Fukajima Jewelry and Arms

Hannah has a hands-on approach to competition.

Date: 2015-11-13
Pose Count: 36
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-13 02:25:01 14844
Fukajima Jewelry wants to become Fukajima Jewelry and Arms. Their plan? Buy out the few independent manufacturers still left in the Tokyo area.

Which puts them directly in the warpath of WPS after it's recent acquisitions. Miss White has called out to her shadier of allies and employees to assist with her plan on shutting them down. It's simple: break into Fukajima Jewelry Outlet in Mitakihara, grab everything of value, then burn it all to the ground.

Luckily, it's midnight, the place is closed, and all the employees have gone home. Knowing Hannah, that's likely deliberate. The shop itself is a one story affair, spread out over the area of a single-floor office building. It's well protected too: security cameras, and no doubt more inside to protect the rows upon rows of high-end jewelry inside.

Pulling up in an unmarked black sedan, Viktor lets Miss White out of the car, and likely some of her allies here as well. With a bit of effort, a barrier descends upon the store, effectively nullifying the physical security.

Of course, they still have to break in. Miss White throws a brick at the glass window, which even with the Barrier, shatters instantly. No alarms, nothing.

The trunk of the car pops open.

"Grab a bag and some gas can kiddies! Time to go wild! Break everything, steal everything!" Comes Hannah with a wild laugh, like a frat-boy at a wild party. Time for some stress relief as she wades on in, smashing one case and starting to throw watches and jewelry and rings into the bag fist-by-fist.

That Barrier, like much of Hannah's magic, is hardly subtle.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-13 02:43:00 14848
Ms Blue has completely redesigned her Barrier Jacket for work with Miss White. It wouldn't be proper, after all, for her to be identified in such a thing. She steps out of the limo dressed in a sleek and perfectly-pressed navy blue suit, thoroughly monochrome from her sleek leather boots to her classy silk tie and expensive, fashionable sunglasses. She says nothing, for now, simply stepping to the back of the car to pick out some Implements of Destruction.
Mara Brando 2015-11-13 02:44:00 14849
     Strange to have a high school student out and about this late at night, but Mara isn't in her school clothes either. She is dressed in some blue-jeans and a t-shirt covered with a hoodie. Of course the hoodie itself is black, and the hood comes down over her face enough to hide her eyes just a bit.
    Mara steps into the barrier, spotting what is going on, but stays quiet for the moment, waiting for people to really get moving. If people are aware of her presence, and they see her, they might spot the wicked grin that is starting to form across her lips until her white teeth show. From under the hood, Mara's eyes lock onto Hannah for a few moments before they start to lock onto the form of their escape..
    Since Mara's face is hidden, she doesn't hesitate to transform. With a dark, red light that surrounds her, and is put off by her, it would be pretty easy to notice her. Though, the light slowly fades and what seems to be an armored up version of the girl that was standing there is present with a black cloak with a hood that covers most of her face. The menacing part about this though, is the great axe she holds in her right hand that is also resting somewhat on her right shoulder. The armor itself is leather that seems to have a black finish. However, this leather only seems to cover her upper body, and the lower portion from her waist down seems to glisten with black metal plates that hang from some strong cloth that holds them. Despite her overall look, she seems to be quite regal in her appearance.
    "Now this will definitely cure my boredom."
Phantom 2015-11-13 02:49:34 14851
For the past month Phantom has felt pokes and prods at his Cure Graveyard- ending in one big one that was obviously a tear. SOMEONE knows the way in. This is not acceptable to Phantom. Just like Hannah was poking and prodding, Phantom's been doing his own 'prodding'. He knows who it is now. This is going to be a bad time.

Before he appears as even a SERVERELY large blip of dark energy on anyone's senses- Phantom is already in mid swing into 'Miss White' with a large, curved obsidian black sword that lights into red light was he attempts to lean hard into the strike- there's a LARGE wake of wind in his wake that throws some things to the sides.

