Candy, Children, and Youkai

Togo and Karin make candy in preparation for a kids Haloween party and one of them is much more excited about it than the other.

Date: 2015-10-29
Pose Count: 10
Mimori Togo 2015-10-29 03:13:35 12636
The day is coming closer, and Togo is torn. On the one hand, it's a holiday that's been celebrated more of late. It seems like it's a lot of fun, there are sweets involved, and scary stories, and nothing she dislikes. Plus, a few requests have come in for the Hero Club to help!

On the other hand, it's a western holiday, which automatically makes it not nearly as good, because Togo is a very opinionated patriot!

This is why she's staring intently at a flyer for a Halloween party she'd been asked to help make some snacks for. In fact, she's concentrating so hard on the flyer that it looks as if she might burn a hole thorugh it with her gaze!
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-29 03:31:47 12646
    School activities. Ever the bane of Karin's existence. Hero Club ones especially, since she can always think of much better things they could all be doing with their time than doing frivolous things like making candy.

    But it's her cover, something the Taisha was adamant about her keeping. It was officially a part of her job, trying to fit in, and so she was there looking grumpy and helping to make snacks, something she wasn't especially good at but picked up quickly enough. She is if nothing else at repeating things enough times to become proficient in them, and so after many a failure she starts showing decent results.

    Her attitude, on the other hand, stinks. "If you don't like it just stop," she comments to Togo as she catches sight of the other girl's stare. "If you decide this isn't worth our time it gets us both off the hook."

    Some quiet grumbling as she messes up a candy, which she glares at. "This holiday doesn't make any sense, anyway. If people want to scare themselves they should just open their eyes to the realities of the world. Ghosts, Vampires, Goblins, Mummies... Tch." She smirks and crosses her arms, "I bet they'd all wet themselves if they saw something -really- scary, like a Vertex."
Mimori Togo 2015-10-29 03:55:21 12651
"But we've made promises to help, Karin-san. We can't just break them." Despite that, she's still staring at the flyer, frowning just slightly.

After a moment, though, she sets it down and takes a deep breath. "Besides..." As she looks at Karin, her expression darkens, and a glimmer shines in her eye. "This will be the perfect oportunity to find out if Karin-san is afraid of anything. Uhuhuhuhu~" She draws her hands in closer to her face and waggles her fingers. "It is a silly holiday, but that's okay if kids have fun, isn't it?" Sitting up straight again, Togo peers at Karin... though she glances away when Vertex are mentioned. "Nn.."

For a brief moment, she's silent, before reaching down into her bag ad rustling around. What she draws out is a paper headband, which she slides onto her head, so the triangle is above her forehead. "I think I'll take the opportunity to make sure everyone knows about our local ghosts and monsters instead!"
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-29 04:08:17 12654
    That draws a sigh, "I know. I just think we shouldn't have made them in the first place." Obligations are not something Karin takes likely, and bringing up words like 'promised' are pretty effective at keeping her doing things she doesn't like.

    She looks at Togo out of the corner of her eye when she makes that highly suspicious laugh. Karin's response is to place her hands on her hip, close her eyes, and tilt her head to one side. "Of course there's not. With the things I've seen and the things I've done there's nothing that's going to scare me now." Such confidence! It couldn't possibly be egotistical and misplaced, noooo.

    Another sigh, "I guess not. Everyone being silly and having fun, really that's the type of thing I'm here to protect in the first place. I just shouldn't be involved in it. I don't have time for 'fun'. I should be training, not making candy." She resumes making candy as she utters these words.

    Then a blink of confusion, "Are you sure that's a good idea? Well, if you want to ruin their fun by telling them about Youma I guess that's up to you, but don't expect kind treatment from the Taisha; they prefer to keep the normals in the dark." So focused, obsessed really, on her job that it doesn't even occur to her that Togo means mythological monsters.
Mimori Togo 2015-10-29 04:33:59 12660
"You know that's an important job of the Hero Club." The only job that Togo knew about before this whole Vertex thing happened. But if promises keep Karin participating... she can't complain too much.

"Just because you've seen real monsters doesn't mean there aren't things you're afraid of. Everyone is afraid of something." She leans forward and peers at the girl. "You're not afraid of anything embarrassing and harmless though, I'm sure." She's teasing, of course. Togo has not yet uncovered any of Karin's weaknesses in that area. But it will happen. One day.

"Isn't it important to show the children you're having fun, though? They'll think you're sad if they don't see you enjoying yourself." Once more, Togo tries to play the kid card. "You know they'll appreciate this!"

