A New Friend's Temptations

Hannah Sharpe meets a very important new friend. The Darkness in her heart lays out temptations she thought she'd never know. Madoka Kaname proves to be a good girl indeed.

Date: 2015-10-10
Pose Count: 14
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-10 18:34:32 11048
Any magical girl worth her salt has to keep their studies and appearances up. Hannah Sharpe, despite a few worries from classmates at just how tired she often looks, has been doing fairly well thus far. Of course, having a hyper-intelligent magical device to assist with your homework is wonderful in ensuring that happens! Thankfully, at least, she hasn't started cheating.

No, Hannah's too stubborn for that.

Thus, after a long session of cramming for a test and her usual bi-daily gym trip, it's up to the rooftops for her. Normally it'd be a bit of a pain for most students, but a working knowledge of the 'back ways' of the non-Euclidian school more than helps. Dressed in her Infinity High uniform, lunch in a bag, Hannah and her fluffy canine companion find that bloody door.

Whump! Whump!

"Oh, come /on/! Stuck again!? I swear they need to fire the maintenance guy! Alright Boris, on three!"


It's then that the combined weight of a doggie familiar and a very athletic high school girl crash down on the stuck door, it slams open, and both dog and girl go tumbling gracelessly beyond it's frame towards the rooftop's floor! Crash! Hannah's cane clatters noisily as it slips from her grasp, looking dazed even as Boris lets out an annoyed whine, then noses and woofs at Hannah!
Madoka Akemi 2015-10-10 19:01:00 11049
    Madoka Kaname has always had a fondness for school roofs. Some of her fondest memories took place up on the roof of Mitakihara Elementary, spending time with her friends Sayaka and Hitomi. She's even made some nice memories up here on Infinity's.

    There's just something comforting and safe about this place to her that it's usually one of the first spots she'll head towards if she's feeling sad or overwhelmed. Today it was the latter, her weak scholastic abilities showing in class when she was called upon to answer a question in front of her classmates.

    She wasn't here to study, though, but instead to just enjoy the atmosphere able to effectively get away from her academic and social troubles without ever leaving school grounds. The pink haired girl with the red ribbons stands at the edge of the roof, looking out over the downtown Mitakihara skyline. It had changed a little in the two years she was gone, but just looking at all the familiar skyscrapers gave her a feeling of calm and familiarity which was sorely lacking these days. Because of this, and despite her previous worries, all in all she was in a fairly good mood!

    This reverie is broken as the door to the roof is pounded on from the other side. Cue a brief flashback to her own attempts to open it and a spilled bento. She starts over to help open it from this end, only to see a tall high school girl come flying through the door, along with her helpful canine companion!

    She winces when she sees Hannah fall, picking up her pace to jog over to the fallen High School student. "Are you alright?" she asks with genuine concern in her voice. A quick look at the dropped things tells Madoka two things: Hannah's lunch survived the fall, and that the upperclassman is blind. She's spent enough time volunteering in hospitals to know what that white cane stands for.

    "Here, let me help you," she insists lightly, crouching down beside next to her. Without giving much warning she'll reach down and take one of Hannah's hands, carefully at first to make she doesn't pull on a potentially sprained wrist, only to take it in both of her hands to form a solid but warm, gentle grip.

    She'll half rise then while keeping her hands at the same height as before so as to let Hannah choose when to stand back up, ready to keep her hand solid to give extra support but also the dignity of doing so herself without being pulled up like a child.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-10 19:19:15 11050
"...Ow." Is Hannah's initial utterly erudite response to all of this. Boris just facepaws, before sitting down. The Familiar perks up just a bit. He /swears/ he's seen this girl somewhere.

About then, Hannah's brain stops spinning, and there's a voice dripping with concern and warmth. Muttering something disparaging about the door's parentage, she takes a breath. Hannah might be stubborn, but she's not going to push away a hand up after a fall like that.

The highschooler sighs for just a moment, both hands stretching before there's a hand on her own to help her up. And one that brings her up with dignity at that, not like some useless kid. It almost instantly brings a smile to her face, and she laughs, full of confidence and amusement, if a bit flustered. It might point to something else too: Hannah's never lost her southern belle accent, if Madoka ever visited that part of America.

