By Blade or By Salve: I am Guardian Mist

Date: 2019-08-04
Pose Count: 18
Mistral Durand 2019-08-04 19:35:22 106410
It's an early morning, bright, cheerful, the opposite of the girl sitting at her desk, two books open, a notebook between them and a stack of books to her immediate left. She's tired looking, maybe pulled an all nighter, but otherwise Mistral looks happy enough absorbed in the books. She's got a partially opened satchel full of modern first aid bits and bobs, some of which she's opened to experiment with.

In the background she's got music playing, though she's not paying attention to it really. Clothing-wise she's wearing a simple spring dress, though it's probably from the day before guessing by her general appearance. Turning the page, fiddling with the pen in hand, she then begins scribbling further notes.
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-04 19:39:49 106411
Music. It's probably not terribly loud, but it's something Rune can hear by the door to the Safe Room -- an area in the near-center of the upstairs hallways, so its occupant can be surrounded by Princesses, Guardian Knights, Familiars, tin-soldiers who are honorary Guardian Knights, well-lit walls, and a soft bed; a place to feel better and feel very protected. It also serves as an obvious choice for a guest room, pending expansions to the building for new residents.

Rune waits a few seconds to make sure it's just music - and not a personal conversation or so on - before knocking at the door, waiting with a calm demeanor.
Mistral Durand 2019-08-04 19:49:23 106412
Mistral Durand lifts her head when she hears steps outside of the partially cracked door. The kind of girl that's always on edge, up so late. It's not a surprise she might be a touch jumpy. Still, she pushes herself away from the desk, pen down. Standing straight, she smooths her dress out, then stands with her hands behind her back almost as though at attention.

She then lets out a breath, relaxes and instead says, "Come in." Trying to look more natural and relaxed. "Is the music too loud? I think I've got the thing figured out." She gestures to the speakers, "I can turn it off too if it's annoying." She stops, composes herself again and continues, "How can I help you out?"
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-04 19:56:23 106413
Rune opens the door when told to enter, stepping in and closing it behind her. "Too loud? Hardly. I only used it to be certain you were here, and if I may... listening to it is a good sign." The music may be unfamiliar to the princess, who has stuck to classical European fare whenever possible, but she smiles at the speaker Mistral's music is coming from all the same.

"You seemed to have no idea where to go or what to do when I asked you to consider coming here and aiding us as a healer. You seemed willing to do that, and asked to become a Guardian Knight in addition to it. So far, you have not undertaken the Oath ritual."

Rune paces a few steps around the room, eyes returning to Mistral. "And it is because I did not feel right administering it right away. I wanted you to see Earth. To meet its people, to witness its impossibly advanced technology. To see if you are willing to spend a great deal of time here, because here is where most of the threats to our world currently lie. Threats who will gladly come to our world once they are done with Earth, so we face them here."

She takes a short breath, aware she has gone on at some length. Rune concludes with a question: "Now that you've seen those things, I want to ask... do you still wish to take that Oath?"
Mistral Durand 2019-08-04 20:04:28 106414
Mistral Durand points to the books on her desk and says simply, "I think... after what I've seen I will be staying. If you were to throw me out, I'd find my way back. There's more than monsters out there and I can protect against both by staying here."

She does fiddle around with the remote, turning the music off for now though, since they're talking and that's only polite. "I... am happy to be here is what I mean. I haven't had to heal anyone here at least. I did accidentally cause a small scrape the other day, but I took care of that too." She almost starts to reach for her satchel to show it off, then stops and instead continues, "I mean with the local stuff. Nothing special."

She straightens up once more, looking to the princess once more, "I was prepared to do what needs to be done, even before spending a few nights here and exploring the town." She pauses, "City and its towers."

Straight backed, she says with confidence, sounding fully awake and alert, that fatigue disappearing all at once. "I wish to take the Oath Princess. That has not changed."
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-04 20:11:10 106415
"That would be cruel of me... to invite you here, then send you into the streets?" Rune makes a few slow headshakes, then listens to what Mistral has to say.

At the end, when Mistral affirms her resolve, Rune smiles. "Then I believe we're both ready. What follows is, in your case, a formality. You have already faced a demon. I witnessed only the very end of that battle and only from a distance... but everyone who was there agreed: You attempted to strike it down, despite not being a Knight. Your heart has already been tested. Nonetheless... it's a formality I welcome."

Rune takes a few steps toward the door, but keeps her eyes on Mistral the whole time. "After all, you will be stating that you wish to help others, protect your world, and... that you wish to be friends with me."

