Chip, Syrup, Whip

Amu and Tadase work on birdhouses.

Date: 2015-11-18
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Tadase Hotori 2015-11-18 18:13:45 15526
It's just after school, and Tadase Hotori is arriving at the Craft room shared by the two classes. Today, the students were to build a birdhouse - but Tadase was pulled out of class and spent most of the day in a meeting with Tsukasa and Blue - not an uncommon occurance for him. There was tea, and small cakes. It was delicious.

But now, with all that time lost and the birdhouse project due, there's nothing to be done but to spend a little time after school and work on it.

Tadase walks into the room, looking around at everyone's finished projects, ranging from simplistic to elaborately decorated - he can pick out Nadeshiko's easily - each one showing a bit of their creator's personality, and hard work.

There's also a boy Tadase doesn't recognize - he must be from Amu's class - hard at work on his own birdhouse too. Tadase chooses not to interrupt, as it looks like the boy is having a real time of it, and he doesn't want to make things harder. He grabs his materials, pulls up a chair, and sits down.
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-18 19:00:24 15527
Amu is also here already, hard at work putting the last touches on her birdhouse. So intensely is she concentrating that Amu doesn't even notice Tadase entering the room.

"Careful, careful," Ran says as she leans over Amu's shoulder, watching the girl try to place a popsicle stick precisely. Even Miki seems to be nervous as she watches Amu implement the sketch she made before class.

Amu's hand slips, and there is a sudden clattering noise as the entire house of sticks comes crashing down. "Argh! Would you two shut up!?" Amu yells at Ran and Miki, except to the poor boy in the room who can't see Charas, it probably sounds like she's talking to him and Tadase.

"Aww, Amu-chan, we were so close," Ran says, flying in a half circle to inspect the fallen birdhouse.

"I should have been done with this hours ago," Amu complains unhappily, then sighs and gets back to work.

"Well it would go a lot better if you'd concentrate more," Miki informs Amu, as if the girl wasn't aware.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-18 19:18:13 15528
Tadase turns towards Amu. He might've looked over her (don't tell her!) but it's impossible to miss her yelling at the Charas!

"Amu-chan... we weren't making any noise." he says, nodding at the boy in the back who's looking confused before trying to get back to work on his own birdhouse.

Kiseki floats up and explains. "He means we're not alone in this room." Then Kiseki points at the boy in the back. Then Kiseki floats over as Tadase is working on his. "We should make a birdhouse FIT FOR THE KING OF BIRDS." he adds. Tadase sighs.

Then he turns around, looking first at Amu, then secondly at the boy in the back. "Do either of you need any help?" he asks cautiously. The boy in the back looks up, and practically scowls at Tadase. "I need to do this myself." he says, in a small voice.
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-18 21:15:58 15529
Amu pulls down her eyelid and sticks her tongue out at Kiseki, then returns to her own work. As before, she begins a little too hastily, trying to make up for lost time by taking shortcuts.

"Amu-chan," Miki says in a warning tone of voice, as she flies in to try and help Amu steady the popsicle sticks. "Slow down. You're going to mess up again."

And so Amu just stops altogether and lets out a noise of frustration. "This is impossible," she declares with a sigh. "How can anyone possibly hope to make a birdhouse on their own? It takes too many hands!" Of course, Tadase did offer to help. She turns to look at him, then scowls. Asking for help isn't cool; it's like admitting defeat! But she's getting nowhere, on her own.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-18 22:02:51 15530
Tadase shrugs as both of them seem to ignore his offer of help. To be fair, he knows why. It's not a group project, and while teamwork is super-important, so is self-sufficency.

This is why, as he's settling his together, he has to stop to wave off Kiseki who is trying to help - which causes his own Birdhouse to fall apart in a glorious mess, too. This causes him to simply lean back in his chair, throw his head backwards over the edge, let out a sigh (while looking at Amu upside-down) and then return upright to try again.

Kiseki stays out of it this time, hands folded and looking away.

And this time, Tadase manages to get all of the peices of the sides to get together, with a lot of effort!

Meanwhile, though, things are not going so well for the boy in the back. His birdhouse tumbles again. And then his fingers clench. "I just can't do it. But if I can't do this, how will I ever be able to build houses! If I can't build a house for birds... maybe I should just give up." he says, lowly.

