Saving Madoka-chan

A nice outing at the Midori-ya turns to Hannah revealing herself to Madoka.

Date: 2015-10-16
Pose Count: 13
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-16 11:58:03 11437
The Midori-Ya is a classic spot for anyone in the Uminari-Mitakihara area to catch a good breakfast before school. Hannah is no exception, and thus it is that she and her canine companion have grabbed their usual spot this morning. It's a window-side booth, curtains open, the sun providing warmth on her face and a trio of donuts and strong coffee at her side. Boris, for his part, is devouring a strawberry scone with indecent haste. Nom nom nom!

There's plenty of time before school, and so Hannah is taking her meal leisurely, feet kicked up as only a proper southern girl can: that is, completely without regard to Japanese manners. Luckily by now the workers and residents tolerate her ways. She tips darn well, after all.

Still, she seems on edge. There's something in the air that the magical sort can feel, and Hannah is sipping on her coffee far more than on food. She has a bad feeling, and has learned to trust her instincts.
Madoka Akemi 2015-10-16 12:15:19 11438
    Midori-Ya is well known to Madoka despite only having been back in town for a few months. With how popular it is with students along who walk to Infinity along the route it'd be surprising if anyone at the school more than a few weeks hadn't heard of it. Even so it's not somewhere the middle schooler visits often; she gets plenty of breakfast at home every morning and tends to tote home made lunches every single day on top of it. Her father is a real workaholic homemaker!

    The change comes when it's not just breakfast or lunch she wants, because while he might make deserts and snacks on request the Kaname household is not one to have sugary confections simply sitting around ready to be eaten. Instead when they are they're usually enough for one or two snacks or after dinner deserts at most and expected not to be gotten into. A well mannered child by almost all respects Madoka almost never breaks these expectations. The point today is moot however, as there are no brownies, cookies, mochi, or any other sweet treats to take to school.

    She wants to bring some today, however, because she's recently met back up with Sayaka and Hitomi and wants to make her prolonged absence up to them. She doesn't have to buy their friendship with sweets but it couldn't possibly hurt.

    So here she is, having gotten up early enough that she can make it to Midori-Ya, buy some of their wonderful fresh baked goods, and then sneak back to her usual walking path where she intends to meet up with her friends. A deep breath as she steps inside is all it takes to tell her just how good the baked goods here are, "Sayaka-chan and Hitomi-chan are going to be so surprised!"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-16 12:25:51 11439
Hannah is a far more independent sort, and likely a good thing given what she does: a place to stay at Infinity U, and yet with her parents not too far away, she never suffers for lack of familial contact. Still, she's already settled into her own space, the few offers of living in her parents' apartment again so often rebuffed.

And as much as a good cook as Hannah has become, she still likes to be lazy after such tramatic experiences as Kyouko being changed by mysterious enemies.

In a word, this morning is all about comfort food. A donut is half consumed, before a voice tickles her ears. Boris is helpful, too, mentally filling in his owner.

"...Could that be Madoka I hear out there?" Comes Hannah suddenly with a grin, leaning out from her booth. She offers a wild, exaggerated wave.

Even as she seems all warmth and cheer, there's still that set of her shoulders and slight tenseness in her voice that increases. That feeling intensifies.

Elsewhere, a dark figure zooms between alleyways, seeking that delicious source of magical energy. An inhuman, utterly emotionally driven hunger forces the Familiar forward. Prey awaits, of the most tempting kind.
Madoka Akemi 2015-10-16 12:45:46 11440
    Madoka's short string of good luck continues! As she steps inside there is only one person in line ahead of her and they're just finishing paying. As she goes up to the counter she looks thoughtfully over the doughnut selection, asking for four ones filled with raspberry jam. Sayaka might want two! After paying but waiting to for them to be given to her in a bag Madoka catches sight of animated waving and she looks over.

