You WHAT!?

Scene 404 Not Found. Hinote finally calls Runealy out on odd behavior and manner of dress when she comes home with the most ridicolous sunglasses ever. He finds out what Runealy's been doing for power. No one leaves truly happy.

Date: 2015-09-23
Pose Count: 29
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 00:02:46 10219
Hinote Kagari has been spending more and more time in the abandoned store. He was doing his school homework today here, answering word problems. He began to wonder if he'd really do the math of 'two trains heading towards each other at various speeds, when do they meet!?' in Waldia. Maybe if they were horses.....

He just shakes his head. Scrrible scribble and done.

The pulls out an exact sheet of paper like it and begins again. This one is Runealy's paper. Runealy does not need to worry about homework right now, so Hinote is trying to help take as many 'burdens' as he can off the Princess right now and homework is one of those.

This isn't super hard for him to do.

He's also eating cookies. Because cookies are delicious. Not alterior motive there!
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 00:07:46 10220
It is perhaps a good question to ponder, and one in time Hinote will find an answer to when he visits his new home; they have some education, of course. It is perhaps not as widely standardized as Tokyo's, it might not be as vast, but the people are not specifically uneducated. Just... a few centuries behind in development, as they have not faced many of the same challenges and influences that prompted Earth society to make leaps and bounds.

As Hinote works, Rune steps in from the outside. She's using the front door, not too worried about being spotted now. If it happens, it happens; the urge to be too bothered about it at this point just isn't there in her heart.

With the lights - real electrical lights - on, it's easy for even her blurry vision to spot Hinote. "...Hey. Didn't realize you were still doing your studying here. It's fine if you are. And just as well, had something to tell you. I either did something really stupid, or we're minus one enemy."

She looks and sounds tired, but this is perhaps an improvement over 'constantly sobbing'.
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 00:14:14 10222
Hinote Kagari looks up and spins in the old stool he's sitting in at the counter towards the door. Oh. It's Runealy! He smiles. Hinote has mostly genuinely returned to his 'normal' mood he's had since Runealy has known him- hopeful, most confident and excited about silly things. It isn't fully there, but it's a good sign of confidence perhaps! "I um. I was making sure everyone's schoolwork is in order." he says. "Not studying. I'm just trying to get some stress off you guys by handling the mundane stuff." he says.

He listens though. "What did you do...? Did you meet with um. This Virtue?" he asks. "I wanna be there when you do. If you did already I guess...there's nothing I can do about it. Just. I know this hard. and you're worried." he says softly.

He motions Runealy over as he pulls a stool next to him. "Also sit down for a moment. I have cookies!" he insists.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 00:17:30 10223
"Everyone's? Wait... are you... doing... mine?" Rune looks confused. "If you are, I appreciate it but we probably shouldn't do that? I don't know. We'll figure out something."

She moves to join him, sitting down nearby. "No, not with Virtue. There was something I wanted to get out of the way first, meeting with the 'first hero'," the first person successfully ambushed, that is. "I offered to let her have her revenge on me, right then and there." She idly looks around for the aforementioned snacks while, in an oddly low and calm voice despite the topic, carries on: "Instead... I ended up telling her most of what's going on."
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 00:24:36 10225
Hinote Kagari pushes the package of cookies towards Runealy. They appear to be smaller chocolate chip cookies. Leave the Wand, Take the Cookie.

Hino listens, and as he bites off half a cookie he ponders over this. He looks confused.

"Wait, I thought Kamen-san was the the first one you dealt with?." he says thoughtfully. "And we already spoke to him." he says softly. He blinks softly.

"Who was that, Rune?" he asks. He thinks Sailor Moon. It'd make sense with the discussion they had with Mamoru and promising not to drain Sailor Moon some time ago....
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 00:47:22 10228
Rune looks a little 'absent' as she takes the treat, her mind elsewhere as she goes through the motions. "Thank you," she manages all the same, trying one. There's a bit of a flicker in her eye as she gauges how they taste, and seems to find them pretty well in this regard.

"One of the first, but not /the/ first. That would be White. You said I was worried, and I am, but that's putting it mildly... I'm scared out of my mind right now, and just trying to find things to do to distract me from it. So I called her out to Mitakihara General Hospital... near the edge of the parking lot, at night. Figured she wouldn't start a fight there, of all places."

A tiny nod at her own remarks follows. "She didn't. And didn't accept when I offered to let her just hit me until she was satisfied, either."
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 00:59:53 10231
Hinote Kagari puts the rest of the cookie into his mouth and chews when he listens to Runealy. Then Runealy says 'White'.

