Sometimes Justice is cold.

Karin and Cure Gull butt heads over thier ideologies while Togo watches the fight awkwardly while trying to nudge Karin to be nicer about things. Corvus eats all the cheeseburgers. All of them.

Date: 2015-10-01
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Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-01 03:16:39 10679
Enigmatic! Heroic! HAS A BIRD! only really one of those things describes Cure Gull and it's 'HAS A BIRD'. Corvus is on her shoulder as they stand on the top right corner of a building facing the street. Yes! Cure Gull! Protecting the weak from.....

Ugh, what's the point. It's been quiet all night and not even anything to punch and save people from.

"Not every night is going to be exciting, Gull." Says Corvus. Corvus is eating this ridiolous double cheeseburger.

"And thank you for the cheeseburger."

"You're welcome." says Gull glumly.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-01 03:33:10 10684
    Karin had been a bit persnickety ever since the Vertex had attacked. For the first couple of days she wouldn't shut up about both how awesome she was but also about how literally no one was there to give her help when it's very clearly their job too but don't worry because it's not like she needs that help anyway.


    She had maybe gone a bit too far however and upon realizing it had been being a bit nicer than normal for the last couple days, even going out and extracurricular activities with the other Hero Club members, though as usual skipped out on the ritual Udon afterwards.

    Today was much the same and she was going around with Togo putting up posters advertising the Hero Club's altruistic offerings, to compliment the website. This meant Karin was behind Togo's wheelchair pushing her along(Yuna of course would be were she there!), though she hadn't been very talkative during the trip thus far.

    She's taken a step away to hang a poster up when she sees Cure Gull on top of the rooftop. And not just Cure Gull, but her silver raven companion as well. Without much explanation she darts into a nearby alleyway and henshins with a red flash of light, coming out and quickly moving back over to Togo's side. She points up to the edge of the roof towards where Cure Gull can be seen, "See them up there? You should meet her. Even if you don't change your mind you're going to run into her and people like her anyway because you have potential, even if you choose not to use it. By the way," she adds, "You can call me Karin or Yusha Karin, but don't use my family name. That's important."

    She takes a few steps forward and puts her fingers up near her lips, letting out a loud whistle before waving her arm and then pointing directly at Gull in the not most polite fashion. At least she doesn't have a sword out.

    "You! Up there with 'him'. We should talk."

    . . .

    She's not very good at this whole being social thing just yet. "I won't try to stab him or eat his cheeseburger."

    She blinks after she says the words. Why does a bird have a cheeseburger in the first place?!
Mimori Togo 2015-10-01 03:55:04 10687
The past few days may have seemed normal to an outsider, but there have been a few subtle changes in Togo's usual mannerisms. For one, she hasn't brought any sweets into the club room lately. She also hasn't made one of her terrible jokes with a straight face for days.

As her wheelchair is pushed along, Togo holds the stack of posters in her lap. "Thanks again for helping with this, Karin-san. I didn't want to take the others away from their schedules just to hang these."

When Karin suddenly runs off, however, Togo blinks in surprise... and she tilts her head curiously upon seeing the henshin. There's no Vertex around here, is there? No... time still seems to be continuing as usual. "Up there?" She follows Karin's pointing finger, eyes narrowing slightly to see better. "Oh. ....oh!" One hand comes to cover her mouth, and she gives a quick nod.

Then she giggles softly at the very idea of Karin eating a cheeseburger.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-01 04:09:56 10689
Cure Gull blinks. She frowns and jumps down and lands on her feet. She raises her her hands in a flat fighting stance.

"I warn you! If you e-----" then Karin starts talking. Okay. So she isn't going to attack. She blinks rapidly. But lowers her arms and then crosses them across her chest.

"That is Corvus-chan's Cheeseburger you leave it alone!" she says with a loud huff.

Corvus takes another bite.

"What do you even have to say to me!? You tried to hurt me! and Corvus! And you hurt my friends trying to protect me doing it!" she says with a puffy mad face.