The smile persists. "I am ready any time you are. Simply say the word, and then meet me outside in any part of the yard you like; I would need only a few minutes to prepare, and can join you there."
Mistral Durand 2019-08-04 20:19:32 106416
Mistral Durand rolls her shoulders and closes her eyes before murmuring, "I uh... don't regret what I did there, but I think I should have come up with a better plan at the time." She then quickly shakes her head and puts that mask back on. Looking back to her books briefly, then to the princess. Letting her breath out slowly, she says, "Of course. I will do what is necessary to save our world, to better it."

There's a brief second of contemplation as she thinks about what she just said. Immediately she holds both hands up, shaking them and her head, "I didn't mean it that way. I meant I uh-" She coughs, "I didn't mean to make it sound like being a friend would be so dire. I would be happy to be your friend bos-princess." Smooth. Very.

"I am ready." she finally offers, wanting to just get out of there at this point. It's hard to maintain that stoicism when you keep slipping up! "Pardon me" She says quickly, then tries to slip out where she'll head outside to a shadier part of the yard proper.
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-04 20:28:12 106417
"I'm not convinced there was a 'better plan.' Demons have historically been known to treat even our heaviest, sharpest blades as mere inconveniences. Forgive me for saying so, but your actions proved the ages-old wisdom."

"Your actions also likely saved lives, delaying the demon until I arrived. A demon I was only able to force to flee, rather than destroy it outright... but everyone I spoke with confirmed that you kept its attention and evaded it for just long enough." Rune makes a slight nod after that.

Mistral moves for the door. "Certainly. I will join you in a few minutes." The princess opens it, stepping out herself and returning to her room to prepare for the ritual.
Mistral Durand 2019-08-04 20:47:13 106419
Mistral Durand shakes her head and says, "I broke my sword against her. I'm amazed my gathering knife wasn't broken too." She hesitates and adds quickly, "Thanks for giving it back by the way."

She taps her foot on the ground and says, "I think I could have beaten the... real- I could have beaten her without that I think. Not the demon I mean." She shakes her head and smiles grimly, "I will beat her next time though." Looking the princess in the eyes, "I was glad I could help that day though. I thought I was going to die either way, but it does me good to know I saved them."

For her part, she's picked her place and she's comfortable enough. At least as best as she can be out under the trees, back against the bark and watching the house.
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-04 20:50:15 106420
"I wish there wouldn't be a 'next time', but... there may well be. The demon fled; it will not simply retire to a quiet life of solitude." Rune's expression sours for just a moment, before they part company and she is back in her own room.

A few minutes later, she emerges in the front yard. Rune is clad as Mistral saw her for the first time, in full magical dress... albeit without any staff or wand. She isn't ready to fight, and the smile on Rune's face confirms it. "The Oath is a little different for each person who takes it. If you wish to take it underneath this tree... I wholeheartedly approve."

She walks over to join the home's newest arrival, albeit several steps away from the tree to give her some personal space. "Mistral Durand, are you ready?"
Mistral Durand 2019-08-04 21:07:28 106421
Mistral Durand shakes her head and says, "If she's not trying to rebuild the gang, she's doing something else. She always had ideas on... how to best live a better life." She works her fingers in and out of a fist a few times.

Waiting there under the tree, she gestures to a larger plot, "I... don't know this world's medicinal plants, but if I start researching and ordering seeds, could I find a place to plant them?" She's had time to think, time to enjoy the sights. She stands up straight suddenly though, remembering that this should be more formal and suddenly regretting sticking around in day old clothes. Looking up at the tree, then back to Rune in full magical garb she nods and returns the smile. Probably the first time anyone's seen a proper smile from the young woman since she's arrived.

"I'm ready. Even if I weren't, I work best off the cuff." She stops herself from joking further, her face resuming it's usual determined look.
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-04 21:16:47 106422
"A garden, of sorts?" Rune looks where Mistral is indicating. "Certainly! I can't think of any reason to refuse." Then her gaze returns to the prospective Oath-taker. If Rune has any irritation over the lack of formality, she's not showing it. "In that case, let us begin."

Her expression becomes calmer, smile fading. "Mistral Durand. You have come here seeking to become part of something wonderful... and I will see proof of that resolve here and now."

Her gaze stays fixed on Mistral, completely disinterested in any distractions the city has to offer. "Are you willing to face demons and other threats to your home world, whether you are on that world or any other?" She holds up a hand, stalling any attempt at an immediate reply; there is more to ask.

