Abrupt Acquaintance

Cecelia and Mistral are both at clover tower when they run into the other Waldian. Literally.

Date: 2019-07-30
Pose Count: 23
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-07-30 08:59:44 106277
It's something Cecelia walks past almost every day going to school but it still catches her attention every time. A tall, absurdly huge tower that rises high into the sky. There are a lot of 'absurdly tall' buildings in the city to her, but among them this one stands out. It isn't built like the rest, and she can't quite figure out why. Even when she asked a few random people on the street she got confused looks and simple answers like 'Broadcasting' and 'Old TVs', none of which made any sense at all to her without the basic knowledge everyone here clearly had.

If she knew how to use her phone well enough she could easily look the answer up herself. She knew it was possible, but hadn't figured it out yet herself and already felt foolish enough asking questions of people.

So it remained a mystery to her, and mysteries had a certain wonderment and pull about them. So some time after school she'd decided to go there than just stare at it from the sidewalk as she passed, getting even more confused as it seemed home various shops and kiosks. If it were just another market, why was it shaped like that?

"Is it one of the Ten Shrines of the Emperor? No... if it was that someone would have said as much." She approaches somewhat near it's base, tilting her head up and arching her back to try and get a look all the way to the top. "It's like a mountain... Did people really build this?"
Mistral Durand 2019-07-30 09:13:26 106278
Mistral Durand is doing the newbie tourist thing herself. Though she's skirting the crowd and hasn't bothered anyone with questions about the sights and wonders she's seeing. She has a new phone in hand though and she's currently fiddling with it. Index finger extended and slowly pushing at the screen far harder than she needs to to make it work. She has to be sure though. Not that that lasts too long at least, as she soon figures out it's a light touch too.

As she's stepping around people she sees moving, it makes it real easy to miss the stationary person currently doing her best to also look like a bumpkin tourist. She plows right into the girl, letting otu a sound of surprise, juggling her phone a few times and snatching it out of midair. Leaving her standing at a rather awkward angle. One one foot. On her toes. She slowly keels forward, twisting in midair to land on her back just so she doesn't break the new happy phone, since she'd been told just how pricy those things were after all.

Laying there briefly, she checks the phone, stuffs it in her pocket and asks the other girl, "Are you okay?" before standing, trying to offer a hand out to help her up.
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-07-30 09:26:41 106279
Leaning back like she was means Cecelia is already off balance, so when Mistral crashes into her there's little chance of staying up. There's little fancy footwork from the blonde, making a cry of surprise as her view tilts sideways. She twists as well, turning to catch herself on her hands to help soften the impact, wincing as she hits the ground.

She's more focused on making sure she is, in fact, alright than getting up or seeing who or what ran into her. She starts to reach out with one hand to Mistral to accept the offer, only to notice it's skinned and just starting to bleed. She pauses, retracting it and offering the opposite instead, even if it means being pulled up by the wrist. "I'm okay, I don't think there's anything too bad." As she gets to her feet she starts brushing off her skirt. So far she hasn't noticed anything particularly odd about the older girl, but isn't doing anything to hide her own Waldian accent with it's slight Lormian twist.

"Sorry, I'm not used to crowds like this. I must have made myself a nuisance, staring up like that. I should be more careful."
Mistral Durand 2019-07-30 09:43:31 106281
Mistral Durand looks at the skinned hand and before any action can be taken at all, the other hand is offered instead. She helps the girl up, then immediately holds a finger up without saying anything. Pulling her satchel around, she fishes around inside of that and begins to pick through things.

Finding what she wants, a little spray bottle is pulled out and she holds it up to the light to get a better look, adjusting glasses in the process. "I was told this is good for those kind of scrapes." She's got her own Waldian accent of course, though she's from well out in the sticks and sounds it. Her hand goes back into the satchel, pulling the bandage box out. She fiddles around, eventually pulling one she thinks fits and says simply, "Hold your hand out, let me help."

