Kyouko, No

Date: 2015-11-09
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Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 15:06:27 14446
He should feel guilty about it, and maybe he does, a little. With adrenaline still thumping through his veins with every beat of his heart, scuffed shoes and the rumple of post-battle de-henshining in his clothes and hair, and the taste of strawberry lip gloss in his mouth, Mamoru Chiba cuts through an alley on his way back to the Infinity campus. He's running. He's running like detention for skipping class is on his heels.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 15:20:45 14447
    Queen Beryl had told her Generals to work together to capture Mamoru Chiba. When Apatite had sassed her and said she works better alone, Beryl had /ordered/ her, on pain of Sayaka's safety, to not go it alone but to /work together/. Maybe Beryl has more foresight than she's given credit for. Or maybe not enough- because Apatite is here. Alone.

    She spends a lot of her daily time roaming Tokyo- both checking in on Sayaka and watching for an opportunity to fulfill her orders with regards to capturing Chiba or destroying the Sailor Senshi. That part is acceptable. Upon returning from a distraction to find Mamoru alone and unguarded, what she should have done is immidiately called for backup.

    Instead what she does is thrust out her hand from where she stands on a rooftop beside the alley he runs down. This causes a red latticework barrier to spring out of the air in front of him, composed of dimonds that interlock and move, insubstantial yet as solid as rock.

    Then she drops down behind him in the alleyway, trapping him between the barrier and herself. Her spear rests casually back over her shoulder, the shaft held in the crook of her elbow, as she smirks. "Well well. If it ain't Mamoru Chiba. You're wanted for an executive meeting."
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 15:29:21 14448
--and Mamoru slams into the red latticework barrier face-first, rocking back a couple of steps to keep from falling--

well well

The boy spins on his heels, dropping into a defensive stance and choking down the momentary panic before it can color his actions, before it can echo back down the connection he has with Sailor Moon and hammer her.

He stares for a second. She's so very Kyouko. She's so very not. He remembers watching her, watching her act like this with her self-chosen opponents back before they got to really know each other. Slowly, he straightens up from the combat-ready position he'd taken, watching her. If he has to, he can at least henshin, he thinks, he can get away fast enough, quiet enough. But then she'll know.

"You know they'll hurt me," he says instead, calm and matter-of-fact.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 15:36:42 14449
    Rather than forming a new personality in her, it really is like Beryl's brainwashing simply sent Kyouko back- erasing the progress she's made, the lessons she's learned since coming to Tokyo and reverting her, personality-wise, to the arrogant, violent jerkface she was before. It's as if the clock has been turned back, invalidating all the work Mamoru, Sayaka, and most of all, Kyouko herself had done to make her a better person.

    She doesn't budge though, when he says that 'they'll hurt him', shrugging her shoulders. "Life is pain, buddy-boy. Why should it be any different for you? I was told not to kill you, which leads me to believe it won't be fatal." She takes a step forward, eyeing him. Capturing has never been something she's good at, and neither is talking. She's not sure how much beating-up would be allowed before Beryl yelled at her for bruising the goods.

    "So how 'bout you just come along with me nice and quiet-like, and we can avoid all sorts of unpleasantness, hmm?"
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 15:45:54 14450
The tall kid doesn't step back away from her-- not yet. So the closer she comes, the more she actually has to crane her neck up to look at him. But -- importantly -- he is not looming, he is not using any confrontational body language or aggressive tones, he's not trying to intimidate her or be imposing. And he's very, very good at that.

There may be echoes, even; deja-vu of times this voice and this face have taken the same steps with her before.

"You probably don't remember, Apatite, because I know you can't remember being Kyouko. But before all this went down, before you got this job, you asked me to help you look out for Sayaka," he says cautiously. "Even if you forget me-- do you remember her? She's worried about you. I'm worried about you too, but she's not your target, and I am. If you take me with you, who's going to make sure nobody gets her, make sure she doesn't make a wish while you're gone?"
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 15:52:45 14451
    The dichotomy is almost amusing- Mamoru, much taller but his posture nonconfrontational; Apatite, shorter, but everything about her body language aggressive. Almost as if their respective sizes and attitudes had somehow been swapped. She does have a sense of.. familiarity. But she's had that with Mamoru all along, from the very first time she invaded his apartment and accidentally-on-purpose stabbed Sailor Moon. She has that a lot, and she's always trying to ignore it.

    He mentions her 'being Kyouko', and she opens her mouth to retort angrily- people are always shouting at her about this 'Kyouko' chick, and she's getting sick of it! But then he mentions Sayaka, and the change in her face is extremely obvious. Unlike Homura or Mami, Kyouko could never hide her emotions, never bothered to try. She's always worn her feelings on her sleeve, and that, it seems hasn't changed.

    Her mouth snaps shut, and she glares, but there's a sense of uncertainty about her stance, though she doesn't back off. "Queen Beryl has promised she won't be harmed.. as long as I do what she says. She says I should bring you to her. I have to, if I want Sayaka to stay safe."
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 16:08:45 14452
"Is that what happened?" Mamoru asks gravely. "Is that how she got you?"

Queen Beryl. A name to give to the Senshi.

He doesn't back off either, but he's also leaving himself deliberately open, unguarded. Vulnerable. Unthreatening.

"You should know better than that. If she's threatening you with Sayaka's safety now, what's to stop her from doing it again the next time she wants you to do something? It sounds like she'd be the one to hurt Sayaka if you don't bring me to her-- but none of this had even happened when you asked me for help. Someone else was after Sayaka to get to you. Someone I'm still unloading safeties against."

He says without moving at first, then moving slowly to do what he says as he's saying it, "I'm getting out my phone to show you a picture. The picture of the guy I'm still trying to keep away from her. You might have seen him at the dance before you left."

And -- so she knows he's not making a call or something -- he turns to step beside her, holding the phone down low so she can see him flipping back through pictures.

Faces she doesn't know, scenery, faces that are either familiar or she can identify as people she's faced off against, homework, a bunny, homework, some kittens, a selfie with a protesting cat, a selfie with Kyouko, Takashi. "Here, this guy. I texted you this picture to confirm it's the guy that threatened you and Sayaka, and now I'm trying to make sure he doesn't. I can add your Queen to the list. I have friends who are helping me, so it's not just me between her and a bunch of trainwrecks-- but they're helping me because I'm asking them to. And I'm asking them to because you asked me to."

He glances down and to the side at Apatite, expression earnest but still calm. "Because even if you don't remember me, you're my friend. Oh, I'm also paying the rent on your apartment while you're gone. I hope that's okay."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 16:16:35 14453
    Emotions flicker across Apatite's face, and it's clear she is trying to process what is being said to her. It's like she knows things, but she can't consciously access them, but she still knows they are there, and if she just doesn't /think/ about it her mouth says things on its own. Things like, "I couldn't protect her." This is almost whispered, and is filled with so much pain. "I had to keep her safe, somehow."