"Oh, jeez, here I go slamming through a doorway like an idiot right in front of a classmate. Mmm, I think I'm okay, don't feel anything sprained. Thanks for the hand up, kiddo!" That steadying hand is taken, and soon turns into Hannah ruffling that pink hair as she levers herself up with Madoka's assistance.

Her confidence returns after a moment. Just a light scrape on the cheek, it looks like, which Hannah takes care of by wiping it with the back of her hand. She then, if Madoka lets her, gives a good, firm shake.

"Awkward way to meet, but, still! Hannah Sharpe! President of the Kickboxing Club! Nice to meet someone helpful around here!" Madoka might have heard that name if she keeps up with local sports! Seems they're going to the nationals this year!

Boris, meanwhile, gives a wag and nosing on Madoka's leg, then goes over and gently picks up that food. A quick telepathic word to Hannah, and she's bending down.

"Good boy. Meet Boris!" More woofs!

"How about to make up for the start, I share some lunch, huh? I feel bad about intruding up here. Most kids go here to be alone, so if you'd rather..." She waves a hand, even as she foot-taps about for her cane. Mumble mumble!
Madoka Akemi 2015-10-10 19:42:50 11051
    As Hannah takes her hand to stand the younger girl doesn't pull, both because the athletic looking high schooler likely neither wants nor needs it, but also because Madoka is short and Hannah is tall and it wouldn't amount to much even if she did. There's an audible sigh of relief as the other girl reports her ego being the only thing injured in the fall, followed by a little sound of surprise as her hair is ruffled. Said hair is soft and well kept, parted in the middle and held in place by ribbons.

    "I'm glad you're okay, I was worried when I saw how quickly you came through the door," Madoka replies, her hand easily shaken as it isn't immediately pulled away after the assistance is given. Upon introduction she smiles, her concern having mostly melted away into a friendly if slightly quiet tone, "Madoka Kaname; you can call me Madoka if you like. Is it alright if I call you Hannah-chan?"

    That accent wasn't missed at all and though she hadn't met too many people with it she knows well enough where it's from. "You're from somewhere in the American South, aren't you? I just transferred back after spending a couple years there for my mother's work." With a bit of extra pep she adds, "Nice to meet you!" in English- her own Japanese accent very audible but not insufferably so.

    Now she does retrieve her hand and free it from Hannah's, slipping it away slowly so as not to be abrupt. The reason for this is clear as she bends down and retrieves the cane from the ground, quietly placing the end into Hannah's palm without making any kind of fuss about it. "I'll be cheering for you at the Nationals," she comments as she does this, only to quickly shake her head while holding up her hands, "No, there's no reason to go. I enjoy it up here but it's usually more fun with company."

    Looking down at Boris she fidgets a little with a slightly nervous energy. "Is it alright if I pet him?" she asks with meek hopefulness.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-10 20:06:11 11052
Why does every sounds Madoka makes come off as adorable? It's a little like listening to a puppy, or a bird, only with human sounds. It has her smiling, and remembering a much smaller ball of husky-fluff when she was younger.

One of Boris' eyes twitch as the though hits their mental link. Suddenly Hannah is smiling at the dog. A really intense owner-dog relationship maybe?

"Things like that happen to me all the time. Coach keeps saying I need to 'look where I leap' and 'hold back'. Snarky old man!" The man's in his forties, but Hannah can't help but bristle against him.

"Aaaanyway, Madoka, huh? The pleasure's all mine! Call me anything but 'Miss Sharpe'! Else you'll start sounding like my Mother, and we don't want to have that!" She laughs a touch, before her brain kicks in, and everything registers. Madoka Kaname, goes to Infinity, and is of great interest to her most beloved employee, Homura Akemi.

One whose life ensures a dear friend of her own's safety.

The name causes the slightest of pauses in Hannah, and rather than try to hide it, she rolls with it. A tap to her chin.

"I swear I've heard of you somewhere!" But Madoka adds exactly where she was going with this.

"Hah, I knew it! /You're/ the new transfer student! One of the juniors kept mumbling about 'Americans invading' after he went a few too many rounds in the ring with me. Must've been you!"

"And the same to you, darlin'!" Responds Hannah in English, hamming up the southern playfully with a smirk.