At the apology, she shakes her head and says, "No no, I wasn't watching, it was my fault, I apologize. Still new here myself."
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-07-30 09:55:55 106282
"Ah...." The sudden and immediate attention to her minor injury catches Cecelia by surprise, pausing for a moment. "It isn't very bad. It should be fine as long as I wash it quickly," she notes, even while doing what's asked of her and offering her hand for Mistral to see. It's just a bit scraped along the side of her palm, though there are little bits of stuff here and there from the concrete and all the foot traffic. "I appreciate it, but is that necessary?" she asks as the bandage box is noticed.

She shifts a bit awkwardly, but stiffens a little when the apology is given, because it's the first time since they've started talking she's heard Mistrals voice well over the crowd. "You... don't say. How long have you been in the city? I've only been here for a month and a half. It's hard getting used to all the glass castles and metal carriages." She looks towards Mistral's eyes as she intentionally speaks of things her native language has no words for, watching for a reaction.
Mistral Durand 2019-07-30 10:02:37 106283
Mistral Durand fiddles around for a moment, taking a moment to spray the scraped area. A few times. More than needed really. It's fine right? Still, the bandage is offered afterward, as well as a little wipe. "Here." She offers, not wanting to quite go that far. It's awkward even for her. "It's not bad, but those kinds of scrapes can hurt, but I guess it isn't necessary."

Listening to the question, she replies simply enough, "Two nights, just arrived." There's a tilt of her head at the descriptions, "They're called cars. They're too heavy to be carriages, there's nothing pulling them." She says this matter of factly. "I don't know about the glass castles though. I would have called them towers."
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-07-30 10:19:52 106284
It's a bit more than Cecelia might have done on her own but she accepts the bandages and wipe, "Thanks. I'll hold onto these for if it's worse than it looks." They're put into her skirt pocket, but carefully. Not merely stuffed in haphazard.

At the mention of the very recent arrival she nods, only to flush a bit in embarrassment when her choice of language is corrected. A defensive urge rises up inside of her but for the moment she holds it back, "You seem to be adapting quickly, at least." She motions away from herself, over to skyscrapers off in the distance. "I've never seen anything like them before. Or regular castles or towers. It's a little overwhelming. Especially so many people."

She isn't quite sure what to make of Mistral yet. She's fairly certain by this point she is from Waldia, but has no idea if she made it here on her own, is contracted to a demon like herself, or worse.

There is one way to check for the worst case scenario, however. She bows a little in the local fashion as she's wearing her school uniform, "Cecelia Stovjord, nice to meet you. I attend the Seiyou Public school, which is right over there." Another motion, made with her uninjured hand, off to the south.

It's entirely possible if she'd been in contact with Runealy the Princess word have told the other Waldian of Cecelia already, given how frosty their last encounter had been.
Mistral Durand 2019-07-30 10:36:37 106285
Mistral Durand shakes her head and says, "I doubt it's worse than it looks, but they can still sting and sometimes just the act of treatment helps right?" She shrugs it off either way though. A bandage is cheap after all, even before she was well paid.

She notes the embarrassment and realizing she's probably being too forward says, "I called them the same thing a few nights ago, don't worry about it." Looking at the girl after, she offers something of a shrug, "Both are close enough I figure."

Mistral herself is sure Cecelia is also from back home. Even better, she's from out in the middle of nowhere too, which on the one hand, has her curious. On the other hand, she doesn't know all the rules fully yet either. "Mistral Durand, I'm enrolling at Infinity. I hear they have the best classes if you're pursuing medical knowledge." She pauses, "Healing teaching? Neither sounds right."

She doesn't seem to recognize the name. Maybe she's that new? Though if Cecelia's paying attention, Mistral's watching her from the corner of her eyes any time she's not looking straight at her.
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-07-30 10:51:24 106286
Cecelia nods, "To me it seems you've already helped treat it, so thank you again." And maybe if it does sting later she'll try wiping it down and putting on the bandage, just in case.

