New Day

Hinote helps Runealy move into the new Virtue supplied apartment. Haruna talks a little about Blue and Pretty Cure-ness. Runealy almost blows a hole in the wall when she mistakes a play on TV as actual events she has to help with. Hinote avoids more heart attacks.

Date: 2015-09-26
Pose Count: 23
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-26 08:22:23 10365
Haruna Kurosawa is crazyily cleaning the apartment. Some of these places don't get used for months at a time, so dust settles.... sometimes former occupants leave things, and Virtue tries to keep the pantries stocked with non-perishables--- but the dates still need to be checked on those too! Also. Corvus, a silver raven, is nested on the arm of the loveseat of the living room of the apartment watching TV. It's some sort of action anime. He's not really getting it.

MEANWHILE. Hinote is walking ahead of Runealy with boxes and/or bags of the Waldians belongings they wanted to keep from the store. There /probably/ wasn't too much, he bets. Clothes/Food that would be a waste to leave behind/Things they brought from Waldia, etc, etc. Hino may or maynot be comically overloaded.

The apartment seems to be on the border of Mitakihara and Pikarighako.

Runealy would had called Tsukasa- who called Haurna to be there when the Waldians arrive. Haruna is waiting for the door to be knocked. Hopefully. Runealy can handle that! Hinote seems happy to put boxes and bags down near the front door and flex his hands a bit. "Ugh. Okay. This is the right address, I think." he says.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-26 08:32:13 10366
Rune is at least trying to help. She's not used to heavy lifting to begin with, and her current health suggests she should not be carrying too much... she did at least grab two bags and suggested they can simply make additional trips if Hinote is getting too over-loaded. She also took a few phone photos of the store, noting: "I'll get an artist to draw this for our historians to see. It's part of our history now too, even if I hope we never see it again!"

Now that they're going down the apartments, she stops when Hinote does. Her mood now is quiet... very subdued and accepting whatever others propose. "I think this is where he said to go, yes. I'm still just amazed they're being this nice... did you know, when you got in touch with them? Or is this new for you too?"

Nonetheless, she has a short cough to clear her throat, then lifts a hand and knocks lightly a few times.
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-26 08:45:22 10367
Corvus looks at the door. "Haruna, door!" he calls out. Runealy may remember this voice. It used to belong to a particularly malevonet raven she's handled a few times and also help saved some Sailor Senshi from. Only it sounds less nasty and also--no rhyming. Then there's a sound of a muffled "Epp! I'm not done yet. Agh. Just gotta finish the dusting." regardless. She opens the door, and there she is! "Hi! You must be um.... Runealy and um friend I don't know!" she says.

Hinote smiles at Runealy. "I think it's important too. Just. I think you're going to be better sleeping in a real bed then... some garbage mattress." he says. Hino tries to take the lions share of things to be carried. Before he does, he does answer Runealy. "No, if I knew they'd help like this, I would had just gone to them a lot sooner. I didn't even knew they were a thing until Kamen-san let us know...."

He looks towards Haruna and nods. "My name's Hinote. Can we bring this stuff inside now?" he asks.

Haruna ohs! and steps aside. "Right!" she says as she steps aside. Hinote repicks things up and heads inside.

The Apartment is a clean, two bedroom apartment. It's furnished. (mostly) clean--- Haruna isn't done cleaning yet! ;_;, there's windows letting natural sunlight in, though there are overhead lights and a fan running. It's comfortable, simple and cozy. Haruna seems to look at Runealy incredolously for a bit, as if trying very hard to place her. Then recognition flashes through her eyes. "Oh! It's.. it's you! That.. um. Pretty... Princess... girl." she says meekly, not knowing her secret ID name or if she even had one. " were there... um. That night. With the darkness... and feathers." she says meekly.

Hino blinks at the silver raven. The Silver Raven blinks back.


"Hi!" says Corvus.