    Then her face tightens up, and she scowls. "We have a deal! As long as I keep doing what she says, Sayaka stays safe. From her. From everybody. She has power, she won't let Sayaka get hurt. Because if she does..." Apatite grimaces, bearing her fangs, "I'll kill her. And she knows it." Optimistic, perhaps, but Kyouko ever had high opinions of her own abilities.

    Her train of thought is derailed again as Mamoru moves next to her, holding the phone. She tenses, her grip tightening on the spear as if preparing to whip it around, but her eyes are drawn to the screen regardless.. and she blinks rapidly as the picture of herself with Mamoru is scrolled past. Her eyes narrow on the picture of Takashi. "I don't know him.." She murmurs, "But if he's threatening Sayaka, I'll kill him." This is said evenly and with so much loaded menace that it's utterly clear that in her current state, she is both capable and willing to do exactly that, which may or may not be the outcome Mamoru intended.

    Then she glances sideways at him. "My.. apartment?"
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 16:27:58 14454
It's pretty clear from the words and manner that 'kill kill KILL kaa kaa KAA' is on the plate, which means that Mamoru will actually actively end up telling Hannah about this whole thing in order to set up a counterprotection for a guy he dislikes, but that's what you get for playing battle chess with nitroglycerin. He just files it away in his head as 'take care of later'.

The next part, since he knows that even at her best Kyouko wouldn't have the patience for a lecture on the apparent pros and definite cons of appeasement strategies, is Mamoru mentally preparing for the potential reality of his very first detention.

"Yeah, your apartment. The place where you live when you're not working for the Dark Kingdom. I can take you there if you want. We should probably sneak in through the window so the landlord doesn't see you, since I'm also making excuses for your absence."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 16:37:43 14455
    Wahh, everything should be so simple. Bag Mamoru, drag to Queen Beryl, profit. So easy! But he keeps saying things that Apatite finds herself interested in, intruiged by, despite herself. It's as if there are two of her, yelling at each other inside her head about what she should do, what has the best chance to protect herself and the people she cares about.

    "I... well.. I guess that would be okay." She finally says.. before scowling again and whipping her spear around to her other hand, angling the tip towards Mamoru. "But after /that/ you're coming with me to the Dark Kingdom." Surely a detour is okay, as long as he gets captured in the end, right?
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 16:45:13 14456
Mamoru holds his hands -- and phone -- up instantly when that spear's pointed at him, and he still doesn't look scared, just kind of exasperatedly disapproving. "For pity's sake, don't point that thing at me. I'm not going to fight you, and even if I tried, there's no way I could win. It's also super obvious I can't outrun you."

Without henshining. But she doesn't know that, and he's great at lying by omission.

So he takes a half-step back from the spear, finally, so even if Apatite doesn't lower it, he has room to pocket his phone. "Also, you probably don't want to walk around on the streets with that thing, it'll draw all kinds of mundane attention. And since Halloween's over and we're nowhere near Harajuku Station, so would your outfit. If you carry me we can take the rooftops and I'll give you directions."

Just in case the implications aren't clear, he adds helpfully, "Which would also make me getting away really awkward. All you'd have to do if I struggled is drop me."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 16:49:45 14457
    Apatite glances at the spear.. then after a moment, pulls it back, returning it to a resting position. "The Queen is awful interested in you," She says cautiously. "There must be something special about you, and since I don't know what it is, I have to be careful."

    At his talk of avoiding notice and taking to the rooftops, she draws her brows together. She looks up at him. He's like twice as tall as she is. Carrying him wouldn't be a problem, because of her magical super-strength and stuff, but...

    "That would look ridiculous." She points out, serious-faced.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 17:06:58 14458
"It wouldn't be the first time," Mamoru says, long-suffering. "Sailor Moon's even shorter than you are, and she's carried me before. But if you wanna put on a disguise or something, we can take the bus. Or people can stare, whatever, I'm not the one who's dressed funny," he adds with a somewhat insouciant shrug.

Then the older boy sticks his hands in his pockets and gestures to the mouth of the alley with a nod of his head, starting to walk slowly to make sure she can keep pace or stop him if she wants to.

(One pocket has his iphone and virtue phone; one pocket has Tuxedo Kamen's burner, a flip-phone. That's the side not facing Kyouko. His memory is excellent. He remembers the keypad series of menu button, up/down, scroll to name, select by rote. He can use t9. He slowly, slowly, slowly begins typing out a text message SOS with Kyouko's apartment as the destination. Just in case it starts looking bad, just in case he can't get through to her.)

"Anyway, your apartment's cool. I got rid of the last batch of doughnuts you took home from the conbenie you were working at because they got so stale you could probably kill someone with one, but don't worry, they got fed to a stray dog, not just thrown out," he says as he's walking, not so much chatter as giving a general state of affairs, filling her in.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 17:13:01 14459
    Dressed funny?! "My outfit is awesome!" Apatite exclaims, looking down at her cool white and red long coat with the straps and buckles and shit, what the hell? "I don't need fashion tips from you, Mr. School Uniform." She hastens to catch up to his side as he starts walking, "We're doing this, but I'm not carrying you, I'm not a goddamned packmule." Now she really sounds like Kyouko.

    So instead she grabs him under the arms from behind and leaps up to the rooftop in one easy motion, carrying him that way, and then sets him down again. "There. Now c'mon, and stop whining." Her spear has vanished, by the way- she seems to have dismissed it unconsciously before lifting him. She turns and starts to walk.. then pauses. "Where are we going again?"

    She doesn't know it, but she had actually started walking in the right direction.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 17:26:54 14460
"I look professional," the kid says with a haughty sniff. "You look like a cosplayERRR GOD DAMN!!"

Bodily hoisted through the air under the arms and dropped to stumble on the rooftop to regain his footing, Mamoru looks seriously put out. "God. You're SO rude. Fine whatever."

His hands get jammed in his pockets again and he hunches his shoulders, scowling. (He also thumbs through t9 more quickly because she's probably going to do it again at the next break between rooftops, and the next and the next.)

"You're going in the right direction," he mutters, catching up and then continuing to walk at his usual pace instead of slowing down for shorter legs, because he really can be pissy sometimes. This tiny little bit of pettiness is enough to lift his mood, though, and his manner is lighter. "I honestly have no idea why Queen Beryl is interested in me, but I can tell you for sure that Jadeite seems to know me from somewhere. I've never met him before, unless it was when we were kids, like before he worked for the Dark Kingdom either."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 17:31:14 14461
    "I think you mean cosplayers look like me." Apatite notes, as Mamoru begins to walk across the rooftop. She has to scurry to keep up, and this annoys her, because cool evil dark generals shouldn't have to scurry. If Mamoru wants to avoid getting hoisted across gaps, he probably shouldn't be annoying her, but then again, it probably wouldn't have made that much of a difference anyway.

