What's Eating WitchHunter Arms!?

Something is eating Hannah's employees.

Date: 2015-11-02
Pose Count: 32
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-02 00:54:32 13146
WitchHunter Arms primarily consists of a large factory building in Tokyo's industrial center. Unlike the skyscrapers of downtown Mitakihara, this village is squat, barely two floors high, and all smoke stacks and concrete.

Miss White leads her compatriots through the front doors. There's not even anyone on watch tonight, the front gates locked and the front door needing Hannah to swipe a card and then punch in a keycode. She's already in her Barrier Jacket. Opening the door, the lights already on, it's a far cry from the dull exterior. It's all white tile on the entryway leading down a hallway to what seem to be administrative areas, and then another hallway to the factory floor. Hannah leads the others towards the factory area.

"Alright, here's the scoop people. Three days ago, some of the workers found one of my employees, a Mister Tanaka, dead under one of the stamping machines."

They're quickly on the factory floor, with long conveyor belts from metal stamping machines. Everything's clean and orderly, with machines dorment, and safety rails everywhere. Despite one might think of a seemingly evil corporation, safety on the floor of a potentially dangerous weapons manufacturing business seems to be the order of the day.

"Ever since we bought this place out and sank a good million into it, we haven't had any workplace accidents. None. And...from what I was told, well...you don't want to see the pictures. It wasn't natural. And when I scanned the spot it happened, there was dark energy residue. Magic."

Her teeth grit, anger running over her features.

"Something's eating my employees and we're going to find it. They're like family. I don't want to lose anyone else."

"Take a look around. See if you spot anything unusual."

Hannah starts to scan the area herself, primarily focusing on the stamping machine area where the body was found. There's a chalk outline that's very, very mangled.

Other more interesting spots that might be worth checking out seem to be the main control area, situated up a staircase with a view of the factory floor, what appears to be some kind of fine-tuning area with drills and other metal-shaving devices for getting rid of extra metal from the stamps, as well as what appears to be a room that leads into the mold-filling area.

Should anyone approach that last area, Hannah will speak up and point towards a table filled with black glasses.

"If you go in there, put those on. The factory's shut down, but we can't afford to just waste a bunch of steel. It'll be good for another week, and we need to keep it hot. You could go blind in there without protection, though you should be fine with the heat from your magic."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-11-02 01:13:58 13149
So when Cure Gull spoke to Blue for her first time a long time ago- he gave her a Suit Precard. She wondered why. He told her 'you know why'. And she blushed- because she knew he knew. 'Are you gonna be upset at that?' she asked. Blue was honest. 'I don't approve. But I know you wanna help your dear friend.' he said.

SO she finally begged and pleaded with Hannah this morning after the events of the other night and now here she is. She stil promises to punch Hannah in the face when she does evil things and Hannah allows her to exempt herself from certain bussiness because Hannah knows Haruna isn't a jerk and is a Cure and is a good guy. This works out and is weird.


In a bussiness suit, also Corvus is also wearing a bussiness suit and it is white and also he has cool shades and an ear piece and he totally looks like he should be Gull's bodyguard. This is hilarous.

Gull frowns and huhs. "So..uh. People are getting eaten. That's kinda bad." she begins peeking around. She goes nowhere near the molding area.

Though those protective glasses look cool- she snags a pair anyways.

She taps her chin. Corvus is trying to single out stuff and occasionally whispers something to Gull.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-02 01:24:26 13151
Mikoto knows that 'Ms White' isn't the most wholesome of people. She doesn't much care. Working with unwholesome people was part and parcel of the Centai Zel's duties, back in the day. Undercover in criminal organizations. Training guerilla warriors. Waging terror campaigns of their own. They really weren't nice people themselves.

But even not-nice people can do good things. Like stopping monsters from eating people. And 'Ms White' has done plenty of that so far, that Mikoto's seen. So helping her out with this is a pretty easy call.

So here is 'Ms Blue', a grim little smile on her face, garbed in her Barrier Jacket. (She's learned a serious lesson about doing without, over the past few days.) Unlike Cure Gull, she hasn't bothered to disguise it as a business suit, although now that she's seen the younger girl the idea is planet. It will take a bit of programming to set it up, however.

