The Anger of Gull-chan!

Haruna Kurosawa has a few words for Hannah Sharpe. It ends in Hug!

Date: 2015-10-17
Pose Count: 13
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-17 22:17:00 11534
It's been a trying week, what with dumping hazardous chemicals, having Mamoru meet the parents, finding out Kyouko had been brainwashed by what was likely the same people who messed with Scorn and of course she also saved Madoka and received glass-based stitches for her trouble.

Hannah has had better works, and if she has any hope of actually competing, she needs down time. Thus, here she is, in her apartment clad in a big fluffy bath robe loosely tied to her, a big pot of Brunswick stew. Seems she's gone for the mostly chicken and pork version, judging by the delicious scents all throughout the house. Boris is in the kitchen, going to town on the leftover chicken she saved for him.

There's fresh coffee going too. All in all, thus far, it's a relaxing night for Hannah.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-17 22:22:27 11535
Haruna has been having a terrible week. First she appears to have some strange 'mundane' friend from a burger stand near the harbor when she she accidently showed up to get cheeseburgers without realizing she was still 'Cure Gull' at the time. Sailor V wants to take her to speak to this friend and /confess/!? She scared a pink hair girl off and then also had to deal with Dark Kingdom induced flashbacks for the past two nights.

Right now, there's only one thing on her mind though- and that's being really angry at Hannah-can right now!

She walks in front of the door and knocks it a few times agitatedly.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-17 22:29:18 11537
And then the peace of her night is shattered. Swallowing down delicious stew, she sighs, and Boris gets up. He starts growling, walking towards the door before Hannah waves a hand.

"I've got this."

Then there's the sound of someone lightly walking to the door. A sudden, long, drawn out few moments of utterly silence.

And then the door is flung open inwards, and there's a pair of dog and very irritated Hannah.

"Do you have any idea what times it is!? What do you want?" Seems Hannah's not in any good mood. Boris, behind her, is growling.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-17 22:59:03 11540
The door opens, and before Hannah-chan knows what's coming, theres a hand coming for Hannah's face. It seems that Haruna intends to just slap Hannah-chan in the face. She thinks it is what you do when you're super upset at people! She's not very strong and Hannah's probably been hit by much harder things than this. Haruna is a weakling. When that's done she finally speaks!

"YOU HAVE SOME NERVE HANNAH-CHAN!" she says as she huffs! "YOU HURT BOOST-CHAN VERY BAD!" she begins to walk forward into the apartment!

"She's still in the hospital, you jerk! She Protected all of us from your stupid blast and wasn't able to protect herself! I won't let you hurt my fellow PreCures because of your stupid conspiracy crap!" she yells. "The Beach is off limits! I have memories of my sister there! I won't let you taint her memory with your stupid stuff!" she says!

It sounds like she's going to pass out from the yelling. This isn't a girl who's used to screaming and yelling and confrontation and just letting pure emotion drive her at the moment.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-17 23:19:12 11541

Haruna's sudden appearance at her door, the slap, and the pure emotional weight of her words have her staggering back. A red mark sits on her face, the girl stunned, hallway cleared as she just stands there, bewildered.

Boris, helpfully, closes the door.

Hannah gulps, lets out a breath, and then hears just how badly she's hurt Boost, and how much it all takes out of Haruna to get that angry.

She lets out a sigh, then roughly tries to grab Haruna's arm and all but shove her onto the couch.

"Deep breaths. I don't need to explain why I have a passed out kohai in my apartment. You're not the type to use anger, that's my job. I'll get you something to eat and drink." Adds Hannah, broaching no argument in her tone. Only once she's back and there's a bowl of stew and cup of coffee for the girl that she sits down and crosses her legs.

"...Looks like I really did screw this one up." She then admits, all of her steel and authority deflating.

Both eyes close, and she leans back.

A small smirk.

"I was banking that all of you guys could get away, you know? I didn't mean to hurt Boost. Damnit!" She smacks the sofa in frustration.

Haruna is her friend, and she hurt Boost, an enemy she respects. Both hands go up, and she offers recompense in the only way she knows how.