Just outside the door, Yu Nikaidou grins.
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-18 22:28:43 15531
When Tadase's birdhouse collapses, Amu looks up and smirks with a little bit of triumph. At least he's having the same problem she is! She smiles at him when he looks at her upside down anyways, then sticks out her tongue before she returns to her own effort.

Her tongue stays out, clenched between her teeth as she focuses intently on her work. With her Charas quieted down and holding their breath, watching rather than imposing, Amu finds it at least marginally easier to make progress on the project.

Amu is so deeply involved in the project that she doesn't even notice her classmate's growing despair.

A little green egg, however, does notice. That egg hops out of Amu's bag and bounces its way across the floor towards the boy. It's almost like a sort of premonition; Amu's third egg can sense the growing darkness over the child's own heart's egg, even if none of the charas in the room have figured it out, yet. But they'll all sense it soon.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-18 22:58:10 15537
Tadase has a few paints near him, and he's set about painting the house. It does, in fact, have a crown motif going on now. He's letting Kiseki help with some of the painting, out of sheer exasperation.

Meanwhile, though, the teacher outside the door does not have his students best interests at heart. Yu channels the darkness within his soul, and spiritually reaches out and grabs the egg of the young builder in the back of the class - that last, tiny nudge needed.

"I should just give it all up." the boy in the back says, as his egg recieves an X, and leaves his body!

Being so close, the feeling of Bad X-Egg Aura is likely overpowering to the charas of Tadase and Amu, but before they can respond, this egg hatches, into an X-chara with a hard hat wielding a small hammer! "USELESS!" it shouts.
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-18 23:11:53 15539
Meanwhile, a little crack forms on the green egg that spreads slowly around the entire thing.

Amu's little birdhouse collapses again as she gets ahead of the drying glue, once more.

And a little blonde chara in a green dress emerges from her hibernation.
"Amu-chan!" Ran says, as Amu's frustration over the broken birdhouse once again starts to well over.

"Amu-chan!" Miki says, as she senses the X-egg being hatched.

It's too much at once, and Amu looks up at her charas in frustration, only to spot the green-dressed Su floating into the air between her and an X-Chara. "... Miki, Ran," she murmurs, her voice a mingle of concern and awe.

"Hab no feer, Su izh here!" says the green-dressed Chara as she stands betwen Amu and the X-Egg. "Chip, Syrup, Whip!"

Amu twitches into motion, hands moving faster than fast to reassemble her own little house, pinning it in appropriate places to counterbalance against the weight of gravity.

When the little house is done, Amu makes a face of exasperation, but there's no time. "Su, watch out!" she calls to her own Chara, probably just about the time the X-Egg is about to attack her for being too near.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-18 23:39:19 15541
Tadase looks up at the X-chara as well - just at the moment that the little creature unleashes its dream-shattered fury on the room - including Amu, Tadase, and all the guardian characters within!

There's a storm of black-purple energy, which whips through the room. "IMPOSSIBLE!" the little x-chara shouts now, and it begins to throw hammers - at the two chara bearers, at the charas themselves, and generally everywhere. There's the sound of small force-hammers slamming into and destroying birdhouses made by the children.

Tadase ducks down behind a table, and reaches out, grasping Amu by the hand, and trying to pull her to saftey too...
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-19 00:03:02 15543
Amu's first instinct is to rush out and save the little green chara. Luckily for her, Tadase is far more practical. His hand closes on hers just as she's about to jump into the path of a hammer. Amu's eyes widen as the hammer narrowly misses her face, and she ducks down below the tables with him, dragging Ran and Miki with her.

"Whoa, this is not okay," Miki informs her. Ran flies forward towards the edge to peer out at the chaos being caused.

Projects are being wrecked left and right. Not only will Tadase, Amu, and the poor student in the back fail to turn in anything at this rate--no one will be able to turn in! And it's not just the birdhouses being broken; pictures hanging on walls, attempts at pottery; everything is breaking.

And in the midst of it all, a little blonde Chara in a green dress looks very confused, eyes whirling as she dizzily tries to keep up with all the havoc.