"We'll be glad to help," she assures Hannah.
Takashi Agera 2015-11-02 01:30:56 13153
Riventon tapped Ayana to come with him when Hannah needed some help. Truth be told, he was about to ask her to something a little bit more tame when Hannah's text came in. But, the request came in at a good time - with Takashi so internally conflicted, a request for help from Hannah, against an unknown and possibly monstrous assailant, was something he was still sure he could do either way.

And that's why he's here in his henshin, looking around curiously. His Device is also on an area scan footing, and he's looking around curiously. When Miss White motions to the sunglasses, he simply smiles and the familiar mask of shadows fills his face. "Someone decided it'd be a good idea to use the magical version of a flashbang on my face recently..." he explains, not mentioning Hinote. "So I made some adjustments." There's a small black fox resting on his shoulder as he walks around the area.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-02 01:45:25 13155
    Helix has spent the vast majority of the past several weeks in her own 'laboratory', working on a bit of a secret project. The rumors are that while it's not as hostile to life as Takashi's lab it's a pretty bad idea to go inside hers either. These mostly stem from the fact Helix herself usually comes out of the lab looking like she's been raked over the coals, though when asked she swears her research isn't for any kind of dark magic weapon.

    A request from Hannah has her appearing outside of UMBRA HQ again in an instant however, and she's with the team as they enter the warehouse. "Miss White, have you considered the idea of setting up a trap?" she ask while leaning over the disturbingly anatomically incorrect chalk outline. "WPS seems to get raided, blown up, and hunted pretty often. I think you should set up a 'research facility' that's nothing but a giant barrier generator waiting to trap whoever tries this sort of thing next."

    All in all she seems curious about the circumstances of the accident but a little confused about their purpose here. At first she spends a lot of time looking over the equipment and machinery, right up until Miss White mentions the workers at the newly obtained facility are like family to her. That prompts an, "Ohhhhhh," from the girl as she realizes Hannah actually cares about the mundane peons that work for her.

    Otherwise what would be the big deal about having to retrain a few expendable workers? Unless they're rather hard to train.

    She gives a shrug when the sunglasses are mentioned and puts a pair on, walking into the room with the liquid metal and staring at it, "Say, B-" <<A Barrier Jacket as thick as yours would withstand it, Master, but anything exposed would hurt rather badly.>> "Awww."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-02 02:10:46 13160

'This is a dumb idea Gull-chan'


'You're not giving up are you? Fine. Let's draw up conditions. You have potential, so that's a plus. You could be useful. I'm sure you have your scruples. First thing though: stay when you want, leave when you want. I won't judge, either way. You'll always be a friend'.


Hannah's device spews emerald green lines, searching the chalk outline. More residue, fading about as much as she'd suspected. Nothing she's used to. The lack of data is annoying. Recalling those lines of magic, she rubs the back of her head.

"That's about the size of it. I have the police off my back for now, but if I don't get rid of the problem soon, there'll be trouble I can't bribe my way out of, nevermind the cost in good people." Comes Hannah honestly.

Corvus might be immediately drawn to the blast area. Opening the door would result in a wave of heat that would likely be dangerous to a non-magical human. It might explain the safety suits festooned on racks near the door and the multitude of safety signs posted.

Despite the sweat, henshins can deal with it. Magical senses via mascot or Devices would first draw one to the massive iron 'pot' of molten metal. It's old residue, as if there'd been youma in that thing before. But it's far older than the signature from the chalk outline. Perhaps a youma met its end in that boiling pot of heat?

A far more stronger feeling comes a corner of the massive smelting facility. A closer inspection would catch the pulsating feeling of something below the surface, deep beneath concrete, as though bubbling up from beneath in the porous substance that makes up the floor.

'Miss Blue' gets a thumbs up.

"Check the control area for me? The man who died was one of our factory floor supervisors."

Should she check, there's a powerful magic residue that leads from the control room down towards the factory floor. It's almost a bee-line towards the stamping area where the man died. Worst of all, the aura seems to have rised up from beneath the very ground!

Hannah winces.

"Sorry to hear that, Riv. ...Just as well then." The feeling of a fox on his shoulders has her grinning. She knows that fluffy passenger anywhere! And then Helix arrives too!