Hinto shoots into shock. "Did the bird talk? >,>"
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-26 08:54:25 10368
"Mm?" Rune is tense at first, remembering what Corvus sounds like. "That voice!? Hinote, we've got trouble. Summoning Prin--" The door opens, and they do not have trouble. They have Haruna greeting them; no magic tiaras are necessary, and the transformation attempt is abandoned before the headwear can even appear. "...Sorry, seems I misunderstood something. In any case..."

She follows in once Hinote has had a chance to move in. "Hinote's with me. One of my friends and Knights, and one of the biggest reasons we're here at all. Honestly... I think if I knew about this, I would have stopped being so stupid a lot sooner."

She looks around the area, astonished by many things. Even with her blurry vision, this is still a novel sight; the only other apartments she has seen at any length until now is Homura's and Mamoru's, so this is an inside look at part of Tokyo life. "This is amazing, it's like..."

She 's cut off by Haruna and Corvus. "Runealy, Crown Princess of Waldia. Yes, I was there... even when we were Tokyo's enemy, something that big couldn't be ignored. I still don't know everything about what happened with you, but it looks like..."

She looks over Haruna, then squints to try to figure out Corvus' situation. Finally, a guess: "...It looks like we're not the first ones Virtue has helped. You two aren't fighting people any more either, then?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-26 09:05:03 10370
Haruna head tilts....fighting...people anymore....

A vision of Scorn crosses her mind and she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath and reopens her eyes. "'s a long story Runealy." she says meekly. "I'm... I'm better now though. That's... that's thanks to everyone that was there that night helping me. You, too! I tried tracking you down to thank you, but. Everyone warned me away or simply didn't know." she says softly. She gives Runealy a light hug. Just light. "Thank you for being there..." she says softly. "The... short version is. I and Corvus were in a lotta pain. Virtue helped me a lot. I'm a Pretty Cure now! Corvus is my partner." she beams.

Hinote ohs. "Oh. Okay then. I uh. Never saw. a talking bird before. is all."

He begins to sort things and peeks into rooms. Figuring out where to put things. He's unpacking. "Princess, go ahead and sit down, I can handle this. Look! It's a couch! It's comfy!" Hino insists.

Corvus flys to Haruna's shoulder and seems suddenly intrested in Runealy...

"You....have a bit of a dark aura...." he says concernedly. He glances over the physical marks. "What happened, Runealy?" the bird asks curiously from Haruna's shoulder. Haruna can only head tilt. "Huh?"

She shakes her head. "You have Knights? That...must be kinda cool." she blushes.

She's imagining herself in some sort of romantic period drama now.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-30 01:11:38 10583
"'Long story'? I won't pry, but I know how that goes. Just hope your next chapters are a bit less complicated." Rune takes being told that Haruna was warned away from her pretty well. "They were right. We're..., we were, dangerous. Hurting people who didn't deserve it one bit." She leans into the embrace all the same.

"Just glad it worked out for you. Talking birds and all," a nod over to Corvus, now that she's able to partially figure out what went on in that regard. "'Pretty Cure', though? That's a name I've heard a few times. All I've been able to figure out is someone named Queen Mirage wants to fight you?" That's about what she recalls from her strange encounters with Phantom.

Nonetheless, she takes Hinote's advice; bags are set down, and he nets a "Thank you," before she goes to the couch and half-flops into it before straightening up some. Then Corvus lands, and his assessment about her 'aura' surprises her. "You can tell, in an instant? That's pretty good. I'll tell you about it."

Haruna's remarks are confirmed with some quiet warmth in Rune's tone: "I do. Friends that have promised to stick with me so we can keep our world safe... 'protected and happy', is what we mean by that. I'm here, still alive, because they cared more about safety than obedience. Because some of them started asking questions about my stupid mistakes, and one of them," a nod over to Hinote, "Finally told me 'no.'"

