Guardian Hino approaches Karin in order to offer reparations for the harm he's caused her. The two do not see eye to eye on what this might entail and declarations of ideology are exchanged.

Date: 2015-10-05
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Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-05 05:17:46 10774
    Karin had a lot on her mind. The Vertex had started attacking and though so far it was only one it meant the others could be coming at any moment. Just as she had expected school and club activities had been an enormous drain on her available time, and being forced to hide in plain sight in the first place was annoying. Secret identities and skullduggery were not her forte at all.

    Though ostensibly she was supposed to be training the other Yusha and getting them ready for combat it simply wasn't happening- one of them had even refused to fight when the need had arisen. Or that's how she saw it, anyway.

    Wanting the chance to clear her mind and hone her skills she had ridden her bike across Tokyo, down to the bay at a small park in Uminari where there was public beach access. It wasn't especially crowded, being a cool October evening, which suited her. Dressed in her exercise gear she locked up her bike and retrieved a pair of wooden swords, moving out onto the sand and finding a nice shifty, uneven patch before beginning.

    She begins, slow at first to stretch her muscles, but soon she's swinging her swords in a fast, constant whirling motion. To the uninitiated it might look like she's merely flailing or swinging them in circles, but in reality it's exquisitely honed kata. Parry and strike, parry and strike. She steps forward and twists on one foot, turning to meet to some imagined threat or another. The expression on her face is focused, but tranquil as well.

    It's moments like these that bring to her the sense of well-being and normalcy.
Hinote Kagari 2015-10-05 05:36:14 10775
Hinote Kagari also had a lot on his mind, and for a change is was mostly positive thoughts. All the kindness, and help that had been offered- that they really didn't deserve- The Princess and her Knights on a positive bent for once, with Runealy being healed from the damage of her own mistakes. When this was done, they'd be ready to return to Waldia.

It was going to be a pretty big group going back at this point it seems.

Regardless, the beach was a skip hop and a jump away from the upscale townhouse he called home along with his parents, so he was walking along an edge of rock like he did when he had to think. He found careful thought and physical moment helped him with things like remembering lines during performances while moving about a stage.

A more personal, pink haired, green eyed thought would sometimes try to enter his mind and he'd shove it back forcefully. Not until this is over.

He looked out from the rocks along the far edge of the beach and saw someone practicing with swords. Oh---it's...


It's that girl. He had hoped to meet her again, to get her name-- but that was over now. No more 'heroes' as Runealy put it.

He dips behind the rock and finds a safe place to henshin. When he henshins, his belt and sword don't appear---and he's in a less 'armored' form---though entirely recognizeable to Karin as 'that orangered hair'ed boy who beat me up'.

He makes a swift appearance on the far side of the direction she was facing- as not to come from behind and seem 'sneaky'.

"Hello." he says softly.

"I'm not here to fight." he says with as much sincerity as he can gather.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-05 05:53:33 10776
    As focused as she is on her workout Karin remains aware of her surroundings. If anything she's more even aware of her surroundings when training than she is just walking down the street. It isn't just the boy coming into view she notices, but the flare of magic as he transforms as well. Even so she continues on until he approaches her. The lack of further gathering energy, and the lack of the sword as well, tell her that she isn't immediately under attack, but that doesn't mean this will remain the case.

    After he's spoken she jumps suddenly, flipping forward and launching her wooden swords towards but not quite at Hino. The short leap isn't especially impressive as it has no magic to power it, but the swords embedding themselves in the sand directly in front of him might be if he remembers the sealing and explosive properties they sometimes carry.

    Right now, though, they're just ordinary practice swords, a display of skill rather than power.

    She lands nimbly in the sand, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring in his direction. "You attacked without explanation and left this world nearly defenseless for days while I recovered. If you're not here to fight what are you here to do, offer me your head?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-10-05 06:25:49 10777
Guardian Hino knows Karin isn't powered right now. Not to say she still isn't dangerous- just- based on his own experience, people not... well. 'transformed'? don't tend to fare very well at powered opponents. He's never had anything normal try to attack him. Karin does not dig into him with practice swords and he is thankful for this. He does take a careful stride backwards. It's graceful and fluid in it's own right.

