Seishou Kendo Tryouts.

Date: 2015-06-04
Pose Count: 32
Rurako Doji 2015-06-04 01:43:05 1382
The day of Tryouts, time to build a new Varsity team and take the top ranking. Seiyou is of cours,e only abit higher then them from last year, and they will be the first match, then verone academy, who placed second last year... and finaly infinity University, whom The seishou captain personally ownes a rightious butt kicking.

Speaking of said captain, she stands in the center of the dojo as people enter, one of the lower ranked members, since it's her and two others, are currently having peoiple sign in, the other, it getting people in padded armor and kendo sticks.

"Konichiwa Mina! Welcome to the kendo Dojo, please, get equiped and stand in the taped lines and we can begin!" She says with a smile as she watches them enter, her herself already in her gear save for her helmet, wich rests under her arm.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-04 01:47:51 1383
Matsuo Junpei had shown up in workout sweats and a sleevless shirt, not because he had any particular interest in trying out for another school's kendo club. It was more the rfact he had planned on going for a run later and cargo pants didn't exactly make for good workout clothes. So he gave Rurako a wave before finding a spot to one side of the goings on. Once there he sat down a small gym bag embroidered with a blue eagle done in tribal swirls and abstractions on the side. Something his older brother did for home ec he was very proud of. In this bag were the things he usually kept in his coat and didn't feel like parting with especially after the escipades of locating Boris-San proving to him the whole 'be mindful and prepared' thing really did pay off.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-04 01:50:22 1384
Hannah is here! The woman notably /isn't/ dressed up for kendo, but is instead in her Infinity Uniform. She's flanked by the brunette slip of a girl known as Ao, and four leather-jacket-clad members of her kickboxing club. They look as unruly as one might expect.

The group has found themselves a nice place to watch, and Ao focuses mostly on giving Hannah a play-by-play.

"I believe in you, Doji-san!" Comes Hannah encouragingly. The toughs beside her giving a loud, roaring cheer.

"Goooo little sis! Don't you dare dissappoint Aniki!"

"Break some skulls! Let's see blo..."

Hannah whaps the last one.

"This is not that kind of sport, Taku-kun."
Rurako Doji 2015-06-04 01:54:48 1385
Rurako Doji nods to matsuo, she has seen the man take a beating, though, he doesnt know it's her, and when the kickboxing club enters, both of her team mates glare at them. "Sempai... the enemy." One of them says.

"Just keep those trying out in line, Kurosaki, start the tryouts, from older to younger." Rurako states as she walks over to the infinity students. Her glasses get the mirror line look once the light bounces off of them. "I appreciate you comming, but if any of you disrughpt the proccedings, Hannah-chan will have to find a replacement fighter once I'm done... is that clear?" She says, of course none of that was directed at hannah, and the dripping, almost evil sound in her voice and her stance shows that she will take no gruff, of course if they remeber last year when she was the only person on her team to be undefeated... as much good as it did.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-04 02:00:50 1386
Matsuo Junpei looked over at Hannah and her gaggle of unruly thu-er esteemed club members and after allowing himself a smile picked up his gym bag to walk over. He cared not for the posturing or gruffness. "Sharpe-san." He gestured to an empty looking patch to sit on. "is this seat," Pat pat so Hannah could tell where he was referring, "avalible?" Free or not, Junpei unzipped his bag and took out a squeezebottle of tea. Not just 'tea.' It was midnight black and strong. Some might consider it almost Russian in strength. For Junpei though, it was what was keeping him so lively after last night's.... eventfulness. "If you would prefer I go elsewhere that is fine too."
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-04 02:03:57 1387
Hinote Kagari arrives fashionably late. Not too late, he gets in and signs up and takes his place for gear. He gives Rurako a wave, wearing a smile. He watches Rurako give a warning, and wonders- perhaps, what exactly is going on. Did something happen? OH- wait those are.. Infinity students over there. Why are they here? He bites his lip a moment as he ponders this, as he wonders about a few things.

He pondered more inward things as he waited. Mainly, if learning this all could help him help the princess he made an oath to about a week ago. Gao did say practice was good....
Rurako Doji 2015-06-04 02:11:45 1388
Rurako Doji walks away from the infinity students, confident that they wont get out of hand, if they do, well, her other team member watching from the eqipment sure looks like he is raring for a fight. "Zaraki, start wit hthe lower students, I'll take the youngest." She says as she turns and starts to call them up, noting that Hinote is in the bac kof the line, good.