"They are one of the many wonders of this place I don't yet understand. I'm told they use a liquid fuel that explodes to make them move, but I've never seen one exploding. I keep wanting to ask more but people seem confused at the questions I've already posed, so I refrain," she notes about the cars, several of which drive happily along the road beside the tower.

She nods politely as Mistral introduces herself and speaks of the school she'll attend, tilting it when she mentions medical classes. "Oh? You intend to train to be a healer? That's very noble." There's no sarcasm or irony in her statement, she means it honestly. "It seems you have basic knowledge already," she comments, looking over her scraped hand again.

If she notices the careful peripheral watching she doesn't do anything to show it, though she isn't entirely at ease, either.
Mistral Durand 2019-07-30 11:01:56 106287
Mistral Durand looks down briefly at the hand in question one more time, then slowly takes a step back, giving the other girl some personal space back. Really it's for her own benefit, but she'll deny that. "It was my fault in the first place."

Somewhat visibly relaxing, she turns to look at the tower, then the other 'towers'. "It's impressive, there's a lot I don't know yet, but I don't intend to slow down. The more I learn, the more I can help, the more I can share." She adjusts her satchel after closing it, putting it back in it's usual resting place. "I don't know about the exploding liquid" Though she does file that away in the back of her head. Maybe she can find some to experiment with. Or ask someone else about at least. "Maybe change how the questions are asked?" pointing up at the radio tower, she says, "Ask how old it is and you might get more information that way. People talk more when that way." She doesn't comment the why she'd know that since she doesn't seem the chattiest though.

Finally she nods to the comment about becoming a healer. "I was learning under my first family and trying to expand under my second, but they're gone. I want to prevent it from happening again."
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-07-30 11:17:30 106288
Cecelia doesn't mind the extra space, though as someone walking through passes between them she blinks a little, "Should we move somewhere safer? Standing around has already proved dangerous." She looks over to a calmer area that notably has some benches set aside. Large ones, with plenty of space. If Mistral agrees she'll begin walking slowly in their direction, otherwise she'll stay put.

"I hope to learn as well, though I'm not yet sure where to focus my studies. With luck I will find something to be passionate about, as it seems you have." She doesn't have very much more to add about the gasoline, huming a little at the suggestion to change her way of asking questions. "Be less direct about what I wish to know so they'll offer more information I'm curious about? Hm... I could try that."

Even if she isn't chatty Mistral is seemingly fairly open about herself. There's clear surprise in her eyes as 'first' and 'second' families are spoken of, and noted as gone. "I... see. May I ask what happened to your families? I understand if that's too intrusive of me."
Mistral Durand 2019-07-30 11:22:56 106289
Mistral Durand stands on her toes to get a look around, looking for a better place to stand at the recommendation. Spotting the same calmer spot that Cecelia had noticed, she reaches out to take the other girl's hand, trying to guide her through the crowd, almost feeling like she's babysitting. Which promptly gets her to stop and state quickly, "Sorry."

Taking her seat, she takes a moment to remove her glasses, cleaning them and checking them for damage as though she's new to wearing them before they're placed back where they belong. "What do you like to do? There's so much to learn out there, I don't think I'll ever feel the need to slow down or stop. There's always more to learn."

Glancing over though, she hesitates, her face slipping into a brief grimace before the mask is in place. "Gone. Buried. I couldn't stop it, but I'll keep trying."
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-07-30 11:39:24 106290
Cecelia had lowered her guard just enough so that her hand is taken before she can react, easily dragged along afterwards while following at a quick pace. The way is made through the crowd much faster than she would have managed herself, though so she isn't too upset by it when they arrive by the spot she was looking at herself. "It's fine," she responds feeling momentarily awkward by the abruptness of the release and apology, which didn't seem entirely necessary.