Phantom isn't happy but it doesn't seem to be about the actions here. Phantoms a 'Dark General', generally---they like seeing things burn and humanity suffering. No this is something else- and Hannah knows exactly what.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-13 02:52:05 14853
    Helix gets up out of the car and gives a stretch, raising one arm up above her head, holding onto it with the other. For now though she's wearing her thick Barrier Jacket Bulwark's shields are retracted into a pair of metallic bracers on her arms, since otherwise it'd be very difficult to actually be able to use her hands for much, and she's here for a purpose! "Bulwark, scan the room for anything remotely magical. We're taking it, even if it's nailed down." <Yes, Master. Scanning now.>

    She'll go inside and start smashing open display cases. Naturally she'll go for anything that happens to have a magical signature first, but after that she goes for the display case full of rings. After that she puts in a wide grin, only to kick down the door to the Employees Only area- that's probably where the sweetest loot will be, right?
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-13 03:05:12 14856
There's plenty for Miss Blue to grab: Gasoline cans, butane torches, and various other types of accelerants liberally piled into the back of the car. Miss White herself has a good three gas cans by her feet right now as she plunders and pillages. Once she finishes emptying out one case, she then liberally douses it with gasoline.

Wash, rinse, repeat, and Miss White has three cases cleaned out, and three mini firebombs ready to go.

Mara, for the moment, doesn't seem to be noticed by the woman. For good reason, as a young man with a black sword and wind powers is suddenly on her.

There's a moment, and time might just seem to stop as adrenaline fills magical warriors. Miss White /grins/ towards the Red haired young man.

"...I was wondering when you'd start showing up!" She sounds far, far too excited about suddenly being faced with the PreCure Hunter. In comes that blade, and Miss White leaps up to meet it! A quick knee shoves a burst of wind at the magic he uses, the twin blasts clashing before ripping away to the side. She weakens the barrier for just a moment, and half of the store's wall is shattered to bits before the barrier strengthens back up. There's masonry and bricks /everywhere.

Worse still, that sharp blade is caught by Miss White's Device, grinding along it as she uses the spikes to trap it within! It's a a contest of strength, but a quick one, Miss White forced back through several cases, scattering their contents before she slides to the side and throws the incoming blade aside.

It creates sparks as metal-on-metal rings through the air. They land on some of the poured gasoline, and it ignites! Smoke and fire starts to burn!

Helix finds a few watches that are somewhat magical, though barely: perhaps some old heirloom that's long since faded. In the back, however, there's something far more interesting. In a thick, metal-encased container is a massive blue diamond, radiating dark magic. To most people, it'd be utterly sickening.

It might be wise to grab it, judging from the sounds of conflict in the main room.

Outside, Viktor whistles in the driver's seat of the car, the massive russian Familiar shining his bald head and singing off-key to some j-pop idol. In russian.
Phantom 2015-11-13 03:16:51 14858
Phantom feels something dark nearby--- but really- he can't be bothered. That power is insignifgant- and what are these people going to do? Fight corruption with corruption?


No---Phantom is WAY too intrested in this fight---- he plows Hannah backwards and the fire ignites around them. He's not worried by this.

"I know what you're trying to do. But why?" he asks. Phantom doesn't speak much. Usually.

"Is it power? I can offer you that." he says.

"Queen Mirage would appreciate someone of your talents. Is this what this about?" he asks curiously.

He still swings his blade down- to try to intercept the incoming strike he figures that's coming his way. The swords stopped glowing red- it is now glowing a brilliant white.
Mara Brando 2015-11-13 03:21:13 14860
    Mara bends her knees a little bit, and soars up into the air. She smiles after seeing what the red-headed guy just did with Miss White, but she will get to that soon. Once Mara gets to the peak of her jump, her body starts to descend down towards the hood of the car, but a few changes of momentum, makes it to where her feet will land in front of the car. However, she holds the haft of her great axe over her head, and as her feet hit the ground, she brings the blade of the axe down towards the hood of the car where the motor is, aiming to destroy the motor. Of course, this doesn't give her much satisfaction at all as she didn't really get to shed blood, but she cut off the easy out for the people that are robbing and vandalizing the jewelry store.
    Once Mara is finished with the car, she turns her head towards the store, ignoring the Russian in the car for the moment, not really thinking much of the man. "Oh... Something interesting... Now what do I do?" Mara's eyes trail over to Helix, and Ms Blue for a moment. She almost seems as if she can't make up her mind at all on what she wants to do.. "So much fun, who do I pick?!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-13 03:27:02 14863
Ms Blue wasn't terribly interested in jewel theft tonight. Too easily identified, too easy to trace back to the thief and get someone caught. She'll let others take that risk. Spreading some gasoline around the store, that's a little easier on her conscience, and she empties a couple of jugs of the stuff along the wall. It's too bad, this was a nice little shop, but they really have no business getting involved in the paranormal weapons trade.