Then she faces Corvus, tone low as she explains: "Whenever I was out alone, if I got into fights when my Knights weren't around... I was using crystalized demon energy to make up for my own shortcomings. It worked at first, I got all kinds of extra power. It's supposed to do that, it helps at first and you keep coming back for more and more even though it's really poison. I knew that up front, and did it anyway as a gamble... betting our world's immediate future against 'any future at all.'" A few headshakes follow. "It was a mistake."
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-30 01:34:15 10589
Hinote is busy packing. He's making sure everything is nice and neat. What's the point of moving into an actual apartment if you're just going to throw things around like you were living back in the store anyways!? An empty box gets lightly tossed from one of the doors that Runealy remembers contained clothes.

Haruna blinks. Huh. Pretty Cure stuff. Stuff she knows! "Queen Mirage is the leader of the Phantom Empire." she says. "She wants to destroy things like love and courage and wipe it from the world and plunge it into misfortune. She took over one of the neighboring dimensions? The Blue Sky Kingdom. Someone opened the box that was keeping the Phantom Empire sealed off there. They took over that world. And now they're over here." she shrugs a bit. "You might be better off asking Blue about it though- he knows the princess who ran away from there to here. They'd both probably know more. I just kinda got. The short version of the story." she taps her chin.

Corvus speculates. "Demon poison?" he nods. "I um. I owe Hauruna a lot. Instead of Blue assigning her a fairy partner. I asked if I could fill that role. Part of that role is detecting when um. 'Dark Beings' are in an area. Usually Terribads." he says with a curt bird nod.

Hinote tosses another box out of the door in the background and dusts his hands off. Done.

Haruna closes the door when everyone's inside. Haruna taps her chin a bit...

"I wonder if Blue could help with your...uh. Demon. Thingy." she says. Haruna still has trouble grasping proper terms. Cure Noobs are still Noobs.

Though something does catch Haruna's attention. "You're knights weren't protecting you!?" she immediatly turns towards Hinote and raises a fist. "KNIGHTS ALWAYS PROTECT PRINCESSES! THAT'S HOW IT GOES ON TV!" she shouts angrily. Hinote recoils in terror. "A..Ah!? What!"

"YOU MUST BE TERRIBLE AT IT!" she insists.

Hinote blinks blinks. This girl...

is Crazy. He sort of nopes backwards into the bedroom for a moment and closes the door. Runealy will hopefully handle this one. He'll wait until she says something to reopen the door.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-30 01:45:33 10590
Rune gives Hinote another "Thank you" as he heads off to work on unpacking. Then Haruna fills in a lot of very important blanks in her understanding of the Pretty Cure situation, causing Rune's eyes to raise in alarm. "'Destroy love and courage'? Can you really eradicate an emotion, an idea, like that? So they've taken over one place and moved on... it sounds like they'll be a problem to my home sooner or later too." That's not good news, but it's good to know. "I'll find them and find out the rest, even the short version is something I needed to hear. Thanks for trusting me with that."

Corvus' details answer a few more questions, ones she takes seriously despite the source being an unusual 'talking bird.' "I think I've heard that name too. So they're all part of the same invasion?" Then she offers a few words for Haruna's stumbling sentence. "Poison, mistake, dark crystal, call it any of those, they're all correct. Who is Blue? I want to think I've already met someone like that, but I just can't put this together. How could he help, though?"

Then she waves her hands as Haruna begins shouting at Hinote. "He can't protect me if I'm slinking off in night, when he's already asleep, to go hunt people and I'm doing everything I can to hide it! If he's 'terrible', if he's 'the worst', he was still good enough that I'm standing here. Don't talk down on him. You can shout at me for making mistakes, for doing something stupid and awful, but he got tricked just as much as anyone I attacked."
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-30 02:02:59 10597
Haruna makes a face at Runealy. "But..but books! and TV! and Manga! and Fairy Tales! And.. AND!" she crosses her arms and hrmphs. Really, she's just kinda mad it isn't that way in reality. This isn't really Runealy or Hinotes fault. You can tell because Corvus rolls his eyes because Haruna is on some sort of silly tangent. It comes when you pretty much just hide yourself in a dorm room for two years subsisting off chinese takeout delivery and moping.