It's not a bad idea.

"Heh, thankfully most of my enemies are either MIA or otherwise pacified these days. Still. There's a chance I could draw out anyone with a real grudge." A nod to Euphemia. It's a worthy idea.

The trio, should they similarly enter the blast furnace area, would be assaulted by heat, but various protection would keep eyes and body relatively safe. Best not to linger though. The combined scanning and magical senses would likely give more weight to the idea: something's far below, alive, and filled with dark intent.

Everything would lead back towards the main room, and with the gathered information, Hannah steps towards a side door. She punches in a few numbers, and the door slides open.

"...Had a feeling. Let's go, guys. This is our maintenance tunnels to all of the pipes that feed everything. Don't touch them, some of them will burn your hands off even with magic."

Down into the tunnels they go, and as the group descends, feelings become stronger. Horrible, sickening dark magic, cloying and pure evil can be felt.

Hannah stops. There's a hole amidst the grey concrete and multitude of pipes, leading into an earthen cavern. She waves a hand towards the unnatural orifice, and in she goes.

The area is a deep, deep pit, bubbling with evil energy.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-02 02:10:56 13161
The entire dark, liquid mass rises up and takes form into that of a four-armed woman. It smells like the worst kinds of chemical runoff mixed with pure, ancient dark magic left over from days long passed, as if a festering toxing beneath the land. There's bones mixed amongst its fluids.

"KYAAAAAH! HUUUUMANSSSSS! TASSSTY LIFE!" The creature howls, before smashing its hands to the walls. The falling rocks are blasted away by Hannah, and she kicks out wind energy towards it! The strikes barely register, the thing wobbling and run-off dripping from the wound.

A gigantic hand smacks her to the other side of the circular lip of rock, wide enough for three, containing the large youma. Hannah slams into the rocks, coughing and sputtering, too dazed to move! It's up to the others to deal with it, for now!
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-11-02 02:25:42 13164
Cure Gull is too busy putting awesome protective sunglasses on WHEN----

"White-Chan!" she calls out as her Translucent Green Wings still form behind her--- despite the suit, the wings still happen. She dashes across the way and moves to scoop her up while others go and engage the creatures. She's going to get Hannah-chan away from something like 'giant toxic avenger rip off'.

"It's okay White-chan, I have you~" she says. She knows not to actually use the name 'Hannah' in a place like this~

She places her down by the first aid station and places a kit in her hands. "Imma gonna go karate chop a thing now." she says.

Corvus says. "That thing looks gooey. I think your hand just gets stuck."

"Imma gonna go wind chop a thing now." she fixes.

Gull takes back off. Though others are hopefully on the case already!
Takashi Agera 2015-11-02 02:29:45 13165
Riventon looks out at Hannah - he moves to grab her, but doesn't need to, as Gull gets in to intercede. "What have you been cooking up in that pot, anyways?...don't answer that." he adds belatedly. Riventon looks at the creature... and decides to do something different than usual.

He takes a step forward and announces. "I'll cover everyone. You guys start wrecking it. I have a suspicion this thing may be somehow responsible." Plus, he figures it might be dangerous to let it touch. So instead of performing the role of an oversized artillery piece that he might usually, he starts firing blasts of energy out of his hands to swat the hands back and try to bully the thing into the corner with smaller bursts.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-02 02:32:25 13166
'Ms Blue' surveys the factory floor, taking in every detail she can (and recording it all in her Device's memory, of course). She takes especial note of the dark energy around the area the dead man was found, and around the molten iron in its pit. Interesting. Very interesting.

She moves on to check out the control room, sending a little search spell around the room and again recording its impressions. "Definitely something underground," she summarizes her report once she's done, and listens as the others give their own findings.

So eventually Hannah shows them the underground tunnels. Of -course- there are tunnels. Every evil lair's gotta have tunnels. She keeps recording, watching everything.

"Well, this is looking like something out of a - " And suddenly youma! " - horror movie. Right." She sighs, softly, and almost moves to help Ms White, but Gull is faster. That'll do.