She abandons that chore easily enough when the first attack happens. Of all of those here, she's seen the Phantom recently, and is familiar enough with what it does - she was saved from it, after all, but a Certain New Friend. (Who isn't here, dang it. Well, that's probably good, he wouldn't want to be involved in something like this, really.)

"You want talent?" she calls to the creature, producing a short blade from under her coat. (It took a lot of programming to design a different weapon form, but Carnwennan was already designed for that.)

((No need to hold back this time, Meister?)) the Device inquires.

"None at all, partner," Ms Blue replies as she whips the blade out in a short, sharp arc, sending a quick vortex of energy at the Phantom.

Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-13 03:38:32 14868
    Helix snatches up the watches and stuffs them into her pockets rather than the big goofy loot bag she's carrying; for once she has an agenda that's more than just helping Miss White out of the badness of her heart. Though, actually her agenda is finding means to help keep Ao safe so really it all goes back to the same place.

    When she gets to the back room her eyes widen and sparkle. "Wo-oah! We've hit the mother lode, Bulwark!" The massive crashing sound of a wall exploding out of the other room, which barely causes Helix to even flinch. "Hm, that sounds bad. Okay, Bulwark, set up a Dimensional Transfer between this site and the my lab; make sure to take the container with it, it might be holding back whatever that energy is." That's right. -HER- lab. Not Takashi's, not Miss White's, not WPS'. Hers. <Setting the transfer up now, Master. Transfer in 3, 2, 1.>

    White light suddenly surrounds the gem, case, and actually the entire table it's sitting on too, growing blindingly bright. When it fades, the gem is gone. <Transfer complete.> "Great! Good thinking on the table." Another big stretch as the sound of fire starts to intensify in the main room of the Jewelry shop. "Hm, it sounds like Miss White has probably taken enough hits to care about staying behind me now. Let's get in there and see whose causing the ruckus!" <I just can't wait to have a little fun, Master.> "Me either!"

    <Device Mode> The bracers spin on her forearms, and suddenly a large pair of kite shields that cover the entire length of her arms appear over them. <Master, Ms Blue is moving to intervene on Miss White's behalf, but I'm detecting an a previously unknown power signature outside.> "Oh! An ambush? Sounds like fun. Let's go say hi!" <Yes, Master. Terra Rocket.>

    Four green orbs form around Helix, starting small but quickly growing in size as they're charged up. With a grin she holds her arm out and one of them races forward, smashing into the exterior wall and exploding it outward, sending chunks of masonry and debris flying into the street, several feet away from where Mara just carved up their ride. Helix, a tiny girl several inches short of five feet tall, strides confidently through the dissipating dust before bowing dramatically. "Hi there! I hope you're planning on stopping there, because Miss White would be rather upset if any harm came to our driver. If you want something to break, I'd be happy to compensate you if you wanted to help finish this place off," a hand motion to the burning, trashed Jewelry store. As if for emphasis she drops her bag of loot, and several diamond encrusted gold watches spill out of it. "If not? Well..." <Mana reserves near maximum. Battle readiness at full capacity,> helpfully chimes Bulwark.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-13 03:43:42 14870
In comes that blade, just as Miss White is readying a punch. He has a pretty good read on her, and she's forced to dance aside at the last minute, getting a shallow scratch along her suit. She proves quick to adapt and quicker on her feet, as they glow green, and in the space of a second, she aims two fast kicks towards Phantom's dour face and left arm! Wind bursts from where she strikes, sending more debris around and fanning the flames already burning!

"Oh, I bet you're curious indeed! Maybe I've just fallen head over heels for your strength and handsome looks~" Taunts the magical girl.

One more jab is thrown in, right for the jaw!

"Well, I can say this much. You're using the wrong words. I want power, obviously. But I'm not going to sit under some 'Mirage's thumb to get it! So, no. This is simply personal. No hard feelings, huh?" She laughs, and laughs, managing to kick away some of the loot she had gathered. Gotta save that coinage.

Miss Blue's own acts of arson bear fruit as wind stokes the flames that's created up the wall, and soon even the counter starts to catch aflame! It's yet to reach the real world, but no doubt the growing inferno won't simply be stuck in a Barrier for long tonight! Miss White flashes Blue a wink as she joins in the fight!

