Timely Aid

Yusha Karin is locked in a stalemate battle with a Youma, only for Princess Runealy to arrive just in time to give her a decisive advantage. The two speak afterwards and a mutually beneficial conversation is had.

Date: 2015-10-21
Pose Count: 15
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-21 04:58:59 11894
    It's evening in Pikarigaoka, the sunset reflecting off high clouds and casting the sky reddish orange. It's going to be a cold night out but the clouds are thin enough there is only a slim chance of rain. Across the rooftops, set against the glowing backdrop of the sky, is a small figure in red white and black. She leaps and twirls, alternating between flinging her swords as exploding projectiles and slashing with them, her target a creature more than twice her size that looks like a cross between a beetle and a praying mantis.

    Blows are exchanged, blade meeting claw, projectiles exploding against a hardened, armored shell. Down on the streets below life continues on as usual. Cars pass by, pedestrians fill the sidewalks. People laugh and enjoy life, or grouse and suffer through it. Either way all are unaware of the danger above.

    The fight is at a near standstill, the Yusha Karin able to pressure the Youma, it's negative energy unmistakable as anything else, but unable to create any solid openings to finish it off. For every blow she lands it retaliates with one of it's own, forcing the young fighter to either duck away and evade or attempt a killing blow while leaving herself open. The one time she opts for the latter she's hit with a slashing limb, only to be surrounded by a flash of shielding red energy as her Faery Yoshiteru intervenes on her behalf.

    She doesn't look injured, but at the same time she's starting to breathe heavily, and while it's taken several blows the Youma appears undeterred by it's small wounds, and shows no signs of tiring. Which of the two will claim victory hangs entirely in the balance.
Runealy Waldia 2015-10-21 05:11:56 11897
Rune's ongoing recovery has involved a few different factors. Treatments from Blue are one facet of it, but she's unwilling to just sit and wait for that to be enough to get her back to proper form, and on this evening that means taking to the rooftops in magical form to leap from spot to spot... lash out at the sky with the occasional energy beam (harmless, unless zapping an orange cloud with a thin ray is considered a problem), and otherwise do things she needs to be able to handle if she's to face demons.

This routine brings her roughly on the same path as Karin's situation, and she hears it before she sees it. "Wha? Explosions... where?" Frantically looking around lets her spot Karin and the giant insect-like monster. "Wait, didn't I see her on that night?" A question to herself, wondering if this is the same person she saw when Blue and several others intervened with Haruna's situation.

As Karin shows signs of fatigue, Runealy also begins breathing heavily. Both for that same reason, and for another one: Tension, as possibilities course through her mind. She could hurry over, but might not arrive soon enough. She could just walk off... and Karin might win anyway, or Karin might die; who can say?

And so Rune aims her wand, panting breaths accompanying a shaky hand. "Can I do this, from here?" More heavy breaths as she watches the insect-monster, adjusting her nervous and tired arm's posture... "...I'll just have to trust it." Her eyes narrow, hand tense. "...There!"

A green orb launches off Rune's wand. It's only a bit larger than half its usual size, but as it sails across several rooftops she has to hope her aim is good and that, even if it hits, that 'sixty percent instead of a hundred' is enough to help. Slumping onto her knees right after the shot, it seems that may be all she can immediately contribute.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-21 05:36:59 11903
    Several more strikes come from the Yusha, dashing in and out of the creature's effective range. It's a slow, powerful type, and while it means she can use agility to keep away it also means that doing so leaves her singularly unable to finish the job. Attempts to simply hack off it's limbs at the joints met with failure, and an introduction to why playing keep away was the better option, even for someone with as powerful a strike as Karin.

    Truth be told she wasn't trained all that well to fight against creatures with powerful active defenses; she was trained to blow through ones questionable intelligence. She's also incredibly stubborn, and unwilling to back down even when it might be a better idea to back off and buy time to think up a different solution, or perhaps even call in some Justice support.

    However this fight might have gone without outside interference ceases to matter, however, as that green orb flies in and impacts the creature right in it's armored chest. Yusha Karin wasn't expecting it, but neither was the Youma, which is momentarily knocked off it's guard.

    It's all Karin needs. Seeing the opening she reacts instantly, charging in and plunging both swords straight into the exposed and now weakened chest. She crouches down and leaps, slashing both swords viciously and physically cutting and blasting straight through the creature, twisting midair after emerging out the other side to land.