    At least the roofs here are large, so it's not like he has to be hoisted that often. "Look man, I don't ask questions, I just do what I'm told." This is a wild exaggeration, as Mamoru can likely guess knowing Kyouko as he does, but she's sticking to her story. "I need to bring you to her. So let's just get this overwith and then we can all go home, right?" Her home, meaning the Dark Kingdom, not Mamoru's home. Or her apartment, which they are already going to.

    A few more rooftops are crossed. It shouldn't take long to get there, and soon they are across from the building in question. Apatite points. "That one?" She's pointing right at her apartment, seemingly by insinct.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 17:37:43 14462
He doesn't argue with her story. He just agrees with her 'right?' even though his intention is to get back to school before any of the girls watching his back notices he's gone. "Yeah," he says readily, cooperatively. But that compliance seems to be in character for what the other Generals have observed about him, so it's not even particularly suspicious.

Text message primed and ready to hit send on, phone safely in his pocket, Mamoru crosses his arms and looks speculatively at Apatite. "Yeah. You're actually pointing at your window," he notes. "Do you want me to go in and then open the window on the fire escape? Or just take the fire escape and break in? Window's locked, but I can probably get it open without breaking it."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 17:41:34 14463
    Apatite scowls. "I'm not that dumb. If I let you walk out of my sight, you'll just run away." She says. Time for one last hoist- over onto the top of the apartment building, next to the fire escape. Then, "You first." She says, pushing the taller boy lightly towards the metal steps of the fire escape. Ostensibly this is so she can keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't try anything funny.

    She follows him down the fire escape to the window. If she's feeling anything in particular about being here, she doesn't show it on her face. Then again, while this /is/ a link to her past, it's also not like a beloved childhood home or anything- she only lived in this apartment for a few months. So it might take more than just seeing the place to get her to react, even if she is unconsciously displaying familiarity already.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 17:56:53 14466
Mamoru shrugs. "I'm dumb enough to trust you not to just hit me over the head, and I have a vested interest in answering your questions. So, no, I wouldn't rUNNNN KUSO!"

He is not getting used to abrupt hoisting. But he did annoy her. You reap what you sow.

Irritably preceding Apatite down the fire escape ladder, he reaches into his back pocket (read: subspace pocket) and takes out a small set of lockpicks. Then he crouches down next to the window and slips his hand between the bars to first open the window so he has space for his hands to manuever. He starts picking the lock on the bars with a practiced ease.

Enough practiced ease, in fact, that he can talk while he's doing it, if a bit absently. "So how does Queen Beryl know about Sayaka in the first place? She shouldn't have; the Dark Kingdom's not shown any particular interest in people unconnected with the Sailor Senshi."

Click. Satisfied look. Mamoru slides the bars up and then hauls himself through the window, feet first.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 18:04:43 14467
    "That /is/ dumb." Apatite agrees. "Hitting people over the head is pretty much what I'm best at." Well, it's hard to argue with that.

    She waits on the fire escape as he picks the lock, peering past him through the window into the apartment. It's clear she's having thoughts- thoughts such as "why am I even here?", thoughts which are fairly difficult to answer. She knows if any of the other Generals, or heaven forid, Beryl herself, finds out about this little excursion she'll be up the creek without a paddle.

    Maybe she just enjoys thumbing her nose at Beryl as much as she does at everyone else. Whatever the case, she follows Mamoru into the apartment through the window once he gets it open. "I don't know. I don't remember. All I know is she made me an offer, and I accepted it." Is Apatite's answer.

    And then she's looking around the apartment. It's small, very small, but she was working with a conbenie salary, even if she did work constantly. Even so, it's clean enough, if cluttered- there's clothes on the floor, and take-out boxes stacked in the kitchen, but it isn't filthy or anything. It just looks lived in.

    She didn't take anything with her when she went. She didn't have time, and anyway, they have great tailors at the Dark Kingdom so she didn't need any of her clothes. She owns little else.

    Her eyes are drawn at once to a picture in a small frame on the bedside table. It's a selfie of her and Sayaka together, looking happy. It's hard to tell where and when it was taken, but seeing it is almost like a punch to the gut for Apatite. She has to physically put a hand on the wall next to her to stablize herself or she might have fallen down.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 18:15:26 14468
Mamoru drops into a chair, watching Kyouko. His hands are loosely in his pockets, motionless; he has all the body language of your average teenaged boy, full of the spirit of whatever and modified only by the resident aloof disaffection that is Chiba's public default state. He's just watching, careful and analytical, weighing and calculating the psychological and tactical meanings of every move she makes, every change in expression and stance and carriage.

It's something he and Kunzite have in common.

As Apatite seems to start recovering her footing, he finally speaks up, tone affectionate and expression mild, soft. "You two are so cute together. You were gearing up to tell her about your past, about some of the crap you've pulled that you regretted, when you disappeared."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 18:25:43 14469
    Apatite is unhappy. It's clear in her posture and in her expression. This is not because what she is seeing displeases her, but because of the type of person she is, Kyouko Sakura is. She does not like things that throw her off balance. She does not like being taken by surprise, having her guard deftly outflanked. These things make her unhappy, and that is what has happened to her, emotionally if not physically.

    Slowly, she walks over to the picture and picks it up, staring at it for a long moment. At Sayaka, but also at herself- smiling, and seemingly happy. "Don't you see?" She finally says, her voice quiet and her back still to Mamoru. "That's why I had to do it. People aren't safe around me. They never have been. I'm like a curse- I ruin lives. I needed to disappear. For her."
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 18:48:50 14470
The boy in the chair doesn't move. He'd like to get up, he'd like to comfort her, rib her a little, cheer her up, offer reassurance. But she has a new big brother now, and any motion from him, he figures, would put her guard back up.

So he stays where he is, and he says quietly, gravely, "No one is safe, Kyou-chan. No one can ever be safe from everything, and the best any of us can ever do is help arm the people we love, help them learn to defend themselves when we can't be there. You were going to do that."

He does move, now, but it's while he's talking, so his voice doesn't move. It's just to cross one ankle over his knee, slouched in the chair as he is, hands in his pockets. "The problem is, she loves you too. And she'd follow you to the ends of the earth to get you back. You told me she'd make a deal with the devil to protect someone she cared about-- and the way she sees things right now, you need protecting, not her."

The shortest of sighs: he had something very like this conversation with her already, only just over a month ago.

"Withdrawing, disappearing, making her worried and fearful and unhappy because of the danger you're putting yourself in by doing all this-- it's only encouraging her to put herself in danger, to take drastic risks to get you back in her life. And most importantly-- it wasn't you meeting her that put her in danger in the first place. Magic had already touched her life. The thing that ruined your life so long ago-- it sought her out before you did."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 18:58:53 14471
    "So arm her." Apatite's voice comes, her back still to Mamoru, her shoulders slightly hunched as she holds the picture frame in her hand. "You said you were having people watch her. And so am I. She's far better off without me there, painting a target on her back for all the enemies I've made."

