Seeking Prey, Seeking Crystals

Park patrols turn into a complex three-way encounter with consequences nobody expected.

Date: 2015-09-17
Pose Count: 21
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-17 06:46:42 9766
Runealy's behavior must seem erratic to Tokyo's magical protectors. She will defend a hospital, then go find innocent people to hurt. She will help defeat Witches, then go find innocent people to hurt. She disposes of a powerful 'mana battery' that tempts its users into being raving killers, and now a few days after that she is wandering the park in full magical attire, in broad daylight, looking for innocent people to hurt.

The problem is she cannot just attack anyone. The average citizen of Tokyo just doesn't seem to yield much magical energy. Others have had success with that, but the alien princess and her knights have gotten so little magic from this that they quickly decided it was /needlessly/ cruel (as opposed to just 'cruel but necessary') to try. She has to hope she finds someone with real power, or can lure them into an ambush.

Today she is simply patrolling after school, looking for trouble as she paces through the park. Rune steers clear of most people, and so there aren't many folks around her right now.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-09-17 07:02:44 9767
    The alien Princess is not the only one out on patrol, and doing so in broad daylight can bring attention of the unwanted kind. Or maybe it's just the opposite, with the red and white dressed figure hoping to draw out someone foolish enough to challenge her. If that's the case, it works.

    High up in the sky is Helix, who has seen Runealy fight once before when they both, among others, made their way through a magical maze. It was a fateful night they would both likely remember, though the Princess' might find the shield bearing Device user hard to remember when an enraged Miss White using her latest creation went after her with deadly intent.

    That wasn't Helix' interest, however. Her interest was in something in Runealy's possession that she'd shown off on many occasions and the new Eclpise member had heard about only in memos and by word of mouth- the crystals the Princess used to drain energy from Tokyo's magical protectors. So when she catches sight of the pink haired royalty she puts on a bright smile, "Ohh, it's just my lucky day!"

    She comes crashing out of the sky like a meteor, dropping down vertically hundreds of feet only to slam into the ground ten meters or so in front of the Princess, kicking up a large cloud of dust(which is quickly dissipated a moment later by magic!) along with a loud crash. The cyan haired girl lifts a shield-bearing arm and gives a little wrist wave along with a bright smile. "Hi there!"

    Her demeanor is anything but threatening, even if her actions are- her stance is loose and casual and her voice cheerful, "I'm Helix. You might remember me from a while ago. Maybe not- doesn't matter. The point is I think we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. You see I have something you want-"

    She turns her hand facing upward and a ball of pure green mana appears above it.

    Her hand closes and it disappears, "And you have something I want- the means to take it from me. So how's about we have a little contest and see which of us wants it more?"
Amu Hinamori 2015-09-17 07:07:43 9768
    Runealy's behavior certainly seems erratic to Amu Hinamori! Although it's that last one that sort of got her attention. Being kinda-sorta-maybe-in-the-Guardians means that news kinda tends to float her way, and inbetween the usual stuff like lessons, cleansing x-eggs and fawning over taI MEAN WHAT, she's sorta kinda heard about that Runealy thing.

    Probably in the context of 'this was awful and horrible and it's really bad and bad things are probably going to happen to Runealy now and for the love of Batman stay away from her Amu, Amu are you listening to me, Ran are you listening to me Ran put that crayon down.

    So, naturally, this means she's going to go and find Runealy, because chyeah.

    Generally speaking, after school, you want to go home and get a snack, or at least get a snack. This is of course not the proper way to get a snack! Bad. No biscuit.

    Amu wasn't really looking for trouble, as such. But well, she knows what Runealy looks like, and she knows places that she might in theory go, and -oh dear that's something falling out of the sky. Or someone.

    She's kind of late to the party! So, wearing a heart-shaped hairclip, she dashes over to the site of the falling object which hopefully someone will just think is blue ice from a passing plane...


    Amu peeks out from behind a tree when she gets close enough.

    "H-hey! What's going on over here? Hey, princess, that's you, isn't it? I need to talk to you!"
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-17 07:17:03 9769

"Hn?" An alarmed, curious noise from Runealy as she notices a flash of movement from above her, jumping backward from the impact site just before Euphemia lands - not that a direct hit seemed to be the intention to begin with, but she didn't want to be anywhere near that in the first place.