She realizes Corvus eating burgers is stilly, but that's what you get when you try to get a bird to try something besides birdseed.

She had to throw the WHOLE BAG OUT.

She blinks and peeks back behind Karin.

"Oh..uh! Hello!" she says with a smile at Togo.

"Is that your friend?" she asks to Karin.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-01 04:30:50 10690
    A few moments of silence pass before Karin responds with a vaguely grumpy, "You're welcome." At least getting out and stretching her legs is exercise, even if it isn't as effective as jogging or a full workout.

    When Gull starts shifting into a fighting stance immediately upon hitting the ground her right leg shifts backwards and her stance changes a little, though when the Pretty Cure relaxes she does as well.

    She hears Togo's giggle and closes her eyes, eyebrows twitching a little, "Don't worry, I wouldn't eat that fat loaded blob of meat if you tried to force me." She has a bit of a smirk on her face when she finally opens her green eyes back up, "If he wants to give himself a heart attack that's fine by me."

    Now it's her turn to cross her arms, not realizing how she's mimicking Gull a little bit with her stance a couple times in a row, before shrugging, "I guess you didn't hear, then? We have a truce- your boss and mine," Karin wouldn't know 'boss' isn't quite how Virtue works.

    She shakes her head and states in a firm tone, "No, that's wrong. I didn't try to hurt him, I tried to -destroy- him, because he's a threat to this world and every other! If your friends got in the way it's their own fault."

    She places her hands on her hips, "But it's like I said, we have a truce, for now, so as long as your little friend minds his manners and doesn't start trying to eat people's souls again," a guess- she doesn't know anything about what the actual plan behind the soulnappings was, "neither of you have anything to fear from me."

    Then in regards to Togo she gets a shocked look on her face at the word 'friend'. "What? No!" Even Karin herself winces a bit. "I mean... it's not quite like that. We're in the same class and club at school."

    She walks over next to Togo and stands tall(as she can!) next to her, looking proud and confident.
Mimori Togo 2015-10-01 04:43:18 10691
"I don't think birds can get heart attacks from eating cheeseburgers, Karin-san."

Togo frowns slightly as she hears.. well, part of the story. She's certain there's more to it, but when her fellow Hero admits it's true, she can't keep silent. Hands come to rest on her chair's wheels, and she pushes herself forward a bit. The girl gives a polite bow and smiles toward the Pretty Cure. "Very nice to meet you. I'm Mimori Togo, but please just call me Togo." There aren't many she likes calling her by first name. "What Karin-san means to say is yes, we're friends." Admitting to being in the same club, though... Togo decides against addressing how worried Karin was over her family name being mentioned when she's talking about her school clubs. "I'm not sure what went on between the two of you, but it sounds like you were fighting. Karin-san..." Expression rather serious, Togo reaches up to tug on Karin's elbow. "You should apologize for trying to attack her and her friends and her bird. Even if you thought you were right, you should be friends now." She'll lecture more if she has to! But for now, she lets her expression add weight to her words.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-01 04:55:49 10692
Cure Gull just smiles as Karin goes and stands next to Togo and acts like she just called them out on dating or something when she just asked if they were friends. Is Yusha Karin that shy about her friends? She guesses she can understand that, looking a little sad for a moment before relaxing her arms at her side.

"Wha? Truce?" she blinks blinks. "Oh. I didn't know. I guess I've been looking over my back a lot sometimes for nothing." she says softly.

She frowns.. "H--hey! He didn't do that-- I...I did that!" she says loudly. Haruna has learned one major thing as her time as a magical girl... and it's that you own up to your mistakes.

"He just promised me I could wish my sister back--- if I stole energy to free him--- I just... wanted so badly to belive that was true." she says looking down. " the sister isn't even dead! Just... these jerks. Phantom Empire jerks have her." she says making a fist.

She deflates..."Everyone was working so hard to save me...." she says softly.

"When I saw Corvus was just hurting too....I just. It isn't fair... that. Everyone worked so hard for me... and just wanted to--- reseal Corvus or.. destroy him or... just...!" she huffs!