    Lucky for her this one wasn't of the 'acid blood' variety.

    The Youma, and what remains of it on Karin, evaporate into a sick black mist that then dissipates to nothingness in the air. With a twirl of her blades Karin lets out a breath and then releases her weapons, the swords fading from existence in a red glow of magic. Her head turns until she finds the source of the exploding green orb that gave her the opening she needed, finding the kneeling Runealy several rooftops over after a moment.

    She crouches down and then leaps, rocketing across the sky and clearing the distance in a single bound, the modest click of her boots on the roof as she lands not telling the tale of the power behind it. The brown haired Yusha puts one hand on her hip and tilts her head to the side. "Thanks. That would have gotten pretty messy without your help."

    The fact that Runealy seems as exhausted as she feels while only launching a single attack, that she saw, strikes her as rather odd. "Hey, are you going to be alright?" A slight frown and she leans down, offering the magical girl in the red and white dress a hand up.

    She's seen her somewhere before, but can't quite put her finger on it; her memories of that night on Clover Tower revolve mostly around Corvus himself, in both his forms, and those that defended him against her. "Name's Yusha Karin. ...do I know you from somewhere?"
Runealy Waldia 2015-10-21 05:46:14 11906
Rune looks up to watch as Karin makes a decisive strike, eyes raised as she sees just /how/ those swords can be employed! When the monster's remains fade away, she sags with relief. "Looks like it was enough."

Then Karin takes to the air, heading her way. Rune tenses up again, head moving to track the motion and trying to determine if she needs to try some kind of defense. It wouldn't amount to much, but Runealy doesn't want to just sit there and /let/ Karin proceed to use those swords on her!

"...No, she's going to land just..." ...short of Rune, by design, it would appear. Thanking her, not slashing her. "I don't know, from what I saw it looked like you might have had that one anyway. I just didn't want to leave it to chance. As for 'alright'? Maybe. I guess that depends on a lot of things."

Wand propped on the rooftop as a crutch, Rune rises, still short on breath. "We were both there when things happened all over Tokyo, centered around Clover Tower. You might know me somewhere else, but I'm not sure. I'm..." A deep breath follows, partially from physical need and partially to steel her nerves. "Runealy, or 'Rune' for short. Crown Princess of Waldia."
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-21 06:00:12 11909
    Yusha Karin steps back and crosses her arms lightly over her chest after Runealy stands. It's not the friendliest posture, but there's nothing overtly threatening about it either. "Clover tower?" A slight frown, "Right, I remember you now. You helped fight against Corvus; you did good work there as well." And though she doesn't mention it Runealy also left before Karin made her ill fated stand against what became of him after his defeat.

    Then, upon hearing the name and title, her eyes narrow and she looks at Runealy with much greater scrutiny. The judgment is almost palpable in her gaze. Her nostrils flare for a moment. And then she remembers this Princess has just saved her a lot of trouble.

    She half turns, showing the back half of one shoulder to the Crown Princess of Waldia. "So you're 'her'. 'The Princess'." Another half beats pause, "You need to teach your subjects some manners. That orange haired kid especially." Runealy's Guardians may be more than mere 'subjects', but that's how Karin is treating them for now. "Do I even need to tell you the trouble he's caused me?"
Runealy Waldia 2015-10-21 06:04:43 11911
"Probably one of the few good things I've done since coming here," Rune 'accepts' the praise by using it as a basis to tear into herself. When Karin reacts to that name, Runealy starts to ready her wand... then reconsiders when she's confronted with words, not swords.

"That's me, yes." Rune's gaze lowers, clearly not proud of this. "My 'subjects'? There are people here who you could call that, but I think of them as friends first. Do you need to tell me? Maybe. I think I know, but maybe I should hear it anyway just to be sure I know all of it. Just so you know that I know your side of things. ...So," She starts to look down and aside, but ends up turning it into a tiny nod to Karin. "Go ahead."
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-21 06:31:04 11921
    The self admonishment gets a small shrug from Karin, as she has little basis for knowing any of Runealy's personal failings. At the mention of 'friends' she closes her eyes, if only to keep from visibly rolling them. Why is it everyone keeps talking about friends all the time? Can't they see friendship does little more than take away from valuable training time?

    The Yusha is given the opening she asked for, and so she turns around to face the Waldian Princess directly once more. "Then let me start by giving you a small history lesson. Once upon a time everything was good and right with the world and everyone lived in relative peace. But then a terrible evil emerged that threatened to destroy everything, and people were ill prepared to face it." She pauses, "Sounding familiar yet?"