Euphemia nets a wide-eyed stare; Runealy is clearly worried by this. "I remember you, but... a contest? You shouldn't be treating this like a game. People get hurt because of all this. Because I'm hurting them. And a few days ago, someone almost died because of it! And... mm?"

She's interrupted by Amu calling out to her. The princess perhaps misinterprets Amu's intentions and words, as her head lowers. "Two against one. Guess the people of Tokyo are getting serious about stopping me, and you should be. ...Okay." She reaches into her dress' bow, pulling out a black and purple crystal with jagged edges protruding at random from it. It's smashed against the side of her neck, drawing a hurt scream as the crystal turns to dark mist seeping in to Runealy.

Her eyes are covered by a yellow glow, and her wand's orb tip has changed colors to match the dark-crystal that was just used... though there is a notable difference this time: The orb /shrinks./ This is in clear contrast to previous incidents where her attacks have gotten larger. Regardless, Runealy seems to think she has obtained an advantage and begins sprinting at a wide arcing path around Helix, heading toward a set of trees. A pair of dark-orbs are launched from the princess' wand, aiming for direct hits!
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-09-17 07:39:12 9770
    "Don't worry! This is no game- I'm completely serious. You need my energy right? And I want what you have." Even so Helix laughs, "But if something can't be done while having fun you probably shouldn't bother doing it in the first place."

    Her gaze goes over towards some trees as someone she doesn't recognize calls out to Runealy. "Backup..?" she mutters a little, seeming to have the same idea about Amu as the Princess does. "That's fine- one more member of the Pink Hair Brigade doesn't make a difference. After all, I have help too! Don't I Bulwark?"

    <Why of course, Master. I am forever at your side.> comes the mechanize Southern Belle voice of Bulwark, Helix' Intelligent Device.

    Then that black crystal appears and is pressed into Runealy's neck. The cyan haired girl laughs again, "Ohh, desperate for extra power so soon, huh? I guess I am pretty imposing."

    Says the girl a full five inchess shorter than the person she speaks to. Maybe the shields are? ...just a bit?

    The orbs are fired off at her and immediately Helix is doging, though her path is predictable when someone knows she flies- up and away. The first misses her low as she evades, but the second is on target, forcing her to hold her hand out towards it, "Round Shield!"

    <Round Shield.> replies Bulwark, the pair working in concert to create a relatively powerful circular barrier, visible as a glowing green Midchildan Circle, interposing it in front of the orb and catching it.

    She's expecting at least some if the powerful Princess' powered up assault to crash through and splash into her Barrier Jacket, but though it does manage to shatter the shield the defensive spell seems to have done it's job fully. "Huh. Guess I'm just that good!"

    Now ten or so feet in the air she aims the short points of her right shield at Runealy, and with an announcement of <Terra Bullet> several simple, relatively weak blasts of energy begin firing out, shooting straight rather than homing, but forcing her to keep on the move unless she wants to get peppered.

    More importantly Bulwark also announces <Terra Rocket>, and three larger, more dangerous spheres of green energy appear around her before shooting out, these flying ahead of the Princess' dodging and trying to hit her and explode in a pincer attack with the 'bullets'.

    Amu is, for the moment, not attacked, though as the cyan haired girl in green and gray attacks it's very indiscriminant- damaging trees and tearing up the grounds. She's probably in danger just being here- along with every other civilian in the park.
Amu Hinamori 2015-09-17 07:44:18 9771
"Hey no! Don't do that again! No!" Amu shouts out, as Runealy goes /straight/ for the crystal. "Stop stop stop!"

    But she's probably saying that /as/ it's happening, but perhaps the fact that Amu's just in sheer /panic mode/ might get through to her? She's running towards Runealy, as well!

    Once again, the girl is just going right into the thick of things without even transforming.

    "You probably should-" Miki says, clinging to her shoulder as she runs at high speed. Miki is the smart one after all, even if in this case 'smart' means 'basic common sense'. But we're dealing with AMUUUU JENKINS.

    Who just hasn't quite gotten it into her head yet how much danger she's in, but if nothing else she is /essentially correct/- transforming in any way would just feed into Runealy's immediate and paranoid panic reaction.