Hinote peeks back out and takes a deep breath and goes over to sit. "Yeah. Like that." he admits. He doesn't seem taken aback by it-- because maybe--just maybe. He'd be yelling the same accusations if he didn't have the knowledge he does now on the subject.

Haruna thinks. "Blue is...." she pauses. "Well. He kind of warns us away from just blurting out the easiest descriptor. He's a Guardian Spirt of Earth, of the Blue Skies. The easiest descriptor is Kami-sama- or God. Well. A God." she says. "Um. He was the guy with Blue hair trying to help me that night. He's a really good person.... I think that if he can help, he will?" she says softly, she looks down. "I mean. He helped me... when he didn't need to." she says quietly.

But she looks back up. "I can summon him if you want? I haven't seen another friend of mine for a while that's staying with him anyways, so I think it's time for a check-in anyways!" she smiles. "Or I can just tell you how, and you can do it later? You can just tell him that Cure Gull sent you!" she smiles.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-30 02:09:41 10599
To her credit, Rune does not ask what books are. The other things, however... "'TV'? 'Manga'?" She has lived in a society innudated in them, and done so for months, and simply not bothered to figure out what either one is; if it wasn't related to immediate survival or hunting Tokyo's protectors for energy, or preventing tragedies at Mitakihara General Hospital, she didn't care what it was. "I'm not sure what you expect from him... I'm not sure what I 'expect' either, but I know what I got. I got a hand that hauled me out of the water when I jumped in too deep." She nods over at Hinote, insisting, "You did good."

Then the topic returns to Blue. The concept of 'god' is somewhat novel to her; mythology on Rune's world revolves around demons and royalty, but she has at least picked up on the premise since this isn't the first time it has come up in her time in Tokyo. "So that's what he is, and who he is? I remember him. He seems to be able to put up a pretty good barrier, and if he helped you then he sounds just like you say. 'Really good.' But,"

Rune hesitates a little. "Is it really okay for me to just ask for an audience with someone that important out of nowhere? Don't I need to announce the request, send him a letter so he's not getting blindsided by this? And I'd need to change, what I'm wearing now..." Is actually kind of fancy! "...isn't suitable for diplomatic functions." But it is, admittedly, not royal attire.

"Guess I need to find the ink and pen," She is interested in the meeting, but is caught up in protocol first, it seems.
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-30 02:37:25 10607
Hinote Kagari grins at Runealy. "TV and Manga are things on Earth." he looks to the large panel that's a TV hung on the wall. It's 2015. Flatscreens are a thing. He looks for the remote and finds it. And turns it on! Blip! There's some sort of News program on at the moment. They have a special guest on and they are talking about cooking. It's basic. Nothing exciting his happening right now. "You've seen stuff like this, right?" he asks.

Haruna blinks. "I could. Give him a letter?" she says. "Usually you just tap three times on a mirror while thinking 'I want to talk to Blue'. It's very simple!" she says. "But. He might also like getting a letter! In fact. Do that. I bet he'll love it. He'll probably want tea when you visit. He likes tea." she insists. She's imaging Runealy in some sort of elaborate dress holding a meeting with Blue and it is so romantic. The starlight glistens in the background and-----

Haruna just spends the next thrity seconds with wide sparkle eyes because you can't see her internal pictures.

Hinote blinks. "Are you okay?" he asks at Haruna.

She blinks. "Huh? Oh! uh. Yeah." she says with a blush. "Heh---ey! Um. I think you're ready then. Oh! Right. Um..." she takes the keys out of her pocket for the apartment. "Here! It's the door keys." she says.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-30 02:44:08 10608
Rune looks to the TV with rapt interest, confirming: "Sure! They have even bigger versions of those giant cell phones at some of the stores around Mitakihara, built right into the outside walls, telling you to buy things." Everything is a 'cell phone' to her, it's like doing tech support for one's older relatives.