Hinote begins choking suddenly and reaches for the ramune he had over there and begins chugging and grabbing at his throat. He manages to stop choking to death on cookies 'going down the wrong pipe'. He makes sure he's okay before he says.

"You WHAT!?" he says. He doesn't yell out 'what' but there's more emphasis on it. "I...isn't she one of the ones you were afraid of finding out!? So I was I! Kamen is... Kamen is trustworthy. She.. she's...."

"I don't know" he says as he huffs.

"What did she say? Did she beat you up?" then he falls into a Waldia-ism for the first time. "By the barrier I'll make her pay if she hurt you somehow...." he says. He is jumping to conclusions.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 01:01:59 10232
Rune is jolted out of her funk, briefly, by Hino's coughing and sputtering. Eyes wide, she worries, "Are you okay? Do I need to call the healers? We..." He manages to get it down. That calms her down, though her gaze turns to the floor afterward. "She was, he is, and she didn't hit me. She wanted to, but said it wouldn't be fun if I just stood there taking it. Wanted a fight, a contest of strength, said I'd have fun venting by hitting her too."

Several headshakes follow. "I told her I wasn't like that, and that I was offering revenge or restitution. She wanted me to order all of us to be her 'secret weapon' for some power-play she's doing... I told her you are not tools or weapons, you're people, you're friends."

Rune has the demeanor of someone defending themselves at a trial, or at least a stern hearing with one's boss; careful and defensive and worried. "Eventually she wanted to know why all of this happened, and said she wouldn't tell others. I don't know... maybe I did something stupid, but... I told her. She said we're done. No more fighting with her."
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 01:24:05 10233
Hinote Kagari calms down fast, because he feels bad for blowing up like that. He places a hand on Runealy's back and pats a bit. "Relax. I.. I just." he sort of sighs. "I would had...done it. For the record. If you stuck with that. Just as long as she'd keep her end of the deal and there was no killing involved." he says.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to just...let that spill out." he says softly. He looks down. He just made Runealy feel really bad.

"I... see...." he says. "Fairy Tales and What we know of the time period that would be closer to Waldia here, Knights follow the words of thier Princess or Queen. They order them around. They bow thier head and they go... 'Yes, my leige' or 'Yes, Princess'. I'm thinking that, lots of people we've encountered think that's what it's like. You line us up and order us to attack Tokyo!" he says with a slight smile. "But it isn't like that." he says.

"Though if you wanna order me around a little, I'd do it." he insists with a playful tone, trying to get Runealy's mood up from this.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 01:33:20 10234
"I know you would, and that's all the more reason not to. She even said she'd make sure it was 'moral'... I still said no, because then we'd be stuck trying to make amends to whoever she picked out to use us against, and so on and so forth." Rune downs another cookie and concludes, "So I insisted she could pick restitution or revenge, but not 'using' you, one thing lead to another, and... apparently she wants to come with us now. Something about studying the Barrier and demons... don't think she'll get very far with it, but if that's her repayment for hurting her, she's welcome to try."

Hinote offers his thoughts on what life is like, who follows what authority. "Well, minus the head-lowering that's kind of how it does go. That happens. Even when I was a kid," Rune technically still is one, but good luck convincing a 14 year old to accept that label, "it was 'yes your highness', 'yes, princess'. That's just how things are. Sometimes they'd bow or kneel. That's not so different on either world, it seems. It's just that you're Knights, and friends. Which means I don't treat you like tools to use. I give orders, but you can tell me what you really think. You did that in insisting I give up on this," she gestures around the derelict store, "and on 'making heroes' and all of that, and go talk to them."

"So... that's what we're doing now. But who knows," she tries another treat, "maybe I will find something ridiculous to send you off to do sometime?" She plays along with that idea for now. No immediate commitment to it, but... she's accepting the playful offer's intended spirit.
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 01:50:09 10235
Hinote Kagari grins. "Maybe!" he said. Glad that Runealy's playing along. It makes him feel better. "Okay so it is like that. But we're special in some way." he says. "Because of the magic and knightliness. I'm sure that isn't a word, but it is now." he insists.

He takes a deep breath. "If she really does say it's over, though, between you and her, that's a relif. She seemed intent to hurt you very bad." he says softly.

"I'm hoping this meeting with.... Virtue? King Virtue? I dunno my self, goes well. But... if.... Kamen-san was right about Tsukasa-sensei being involved. That's less worrying for me. He's a good person. I've met him a few times on behalf of Seishou's Drama Club trying to secure thier auditorum for a show that's supposed to happen in a few months. I guess I'm still making sure everything's going to be good even if I might not even be here for it." he says softly.