    The thing is, she hasn't accounted for Euphemia- and that means she's going to have to ALSO be dodging those Terra Bullets as she goe RIGHT into the crossfire. As she does so, Amu is quite frankly disgusted by how indiscriminate the latter is being!

    The paranoia issue is why she's trying to cling to Runealy's side and grab that wand, doing her best to force it until it's pointing at the floor!

    But if Terra Bullet was a problem, what's she going to do against Terra Rocket---?


    When she smoke clears... there' Amulet Heart, holding up her pom-poms having deflected the attack. "Stop that!" she shouts at Helix, quite possibly grappling with Runealy as she does so! "Stop it right now! How dare you cause all of this mayhem?! You're not helping!" Then, "Princess, please! I'm not going to hurt you! I don't want to fight with /any/ of you!"
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-17 08:06:20 9773
"Will you SHUT, UP!?" Runealy snaps back to Helix, hurt and furious. "This isn't fun, I don't want to be doing any of this at all! What is wrong with you!?" She keeps running, boot wings lighting up with their silver glow to make a series of boosted leaps and mid-air jukes to avoid the beams, undeterred by the lack of any direct damage to Helix moments ago. She's more motivated by getting some distance from Amu, whose plea failed to convince Rune; the crystal was used all the same.

Amu, who is rushing her without the benefits of a transformation... and catching up to her when the princess lands, suddenly clutching her wand-holding wrist with her other hand, as if something hurt it... which is odd since she hasn't been hit yet.

It's an opening, however. Ones exploited as Helix takes aim at her while Amu is grabbing the princess' wand. Runealy interprets this as a bizarre show of self-destructive teamwork, one making it impossible for her to try to shoot down Helix's next volley. "Let go!" Not that she expects an 'enemy' to do so, even if that isn't quite what Amu is intending to be. When the blasts come in, Runealy is forced to stand her ground, wrapping herself - and possibly Amu due to being right next to the princess - in a red energy bubble.

The first blast smashes against Rune's shield, causing it to crack. The second one destroys it outright! She tries to yank her wand free and jump away from Amu, but isn't able to get moving in time before the last blast flies in, and...

...Is stopped by Amulet Heart. She watches the green orb go sailing off into the distance, but has little time to admire this. "You say that, but you're making this worse! If this fight stays here... just look around you!"

Her boot wings light up again, as Runealy tries to shoulder-ram Amulet Heart. This isn't meant to inflict massive damage. She's really just trying to get free of Amulet Heart's hold on her wand, so she can flee toward a jogging path that appears to be abandoned for the time being... perhaps its trees and exercise props will offer some respite from Helix. /If/ the princess can even get clear to head that way, as there's no guarantee her ramming tactic will work as hoped.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-09-17 08:18:27 9774
    "Well maybe you should consider then that you shouldn't be doing it at all~" responds Helix in a singsong voice as she's shouted at for, in her view, daring to have fun with fighting and magic.

    Amu rushes in and grabs for Runealy, and without even henshining! Helix is aware the girl has magic if only by the presence of Miki at her side, but Bulwark isn't registering her as an actual threat before she transforms, and Helix doesn't even know enough about Guardian Characters to realize Amu's magic might be similar to Ikuto's- considering what she's seen the catboy do when he bears his claws she'd be a lot more weary if she did.

    As it is her shooting kind of trails off for a moment as Amu reaches for the Princess' wand- her head tilting curiously, only for the Terra Rockets to shoot in and explode- though it seems the power behind them was reflected away from them both. "Nice shot, Bulwark!" she compliments, despite the lack of appreciable damage.

    Then suddenly -she's- the one being addressed by Amu...let heart. "Huh? Oh, right. You probably actually care about this place don't you? Yeah, yeah." And then the Princess' adds her voice to the bit about 'indiscriminant destruction'.

    A sweatdrop forms on the back of her head, and a moment later she's waving her arms in the air, "You're the one who shot at me first you... you brat! I saw you, didn't shoot you in the back when I had the chance, and even -introduced myself- properly! And I might even end up giving you something you need so don't act like -I'm- the one being irresponsible here!"

    Yes, we have a petulant child on our hands.

    With that she's done huffing, however, and she says in a softer voice, "Now if you had just given me the chance? Barrier!"