    She relaxes her stance a little, shifting her weight onto her back foot, "In order to save the people a many Kami gathered together to form a single powerful god, known as Shinju-sama. Shinju-sama protected the world by creating a powerful barrier against the evil. But the barrier wasn't perfect, and eventually those evil beings, known as Vertex, would break through the barrier, kill Shinju-sama, and end the world."

    She stares directly into Runealy's eyes for a few moments, her olive green eyes meeting emerald green ones. "If what your 'friend' told me about demon armies and a barrier was true, you should understand what that means. Shinju-sama, in It's great wisdom," you can almost feel the religious vibe, "took protectors to fight the Vertex when they eventually found their way through the barrier. But there are only very few who are pure enough to tap into the power of a God to fight as it's Heroes, it's Yusha."

    She makes a grand gesture towards herself, "That's me, if it wasn't obvious. Shinju-sama powers -our- barrier, Princess, but it can not defend itself against the attack of a Vertex. Shinju-sama relies solely upon Yusha for this."

    So far throughout the undeniably lengthy speech Karin has kept her tone calm and informative, but now there's a little fire and vigor working it's way into her tone. "Your 'friend' attacked me. He wasn't content to just hurt me, no, he took from me the very power I needed to fight! That was his intent from the start, no doubt, but do I need to say how stupid it is to prevent me from being able to do my job?"

    She clenches her teeth, for a moment, "A little over a month ago a Vertex attacked, and I stood against it alone. ALONE. -I- was the only thing standing between this world and -complete destruction-." Dramatic much? Definitely. Wrong? Almost certainly, but whose to say how much damage would be to the world if Shinju were destroyed before the flood of Vertex was stopped.

    "What would have happened if the Vertex had chosen the moment right after your friend attacked me? I don't even want to think about it. And I -tried- to tell him, I tried to warn him of the danger, but he didn't listen. He kept fighting, and he won, and I thank Shinju-sama every night that that wasn't the day the Vertex returned." She closes her eyes and turns away again.

    "Reparations," she almost spits the word out. "How can you just 'pay off' putting the world in such danger?"
Runealy Waldia 2015-10-21 06:47:11 11926
"Sort of," Rune starts to answer on how well she recognizes this history lesson. "It almost sounds like what the First Queen did, but some things don't match up and..." She cuts off, suddenly suspecting that question might have been rhetorical.

It may well be, as Karin explains where this story diverges... and where it has some similarities. This is not just a lesson, it appears, it's laying down the foundation for what goes on in Karin's actions, what threat against Earth she sees and fights. For the rest of it, Rune doesn't interject; she listens, wincing as certain points and conclusions register in her mind.

Once Karin is done, then Rune responds in a flat, low tone. "That was his intention, yes. I told him to bring me energy from people that had a lot of it. People who might survive it, and have enough to make up for what I can't do. So none of that was an accident, and he did it on my orders. So..."

She holds up a hand, trying to stall any immediate retort; that was a pause to gather words and breath. Then Rune continues: "You've just asked a really good question, but you didn't go far enough. How do I 'pay off' putting /two/ worlds in danger? No, it might be three or four or five. Ours are directly connected, and maybe others are too. Maybe my orders put all of them at risk. Maybe I was stupid. No... I definitely was. So how do you repay that? 'I'm sorry' is cheap, it's useless unless you actually fix something after saying it. 'I'm sorry' wouldn't make it up to... what, thousands? Millions? No, Tokyo alone is millions, a number I can barely imagine. So maybe it's billions or trillions, or even more lives than that."

Her eyes become heavy, lidded as she stares at the rooftop floor. "Do I apologize with my life? I can't do that, of course. Then someone else would have to say 'sorry' to all those people they'll never meet or know. Do I apologize with money? Putting a price on lives sounds ridiculous. So then... what? What do you think of all this?"

Rune asks that with a meek tone and low head, shame coursing anew through her. It's not an accusation, not a passive-aggressive swipe at Karin; the alien princess truly has no idea what possible good answer exists here, when it's framed from the point of view the Yusha just laid out.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-21 07:07:10 11929
    "Exactly," Karin responds, giving a curt, knowing nod. She makes the opposite mistake as Runealy, thinking the question asked is a rhetorical one rather than one seeking solutions. "What 'restitution' could he, or you, possibly offer in a situation like this? I don't want it. Maybe it's being offered in good faith; looking at you know I think maybe that's true, but it's also insulting. You can't buy forgiveness. You can't pay for atonement. You have to ask for it, and mean it."

