Guardian Princess Runealy: Actions have Consequences!?

Runealy gives Hinote a full dressing down when he drains a Puella Magi...exactly one of two things Runealy forbids her knights to do. Hino claims he doesn't remember. Runealys interaction with the Lost Logia Hino's been traveling around with proves more trouble than it's worth.

Date: 2015-09-14
Pose Count: 21
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-14 22:05:47 9619
Up all night. That's what Hinote was. He was sad. Depressed. He spent all night in a chair by Runealy's bed. The Lost Logia, and his Guardian Relic are currently on the counter. This is a noticeable change in demeanor--- Hinote was, by all counts, usually chipper---even if things were bad. Trying his hardest to reassure everyone when he could.

Right now he just had bags under his eyes and he's more or less cried himself out to the point he simple can't right this moment.

He was merely waiting for Runealy to wake up. He already supposedly knew how this was going to go in his head. It's why he left his relic on the counter.

Runealy gave them exactly two rules, and he broke one of them.

He doesn't remember doing it. But he did it. He doesn't understand why. He keeps running it through his head, but he keeps coming up blank... like a VCR on constant rewind...

Homura hops to a rooftop. He sees her. He goes to wave hi...... then he suddenly jolts from being kicked backwards by Tuxedo Kamen. And Runealy is there....yelling at him...demanding to know why in a panic... and his sword is shattered in the middle.

It doesn't make sense.

He's waiting for Runealy to wake up right now, and mostly thankful that she stopped... smoking. From whatever it is she tried to do.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-14 22:15:01 9620
Runealy has been unconscious all night, ever since her attempt to improvise a means to return Homura's stolen energy to her was only half successful (and the rest wasted when Rune doubled over, choking and coughing followed by purple-black mist emitting from her, which at least has stopped as Hinote noticed). For some of it, she was in relatively peaceful 'oblivion', no thoughts, just the empty black of sleep.

For the rest of it, she was in a nightmare that has suddenly ended with her jolting up and asking "Ah!?", then... lowering her head as she realizes all her nightmare's problems are still true in the real world, /and/ there's another set of problems at hand. After a few sharp breaths, she looks over and sees... Hinote.

She's not sure what to say at first, and part of her just wants to sag back under her scrap-improvised 'blanket', the proverbial sticking of head in the sand to ignore the issue. Yet she knows that won't work here, that things will get much worse very soon if not addressed. So she speaks up in a tired, quiet voice. "What happened?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-14 22:35:19 9621
Hinote Kagari jumps when he hears 'Ah!?' It causes his heart rate to quicken. Which also wakes him up some. He glances side long to Runealy, and then looks back dead ahead. "I...don't know." he says tiredly. He sort of also wants to curl up. "I went out with... the Lost Logia, to see if I couldn't find someone to drain...." he says.

"I saw that Puella Magi. I went to call out at her..." he says.

"....and then the next thing I remember after that is being kicked by Tuxedo Kamen and... I don't... even know." he says. "I...spent all. Last night. Trying to remember.. anything. And that's just. That's all I can remember." he says.

He looks down. "I...I'll understand. If you just want me to leave and not come back." he says, starting to sound like he might start crying again, but he takes a deep breath. "I can't.. I can't prove that I did that or not." he says.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-14 23:01:59 9624
Runealy sits silently at first, eyes wide as she tries to take in what Hinote has to offer in explanation. She tries to make it 'reconcile' with her own understanding of events, to see if this now makes any sense.

It doesn't.

"Tell you to leave, huh? I could... but then what? Do you think any of them, out there, would care?" Runealy has at least managed to piece together how this /looks/, even if she's missing major details. "We can't stay here much longer. If they see you... we just tried to kill her, they're not going to be interested in 'I cannot remember.' If they see me? Do you really think they are going to care about 'that was against my orders, we have done everything we could to protect Puella Magi'? That's going to sound ridiculous. It doesn't matter now."

Her head lowers. "Some people already wanted to kill us for what we're doing. Now they have all the reason they need, and then some. They'd still do it even if I told you to get out of my sight. So we're just going to have to make one last push to get the last bits of energy we can, then we have to go home." She sighs and adds, "You're still coming with us, I'm not leaving you to get ripped apart by them. We've just got our backs to the wall now, we're about out of time because of this."
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-14 23:22:43 9628
Hinote Kagari looks down. "What did you see? I can't..." he looks down.

"Why would you even trust me after this!?" he asks suddenly. He places his hands over his face as he closes his eyes. He's exhausted. He's emotional. This isn't really how Runealy knows how Hinote is.

Then he pauses. "W..What happened to you last night? I.. you were. smoking? I don't. Even know what happened then. Was that me? di.. did I do that to you!?" he asks.