"Go ahead. Hit me as hard as you can. I meant to give you guy an opening, but I underestimated that girl and hurt both you and her. I'm sorry, Haruna. I had my reasons, but that's no excuse. I'm prepared. Do what you want." There's a glare to Boris, and the dog reluctantly backs down.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-17 23:44:17 11546
Haruna Kurosawa huffs! "I'--I'm not here to beat you up." she says. She sits down easily. She just yelled a lot and exerted herself too hard. Suddenly, food. She's thankful for that. She crosses her arms! "Why did you even do that!?" she asks. "T--that was just dumping trash! It wasn't even gaining anything!" she says angrily. "That's- that's like stuff that stuff the Phantom Empire does just because it makes people /sad/ when you ruin stuff!" she huffs.

She's also using the word stuff a lot because she's never really been angry for a long time- at least angry at mundane people.

She crosses her arms and frowns, looking down.

"Are you gonna need to do more stuff like that!?" she asks with a huff!

She never actually moves to hit Hannah again.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-18 00:03:50 11548
"Well..." She rubs her head, both eyes closing, and Boris curls up around Hannah's legs. She takes a sip of her coffee.

"You're both right and wrong. It's true, I didn't gain anything particularly for it. Wasn't my idea. Mmmm."

She seems to ponder for a while, then shrugs.

"I guess I won't be giving up confidence, since you already were in Eclipse. Why? I made a deal with a mentor of mine. No, I'm not giving their name. Simply put, I saw an opportunity, but I needed money. So I asked my mentor for money so that I could take over the arms manufacturing portions that were being cut after /your/ former mentor decided to have a hissy fit."

A bitter smile.

"Let that be a lesson to you: don't just go giving out favors to people without rules and guidelines."

A sigh.

"Simply put, I am in debt, and I made a promise. You should know me by now. I don't go back on promises. I'm not going to sit here and feed a friend lies. It might happen again. But I'm going to...massage the favors a bit. Because I care about you, Haruna. And your sister too." A warm smile, suddenly.

"Because I want to make sure she comes back, and I can 'see' you two hug and make a reunion."

A shrug.

"Besides, I made a promise to you too. I'm just that kind of girl. Yeah. I'll be doing terrible things like that. You know how Eclipse is."

Her teeth grit, and there's a glance to Haruna.

"...Don't compare me to people like that. I won't deny I do terrible things. But what I'm doing..."

She reaches out, offering her hand to Haruna.

"Everything I do, it's for three things. Power. Debts. My friends. I want to create a world where I can have all three of those in harmony. This world isn't it, Haruna-chan."

There's a long shrug.

"I'll probably screw up along the way. Hurt people. I'd rather that isn't the case. But I've already hurt people I respect and care for. Simply put, Haruna..."

She laughs. It's a little twisted, and utterly ambitious.

"I guess you could say I'm gunning for /your/ current mentor's job in the end. Call me crazy, but that's the only way I'm going to realize my dream of a world where people don't get hurt."

Her shrug is far too casual for such admissions. She'll try to reach out, and squeeze Haruna's hand.

"So...I guess, as a friend, I'll simply have to ask you to stop me if I ever...really lose myself. Okay?" Her smile, here, after the vivid memory of nearly killing her two best friends lays in her sightless eyes, haunted and weak as she lays everything out for her fellow windy friend.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-18 00:44:06 11554
Haruna Kurosawa blinks former mentor...? Oh.... Desparia. She looks down a bit. She had tried, rampantly to contact her after the whole thing with Corvus. She was just outright ignored. It was sad to her because Desparia helped keep the dark powers she was stapled to in check with her teachings. But she's not worried about that. Hannah starts mentioning her sister and she balls her hands into fists.

She wants to punch Hannah right now. She wants to punch her in the face, and scream! These are all thoughts she's been thinking of since that night!

" I'm going to let you help save my sister now!?" she finally says! "How do I know you're not going to steal her away because your jerks say so!? How do I know you're not going to try to duplicate all this shit the Phantom Empire does!? So what!? You can help them spread misfortune!?" she asks as she begins to get dizzy. She might have some sort of blood pressure problem right now. It's hard to tell. She has to stop dead in her tirade to just fall flat in the couch.

Also, Corvus has, for all this been conspiculsy absent.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-18 01:00:13 11556
Hannah's silent for some time, a weak smile on her face. Some part of her is immensely proud of her friend. She's standing up for her sister, for her beliefs. It's the exact kind of thing, ally or enemy, Hannah Sharpe can appreciate.

"Simple." She responds. Silent for a moment.

"I'm a greedy person at my core." She finally admits.

