he says to Mistral.
Mistral Durand 2019-07-28 06:16:11 106232
Mistral Durand shrugs as she's told she'll find out later. "Sure. That works for me." She offers simply enough, gesturing ahead. "Lead the way to this car. I'm curious to see how much faster it is, since you said it would take a few hours otherwise!" And it gives her a chance to poke at the new world already. She doesn't fully hide the excitement at that idea.