"Su! Get out of there!" Amu yells at her newest chara, concernedly. She looks to Tadase with worry, but Ran decides to be the bravest little chara and dives out into the maelstrom. Ran grabs Su and drags her back under the table with the rest, and Amu heaves a visible sigh of relief. "This is crazy," she tells Tadase. "I don't think I can transform without getting hit by those hammers in the midst of it."
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-19 00:09:34 15544
Tadase grits his teeth as his recently-assembled birdhouse takes a hammer and goes down like it was made of balsa wood. "Yeah, this one's tougher than usual." he admits. "Angrier. This dream must have meant a lot to him."

When Amu tells him she can't transform, Tadase has to think quickly. He looks over to a corner. "Okay. I'm gonna get it's attention." he says, picking up the shattered peices of his birdhouse. "You run out the door and transform."

He intentionally doesn't give Amu time to think about the plan, much less protest it, getting up after one of the wild hammers flies over, and running to the table in the corner. He turns it on it's side so it's like a barrier, and begins throwing chunks of wood at the X-Chara!

"Hey! I'm over here!" he says.
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-19 00:56:48 15546
Su looks terribly confused as she peers at Amu. "I do not think he is vewy happy," she notes, drawing out each word very carefully.

"Tadase-kun, no!" Amu tries to object, but it's too late. She watches him do the stupidest, bravest thing she's ever seen, and then shakes her head. There's no time to waste, so says, "Come on," to her charas, and scrambles for the door.

Amu rushes through the door with her hand already on the locket, a trio of Charas trailing her, only to run face-first into Yu Nikaido. She bounces off of him, and both Amu and Nikaido crash to the ground, sending the teacher's books everywhere.

"Oh, Himamori-san," the teacher says, reaching up to rub the back of his head. "You are in a hurry! Is everything alright?"

Amu groans and sits up. "What? Oh, Nikaido-sensei, it's Hinamori. I'm sorry, I didn't see you. I need to go! Have a nice day!"

She can't change in the hall with him watching, so Amu just leaves him behind and rushes to the lady's room. Finally, some privacy!
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-19 01:00:34 15547
A hammer goes flying right by Tadase's head as he takes cover behind the table. It looked like a better idea a minute ago than it actually turned out to be.

Kiseki floats up near him. "Tadase, what was that?" he askes.

"What do you mean? I was drawing it's attention so Amu could transform."Tadase answered.

Kiseki narrows his eyes at Tadase, and then Tadase undergoes a chara-change - complete with scepter. "Oh. Yeah." Tadase said, before stepping away from the table, and unleashing a "HOLY CROWN" shield that protects him from the flying darkness hammers way better than the table did. Now, to wait for Amu!
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-19 01:27:24 15550
Nikaido knows what's coming next. He also knows that Amu probably won't reappear so long as he's standing near the doorway. While there's some amusement in wondering how long the X-Egg can continue its rampage, it's not the Embryo, and thus not really why he's here. So he collects his things and wanders off, leaving the kids to clean up the mess. If they can.

Of course they can.

Meanwhile, in the restroom, Amu takes half a breath, then turns to Miki. "Miki, let's transform," Amu suggests.

"No," Miki replies stubbornly, prompting a blink of surprise out of Amu. Miki instead points at Su. "Her. Trust me."

Amu grits her teeth in frustration, then turns to Su. "Su? Are you up for it?"

Su whirls once, then curtseys for Amu. "Leave evewything to me!"

Amu takes a deep breath, but decides to trust in her chara's judgement. After all, if she can't believe in them, who can she believe in? Framing the Humpty Lock with her fingers, she declares, "My Heart: UNLOCK!"

A flare of brilliant green light engulfs the girl, and Su puts on a girlishly shy expression briefly before she falls back into her egg.

The magic of the lock whisks away Amu's fashion choices as Su's egg merges with her form. A moment later, she reappears in a fanciful green dress with an oversized muffin bottom and an apron overtop. Tall cream stockings and green shoes cover her legs and feet.

"Chara Transform: Amulet Clover!"

"... seriously!? A muffin-dress?" Yep, those are the first words out of Clover's mouth after her transformation is complete. Rushing out of the bathroom, she peers around the corner, then spots the missing Nikaido. "Great, he's gone," she whispers to herself as she runs back down the hall towards the art room.

"There there," Amulet Clover says as she rushes into the room. A hammer bounces off of her muffin-dress, and she makes a tutting noise. Drawing forth a baking sheet, she uses it like a shield to protect herself as she explains, "Building things is very hard, but if you plan it first, and take your time, you will do just fine! Don't worry, don't worry, everything's okay."