And yes, 'Ms Blue' is on the case. "I don't think close combat is going to be much good against this one," she remarks to Riventon. "Let's all stay at a distance and just hammer it." She starts forming her trademark Flicker Shots, little blue-gleaming arrows that slowly orbit around her until she's ready to fire them off in a steady stream.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-11-02 02:33:36 13167
The fox on Riventon's shoulder jumps away as the creature begins its assault, transforming from a small black furry woodland thing into a feral-looking kitsune, half-girl, half-fox, all floof. "Last time *I* had her cooking it was tasty," the shadow fox retorts to Takashi.

"Don't think I want to eat this one." Nevertheless, she charges forward, "GLOOM!" she declares, and a wave of dark energy engulfs the fox-girl as she rushes in to fight the creature in melee, drawing on Takashi's mana for speed, agility, and power.

As the familiar nears the creature, she leaps into the air and slashes with her fingers at the creature, turning the dark energy that surrounds her into a claw of shadowed ribbons.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-02 02:41:20 13169
    Helix gives the information about the energy in the bottom of the pot of molten metal to Hannah, following along after when they start heading down into the tunnels. The mention of things that will burn her hands off despite magic gets her interest and in true Euphemia fashion walks right up to one. She pulls her arm inside the sleeve of her coat and presses the barrier jacket up against it, which hisses loudly for several moments before burning away. "Ouch! Hmm..."

    Next she holds out a single finger and creates a tiny Round Shield in front of it, moving her finger closer until the small shield is pressed to the pipe. Magic sizzles and sparks, only for the shield to break several moments later. Finally she rubs her chin and simply presses the Bulwark up against the pipe for several moments.

    <<Temperature approaching maximum threshold. Rising. Rising. Holding. Temperature within maximum acceptable limits.>> "You really are amazing, Bulwark!" <<Of course I am, Master.>> "Hehehehe. Hey, Miss White, have you considered weaponizing this tube itself? Just think of what you could accomplish with a tiny portal spell inside of a barrel; add a little magic and even I'd have to start dodging!"

    Later, down in the cavern itself she watches as the dark liquid forms up into the shape of a woman, "Doesn't this thing remind you of a Retriever, Riventon? I wonder how many Retrievers it'd take to beat this thing on their own. Oh well, I doubt this thing has any energy we want anyway, so it wouldn't be worth finding out."

    She rubs her hands together then, getting a wide grin on her face, "This should be fun! I'm really in my element down here!" She jumps up and starts flying, only to invert herself and 'land' on the ceiling of the huge space, running until she's right above the Youma. If Takashi is being more defensive than normal, Helix is being extremely aggressive. She holds her arms wide and gathers mana before swinging them inward, arms extended towards the Youma, "Root Wrapper!"

    <<Root Wrapper>> announces Bulwark, and unlike the usual one or two roots an enormous number of them burst out from around the creature- from the cavern's roof, from it's sides, and of course from the floor, all shooting in and wrapping about whatever solid bits there are of the gooey creature!
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-02 02:46:07 13170
~Up Above~

"...Not a bad idea, but I'd need a different conduit for that. Can't interrupt factory operations just for a new weapon. Time is money after all, Helix-chan!"

~Youma Pit~

"...Why is something that big that fast?" Comes the strained voice of one Miss White. From the way she writhes from being moved, she's definitely cracked several ribs, and the spot of blood from her mouth might speak of internal damage too. It was a hard blow, but the magical girl is nothing if not stubborn.

She smiles.

"You're a good friend, Gull-chan." Thankfully, by now, she's learned first aide. Bandaging herself up with a makeshift splint from the kit, she at least won't bleed out or have bones set wrong.

And then off Gull goes to wind-chop things.

"Remember! Wind is all about force and speed! Build up velocity, then let loose right where it hurts the most!" Comes her sage advice, the pair definitely sharing the element!

And then Riventon moves in. His pinpoint strikes blow straight through the creature, each precise strike of negative energy making a curious mix of harm and simple resistance by its nature that has it's slamming, unwielding hands tossed back as it tries to smash first Hannah, then Riventon himself like a pancake! They don't do much damage individually, but it gives the others copious amounts of opportuntity.

For instance, Ms. Blue's flicker shots. The blue arrows slam into the creature, one arm in particular roughted up by the barrage, and the thing is realing backwards! The large thing howls in pure rage and ancient pain, resilient, but so much magical prowess is surprising. It simply hasn't faced such in a long time!