"Gull...." says Corvus quietly. The burger is suddenly gone. He might had just shoved it all in his beak while Gull was blaming herself. She takes a deep breath.

Corvus looks to the Yusha. "I owe Gull a lot. She saved me. I don't have any of my old powers. Blue gave me the power of a fairy companion so I could help Gull. That's it. I'm no threat to you." he says.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-01 05:16:33 10693
    Karin is exactly that kind of person, especially because she thinks that having friends is just something that's going to get in the way of her training and cause her to fail. Failing is unacceptable when it could mean the end of the world.

    She makes a face when Togo counteracts her and tells Gull that they are friends but doesn't argue the point, completely missing that she might have given away more about herself than she should have, "I was never fighting her, I was fighting the bird though, back when he was as tall as a skyscraper."

    The tug on her elbow has her looking down to Togo, looking to her as she's spoken to. Upon hearing the suggestion her eyes half lid. "I refuse. I'm not apologizing doing what I think is right. What is with you people trying to make friends with all the wrong people, anyway?" Amusingly enough she means herself.

    Her attention turns to Gull then and she scowls a little, "So I should blame you for being tricked instead of blaming him for tricking you? Fine; done. Congratulations: You're an idiot."

    She throws her hands up into the air a little and walks off to the side, shaking her head a little, "People like you are lucky there are people like me around to pick up the pieces when the world goes to seed."

    "Phantom Empire?" Hm, that's a new one to her. She marches a few steps closer to Cure Gull and looks into her eyes with a fierce expression, "Then you know what to do, don't you? You go to this Phantom Empire, whatever it is, and you smash down their doors and you take her back. And if you need help with that I'll go with you. The kind of evil that kidnaps people's family are exactly the kind I'm here to destroy."

    Her head turns then and she looks to Corvus, "I don't believe you. You're a known liar whose lies led you to nearly destroying the world- I heard your little story. If you want my trust you're going to have to earn it, but for now you're under Blue's protection, so you get to live."

    She smirks, lifts her chin, and turns her head away from Corvus, "Or you will if you stop eating things that have a thousand time your daily allotment of saturated fats. What are you on, a 500 calorie diet? I don't care what Togo says, your arteries are going to clog shut in a single year if you keep eating like that."
Mimori Togo 2015-10-01 05:29:32 10694
The bigger picture is starting to come to her, and although Togo doesn't know most of the details, she's putting together a rough idea of what happened between these two. "Karin-san..." Togo glances at her fellow Hero club member with a slightly warning tone. Why must this girl always be so difficult? And yet, she finds it hard to -really- chastise the girl... not when she herself fell so short when something important was asked of her.

She can't help but smile a bit, though, as Karin makes that offer of help. The girl really can't be honest with herself, can she? "Friends are important, you know. Not even someone strong like you can be strong -all- the time, Karin-san." She holds back on any more on that line, however, in favor of reaching out a hand in the direction of Corvus. "So you're a fairy, then?" Hopefukky Gyuuki isn't around.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-01 05:39:14 10695
Cure Gull nrg...! "I...hey! That...." she huffs. "F-fine! I am an idiot! But... I love my sister!" she says plainly like that's supposed to make everything okay. She huffs! "I... I tried. I faced the man who took my sister away. No Cure can beat him...! He..he hunts Pretty Cures! Because we help people! Because we restore happiness when it's taken away! He's really strong! Not even... not even Me and two friends were able to hurt him in any meaningful way!" she says.

She looks down and sullen suddenly. Corvus suddenly looks like he doesn't care what Karin says, because Gull is sad. He can feel it. It makes him sad. "That is your opinon miss."

And then he lifts a cheeseburger to his beak and takes a bite. Wait. Didn't he finish it?

"I..uh. I got him two. There was a special!" she insists.

Of course she did.

"He'll be all adorable and pudgy soon like Procyon!" she insists.

"Gull I can't gain weight like that. Magic." he says again.

"Well I can dream can't I!?" she insists as she crosses her arms again. Corvus rolls his eyes. Nom.