Runealy can see Hinote begining to dig his fingernails into his face in frustration, though he isn't breaking skin.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-14 23:33:05 9629
"What I saw doesn't make any sense," Rune answers, voice and head low. "I heard... something like someone hit wood from really far out," she has no other frame of reference for explaining how gunshots sound from far away, and the comparison has obvious flaws. "And then a red light in the sky. When I tracked it to that roof, I saw you standing over her... using..." A chill comes over her as she replays the events in her mind, tears rolling, "I saw you using one of our Barrier Shrine's crystals on her, on a Puella Magi. She almost died from it! I managed to give some of it back, but the rest is gone and... that's how it's going to look to people. That we know about her problems, and we tried to... to outright murder her for our own needs!"

"So no, they didn't do that to me, but it wouldn't matter if they did at this point. Now they have all the reason they need to come down as hard as possible on us, and we're going to have to hope we have enough energy to save our world. I don't know if I trust you or not, but," Her head shakes repeatedly, "I'm not just throwing you away. It wouldn't do any good! It's not like I can hand you over to them and they'll say 'oh, okay, carry on with what you were doing before you crossed the line.' It's just..."

She turns to prop her head against the bed, crying harder. "How did this happen!? You know what they look like, how to identify them, and why we do not hurt Puella Magi! You don't have any answers for it, anything to go on at all for why you'd do that!?" An already awful situation turns worse as she envisions just how eager Tokyo's defenders will be to finish them off, once and for all, after this. It would be hard to blame them, with what just happened.
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-15 00:12:37 9636
Hinote Kagari listens to Runealy's descriptions of events.... she was in the area?... and she saw a bright red light? She heard what sounded like wood hit really far away? He tries to piece together some of this. He went to wave to a Puella Magi. He drained that Puella Magi. He doesn't know ANYTHING between those two points.

He takes Runealy's information and tries to...make it fit.

His Sword was shattered. Why was that? Did the Puella Magi break it?......

He seems to be trying to make it fit together somehow.

But then there's a troubling thought.

Runealy's just... keeping her promise because they just don't wanna let... that guy who screwed everything up die like a chump. What kind of life would that be over there?... The Princess making excuses not to talk to him.... Gao keeping his distance. Maybe Sol will occasionally give him a nod.

Yeah that's just... like he dreamed, he thinks sarcastically. Why would be attack a Puella Magi...why would...he break only one of literarly two rules The Princess gave... No Puella Magis! It's not like they were a threat, right....?


Something stings deep inside him. "Ah!?." he sort of grabs at his head again.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-15 00:14:42 9637
Runealy is no stranger to sudden, sharp noises. Especially ones caused by a lot of thinking, or a dream, or a sudden realization. Them being followed by clutching one's head is a little new to her, though. "Huh? Hinote, are you... well, 'okay' might not be the word for it, but...?" She's concerned all the same. "Do I need to call for the healers?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-15 00:21:39 9640
Hinote Kagari nergs..."Runealy...was...was there anyone else there...?" he asks. "Last night...?" he asks worriedly as he wraps his arms around himself. Maybe now he's going crazy. Yeah. Maybe he just needs sleep...?
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-15 00:23:42 9641
"I don't know if I saw everyone," Rune notes. "I arrived after whatever happened was basically over. I heard that noise, saw a red light, then you and her... then myself and Tuxedo Kamen. That's everyone I saw. I do know one thing, though."

She looks up from her pillow, still crying softly, "You're done 'hunting.' Leave any other Shrine crystals you have here, same with the battery you found. The only reason you should be transforming is to protect yourself. Got it?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-15 00:41:16 9644
Hinote Kagari just looks down and stares at the floor....

"Alright..." he says silently. He places his feet on the ground and walks over to the counter picks up the braclet, and places it back into his pocket.....

And then he picks up the battery.

"...why did you change your mind about the battery?" he asks, not wanting to turn around or make eye contact. "Guess if it kills someone...might aswell be me... I guess...right?" he asks. Yeah that's a dour mood.

Also, Runealy did not actually just say anything about the battery besides telling him to leave it there.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-15 00:46:46 9647
Part of having your bed in the drink cooler is the glass doors let you see through to the counter. Rune can see Hinote grabbing the battery - she's not sure if he's just checking it out or planning to take it. Nonetheless, this is enough to get her out of bed and jogging over to the countertop area, eyes wide. "Why does it have to kill someone? Why do you want anyone to die!? Have you ever seen...? No... probably not. I /hope/ you never see what that's like!"

She's frantic, words marked by tiny gasps as she starts crying much harder. "It's the worst thing. The absolute worst. Seeing someone dead is... that's it. You can't take that back. You can't fix it. You can't apologize for it. There is absolutely nothing that makes it okay or 'if it had to be someone, it may as well have been so-and-so'... don't ever talk like that, ever! They're gone forever, they won't talk to anyone ever again, their friends just get to look and ask 'why' and there's never a good answer. So you leave that thing here and you /stop/! Don't talk like that, stop looking for death, stop hunting, stop stop stop STOP! Just stop!"