    She takes in a breath and heaves a sigh, raising her hands with her palms skyward and shaking her head, "That's what bothered me so much. I don't think he meant it, when he apologized. Not really. I asked him if he thought his actions were justified, and he said they were." She looks towards Runealy out of the corner of her eye, "Tell me, Princess, is that what someone who is sorry for what they've done would tell you?" This time the question actually is one.

    After lowering her arms the Yusha turns in a fluid motion to yet again face Runealy, hands set upon her hips. "I was furious. Actually, I still am, but you at least sound reasonable. I don't know what I want to hear from him that would let me forgive him and his attitude. That's why I said it shouldn't be up to me." A smirk, "That and I'd love to see him talk himself into a corner... but that's not justice either." Small j, this time. "I'm biased, and my job isn't deciding whether people deserve forgiveness. It's destroying evil wherever I find it. If you really want to do something to try and make it up then ask my superiors about it. All I've wanted was an apology from him with some actual remorse."
Runealy Waldia 2015-10-21 07:15:03 11931
Rune only partially sees that nod, gaze too low to meet Karin's eyes. "Maybe you're right. I just don't know," is all she can offer back to what atonement and restitution amount to in this matter.

The actual question is met with the same low, ashamed tone Rune has had for most of this discussion. "Maybe there's a difference between actions and motives. I won't apologize for our motives... a lot of the things we were afraid of have proven to be true. But if you want to hear our /actions/ were wrong... then you have that." She still can't face Karin, even while saying that.

"You've already laid out why they were wrong, so I won't say anything more about that. Tell me something, though. You 'destroy evil'... here you are. Here I am. I did something evil, so..."

Now she manages to make eye contact, though her tone is still very meek. "Do you plan to destroy me?"
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-21 07:34:41 11935
    "I don't know either," Karin responds, shaking her head. "Let's just forget that part then. It's messy, confusing, and obscures the important part, which is actually being sorry for the actions. By the way your acting in front of me now I think you really do feel bad for what you and your 'friends' have done." She seems to have accepted Runealy's term rather than 'subjects', it seems.

    Another smirk, "You catch on fast. I tried to tell him that, too, in different words. If your motives are pure, or your circumstances extenuated, we are not entirely unwilling to forgive." She crosses her arms a little, "But that's something else, isn't it? Your friend said you had already been judged, by Virtue. That's all well and good, but Virtue does not speak for Justice, and Justice does not speak for Virtue."

    She frowns mightily and shakes her head. "Virtue forgives trickster gods intent on destroying the world and makes piece with them on their word alone." Karin reaches up and pinches the bridge of her nose, "I wish that was a convoluted, ridiculous example, but it's not. You were there at Clover Tower, we just talked about that. But maybe you already met him in his new form. Suffice to say, Justice does not forgive so quickly... but we do forgive."

    Then comes a very interesting question that she isn't sure how to respond to. The first thought that comes to her mind is 'Why would I?', but then upon a closer inspection with her magical senses she frowns, meeting Runealy's eyes. "You've been corrupted. That makes things a lot less clear cut then, doesn't it? I'll put it this way: If you keep asking forgiveness, keep helping people in need, and generally remain as you are now? No, I'll have no reason to destroy you."

    Her arms go from on her hips to crossed once more, and her gaze is firm, direct, and steely. "But if you start shooting black energy out of your eyes, laughing while harming innocents, and sprout leather wings from your back? I'll destroy you the first moment I get." The way she says that- it's spoken as a favor, not a threat.
Runealy Waldia 2015-10-21 07:46:49 11939
"It's unusual to need to be judged twice, you know." Rune isn't smirking, but she is playing along with the line of thought Karin is presenting. "But in this case... it sounds like no one person, no one entity, speaks for all of Earth. I'll come back to that."

She detours onto the topic of Corvus and Virtue. "I'm really the last person who can comment on anything like that. Not without being a huge hypocrite. For all I know, you might be right... but I can't go telling Virtue they have to forgive me, but they can't forgive so-and-so quite so easily. Sorry, but I'll have to stay out of that. What I can tell you about... is about me."