Then Helix makes off with the huge diamond, and though Miss White might note the lessenign corruption in the air, she doesn't have time to care. Even if she knew, well, it's a job and the woman's hardly ever been one to hold grudges over taking a bit of payment.

Dark energy isn't her specialty, anyway. With Helix off to avenge the car...

WHAM! The front of the car is smashed in. There's the sound of something burning, and then the car goes up in flames! Must have made the oil leak!

It distracts Miss White, her eyes widening in terror.

"Vik!?" She calls out.

A minute later, there's the sound of metal tearing, and Viktor heaves a sigh as he walks out shirtless from the flaming wreckage.

"Bah! Little kittens always with bad manners! Leave chair untucked, jaywalk in broad daylight, smash nice new car into flaming ball! Viktor not sending christmas card!" He then leaps off to parts unknown. Seems Viktor will be okay!
Mara Brando 2015-11-13 03:50:09 14871
    Mara's head turns to see a portion of the wall explode as someone steps through it. She simply leans her head to the side, looking towards the short girl. "Oh, I don't have to go hunting for someone then! I don't need to choose!" She starts to laugh maniacally. "Well, I had no intention of harming the guy in the car, I just wanted to make it harder for you all to get away.."
    Mara stretches out a little bit, and pulls the hood of her cloak back so that she can see better as her long, blond hair falls out of the hood. "Ahh... Much better." The look in her eyes seeming a little bit on the crazy side. "I hope you're nice and fun.. Come on now.."
    The Puella Magi stands there, waiting to see what Helix can do, "Lets see exactly what you got here." She holds her great axe firmly with both hands about two feet apart with the center of the haft held in front of her. Her stands seems to be more of a defensive one as if she is going to give the first attack to Helix, if the other girl takes it.
    Mara does spare the Russian a quick glance from the corner of her eye but keeps Helix in her sight. "Just try to be fun for me."
Phantom 2015-11-13 03:58:43 14875
Phantom has a vortex of energy sent at him and he turns to face it and whips his sword out- a rending wind cuts through the vortex, though this leaves him open to Hannah's face kicks which hit home. As a Precure Hunter, Phantom has been kicked in the face countless times. He's used to it. But it still stings and hurts and causes him to jump back a bit.

"I see. There is nothing for you you in the Cure Graveyard. That is where worthless Cures go to dissapear. Are you wishing to join them?" he asks curiously.

He frowns and hrmphs...

"Very well. This seems to be your wish. There is nothing more for me here. I look forward to your failure to...accomplish whatever it is you're here to do today...."

AAND WITH THAT there's a large burst of wind and Phantom dissapears into a weird dark phase that looks a lot like a ninja vanish as the wind carries papers and tindling up into the air- though it's not damaging at all.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-13 04:15:11 14880
    Helix lifts an arm, tilting her head to the side and poking her cheek with the tip of one of Bulwark's shields. "Well, I could just teleport away if I wanted. Or fly away. But you totally made it hard for us to roll out of here in style, so good job." There's a tiny bit of condescension in the comment, but her voice isn't exactly dripping with it.

    She watches as the hood is pushed back and the unknown fighter, Helix isn't all that in the know about Puella Magi, reveals herself and issues a challenge with a wild look in her eyes. Her own eyes widen in a gleeful way, and she giggles. "Ohh! Miss White is going to -love- you! I'd call her over to take you on herself, but she's a indisposed at the moment. After we're done kicking each other's butts, we should talk." She's seen looks like that before.

    "Fun for you?" This puts a tiny frown on her face, "Well, I guess I could try. Normally I try to make things fun for -me-. Hey, Bulwark?" <Yes, Master?> "Let's see how she handles an obstacle course." <Why Master, you sure know the way to a lady's heart,> Bulwark responds, her AI voice managing to sound a bit brighter than usual. It hasn't been often Helix has used her automatic offensive capabilities to their fullest.

    The three high charged Terra Rockets shoot forward suddenly, flying straight at Mara before breaking into a complicated weaving pattern. Meanwhile Helix shouts, "Terra Missile!" And Bulwark responds, <Terra Missile>. A pair of smaller, but much faster and more nimble orbs shoot up from behind Helix, flying around behind Mara and shooting in towards her from the back.