Which gives Ayana more than enough opportunity as she leaps into the air, her shadow-claws carving into the beast. The damage is muted, given the duelling similar elements, but one particularly keen strike whips into one of those four arms where Blue pinned it with arrows! It's sliced off, falling tot he side of the cavern and the bit of rock utterly crushes what's left. Only the dark magical energy of the shadow fox protects her from the toxic poison it would otherwise inflict!

From the way Hannah's coughing, she isn't quite so far gone as to be immune.

One big hand raises up, and a finger points at Mikoto! A dark evil laser fires at her, easily half her body in width!

Riventon is pointed at with an entire hand, and his barrage of lasers is met with five large beams!

The final arm rises, and then tries to slam down towards Ayana in a karate-chop towards that evil looking pit of sludge below!

And just then, out comes the many roots summoned by Helix! It proves more than useful, the multitude of plants entangling the creature, far too many for even its toxic poison to utterly shrug off! Roots die, then are replaced, and the struggle continues, but the youma is locked in place for a critical moment!

Miss White takes a pained breath, and points her hand, chucking a wind-bomb right for the thing's face! KABOOM! The youma screams in suffering as its face is deformed, toxic sludge slothing off as it writhes in its root prison!

"NOW! HIT IT WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!" Comes Hannah, hacking and wheezing.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-11-02 02:56:38 13173
Cure Gull comes in past Riventon....Riventon-chan~ (She's not gonna get many days to think this name over probably so she does.)

She flies across the way on her wings still like some of graceful bussiness clad angel and brings her hand up and wind and feathers magically build around it..."AAhhhhhhhhhh!"

She calls out as she brings the hand downwards- a force of wind shooting out! This is an uncalled Cure Attack, of course- no name- but everyone know names are cooler!

Also, you know, innate Cure wind powers.

She built up JUST enough force however to join in Hannah's called assault, it seems!
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-02 03:01:57 13176
'Ms Blue's first volley of Flicker Shots seems to be effective, rather more so than Riventon's dark blasts. That pleases her, it's always good to know you're stronger than potential opposition. Even if the potential is an ally at the moment. She keeps up the barrage as others join in, and smiles as the other mage's binding captures the monster. That'll make it eas -

<<Round Shield>>, intones Labyrinth Architect's familiar voice, as a massive energy beam lashes out at the blue-clad mage. "I hate it when they do that," she says, watching the field waver under the pressure of the beam. She holds up a hand towards it, channeling mana into the defense, supporting the shield as much as she can. The barrage of Flicker Shots is cut in half, unfortunately, with her attention split.
Takashi Agera 2015-11-02 03:12:59 13181
Riventon's blasts may not look impressive, but they're doing a decent job of controlling the creature. He's doing force multiplication now (and, to anyone who's seen him fight, they might know he's also conserving energy.

Then a ray of five beams is aimed at him, and the same time Ayana's in trouble! There's some quick thinking going on behind the shadow mask he's still wearing - and he puts his hand out..."ROUND SHIELD!" announces his device, and the eponymous Mid-Childan ring springs up, the monsters' bursts slamming into the shield. Then, though, there's a special twist. "FORCE!" He adds, and the shield (along with the energy it's been holding back) slams forward, just over Ayana's head, in the hopes that if it can't stop the hand it can at least buy her more time to scrabble out of the way.

"Pay attention, Shadow-chan!" he admonishes - there just wasn't enough time for him to do a swoop and save on her either.

He needs to be faster, he notes.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-11-02 03:16:09 13183
The fox familiar pinwheels her arms in surprise when her attack actually manages to land, rather than bounce harmlessly off it's hide. And she managed to tear one of its arms off! The feral-looking familiar is so busy being excited at her success that she doesn't notice the incoming karate-chop arm.