She sits down quickly regardless, leaving a person's space between herself and Mistral and turning slightly towards her, sitting rather simply otherwise with her knees together and hands in her lap. "I enjoy singing," she replies easily, "enough that joining my Seiyou's after school choir was among the first things I did after starting. It was always something I could do by myself, without needing any toys or supplies."

When her notably grim question is answered a change comes over her. She takes in a deep breath and holds it, letting it out slowly, keeping her blue eyes focused on Mistral the entire time. Her expression changes to be somewhat less friendly, but also less guarded. Formal, slightly melancholic. "I see. Then let me say that I am terribly sorry for your loss. That seemed like it might be the case, so I apologize if I've made fresh any of the pain."

It's only after she speaks that she looks away, eyes turning upwards like they had been when she'd been gazing at the tower, only this time they're aimed at nothing in particular and unfocused. The gaze of one in thought, or in focus.
Mistral Durand 2019-08-01 09:39:25 106317
Mistral Durand tilts her head and asks, "What kind of singing? The TV thing had a lot of singers. I wasn't a fan of them though, all of them sounded kind of flat." She holds her hand up, mimicking a minor wave, "Like they weren't trying." She didn't seem too bothered by her admission at all really.

The apology does surprise her, then eventually she holds her hands up, "Memory's it's own immortality. I'll remember them. It's what pushes me forward to try my best to prevent it from happening again." She gestures to her satchel, "This is just the start. I'm taking it all home."

Finally, she follows the other girl's gaze, then asks, "You didn't come here to learn did you?"
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-08-01 09:52:23 106318
Cecelia shrugs lightly, "My music teacher said the kind of songs I know are called 'folk songs', though I don't know what that's supposed to mean. They're just songs I heard back home and tried singing myself." The mention of TV singers gets a nod, "Idols, probably. For some of them the fashion and popularity are more important than the singing. I don't understand it, but I can see the appeal of singing for a living. I'm not sure if I'm good enough for that, I've only just started formal training."

'Memory's it's own immortality.'

She reaches a hand up and pushes her hair back over her shoulder as wind rustles it, "You do them justice and a great service. I'm sure they'd be glad to know they have someone who cares for them so." Her voice is a little distant, tone a bit airy.

She closes her eyes again for a moment and resituates herself, looking back to Mistral and giving a shake of her head, "No, I came to start a new life. I'm not sure what I'll make of it yet, but I like it here."
Mistral Durand 2019-08-01 10:13:03 106319
Mistral Durand listens, quietly and relaxes back. "I don't know what the difference in the kinds of music out there. We had some songs we sung around fires, maybe some town songs that told silly stories." She runs her fingers through her hair, "I never learned any of them. I was too busy trying to learn other things though." She makes a dismissive gesture with her hands. "I'm sure I sound terrible.'

"They're gone, after what I've done, I doubt they're still watching over me anymore." She says that bluntly enough. "It's one of the many things I'll fix though."

"A new life" She glances over, "I hope the price isn't too much." She then crosses her legs and rests back on them.
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-08-01 10:25:44 106320
"I didn't either before I decided to try to learn. I probably still don't," Cecelia admits. At the mention of songs sung around campfires she nods, "That isn't too different from the songs I'm used to." There isn't much reaction to Mistral saying she likely has a bad singing voice; she's already said she's focused her attention elsewhere.

The mention of 'after what I've done' draws a slight hum from the blonde, "Perhaps. You don't sound as if you've wronged them personally, though. I won't say you shouldn't say you shouldn't try to make things right. Learning to heal the sick and injured would go a fair way."

Mistral's next words cause her to pause. "The price?" At first she studies the older girl, only to tilt her head introspectively, That's hard to say. I suppose it depends on whether or not I make the most of it." She shakes her head and looks away, muttering under her breath, "It was either impossibly high or nonexistent, depending on how you look at it..."
Mistral Durand 2019-08-01 10:37:40 106321
Mistral Durand holds her hand out before her and opens, then closes it into a fist. "The first family, no. I tried to help, I really did. That little cluster of homes doesn't exist anymore." Her hand opens again and she continues, "The second is why I hope they weren't watching over me anymore. I don't think I'd be able to face them even now."