    A large green pyramid of energy suddenly springs up around the park- the whole thing. The sky turns green, and everything takes on a dull green-gray cast.

    "See? Now we can blow everything to pieces if we want and the 'real' ones won't be affected." She doesn't say it but it's also unnaturally quiet- all nonmagical people and animals are simply gone from the space.

    Then Princess Runeally tries to make a break for it, and the cyan haired girl raises higher into the air, following slowly after from a distance. "What do you say, does this make my 'offer' any better? No one gets hurt but you and me, and -one of us- gets something they want."

    She's not exactly giving her a chance to answer, however, as there's an announcement of <Cannon Mode> from Bulwark, the shields on Helix' arms twisting around so that the long points face forward, lifting up to reveal the barrels of twin cannons. "Well, -she- might get hurt if she keeps getting in the way," she comments about Amulet Heart.

    Her arms extend towards the Princess, and the barrels light up.

    <Magnum Boulder>

    They fire, and energy beams streak out at hypervelocity- far too fast to run away from and almost impossible to react to. That said Helix aim isn't perfect and they aren't homing. the first few shots are off the mark, exploding the ground to Runealy's left, and then her right. The ones after that are better on target however, as Helix attempts to -force- the Princess to deal with her- that kind of sustained fire is withering if left unchecked.

    The other girls might also find that these are far better at punching through magical barriers and shields than the previous attacks.

    "See? Isn't this -FUN-?!"
Amu Hinamori 2015-09-17 08:36:49 9775

    Wild RUNEALY fled!

    Well, she sure is running away. That's OK by Amu, running is good. Running is really good. In fact running away might be something that EVERYONE SHOULD BE DOING WHAT THE HECK HELIX GIRL.

    She wobbles on her feet for a moment, and then- well, ok, Runealy's going. But Helix is still here.

    Helix is still here, and she's


    She's in a barrier of some kind now, the 'real' world somehow separated. But that doesn't quite register on Amu's mind, because she's staring Helix down with a determined expression on her face- a kind of expression she's never worn before.

    Oh yes, Amu Hinamori is not in a good mood. She's facing down someone who- well, not even someone who isn't even willing to listen to her. This is someone who isn't even willing to ACKNOWLEDGE her. She's a footnote, a secondary presence, a wrinkle in her plan of thrashing around with Runealy.

    "I'm not gonna stand for this," Amu says, Amulet Heart's transformation disappearing for a moment. "I need-"

    "You need to draw a box around her and put her in a time-out," Miki says, hovering up next to her side.

    "My own heart: unlock!"

    This has never happened before. Amu's Humpty Lock shimmers with glittering energy, and she flips her fingers in a twisting motion around it. Miki flourishes and hops back inside her egg, which Amu then draws inside of herself- and the spiraling column of energy that surrounds her leaves her wearing striped socks, a neat ruffled top with long sleeves and a large blue hat...

    And a big paintbrush.

    "Chara nari: Amulet Spade!"

    "You're going to stop and listen to reason right now!" Amu calls to Helix, spinning her huge polearm-like brush as she follows behind. It creates a stream of multicoloured paint which, if it hits, will harden on impact!

    "Colourful Canvas!"
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-18 05:39:17 9796
Runealy continues her sprint toward the jogging path, looking over shoulder as Amulet Heart becomes... Amulet Spade? Rune's heart sinks, unsure how she's going to handle this new threat when she was already perceiving this as a two against one battle, even if Amu's primary 'attacks' were mostly distracting her relatively non-violently.

Then she sees Amulet Spade is going after Helix. Spotting this also lets her see Helix deploy weapon barrels, spotting that glow in time to start dodging /before/ the shots fly. While the first ones might have missed regardless, Runealy responds to them as potential hits anyway and her boot-wings light up again to launch her up and aside from them. The princess /starts/ to aim at Helix to return fire, but hesitates as Amulet Spade is moving in to close range; a hit with her wand orbs might splash Amu, and Runealy decides not to do that right now.

This leaves her to juke aside again in mid-air to avoid the next set of blasts from Helix, then finally... one of them catches her in the ribs, sending the princess landing in an uncontrolled spin, ending with Rune tripping to the ground!

She winces, starting to pick herself up. "Why are you going after her?" A shout in their general direction, it's unclear who she's asking this question to. "Aren't I the... gh!?"