She seems to be at least willing to talk before leaning into him.

"I'm here to apologize. I am also here to offer restitution." he says.

"You were attacked because we required energy for an important purpose." he says. He's trying to sound officalish but this breaks down fast.

"I did not intend to..... be such a brute? Was it what your friend call me? My group was just in-- a dire situation. This situation is still dire- but we have healthier ways of dealing with it now that does not include attacking the defenders of Tokyo." he says softly.

"There's not much else I can say." he admits softly.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-05 06:56:23 10778

    This single word is spoken with flat disapproval, and Karin's eyes narrow. She takes a couple of steps closer as if to increase her presence, seemingly undaunted by his henshin. "'It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission,' is that it? It doesn't work that way when you're attacking people and taking the thing they need to defend this city."

    Though she rejects his intent it's clear that she trusts him at least a little. Either that or she's just very stupid acting in such a way when she has no magical protection.

    "My Fairy's name is Yoshiteru, and after what you did to me I'm not surprised he called you a brute, because that's exactly what you are. You used violence to steal from me, what would you call that?" She turns her head to the side and looks away, "Tch. I don't know why I'm even discussing this. You think your actions were in some way justified, that your situation was so urgent that it excuses your actions?"

    Karin's arms uncross and she walks closer still, standing just behind her practice swords, still sticking up out of the sand. She places her hands on her hips and leans forward. "Fine; but it isn't for me to decide. You attacked a member of Justice, and it's Justice that will decide your innocence or guilt, not me. I'll make this very simple- if you're being honest with me and you really think your actions were warranted then come with me and defend yourself in front of a panel of my superiors."

    Wait. Is she saying she wants to put him on trial?

    Yes. Yes, that's exactly what she's saying.
Hinote Kagari 2015-10-05 07:25:30 10780
Guardian Hino replies. "Yes." he says to the question, was he justified. "A demon army is going to run rampant over the world unless we power a barrier." he says. It's the most simple one sentence explanation he can give.

Though something rings in his head... something that... blonde girl with the feathery barrete and infectious positive energy, and talking bird said when they were explaining things to Runealy and himself... Oh... right.

"No. I will not go to your magical kangaroo court." he says flatly. "Virtue has judged us already, and worthy of help. You are not a rabbit hole I wish to go down." he says softly

"I can, and will pen a polite, and explantive letter, approved and signed by my Princess, to your superiors. That is all I can and will offer in this vein." he says softly.

"I am willing to help you fight whatever it is you're protecting Tokyo from, I can and will put my life on the line for this. I will buy you lunch for a week. I will do many things to apologize- but I will not go into a trial that assumes me guilty." he says.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-05 07:50:11 10781
    If she was the type to find humor in such things Karin might laugh. "Virtue? Of course they did. All you have to do to get their forgiveness is squirt a few tears and say how sorry you are, even if you tried to destroy the world and everything in it, and I mean that literally."

    She scoffs and shakes her head, "How would you like it if Virtue forgave that demon army of yours after only half destroying the world because they said they wouldn't try again? Maybe you'd be a little more skeptical the next time they offered someone forgiveness."

    She lets out a little sigh, "I wish there weren't so many thick headed people with magic powers around, it would make my job a lot easier. Let me say this in terms you'll understand: If you attack people and hurt people from two separate groups getting forgiveness from one does not mean the other is obligated to do the same."

    For the most part she's managed to keep her tone fairly calm, even if not the slightest bit friendly, but now there's a bit of anger edging into it. "You can't buy my forgiveness. And how dare you insult my allies without ever having met them. If your circumstances are extenuating enough to justify your actions that's exactly what they'll find. I'm even giving you the chance to show goodwill by coming with me willingly- which would go a long way toward helping your case."