    "You think you know so much, Mamoru Chiba, but you don't. Not really. She doesn't love me. There's this kid she likes.. it ain't me. Doesn't change how I feel but I think you're reading too much into her. She'll want to know what happened to me because that's who she is. She's nice and she's kind. But she doesn't love me. She can't- she doesn't even know me."

    And suddenly she moves, throwing the picture frame against the wall, where it breaks, small shards of glass and wood flying as the picture falls to the floor, unhurt but bare of frame. "She doesn't know me!" ANd she does turn now. Her face is streaked with tears, but she's smiling, or at least, baring her teeth as she gestures to herself. "/This/ is more who I am than /that/," She points at the picture on the floor, "Ever was! I hurt people, and I do it to get what /I/ want. I can play nice, but that's all it ever is! Playing!"

    She turns away again, red ponytail whirling. "She deserves more than that."
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 19:31:04 14473
"I've talked to her more than you have since you've been gone," Mamoru says irritably, like she's calling him on stuff that isn't true.

The thing is, she's not wrong.

He doesn't know.

He's gambling wildly to save his own life, and to try and reach her, with things he doesn't fully understand. Sometimes this doesn't work.

He pushes a button in his pocket, then takes his hands out of both to cross his arms again, scowling in Apatite's direction. "I don't think you were only playing with me, either. If I didn't care about you, I wouldn't have gotten you to come here. If you didn't care about me, you wouldn't have let me talk at all. But we're friends, even if you're a brainwashed jerk right now. I can show you our texts, they're in my phone, too. I can show you."

Then he sits up, putting his hands on his knees and challenging her with his face, his voice, his eyes. "And I dare you to explain to me how the hell I'm going to arm her if you kidnap me."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 19:44:01 14474
    Well, he kind of has her there. Perhaps she was readying some sharp retort, but that last accusation stops her short, and Apatite looks totally at a loss for a moment. He's right- she just told him to protect Sayaka, but he can't do that if he's in Beryl's hands. So what does she do? If she lets him go, Beryl might go after Sayaka to teach her a lesson. If she takes him to Beryl, Sayaka loses a protector, and she'll be left relying on Beryl's promises.. something she doesn't like either.

    Finally, frustration wells up inside her, and her face twists in anger- not at Mamoru, but at this whole stupid world and its stupid contradictions and how nothing ever makes any goddamned sense and how nothing is ever easy. "God DAMMIT!" She all but screams, turning and punching the wall, her fist literally going through it.. and that's a brick wall too. She's breathing hard, even though one punch shouldn't wind her, and it takes a moment before she pulls her hand back, dust falling from it along with little shards of masonry.

    She sucks in a breath, and there's a bit of a sniffle to it. "What the fuck do I do? It's like the moment she met me, she was doomed. I don't want that. I don't want it." She stares at the floor, seemingly at a loss.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 19:52:49 14476
Mamoru's quiet for a moment.

He's listening hard. He can hear Kyouko's breathing, unsteady and ragged, sniffling. He can hear the traffic outside through the fire escape window. He can hear the ticking of a clock, he can hear a mouse in the walls. He can hear his own heartbeat.

And then, faintly, he can hear wind like a distant jet.

"So," he says softly, standing up, "take me and gamble. Everything's a gamble right now, isn't it? Something could work. Something could fail. You could win your immediate goal, or lose more than you thought you were gambling."

A pause. "Your other immediate option is that I got away because there's an incoming ICBM, and you have enough time to get the hell away by yourself. It's up to you."

Maybe he's not completely dumb.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-09 19:59:38 14477
Having a Device is a wonder. It helps with school, it screens annoying telemarketer calls, it's a darn good friend, and best of all, it'll prod you mentally if a really important text comes right in the middle of class. Kyouko, Mamoru, and an address, and help. Worry spikes in her heart, before she puts away her tablet and walks up to the front.

"Ah...sorry, Ao-chan's in the hospital again. Mind?" Comes Hannah to her teacher. The older woman just smiles and waves her on through. Hannah's a darn good student, and her friend's frequent trips to the hospital is a regularity. She doesn't even bat an eye.

A few non-euclidian pathways later, and she's behind the school. A quick henshin, and then she's leaping from rooftop to rooftop like some kind of ninja until she's a good block away from Kyouko's apartment.

One quick Wide Area Search, and she has all that she needs. Wind magic flares upon her legs, she leaps off the building, and kicks off.

Someone's going to need to fix their wall as it shatters to pieces, sending her flying like a bullet towards where she sensed Kyouko. Like a heat-seeking missile, a shield tossed up to prevent actual damage to herself, she crashes straight through the wall that Kyouko had just punched, a kick that likely breaks the sound barrier aimed straight for her face.

Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-09 20:08:21 14478
    Apatite looks up at Mamoru as he speaks, and there's such confused, conflicted anguish in her red eyes that her gaze might as well be a punch in the stomach. But at his words, she just blinks, unsure what he means..

    Until Miss White smashes through the wall she just punched. Apatite is taken completely by surprise, and the kick hits her right in the side of the face, along with a fair bit of masory. Her body careens across the apartment and smashes into the opposite wall, among a sudden flurry of broken bits of furniture and dry wall.

    A blow like that would have stunned Kyouko, maybe even knocked her out completely, but Apatite has Dark Energy to draw on, making her more resilient, tougher. She explodes from the wreckage with a snarl, a blood-red glow in her eyes as she summons her spear to her hand, the weapon materializing out of thin air in her grip as she hurls herself back across the room.

    This is who she is. This is what she does. All conflict, all doubt erased- the enemy is before her, the enemy must be destroyed.

    What a relief.

    She moves light lightning, spear twisting in a thrust straight for Miss White's heart.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-09 23:12:38 14479
That confusion and conflict in Apatite's eyes, that anguish, is, in fact, like a punch in the stomach. Mamoru is instantly full of regret, but-- he has promises to keep, and many miles to go, et cetera. And he can't do any of that if she decides to take him to her boss, anyway.

And then there's no time left at all, and the wall explodes inwards.

Mamoru dives to the floor, but the flying masonry's like cannon shot and he takes a chunk of brick to the chest, knocking the wind out of him. He can't catch his breath but he has the presence of mind to curl up in a ball and cover his head until the rest of it finishes falling, and by the time Kyouko's picking herself up out of the wall, he's already picking himself up, eyes watering and forcing himself to heal instead of try to breathe. His phone's dinging every couple of seconds now. By the time she's standing up, he's out the window and on the fire escape.

By the time she's redefining herself, he's in the alley below and gasping for breath. Two seconds later and he's in henshin, headed across the rooftops of Tokyo for Infinity and still working on breathing, ears ringing, and texting like a madman as he jumps.