It takes her a few seconds to pull herself away from the wonders of technology, to listen to Haruna's advice. "I'll do that, then. Tea and everything for a proper meeting, and I'll request an audience with him through the proper channels... if you can deliver my letter to him," she gets off the couch to go fetch the ink-and-quill set from a box she knew it was in, because she personally packed it along with the materials needed to put her royal seal on such messages. "That would be a huge help!"

She comes back to notice Haruna just seems 'starstruck' over all this, and only recently recovering to offer keys. Rune paces over to collect them with a "Thanks," looking around a few times. "It's just so weird. Is it really okay for us to have this for the time being?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-30 03:06:17 10611
Haruna beams! "Yup." is all she says. "As long as you need it! You're not, like-- Taking from someone else or anything. Tsukasa-sensei wanted to be sure you knew that if you asked again!" she beams. "Um. I can sit over in the kitchen while you write then. I mean. It won't be too long, right?" she asks, as she sees Runealy getting her supplies out.

she escapes to the kitchen Corvus in tow.

Hinote Kagari lets loose a deep breath. "Ugh. The energy on that girl is infectious." he insists. He smiles and peeks over at Runealy's note. What exactly is she using to write with? Is that an offical seal?....

Hinote's never actually /seen/ what the Waldian Seal looks like, now that he thinks about it. At least. He doesn't think so.

He looks more curiouser at this.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-30 03:16:41 10612
Rune looks impressed as Haruna insists this situation is okay. "I just can't imagine... well, I guess I can, because it's obviously happening, but..." A tiny laugh, a mix of nerve and relief, follows as she finishes, "Wow. Thank you, and thank him and you," it's not clear who all these people may be, but Haruna and Corvus get nods during the sentence so they might be included. "And no, we won't be long. This is the first time I've written one, but I've seen a few before; I know how it goes."

Then it's just her and Hinote, and Runealy heads to the nearest table in the living room to set her writing supplies out. A short cough follows, then, "I could stand to get 'infected' by that, though. I think we all could."

Her writing method is indeed an obsolete one, a big quill pen and ink-well, on old-style paper she brought along just in case such communications were needed with anyone on Earth. And so she begins to write, smiling a little as Hinote takes interest in her work; it's a very formal piece, addressing Blue as 'Esteemed Blue, Guardian Spirit of Earth's Blue Skies', introducing herself, 'name-dropping' Cure Gull, and requesting 'an audience' with him, 'seeking his aid in matters concerning the survival of our world.' Such is the wording throughout; polite, asking, elevating him with various praise and trying to be unintrusive. He's invited to the apartment, or any location of his choosing; she is willing to come to him if he would prefer.

And then it is placed in an envelope, carefully folded, and sealed. Red wax with a stamp imprints a symbol depicting a shield with a heart shape in the center, and a royal crown above that. "There... it's ready."

Part of her gets nervous, wondering if she got Blue's proper title right; maybe he's the Guardian of Earth AND Blue Skies, any blue skies out there at all? Will he get offended with an error-of-title like that? She'll find out soon enough, she supposes.
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-30 03:36:56 10614
Hinote Kagari takes intrest in the quill pen. Then he pauses. Then he realizes he has no idea how to write with a quill pen. Crap. He's... he's going to be going to some sort of fancy stationary shop when he's done to get working on that. Surely there's books or tutorial online on how to write with them. Oh! That's a really fancy seal and it looks kinda neat. It also puts a lot of what Runealy has told him about Waldia culture into focus in his head.

Haruna walks back into the room and holds out her hand for the letter. "This'll only be a moment." she says.

She walks over to a mirror setup in the corner, leanded against the wall and taps it only. A spot on it glows a brilliant blue for a moment. She shoves the letter through the spot. When it's done. The mirror returns to normality.

"He'll respond! You'll know it when you see it~" she giggles a bit. "I got to be off now. I gotta meet a friend for dinner." she says. "And Corvus has been really looking forward to a cheeseburger!". Corvus rolls his eyes again.