He shoves a cookie into his mouth again.

"Runealy. May I ask how you feel...?" he asks. "I mean. After talking to Kamen-san and White?" he says.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 02:03:07 10236
"She /tried/ to do it, and came this close to it," Rune recalls, still shaken by the 'wind noose' incident. "Hurting me and you and Gao and everyone else, too."

Then she raises an eye, curious about something Hinote just explained. "Wait, the 'Tsukasa' of Virtue is the Tsukasa I've seen around school a few times?" That's... going to be awkward. She hadn't spoken with him much, mostly out of sheer lack of care for a school she expects to abandon soon, but she at least knows what he looks like. "Huh. Okay."

Hinote brings up a good question, one she has an immediate answer for. "Scared, but I'm out of ideas. I... maybe I still need those crystals to fight. I don't know." She has a cough, a reminder of what they've done to her... what she did to herself, really. "I'm really scared that these talks are going to break down and they're going to change their minds and invade after all, or find some way to seal the portal between our worlds and say 'too bad for you', or who knows what. But I can't keep going with the old plan... so all I can do is stick with this one, the one you've advised me to try. I just have to hope you're right and I'm just being stupid about all this." All this, said with a lowered gaze avoiding eye contact.
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 02:20:38 10237
Hinote Kagari frowns. "No more demon crystals. Please. I... just." he remembers the vivid visual that Runealy gave him the other day. "I don't want you to...turn to dust....or into a Demon or into anything. I...if you need to fight. I will follow you around until you get better so I can fight for you." he says.

"You're important to me. I wouldn't.... I wouldn't steer you down these paths unless I knew they can and will help. Right now.. I want whatever this.. demon stuff is out of you. I want it out. I don't want to see you suffer, or poison yourself. After that... even if you want to go back to the original plan. I'll do it. I'll knock some people out and take thier energy and we'll just... run. We'll just run back to Waldia and do that. I'll feel Vile after that after these people helped us, but--- I don't particularly care about my feelings right now...."

"I just want you to feel safe again" he says looking down. He takes a deep breath. Now he's the one loosing composure into crying fits. Ever since that night with the Puella Magi.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 02:44:16 10239
Rune responds with what amounts to a startled whimper; hearing Hinote say these things is jarring, and getting through to her. It takes a few seconds, but she has some response to this: "No, no-no-no... please, no, we're done. 'No more heroes.' Just... let's... let's make a deal...? No more heroes from you, and... I..."

A chill runs through her as her body's impulses and influence argue with her, trying to shout her down from doing this, "I..." She looks like she's about to be sick from merely thinking about this, "...I'll let you see what happens if... if your sword hits one of those crystals?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 02:46:48 10240
Hinote Kagari looks down. "I'm not suggesting it. Just...." he looks down. He grits his teeth again. "I just want you to understand I'd do anything I could to help..." he says. Not what he wants to say. But he does look at Runealy. "I... if you want..." he says as he slips his hand into his pocket. He pulls out his relic and places it around his wrist. "To protect justice, I am Guardian Hino." he says quietly. He transforms in an orange flash.

He draws out his longsowrd. He's come a long way since that first night where he decided it was a good idea to see how sharp it was.

"Okay..." He says.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 02:58:56 10241
"I'm not even sure I 'want' to... my body is screaming at me that this is wrong, but... what it wants is making you... well, it's hurting /you/, just not physically." Rune comments, rising from her seat. She also transforms, but only long enough to pull out one of the jagged black-purple gems from her dress' bow; then Runealy reverts to normal.

She holds it up, staring at it. "I kind of want to use this just to make this 'cold' in my legs go away... but... here. Go ahead... take it. Take it outside and toss it up and hit it, or however else you want to do this." Her hand is shaking as she holds it out to him, reluctant as these impulses continue to 'scream' at her to not do this.
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 03:09:32 10242
Hinote Kagari takes the crystal from Runealy quickly when she starts saying things. "Cold... in your legs?" he asks. He'll give her a moment to answer until Hino goes ahead and knightly zips out the back---the movements of magical girls and boys kinda being unearthly at times.

Hino makes it to the abanonded lot out the back, a small square of space where dumpsters or storage was kept for the store in the past perhaps. He drops it onto the ground and raises his swords upwards and slashes down into it.

He hopes this doesn't have any negative effects....

If Runealy is hurting herself to prove a point....
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 03:13:42 10243
"I start feeling bad if I don't use one of these every so often," Rune admits. "That's usually one of the ways it does this." An explanation as she follows Hino out back, standing tense as she watches him set up.