Some come at her without hesitation, they get hit, but get a pass because they showed what she wanted to see, other choke and are moved to the other side, eventualy, she looks at hinote. "Come Kohai, remeber what I taught you." She says as she takes a stance. "Show your sempai that you wish to learn."
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-04 02:15:14 1389
Matsuo Junpei watched with passing interest. Even to his untrained eye he could tell the difference in skill made any sort of fight a joke, but beyond that... nothing. He could pick apart th millions of ways music could go, but this? About as useless to him as calculus to ants.
    Then he saw Hinote and his attention focused, "Dude go for it! c'mon you were hot stuff last night. Just do that." Well, other than rock throwing since that was probably illegal in the ring. "C'mon, no hesitation. Just go for it!"
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-04 02:22:45 1390
Hinote Kagari remembers being knocked out last night by Rurako! That wasn't as embarassing than the Drama Club members that came to find him and assumed he got knocked out by the /training dummy/. That was silly to explain and the other member acting the part of the hero had a good laugh over it. That was all last night of course.

Matsuo calls out. Oh! It's that guy! He says he's 'hot stuff'- he mumbles something along the lines of 'You don't know the half of it.' under his breath, until it's his turn and Rurako calls him out. "Ah, right, I'll do my best!" he insists as he takes his kendo-stick and attempts to come down for a strike, being careful of being countered like last night- he doesn't let it happen IF he can avoid it. IF she uses the same technique.
Rurako Doji 2015-06-04 02:27:48 1391
Rurako Doji does try the same move as last night, because if it doesnt hurt, ya wont learn nuthin. After being blocked, she smiles and twirls her kendo stick, making it paralelle with the ground. "I hope your fast..." She says as she comes in, the middle strike... with a quick speed.

"Oi, Doji is at it again." Says Kurosaki as he and the other member watch. "Youy think she is going to perform her feint with it?" He asks.

Zaraki scoffs. "The kid couldent possibly dodge or block that, besides, it's not like Doji's attacks hur,t her strength is in her core and her legs." He says with a gruff voice.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-04 02:37:40 1392
Rurako's words have the yelling member of the kickboxing shivering in his boots. Hannah grins, leaning towards him.

"What, letting her scare you? Heh heh, I am going to have to train you better~." Comes Hannah, voice soft, and just as threatening. Poor guy!

Ahem! Then she's getting her play-by-play. Hannah is quiet now, ready to hear just what her girlfriend is going to do!
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-04 02:39:11 1394
"Interesting," Junpei leaned forward, resting his chin on his hands as he watched. Yet he wasn't focused on how each moved, not as fighters anyway. He was trying to come up with the proper music for the moment. Something primal, drum heavy. If Rurako-san was this primal force, what of Hinato? Would he be a leaf in the wind, or a mountain cleaving the storm in half?
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-04 02:48:28 1395
Hinote Kagari is quick with his hands and movements, that's at least one good thing going for him- he's practiced with swinging things in the air and it's not something completely alien to him. BUT it's really taking all his concentration to not let himself be smacked in the head immediatly.

He attempts to go onto the attack, but this probably won't last long, as he tries going for a swipe into the upperclassman's side qith a quick strike, as he huffs. "I'm giving it all I got..." he says quickly.
Rurako Doji 2015-06-04 02:56:01 1396
Zaraki blinks. "Whoa, kid's got moves." He says as he crosses his arms over his chest, Kurosaki nods and watches, interest filling his eyes as he looks on.

Rurako smiles even wider, but, turns her kendostick and blocks the incomming attack, useing any momentum she can from it to perform a flip over Hinote. "Gotcha!" She says as she lands and brings her sword down, in an attempt to score a hit on the back of his head, an advanced move, but... it gives Hinote a measure of what he has to acheive.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-04 03:00:21 1397
The loud crack of kendo sticks, sweeping sounds, and Ao's play-by-play has Hannah at the front of her seat. Mental note, offer Rurako some tips on audio for the blind in these kind of competitions!

"Careful, Hinote-kun! You might end up cut in half~." Teases Hannah mercilessly as she listens to the goings on. A flip! How acrobatic! She's positively /grinning/.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-04 03:04:55 1398
Matsuo Junpei gave a loud whistle in spite of himself. The woman was good, far better than what he'd seen last night. "C'mon man," He whispered. "You gonna let her sit and school you like this?" How'd she do that anyway? He felt correct in labeling her as a storm, but not one of raw primal fury. Rurako was a controlled precice thing, more a bolt of lightning than the raging cyclone. Still, even as powerful as lightning was, it could be matched, countered, and endured. The real question was if Hinote could pull it off or not.

How utterly facinating.
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-04 03:09:03 1399
Hinote Kagari gets flipped over. Wha!? You're allowed to do that!? Well. It's not like he can flip over anybody, so even if he knew beforehand, not like he'd be able to attempt it! The flip is enough to catch him off guard that he gets hit in the back of his head and falls to the ground a moment. Catching himself with the kendo stick, he grits his teeth as he hears the various members of the crowd gathered say things.