The X-Character seems torn between its rampage, and the words being explained by Amulet Clover. So, Clover reaches up her hand and draws forth a whisk. "I'll show you," she says, then grasps the whisk with both hands, banishing her shield at the same time.

"Remake Honey!"

There is a flash of golden light that spreads through the entire room, engulfing every corner from edge to edge, including the X-Character and the boy who created it. Wherever the light touches, the damage done by the character fades away to nothing. Broken pottery is mended, torn pictures are repaired, and crumpled birdhouses are rebuilt. Every piece of art in the room returns to the best state it's ever been in: including Tadase, Amu, and the poor boy in the corner's own projects.

"What?" the X-Character replies, taken aback by the sudden powerful magic.

And that's when Amulet Clover frames the humpty lock with her fingers in a heart. "Negative Heart: Lock On!"

A ray of forgiveness, encouragement, and love emerges from that heart, pulsing these feelings to the X-Character.


The X-Character is overwhelmed by the feelings, and the darkness flees. In its place, a little Chara in a construction worker's outfit appears. "Thank you so much," he says with a smile, then jumps back into his egg, which is slowly reabsorbed by the boy.

Amulet Clover heaves a sigh of relief as she leans up against the door. Su pops out, and Amu is returned to her school uniform. "Whew."
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-19 01:42:56 15551
Tadase watches it all, and then after Remake Honey and Open Heart erupt, finally feels safe to let out a little "awesome" comment of his own under his breath - now that the threat is gone. He walks over to Amu.

"Amu-chan, your third egg hatched! And then you've already transformed with it. That's amazing." Tadase says.

Then he turns around. "And... you fixed everything! Not just him, but everthing that was broken." he adds.

Kiseki floats up and then circles around Su as she is seperated from Amu. "Hello, new subject!" he announces with some excitement.
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-19 02:01:27 15552
Su looks a little bashful at all of the attention--even the attention given to Amu on her behalf. She smiles at Kiseki and says, "Good afternoon, I am Su," with very careful, precise enunciation.

"Yeah," Amu agrees with Tadase, eyeing the room a little bit awestruck. "I had no idea she would be so powerful. This is ..." she trails off, then shakes her head. "Wow." Then she looks back to Tadase and offers him a smile. "I guess I'm all done with the assignment. Do you need any help finishing up yours?"
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-19 23:36:07 15646
Tadase looks in. The boy, who has woken up, seems to have finally gotten his together, and, now inspired, has worked quickly to decorate his birdhouse and is actually walking out of the classroom! It's amazing what a combination of Remake Honey and a restored dream can do. Which means now only Tadase's isn't finished; and he just needs to decorate it.

"Sure, if you like." Once the boy is out of earshot. "Actually, if you want to sit and talk... it's not the Royal Garden, but there are probably some things you should know about." he says, walking in and sitting down with the paint in front of his birdhouse.
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-19 23:44:43 15649
Amu smiles as the boy finishes his birdhouse and leaves, clearly pleased with his work. "I don't think I'll ever get over seeing how happy someone is right after having their egg cleansed," she notes, as she sidles up next to Tadase. While the Charas are busy getting aquainted (and exploring birdhouses), Amu reaches for a spare paintbrush, then hovers without actually touching his work. "Sure, what's up?" she asks curiously.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-19 23:49:46 15651
Tadase leans over, painting for a moment, the he looks up. "Well, I told you I would talk to you a little bit more about all the stuff that's going on - the stuff that's not about Guardian Charas and the Guardians. Because there's a lot more than just that." Tadase says, being someone serious, slipping into his Virtue Advisor mode.

"You know, I feel like maybe cluing you in on things might help. Because it seems like once you've got the magical powers - once you get any of them you can see all of them. Like... have you seen the flower floating in the skies outside?"
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-19 23:52:27 15653
Amu glances towards the window almost reflexively, then nods her head. "Yeah," she says quietly. "I spent the past few nights just staring up at it before bed." And then that stupid cat showed up on her balcony. This draws an irate expression, briefly. Maybe he won't notice?