When the crystal is hit, it... shatters. It shatters into several pieces of varying size, which all vanish into thin air after a few seconds. There is also a black-purple mist swirling around, briefly attaching to his sword. It finds no purchase there as he had not willingly 'used' (nor really, used in any fashion) the crystal, and likewise vanishes harmlessly.

For her part, Rune is only wincing. No doubling over from some sort of 'link to the crystal' induced injury or anything like that. "One less for me to use," she comments in a low voice. "Not many left."
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 03:20:46 10244
Hinote Kagari watches this happen. When the mist swirls around his sword, he grows a little concerned. Is this going to infect his sword? Is it going to infect him!? That doesn't happen. He looks over to Runealy. Just a wince. Okay. That's good. He takes a steady breath.

" want me to destroy more of them?" he asks softly. "I. If they're trying to beg you to use them. Maybe... maybe we should destroy all but one---but then give me the last one?" he asks. "Just in case someone needs to look at them to help ... to help get this out of you.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 03:24:43 10245
"I don't know if they're the ones doing it," Rune notes, head low. "I think /I'm/ doing it. That my body is telling me I need them, and if I don't listen I get sick again, and..." Several fast headshakes follow, hair swishing some, "I just don't know! I tried ignoring it and just started feeling awful, it's the worst!"

She's frustrated, hands balling into fists. "I trust you, you know. You said you'd do anything to help, and you are, you will, you're always about that! I... they might need more than one for study. Are you... asking me to give you the rest...?" She asks this without meeting Hino's gaze.
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 03:35:35 10246
Hinote Kagari softly closes his eyes and thinks. "Can you resist taking them Runealy....?" he asks softly. "If you feel you can't.... I can take them from you. Just to keep them away so you're not tempted." he says softly. "Otherwise...I think you're right. We will need more than one if someone wants to study these things maybe..." he says.

He let's his henshin fade away. He softly looks at Runealy. "I'm not going to fight you for them, Runealy. I trust you, too. I trust you a lot. I can suggest to you that I think they're better in my or someone elses possession. I just. I just don't want to come here one day......and find a pile of dust... or... you overtaken by something or...." he clenches his teeth. He hates these thoughts and he's already said them before earlier to Rune tonight.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 03:40:02 10247
Again Hinote's words cut through Rune's thoughts, leaving her to make a tiny, weak noise as she considers them. "I don't know. When I was talking with White, she... brought some weird monsters with her at first. Sent them away later, but before I saw her step into view, I saw them and I was going to use one right then and there. Maybe I can't."

Tears fall, but it's a slow and fairly controlled thing this time. "I'm going to get even more sick and scared without these, I know it. I'm not going to be fun to be around," Not that she has been in general, for obvious reasons, "I might say something stupid, I might get really mad. If I give you these... you're going to have to be willing to tell me 'no. Deal with it' and not compromise an inch if I ask for them back, or 'I just want to hold one' or 'just one, please, please?' or start shouting and crying. Are you okay with that?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 04:27:01 10248
Hinote Kagari looks down and turns away from Runealy for a moment. It's not a cold move. It seems like he needs a moment to think outside here in the cool encroaching nighttime. He takes a deep quiet breath and closes his eyes. A cleansing breath for that 'Stage fright'. Anxiety. He turns back around and takes Runealy's hands, carefully and squeezes them.

"Runealy... Princess." he says with a deep breath. "There's been something I've been trying to say to you. I. um. Not since the begining. But recently. And everytime I try... I hear this voice in my head, telling me not to bother, that... she doesn't need your emotional garbage right now. I still think that tiny voice-- not a real voice. Nothing malevoent. Just. My own internal thoughts is right. But...."

He pauses. Another breath.

"...I think you need to hear it. I want you to understand. And. It's.. it's okay if you don't feel the same way right now. It's why. It's why I keep calling it. Emotional Garbage, in my thoughts. You have more important things on your mind." he says.

"I um. I love you." there. He said it. He said and now he can't take it back. This will be horrible.

"I'm telling you.... this. Right now. Because I want you to understand that.... there's nothing you can do...or say. To make me feel otherwise. If I have to bear the burden of holding these away from you. If I need to deal with your stress, and hitting me for them... and calling me vile names for keeping these from you. I will. I will because I care." he says looking down.

"I um. I understand um. If you just want me to go for the night now. I just. I needed you to know."

He takes another breath. Then another. Another. Okay. He's clamed down now.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 04:38:12 10249
Rune stands quietly, trying to be patient as Hinote steps off to ponder his next words. It only somewhat works; she's tense and confused, and then blinking as he returns to take her hands. At first, she's able to reply quickly. "The things you're thinking about aren't 'emotional garbage.' The promise you made isn't a one-way deal where I don't care how you feel!"