    Her hands squeeze into fists and her eyebrows angle sharply downward, "Do you know why I'd even give you that chance when I think you're little more than a lowlife thief marauding in the night?" She doesn't give him a chance to respond, adding a moment later through clenched teeth, "Because that's what justice -is-; giving people what they truly deserve, not meting out punishment on vendetta."
Hinote Kagari 2015-10-05 08:24:27 10782
Guardian Hino , for somone who is passionate and full of fire, his tone changes to ice immediatly. "You and I seem to have very different understanding of what 'justice' is." he says. "it is my Guardian Oath. I will help and protect those who I can. No one is lesser than anyone else. No one deserves to be talked down to as if by a tyrant. The strong serve the weak. Those who are more well off than others have a duty to those who have very little."

"I do not feel well about how I spread out in Tokyo, attacking random magical girls, and taking thier energy. But likewise I will not lose sleep over this." he says. "I do not think that Virtue would forgive a army of mostly feral spawn. I have seen them destroy similar creatures. They know when there's hope. There's none to be found there."

He tapers off, voice going more back to normal. "If you are a representitive of 'Justice', then I can very well make some good calls about the rest of them." he says. "Or they need to get a better PR rep." he says with a side of snide aftertaste.

"I have made my offer. We cannot come to an agreement." he says.

"So this attempt at diplomacy is over."

"There is one thing I ask, and that is your name." he says softly.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-05 08:52:46 10783
    "This is what I get for showing pity and giving your 'diplomacy' a chance. I see now that I shouldn't have bothered. You came here to try and assuage your own guilt and tarnished ego, not to atone for your misdeeds."

    Karin stands up to her full height and lifts her chin, "You're right, we cannot come to an agreement." She reaches into her pocket and produces her cellphone. Quick as a whip she navigates to the proper app, tapping the flower now taking up the center of the screen before being enveloped in red light. Her clothes change into the red, white, and black outfit he first saw her in and a pair of swords materialize into her hands.

    When the lightshow dies down she doesn't just speak, but shouts. "My name is Yusha Karin, a chosen protector of Shinju-sama!" She swings her swords so they're held at her sides, and the fierce expression is back on her face in full force. "My virtue has been tested and established my God. My morals are strong and my heart is pure. My integrity is above repute!"

    Now she turns, pointing the tip of her sword towards Guardian Hino. "You have impugned my honor by attacking me to steal the very essence of my life. I will no longer stand by and listen to your excuses. My offer is now a demand. You -will- be coming with me to pay for your crimes."
Hinote Kagari 2015-10-05 09:24:31 10785
Guardian Hino frowns. He stands where he is, he does not move. His belt and sword do not magical materliaze. "Virtue says there is no authority. Not even them. You would have me stand in front of people who've decided the outcome upon my entrance into the room. I will not partake of such a /farce/." he seethes.

"My name is Guardian Hino, Guardian Knight of Waldia in service to the Crown Princess." he says. "My princess has forebidden me from fighting unless it's avoidable, or I need to protect innoncent people from danger, for the remainder of our stay on Earth. This avoidable. Farewell." he says.

He sweeps his arms out in other side and claps them together and there is a /very/ bright light of fire that results. It's flashy, blinding, and bright and distracting.

When Karin either recovers from the flash and/or opens her eyes--- the Knight is gone, leaving just the frontprints in the sand where he was a moment ago- without even a trail away.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-05 09:38:19 10786
    Karin's head shakes in a tiny motion and a little smirk shows on her face. Does he not realize how authoritarian it is to claim that no one is allowed to impose any kind of law or order, even over obvious things like assault and battery? "Think what you want. I fear for the Kingdom of any Princess that is affronted by the mere suggestion of villains being held accountable for their acts. I hope whoever she is your princess isn't as blind as you."

    These words come back to bite her near instantly as the bright, flashy flame momentarily blinds her. Guardian Hino's near instantaneous escape is wise if he wishes to avoid direct conflict, as the Yusha doesn't require vision find a target. Sensory overload, on the other hand, is entirely effective.

    She lets out a cry of surprise and covers her eyes, only to find Hino gone both from her sight and from her perception. Her fists clench around her swords briefly, only to let her breath out in a long, slow motion. "That's fine. The next time we meet there won't be a need for words."

    Rather than dwell on it for too much longer she does her best to clear her mind, dropping back into her kata after calming down, her movements much faster and more powerful than before.

    No reason to waste a perfectly good Henshin, after all.