"I didn't want to ask," Amu explains, instead. "I thought if it was important you'd tell me, but that it was better to not get in the way of you doing what you have to do."
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-19 23:59:30 15657
Tadase nods. "Yeah, that's one of like... a bunch of things going on lately. And..." he pauses, finishing up a little crown motif on the top. "...and I don't know when the right time to tell you about it ought to be? But I didn't want to do it before all your eggs have hatched, because you have so much going on yourself, and that's just dealing with X-eggs. But I also think that you're bound to run into some sort of other person or problem sooner or later. We all have." he adds. "And I don't want you to be unaware of the fact that there /is/ other magic out there, besides just Charas."
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-20 00:09:02 15662
Amu considers that information for a moment, and then her eyes start to widen as the implications sink in. "You mean like w-w-w-witches and g-g-g-ghosts?!" she asks. Amu leans away and holds up her paintbrush defensively.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-20 00:17:34 15666
Tadase grimaces. Her reaction... that is not a good start. "I haven't met any ghosts, but I have seen what some other girls call a witch. But they're not like anything I've ever seen. They're... just... wrong. Like, where they live, the place where they pull you - it feels like you're the outsider, and it's a whole other world where nothing is right." he says, his eyes a little dim, remembering it all.

"I'm not trying to scare you. Just... if you ever end up in a place like that, and it's unmistakable pretty quick - call for help instantly. Call all the Guardians. Don't hesitate."
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-20 00:24:10 15669
Amu reaches up and clings very suddenly to Tadase's arm, clutching him tight. She buries her face in his shoulder, which earns all three of her Charas looking up in confusion.

"Is Amu-chan ..." Ran asks very quietly.

"Yep," Miki points out smugly.

"Do you think she ..."


"Ohhhh, Amu-chi will be so embawassed," Su chimes in very quietly.

"G-g-g-ghosts aren't real," Amu tries to reassure herself. "There's no such thing as ghosts. I stopped being afraid of them when I was three." She seems to take solace in convincing herself with these words.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-20 00:31:02 15672
Kiseki leans over. He's behind Su. "She doesn't look very sure." he says, LOUDLY. Thanks, Kiseki!

"Just remember that if anything feels really wierd... like if it seems like reality has gone wrong, put out a call quick. I'd rather respond to something that isn't a Witch than... not respond." he adds. She's still clinging very tight. "The good news is I haven't seen many around in a while, and there are magical girls who make it their work to deal with them, just like X-Charas are what you're probably best at!"
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-20 00:36:56 15673
Su jumps in surprise at the loudness of Kiseki's voice, then floats towards the ground as if defeated. Ran and Miki just giggle amusedly.

Tadase hasn't seen any in a while? His words are meant to be somewhat reassuring, but to Amu all she hears is: there will probably be another one soon. Worse, he doesn't even acknowldge that she's good at dealing with X-eggs. Amu clings even tighter to Tadase's arm, possibly cutting off circulation.

That's about the time that Ran realizes she's slipping. "Amu-chan," she says, flying closer. "Amu-chan, we'll help you," she promises. "It'll be okay."
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-20 01:09:50 15676
"Amu-chan, it'll be ok." he says, trying to be convincing. "You've got three Guardian Characters and you've been amazing every time I've seen you in action. There are people who've been doing this longer than you have who don't have the level of talent like you do." he says, honestly.

"I think anything that you run into is going to be in a lot more trouble because it ran into you, than you would be."

"Just don't let it get you down. Your spirit is one of your strongest attributes."
Amu Hinamori 2015-11-20 01:12:29 15677
Amu continues to cling for another few moments, then seems to very suddenly stiffen. Realizing she's acting like a fool, she tries to figure out the coolest way out of it. The problem is, there's really no way to recover from something like this.

So she straightens and slides off of her chair. "Sure, whatever," she says as if she weren't just clinging to him for dear life. "But I've got enough trouble with X-Eggs, so I'm not going to go looking for other kinds of trouble. When do I meet this Blue guy anyways?"
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-20 02:08:01 15686
Tadase smiles a bit. She's still Amu, that's for sure. For all that entails. "Yeah, like I said. You're the Joker. Your job - which you've been doing great at! - is to deal with X-eggs. Not witches, not youma, not anything else. At least, right now. There's so many more X-eggs that have been showing up than we're used to, so it's really helpful to have you here, Amu-chan."

"I just wanted you to be aware of the other things so they weren't a surprise. And you'll meet Blue soon, I hope. He mostly works with Pretty Cure so I have to pin him down."