"I'll leave you two alone now!" she says. "Um... oh. Right..." she says as she walks back into the door a moment. "Call Tsukasa-Sensei if you need anything! If he can't help directly, he'll tell you who can, I'm sure~" she says. NOW she's out the door.

"Ugh, did you really have to them I love Cheeseburgers?" asks Corvus as Haruna walks away. "Of course I did! You're gonna get fat on them! Super Fat and probably adorable. Like Procyon."

Corvus makes a noise of disgust. "Ugh!"


Hinote lets out a big breath, as he can talk more freely. "Yeah I know. Just. Just a lot on my mind and I guess I just don't wanna be. uh. Bouncy and Happy? Right now?" he admits softly. "Trying to figure out a way to help." he says motining to the black bruise.

He also kind of sideglances the other way. "And... she was kinda right. I do kind of really feel bad that you had to handle all this stuff on your own... and hurt yourself. I mean. You both have points. I can't be following you around all day and night, sure... but even if I could had been with you every other time you used a crystal...." he says.

"Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as it is right now..."
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-30 03:46:09 10615
Rune smiles over to Hinote, nodding at his interest. "I guess it does look weird compared to what we use in school, huh?" Then she blinks as Haruna promises 'momentary delivery.' "Sure, but what are you doing? I... whoa," mirrors do not normally do that. "He can send messages through there!? I wonder if we can do that too? Thank you though! And yes... go eat, I'll be sure to call and we'll get all of this figured out!"

Then they're alone. Rune is in fairly bright spirits - relatively speaking, given her emotional range for the last several months has primarily been 'crushed', 'terrified', and 'despairing'. "It's fine if you're not super happy right now. We've had a lot happen, you know." Then Hinote explains his worries, and her head lowers. "That's not fair to you. I hid this on purpose, because it's illegal and I didn't want to rely on you too much. You've already done a lot, more than I ever thought could be. And look how this went. I'm sick," Functional, but prone to occasionally being winded and having to stop doing things for a while.

"And you're 'worried sick.' My mistake ended up hurting you too... sorry about that. You're not at all to blame on this, you didn't even know. I hid everything and I made this choice, it's all on me. It's kind of funny, though... I did this to 'not rely on you', and now you're one of the biggest sources of help I'm getting to fix this. So... thank you for telling me 'no.' For doing what you needed to. We're going to have 'blue skies' again."

She suddenly realizes that might not make sense, and explains: "The sky right over the Barrier Shrine is red right now. Red with dark clouds, and it's spreading bit by bit. We're going to have to head back and solve it before it gets beyond the forest, before people notice. They'll panic if they see it."
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-30 04:01:24 10619
Hinote Kagari nods. "I... I mean they're not illegal here? I mean. There's no magical law here I don't think?" Hinote is not a magical expert, but he's pretty sure if there were Mahou Shoujo police they'd be in magic jail by now! "But. I can see why you'd worry back on Waldia if or when they find out..." he says looking down.

His mind wanders. Runealy /is/ doing a lot better.... she's going to sleep in a normal bed tonight. In an actual apartment. With everything. A lot of the stuff he takes for granted. You really don't think about it until, things like this he thinks.

He's looking down at his watch and beyond that the braclet relic he has on his other arm as he has his hands folded on his lap. But the watch comes into focus as he blinks. "Oh....!" he says.

"Um. Do you want to. See my dad?" he asks softly. "I mean. on TV." he asks.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-30 04:06:18 10621
"They're going to find out," Rune insists. "When we get back, when everything is taken care of, the people are going to be told what happened. All of it. That mom isn't really off training to find a permanent solution to the Barrier Restoration Ritual," that's the lie the public was fed to prevent outright rioting, after all. "That we found a way to cross over to an 'Unknown World' and attacked its inhabitants unprovoked to get energy for the Barrier, and that Sailor Senshi and Pretty Cures and Puella Magi didn't want to fight us, they tried to help, and I used demon-poison and you helped stop me and our history is going to hear about all of it! They deserve to know why they're still alive."