And then he says something that has potential implications on the future of her world, if acted on. Things completely unexpected. "What? Even after how I've been treating you, that's how you feel?" She really isn't sure how to respond to that. "I... don't know what to tell you, just yet?" It's one more huge revelation in a life that has suddenly become full of them, back to back over the last several months.

And so she decides not to answer the confession just yet. It's a staggering thing for her to even consider, right now, somewhat dazed and in poor sleep as she has been. But it does put the other topic in clearer focus for her. She ends up deflecting, going onto that point by transforming. Like earlier, it only lasts a few moments; long enough to... out about a dozen dark crystals, spilling them to the ground. "Do what you need to with them! Share them with people who can study, destroy what you end up not needing, just...!"

She falls to her knees, hands held to her eyes as crying intensifies. "I'm sorry I'm doing this to you! It's not fair! It's going to stop!"
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 05:00:23 10250
Hinote Kagari lets the crystals lay on the ground. No one's going to steal them right now. No one's around in this empty lot. He'll pick them up in a moment. What he does is get down on his knees and he gives Runealy a hug. It's a soft one. Not hard.

"No...I know." is what he says to Runealy. He's read fairytales. You can't just... 'love a princess'. There's a King who needs to approve.... for all he knows-- Runealy already has some handsome medevil stock broker all lined up for her back home- this is why he wanted to wait until after this whole mess was fixed. He feels bad. He's given her more emotional garbage, he clenches his teeth. But he had to say something. He just.... wanted her to understand.

He does stop the hug, and places his hands on her shoulders.

"Please stop crying...." he murmurs softly. "You haven't done anything to me I haven't allowed to happen. That I was willing to deal with. I know it's hard. I know you're saving our world. The only time.... the ONLY time I've been truly distressed with this, Rune, is when I thought I fucked up everything for myself with that.. with that glorified battery saying things in my head apparently."

He gets up to his feet. "Stay there a moment..." he says as he walks back in. He comes back out only a second latter with a plastic bag that has the store's logo on it. Old Surplus. He begins placing the crystals in it. This isn't a strong container, but it's better than keeping them free in his pocket.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 05:09:20 10251
Rune leans into the embrace, lowering her hands to allow it; no resistance, no tension, no trying to slip away even as it shifts into holding her shoulders. "It's okay, I'm not running away from you saying something like that, I just don't have an answer yet."

The tears slow, though they don't immediately cease, at his encouragement. "You've done a lot, you know. And maybe that mistake forced my hand and that's how we got here? Weird to think about, but maybe it worked out. When we go home, nobody is going to look down on you as having messed up much of anything!"

She waits as asked, looking over as he begins cleaning the crystals up. They survived their fall intact; it takes a bit more willful a hit than just dropping them from normal height to shatter one. Once Hinote has them, she adds: "Wait. Hold the bag open," rising to walk over to him. Working her scarf with one hand, she produces...

...One more crystal, dropping it in. "That's... that's the last one. Really the last one, I'm out of them now!"
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 05:22:20 10252
Hinote Kagari nods. " I said." he murmurs. "I know. I understand. I.. we can talk more about that when this is all over. Not before..." he says softly. He's still a little anxious about it.

Runealy places a final crystal in from a hiding spot. He doesn't immediatly react. He doesn't accuse Runealy of mistrust. "Thank you, Rune." he says with a soft as a smile as he can gather. "I'll... I'll take these home with me. I'll put them somewhere safe." he says. " Do you need anything to eat? I can make something before I go. Or. Um. Can order something out." he offers. "I was just. gonna eat cookies. and make sure homework was all taken care of for everyone." he says quietly, offering a hand down to offer Runealy a hand up.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-24 05:31:44 10253
"Right," Rune opts to let that topic go for now. She takes the hand, but is already standing. "Just make sure I don't see them, please. Something to eat... sure, let's do that. As for homework... I'll try to do it, okay? You're doing a lot as it is. Kind of cheating to do it that way, you handling it for me, anyway..."
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-24 05:37:03 10254
Hinote Kagari manages a more genuine smile as he walks back into the store. "If you can handle it, Rune. It should help to bury things in your mind anyways, at least for a little while. I'd rather cheat on a small insignifgant task like homework then it cause you grief if it will..." He says.

When Runealy and Hinote get back in he takes out his cellphone and begins ordering takeout. (Chinese.) and gives the address as the building across the street. He leaves for 10 minutes.....

Then arrives back with food in carton containers.

Hopefully Runealy likes fried rice!