Cards and Princesses

Two magical girls chance upon one another and discuss banks, Miss White and morals!

Date: 2015-06-05
Pose Count: 18
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-06-05 03:27:18 1422
    It has been a few days since the dreadful bank robbery committed by Miss White and her accomplices. Though it was (for the most part) stopped, it had left a bit of a mark on Etsu, who froze up at the idea of having to fight another magical girl, even in parting.

    It is on a late evening, the bank long closed, that the Ace of Spades sits down on the roof across from it, careful not to fall off the edge this time. At least the damage to the building wasn't TOO catastrophic, but she'd been curious about it, and trying to play genre savvy for once.

    The criminal always comes back, right?

    Yeah, no. That hasn't been the case so far. The bored magical girl in blue and white kicks her feet back and forth, whining loudly. "I thought for sure one of them would come back! Every cop show taught me that."
    <Well,> speaks an adorable, fist-sized beetle next to the girl, looking more like a kid's cartoony rendition than a real insectoid beetle, <Maybe the shows are wrong. You humans love to invent rules and then make them certainties in fiction, you know?>
    "Yeah but..."
    <No more spying on the bank after tonight. There's more to do in this city than that, you know? You're due for a day off anyway. Let Diamonds take over, it's her turn.>
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-05 03:31:17 1423
An evening patrol for criminals might not yield any criminals at this time, but it does yield a stranger... and this one is stranger than most. The alien princess was also at the bank battle, and now she too is returning to the scene of the crime.

She's walking the sidewalks in full magical garb, something that has been met with a few 'nice costume' remarks here and there from bystanders, much to her confusion. Unlike the Ace of Spades, Runealy is alone.

Having failed to look up, she hasn't spotted anyone on the rooftop despite the conversation going on. Instead, the Princess is focused on pacing around the bank exterior and looking it over.
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-06-05 03:50:01 1424
    "So. Um. How about our world?"
    <We've been here for years.>
    "Well I mean... um... how're you guys adapting?"
    <We never really leave the house.>
    "You're making this conversation super hard."
    <And you're not paying attention, look.>

    The beetle vaguely points with its horn-like nose. Etsu turns her attention towards the bank, before grinning. "Ah! I know her, I know her! HIIIIII! OVER HERE!" Wave wave wave flail.

    And then Etsu trips right off the roof. Onto a balcony, this time. Much more forgiving. Thankfully no bystanders notice, or it'd be weird. After a few embarassing moments, the Ace of Spades manages to get down and run over towards the princess, assuming she doesn't flee!

    "Hey! Hi! Are you playing detective too?"
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-05 03:53:43 1425
The Princess jolts in place, startled when called out to! "Hnn!?" A frantic look around yields no ambush, and instead reveals the Ace of Spades leaping around. Runealy's head cranes around to follow the movement, and by the time Etsu is on the ground to talk to her the princess has managed to calm down.

"'Detective'? I'm not entirely familiar with the term, but if it means what I think it does then... yes, in a way I am. I've been trying to get to this place ever since that day, and every time I've been interrupted by something. Tokyo seems so dangerous."

She glances toward the bank, then loses interest in it; her gaze returns to the Ace. "I've been hoping to find you, actually."
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-06-05 04:12:06 1428
    "A detective is a cop! With brown clothes and a cool beanie hat. Sometimes a big magnifying glass. I don't have any of those, though," the Ace complains, before returning to the ACTUAL thing they should be talking about. "Oh! Yeah, Tokyo is full of weird things. Are you new here? I've only been doing this for a couple of weeks myself, I'm still not very good at it."

    Awkward shuffle. That felt like bragging. That felt so WRONG. "Ah, um, I meant. Sorry! Your name, you said it was Princess, right? Are you actually a real princess?! O-Oh, and why me specifically?"
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-05 04:16:30 1429
The Princess has heard some of these words. Enough to get the point. "One of the guards, then?" She's using distinctly archaic words. Not 'cop', 'officer', or 'police' or even 'law enforcement' but 'guards.' "No, I'm not one of the guards. Maybe I'm playing at it though, just like you said."

When the topic of introductions and names come up, Runealy has to pause. Has she given her 'name' to the Ace? She's not sure. She might have. Maybe the Ace of Spades overheard it somewhere. Maybe it was overheard as a transformation shout... so many possibilities, and it leaves Runealy pondering which lie, half-truth, or omission of facts to go with.

In this case, she opts for confirmation. "That's right. And 'why you'? Because I noticed something. Maybe it was a coincidence, but after a while... it looked like you were going out of your way to hit some of those... people? Monsters? Whoever or whatever they were, when I 'relive' that fight in my mind it seems like you were specifically going for those who were about to attack me. Maybe you were using it as an opening, maybe you were trying to help me, but either way..."

A single slow nod follows. "...Thank you. I appreciate it."
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-06-05 04:31:05 1430
    "They're kind of like guards! But detectives are like... investigating guards! They solve mysteries and catch the bad guys. Oh, and sometimes they're disgruntled with the law and taking it in their own hands!" Etsu watches a lot of movies, it's not quite her fault her brain sponges them this much.