    This is an incredibly complex attack, even for a Device user; Miss White and Ms Blue might notice the difference in the way the two sets of attacks move independently from each other. That's because Bulwark is in full control of the Terra Rockets, and Helix herself is in full control of the Terra Missiles, allowing her to effectively doubleteam the Puella Magi all by herself.

    That said? The blows themselves won't be especially powerful; she's a tank, not a blaster.

    Meanwhile the small Mage drops into a defensive stance, holding her twin shields up in front of herself protectively. "Dodging is fun, right? Let's see if you can even make it to me!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-13 04:15:54 14881
And even before Ms Blue can make a second attack, Phantom runs away. How inconsiderate of it! She wanted to show off what she can do for Miss White! That was terribly rude. Oh well.

"Well, that was pointless of it," she grumbles, stepping over to White's side to see if she's injured. "I trust you're well, ma'am?"

She's pretty sure the answer will be in the affirmative. So she takes another look around the area. Checking for any of the more... unpleasant... folk, that might turn up at an occasion like this.

Finding no immediate sign that they're about to get dogpiled by youma or Witch familiars, she relaxes a little. And watches Helix and HoodieMonster face off. The big axe looks pretty intimidating, but she's used to Devices designed for that. Most of them... aren't.

Most of the people who used them against her are dead.

...no, that isn't right, she's never killed anyone, has she? Just youma and such.

She shakes her head. Let them play. If Helix looks to be in trouble, well, she can toss a Flakschrecken at the HoodieMonster and drive her off. It worked for the Phantom, didn't it?

((Ready for action, Meister. Panzerschiff locked and loaded also.))
Mara Brando 2015-11-13 04:25:15 14884
     Mara's eyes lock onto the missiles, and her body seems to react properly. She doesn't go up as that would not leave her another out, but instead, she launches herself to the side, still holding her axe firmly. Her smile fades a little bit as she looks a little uninterested in this attack from the other girl.
    Mara lands several yards away from where she was, but all she did was dash to the side a couple of times. She quickly pivots slightly to face Helix. "Really...?" She is using some of her magic to boost her speed.
    With the flat look on her face, she dashes in towards Helix, but a little to the side so that she can swing her axe properly at the other girl. Her face emotionless, "Do! Better!" With that, and after a couple of extremely fast dashes, she is next to Helix in no time as well. She is swinging her axe while twisting her hips, then pushing forward with her right leg as well to put more momentum and power behind her swing. Her left arm pulling while her right arm pushes. This swing isn't anything to scoff at either, along with the weight of the axe, this could actually be a bit dangerous.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-13 04:34:10 14887
And then Phantom runs away. Miss White sighs.


Huff. Seems Miss White's been put in a bad mood, at least temporarily. She kicks over a display stand. Straight through a wall. Some lucky hobo's day will have been made.

Mutter mutter. "I'm fine, Blue. Just a scratch." Her Barrier Jacket's a little slashed, but the trio hardly got into a full-on brawl, hence a scowling Hanners.

She turns around to magically survey the burning ball of fire that is now the store. There's a smile of satisfaction.

A snap of the fingers, and the Barrier collapses. She doesn't seem to fear security cameras, and for good reason: as reality reasserts itself, it's all instantly destroyed as the area is beset by burning flames and falling wood. Miss White punches one falling beam into splinters.

Sniff sniff.

"Uhh. Does anyone /else/ smell anything?"

Gas. The ever-present excuse for so many of her own activities. For once, there's an actual gas main leaking.

"OUT OF THE BUILDING PEOPLE! GAS LEAK!" EVen Helix and Mara could likely hear that one.

Miss White trusts that Blue can get out of the way, and she's running with her loot towards the exit.

Not a few moments later, there's a horrible explosion as the whole darn building is suddenly a towering inferno.

"...Well. I'd say that's mission accomplished." Comes Miss White, safely atop a roof on the other side of the street.

"Hey Helix-chan! Blue-chan! Crazy-Girl-chan! You guys okay down there!?"

Pause. Beat. Grin.

"Nice moves, Helix, new girl!" There's a business card tossed down Mara's way.

"You ever need some freelance work, give me a call!"
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-13 04:43:27 14889
    The Rockets and Missiles fly past, the magic assisted speed boost putting Mara quickly out of their way! Another couple and she's right up next to Helix. "Oh, fast! That's pretty good."