    "Hannah-chan!" She says with surprise, quickly sending her own wave back without thinking about it. There's a brief pause as she peeks at the cashier getting ready to get her treats, who waves her off and tells her to go ahead join her friend; they'll send the doughnuts over in a minute. With a happy smile she walks animatedly over to Hannah's booth, "Good morning, Hannah-chan!" She looks over the food arrayed before the older student and can't help but beam happily, "Getting yourself pumped up and ready for Nationals?" she asks, coming to a stop with her bookbag held behind herself.

    Her voice is peppy and cheerful; walking to school with Sayaka and Hitomi again means really getting back into the swing of what she feels should be her normal life.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-16 13:03:06 11441
Hannah pumps a fist in the air!

"Yup! Just around the corner, and a growing girl like me can't slack off! Need those calories, you know? And a good coffee too, gotta keep up with those studies or coach will get on me!" Then she leans in, grinning, conspiratorially.

"And now matter how old or tough you get, Mom can still take you down a peg if you dissappoint her!" Reeeeeach! The girl will get the usual hair-ruffles that Hannah's becoming so accustomed to giving.

"What brings you out here, hmm? Getting used to the local hot-spots again?"

It's right about then that Boris proves more than sharp. The dog, already nosing Madoka's legs in a friendly manner, suddenly turns around and starts growling. A few of the patrons look over. They know the girl and her dog. He /never/ growls. And the dog isn't even looking at any person.

No, he's looking at a wall. The mundane people of the Cafe begin to fall unconscious as that feeling of magic rises, and Boris screams in Hannah's head before bolting to the side.

Hannah reaches out desperately to grab Madoka, pulls the smaller girl to her chest, and then tries to leap aside straight through the window adjacent to them, shielding her from the glass shards with her own body. It's not the first time this has happened, and it shows in both her reaction times /and/ her choice of seating. A quick, if painful, escape is preferable to getting herself and Madoka killed.

Crashing straight through the wall as people pass out in a kaleidoscope of colors and imagery is a cloaked figure, all dangly limbs and too-many teeth. It's like a cloaked assassin of old, if you added shark teeth, strange colors, and the odd impression of a child's storybook.

A Familiar, howling and snuffling as it searches out the twin sources of true power, the rest of the patrons left unmolested for now.

Hannah coughs and sputters, glass in her back and leaned against a brick wall she'd come to rest at.

" okay, Madoka?" She asks of the girl, worry and fear in her voice.
Madoka Akemi 2015-10-16 13:42:34 11443
    "Faito!" comes the cheerful response when Hannah pumps her first, the younger girl following suit though with a bit less vigor in the motion.

    The comment about getting taken down a peg by her mother for disappointing her causes Madoka to blink though. She can't really imagine her own mother doing such a thing. She doesn't have too much time to think about it though as her hair is ruffled, causing her to lower her head while making a surprised sound, though it won't save her from having to straighten it a bit later.

    "I just wanted to get something for my fr- hmm?" Her reply is interrupted by Boris' growl, pulling her hand back right as she was about to pet him as he nosed her leg. Madoka's heart seems to chill in her chest as she sees people around her starting to slump, that strange magic so bizarre and yet so fresh in her mind begins changing the world around them.

    "No," she whispers meekly, remembering a sea of paint, a maze of hospital corridors, an impossibly wide field of lilies. "Not again," she barely squeaks out, hands coming up tremblingly to cover her face, eyes peeking between them.

    She's grabbed from behind and flung through a window- at first she has no idea who, or what, it was that caused it, only that she feels remarkably unhurt for how loud the sound of shattering glass rang in her ears.

    She's trembling for a moment as Hannah recovers from the slam against the brick wall but those words tell her who it is that has her, and she turns around. "Hannah-chan!" The question only half registers in her mind but she replies automatically, "I'm fine."

    Hearing that horrible howl has her turning her head towards the now broken window, seeing the Familiar with all it's dangling limbs and sharp teeth. Fear grips her heart again, but this time it has the opposite effect. She grabs for one of Hannah's hands and begins trying to drag her away, trying to lead her on as fast as she can with all the strength she has in her small body. "Hannah-chan, we have to get out of here!" She shouts, her voice hoarse from how loudly as she, "We have to get out of here! If we don't run that thing-" her voice cracks, "It's going to kill us!"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-16 14:29:25 11445
Hannah grits her teeth, smiling despite it all, her head spinning. It was a hard impact, and she's a little delirious. Ironically, it's Madoka's words that save her in the end from being simply devoured from pure surprise at how the creature snuck up on them all.