"South Carolina born and raised! Never quite kicked the accent despite moving all over the place."

The cane is taken, with a tiny nod to the girl, similarly dismissing it. But she lets that hand go!

"Thanks! If you want, I'll get you tickets! In fact, I have two extras if you know anyone you'd like to go with!" Smirk. Devious! She leeeeans down.

"Boy friend maybe!?" Boris chooses that exact moment to tread on Hannah's foot!

"Ow! Alright, I'll behave Boris! Jeez, I can't tease a new friend?"

Then she claps her hands.

"Great, then! Come on, Madoka, let's find that bench!" She takes up Boris' lead, and off they go towards the bench, Hannah sitting and unwrapping her lunch.

Today's servings? Country fried steak and gravy, and what looks like a grit cake. Seems comfort food is the lunch of of choice. She quickly takes knife and fork to it.

"Mmm? Go ahead! I think Boris would be sad if you didn't!"

Nom nom swallow!

"So, Madoka. Where'd you grow up? Must've been rough, moving from Japan to America."
Madoka Akemi 2015-10-10 20:41:52 11053
    Madoka laughs a little at the response to being told to hold back or be more careful. That kind of stubbornness reminds her of a certain blue haired friend of hers and she finds it endearing. She sounds briefly confused when Hannah mentions having heard of her, only to let out a much more embarrassed laugh when her recent transfer is mentioned.

    "Eheh, yes, that's me." She presses her fingers together for a moment and lowers her eyes to the ground, "It's strange to be the center of attention just because I'm new." In fact it feels strange for her to be the center of attention at all- she can't quite figure out why that would be. Her next words answer one of Hannah's questions, "Especially when I've only been gone a couple of years; I lived in Tokyo, here in the Mitakihara District, most of my life."

    When given permission she happily reaches down and showers Boris with pets and attention, stopping only once they reach the bench, whereupon Madoka takes her seat next to Hannah.

    "I'd love to be able to see you compete in person! Someone I'd go with... I'm sure someone I know would like to go," her mind goes through various people in her mind, only for her to clam up and blush at the smirk and teasing insinuation of a potential boyfriend. "Wha- N-no, I don't have anyone like that to bring! Boys... don't really seem to be interested in me," she adds on a slightly down note.

    Unwilling to let something like that ruin the mood of making a new friend, never mind the continued potential for teasing, she changes the topic. "You're right, it was very hard. I didn't fit in very well and I spoke very poor English when we first moved. There were some things I liked a lot about it, but it was hard and I never made and real friends while I was there. It's strange, but even with all that moving back has been even harder, in a way."

    She turns in her seat, then, shifting so that her body is positioned towards Hannah in a closer, more personal way. "It must have been the same way for you. The schools here are very different, and Infinity University is so challenging. If it was hard for me to move away... I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for you!"

    She resists the urge to take the other girl's hand again only because she's eating, instead gently resting it on her upper arm for a moment. "You have to face challenges I can't even imagine, and people here in Japan can be so closed off to people not like them," she acknowledges, her voice a mix of sympathy and admiration.

    "Even with those kinds of hardships you've become the President of the Kickboxing Club and lead them to Nationals! To be able to overcome such high obstacles and achieve such success; I think that's really something to be admired, Hannah-chan!"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-10 21:21:33 11055
Hannah can't help but snerk at the poor girl.

"You get that /everywhere/. Listen, I've visited a lot of places in my short life. And you'll find that humans are humans no matter where you go. We're clannish by nature. That weird little outsider is a curiousity and a threat. But if you managed to fit in back home..." A dramatic twirl of her cane and one hand behind her head.

And then a friendly swat on the back!

"You'll get your feet eventually. The novelty will wear off, you'll learn all the little social cues to get by, and then I bet a cute girl like you will have friends by the dozens! Just gotta let the new kid smell wear off, you know?" A swift nod.

A grin.

"That has to be surreal. I wouldn't know what to do if I went back to the good ol' SC. Heh, I'd miss way too many people here. It's a good part of the city even if it gets a bit wild sometimes." What /does/ she mean by that?