There's some sort of shadowy raccoon beast on Gull's other shoulder. "WhoHaWhat!? Someone said my name. I heard that." he says. He lifts his paws and brings a burger to his mouth. "Hey this is pretty good."

Corvus looks down to his hands that are still held out like they held a burger. They do not anymore. He gets mad. "Hey! Give that back!" he says yelling across Gull's shoulder.

"Nah." says Procyon. He takes another bite.

Two talking animals fling themselves at one another and there's some sort of anime fight dustcloud going on behind her somewhere as Gull siiiighhhs.

It ends and Corvus is the victor! Cheeseburger!

"Got a Tailfeather~" sings Procyon as he holds up a silver feather. Corvus looks at his butt. "Hey!".

Procyon is already gone. Corvus huffs and gets back to Gull's shoulder. "Well. More or less. Yeah." Corvus replies pleasently. "I help Gull detect bad things, and also produce PreCards for her when I'm able." he says.

Cure Gull sighs. "The raccoon...thing... is Procyon. He's... he's a friend. He was like Corvus---in that he's some sort of weird demigod thing trapped in a tablet. He's good natured. Just. Playful. He's actually done nothing wrong." she smiles. But then...

She looks down. "I..I guess we both have different meanings on what it means to do good though..." she says at Karin. "I can only do my best."
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-01 06:09:37 10696
    "I know," Karin starts, looking down to Togo and- and just stopping herself in her tracks. Her jaw shifts slightly and then shuts. No, this time she isn't going to say the cruel thing before she thinks about it. See? Progress! "Some people don't need friends," she insists instead, though the words come out lamely and without force behind them.

    The Yusha doesn't seem too affected by the huffing response she gets for insulting the Pretty Cure, though she is paying attention to what's said. "Then it sounds like you already have a plan, you just don't know it yet. He hunts Pretty Cures and none of you can stop him? Fine; set up an ambush. Get a bunch of you together so you're an irresistible target, and then when he shows his ugly face have a bunch of people like me who aren't Pretty Cures at all cut him to pieces."

    She swings her arm to the side in a chopping motion for emphasis. "Go on the offensive; hunt the hunter. Look how many people were ready to defend you and your bird; just tell them what you just told me and I bet they'll jump up and offer to help you faster than you could even ask them."

    Suddenly there is not just a silver bird, but a shadowy raccoon too. She watches the farcical act and shakes her head a little, "You should learn to control your fairies," she says as an aside to Gull before echoing Togo's thoughts. "At least they're not as bad as Gyuki though; he'd eat the cheeseburger and then start on the two of them for desert."

    She stares for a moment at the spot where she saw the trickster demigod last, "Procyon, huh?" The truce said nothing about him... but then he's done nothing to prove himself a threat either.

    Karin looks to Gull with a distracted expression, "Listen, you're a Pretty Cure, so I can't tell you what to do or how you're supposed to do it," she says as if she can do just that for other Yusha. "If you want to make friends with everyone and put smiles on their faces go ahead." She sticks her thumb out and hooks it towards herself, "But me? I'm a Yusha. My job is to protect this world from destruction at any cost. At. Any. Cost," she reiterates.

    "If you don't think there are forces of evil out there that would end our entire existence in a second if they're given the chance, that just means you haven't seen them yet. I can't afford to be lenient, because the things I fight," she looks down to Togo for a moment, "have no compassion, no friends, no love. Just an unstoppable desire to kill us all. If I hesitate to destroy them the second I get a chance it might cost everyone's life, not just my own. I can't afford to be soft, or nice."
Mimori Togo 2015-10-01 06:31:55 10697
Togo blinks several times as another fairy appears, and the two of them begin tussling. "You have two faeries? I can hardly imagine..."

Just wait. Juuuuuust wait.

"They're both very cute though," comments the girl with a soft, amused smile. Leaning forward slightly, she lowers her voice, pretending to talk only to Gull even though it's quite audible to Karin as well. "If Karin-san is offering advice like that, it means she likes you too. She's just bad about saying it." Togo merely smiles serenely at the protest that's bound to come.