    The huge axe swing comes her way, the planted feet, the pivoting hips- Helix is well aware just how powerful an attack this is. Now it's her turn to grin manically. "Terra Shield!" <Terra Shield>

    The surface of the shield on Helix' left arm flares brightly with dark green energy. Meanwhile Bulwark has something to add <Round Shield> A green magical circle appears in between the axe head and Helix, catching the blade for a half second before shattering under the force of the attack. But that's still power drawn away from the heavy swing, so as Helix lifts the now magically glowing kite shield the direct hit isn't quite as strong.

    Most Device Users don't black using their devices unless they have no other choice, but Bulwark is different. Bulwark is built part and parcel to take direct hits from Armed Devices of the type that Ms Blue is wielding. Bulwark and Helix take the blow like a champ, the girl's feet grinding into the concrete of the sidewalk and sliding back about a foot before returning to a stop, magic sizzling and crackling between the surface of her shield and Mara's weapon.

    Her eyes widen with glee and she -grins- at the Puella Magi. "Impressed yet?"

    Mara also has another problem, even as Ms Blue and Miss White don't intervene; those bolts of energy from before? They're homing. After having missed they've all whirled around and are now coming from almost every direction, flying in from behind Mara, to her left, right, and even from above. The only place they're -not- coming from is Helix herself, who leans forward and starts pushing back against the axe blade with her shield; no chance she's actually going to force Mara back, but it might keep her distracted from the threat.

    The building's about to explode? Helix will deal with that when it happens!
Mara Brando 2015-11-13 04:54:56 14893
    The reason Mara pulled her hood back from her head is to use her peripheral vision. She notices what is to her sides, but not what is above or behind her. "Not in the slightest." She sees Miss White's card, but ignores it for the time being, but Mara is not easily forced back.
    Mara grins, "I lied.." She starts to push back despite the rockets flying at her, and the bolts of energy going for her as well. She ignores it all. "I'll make sure you get caught up in this too." She quickly legs go of her axe with her left hand to reach out to grab a hold of Helix with a wicked grin.
    "Lets have some real fun together, and see who recovers first from the gas explosion and your own attack." if she is able to grab a hold of Helix, she is going to hold on firmly to the girl and try to hug her into herself. Should of paid more attention to her crazy look?
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-13 05:04:04 14896
Ms Blue hmmms softly to herself, watching the pair begin their fight, as the building is consumed in flames. She steps out through the fire, unharmed, her Jacket and shield spells more than enough protection against mundane flame. It's simple enough to get to a position where she can watch the fight, and her disguise spells are good enough to handle any passersby with cameras, now that they're out of Barrier.

And it puts her in a nice position to shoot the HoodieMonster in the back, if she should decide to. But only if it looks like Helix is in trouble.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-11-13 05:09:34 14899
Miss White 'watches' the battle from her perch on high. She stands, and hefts her lootbags, grinning. Truly, Helix is amazing. Such control, it shouldn't be possible. Raging Tempest makes a little beep of envy. Miss White pats the Device comfortingly.

"We /really/ need to have talk, Helix! Need to show me how you do all that! You're a better User than I am! Hah! You good down there kiddo? I'm off with the loot! Meet back up at my Headquarters later and we'll celebrate! Don't let this silly little Puella Magi get the better of you, huh? Blue-chan! Scrape up poor Helix-chan if she loses, okay?" Pause. Grin.

"Oh, and don't kill her! I like this one! Let's do lunch some time Puella-chan!"

With a thumbs-up to Blue and Helix, she's off into the darkness on wings of Device-powered wind.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-13 05:18:44 14902
    Helix is momentarily off guard as the weapon is abandoned with one hand. It's an artifact of being a Device User; normally you wouldn't want to risk someone just yanking your Device away from you; Helix might even try that if Bulwark's shields weren't so bulky, though Mara being a Puella Magi would have likely make that a non-issue.

    As it is she gets grappled in close, at which point Helix is very happy she's not a dagger user instead since she actually rather enjoys having a spleen. That said, she doesn't seem as upset by this turn of events as Mara might have expected. "Hehehe! That's going to be me!" In fact, she grabs onto Mara herself, going so far as to swing her legs around the other girl as well, grabbing on and holding herself tight.

    All those attacks she launched earlier now come streaking in, slamming in from all directions- all directions but directly into Helix, that is. Oh, she gets pummeled, and good. And there's even several winces of pain- but the worst of it comes for Mara, as the three more powerful Terra Rockets come shooting in from directly behind her and crash into her back, exploding one after another while the Terra Missiles pepper in from random directions for weaker direct hits.