    "Ah! Y-Yeah, it looked like you and the girl with the big pink laser were trying to take care of all of them, so I thought you might want cover to work better. I guess it turned out alright, huh?" A sheepish smile is offered, before the Ace looks around.

    "Where'd Beetle go anyway. Beetle?"

    Meanwhile, on the roof, the Beetle fleets a couple of pigeons that have taken it for an oversized meal. Back to the Ace: "Oh well, I'm sure he's fine. B-But, please, don't worry about it! I like helping people. I guess it's why I got these powers. I just wish they let me stop the bad things before people do them. Or at least, that they'd let me know why they do that. People don't just rob a bank for fun, right...?"

    Especially not a magical girl!
    "I guess you mustn't have found out anything either."
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-05 04:43:31 1432
The concept of a loose cannon guard on the edge who doesn't play by the rules in order to solve the case is a very new one to the Princess. "I... will take your word for it," a somewhat confused response. Confusion that persists as the Ace looks around for someone who doesn't seem to be here. "...Beetle? Who's that?"

Moving on to matters she actually does have some context for, Runealy's mood turns more quiet. "It did help. I won't be so arrogant as to say the monsters," she's assuming they're monsters for now, "were stopped because of it... that might be giving me far too much credit. What I do know is some of them probably would have had fairly good chances to attack me otherwise. So I'm thanking you for my own sake, if nothing else."

Runealy carries on with this topic. "And no... most people I can imagine don't just turn to banditry," again with words that distinctly don't fit in with modern speech, "to seek thrills and adventure. I don't know why she's doing it. But I don't quite understand. Are you wanting to stop the 'bad things' before they even happen, or the people who do them?"
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-06-05 04:52:32 1433
    "Beetle's my... coach? Trainer? I get my powers from a card, he's kind of... the spirit of the card. He's been teaching me to be a magical girl and fight, kind of." Sadly, Etsu flunked out of Keep Your Mascot With You 101, so she won't be providing a visual example.

    The next comment makes the Ace giggle a bit, shaking her head. "It's alright! If it wasn't for you two it'd have been a lot worse. Everyone there did a good job. It's just too bad it had to happen at all." But from one light topic to a heavier one. The Ace isn't quite sure what to answer.

    "I don't know. I guess stopping all the bad things before they happen wouldn't be a good idea... and stopping all the bad people before they do those things, wouldn't that be... weird? I mean, it'd work, but..." No, that's definitely wrong, she thinks. "I'd rather know why they're doing what they do. Maybe they need help and they're too shy to ask."

    She's arguably too young to have these debates! With herself, or with Princess. So her mind wanders to the next best thing: "Say, you um, you kind of talk weird, and you said you found this place kind of dangerous. Are you from elsewhere?" Transfer student sounds like as good a guess as any.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-05 04:59:04 1434
The Princess' attention immediately perks up, clearly interested in hearing about the Ace of Spades' abilities. "Magic from a card that can teach you... that's incredible." Yet even as things move to considering what's right in preventing crime and injustice, she's still paying attention to the Ace. "It sounds like the sort of thing you could think through for hours and hours and still not have one perfect answer for, doesn't it? That you're answering it questions and guesses says a lot of good things about you, I think. And... yes."

Runealy paces aside from the bank wall, instead just taking infrequent steps around Etsu. "I'm from somewhere else entirely. Because of that, I have a favor to ask. It seems people around here have 'phone numbers', which they use to help each other stay away from monsters... or find them, if that's your goal." This isn't quite an apt summary of telephone technology and its purposes, but it's what the Princess goes with. "If I share my number with you, could I have yours? I have a phone." As if that last part needs to be clarified.
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-06-05 05:07:39 1436
    "I think it's more... some sort of animal god that turned into a card to give me his powers? He um. He kind of went over a lot of the details because it was a bit of an emergency at the time. And then he tried explaining and I might have gotten distracted a few times." By the TV. But she doesn't say that out loud. Fortunately for Etsu, her mascot is neither a trickster nor malicious, so she's not gotten herself into a horrible deal.

    "I don't know what it says about me I question these things, ah, I think... it just makes me really confused right now! What would you do if you had the choice?" Her partners would surely have different answers on whether it's right or wrong to stop a crime before it happens, but not her. Criminals do bad things because they're in a bad spot, she's more concerned about that bad spot than stopping the criminal with force.

    The mention of a phone gets a nod, and Etsu reaches into a pocket. She's actualy prepared for this contingency! She pulls out a deck of cards. They're all aces of spades, it looks like. They have a phone number on them. She hands one of the cards to Princess, without hesitation.

    "Here! Diamonds thought we should have business cards because business cards are cool. She's kind of right, aheh... i-if you ever need help or just want to hang out, you can call me!"
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-05 05:12:55 1437
"Huh..." The Princess is paying attention to these insights on Beetles and animal gods and cards, but isn't sure what to make of it; in the end she goes with quiet acknowledgement. "That sounds incredible."

