Searching for a Friend

Hannah runs into Geta while trying to find Boris!

Date: 2015-06-02
Pose Count: 5
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-02 15:42:42 1294
Being an intern at the labs that own your school tends to give you fringe benefits: such as being able to get a reasonable excuse to get out of class when your magical guide dog goes missing after a botched teleport spell. Hannah has spent the last day hunting for her canine companion, still clad in her infinity uniform. No luck. Most worryingly, she isn't even getting mental contact from him.

The figure of the girl rather gracelessly cane-jogging along the street to pester people about her canine is visibly stressed, and exhausted. Her usually well pressed uniform is rumpled from so much time spent around the city. Hannah doesn't even seem to care.

Of course, a stressed, tired blind girl running around just after classes has ended isn't the safest thing in the world. Particularly when approaching one of those outdoor cafes!
Greta Legend 2015-06-02 16:05:59 1295
    Being a girl of moderately-high wealth that has nothing to do with the school tends to give you certain fringe benefits: Such as being able to sit at one of those outdoor cafes and drink tea without neccessarily needing to go straight home, especially knowing that you've got a driver not very far away to take you home as needed... Wait, that's those are just straight up benefits...

    Sitting at one of those outdoor cafes is Greta, who having just come out of classes is also still clad in her uniform, and is right now sipping on some tea she ordered, and nibbling on a sandwich. Nibble nibble nibble. Really, the rest of the world is not really any of her business at the moment, and her thoughts are on an incident that occured yesterday. Hrrrm...

    She is brought out of her own thoughts when she notices the wandering blind girl, arching an eyebrow as she watches, before sighing and standing up, and waits for the girl's approach to get nearer, before asking, "Excuse me, do you need help looking for something?" Time to act like a decent human being, which she is. She's just not one for making friends is all.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-02 16:10:11 1296
Hannah pauses, between the voice and her cane tapping against one of the seats. Woops! There's a mild look of embarrassment before she gives a swift nod. Cue the girl rifling through her pockets.

"Good evening. Yes, actually. Here." She /tries/ to sound confident and calm, but there's a tremble to her voice that speaks to growing fear. Soon enough, a picture is offered to Greta.

The picture is of a large, mostly grey siberian husky nuzzled up to a sitting Hannah.

"My dog and I were seperated this morning. His name is Boris. Have you seen him by chance?" Not for the first time is her voice filled with lingering hope and dread alike.
Greta Legend 2015-06-02 16:30:51 1297
    Greta blinks a little, the blonde pushing her glases up her nose as she looks at the picture, and mentally going through recent memories of dogs, before shaking her head on reflex, "No... I'm sorry, I haven't seen him..." Looks right at Hannah's eyes, though once remembering that the older girl is blind, she glances away and considers.

    Rather than letting Hannah go on and continue fretting and searching in a panic, she reaches into her pocket and pulls her cell phone out and starts tapping on the text message, "Rather than letting you wander about looking for your dog in a blind panic, no offense, let's see what we can do with actual resources...
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-02 16:43:45 1298
At the news that Greta hasn't seen her dog, Hannah slumps. Only a firm hand on the table has her not falling to her knees in despair. "O...oh, well, thank you anyway, I will..."

But she pauses as the other girl does the smart thing. Pulling out a chair, she flumps into it bonelessly, and applies face to table.

"...Why did I not think of that?" Panicked, stressed, and now feeling /dumb/.

When she 'looks back up, there's a thankful smile to her face.

"Thank you, Miss! Oh, I really should have stopped and /thought/! Alright. Deep breaths."

She too pulls out her phone.

"Time to do this with organization!" Operation rescue Boris-kun, start!