    To Usagi: im fine but come to <address> if you can + get others, im on way to inf + will b back, is apatite

    To Sayaka: kyouko fiting white. get bullhorn. meet on roof of school in 2m. run. very bullhorn ok

    To Hannah: please dont kill her, subdue. getting backup.

And then he's on the roof of Infinity, cape and mask and all, leaning with one hand on an HVAC and taking deep, ragged breaths.
Sayaka Miki 2015-11-10 02:21:35 14481
    Sayaka had received Mamoru's text, which had her a little worried..And a bit curious as to why he wanted a bullhorn of all things. In the end, she had borrowed one from the band room (Hey, being part of the music club has its perks!). Across her shoulder, she has carried a recently upgraded bat-to-wooden-sword.

    Rushing to the Infinity rooftop (which is a lot harder to get to if you cant leap tall buildings in a single bound - yay for sneakiness and persistence!), she peers around for Mamoru and Miss White..And Apatite. Obviously there's some sort of fight going on somewhere nearby, as evidenced by the sounds of crashing and explosions. Peering across the street, she sees them fighting across the next rooftop. Oy. Her hear races..Mamoru, Apatite, are they alright?

    Not wasting a moment, she brings the bullhorn to her lips..And blows..
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-10 02:21:58 14482
Wince. Hannah's quick 'look' to Mamoru is apologetic. She actually didn't mean to swat him with bits of masonry!

She'll apologize later. Right now, there's a spear-wielding Quasi-Kyou to deal with. When the girl comes for her, she's ready, Raging Tempest tossing up a shield that shatters in a burst of wind, sending the strike to her heart wide. Her hand gets a light cut, as she reaches out and spins aside, running that finger along the shaft of the deadly weapon.

Just like in their first fight, the lightest of magic fills it. Time to test to see how much Kyouko is left.

"Hey, hey! Not that I don't appreciate your willingness to get in a fight, but come on, say hi or something! Or yell, and say 'you wench, Miss White!' Like old times! Don't get boring, now, Apple-chan!" Taunts Hannah with a laugh, before she tries to get right up in Apatite's grill and use a burst of wind from a hard right hook to try to blast her down to street level!

Yup, more of Kyouko's apartment is getting ruined. Luckily, Hannah will soon throw up a Barrier before following after.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-10 02:37:24 14484
And since Mamoru was nowhere in sight, but Tuxedo Kamen -- after those two precious minutes of getting his breath back -- was, in fact, on the Infinity rooftop just behind an HVAC unit, he is right in position to get the sound of someone blowing into a bullhorn right in his ears. Hideous feedbacky white-noise static.

It's okay, his ears are still ringing anyway.

Nevertheless, it's with a wince and a grimace that he steps up, reaches over, and lowers the megaphone with one white-gloved hand. "Actually you're going to want to yell into it when we get close enough for Kyou-chan to hear you. And I'm not sure what kind of fight you're in-- I saw you arguing at the dance-- but you need to give her an unequivocal message that you care about her and want her to come back to you. You're the only person who can reach her."

He looks grave, then, and says, "I'm going to carry you, and we're not going near, and I'm staying close to you in case anything explodes our way."

Without another word, he scoops Sakaya up unceremoniously and they soar above the rooftops and down, down, down, until they're on the roof right across the street from the apartment where Apatite and Miss White are fighting. They land impossibly lightly, and Mamoru keeps a hand on one of Sayaka's shoulders, and he gestures. "Okay, go ahead. Yell into that thing. Talk to her."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-10 02:38:03 14485
    Apatite's spear is knocked aside by the skillful block, and she ends up right in Miss White's face, little fangs bared in a fierce smile. "Boring? I've been accused of being a lot of things, but boring was never one of them!" She still has dried tears on her face, but her eyes are lit up now- all thought of the things that trouble her banished by the rush of battle.

    Miss White punches right at her with that wind-enhanced right hook, and though she throws up a forearm to block, the blow still sends her spinning out of the hole in the wall, flipping rapidly into the air until she manages to get her feet behind her just in time to 'land' on the opposite wall with a *crack* that sends fractures through the masonry around her.

    Miss White is leaping down to the street by this point, amidst traffic that is thankfully banished by the Barrier, sparing any civilians, though Apatite barely notices. SHe pushes herself off the wall, spinning her spear over her head like a miniature whirlwind as she descends from above like a red and white missile, bringing it around at the last minute to try and pin the woman to the ground. "But you know I've never been one for idle chatter!"

    She doesn't know where Mamoru went. Truth be told, at the moment, she's trying hard not to think about it.
Sayaka Miki 2015-11-10 02:47:57 14488
    Wow, this thing's pretty loud! Sayaka's clearly never used one before, and her attempts end up sounding more like a painful whitenoise screech-effect. But it seems to have got Tux's attention at least. Well, at least he's alright. She winces at the reverb, but smiles as Tux, feeling a bit better that she doesn't have to do this alone. "Alright, I'll give it my best shot!" And then..He scoops her up, leaping her to a safer, more strategic location.

    Glancing at Mamoru, she sighs a little, "I really hope this works. After what happened..I feel like I don't know her nearly as well as I thought, but.."

    Glancing at the fight going on a little ways away, she winces. That girl Apatite is fighting looks familiar. Ah yes, from the hospital! So that's Miss White..But ack! the fight's getting pretty intense! She doesn't really know Miss White, but she doesnt want Kyouko to seriously injure her..Or the other way around either of course! Drawing a breath, she makes another attempt at talking through the bullhorn this time.

    "Apatite. No..Kyouko-chan! It's me! Sayaka! I'm sorry we didn't get to talk for long at that party..But I meant what I said! I miss you! And I don't care if you did bad things in the past, I forgive you!"
Kyubey 2015-11-10 02:48:00 14489
During all of this is when everyone's favorite loveable mascot walks out from behind an HVAC unit on the roof.

"He's right. She's like this because she was worried about you. Because she wanted to protect you. She wanted to use her strength because you hadn't made the contract yet, Sayaka Miki. But she let you into that world and she was afraid for you."

Kyubey is the master of bad timing. He also has a vested interest in both Kyouko getting out of this mess, and Sayaka making a wish.

"I know of an easy way to fix this. And you do too."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-10 02:55:34 14491
"Yeah. That's right. Boring. And do you know why?"

Hannah smirks, nose to nose, pressing with a wide grin towards Kyouko just before she goes plummetting, and then she's down to the earth herself. The world is suddenly just the four...then five of them!

Then Apatite is on her, Miss White just a moment too slow to avoid her charging attack! Shield wars with spear-point, shattering and soon she's pinned to the ground. Her side is bleeding, but she managed to wiggle her way out of anything that might actually kill her. Even as her suit is stained red, she laughs.