"Are you willing to keep others safe... both protected, and happy? And to see them provide you joy in return? Are you willing to stand with me, working together as friends in pursuit of those goals?" Her hand remains.

"Mistral Durand..." The hand lowers. "...I will now hear your answer."
Mistral Durand 2019-08-04 21:31:01 106423
Mistral Durand looks to the surrounding yard, enjoying the sun and relative quiet. Ideas springing to mind on how she'll try to arrange things. Then a faint smile as she realizes she'll have to study how to best grow this world's plants. Something more to learn!

At the use of her full name, she looks the princess in the eyes, that smile fading. "I am willing to face demons. Again, whether it's here or there." She keeps her answer short and flat.

"I will keep others safe, no matter the cost. I will do my best to protect them and-... I think what I intend to do will bring happiness. Yes." She shifts her weight before continuing, "And nothing would bring me greater joy, than to succeed. To bring back everything I learn."

Finally, the last question gets the most contemplation from her. Rather than keeping the sharp demeanor, she relaxes visibly and says softly, "And I will stand with you, as a friend."
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-04 21:38:52 106424
Rune simply nods with each affirmation from Mistral. "Admittedly... there are some things our world simply is not ready for; some things you learn may have to stay in your heart, guiding how you help others even if they do not know. That is making too fine a distinction during this ritual, however. The important part is that you have said 'yes.' I have heard your answer, and now it shall be tested."

Rune's index finger taps the heart-and-shield emblem on her tiara, and a mostly transparent ray of energy emits from the green gem above it. It's thin, perhaps as wide as someone's thumb, as it stretches toward Mistral's forehead.

A few seconds after it makes contact, the ray begins to fill with a soft blue - faint like ice - color coming from Mistral. It streams toward Rune's tiara, having filled the ray connecting them. A tiny gold sparkle comes from Rune's side of the connection, streaming through and into Mistral.

Then the ray detaches from Rune, receding into Mistral before fully disappearing. "Mistral Durand, your Oath is sincere. Show the world what lies within you... Guardian Mist!"
Mistral Durand 2019-08-04 21:57:38 106425
Mistral Durand looks briefly surprised and files it away for later. She tilts her head, wondering why she's being told that hse's about to be tested. Not that she's nervous.

Looking to the tiara, she starts to reflexively shift, but stops herself and instead resumes that relaxed position. If it's going to be something bad, she's in too deep as it is.

She resists the urge to move, to look closer, to do anything, but stand there and wait. The blue does almost succeed in making her reach a hand up, but she stops. Waits. Patient. She can be patient.

Taking a breath, she looks down at herself as the transformation takes place, the dress replaced with what she hopes isn't too mundane an outfit. The thought in her head that a knight should be flashy and impressive looking. A duelist's coat and a leather satchel, a long tunic, gloves and leggings and straight forward boots.

She hesitates, then shakes that feeling off. Tugging at the coat, she adjusts the collar and reaches up to remove the hat, offering something of a flourish and a bow. Hat returned to it's place on her head, holding hair out of the way and says cheerfully, "Much better."
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-04 22:07:20 106426
Rune loses her calm, formal demeanor as Mistral begins to change. Her eyes raise, curious to see what will emerge from Mistral's inner thoughts! A wondrous gasp follows as Rune watches...

...And Guardian Mist appears, taking a bow. "That's wonderful! I knew you had it in you, Mist!" Rune's smile from earlier has returned, as the solemn ceremony is complete and emotion rushes forth to take its place.
Mistral Durand 2019-08-04 22:16:06 106427
Mistral Durand offers something of a curious look, holding her hand out, working her fingers. "How... does it decide what our um." She gestures to the hat and then holds her arms out, showing off the coat. "This." Not that she sounds upset. Just the fact that she doesn't know is fascinating all on its own!

Still, she stands up straight, tries to look proud and says, "Of course I had it in me, I stand by my word." She's trying to sound like a hero. Awkwardly.

"Um, thank you." She finally adds, returned to her normal tone.
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-04 22:19:03 106428
"I've never been a Guardian Knight, but my understanding is that you decide your form, weapon, and magic. That little bit of magic I provide might guide it, might provide some boundary to the most basic aspects of it... but as far as I'm aware?"

Rune removes her tiara, and a flash of red light returns her to normal form. "I believe that's how you wish to appear. Thank you for joining us, Mist!"