And then they sit, and by now, all those ruffles has Boris laying down on his side at the two girl's feet. There's the image of a happy husky as Hannah starts to use one of those feet to rub his tummy. Woof!

Half of her steak is devoured by the middle of the conversation. Hannah is a growing, ravenous girl.

"Heh, not yet huh? Well, give it time! Anyway, yeah, here!"

She fiddles with her pockets. Mumble mumble. She eventually pulls out two tickets.

"Root for me, huh? Believe it or not, even I get nervous when you have so many eyes looking at you and something like that riding on the line. If every single member isn't at their best? We go down." A deep breath, and she thumps her chest.

"But we'll pull through! I give my team a lot of guff, but they're dedicated and good people. This school is amazing, and its students are special. I want to show Japan that." She gives a thumbs-up, before it's back to nomming hard.

She listens to Madoka's story with odd silence, taking it in. She winces at some points, remembering her first move.

"The first time is the worst. Stranger in a strange land, and all." She starts, and then the girl is turning it around on her. Hannah laughs aloud, reaches over, and tries to poke at Madoka's nose gently!

"I'm not sure if you're deflecting, or you really are that adorable, Madoka!" How blunt! No doubt Hannah ruffled more than a few feathers coming to Japan.

But it seems to be all in good humor, as she offers up some of her food Madoka-wards.

"Here, try some home cookin'." She adds in english.

"It was pretty rough, yeah. But a met someone, Ao Karina. Good, sweet girl, pretty sickly though. Always in hospitals." Not quite the correct version of events, but they did initially meet in the hospital.

"So you could say we met by chance and bonded over similar circumstances." She waves around her eyes.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-10 21:21:45 11056
"And my parents always supported me no matter how hard it was, always pushing me to be my best. You know what happened?"

A wink. She takes that arm, leaning in like some kind of older sister, and smiles.

"I took my Dad's advice. 'You can deal with a problem two ways. Either be smart and sneaky, or go straight through it!'. I'm not the sneaky type. I kept at it, relied on my family and best friends, and put myself into enough faces that people here recognized me. If you keep on being warm and right in front of people, they'll have no choice but to acknowledge you, no matter where you're from!" Cue a sage-nod.

"Hey, hey! Don't make it sound like I'm something special. I just used the good old fashioned southern work ethic and a lot of leaning on the people who were there for me. You've got a good attitude. I have a feeling you'll go far too, if you never lose that cheer and the hope in your voice. Just don't forget that friends are important, and family, and they'll be the bedrock that keeps you up when you're at your lowest." Adds Hannah, voice suddenly serious. Indeed, despite her nationality, she's playing the part of a real sempai.

Then she looks away, and coughs.

"...Sorry, I talk a lot when you get me going. All I'm saying is that you've got my ears if you need it. I'd like to call you a friend, Madoka." A sudden offer, but she can't help but like the girl, even without Homura's influence. Suddenly, she really does understand.

It doesn't stop her from slipping one hand in a pocket, and tapping Raging Tempest for the quietest of magical scans of the girl. She still has to know if she's really that potent, that such potential lays dorment in Madoka.
Madoka Akemi 2015-10-10 22:19:45 11058
    "I know you're right, but I don't understand it. Why does it take knowing someone better to see that being different is just another way of saying they're unique and interesting?" Despite her slightly mopey tone from before there's an inherent optimism in her tone; she's the kind of girl to see the best in people rather than the worst.

    The swat on the back gets a little gasp from her, not having expected it. She responds afterwards with a simple, "Thanks," further comments on her gratitude stymied by a blush at the little compliment. She then gives a slight nod, "In some ways it feels like I've never left and everything is exactly the same..." there's a small shake of her head and her eyes close and she continues in a much quieter, tone, "but in other ways it seems like everything's changed." She doesn't elaborate on this point.

    The tickets are accepted, looked over, and then carefully placed within her own pockets, marking the point when Madoka finally removes her hand from Hannah's shoulder. Clearly a very touchy-feely sort, this one. "I'll give you my best cheers," she replies in a happier tone of voice, only to consider, "Maybe I should bring someone with a loud voice..?" Morale support at such an event can go a long way!

    To the comment about the school and it's student body being amazing she is quick to nod along, "They really are. There are so many intelligent, talented people here that I sometimes wonder if I should be here. Even after taking summer courses I haven't caught up to the others in my grade."