Even as Karin makes bold statements and decisive postures, Runealy 'shrinks' in demeanor. "You're not far off. The only thing I didn't do was laugh. It's not funny. It's not fun. It's what I thought I had to do. So..."

A single, weak nod. "So let's get a second opinion. Use your cell phone." Rune presumes everyone in Tokyo has one. "Call them, and tell them so long as I'm given a moment to tell my friends where I'm going... I will come meet them."
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-21 09:11:41 11944
    "That's right. No one person speaks for Earth, we can only speak for our own people. I hope you can see the hypocrisy in one group saying rules can't be set by any group; that's the same thing as claiming full authority and declaring anarchy." Karin sighs a little, shaking her head, "You're a Princess, I'm sure you understand the need for -some- semblance of law and order to exist in order to keep things from getting seriously out of hand."

    As for whether or not Runealy should be able to judge Corvus? Karin nods, "That's fair." Another smirk, but this one a bit more friendly than smug. "You're honest with yourself; I like that. This is what I've been trying to say all along. People like you really have nothing to fear from people like me. Everyone can make mistakes. The people who really are my enemies are the ones that hurt people for personal gain, or personal power, or profit, or because they simply want to hurt people, or destroy the world. In a word? Evil. I don't think you or your 'friends' are Evil, Princess. I think you were terribly misguided, maybe even incredibly stupid. But I don't think you are my real enemy, or ever were."

    The next words surprise her, especially given how very adamant against the very same thing the boy who actually attacked her was. "You're serious," she states, that surprise obvious in her voice. "I'll set something up."

    If only it were as simple as using her actual cellphone. Yoshiteru appears, holding a weird glowy piece of tech, "Toll Free?" She cringes as she uses the name, "Send a message to headquarters and tell them to expect contact from Runealy, Crown Princess of Waldia in order to arrange a meeting with leadership." The overly cheerful AI chatters for a moment while completing the task, and even offers to arrange details with Runealy then and there if she wishes, otherwise providing her with the proper contact information, in whatever form that might take.
Runealy Waldia 2015-10-21 09:42:29 11945
"I'm not sure I understand, 'full authority' and 'anarchy' sound like contradictory things?" Rune looks a bit confused on this point, but doesn't linger. "In this case, I'm not worried about who's law says what. What's on my mind is all those lives. A few of them, I know about. I can tell you their names and faces, even hired artists to draw them so our historians will know too. The rest? They're the thousands, millions, billions, and more we just talked about. I'll never know them, not personally. If Virtue speaks for only some of them..."

"...Then I think someone else should be able to speak for some of the others. 'Second opinion', 'judged twice', whatever you want to call it. My friends weren't stupid, mind you. I definitely was, and maybe I still am, but they're not. I'm not here to throw mud on them. Still, if 'dumb' is the worst thing you can say about me... I've said worse, so if that's how you feel, then thanks."

Runealy is now able to keep her gaze on Karin. Still somewhat shy about it, but shame has diminished. "Thanks for being someone I don't have to be afraid of. And yes, I'm serious about this." Reaching in to her dress' bow, she retrieves a cell phone and coordinates with Yoshiteru - somehow, the princess has only /just now/ noticed this individual! She looks at Yoshiteru with wide, curious eyes - and Toll Free to get numbers and information exchanged.

Once it's done, she nods to Karin. "I bet you overheard most of that, and it's fine. Go ahead and hold on to it. If there's something I can help you with sometime, you call or come find me, okay? That's probably not a great offer, but it's there." A single, slow nod. "From someone stupid, not evil, and trying to not be so stupid now."
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-21 10:00:27 11946
    It's Toll Free rather than Yoshiteru who will be the most useful to coordinate with. While the Fairy is alive and sentient, and can even talk, unlike most Yusha Fairies, his vocabulary is... limited. To two phrases. Look, at least he's not trying to eat other Fairy's like Gyuki.

    Yusha Karin nods, "I appreciate it. If I can think of something you can help me with I'll let you know." A pause, "It... might be something you won't expect. My ...clubmates..." not friends(!), "do a lot of community service; helping ordinary people with mundane problems. I bet you'd get along with them." Probability better than with her, in any case. She is at least aware of how abrasive she can be.

    Then again, it's amazing how well Karin feels like she can get along with people when they simply take everything that she says at face value. "Sure. Trying not to be so stupid- If everyone just tried to be a bit more like that I think I'd be much happier."