After the Silver Snow Fell

Date: 2019-08-24
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Mistral Durand 2019-08-24 18:33:01 106539
It's Saturday afternoon, not that means as much to the newly minted knight yet. Mistral is currently sitting crosslegged at her desk, book open before her, a second book propped up behind it and her personal notebook nearby. Her handwriting is still awful, but she can at least read it. Mostly. Usually. The music she's listening to in the background sounds kind of old fashioned and isn't in Japanese. She has no idea what to even call the language really, but it's pleasant as far as she's concerned.

Slowly turning a page in her notebook after tilting sand onto it. For a ballpoint pen. She cleans her desk once more, then begins on the next page. Comparing notes between the two, much larger books before scribbling more notes in place. When there's a picture corresponding, she tries to copy it crudely onto the page as well, this seems to be taking most of her time up. Worst yet, her hand's starting to cramp, so she slowly slides away from the desk and works her fingers a few times while looking the room over, then slowly she wheels to the window and leans against it, forehead to the cold glass.
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-24 18:43:29 106540
While work has begun on adding Mistral's room to the home, it isn't ready yet and Rune has to visit the Safe Room to visit her new friend. As before, she's not sure how Mistral has adjusted to a lot of things and listens by the door for a moment to make sure she won't be interrupting any sort of quiet time or resting.

Able to faintly hear music on the other side, Rune is satisfied she won't be waking Mistral up. With a few soft knocks on the door, Rune speaks in a calm tone: "Mistral? May I enter?"
Mistral Durand 2019-08-24 18:48:07 106541
Mistral Durand lifts her head from the window, using her sleeve to wipe away the spot where she'd been breathing and wheels across to her desk again. Standing up, she opens the door for the princess, dressed in just a summer dress at the moment. "You don't need to knock." She pauses, "Maybe you do. I should get a sign."

Her idle thoughts on etiquette chased away mentally, she tilts her head back towards Rune to ask, "Is something wrong with your arm?" Then she stops herself again and continues, "S-sorry. Uh, how... can I uh-..." there's something murmured to herself and then, "How can I help you today princess?" Trying to be polite!
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-24 18:53:57 106542
"Forgive me, I simply didn't want to barge in on you unannounced," Rune answers as the door opens. "And my arm is fine now!" She rotates it at various angles to show that it has indeed mended just fine from the battle against Requiem; Guardian Mist saw to that.

"I came by to make sure you are okay. That was your fir--" Rune catches the mistake, "Second fight, wasn't it? Not any sort of training, but a real battle with lives on the line... including yours and mine." That Cecelia was making an effort to limit the risk to Earth-dwelling victims hasn't quite sunk in to the princess' mind yet, given their new foe was quite serious in her attacks on the two Waldians at the park.

A small nod follows as Rune concludes: "So I came here to make sure you are alright, and see if you had anything you wanted to talk about. Fighting is... pretty frightening, after all."
Mistral Durand 2019-08-24 19:07:40 106543
Mistral Durand looks to the door over Rune's shoulder and says, "I'm not used to the whole door thing. You live in a small farmhouse, then in tents? Doors aren't really a problem." She shrugs it off, "I'm glad your arm is doing well though. I don't know how well magic really works for that sort of thing and would have felt better splinting it, but it seemed well enough.

With a shake of her head she smiles faintly, "It was my second with that sort of enemy at least. I'm glad I didn't end up in a pile at the base of a house this time. That would be... not so good." The girl in question does get her to hold a finger up, "I ran into her at the garden. She seemed upset, or down. It's hard to tell, I uh, I have to admit." She shrugs that off again before continuing, "She thinks I'd be better off back home, protecting people there." She looks down, fingers stroking her chin as she thinks, "She didn't want to fight in the crowd either-" she looks back to Rune before continuing. "I tried talking to her. I- I had talked to her before we fought her too. We're really similar." She holds up a finger, "I mean aside from the ice thing." A second finger, "We're both from the fringes. Kind of a bad childhood. I think for different reasons." then dropping her hand with a shrug, "I thought I had more. She... seems almost reluctant though. Then she lurched back into the struggle." With a tilt of her head, she finally says, "I think we could maybe talk to her. That's mostly what I mean."

there's an awkward moment of silence from her as she realized just how much she'd said. "I'm fine. Fighting is- I'm used to it. Sadly. Even that time with the former boss, I had fought plenty." She says that matter-of-factly. "Sorry boss, I wasn't a very good person."
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-24 19:18:11 106544
Rune blinks a few times, trying to envision living in tents; she hadn't seen anything quite like that when she met Mistral. Thankfully, her friend provides another topic that can help cover what would otherwise be an odd silence, even as the back of the princess' mind still works on the idea of 'tent life.' "Thank you... honestly, I think tending to it as soon as possible, as you did, was the better solution."