"Thank God! Hah...she'd kill me if I stuffed that one." What /is/ Hannah talking about?

Then, she's being hauled up with all the strength of the middle schooler, and the girl moves automatically. Her Infinity High uniform is torn, and one particular shard of glass is plucked with a curse from her back.

"You're...right...that thing will..." She cuts herself off as some semblance of intellect returns to her.

A mental conversation springs up as Boris leaps from the top of Midori-Ya, over to the next building, getting a rooftop's eye view of the situation.

"Boris, can you get a Barrier up?"

The Familiar growls, his mental link quivering.

"Not without trapping those people in with it! Will do whatever White Kitten wants!"

Hannah's hand rubs her face, just as the creature crashes through the exit the two just made, dangly limbs wielding two dripping rusty blades that seem to leak malice itself.

But if they can lead it away, at least it won't eat the others.

"Come on!" Hannah isn't exactly slow, even without magic, and so it's her turn to start running. Tugging the girl by the arm, she's all but dragging her away. A quick turn down an alleyway has that Familiar chasing them, the pair barely avoiding being slashed up several times as they're cornered and boxed in after several such exchanges. Hannah trips, just as the confusing, speedy trip ends with them both at a dead-end alleyway, with the creature looming. There's no where left to run. Gasping, and cursing, Hannah slowly gets back to her feet.

"I swear I have the worst luck!" She mutters, staring down the creature. Teeth grit, and she finally sighs.

"Freaking promises...Madoka! You'd better keep this a secret! I could seriously get killed if the wrong people found out!" Comes Hannah, perhaps all too sudden for the frightened Madoka.

A hand goes into her pockets, and pulls out a single gold coin. She flicks it into the air, and green waves of magic surround her as it hovers there. Those lines cover her, bright and swift against the strange storybook mini-labyrinth created by the Familiar. The ivy-etched, circular crest of her magic appears below her as she shouts.

"Raging Tempest, set-up!"

The coin splits, and twin golden arches fly to her hands as the wind disperses around her just in time. Little gusts accentuate her green form, a white suit covering her, golden tie, and the feeling of /power/ emanating from the girl. It's just in time, as the transformation ends, the succulent feeling of magic drawing in the creature.

Both blades lash out, aiming to cut into Miss White's neck. A fist, faster than lightning and as strong as an ox meets both blades. One is caught, the force of the blow redirected into a nearby wall just as a Barrier goes up. Dust and debris kicks up, right at both Hannah and Madoka. The other, remaining slicing limb is met straight on, the spiked knuckles of Raging Tempest pulping that gangly arm in a merciless punch that sends the Familiar careening back. There's a small splash of blood as her own arm is injured in the exchange.

It wobbles, on shakey legs, before one final kick sends a cutting burst of wind to render the creature into chunks, dissipating as it dies.

Hannah shivers, and sighs. She's still exhausted from last night, and this hasn't helped.

She turns around, once she's certain that the creature is dead.

"...You okay, Madoka?" She asks, yet again, despite her ruined sleeve and wounded arm.
Madoka Akemi 2015-10-16 15:00:34 11446
    As Hannah begins to run Madoka keeps a firm grip, following after as quickly as she can. That's actually a fairly good clip; Madoka's one good score in PE is sprinting and being enticed by fear means even her legs can keep up with the much taller Hannah's. The Familiar swings at them and she pulls on that arm to help haul herself away just a little bit, a sob of pure terror escaping her as she hears the air whistling as the swipe arcs just behind her ear.

    Though it's the only thing she knows she can do, merely running away isn't enough to escape. As they race out of one alleyway there's another where there should be an open street. It wouldn't have matter which path they had taken. The end would always have been the same: a wall rising in front of them after they turn, a hopelessly dead end.