What would she do? "I... don't know. I know I'd like the ability to stop things before they happened, but what /exactly/ I would do with it..." this thought trails off with a few head shakes, gaze lowered. "I simply don't know."

She's jarred from having to think it through, though. An ace of spades is placed in view! "This is...?" Runealy takes it, looking it over. "That... certainly works!" She's impressed, and pulls out a phone to begin tapping the number in to it. "I don't have a card, whether it's an animal god card or 'business card'," another novel concept to her, "or any other, but... my number is..." A series of numbers gets rattled off from memory. "So I'll make the same offer to you. If you need help, I'll listen!"
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-06-05 05:31:35 1439
    "I'll be sure to!" She... might not be ENTIRELY honest there. Her desire not to get other people hurt because of her own problems would probably cause her to delay a call down the line, but at least for now, it shouldn't be an issue! Etsu produces a phone of her own, naturally, and puts the number in and all.

    A return to the original topics makes her expression drop back just a tad again, sadly. "It's a tough one, huh? I don't know either. That sounds like too much power for one person to have, I think. I don't want to stop the bad things, I want to make the bad people not bad anymore. Help them. Maybe it's dumb."

    The Ace scratches the back of her head as she pauses, mostly because that really felt like a dumb thing to say. Even if it's how she feels.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-05 05:37:18 1440
"Who would call that 'stupid?'" The Princess asks as she finishes putting the Ace of Spades' number in and stows the business card for safekeeping. "What you're describing sounds... I don't know if I'd call it possible, but maybe it's ideal. Life probably doesn't allow 'ideal', but it's not stupid to think about it anyway."

A few more headshakes follow, then Runealy takes a couple steps away. "Still, maybe that's not fair for me to bring up at random like this. For now, having your number and knowing a little more about you is a huge help. Thank you, again!"
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-06-05 05:49:07 1442
    "I-I guess so! I don't want to sound all braggy and proud about what I think. Maybe if I act how I think it'll be enough and I won't have to explain it," the Ace answers, before giving a firm nod. "R-Right! And thank you, too. I hope we can find out more about that girl and her helpers, though... I really don't want to have to fight another magical girl. Criminal or not." That'll be a bridge to cross when they get to it. She's not lookin forward to that.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-05 05:57:02 1443
"You /should/ be proud of what you think, if it's truly good and right!" The Princess' response is sudden, and intentionally melodramatic. "Don't let anyone talk down on you for that or call it 'dumb.'"

Then she mellows out, gaze once again lowered. "As for Miss White... I don't know. You were right that she isn't turning to banditry for fun. I've spoken with her. Whatever her reasons are, they seem to be complex... I can't just dismiss her as some random outlaw." Runealy thinks on this, and realizes something important to add. "I asked her about Tokyo's healers... 'EMTs' as you call them. She told me how to ask for their help, but one of her conditions for teaching me was that I would not carelessly put them in danger. Or more to the point, that I ask her to help protect them if she could arrive in time to do so. I agreed, of course... but think about that."

She's having trouble meeting the Ace's eyes, instead looking off to the side while talking. "That doesn't sound like someone who thinks their crimes are thrilling and joyful. Miss White wouldn't tell me her reasons, just as she wouldn't answer everyone else asking her those questions that day, but I think we can understand something about her from that."
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-06-05 06:07:04 1445
    "Healers? EMTs?" Blink blink. "Oh! Oh you mean like... doctors. Ambulance people! Yeah, there's a phone number you can call, and if you tell them where the trouble is they'll send people in special cars for transporting sick and injured people. B-But, yeah, I think it would be important to protect them... normal people don't have magical powers or anything like we do, so..."

    Still, it's good to hear 'Miss White' had such conditions for teaching the Princess how to call for help. That gets Etsu's hopes up on getting to figure out what's going on. A mindless bad guy certainly wouldn't demand such things! "You're right, it says a lot. She must be really nice on the inside. At least, enough to feel bad for innocent people. So that's why it's even more important now than it was five minutes ago to figure her out!" Twice is kind of an arbitrary value but hey, what are you going to do.

    Unfortunately, the Ace is interrupted by the loud buzzing of her phone. She doesn't answer it, rather she looks at her text messages, and then she frowns a bit. "Um. I think I need to go. Sorry! Something about a card. Gee, wouldn't kill them to be a bit less vague..."
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-05 06:13:21 1447
"Then I'll make sure they're protected, just as you would," The Princess insists about Tokyo's medical practicioners. "I couldn't tell you much about how nice she is or who she feels sympathy for, but... at least you've seen that much about Miss White, now."

As the phone goes off, Runealy nods and turns to walk away. "Cards sound important to you. Go, and don't let me keep you from tending to it."

She keeps walking away, and once out of earshot, repeats something. "'Hang out', she said..." Melodrama fades from her voice, replaced by something much more quiet. "If that means what I think it means... she'll probably have reason to take that back soon enough."