Then Rune's head lowers slightly in thought, eyes nonetheless tilted up a little to face Mistral; the newest Knight has some interesting things to share. "I'm just glad you weren't too hurt from that fight. But... it sounds like you've learned more about her than I could. I've tried to talk to her, and am only met with scorn and mocking lyrics." A few slow headshakes follow. "I can tell you we're in the right place. There are monsters here that will gladly move on to attack our home if they are not stopped here. I am not prepared to tell Nanoha Takamachi, or Tuxedo Mask, or Mami Tomoe, or anyone else living here that this is their problem. Not when they and their friends helped when I was on the verge of ruining our world. So despite whatever problems she might have with us, we're remaining here."

"As for the rest of it?" Rune paces a few steps around the room, but her eyes stay basically on Mistral the whole time. "I think we can both see that 'wasn't', past tense, applies; you've clearly become a wonderful person now! And I do hope we can reach out to Cecelia. We'll stop her every time we must, but if you can learn more about her... please do. Maybe she'll talk to you, instead of speaking with me."
Mistral Durand 2019-08-24 19:35:52 106545
Mistral Durand drums her fingers against her thigh, not wanting to comment on that awkward silence about tents. She'll avoid that topic for now!

"Originally, she was a girl that wanted to sing. She had a similar accent to mine and she seemed nice?" She pauses, "So did the former boss though, I guess. Huh." Then she continues with the mainline thought, "She keeps mentioning she's had a second chance. Something happened back home. That's all I've really gotten." Looking down at her feet, "I don't know. I don't get the same feeling from her that I get thinking about the boss. My hand uh." She thinks about her words briefly, "There's almost an itch there thinking about her? The boss, not Cecelia."

It's Mistral's turn to give a blank look. "I know none of those names." Is all she manages to blurt out. "Should I?" She pauses, "I shoud, if you're bringing them up in that context." To try and cover, she quickly grabs that rolling chair and asks, "Have a seat if we're going to talk?" figuring she'll sit on her bed, or something similar.
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-24 19:45:21 106546
Rune gives Mistral's hands a quick look, curious if there is supposed to be anything standing out if they're 'itching', but keeps up with the rest of the conversation in the meantime. "Thank you," a soft reply as the princess sits down, turning to face Mistral after a few shifts to adjust to the seat.

"You don't?" Rune's eyes 'wince' in surprise; not disappointment or anger, but genuine confusion. "We had a grand celebration for those who helped restore the Barrier. There were several who helped indirectly, who stopped me from continuing with serious mistakes. Then there were those who came to our world, to the Shrine itself, and helped us face a demon lying in ambush."

She makes a single deep nod, taking a breath before continuing: "Akashimaru, Platinum Royale, Miss White, Tuxedo Kamen, and Fate came with us. I was also joined by Guardian Vale, Guardian Hino, and Guardian Gao. In the end... where I alone would have come up short, too hurt and sick to face a demon alone or complete the Restoration Ritual on my own... all of them helped."

Rune waits a split-second to let all that sink in, then finishes: "We would not be here right now if not for all of them, and I saw to it they were given great honors and celebrated by all. You've heard of..." One possibility occurs to Rune in a gasp-punctuated finish: "...none of this?"
Mistral Durand 2019-08-24 20:10:24 106548
Mistral Durand catches the look to her hands, causing her to raise them both, palms out. "Figuratively I mean." She offers. Before moving to take a seat at her bed, leaning forward. "Your arm's doing alright then?" She asks, wanting to double check. Maybe that's the real reason for the visit? She's not used to this sort of thing really.

At the look of confusion, then the explanation she holds up a finger and says, "I was still living rather far from the capital and robbing people Princess. I wasn't there for a celebration and I get the distinct feeling we wouldn't have been welcome, being honest."

Still, she listens quietly, curious enough. "I'll make sure I remember those names. Hopefully. Most of them."