Toward this end, she is physically trying to take Rising Crash away into her own hands.
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-15 01:00:04 9649
Hinote Kagari seems... very confused. "You just...told take it....because you said it was a threat....." he blinks. He lets it go...because...the tirade confuses him...concerns him..."I...I don't..want anybody to die!? but...I...I just..." What the hell is going on!? Was it what he said? Hinote isn't just...feeling really good about himself right now. He feeling expendable. It's a bad way to feel for sure.

But now Runealy's holding onto it.

YoU CAn'T Trust HIm. He'll enDanger HOME. kill the threat.

It sounds weird and spindly and robotic and into your head.

It also begins charging.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-15 01:03:49 9651
"No, I said to leave it here! Give it!" Runealy snatches it away, wanting to be absolutely sure Hinote goes on no further 'adventures' ending in him standing over a near-dead person with no recollection of how it happened. If that means depriving him of a powerful tool, so be i--

It suggests she kill her sworn friend. This is actually a pretty easy demand to resist, but that the idea is popping up in her head unbidden, solely from her touching this thing, gives her a very real scare and a clue as to what's going on. She flings it toward the back wall, startled! "Did that thing just talk into my mind!?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-15 01:24:08 9660
Runealy manages to a be a little more willful than Hinote and not fall prey to some sort of psuedomind control. Then again, he was effectivly being told to kill a 'nobody' to him. Rune was being told to kill someone important to her. That's probably enough to resist it. It's probably good she threw it.... she heard the first two words of the same sentence. But in her mother's voice.

The thing apparently knows how to play dirty. But she isn't holding it anymore and it's way over there across the room now, so she's no longer experincing it's effects! It's also stopped charging.

Hinote blinks. "I didn't hear anything?..." he answers quietly. Only Runealy heard that one. He kind of looks down.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-15 01:26:30 9661
"My mo-- that thing," Runealy begins shaking her head over and over, some of her words being cut off by sobbing gasps, "Told me! T-- to ju-- to ki--! Kill... you...! We're getting rid of it!" That's a very sudden decision. "Whatever energy it would help us put into the Barrier isn't worth it, not if it's doing that! I'll find someone who can help us just... make it /gone!/" That's not quite a grammatically coherent remark, but those are the words coming to her right now.
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-15 01:47:31 9667
Hinote Kagari blinks..."it talked.....?" he looks down. Did this to him? Did it make him forget...whatever he did? His head is hurting still now. "I..." he makes sure he's watching Runealy's lips are moving this time because right now he doesn't even know if he can trust his own head to hear the right words. When he's certain this is what Runealy is actually saying he looks around.....

He. Really doesn't want to touch that thing. Not if it's making Runealy hear things. Not if it's responsible for last night.

He walks into the back room and finds the thickest cardboard box he can. He finds a sturdy one. Then he walks to where the linens for the futons are kept. "I...I'll replace these..." he says as he begins to place them into the box. He then uses Linens to pick up this thing. He doesn't want to touch this now. Luckily...the cloths seem to be enough of a barrier for him to place it into the box with linens acting as a barrier.

This is most certainly how to contain a powerful possibly corrupting artifact. He begins to walk for the exit...but he pauses.

"..... I'm sorry Runealy...." is all he says before leaving. Even when you remove the whole....Puella Magi thing... he still captured this thing and brought it here.... He's still kinda at fault.

"....please call me..... when you feel like you can...." he says.

And then he's off.

...he really has no idea what to do with this. Maybe... Maybe someone else has an idea...
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-15 01:51:56 9669
"It talked, right into my head and it sounded like her and it was telling me to just kill you right here and now!" Runealy is near-shrieking this explanation, but tones her voice down just a little as she follows Hinote. "What are you thinking about laundry for, right now?!" That turns out to not actually be his goal.

So she keeps following. "What, you think I'm letting you just run off alone with something that dangerous, when everyone in Tokyo is probably out to make absolutely certain we never hurt anyone ever again!? I know someone we might be able to take it to. No guarantees, but he's a better chance than anyone else I can think of."
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-15 01:54:49 9671
Hinote Kagari looks at Runealy...."I... just tell me. who to take it to. I'll take it there." he says.

"Or we can go now..." he says. Hinote is just kind of trying to avoid eye contact right now. He just... he just wants this over. He wants this thing gone.....

He's kinda wishing he was dead right now.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-15 01:58:05 9672
Conversely, the alien princess stays with Hinote because she's wishing nobody else will die right now. She's scared and hurt, but is finally able to piece together what happened last night and now she has the same motive she ascribes to Tokyo's defenders... if with a less vicious bent than she - perhaps unfairly - presumes of them. "We're going together. It's a guess, but it's the best guess I've got... Tuxedo Kamen saw as much of what happened as I did. I'm hoping if we go to where he lives, he'll know some way to dispose of this thing. Because otherwise, I'm taking it outside of Tokyo and hitting it until it breaks."
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-15 02:00:48 9675
Hinote Kagari looks down...."Kamen....okay." he says. He lets Runealy lead the way because. Well.

He doesn't know how to find Tuxedo Kamen aside from 'get lucky at night on rooftops'.