He isn't 'letting' her school him- it's just happening regardless of his efforts.

"Didn't knock me out that time!" he calls out, as he attempts to strike fast, hoping his fast recovery is enough to catch her off guard- if at least a little.
Rurako Doji 2015-06-04 03:14:49 1400
Rurako Doji smiles and even laughs good heartedly when Hinote comes at her again, "Yes!" She says as she clashes swords wit hhim. "That look in your eyes, the determination, you have what we need." She says as she pushes him back wit hher sword and comes at him with a upward diagonal swing. "A swordsman fears not death, he doesnt even think about that possibility, or being hurt, he just analyzes his rival's moves, and counters or evades accordingly."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-04 03:19:47 1401
Hannah laughs, at the banter between the pair. "That is the spirit, Hinote-kun! Going down in the first round is just pathetic! Duck, wave, roll! Butterflies and bees!"

"Show him your strength, Doji-san! Make him bend to your strength! Come on, a right hook should...erm, right sweep?" No, Hannah doens't know kendo terminology. Her compatriots give subdued cheers and rooting for both fighters!
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-04 03:20:52 1402
Matsuo Junpei paused and stared at Rurako. Her words hit fairly close to home as his mind got slingshotted back to that moment. Not That moment. The other one! The one where he was surrounded. He wasn't thinking of how outnumbered he was, or even what he was going t odo would hurt these kids. No. His mind was in that one moment between realizing what had to happen and action was calm.

Yet it was only a moment. Maybe that is what the whole meditation thing was supposed to help you find without the whole 'people trying to murder you' thing happening. Pearls before swine. as they say, for this small insight was lost almost the moment it formed. Junpei swept it away as he continued trying to put music to this moment, yet spared a small laugh, "Is this how it feels Sharpe-San? To find that one moment where nothing and everything is clear?" What an odd question. Perhaps mind and mouth were on two seperate paths again.
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-04 03:29:27 1403
Hinote Kagari isn't one to give in so easily, and it earns him praise. He finds this a little odd. Shouldn't everyone give it thier all? What good was lying down and saying you were beat going to accomplish? He'll probably have problems getting Rurako, but he still gives it his all, but he's obviously tiring down. Either he's going down soon, or he's going to mess up and have to give up.

"No one should ever give up, regardless it was what they're trying, if thier cause his just!" he spouts. A line from a play? or something else?
Rurako Doji 2015-06-04 03:33:33 1404
Rurako Doji smiles .'Yes, always give you all, and always learn from your faults. Grow as a person." She says as she blocks the incomming attack, and with reflexes that are honed after four years of kendo training almost every day, she steps in and attacks with a multiple thrust, probably ten in all, if one was counting. "This move takes the ninth basic attack and employs speed, at the cost of power." She says and proves it by only being able to be this fast by performing it one handed, grante,d her body is sideways so she is rarely left open.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-04 03:35:00 1405
Hannah considers Matsuo's words for a moment.

"Mmm...kickboxing is not so 'zen'. Yes, you analyze your opponent's strikes, predict, and counter. But there is only so much you can do. Kendo is about scoring points. Between two equally skilled opponents, kickboxing boils down to hitting as hard as you can and taking as few blows as you can, or minimizing those blows. Kendo is elegance and grace. Kickboxing is all cunning and undiluted violence. Rushing blood through the body, pain, anger, and the love of a fight. A predator's sport, rather than tradition and elegance."

Meanwhile, she listens. At least Hinote isn't giving up!

"Heh heh, it sounds like Rurako-san is already teaching him. I like that boy's spirit. I wonder how long he can last?"
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-04 03:40:37 1406
Matsuo Junpei let out another soft chuckle, "If I say 'as long as it takes', will you end up hitting me?" He flicked his attention from the fight to Hannah. "Kid fights smart. All I did was bull rush and kept everyone looking at me. Rurako is the more experianced fighter here. Fast, smart, elegant. However Hinato is holding his ground. He might lose on points, or he might not depending on the judges favor, but he won't give the field unless he has to."