After that outburst, she calms down and blinks at Hinote's request. "Can I? Should I? I'm hardly presentable like this right now," she indicates the 'bruise', "but..."
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-30 04:24:17 10622
Hinote Kagari looks down. "Yeah...." he says about the situation. "I...." he says. "I'll be there when you tell them. I'm sure all the others will be too." he says with a few matter of fact nods. Then he grins, just a little- because sometimes it is amusing to see someone who isn't familar with modern things interpurt them. "TV isn't two way, Runealy. He's in London, which is in actually Europe." he says with a playful grin, remember where Runealy first claimed she came from.

He grips the remote and inputs the channel number for the BBC, and/or similar channel.

It's a taped theather performance of some period drama- There's some sort of DRAMATIC STAGE BATTLE between 'armies', if you could called ten versus ten extra actors in costume knight helmets an army. Center stage, and where the spotlight is, are a silver armored knight and a black armored knight and they are fighting ineffectivly with costume swords. They don't have helemts.

"The one in the silver is Dad. The other's um...." he places his hands against his head. "Nrg, this is easier when you attend in person and there's a playbill to look at it."

"Burton?" he says.


He laughs. "I guess this might seem silly to you. But this is what I grew up watching my dad do for a living."
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-30 04:35:02 10624
"Isn't 'two-way'," Rune repeats, puzzled. "As in we can't see him, or he can't see us, or which way does it work?" Then the display flickers, answering that question handily. What she sees kind of looks like home, and that Hinote is awful calm about explaining which knight is which has not quite sunk in to her.

And so, even with his partial explanation... Runealy misinterprets what's going on. She stands up, alarmed. "He might have this under control, but we should help. Summoning Princess' Tiara!" The magical headwear appears in hand, "The Line of Succession..." She's seriously preparing to transform.
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-30 04:42:51 10625
Hinote Kagari blinks. He reaches up and grabs Runealy's hand fast. "No...stop..." he says firmly. He's less worried about 'Transforming' and more 'Needing to call Tsukasa and explain that Runealy destroyed a TV with a holy blast because he had this awesome idea of making her watch a period play.'

Tsukasa, for the record, would probably get a kick out of it for a few moments before promising to replace the TV as soon as he could.

"It's a play. It's acting." he says. "Dad's an actor. He's just pretending to be a knight, for the actual people watching the play there in the audience. He plays other roles too. Just most classical theater is... Knights and Princesses." he says.

"We can see what's on TV. They can't see us. Besides that. It's a recording. Like a book you can see. You can't kill the characters in a storybook. Right?" he asks.
Runealy Waldia 2015-09-30 04:47:01 10626
Rune is, thankfully, interrupted. She blinks for a few seconds, then the tiara disappears. "I understood it from 'Play, acting', you know... but okay." She looks embarassed, eyes lowered. "So I could shout my head off and the only people who would hear it would be us and the people in the other apartments, huh. He wouldn't get any of it, even though I can see him right here through the TV cell phone?"

She mulls on this for a moment, then nods. "So that's your father... pretty neat." She sits back down to quietly watch, finally in a calmer mood and honestly interested in this both from a technological perspective and a 'meet friend's family' point of view.
Hinote Kagari 2015-09-30 04:53:40 10628
Hinote Kagari takes a deep cleansing breath. "Right. No reason to transform though." he smiles.

"Just sit back and watch. You might enjoy it!" the story seems to be about some fight for a throne that is left empty for some reason--- due to death and no heirs. Silver Knight seems to be the hero, with a just cause, and the Black Knight seems to want to put peasents beneath his heel.

Runealy probably thinks this is silly because in actual royalty there's probably barons and baronesses or something that would get first dibs.

"I'm going to go see what's in this place for some snacks..." he says as he gets up and wanders into the kitchen.

'Please don't blow anything up in the apartment when I'm not here tonight' he seems to be mentally telling himself now.