At first, Togo is confused by Karin's confusion. After a moment, then, a look of realization comes over her face and she shakes her head. "Not Youma, silly! Most of those aren't from around here anyway, are they? I mean youkai! Maybe we can all dress up as youkai..." Togo taps her chin throughtfully, then lifts her hands, thumbs and forefingers forming a frame she peers through at Karin. "I bet you'd make a good red oni." Nothing to do with her Hero color, either.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-29 04:44:02 12663
    Karin shakes her head, "I'm not." She doesn't take the teasing bait this time. With the way she constantly freaks out whenever she makes a social misstep it's pretty obvious there are even simple things that she's afraid of. Fearing people will judge you and see you in a way you don't want to be seen is a legitimate fear, after all.

    "Maybe they'll learn something about promises and duty if they see I'm miserable but showing up to their silly party anyway," she responds huffily. Of course Togo is completely right and she knows it, but it's not like she's going to admit it so easily. Then with a look of surprise Karin realizes she was wrong about something, having misunderstood.

    "O-of course you did! But it would really make more sense if you told them of the actual dangers around them that they'll face when they grow up. Maybe they'll even become Yusha themselves some day; it'd be best to prepare them from the start, just like I was." Wait a second, isn't that exactly the opposite of what she said not two minutes ago?!
Mimori Togo 2015-10-29 05:27:30 12673
That sort of fear is less fun to pick at, though. Now if Karin were afraid of spiders or thunder or something, then maybe Togo could tease her. Maybe someday she'll discover Karin's weakness!

"Mmm... Maybe. I think they'd appreciate it more if you smiled, though." Togo pauses, considering something for a moment. Has she ever really see Karin smile? It's worrisome that she has to think hard to remember!

"I suppose that would get a volunteer or two.. but you're right, of course! It would be bad to spill that kind of secret. We should stick to things like..." Togo considers again. "I wonder, if you poke out your tongue, we can get you to pass for a Kasa-obake..." She's teasing, of course. Probably. It's hard to tell when she makes that sort of comment with a straight face!
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-29 05:45:38 12679
    Karin smirks from time to time, and she can grin in an egotistical manner. But simple smiles of happiness? Not so much. "Yuna-san will do enough smiling for the both of us," she comments, mumbling something along the lines of 'at least she's good for something' much quieter under her breath.

    She then hears the words 'you're right' and immediately nods. After the next comment she sticks her tongue out of the corner of her mouth in concentration as she works in a particularly stubborn piece of candy. She looks more fierce than silly like that, what with the sharp angle of her eyebrows as she fights with it. ...though the silliness quickly rises as the candy seems to be winning and she struggles more and more fervently.

    Just as she gets it right she realizes what just happens she flushes red before turning and giving Togo a slight glare, "I'm not an umbrella! What kind of fool do you take me for?!" It's pretty clear this is just her usual embarrassed bluster though and not anything actually hostile, though it could probably fool someone who didn't know her well. "It's moot anyway, since you're not getting me to dress up. You and Yuna-san can dress up as Rokuro-kubi all you want, just leave me out of it."
Mimori Togo 2015-10-29 05:56:46 12681
"Yuna-chan does have a nice smile, doesn't she?" Wait, that's not what Karin was saying, was it? "I bet a smiling Karin-san would be pretty charming, though."

Togo can't help but giggle a bit when the girl pokes her tongue out, concentration or no. "Mmm, I suppose. It's decided, then! We'll stick with red oni for you." There will almost certainly be an appropriate costume ready when the day comes, too.

"Mmm... I don't know. I think I'd make a better Kuchisake-onna." Togo looks toward Karin and smiles broadly, eyes widening wildly. "Don't you think I'd look pretty?"
Karin Miyoshi 2015-10-29 06:16:27 12687
    "If you like that sort of thing, I guess," Karin responds. ...who doesn't like pretty smiles?! Then with a slight huff she comments, "I'm not going to try to charm you, Togo-san." This is actually somewhat rare- she's playing along rather than simply deflecting.

    Then there's another small glare as Togo simply ignores her wishes and firm statement to not be involved in any dress up, "I'm not dressing up as a red oni! That doesn't even make sense, I go help you with the kids because it's a part of my job, not because I want to be their friends."

    Then she stares fairly blankly at Togo for a few moments, only to carefully consider her answer. She then quietly pulls off the apron she was wearing, folds it, sets it down. "Sorry, Togo-san, but there's something else I have to do right now." And then she turns around and walks off.

    But look at that- she'd finished with her part of the candy already.