Lucky for Ayana, she has a good master. At Riventon's call, her ears perk, and the shadow familiar tilts her head back. Her sapphire eyes widen as wide as they go, and for a split second it looks like she's going to be crushed straight through Riventon's shield. But a split second is all she needs when she has Riventon's mana to draw on. The familiar moves so impossibly fast that she seems to teleport, escaping the crushing hand by a narrow margin. The sheer force of the hand blows her backwards anyways, and she winds up crashing into the wall. "Ow," she complains unhappily, rubbing the back of her head. "Hee. Thank you!!!" she calls to him, then rushes right back in to attack the creature.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-02 03:17:16 13184
    The roots seem to be doing their thing even if they need to be continually replenished. Normally they burst up directly from the ground, but when pretty much everywhere around is rock and soil there's no end to the directions they can come from, and so Helix keeps channeling mana to cause more and more to appear, replacing those woody roots that are blasted withered away by it's toxic, corrupted nature.

    As Hannah calls for everyone to attack she swings one hand down, and a trio of roots veer off into the pool of sludge itself. Another large buildup of mana as before she began the barrage of binding magic, Euphemia acting as a true mage for once and relying on the spells she's created rather than the one's she's inherited from Bulwark. "SALT THE EARTH!"

    <<Salt the Earth>>

    All the roots suddenly hum with magic, green energy arcing over them and crackling not unlike electricity. It isn't the power of the sky in them, however, but the elemental fury of the earth itself. The stalwart ground saps the magical strength directly out of the Youma while Helix' mana bombards it with elemental wrath, energy coursing through the creature- and that pool of sludge as well.

    Just in case.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-02 03:28:19 13190
Down rushes the wind of Cure Gull, and it all slams into the unsuspecting creature's back! It's shoved forward on uncertain blob-attachment, shuddering, and more evil toxic sludge drips off.

The halved Flicker Shots slam into the creature, right in the side, and while it howls out in outrage, it otherwise doesn't seem overly bothered. Looks like Blue-chan will have to concentrate her strikes, even with the elemental affinities at work!

Riventon's shield of force, and the resulting black magic it contained then hammers back against the giant youma, very nearly ripped apart from the force of the blast! Riventon's familiar rushes back into the attack with a flurry of blows, every strike seeming to push it back deeper into its hole of pure evil muck! It's slammed down like a pancake!

Then Helix pushes her magical fury, the earth itself seeking to bury the evil that's bubbled up, even as her own energy drains it of strength. The massive creature begins to shrink down deep into the pit, it's pure will forcing it up in turn as roots die.

Eventually, all that's left is a round bubble of pure evil energy. Hannah, for her part, offers a pained smirk.

She slowly shoves herself to her feet, and walks over to the lip of the pit. A single tentacle lashes out form the ball, and she manages to parry it, sent back to her rump. She coughs, sputters, and then laughs.

"You're...too weak for everyone gathered here. Bind that thing, people!"

The ball writhes, wiggles, and struggles vainly even as Hannah begins a spell! The wind of transportation begins to envelope the odd ball of magical fury! It seems she wants to capture rather than kill this weakened ball of youma!
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-11-02 03:41:41 13195
The MAIN benefit Gull brings to WPS is having someone on tap who can do an awsome spinny arm dance and throw a big ball of purification magic.

Gull raises her PreBrace. "Wings of Hope turn into a sacred power!" she calls out- then throws up her PreBrace. "LOVELY PREBRACE!" she calls out. She gives it a clap. "PRETTY CURE!......" she spins her arms around and raises up some sort of translucent wing symbol...."HOPEFUL FEATHER SHOOT!" she calls out as she punches the wings at the bright ball of EVIL ENERGY.

"WINGS OF HOPE!----return to the heavens!" she calls out as there's a small explosion of purifcation from that spot as she raises her PreBrace. She also poses because bussiness suit and awesome protective shades and Corvus is also in a suit and she's feeling kinda awesome right now.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-02 03:47:10 13197
Ms Blue finally releases her support for the Round Shield as the laser barrage falls silent. She returns her Flicker barrage to full intensity, even as Helix starts to crush the monster in her conjured roots.

"Looking good, everyone!" she calls, a smile widening as the creature is crushed. And then Hannah gets dumped on her cute little derriere. "Watch that," she cautions, and redirects her focus into the Flicker Shot again. She presses the blast as much as she did the shield, focusing it tighter on the englobed creature.