    Madoka goes tumbling down after Hannah at the abrupt stop, arms pin wheeling before she crashes to the ground with a bump and a skid. It's a good thing she wore her jacket today or she'd have some road rash to thank for her troubles.

    With escape seemingly impossible and the familiar bearing down on them Madoka is left with only one option after getting back up. Cowering. She gets behind the taller Infinity student, clinging to her back, hands and fingers with white knuckled grip on Hannah's own school uniform. Thankfully she doesn't grab anywhere where there had been a piece of glass.

    As Hannah makes her declaration of secrecy Madoka is simply too scared to even form words. The coin is flicked into the air, and as the lines of magic form over Hannah she flinches, backing away and not knowing what they are.

    Then magic envelopes her new friend, suddenly white suited with a golden tie. She gasps, this new shock jolting thought other than sheer panic back into her mind. It occurs to her then that she might actually survive this encounter as Miss White's fists meet the blades of the Familiar, the well dressed young woman's power seeming to dominate that of the gangly horror.

    Her fists snap limbs and shatter blades before Madoka's eyes, and then a single burst of wind from that powerful kick destroys in an instant the monster that only moment's before seemed as if it was going to end both their lives.

    At the question Madoka's pink eyes slowly blink twice, and for the time being it goes unanswered. "Hannah-chan... You're-"

    Whatever that thought might be it's interrupted as Madoka rushes forward, running right into Hannah and throwing her arms around her, the tears that were too scared to even show now running freely down her cheeks. "You saved me! If you hadn't been here then I..!"

    Those hugs of hers- sometimes they can be crushingly tight, for such a small girl.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-16 15:27:49 11447
Oomph! Incoming Madoka's! Hannah catches the girl, stumbles lightly, and then leans against the wall. She hugs her tight, laughing a bit as adrenaline slowly fades.

There's a handkerchief, and she's trying to wipe her tears!

She also grunts.

"Nnn...little looser, Madoka! Shhh, shhh, it's okay. You're safe. I've got you."

She'll go silent for a while, patting her head and just trying to let her get it all out. Boris doggie-jogs up, and lets out a sigh.

"Was telling White kitten all along! Pink kitten is trouble!" Comes the dog. In /English/!

Hannah scowls.

"Be polite, Boris! Right. Madoka. Call me Miss White like this, okay? Kasagami White."

If she's been paying attention to the news, then she might have heard of a particularly oddly named company: WitchHunter Professional Services.

"I trust I can trust you with this kind of thing, hmm? You're...very important to me, even if you don't realize it."
Madoka Akemi 2015-10-16 15:45:43 11448
    No words come for several moments as Madoka hugs onto and is hugged by Hannah, only sobs of dissipating fear, and relief. She sniffles a little and raises her face as the handkerchief is produced, too emotional to be embarrassed for the moment.

    Little loser... does that mean her? She kind of doubts it, considering the kind words that follow. When the male voice speaks up she starts getting a better hold of herself, looking around for the source. The Familiar's barrier is gone but Hannah's remains, leaving the world a dulled vision of the alley right next to Midori-Ya. All that running and they hadn't really moved at all.

    It isn't until Hannah replies to the voice and names it as Boris that Madoka actually finds the source of that previous voice, her eyes widening for a moment before she lets out shocked, "Your dog can talk?!" It's a stark contrast to the terrified kind of shock from just minutes earlier.

    Now the self-consciousness comes and she pulls away from Hannah. "Miss White? Okay, I... I think I understand." She takes in a breath and lets it out, trying to get her mind past the shocking beginning to her day. "You can trust me, Miss White. I promise! After what you've just done for me, I could never give away your secret!"

    Then there's a possibly familiar slow blink of her eyes. She's important to someone she's only just recently met? A nervous laugh and a slightly distressed smile, given with closed eyes. "At least we're already friends..."