"Taking someone away, sealing them in to where they can't reach their full potential? That's madness. People like that hate both the world and the people in it. I won't sit here and say my actions won't add to misfortune. But my goal is to end misfortune itself through power. I hate this world's state, but I love the people in it. Besides."

Shrug. "I'm not about to slide down that kind of slippery sloap. I made a promise to you first before I ever asked for something like money. I won't compromise one deal for another. Even if I fail at everything else, I absolutely intend to die with honor and the integrity of those I love intact. I'd rather pay with my life before doing something like that."

She leans in, face-to-face, with Haruna if she lets her.

"I'm going to save your sister. I'll say that twice. I'm going to make sure your sister is ripped from that guy's hand, no matter what, whether you agree or not, Haruna-chan. I swear it on my dreams and on the life of Ao-chan."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-18 01:33:13 11565
Haruna Kurosawa bites her teeth together. She's been doing this a lot recently. She taps a deep hard breath.

"I'll belive you....for now. But if you let something happen to my sister during her rescue....I am going to be very very very mad, Hannah-chan!" she says.

She's eaten and drunken about half what she's been given and it hasn't and she huffs. "I feel bad. I had to stuff Corvus in a cage because he wasn't gonna let me come here." she huffs. "Now I'm gonna need to do something to apologize to him for it." she says meekly.

"Probably gonna buy him a cake he can eat by himself.." she says sadly. She closes her eyes.

"So-- was-- was that girl the other day the friend you guys have been looking for?..." she asks softly. "I.. I remember the jerks in the grey uniforms. They're the ones that--- that... made me.. try to release Corvus." she says silently.

"This month has been really bad." she admits sheepishly.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-18 01:47:01 11568
Hannah laughs.

"...Are you really certain you don't want to hit me?" She adds one last time, grinning. It's a tease, at the end of it all, but she's still serious.

Another deep sigh.

"I get it. Heh. You can actually be a bit intimidating, you know, when you put your mind to it! I'm proud. Really, Haruna. You're standing up for your beloved sister. Good."

"Alright, fine, I'll risk my life then. Count on it."

A casual shrug, and then she reaches out, and tries to swat Haruna on the back of the head!

"Darn right you should! A /cage/!?" She sounds scandalized!

"I'd beat up anybody who put Boris in a cage! I'd rather he peck out my eyeballs! HERE!"

Off to the kitchen she goes, and there's two containers of fruit and brunswick stew apiece.

"One of these might calm him down!" Offers Hannah!

Hannah, after that, collapses back into the couch.

"...I wouldn't exactly call her my friend, but yeah, she's important. Definitely her. I still say they were the same guys that screwed with you." Her teeth grid at that, anger flushing her tanned skin.

Then, she softens. She waves a hand.

"You and me both. You and me both. Hey. Haruna."

One final smile.

"You're out of it, right? So sleep here, if you want. I'll take the couch." Boris woofs!

"Stuff it! Haruna gets the bed." A swift nod, here.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-18 02:05:33 11573
Haruna Kurosawa blinks... stay here? "Um.. gimme a moment..." she digs into her pocket and pulls out a Cure Line. This is a sea-green color phone with a seagull feather icon on the front of a rectangle screen. She holds it front of herself. It turns on. She doesn't press a button- there are none. "Kami-Sama?..." she asks. There's a flash. It's Blue! "Haruna~ Hello!" says Blue. "Um. Can you do me a favor... and go let Corvus outta his cage. And tell him I'm sorry. He can come find me, if he wants to yell at me. Tell him I'm going to buy him a whole cake tommrow." she says softly. Blue sighs and merely nods and the phone shuts off.

She puts it back in her pocket.

She blinks and peeks towards the bed.. or bedroom?

"Is the bed not that big?" she asks.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-18 02:16:06 11576
A thumbs up. Hannah takes the time to finish up her soup. Om nom nom! Delicious tomatoes and pork and chicken and okra!

An eye closes, and with Boris' help, she's back to the kitchen. One stew packed up, in tupperware for a few friends, she then walks back in just in time.

Another sigh. Hannah reaches out, rubs Haruna on the head, and smiles.

"Okay then. Come on. I'm tired and I want a hug anyway."

A laugh, and then as soon as poor Haruna is done with her meal and drink, Hannah will gently pull her to bed with herself and Boris for pure snuggle times!

Hannah, as it turns out, sleeps like a rock in times like these and is full of gentle hugs!