Runealy begins feeling a ringing headache, one hand clutched to her forehead as her vision begins to blur. Breathing hastens as panic threatens to set in, though she's just barely managing to hold it down to a strong fear right now rather than freezing up.

While she can't see quite right, she /can/ see colors. Amulet Spade is mostly white and blue, Helix is mostly green and gray. Back on her feet now, the hurt princess aims at 'the green and gray blur'. Her wand lets loose with a thin black-purple ray, the sort of attack that can be used with discretion; a miss isn't likely to hit Amu, and a hit won't 'splash' her; Runealy is being careful to avoid... 'friendly fire', such as it is in this case.

Notably, while this attack is already pretty thin in its normal state... it seems to be a little bit smaller this time around, should Amu or Helix have witnessed it in prior fights.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-09-18 06:32:48 9798
    It's true that Helix is primarily focused on the Princess from 'Europe' while treating Amulet Heart as a secondary threat or nuisance- especially since the most she's actually done is block a couple of her attacks. Not such an issue when she can switch to an attack that blocking in that manner is ill advised at best.

    Luckily for Runealy she figures out the best way to defend against the assault immediately- active defensive maneuvering, forcing the Device user to continually shift her aim, keeping her out of harms way. Even this isn't the best plan however, as cannons are able to fire near continuously in a steady stream of shots. The entire purpose of the attack is to force people to turn their attention to Bulwark's user and this time it works as intended.

    Amu's detransformation is noticed and Helix briefly wonders if she's giving up, only for her to change into an entirely new form before her eyes. "...that's probably not a good thing for me is it?" she mutters to herself. Suddenly paint- paint everywhere, splattering all over Helix. Bulwark throws up a Round Shield to protect, but there ends up being just too much of it- especially when Helix is using her Device's offensive mode.

    "Uwaaaah!" she cries out, paint splashing all over her even as she zigs and zags in the air to try to avoid it, her cannons not just silenced for suddenly being unable to aim but clogged up with paint itself.

    Right about then Runealy's beam attack shoots in, blasting into Helix' Barrier Jacket directly while she's locked down, which garners another cry of surprise and pain from the girl. The spell isn't as strong as normal and the shield bearing device user does have an abnormally thick Barrier Jacket, but it's still more than enough to hurt when it can't be defended against, and along with the inhibiting paint it has the effect of knocking Helix right out of the sky, the girl crashing into the ground in a much less graceful way than before.

    She struggles up to her feet and gives Amu, now Amulet Spade, a bit of a glare. "You won't stand for what? Stopping a fair fight between two people who have good reason for it?" For some reason she doesn't seem -too- concerned about the paint, and the reason for that becomes obvious when a larger version of that same Midchildan Circle appears beneath her, green magic flaring up around her, "Dispel!"


    All at once the paint glows green and disintegrates, freeing her up again. "That was a nice trick, but-" She starts taking aim at Runealy once more-- only to be splattered a second time with paint. "Wh- s-stop that!" she shouts indignantly. "Dispel!"


    More magic to once more remove the paint from her, and this time she immediately switches tactics when Amulet Spade proves capable enough of repeating the same tactic. "Bulwark, Hybrid Mode!" <Hybrid Mode> The left cannons retracts, reverting back to the primary form of a kite shield covers her entire left arm from hand to shoulder, and she takes to the air again. More paint comes in and she takes to the air again, though this time she has a much better solution available to her. "Terra Guard."

    A bubble of green energy forms and surrounds her fully, the paint splattering onto it and causing the magic barrier to flare- though it seems to hold up. Depending on the nature of Amulet Spade's attack it might leave a streak of paint along the outside of the shield, giving her the chance to encase her, if not harm her, if she wants to take the time to do it.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-09-18 06:32:55 9799
    For all that, though, Helix seems mostly unharmed- if significantly more tired than she was before. "Okay, fine. I get it, you're not happy with me. But this really has nothing to do with you. What do you want and why are you interfering?" She then looks over to the Princess, assuming she hasn't taken this chance to simply run the heck away. "And you... I don't get it. You're out in the open with magic at the ready. Isn't this what you wanted? And here I thought I was being as helpful as I was aggressive." She closes her eyes and shakes her head, shrugging as she floats there behind her magical shield, no longer attacking.
Amu Hinamori 2015-09-18 06:44:46 9800
Amulet Heart is indeed now Amulet Spade!