"See, that's my entire point. You didn't /need/ idle chatter. Your eyes said it all. I didn't even need to see them to tell. You were a wolf, Kyouko. Strong, prideful, you hunted wherever you wanted without caring who claimed it. Feral, cunning, dangerous. That's why I wanted to hire you so much. That savage strength was what made you someone truly amazing. A real worthy opponent."

Miss White openly laughs in Kyouko's face.

"But, right now, all you are is a chained up mongrel with a case of amnesia. No spirit, no class! Honestly, you're weaker right now than when you lost your magic." Timed just after Sayaka gets on the bullhorn! Seems she's going to be the 'bad cop' in this situation.

Suddenly her hand lifts, and wind magic bursts into it.

"Now snap out of it! I want to see that fiery, raging wolf I respect again!"

A chuckle, and then the Wind Bomb in her hand explodes, cutting into herself even as she cackles, a miniature tornado that Miss White hardly seems to notice as her attention never leaves Kyouko.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-10 03:03:37 14493
Tuxedo Kamen turns to give Kyubey the dirtiest look imaginable. But he can't actually let go of Sayaka, and he can't look back for long because he needs to keep his eyes on the fight just in case there's any kickback they need to get out of the way of fast. He could try and throw his hat at the creepy sponge cat rat thing, but then Kyubey might not get close enough for him to actually literally kick off the roof.

He spends a fair amount of time with Homura.

"Don't make a wish, Sayaka, that's not going to solve anything. There are plenty of other ways to get power that won't make you as miserable and desperate as Kyouko was before she met you," he says urgently. "And Kyouko didn't bring you into this world. This guy did, didn't he? The best thing you can do for Kyouko right now is keep talking. The Kyouko you met is not the same person as the Kyouko who did bad things. She was already trying to change, already regretting the things she did. She was going to fill you in on them, come clean with you, but she didn't get the chance. I talked to her a couple of days before she disappeared, and she was so sad and frustrated and felt so powerless to to anything, she thought the only way to keep you safe was to stay away from you and protect you from afar. She thinks she's cursed. I talked to her again today, and this mess she's gotten herself in that she doesn't even remember-- it's awful, but she still wants you safe. She still cares about you so much. She doesn't even remember me, but she remembers you. Don't make a wish. Just be you, and let who you are be her beacon in the dark."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-10 03:04:29 14494
    "We haven't been hanging out, so I have to forgive you for not knowing what the /hell/ you're talking about!" Apatite spits as her spear strikes Miss White, biting into the concrete below her, though the blow is far from mortal. "I wasn't strong! I was weak! I couldn't protect those I cared about, I couldn't protect myself!"

    A Wind Bomb is raised right into her face, right in Miss White's hand. There's a look of surprise on Apatite's face. But suddenly, that Apatite evaporates just as the Wind Bomb explodes! Did it just totally destroy her? No.. there's a second Apatite, or perhaps the /real/ Apatite, behind Miss White, the red-haired girl seeming to be in two places at once for a split second just as the bomb explodes!

    She snarls and raises her spear- only at that moment to hear Sayaka shout from the rooftop, her voice amplified by the bullhorn. She literally stumbles, her momentum interrupted, her eyes suddenly panicked as she looks up, trying to identify where the voice is coming from.

    "S-sayaka-chan? What are you doing here?!" There's a hint of panic in her voice. "You need to get away, it's not safe!"

    As she spins in place, looking up with that fear-filled expression, her guard is completely down...
Sayaka Miki 2015-11-10 03:20:29 14500
    Sayaka peers at Hannah as she counters everything she says, saying and doing things that will only make Kyouko angrier, and doubt herself more. "Ugh, I cant believe that girl...!" She's about to open her mouth to retort, when Kyubey makes an untimely appearance, trying to tempt her. Really, at a time like this!? What's he thinking?

    "Dont worry, Tuxedo-chan, I wont.." At least not yet, she thinks to herself. There was a certain person she had more reason to make a wish for - if he didnt pull through his treatment. However, so far, Sayaka has been keeping this thought a secret from everyone. Not even Madoka, who is currently the only one who knows of Kyousuke's current state, knows just what she is pondering..

    But right now, she had Kyouko to worry about, and she's certain she can save her without becoming a magical girl! Glancing at Tux, she nods. "Right!" Glancing over at Kyouko, she speaks through the bullhorn again, "Kyou-chan! Don't worry about me, Tuxedo-chan kept his promise, and he'll keep me safe! But I'm more worried about you.. Don't listen to Miss White..Listen to what your heart says!"

    Sayaka takes a breath, "Sure, you've done some terrible things, sure, you were taken advantage of by some evil and powerful people in a moment of weakness. But that doesn't make you an animal..Or a monster! And you were never weak. You're the strongest person I know, because you've lived and suffered so much, and learned from your mistakes. And you always made it through somehow. You lost your powers and you still survived, you just had to reinvent yourself. And you saved me countless times!"
Kyubey 2015-11-10 03:24:31 14503
"Do you really think that's a good idea, Sayaka?" Kyubey asks, his voice with the same tone as ever. "The last time she tried to turn around and become more than what she was, she turned into this. Do you think she can survive another quest for power? Kyouko Sakura is who Kyouko Sakura is. If you leave her alone, she'll destroy herself." Technically, this is true because witches.

"I know you'd make a great Puella Magi, Sayaka." Based on Kyubey's intended purpose of Puella Magi, anyways. "I can't say the same for any of those other things Mamoru Chiba might be suggesting."

"But there is one thing I am sure of. To save Kyouko Sakura, to truly save her in the long run, not just from this one bad decision? You need a miracle. And a miracle is what I'm offering."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-10 03:26:47 14505
"Heh, hanging out!? We were best enemies, Kyouko! Yeesh, you really /don't/ remember anything, do you?"

Miss White just snerks. "Yeah, you, me, everyone else! Nobody is that strong right now! But you always protected the thing that mattered: your freedom. You never gave into me. Not once. But now you're just a dog wagging its tail at some mysterious master. Why don't you go woof for me, huh? Fetch! Play ball!"

Two Apatites, and Miss White bends down, ready to strike at both! But Sayaka makes Miss White an opening.

And she's nowhere near nice enough to just let a mistake like that pass.

Her Device's spikes widen, and vents let out a mass of steam as it cools off.

"...Binding Mode."

Then, chains of pure wind erupt from Kyouko's spear, in an attempt to bind and generally hogtie up poor Apatite! Miss White then comes for the girl, aiming her brown loafters to hit the other girl's neck to stomp her towards the ground. She digs in /just/ enough to make a point, if she manages to hit!

"Or how about /HEEL DOGGIE/ and listen to your friend up there. Maybe I really don't know anything. But from the sounds of things, she does."

Miss White just whistles completely innocently as Sayaka talks down on her own words. Ball's in your court, Saya-san!
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-10 03:32:01 14508
"Would you SHUT--"

Tuxedo Kamen reaches into his jacket, head in profile and talking at Kyubey but keeping his eyes on the fight, and he takes a rose out.