Shaking her head, she tries to join in changing the subject. "I didn't no. Sorry." She shifts, then asks, "You know if you want to maybe talk to Cecelia, music would be a good point to start? Do you know any of the music she sings?"
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-24 20:11:45 106549
"My arm? Mistral... yes." Rune shifts her shoulder forward, so she has enough room to move and rotate her arm at various angles. "It truly is fine. You did quite well with it, and I appreciate that!"

"And you're right... a bandit gang would not have been welcome. However, I'm left to wonder why one formed at all; they're typically extremely rare and short-lived; once a century or less, is my understanding." Rune's head tilts down again as she ponders that, starting to realize some things aren't quite right; what she presumed was the full truth is not quite meshing with things Cecelia and Mistral have told her. Some of the contradictions they introduce can be reconciled or explained away, but others are now taking root in the princess' mind as questions begin to form and she begins planning a few letters to send home in order to ask about this.

Mistral brings her back to the present moment with a good question, however. Rune's gaze perks up, facing her again. "I don't recognize her music, but the style isn't entirely unfamiliar. You may be right; perhaps I can try asking a little about it... though I fear she may get angry when I do not know much about the music and lyrics she favors. She seems ready to take the worst possible interpretation of anything I say."
Mistral Durand 2019-08-24 20:19:38 106550
Mistral Durand considers her next words, then says bluntly, "Just from our talks, while it's not intentional, you clearly don't know what's going on further out in your lands. You acted surprised just now, that a violent criminal living on the fringes wouldn't know about a celebration in the capital." She then holds her hands up and adds quickly, "Not... to be mean, just honest there. I get where she's coming from, even if I disagree." She gestures to herself, "The first thing she told me was that I should be home protecting others. I firmly believe if nothing else, learning medicine here will save more lives than anything though. Even if it's long term. She's blinded by something."

"I'll try to-" she pauses, then actually smiles for once. "Write to the village I tried to help. I'm sure they'd be happy to share some music? Maybe talk to you about how it's like that far out too?"
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-24 20:27:20 106551
Rune winces, feeling a bit stung even if Mistral's critique is accurate and was delivered relatively politely. "I'm trying. I've had to learn all of this very quickly, and it seems some of my harshest political critics would prefer to see me dead for reasons I've yet to understand. But yes... if you think you know something from there that might help, please do; if music can be a starting point,"

She rises from the seat and nods to Mistral, having calmed down. "Then I'll try it. And thank you again for everything you have done so far, Mistral. It took tremendous care and dedication to come to Earth as you have."
Mistral Durand 2019-08-24 20:41:36 106552
Mistral Durand sighs and shakes her head, "I'm sorry if that was too... harsh Rune, but it's where she's coming from and it's better to know, than to guess, right?"

She stands up as the princess does, offering the ghost of a smile. "I'll see if I can send them a letter, maybe for the uh, lyrics? I guess it would be hard to ask for the music sheets like they have here. It's all by ear right?" Still, she stands there awkwardly after.
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-24 20:45:06 106553
"No, you're pointing out what you think is important. The Oath between us is one of friends, not an oblivious leader and an unquestioning follower. Regardless... yes, that sounds like a fine start."

Rune takes a few steps toward the door. "Thank you for looking into this, Mistral! I should be going soon, but you've given me a great deal to think about. Before I leave, I'll do the same for you."

A slight smile forms. "Your room, as you know, is in progress. However... you will be the one to decide upon its decorations and furnishings. You don't have to tell me, merely consider it for yourself... what will your room look like when it is completed?"
Mistral Durand 2019-08-24 21:32:25 106554
Mistral Durand nods and says softly, "Right, but it still might have been too blunt. Sorry." She brushes herself off. "I'll do my best though, to get the information we need. Maybe she can be helped right?"

The latter question gets a curious amount of consideration. She settles back on the bed and finally replies, "I'll have to think on it. I kind of want to go simple, but when there's so many neat things, it's tempting to go the other way too, you know?"
Runealy Waldia 2019-08-24 21:50:26 106555
"It was fine," Rune lets the critique and apology go at that, grabbing the door-handle. "You have plenty of time to think on it. It is, after all, your room and there is no deadline for your decision. I only want you to be happy with your new home, whether you go one way with it or a different one entirely!"

With an over-shoulder nod to Mistral, Rune opens the door and steps out. She closes it behind her, pacing off to her own room.

There are a few letters to home she needs to get started on. First and foremost, to let her father know about a possible problem in the lands that she wants information on. She will not be able to get answers from him yet, but her curiosity has been aroused.