    Then there's a look of genuine confusion, "Deflecting?" Her eyes widen a tiny bit when she realizes the meaning, "Oh, no! I'm not just trying to flatter you, Hannah-chan, you're an amazing person. Even if you didn't have so much to overcome I'd look up to you."

    The food is accepted graciously and after eating the first bite she laughs suddenly, "This... this tastes like America! There's so much good food there I'd never tried before, it's one of the things I miss about it the most."

    When the mention of Ao is made she smiles happily, glad to hear that Hannah found a best friend to help her through her tough times. There's a slight sound of sympathy again when she hears about her being in the Hospital often. "If she uses Mitakihara General I might see her- I volunteer there as a Candy Striper," she uses the English term since Hannah will likely understand it, "What does she look like? I can make sure she gets the best possible treatment." By which she means her own, of course.

    Listening to Hannah's story about her parents and friends she smiles some more, giggling a little when she mentions not being sneaky, "I would have guessed that!" This is the kind of story Madoka really loves to hear- about people rallying together and inspiring each other into overcoming adversity and pushing each other to do better.

    When her arms is taken she actually uses it to hug lightly against Hannah's own, a little sign of how she's connecting with her and how happy the story makes her. Then after she's told not to forget her friends and family she shakes her head, her own voice a little more serious as well, "I know that I am very blessed to have the family I do. If I could be reborn as anyone in history, I'd want to be the child of my mother and my father again! Mama is so hard working and driven, and she's always there to give me advice when I need it and push my when I hesitate. And Papa is always around to cheer me up and make sure I have everything I need to be successful; his cooking is the greatest!"

    Her good cheer is earnest here, but there's a very slight undertone of something else as well. In fact it's something that is there a lot of the time when she talks about how amazing other people are.

    Madoka looks over to Hannah and shakes her head at the worry of speaking too much, vocalizing a little 'no' sound to go with it. "I'd be very happy if we could be friends, Hannah-chan," she responds with a smile.
Madoka Akemi 2015-10-10 22:19:52 11059
    There's something gnawing at her though, something she doesn't like brining up. But with all this talk of friends helping one another, and just saying she'll be Hannah's friend, Madoka would feel bad keeping it from her. She looks to Hannah again and softly begins, "Actually..."

    Rising Tempest activates and gives that tiny little scan of the pink haired girl. The response is, not to be insensitive, nearly blinding. At this intimate range the Device's sensitive detectors are almost immediately overwhelmed by the extent of the magical power dormant within the girl. It likely has to scale it's results by several orders of magnitude in order for it to even become recognizable.

    This kind of power... it defies all logic. Theoretically speaking it's not even possible. There's so much latent power trapped inside of the small girl next to Hannah that it should be exploding from her at this very moment- and yet it does not. It's a confusing, intangible sort of power, and nothing easily tapped.

    It's nearly impossible to even overstate- were she ever become capable of wielding the full extent of that power it could even be enough to defy the very laws of the universe itself. It can be maddening, to have such an mammoth, cosmic potential so near and yet untapped.

    It's no wonder that trying to protect this girl has driven Homura to distraction- Kyubey will stop at nothing in order to get his paws on this energy and he's only intends to draw it out of her and contract her as a Magical Girl. For someone who wanted to seize immense power for themselves the kind, compassionate girl sitting next to Hannah is nothing short of the Holy Grail.

    "Actually... being around so many amazing people, it can be hard on me. I don't have any talents, or useful skills, and I'm really not very good in school. I'm already asking so many people to support me in my academics but I'm just barely getting by. I... sometimes I feel I'm a burden on my friends."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-10 23:19:59 11060
One eye closes, and Hannah smirks.

"What, you haven't figured it out yet? Humans are dumb, to put it bluntly. Eyes or not, we're all blind, can barely see past ourselves and if you're lucky? Those closest to you. Takes a real gem of humanity to see the good in the bunch."

Despite her confidence, Hannah has all the hallmarks of a burgeoning pessimist, only that selfsame confidence keeping her from ending up like Homura. If she could see the entire worst of humanity, she'd see it in herself, and she's no where near that perceptive.