Then Hannah throws Raging Tempest spike chain monster thing at Kyouko and he glances back at Kyubey for the half second it takes to aim with distressing precision at Kyubey's forehead and flick his wrist like an expert pubgoing darts player, "--UP."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-10 03:33:11 14509
    Kyouko is still staring up at the buildings, trying to figure out where Sayaka is, but it's pretty far and she's having trouble since the megaphone is making the other girl's voice kind of echo around and stuff. The end result is her basically spinning in a circle, staring upwards, her face a mask of confused tension. "You're wrong!" She shouts out, sounding almost desparate.

    "I'm not strong! I'm weak! I only ever got in trouble because I couldn't be strong enough.. I ran from my problems instead of trying to face them! I was only pretending to be strong!" She chokes back a sob. "My life is already a disaster! I couldn't let that happen to you too, so I had to.. I had to.."

    And then chains erupt from around her. She's caught totally by surprise as they wrap around her, effectively tying her up, making her topple to the side just as Miss White delivers a flying kick that sends her smashing into the pavement. She squirms, gasping. "G-get off of me!" She all but screams, and it's clear from her voice the dual assault of Sayaka's words and Miss White's attacks are starting to send her into honest-to-goodness panic mode.
Sayaka Miki 2015-11-10 03:49:12 14513
    Yeah, Sayaka's pretty sure she'd make a good Puella too..But she's still saving that trump card for when she needs a REAL miracle. Sayaka still has faith that she can bring Kyouko back, without having to resort to miracles. Otherwise, well then it would mean their friendship was simply not strong enough.

    And that would just break her heart..

    "No, Kyubey, not now. I can help her, without needing a miracle. Afterall, what are friends for..?"

    She glances back towards the fight, holding her breath. Wait, what exactly IS Hannah doing, first she's taunting her, then she's questionning what she's become? But are her words hurting or helping? Taunting her like that will surely just make her madder, though.

    But glancing below, things arent' looking good. Kyouko's losing faith..In herself. Sayaka sighs, shaking her head, glancing questioningly at Tux. What if she's right? Sayaka really wishes Mami wasn't so busy in her studies - maybe then she'd be able to have a nice long chat about Kyouko's true history. How's she supposed to tell her who she really is, if she doesn't know the whole picture?

    "Alright then..Let's say you're right. You made mistakes. You ran away from some of your problems. So, what about now, will you continue to run away from the people who care about you? From the people who..Who love you? If you keep on running, you might be safe, but you will always be empty too. And those problems will never go away. Is that how you want to keep on living your life? C'mon, Kyouko, show some spine.."

    Sayaka actually sneers, getting a little annoyed - a little impatient now. Hey, Hannah's got a point! "Will you lay down there and let Miss White turn you into a pathetic little whining dog....Or will you stop running away, and face your fears? How can you possibly protect me, if you keep running away like that?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-10 03:50:51 14514
"Same trick, twice!? See what I mean!? WEAK! The /real/ Kyouko would have seen this one coming a mile away. Now be good and perk up those little canine ears of yours, listen to the bluenette."

Not helping, Hannah! The ends of those chains tighten up just a bit, ending up in her hand. She tugs on them occasionally. Looks like she's in no mood to let her go.

And then there's a sneaky little grin right towards Sayaka. The kid picked right up on her plan.

She might just have to keep an eye out for that one.
Kyubey 2015-11-10 03:57:09 14516
There is a second Incubator now. It slithered out from behind the other corner of the same HVAC unit, and grabbed the now-impaled incubator body in it's mouth, dragging it out of sight of everyone except Mamoru, at this angle. The new arrival begins furiously eating the first one.

"Well, that was rude."
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-10 04:01:05 14517
And Mamoru... actually... looks ill.

There's a whole god damned lot of drama going on right now, and Kyouko is getting some sense applied directly to her ego from multiple directions, and Tuxedo Kamen is keeping as many promises as he possibly can, and he honestly didn't even react to being called Tuxedo-chan--

--and really all he can actually focus on right now is trying to get back in an even faintly clinical mindset.

Otherwise he might actually throw up.

Now is not the time.

"--I am pretty sure," he says faintly, "cannibalism is actually frowned on harder than, you know, temporarily killing unkillable sponge cats from the hell dimension."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-10 04:02:07 14518
    Apatite, still tied up, still under Miss White's boot, is speechless for a moment in the wake of Sayaka's harsh words. Harsh.. but not undeserved. Not untrue. At first, she doesn't know how to respond. She doesn't know what to think.

    Then she starts to get angry.

    Doesn't anyone understand? Doesn't anyone see?! She can feel it bubbling up inside of her, frustration and anger and fear and just general /being pissed off at the world/ all coming to a head as Sayaka's words sink into her mind..

    Because she knows they're true. Every single one of them.

    Miss White may notice she's gone very still. And when she speaks again, it's quiet. But her voice is like steel. "I'm nobody's dog."

    And then power just /explodes/ from her in a torrent- her own, but fueled by the Dark Energy she's being fed by Beryl, amplifying it beyond her already formidable natural abilities. The raw explosion of it shatters the chains binding her, and may be enough to send Miss White spinning away.

    Her spear has returned, materializing out of nowhere, and it has shattered into fragments, lengths of white shaft connected by glowing red chains that spin around her like a tornado as she slowly climbs back to her feet, teeth bared, sharp little fangs showing, her eyes glowing with an unearthly red light. "/I AM NO ONE'S DOG!/" She screams this at the top of her lungs, the words echoding off of the buildings on either side.

    "You want me to grow a spine? You want me to stop running? /FINE!/"

    She gestures, and a portion of that chain-linked spear shoots off like a missile, snake-like, aiming to snap around Miss White and hoist her up into the air by her ankle if she can't avoid it. "I'm done running! I hope you're freaking happy!" She's seething her breath hissing in and out between her bared teeth. "I don't know what the right answer is anymore! But I refuse.. to be.. /pitied!/"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-17 02:58:21 15334
Miss White just laughs as Apatite goes still.

"...Prove it." She whispers.

And then Apatite breaks free, blowing the woman back into a skid. She lands on a knee, all grins.

She doesn't bother dodging, doesn't bother not being hit. She's hoisted up, dangles, and claps.

"Now /THAT/ is more like it! Go on! Take your anger out on me! I'm fine with that. But at least remember who you are and who your friends and enemies are."
Sayaka Miki 2015-11-17 03:00:42 15335
    Woah. Was she too harsh? But Sayaka can be pretty rash sometimes too. Sometimes she can be a bit of an idealist perfectionist. And watching Apatite beat herself up and constantly run away from herself is exactly what's got her in this mess. Maybe making her realize that, is the only way to get her out of this mess..