    It flings the pair of them directly in the direction the explosion and ensuing inferno, and what's worse Helix activates her flight ability and all but dives for the flames while holding on tight to the Puella Magi. She lets out a nice scream of pain as the explosion crashes into her, which might please Mara if she likes getting that kind of reaction from an opponent. The action might seem almost insane; but she has a surprisingly thick Barrier Jacket, and there's no magic fueling that fire.

    Raging Tempest receives a happy little ping from Bulwark, letting Hannah know Helix heard her and agrees. She's a bit too busy being crazy right now to respond- Bulwark's choice of words.
Mara Brando 2015-11-13 05:25:36 14906
    Mara winces in just a little bit of pain as the rockets slam into the back of her, damaging her armor that she has, and doing a bit more damage where there is no armor. However, in a way she is smiling.
    Mara closes her eyes as they go flying into the the explosion of the building, but there is no scream of pain from her at all. She doesn't seem to mind this reaction at all. It isn't like some of the Puella she has killed in the past haven't done damage to her before, in fact, some of them might have come close to killing her.
    Once inside of the burning building, Mara looks around a little bit, and quickly pushes herself away from Helix, breaking the hold. She gets to her feet ignoring most of the pain in her body, an ability she is thankful to have due to being a Puella Magi. "Ohh... You had a lovely scream there.. It was music to my ears, but... My body took quite a bit of damage from that last attack. I am afraid if I fight any more, something bad might happen to either of us." She flashes Helix a wicked smile, "I might have to call that woman, you all seem like a fun bunch."
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-13 05:40:49 14912
    Helix pops back up fairly quickly herself, not seeming to mind the flames licking against her Barrier Jacket. It isn't a smart thing to do, since it does actually have a cost in mana to keep her from being burned, but she's done far stupider things in the past. Heck, she's done far stupider things in this very fight!

    She looks around and finds where Mara standing amongst the burning rubble. She doesn't seem to take any offense at all to the 'compliment', though she does send her cyan eyes down to glance at Bulwark for a moment, and a short burst telepathic communication goes between them. Afterwards she looks up and smiles brightly. "Yeah! It was a fun fight. You should call Miss White; I think you two would get along like oil and flame!"

    She considers a moment before issuing a mental command to Bulwark. <Terra Guard> A green bubble of energy suddenly springs to life, just wide enough to surround both Mara and Helix herself, protecting the two of them from the heat, flame, and smoke. She takes a step forward with arms, and shields, held at rest by her sides. " I get the feeling you'd have -way- more fun fighting her than you do fighting me. I'm better at taking hits than dishing them out, but Miss White? She'll trade with you blow for blow until one or both of you pass out. Oh, and she's a pretty great to work for if you don't mind getting your hands dirty."

    Another bright smile, and she gives a quick bow, "I'm Helix, by the way." If Mara's chatting was a ruse to get her drop her guard it's worked.
Mara Brando 2015-11-13 05:46:10 14914
    Mara may be a bit on the chaotic side, but she does know when she needs to stop, and now is a good time. "Hmm.. Not sure if I want to tell you my name, so I will just keep it as mystery.." She shrugs a little bit. "Hmm.. I didn't like this fight, it wasn't physical enough for me, so yeah.. I might like to fight Miss White more.." She grins, then abandons the barrier that Helix put up to rush out where they came in, fast enough to take little to no damage from the heat and flames.
    Mara glances around for the card that Miss White tossed to her and eventually finds it, and picks it up. She looks over to the other woman, grinning wickedly, "Hehe..." She then looks back to the building, "Hope to have more fun next time!" With that, Mara starts to run off to return home without being stalked, hopefully!
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-13 05:54:13 14916
Ms Blue walks up to Helix as the Puella Magi departs. "Well," she muses. "I suppose we should vacate the area before the authorities investigate, hmm?" She smiles playfully. "You did very well." She doesn't say much, right now, unwilling to talk where they might be easily overheard.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-13 06:36:03 14926
    Helix flies out of the burning wreckage of what used to be a competitor to WPS, landing on the sidewalk and grinning a little to Ms Blue, "I'm not sure what they'd do, but it's probably best not to cause a ruckus." If Miss White wanted a ruckus with the authorities they'd probably have just bombarded the ill-fated store from the sky and called it a day.