"A few years will do that." She adds to Madoka, clearly willing to add to uncomfortable topics.

Hannah's no less that way, between her heritage and blindness. Unlike many, she seems to relish in contact with other people. Thought not always in the way Madoka does.

Cue a sudden vision of Homura shouting. Hannah laughs aloud.

"Yeah, I think a loud person or two could be good. Need to keep up the momentum and enthusiasm!" Cue a fist pumped in the air.

Cue a tug of a ribbon'd up bit of hair!

"You're just getting your momentum, right? Keep at it. You strike me as the 'straight through' type, so, just keep on going and you'll catch right up!" Hannah offers her own stores of optimism. Clearly someone as kind as this girl, and with Homura's backing, would do well!

And then Madoka has her /blushing/.

"H...hey! That's too much for someone like me!" Even she doesn't know what to say for a moment or two, looking away and suddenly rub-rub-rubbing Boris a bit more forcefully. The dog is in /heaven/ right now.

Smirk. "Glad you like it! I'll be sure to cook you a meal or two. I'm nothing against my parents, but I'm pretty good at cooking!" There's a bit of pride here!

Hannah almost instantly perks up. "You? Heh. I should've guessed, you have the attitude. Uhh. Asking me isn't too useful. Here." She reaches into her pockets again, fumbles about, and finally produces a picture.

"Here. If it says 'Ao' on the back, it's her." There's a far too thin, pale-skinned japanese girl with brown hair in the picture. She'd be adorable, roughly Hannah's age, if she weren't so obviously frail. There's a tanned arm around her, a glimpse of a face, that's probably Hannah's given the shock of white hair.

"Keep it. Mom insists on having dozens. I should introduce you two some time, I think you'd get along great!"

Arms eventually cross after that hug, Hannah looking utterly pleased!

"They sound great! Force and cheer, you need both, and they sound like they care a lot. Not everybody has it as good as we do, Madoka. We need to be thankful for that!"

That tone is caught, and there's something annoyed in Hannah's face. She manages to smooth it down, at least for the moment.

Further smoothed by more words from Madoka, though it lingers in her eyes. She raises her coke as if to toast.

"To new friends, and opportunities!"

Madoka hesitates. There's a nod.

"All ears, kiddo!" The last of her food is devoured, and she gives all of her attention to Madoka.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-10 23:20:14 11061
It's about now that those impossible, utterly illogical readings hit her. The link between Device and mage might buffer it a bit, but Hannah knows that Raging Tempest is struggling to take that kind of reading. A hand slips in, she's clenching her skirts, and Hannah can't help but clench her teeth. Her skin pales, just a moment, perhaps enough to worry poor Madoka.

She could achieve everything with the power that Madoka possesses. It's more strength than a million of her modified grief seeds, more than the energy of every other magical girl combined. The darkness in her heart screams at her, that horrible greed within yelling to pick up the girl, and whisk her away to the laboratories of Eclipse. To painstakingly rip all of it out, and take it in, Homura and oaths be damned. She could truly create a perfect world with that much pent up magic.

No wonder Takashi wanted her. She gets it. And no wonder Homura is so desperate in protecting her, so easily made a promise to Hannah over the girl's life.

Hannah breathes hard, and slumps forward. Boris is over in an instant, whining in worry. She bites her lip, blood trickling down, the pain of it bringing her back to reality. She'd been inching a hand towards Madoka, instincts and green and Darkness in her heart almost overwhelming.

She made a Promise. One to a friend, and for a friend. A feeling of a man in a tophat, a girl with a gun in her hand comes to her mind. Standing. Judging her ultimate failing.

That kind of guilt isn't something even she could bear, versus the fate of the world. Not against the life of this simple girl who possesses nothing but kindness in her heart. The world would be lesser of a place without her.

And yet, it takes everything in her to not simply steal the girl into the night. Hannah slowly stands, leaning on her cane like an old man, as she wavers.

"...Hey. Don't talk like that, okay? Just hearing you talk?" She bites her lip harder.

She breathes as though she's been through a marathon. An odd thing, for such an obviously healthy girl.

"It's made me feel a little better about myself. So don't say that you're being a burden or something!" She whirls around, strength returning somewhat despite her inner conflict. She leans down, pointing her finger at the girl.