    But did she go too far? She's so focused on Apatite, that the blue-haired girl barely even notices when Kyubey goes flying off the rooftop. It's only when another Kyubey appears, that she stares at him quizzically. "This..Is REALLY not the time."

    Shaking her head in frustration, Sayaka glances down below, focusing primarily on Apatite. "Alright then. I wont pity you. But I wont give up on you either. That's the key, y'know? Stop running. Face your fears. Tell me why you cant go back to who you were. You thought you were weaker as Kyouko, than as Apatite? Well, at least you didn't hurt your friends when you were Kyouko."

    Ooh boy, she sure better not mess this up! "Hey! Sure, you lost your powers, you felt helpless. You couldn't always protect everyone. But you did the best you could with what you had. And you were a dear friend to me. No, don't run from us, but don't run from yourself either. You're Kyouko Sakura, NOT Apatite. Stop hiding from who you really are. Accept your mistakes and move on. Learn to live with the truth!"

    However, watching Apatite fight Miss White with all her fury, Sayaka winces, wondering, hoping she can take it. "Yeah, that's the spirit, I knew you still had some fight left in you! Now, how about turning that rage on the ones who deserve it? You know who's responsible for your failures? It's not you, Kyouko, its the darkness feeding on you, the doubt, the despair, the fear...It's the Dark Kingdom, they've infected you! Maybe if you focused on fighting them..And the darkness in your heart, you wouldn't be so miserable. If you want someone to blame, Kyouko, blame Apatite!"
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-17 03:21:07 15340
    Power is practically spinning in a visible tornado around Apatite- it's /not/ visible, but to those with magical senses it might as well be. It's practically tearing up the pavement. What /is/ visible is her spear, the myriad pieces of shaft and chain spinning around her like the body of a coiling snake- after failing to ensnare Miss White, the seemingly infinite length returns to just rotate around her in a whirling cloud.

    Miss White taunts her, and she grits her teeth, advancing towards the kneeling woman, her spear retracting, snapping back into a single length in an instant. "I remember. I remember that I need to pay you back for-" She hesitates.

    And then Sayaka is yelling at her again, and her head snaps up.. her expression faltering at the words. 'at least you didn't hurt your friends when you were Kyouko'. Hah- ask Mami about that one. But it still gives her pause.

    Miss White seemingly forgotten though the woman kneels a foot in front of her, Apatite yells back up towards the rooftop, eyes now narrowing in on where Mamoru holds the blue-haired girl. "I can't just blame the darkness- I'm the one who let it in!"

    She glances down at Miss White again.. then suddenly, she leaps up, a single bound carrying her from the street to the rooftop where Mamoru stands with Sayaka.

    She lands right in front of the other girl. And before Mamoru can react- she decks him in the jaw. Hopefully hard enough to get him to release his grip on Sayaka, although she likely /could/ have punched him a lot harder.

    "I'm sorry," She says to him. "I won't hurt her." Then, all in an instant, she grabs Sayaka, lifting her up princess-style, and leaps to an adjacent rooftop, then another. Apparently, even though she wouldn't carry Mamoru, she'll make an exception for Sayaka.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-17 03:34:00 15343
That quickness, that ramped up speed and strength Kyouko wield as Apatite of the Dark Kingdom, combined with Tuxedo Kamen's churning stomach at the sight of Kyubey eating his own leftover corpse, means that Mamoru is not at all prepared for a sudden Kyouko to the face.

Letting go of Sayaka so he doesn't drag her with him-- it's the least damaging instinct his suddenly-ringing head can default to-- he gets launched back, head snapping up at the impact, and skids along the rooftop before coming to a halt next to Kyubey and dead-Kyubey.

As Kyouko's telling him she's sorry, he starts picking himself up and sees two of her, picking up two Sayakas, and he grinds out an answer between his teeth. "I know you won't... don't let Beryl either..."

None of this is going according to plan anymore.

He notices where he landed, picks himself up to sitting while holding his jaw, and contemplates the distressing fuzzy THING next to him. Without any clever physics jokes, he waits until he only sees one Kyubey and then hauls back and punches him off the roof.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-17 03:38:53 15346
Amazingly, Hannah isn't being stabbed repeatedly. She'd been expecting it as she fell back down and was advanced on.

She crosses her arms as Sayaka is huggd by Kyouko. And then decks him right in the face!

Miss White is grinning ear-to-ear! Off the pair go, and Hannah dusts herself off.

"Well, that's one problem...probably not solved, but a step in the right direction. You really drag me into some crazy stuff, you know that Hat guy!?" She's grinning too much to be mad.
Sayaka Miki 2015-11-17 03:46:55 15350
    "Yeah, I guess you DID let in the darkness..But then I'm sure that's a hard thing to resist for the best of us." Heck, she might have done so herself, under the right circumstances. However, Sayaka grits her teeth as she watches the fight continue below..

    What she wouldn't give to be more than a helpless bystander that just blurts out everything that comes to her face..Is she really helping things? Or is she just exacerbating the situation further? And then suddenly, Kyouko's right up in her face..

    She gasps, shrinking back against Mamoru - a totally unnatural reaction from the usually tomboyish girl. But this version of Kyouko is unpredictable..Especially when she suddenly decks Tuxedo-chan out, enough for her to scoop up Sayaka in a way that catches her off-guard, too quickly to react.

    Eyes widen as the landscape whizzes by below..What's Apatite doing? Where's she gonna take her? Her heart stops for a moment, fearful that she might take her back to Queen Beryl. "Kyouko! Where are you taking me?" She blurts out, attempting to struggle from her grasp, even though she knows it's pretty pointless, maybe even dangerous considering they're leaping from rooftop to rooftop right now.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-11-17 03:50:19 15351
Since there's not even any Puellae or potential Puellae on the roof anymore, Kyubey doesn't bother coming back-- and Mamoru drags himself to the edge of the roof, head still ringing, and calls back to Hannah. "Come on, you had a blast, you lunatic."

Five minutes.

Okay, the boy mentally revises, ten minutes.

Ten minutes and he'll drag himself back to school.

Maybe he'll take the rest of the day off...
Kyouko Sakura 2015-11-17 03:50:35 15352
    Apatite keeps a firm grip on Sayaka as the girl struggles in her grip, rooftops indeed whizzing by as she leaps effortlessly from one to the next. "Stop it. I ain't gonna hurt you." She says, quietly now that the din of battle and the other people talking are left behind.

    She doesn't look down at the girl in her arms, but keeps her eyes focused ahead, on her destination. "I just want to talk to you. Away from.. all that. You're right, y'know? It's time I stopped running. Kyouko Sakura must be a pretty decent chik if all these people are risking so much for her."

    And then she does look down, while sailing in a graceful arc, her white-and-red coat flapping in the wind of her passage. She meets Sayaka's eyes. "I think it's time I found out for myself what you see in her."

    Then she drops down between two buildings and out of sight, Sayaka still held tight.