    She didn't want to do this, in her heart. She knows that Miki's power- the creative, intelligent would-be-self- is the kind of power she should be using to protect people from X-Chara and to heal her wayward peers so that they don't lose hope. Instead, she has to fight close and hard with another magical girl, embroiled deep in a situation which is dangerous and out of her depth.

    She manages to get lucky- she wasn't necessarily aiming for the cannon, because truth be told she's never /fought/ anyone with such a cannon and she didn't know that she should shove paint right down the tubes to stop it from firing- but she manages it nonetheless. Of course, the immediate followup is that Runealy's attacks connect.

    And Amu knows what that means- it's going to continue this pointless cycle of Euphemia thinking that her and Runealy are double-teaming her, and Runealy wondering if Amu and Euphemia are both trying to fight /her/, and Amu just wondering what on earth it's going to take to get this nonsense to /end/.

    And Runealy is getting worse. Amu can feel it- she's swaying like a drunkard and withering like a neglected potted plant.

    And so she has no choice- but to keep on flinging. She feels as if she doesn't even want to give Helix the benefit of talking back to her until she's not fighting mad, and so for a brief period of time there's this short tete-a-tete of Amu slinging paint and Euphemia dispelling it, until the latter changes her tactic.

    Fortunately, this tactic is 'protect herself', and that's fine by Amu.

    She glances back- did Runealy fall? When? -and so she plants her paintbrush in the ground and moves over to the princess. Look, she thinks to herself, I'm unarmed, you know what this means.

    "There's no good reason," she finally says in response, "For the two of you to be fighting one another." Does Runealy need helping up?

    "Don't," she almost snaps, "Tell me that this has nothing to do with me. Not when you go picking fights in my home with people like her who, who..."

    "Princess, please," she says, and this close Runealy can tell that she practically has tears in her eyes. "You have to stop this. You need help. I've been hearing all of these strange things, and, and I-" she sucks in a breath. "You need to tell me what's happening. I won't take no for an answer! I want to help you, I want to stop all of this pointless fighting. You're hurt, you're sick, I can't stand to see all of this chaos happening but you-! You have to let me in! Please!"

    She snaps her head back at Euphemia. "There's no reason for all of this to be happening! Violence is /not/ the answer!"
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-18 06:55:28 9801
"'Fair'?" Runealy contests this assertion immediately, by insulting herself and shouting across the park field to do so. "It's not fair at all! I'm using my stupid crutch in order to stand up to you!" She takes aim to attack again, but stops to watch... gel? Paint? Slime? She can't tell precisely what it is from here, not with blurry vision, but it coming from a paintbrush and Amulet Spade talking of canvases suggests this is magically spawned paint. Paint that seems to be significantly slowing Helix down.

Helix's question causes her eyes to narrow, teeth grit. "Shut up. Just shut up, and quit acting like this is dignified! My friends and I have been hurting good people almost ever since we got here, but we know exactly what we're doing. There's nothing 'fair' or right about this, we're only doing it because we have to. Stop trying to turn this into some stupid contest with prizes on the line! If you're going to fight me, do it for a good reason! Do it because I'm a monster who makes Tokyo less safe, not because you're looking for something to gain. What you're doing right now is spitting on Sailor Moon and Amulet Spade and the Cures and Puella Magi and everyone else who actually cares about whether people here are protected and happy!"

Runealy takes aim once more, planning to try a barrage to just smash through Helix's barrier... when Amulet Spade wanders into the line of fire. That's enough to prevent any immediate shots; Rune tries to move to aim around her, but winces and clutches her wand-holding wrist again with her free hand.

By the time she gets over this sudden spasm of pain, even her messed up vision can see something isn't quite right with Amulet Spade's expression. "Whatever you've been hearing is probably true, but I can't stop! We're close to having what we need, and if I give up now it's all going to be a waste! We need energy, as much as we can get, and that's the only help we need! We're going home soon, but until then... 'hurt', 'sick', you say. That's... that's okay. So long as I don't completely fall apart, we can fix everything. I'll hold up until then! I...!"