Her eyes widen as she watches Gull's assault. Now that's impressive. She's never seen that particular kind of purifying blast before, and the sheer aura of it is enough to push her back.

Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-02 03:56:07 13202
    Seeing as Helix is already doing everything she can to attempt in any bindings considering she's never actually taken the time to learn a proper Sealing spell she doesn't add to the barrage of attacks. Speaking of, what Cure Gull is doing -really- doesn't seem to be the type of thing to control or command, but rather the type of thing to blast away the evil!

    That's all well and good; it's Gull's decision to make if she wants to tick Hannah off by potentially destroying a valuable research specimen, but 'the evil' might -also- include a certain dark energy wielding Familiar that's currently in melee with the gooball! Helix doesn't know for sure, but she's not taking any chances.

    This is part two of why she's up here in the roof; she can't fly quickly except in one circumstance- descending. Being at the roof means she can both 'jump' off of it and use gravity to assist her descent, shooting down like a little green and gray meteorite before coming to a sudden halt right in front of Ayana, "Stay by me! If you don't..!"

    <<Terra Guard>>

    A small spherical bubble of energy flares into life around the two, just in time for the Hopefull Feather Shoot to explode in purifying energy beside them. Helix doesn't know if that kind of energy simply bounces off energy that isn't of a 'negative' nature, but she's assuming not and pumping as much power into the defense as she can. If it fails it won't hurt her at all, but Ayana... who could say?
Takashi Agera 2015-11-02 04:01:02 13204
Riventon is certainly on board with capturing it - there's an interesting energy signature in it. "Well, it's your place, guess this makes this one your call." He says with a smirk hidden behind that shadow mask.

<<SEALING MODE>> Axion announces, and his gauntlet shifts until it only covers his fingers in bright metallic blue sheaths, and he sweeps out with them, firing lines of bright blue energy, heading towards the strange (and dangerous) youma, hoping to seal it in order to meet Miss White's request. He's not exactly expecting the blast of positive energy coming from Cure Gull, though, and his device is actively warning them against it. So once the threads of energy from his fingertips have released, he prepares to shield himself from that blast that's way over on the White side of the energy color spectrum. It never comes, but better safe than having a core part of yourself torn away without proper planning!

He turns to Cure Gull, though, and says "I'm not entirely sure that's what she had in mind."
Ayana Tasogare 2015-11-02 04:07:28 13206
So busy is Ayana in attacking the thing that she doesn't sense the impending Cure finisher until there is a Bulwark (and co) between her and it. She yelps in surprise and bounds backwards, juste barely staying inside the shield. "What the heck!" she declares, then stares at the bright explosion with wide blue eyes. "Ohhhhh," she says, then lets out a soft noise of amusement. "Woops." She really does need to pay more attention. "Thanks!"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-02 04:16:47 13208
The exploding purification ball slams into the shrunken youma, and it very nearly winks out of existance after the combined blows of everyone involved. Miss White winces, certainly not what she intended!

Welcome to employing a PreCure, Hannah!

The blast of Flicker Shots is an effective shield, and the interplay of blue arrows and purification magic are a true threat to the weakened beast!

Her magic feels Helix rushing down, reaching to save Ayana from any inadvertant sealing of the cuddliest fox-Familiar! Hannah grins at the feeling!

And then Riventon's shield of blue energy rains down around the youma, pulling it into a claustrophobic ball, enough that the concurrance threatens the youma's very existance!

Only when Hannah's sure that the good fox is safe does she herself offer the last of her magic! The youma begins to rise up towards the heavens, and Hannah forcefully shoves her teleportation magic towards the beast!

"HRAAAAAHHHHH!" Comes Miss White, offering everything she can to safe some portion of her specimen!

There's a blast of emerald energy, and most of the youma dissolves in purifies energy.

But a tiny fourteenth of the creature is forcibly shoved back into her labs as the energies disconnect. It's not much, but it's something. Miss White coughs, slowly getting to her feet.

There's a giant crater in the earth, she's with broken ribs and nearly out of magic. She looks to the others.

"N...not quite what I had in mind, Gull-chan. But I guess the main objective was accomplished."

A deep sigh, and it's back to the earth she goes, nearly unconscious.