"If you're doing your best, then you shouldn't have any reason to feel bad, Gull-san. Even Karin-san would recognize that." She tilts her head toward her fellow Hero.... then pauses, averting her gaze. Gone is that smile, and she doesn't look back at Karin again. "I should... go, though. It was nice meeting you, Gull-san."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-01 06:35:11 10698
Cure Gull huffs..."I... it isn't that easy!" she says. "I don't control them! They're my friends! Procyon isn't even really connected to me. He's a friend. Corvus is though..." she looks down. "Do you remember that night? I barely made it back to my bed... and... and Corvus spent all night...watching me.. making sure that jerk in the grey uniform didn't take me away-- and when I got back up he tried to convience me to shove him back in a tablet becuse that's all he deserved!? No! I won't do it!" she says.

"You think... power! and working by yourself works out so good, huh!? Ask Cure Fortune how she's doing with the quest to kick Phantom in the face! She's the strongest Pretty Cure! But she can't even touch Phantom either! And she works with you Justice jerks!" that's right. She just called you Justice jerks. It's /on/ now.

"If we teamed up I bet we can save ALL the Pretty Cures this jerk caught! But she refuses! BECAUSE SHE'S A JERK!" she kicks a can on the ground straight into the air upwards. She meant to only kick it to the side for emphasis. Opps. She's a little more emotional than she intended.

"I know all about that! I saved the world from being destroyed by an artifical sun! That was all but a week ago!" she says. "Because.... because someone missed thier sister a lot too." she says through grated teeth. She's just kinda sad.... her sister is being brought up a lot.

She smiles at Togo, though it's sad. "It was good meeting you too!" she says with a smile.

"Do you need to help her home...?" she asks Karin softly.

She frowns a bit.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-01 06:58:18 10699
    Karin shakes her head and the expected protest comes, "It doesn't mean I like her or want to be her friend. It just means I'm willing to help her fight something evil it doesn't sound like she can beat on her own." There's more huffing from Gull that goes right past Karin, though the rest of it gets a sort of blank stare from the brown haired girl. "I'm not chasing after power, and I've never met Cure Fortune. And didn't I just give you two pieces of advice, including offering to help you myself? Don't get upset with me because you think I'm someone else; I'm not. The only issue I have with you is your fairy friend there, and I have orders to leave him alone."

    As the can is kicked she follows it's trajectory with an appreciative eye- well, Cure Gull has strong legs as well as strong emotions. A decent pro to cancel out the con, in her eyes.

    A blink, "Artificial sun? I should have been there for that." She frowns- her shoulder was still hurt from her fight with that Vertex, but when it comes to a threat to the planet like that she should have fought through it. A strike against herself.

    She huffs a little herself now, not good with the whole empathy thing, "Togo's right. You're doing your best and you want to help your family. Good. And if you saved the world from a huge threat? Even better. Just don't expect what works for you to work for me too. I have my own way of doing things and it works fine." Why is she even trying to justify herself like this all of a sudden?

    As Togo prepares to leave Karin looks to Gull one last time, "No; she doesn't need my help. But I should go anyway."

    Another glance to Corvus, "No more evil," and then she's moving along with Togo, pushing her wheelchair for her again unless she objects.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-01 07:03:32 10700
Cure Gull huffs! "Yeah, well...if you need help you better come find me because I'm going to feel really bad if you get hurt because you're a jerk!" she says with all the emmitiy of someone in the third grade. She doesn't do this very well. Or at all. Really.

The bow on her back shifts into glittery seafoam green wings. She pushes herself off the ground and floats for a moment.

"And I mean that!" she huffs.

Corvus sighs.

She frowns as she leaves those two behind as she flies away.

"It's okay Corvus-Chan. I think you're awesome!" she insists.

Corvus smiles a little. "Thanks, Gull." he says softly.

".....can we get another ch---"

"No. I think they might have a point...."

"About that at least~" she says teasingly.