    "I'm Helix, by the way. Thanks for backing Miss White up against that intruder," she adds before lifting off the ground lightly and hovering up towards the sky. She's going slow enough that she's easy to follow if the Knight cares to follow, but if not she'll pick up speed before flying off towards some entrance to Eclipse's stacked space or another.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-13 06:44:18 14929
Ms Blue takes to the sky as well, tagging along at least briefly, keeping up easily enough at first. "Call me Ms Blue," she offers. "It's a simple enough favor for a friend." And it was, really. Just stand around looking tough, slosh some gas, watch other people commit felonies... well.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Helix. You did very well today."
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-13 06:48:42 14930
    Ms Blue could probably force Helix to be the one trying to keep up without too much effort so it's pretty easy for her to tag along while she decides she wants to. "Sure, nice to meet you, Ms Blue!" The similarity of the name to Hannah's secret identity is not lost on her. "Yep! If you keep working with Miss White I'm sure we'll see each other again."
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-13 06:51:08 14931
Ms Blue is, fortunately for Helix, not interested in a race, today. "Indeed, yes," she agrees, quietly. "Miss White is certainly interesting in her own right, don't you think?"
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-13 06:56:29 14933
    Helix smiles brightly, "Yep! She's my friend." This is an important fact not to be missed! "I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. I'm a little jealous of her ability to create interesting new weapons, but I guess it's not so bad if I get to see her use them. Maybe she'll even make one that doesn't almost kill her, next time!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-13 07:02:32 14935
"I've noticed that she does tend to get injured lot in these fights. Someone wiht a good shield-arm... well, i might be good for someone like that to stick close to her while she does her magic thing."
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-13 07:10:10 14941
    Helix lifts her arms parallel to her body and then leans her hands back as far as they can with Bulwark there, shrugging mid flight. "Miss White isn't the type of person to stand back and let someone shield them." She makes a funny face, her mouth shrinking into a thin, off center line, "It's kinda funny when you think about it. The vast majority of Devices are Ranged or Bombardment focused, and yet I've only met a single person has something remotely like that. Almost everyone on this silly backwater uses ones with a melee focus. It makes it pretty hard to take blows for someone when they're always running up in someone's face!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-13 07:22:08 14943
Ms Blue nods, her expression partly hidden by the sunglasses, but she's almost smiling. Almost. "Yes. It seems almost as though they've learned the lessons of the Belkan Knights, wouldn't you think?" It's almost as if no one ever imagined that someone could get too close for a bombardment spell to work. Except the Belkans. "Maybe you need to give her a lecture on staying at a safe distance from the fight. If you can get her to listen, more power to you."
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-11-13 07:35:23 14947
    "Midchilda destroyed the Belkan Knights," Helix offers with a shrug, almost as if writing them off without a thought. "And then it destroyed the Belkan Empire. Now it's the Midchildan 'Empire'. Or the TSAB Empire, really." A slight bit of venom enters her voice at the mention of that organization. "I guess it took a pretty long time for people to realize that maybe they should have learned something from the people they beat, too, instead of specializing in only one form of magic. That was a bad idea, because they completely forgot how to handle a Belkan Knight."

    And then the Book of Darkness showed up and proved Ms Blue's point. "You know what's the best idea, though? Having someone who uses Shooting and Bombardment attacks from afar, someone with a Belkan Device or an Armed Device, like yours or Miss White's to get up close. And then someone like -me- who can give the ranged fighter enough time to actually charge their attacks." She turns her head towards Miss Blue and grins, "Or to win through attrition! Not many people think of attrition. Bulwark's shields and barriers are way stronger than people expect. Bulwark, how are my Mana reserves doing?" <Eighty percent of full capacity, Master.>

    A saucy wink, "That girl might have run out of Mana before she broke through if that's the best she had. That's the genius of Bulwark."
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-13 08:52:45 14964
Ms Blue bites her lip at the mention of 'destroying the Belkan Empire'. It's everything the Centai Zel were there to stop, after all. She'll need to think about this. To verify it. It's been thousands of years, after all, anything could hae happened. "Well," she finally says, "I'm sure your'e very good at it. But I need to take care of something... just got a message from, well, you understand. We'll talk again soon." She waits a few moments for a reply, then zooms off into the distance.