He could have made a comparison between the two sports and music, how you had to have both that firey passionate rush behind every motion, even letting your anger through as you played. Yet at the same time it had to be tightly yoked, controlled and directed, otherwise it would be little more than mindless noise. Why didn't he? Why bother? It would just be a game of one-upsmanship at work. This was more her field than his. "I'm just glad I didn't hurt my hands last night. Hard to play a guitar with bruised knuckles making it hard to move."
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-04 04:02:12 1407
Hinote Kagari can't really block all those attacks! Multiple quick strikes aren't fun for him to try to dodge. In fact, he only blocks the first, all the others hit home, and don't allow him to counter. "Ah---that's it--- I can't take anymore." he admits as he lowers his sword. "I need more practice." he laments as he has a seat on the ground, about spent for now as he lays back against the ground. Yeah, he's past his limit.
Rurako Doji 2015-06-04 04:07:50 1408
Rurako Doji smiles. "And... you did the best out of all the tryouts, Yes practice." She says as she turns to one of her teammates. "Assign him a Kendo stick, and give him the novice's manual... and the DVD on history of kenjutsu." She says to them as she removes her helmet. "The rest of you, get am anual as well, and a kendo stick, Zaraki, bring those who passed the tryouts to the yard, start from the basics, Kurosaki, once Hinote has caught his breath, put him as our new Fifth seat." She says, and the other two blink, being third and fourth seat respectivly. "I still need a vice captain, oh well." She says as she walks over to Hannah. "So Hannah-chan, still dont want to change schools and join my club?" She asks with a smile. "I'd hate to have to completely smash my girlfriend's school's kendo team, but... that's how it's going to be."
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-04 04:14:34 1409
Matsuo Junpei smiled as he saw Hinote accepted. "It is good to see Seiyou's rivals are so talanted. It will make our inevetable victory all the better because it was earned, rather than handed over by a pile of left footed oafs."

then as he saw Rurako approach Hannah an eyebrow went up, "Girlfriend eh?" He grinned at the pair, "I had wondered, but figured it would be in poor taste to ask." A headshake then, "Between merch sales and winnings from sunday I suppose it wouldn't hurt to live a little and spot the two of you dinner. No crowds, no third wheels. Just me handing the two of you money to do as you feel appropriate."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-04 04:14:43 1410
And down Hinote goes. Hannah smirks.

"Good show, Hinote-kun! Keep practicing!" She encourages. Then it's back to Matsuo.

"You need to be more careful. It is one thing to be brave, but another to face an opponent you cannot win against without first finding an advantage or trick to make yourself their equal."

Then, Rurako arrives, and Ao is kind enough to offer a water bottle.

She /laughs/. "As much as I love spending time with you, Rurako-chan, I cannot abandon my loyal club mates!" Cue a brofist from a nearby club member.

Then she's leaning in, whispering. "And frankly, if they are weak enough to be taken out by a team that is only now reforming, then 'nuts to them' as we say in America. Kick their butts until they no longer shame Infinity!"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-04 04:16:44 1411
Hannah raises a brow at Junpei, then 'looks' conspiratorially at Rurako. "That is very generous. But I am not the type to take advantage." Griiiiin.

"But if a certain band member would find himself someone to bring along...a double date. What do you say? Let love blossom like spring flowers nestled against one another! Or something."
Rurako Doji 2015-06-04 04:20:53 1412
Rurako Doji nods and smiles as she reaches out and takes hannah's hand, pulling her to her feet and hugging her. "Yes, A double date would be nice! Maybe a trip to the theme park, or a night of dancing." She says with a smile. "And yes, Infinity will be crushed, and verone, and Seiyu, all of them will fall under the might of my kendo club." She says with a smile.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-04 04:26:26 1413
Matsuo Junpei would simply have to find a date. Weird. For all his probable flirting he'd never really been one to date. Of course with him being a rough dressed rocker-boy, now most recently involved in late night brawling, his prospects of finding anyone seemed somewhat slim. Still, it was worth looking into. "A night out to celebrate. Yes I do believe that's reason enough to findsomeone to share things with." Laughter as he shouldered his gym bag, "However between now nd then I have my own cleanup of... less than honorable elements of my school." He'd merely texted Hannah he'd gotten in a fight with people that claimed to know about where Boris had been. What he neglected to mention was that they were from his school, and that he had filed reports, both with school and the police. That sort of cowardace would not stand as his school's reputation. He wouldn't allow it.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-04 04:32:14 1414
There's a look of sympathy to Matsuo. "Oh, I remember /those/ days." All of her club mates stiffen at her words. Smile. "Remind me to give you a few tips on discipline and morale." From her knuckle cracking, they're not going to be nice tips.

Up she's taken, and hugs are imminent! For all that she seems a tough girl and hangs out with people who are nearly picture-perfect delinquents, she has /no/ problems hugging in a crowd. Squeeze! She lingers a moment, then slips beside Rurako, and aims herself and the other girl at Matsuo.

"Then, to victory and love! We shall see our ambitions come through, no matter what!" To double dates! And world domination.

Maybe that's just her. She reluctantly lets go.

A wave to the two. "I need to get back and study for a calculus test. Wish me luck, Rurako-chan, Matsuo-kun! Fifth Street Saints, TO CRAM SCHOOL!"

There's a very, very weak chorus of deadpan 'yay's' from Hannah's club mates.

As she walks away, she mutters, "No one appreciates math these days."