"You're the kind of girl who'd be there for her friends no matter what! And...and you've got a lot of talent inside of you, too! If you say anything like 'burden' again, I'll be mad!" Comes Hannah, loud and annoyed. Then, she finally takes a breath.

"So just keep moving forward! You'll find your way, Madoka. I believe in you. There's no way someone like you will let down your friends, even an idiot like me!" What is she talking about!?

Letting out a sigh, she flicks a piece of paper to the other girl.

"That's the details for my study group. All upperclassmen, but we'll do our best to support you! I'll expect you to be there!" With a wave, she grabs Boris' lead, and heads off, walking down the stairs of the school. She quickly slips into the non-Euclidian space.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-10 23:21:03 11063
And almost immediately, summons a small burst of wind magic into her fist, and punches a hole into a wall in anger and frustration.

"What kind of world gives /THAT/ girl such power!? Where's the fairness in that!? Taunting me with that power, giving her an unfortunate fate and making her a TARGET!?" She yells, only the few nearby youma nearby to hear.

Not ten minutes later, and several youma deceased in pure wrath, Hannah is back at the gym, further working out her frustrations and rage on some poor unfortunate punching bag.
Madoka Akemi 2015-10-11 00:02:28 11064
    "People may not see the beauty of the others around them very easily," Madoka responds meaning the kind that comes from within that Hannah can appreciate, "but if they did I think we could all understand one another much better."

    To the mention of years away making everything seem strange and different she merely responds with a soft sound of being unsure.

    At the pumped fist and mention of people being boisterous helping the mood it puts a clear picture of Sayaka in her head. She squeaks in surprise as her hair is tugged, one of her tails just the slightest bit lopsided now.

    To the encouragement she considers a moment before adding, "I'll... I'll do my best!"

    She accepts the picture of Ao while blushing furiously. Here she had been so good about being considerate and she asked such a stupid question! Luckily Hannah did have just the thing to let her know. "Are you sure?" she asks when told to keep it, only to stow it away carefully for later.

    And then the tone of their little meeting seems to shift. Madoka is observant enough to notice it, but she can't possibly guess what causes it. The closest thing she has is that her self doubting comments really rubbed the older girl the wrong way. She might even be right, but for the wrong reasons. She speaks her mind regardless, though when she notice the bitten lip her attitude shifts instantly.

    "Hannah-chan, your lip- you must have bitten it while eating!" She looks around for some kind of napkin amidst the food, and unless it's taken from her will even reach out to dab it away, concern for her new friend causing her to miss the intense look as Hannah's hand inches towards her.

    It's all true- the things that could be done with that potential are staggering and potentially world changing. Even a fraction of it, torn from it's source, might be enough to give Hannah the ability to force her dreams into reality.

    But at the same time, the opposite is also true. Such terrible power used recklessly could sunder the Earth itself. Were all that strength fall to Darkness, to that all consuming greed Hannah feels now it could mean the end of the world.

    Madoka shrinks back as she's pointed to after Hannah stands, having previously held a hand towards her after seeing the difficulty she seemed to be having. "I'll always be there for my friends," she agrees, the sound of confusion playing in her voice.

    The study group information is taken gratefully and for a moment she's glad Hannah can't look at her. She wouldn't want to upset the High School student any further because she saw the slight deflation at being given the help. It isn't the offer that makes her sad- it's that it's needed at all in the first place.

    As Hannah exits Madoka is left sitting there on the bench looking confused.

    She looks at the study group information and after a moment lets out a little sigh. "A study group for talented high schoolers... I'm sure to take up their time and slow them down."

    Her small fist closes around the note and she stuffs it into her pocket with uncharacteristic abruptness. "No! I shouldn't think like that, that's exactly what she was trying to tell me."

    So instead of dwelling on the self doubt in her heart she instead retrieves the other things Hannah gave her from her pockets- the picture of Ao, and the two tickets to the Kickboxing Nationals. The first she lightly runs her fingers across, noting the pale, sickly form. The second she gives a bright smile to, "I'm going to have to ask Mom to teach me some rowdy cheers; I bet Hannah-chan would be surprised and happy to hear me like that..!"