    That statement was far too familiar.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-16 16:03:47 11449
Boris woofs! Then he gives her another cold nose to the legs! "Da! Boris is White kitten's Familiar. No, not that kind of Familiar. Is animal that Mage like Hannah take and link to life. Partners until death!" Light shimmers around him!

And then there's a very, very large bald russian man in a suit.

"Madoka-chan will call this one Viktor when like this." Griiiiin!

Madoka pulls away, and Hannah chuckles. "I believe you, Madoka." She adds firmly.

"Buuut you deserve an explaination. In for a penny, in for a pound and all. Not like I can get you any less involved now." Sigh.

"In addition to being a high schooler, I run a company called WitchHunter Professional Services. You already know about Witches, right? Hint, the name's not just a coincidence. I take Puella Magi, I train them, outfit them, and I make them stronger. In return for a few magical trinkets, some things to experiment and learn about so that things like what happened today don't happen so often, that kind of thing. I guess you could say we're a company that focuses on protection and making a profit off of magic."

Another laugh.

"...Amongst other things. I want to make the lives of Puella Magi and the people of Tokyo better, even if it doesn't always seem like it. But don't go spreading that around, okay?"

A snap of her fingers, and she de-henshins, then falls to a knee. Her back's still bleeding.

"We should get to the hospital though. Nnngh. Need to get this glass out of my back. Can you help me to Mitakihara General?"
Madoka Akemi 2015-10-16 16:34:46 11450
    Boris' magic isn't the kind that Madoka has come to know. The magic she knows is treacherous, scary stuff and the means to protect people it. Cool talking animals have only barely entered that occasion... and she's been told not to trust Kyubey several times.

    She watches Boris with wonder as he talks, her eyes widening like saucers as the dog once smaller than her now towers over her as a large man in a suit. "Victor...-san," she agrees after a moment, a truer smile showing in response to the bright grin.

    Then Hannah explains to her about WPS and she realizes why the name 'Kasagami White' was so familiar to her. "You're the CEO of a corporation and you're not even out of High School? How do you even have the time?!" There's a new sparkle of admiration in her eyes as she continues to listen, only for her to blink a little.

    "I don't understand... if you're doing so much to help people, why wouldn't you want them to know it? But... I'll keep that secret too, it's not really any of my business how you want people to see you and your company."

    Her friend de-henshins, and with a start Madoka realizes that her friend has been injured this whole time and she never even realized it. "You're hurt! I can't believe I didn't notice." A bit of franticness momentarily enters her voice again and she moves around Hannah, looking her over.

    With her training as a hospital volunteer it's more than just a quick glance, she gently checks through the tears Hannah's clothes, pressing lightly around but not on any of the cuts. "That glass looks like it must hurt, but I don't think you'll need any stitches. It looks like it poked you more than it cut; it must have been some kind of safety glass" she says with a relieved tone. That still leaves her arm though, which she looks at carefully, biting her bottom lip.

    She takes the handkerchief used to dry her eyes and, gently as she can wraps it around the wound and tightens it up in order to try and keep it from bleeding any further. "I can't really say if this will need stitches or not either, but it might take a little longer to heal," she says in a quiet tone.

    The Nationals are coming right up, after all.

    Now she gets around to answering Hannah's question, though it's with one of her own. "Can you walk, or do you want me to call for an ambulance?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-16 16:47:58 11451
Hannah almost immediately points her hand to Boris.

"Who do you think's my right hand man? If it weren't for him, and a lot of late nights, I /wouldn't/!"

The big-russian-man just belly laughs.

"Viktor has degree in Business Administration you know?"

Then Hannah thumbs-up.

"Thanks. Powerful people make a lot of enemies." She answers quite simply, not elaborating futher as the girl just seems to accept it. It's adorable, that.

"A bit, but I've been through worse." Comes Hannah at the mention of the glass, the girl muttering, but otherwise submitting to the wrapping!

"I can walk. Come on, let's head on out." Boris returns to dog form.

"You might want to split when we get there. I don't want your parents getting worried, or you getting caught up in anything." Then off they go, Hannah making smalltalk the entire way!