Looking up to the sky, she smiles faintly, "It's why I focus on the memory rather than the what-if. I can't undo what was done, but I can make things better. I've got the opportunity and I'm earning the money to do so."

Leaning forward when the girl mutters, she glances over and says simply enough. "Are you going to make the most of it? Do you know how people get on the flatscreen? Maybe you should try for that. It's a good goal."
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-08-01 10:51:15 106322
Cecelia watches the motion and considers her words, glancing briefly to the satchel Mistral wears. She's already offered her condolences, so rather than let the empathy get to her too much she buries the sympathy inside herself. "It sounds like you've led a complicated life. You seem to think you've done wrong, but regret it and wish to make up for it. Gambatte."

As for herself? "I am. I don't know how to sing on TV, but I also don't know if I'd fit in. Everyone I've seen are so cheerful and upbeat." She looks briefly over to Mistral before fiddling with the cuff of her uniform jacket, "The songs I sing are sad."
Mistral Durand 2019-08-01 10:58:14 106323
Mistral Durand looks over and laughs easy enough. "Complicate's not the right word. Everything was so straight forward. I knew what I was doing, good and bad. I'd say you're probably more complicated. Sneaking over here I mean." The glance to her satchel gets a curious look, then she hefts it and offers it over, flap open to show off a small gatherer's knife, her name crudely etched into the handle, bandages, that spray, some small pill bottles and whatever else she could stuff into it when she went shopping to make a first-aid kit. As it was called.

That poor shop keeper was so confused when she asked for a chirurgeon's pack.

"When I get home, I'm going to see if anyone there knows how to get on the flatscreen. I'll figure out how to let you know after." She seems to find the idea interesting, though she seems to enjoy learning in general. It might be another sleepless night.
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-08-01 11:15:37 106324
As sneaking over is mentioned Cecelia looks at Mistral directly in the eyes rather than paying attention to the satchel and it's contents, "Do you think so? You've already lost two families. It shouldn't be that hard to understand why I might want to get away from that place." After holding her gaze for several moments she finally looks down into the satchel, somewhat curious as to it's contents. Nothing looks especially strange or out of place to her, though the knife likely means something to Mistral, she imagines.

Cecelia frowns a little as the TV singers are brought up again. "You can ask for yourself if you want. I didn't say that was something I wanted, so don't pretend that I did."
Mistral Durand 2019-08-01 11:20:54 106325
Mistral Durand returns the gaze easily enough. "Just because it wasn't happy, doesn't mean it wasn't also simple. The only complication came recently." She gestures around and says, "I never said you didn't want a new life here. I just said I have a feeling it's more complicated." She closes her bag, stuffing it back in place. "This here's complicated, but that's because injury and sickness can cover such a wide area. Made worse when I can't just go out into the fields and gather what I need."

There's another shrug and she says, "It's an excuse to sing and to make a life of it. Sad songs are still songs and I'm sure there's a place here for them."
Cecelia Stovjord 2019-08-01 11:36:03 106326
"Yes, that's exactly right. Everything is simple until suddenly it isn't. Things would be better if they could just stay simple, but there's no uncracking that nut." She doesn't specifically deny that her life and story is complicated, but neither does she explain any of it. "If it was simple you might not have had to come here to learn more," Cecelia then notes about the satchel.

She considers for a moment, "I suppose so. I'm not sure singing is something I want to spend my whole life doing, but it is something I enjoy." Having said that she shifts a little and gets up. It might be a little abrupt, but she's not as comfortable speaking as she was a few minutes earlier. "I need to be going. It was nice meeting you, Mistral." Another polite bow in the local fashion and she'll walk off in the direction of her apartment, wondering just how complicated her life is going to get.

It's probably very simple still compared to what it will become, she eventually decides.