Runealy begins coughing, which is an odd noise as it's mixed with crying of her own.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-09-18 07:17:17 9802
    Helix continues to stay there in the air- though only five or so feet off the ground, surrounded by her energy bubble. She looks at Runealy with narrowed eyes for a moment, "Your 'crutch' doesn't seem to be doing you much good. I have to say I'm pretty unimpressed; you should have the advantage over me while using it but you obviously don't. I think you need to start looking into a new one."

    She's quick to notice that Amulet Spade stops flinging paint at her when she stops attacking, and all the words about the horror of violence just has her rolling her eyes. "This isn't mindless violence, I'm here for a reason. So I forgot the barrier before the fighting started, big deal, it won't happen again. That doesn't mean I'm here to blow up your stupid city. If I was I would have done it already."

    By this point the two are probably noticing something is very odd about the girl- for a jerk who fell out of the sky and started making demands she seems to care quite a bit what the people she's fighting think about her. When Runealy shouts back at her through gritted teeth her own jaw clenches, the girl getting visibly upset. "What! All that coming from someone who goes around hurting people? Listen missy, you're the -last- person who should be telling me what's right and wrong. Are you so caught up in your own stupid morals that you'd actually turn down the chance to fight me and take my energy because -my- reasons aren't pure?"

    Her hands clench into fists and she closes her eyes and for a moment it looks like she might be about to snap and start shooting again, this time out of anger. Instead, however she opens them again and merely sends a sharp blue eyed glare are the Princess. "If you'd sacrifice your goals over something like that you're just like 'them'!"
Amu Hinamori 2015-09-18 07:35:26 9803
Amulet Spade turns chibi.

    This is a reaction that only happens in the most severe of circumstances. Witness as Amu immediately becomes something more akin to a child's drawing, with no depth of shading, arms which are more like rectangles with circles on the end, and big thick > < signs for her two eyes.

    "Mooooouuuuu! That's it! That's it, that's it, that's it! I've had it! I've had enough! Enough! Enough!"

    She shouts all of this while pressed right up to the front of the tv screen, arms flailing like windmills. Miki and Ran slide in from the corner.

    "Well, now they've gone and done it."
    "She's lost her temper..."

    "You need to stop saying things like 'going home' and 'they' and them' and start using more definite articles!"

    Holding up a school textbook. "Instead of 'I am going home', you say 'I am going to my house on 32 drum street'! Instead of 'they', say 'the parent-teacher association'! This way, people understand you better and there is much less scope for misunderstanding due to vauge statements and confusing dialogue!"

    Pant, pant, pant. And she's back to being drawn normally.

    "Look. I don't know what's going on here. Both of you have done bad things and there are bad reasons and all kinds of angry and confusing stuff is flying all over the place. And I swear, someone around here has to be the responsible one, and I am going to fix my hat and it is going to be me because you are acting /so/ irresponsible."

    The hat has been adjusted.

    Amu points at Helix. "You! Do not go picking fights with people for no good reason! Now, you switch this forcefield off and leave the both of us alone and go back to your home and I want you to have a good long think about when it's appropriate to use your powers. You may want to consider things like 'when you are fighting against some big monster' or 'to protect your friends'. And you-"

    Whips around to look at Runealy. "Didn't your mother ever teach you that you shouldn't push yourself to go outside and exert yourself when you're feeling sick? You and I are going to sit down, we're going to get you some water to drink and a sandwich, and you are going to stop sticking dangerous sharp things in your neck and we are going to have a talk about energy draining and why you're doing it and what I can do to help you so you can get what you want to do, done and stop causing problems for other people."

    Armfold. Armfold, I say, from the spicy girl in the big hat.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-18 07:46:48 9804
"Who cares if... hhk!" Runealy is interrupted by a spasming cough, "If you're impressed!? I'm not here for you or what you think! If all you can say about Tokyo is it's 'stupid', then you're totally missing the point! I have nothing more to say to you!"

Amulet Spade's ranting cuts her off from saying more even if she wanted to, though. "What... are you... talking about...?" None of this makes much sense to her. A school lesson in the middle of a fight?

Then a chill slices through her as Amulet Spade speaks to her. It doesn't take long; a sharp gasp and narrowed eyes follow within the first few words. There is no 'poker face' here, Amu has hit a very real nerve. "She taught me a lot of things, and I'm having to ignore almost all of them because...!"