"...Employee training, Gull-chan, when the universe isn't spinning around me. Good job, people. Nothing else is going to eat at my employees now, hopefully." Thunk. Hannah blacks out from pain and energy-usage.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-11-02 04:24:47 13209
Cure Gull kinda only got in this morning and hadn't read any WPS materials yet. "Uh. Oops?" she asks. "YES! It's gone though!" she insists. She turns to the others and blinks. "Why do you all have shields up?" she asks.

She blinks.

She turns back to Hannah-chan! "Ah!? White-chan!" she screams out. She zips to her and scoops her up. "Hospital I guess." she sighhhhhhs.

She frowns at Riventon-chan. "Hey---Riventon-chan, can we talk sometimes?" she asks. "Right now uh. White-chan needs like a doctor. I'm sure." she insists.

After an answer she ZIPS away.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-02 04:30:33 13212
If there's one thing Ms Blue has learned in her so far short monster-fighting career, it's not to stop until they're good and dead. She keeps up the barrage until there's nothing left but a crater, then finally relaxes, leaving a few Flickers to keep orbiting her. Just in case there's another one of the things.

"Because it was shooting back," she answers Gull, flat and simple. And then Hannah keels over.

"This is getting to be a habit for you, friend," she adds as she hurries over to the girl's side. "Ever consider getting into a fight and -not- getting your rear bitten off?" She starts to run a medical scan, but then Gull hurries off to the hospital with her. That'll do.
Takashi Agera 2015-11-02 04:32:56 13213
Riventon turns to his Fox as his Device lets out a little black steam of its own - sealing isn't its primary purpose, and it actually spends a great deal of its energy to do so. (It's primary purpose is blasting.)

But before he can speak to the Shadow Fox, Cure Gull comes up with a question. The risk of blinding now away, the shadow guise fades away leaving his face standing alone. He looks down to her. "Well, that'd be fine with me. But in henshin. I think you've also met some uh... friends, that I wouldn't want knowing me, and it'd just be safer for us to meet in the forms we know each other, right?" he adds. There's a smile. And to Ayana (and probably Helix) the entire exchange is also somewhat out of character for him.

He turns back to Ayana. "Good job up there, just try to focus a little bit more on your own saftey, kay?"
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-02 04:40:56 13214
    Purifying Energy washes over Helix's protective shield! And it's like the softest ocean breeze, with a hint of briny warmth. She blinks for a moment before lowering her arms, the green bubble flickering out of existence. "Oh, um. False alarm! Sorry." She turns towards Ayana and gives her a well meaning grin.

    She looks over to Hannah as she collapses in her crater, making a face for a moment, "The roots were effective, but maybe I should have just stood in front of her? That's not really her style though." She'd be more worried except for the fact she knows for a fact that Hannah can bounce back from injury pretty quickly, and Cure Gull seems to be in position to whisk her away to begin her recovery.

    It's really too bad Gull is rushing off though, because that exchange between here and Riventon has her narrowing her eyes and peeking between the two in an utterly conspiratorial way. 'Riventon-chan', hmm?

    Thinking quickly she pipes up and calls with a bright smile, "You should visit our swimming pool sometime, Gull!" A quick thought, "You have a Dress and a Business Suit form..." she tilts her head, "Do you have a Swimming Suit one too?"

    The world wants to know.

    A moment later she remembers that Gull was there when they -got- said swimming pool and the smile turns a bit more goofy.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-11-02 04:43:58 13216
On her way out, Gull pauses a moment at Helix and narrows her eyes. She heard what Riventon said.

"Corvus throw a donut at her for that one."

Corvus throws a donut at Helix's head.

The two continue to zip out.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-11-02 04:46:01 13218
Ayana reaches up to snatch the donut out of the air, then shoves it on her mouth. She stares after cure gull. Once she's managed to swallow, she asks, "Riventon-chan?!" Then she turns and staresd at Takashi. "He let her get away with that?" she mumbles at a quiet whisper. "And even agreed to a date?" The fox familiar's ears perk up with interest. "Does this mean I'll have a big sister, soon, too!?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-02 06:33:27 13227
"Well, that's done," Ms Blue says with a smile. And leaves Foxgirl and Badboy to have fun on their own. With the donut. "I'm going to help get her to the hospital."