Coherent words give way to a raw, shrieking scream as the alien princess spins and begins to run away from the area. If the barrier persists, she begins launching wand orbs at it in the hopes of punching a hole through this, trying to flee from this whole situation.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-09-18 08:12:08 9805
    As Amulet Spade throws a sort of temper tantrum about not understanding Helix is content to float midair and watch. When the lecture gets pointed directly at her and she is ordered around, however, her expression changes. Her eyes narrow slightly and her eyebrows lower until their sharply pointed downward in the center of her face as a flush of anger and annoyance sets upon her cheeks.

    Her suddenly very bad mood is interrupted by the Princess taking Amulet Spade's advice even worse than she did, freaking out and starting to run away. Much as she's loath to do anything the paintbrush wielding magical girl wanted of her she lets the barrier drop as Runealy seeks escape. She does this for one reason alone: To spite any attempts that Amulet Spade might make to go after her.

    As the barrier falls the world visibly returns to normal, the sky regaining it's lustrous blue and the grass and trees a wonderful green. So too return the civilians.

    "I hope you've learned a valuable lesson," the cyan haired girl says to her, her focus now seeming to have completely shifted away from Runealy, "sometimes words can be even more harmful than violence."

    The barrier around her disappears, and she holds her arm out towards Amulet Spade's paintbrush, "Terra Guard!" All of a sudden another barrier pops up, this time surrounding the magical girls weapon, potentially leaving her with no means of fighting back.

    "Bulwark?" <Yes, Master?> "Lets show this girl what we think of people telling us what to do." <It would be my pleasure, Master! Terra Shot.>

    Two balls of green energy shoot out from behind Helix, streaking through the air and flying towards Amulet Spade- these being medium damage but high speed with strong homing ability, meant to catch even the speediest of targets. Meanwhile she holds her right arm forward, cannon still present there, and fires off a shot.

    <Magnum Boulder>
Amu Hinamori 2015-09-18 08:13:40 9806
    "Hey! Hey, wait! Princess, come back!"

    Amu apparently did something wrong, and she has no idea what, so all she can do is really chase after Runealy. Unfortunately, the problem with doing that is that you're not really paying attention to the person behind you.

    Subsequently, she's smashed clear in the back by Magnum Boulder, and she's down and out for the count.

    Someone'll find her later when the barrier disappears.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-18 08:24:06 9807
Runealy blinks as the barrier fades after just a few shots. It shouldn't have. Not completely. She's not that powerful. Regardless, if her /entire path/ out of the area is now open she is going to take it. Little immediate regard is given to the lingering sounds of a short-lived fight behind her; Rune wants out of here right now, her head a swirling haze of so many problems on so many levels.

And so, stumbling with each step, she runs and eventually gets clear of the park. Later, once out of transformation, she will notice people commenting that her eyes look glassy and kind of yellow-ish. They did not say that sort of thing before, even as little as half an hour after she used crystalized demon energy as her 'crutch.' Now they are, and that worries her.

Before she returns to her abandoned convenience store ' home' that evening, Runealy will end up making a detour to buy some sunglasses. They look ridiculous, but she will use them to try to cover up this change.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-09-18 08:38:37 9808
    Helix hasn't exactly lost interest in Runealy, but her focus has turned so fully on Amulet Spade that she lets the beleaguered Princess make her escape. She's preparing to follow up as her attacks land, only to see them appear to put Amulet Spade, now Amu, down for the count. She blinks a little in surprise only to let out a laugh, her mood suddenly vastly improved.

    "Wow, great job, Bulwark!" She starts flying over towards her, when her Device suddenly pipes up. <Master, I'm receiving message from headquarters. We're to return immediately.>

    "What? Right now? But we just won! Can't it wait five minutes?"

    <I'm sorry, Master, but the message does say to cease all ongoing operations.>

    With a heaving sigh the girl whines, "Fine, fine." Her head swivels to look off towards the Mitakihara skyscrapers in the distance, "If it's -that- urgent we're not flying."

    <Understood, Master.> Bright light starts welling up around her and with a final utterance of <Dimensional Transfer> both Bulwark and Helix are gone.