Breakfast and Manga!

Hannah and Rurako enjoy a nice breakfast, talking about manga, Clubs, and getting a school Dance together.

Date: 2015-06-12
Pose Count: 20
Rurako Doji 2015-06-12 12:58:53 1825
Rurako Doji is up early in the morning, well before she would have to go to class, and sends a text message to Hannah, asking her to come by her house so that they can have a breakfast, also, so that she can show her the new manga she wrote, and had translated into braile. She smiles as she is currently wearing her school uniform, and has a breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, toast and melon ready for the both of them. The house sounds quiet, though, aside from Rurako's old onery cat lounging pn the roof, there isnt anyone else home.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-12 13:10:11 1826
It's a slightly hair-ruffled Hannah that shows up at Rurako's door alongside her fuzzy friend Boris. A knock on the door, and there's a mumbled voice in English.

"Mmm...morning Rurako-chan." Comes Hannah through the door. She's wearing her uniform, and her arm is all bandaged up. Boris is a little more of a morning person it seems, as he woofs at the door!

The scent of food along has Hannah's stomach growling.
Rurako Doji 2015-06-12 13:15:51 1827
Rurako Doji opens the dooor and gives hannah a hug, and a pat on the head for Boris. "Good morning!" She says, very much a morning person, it's not til possibly after first cllass that her stoic additude kicks in. Leading hannah to the table, she sets her down and gets her a plate ready, and also gives a few treats and such for Boris, setting him down on a pillow. "Good boy."She says before moving back to the table and sitting next to Hannnah. "What happend to your arm? Are you okay?" She asks, she does hope that Hannah doesnt notice the slight limp she has as she walks, though, she blames the sidewalk for it. "So, the reason I asked you over her,e well, aside from I wanted to have breakfast with the most wonderful person I could think of, was that I wrote a Manga... in braile for you." She says with a blush.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-12 13:38:40 1828
It's always a little odd to see the velvet beneath Rurako's steel persona she so often wears. The hug is returned, injecting a little more life into the woman, though not much. Her eyes are a touch glassy. Must be the painkillers.

"You are better than coffee for mornings, you know?" Teases Hannah.

And then she's in a seat, and devouring food ravenously. After swallowing, she waves a utensil.

"Broke my arm during practice. As much as he annoys me sometimes, I have to admit: coach is right. Getting cocky just gets you hurt." Luckily kickboxing is a violent sport, and it's not the first time she's gotten hurt like this. The limb goes unnoticed in favor of noms. Boris, amidst treat chewing, perks up his ears. /He/ does, but doesn't yet inform his Mistress.

Hannah perks up a bit. "Why, my little Rurako is becoming both a romantic and a manga-ka! Ooh, what genre?"

She grows warmer, and a little less teasing. "Seriously, Rurako-chan, that is sweet of you to go through the effort. I know it is a pain." She sounds honestly touched.
Rurako Doji 2015-06-12 13:47:27 1829
Rurako Doji blushes again and takes a few bites of her toast. "Well, I want to share my fantasies with you, and most of them are depicted in my writing." She says as she holds up the manga. "It's Shonen, based in the waring states era about a group of demon hunters who at first glance you would never see as a group, but I'm thinking as I write more of the story, they will learn that they need to be a good group together, to save japan." She says with a smile as she sets the book in Hannah's lap, letting the girl finish her breakfast first. "Also, over summer breakk, I'm going to be spending a week in brazil... I was wondering if you wanted to come as well?" She asks with a smile, a week with hannah on a warm beach, and maybe a boat ride down the amazon.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-12 13:58:44 1830
Hannah finishes her breakfast, pushing aside the plate in favor of the manga. After wiping her hands a bit, she's soon delving right in. Her strong fingers run along the braille as she reads, smiling in between coffee sips.

"Hah hah, I like it! Putting their strength and hearts together to save japan, huh?" Her heart pangs, hiding a guilty look with a coffee cup. Something might feel off for a second, but Hannah quickly recovers.

And rubs her chin. The idea of a week with her girlfriend is amazing. But would her Evil Job allow it?

"I cannot promise anything. I really want to go with you, Rura-chan, but I need my job too. Let me see if I can get some away-work for that week, okay?" Comes Hannah, smiling a bit. They /are/ a multinational corp.
Rurako Doji 2015-06-12 14:08:08 1831
Rurako Doji nods. "Yep, I tried to keep some of the mushy stuff out, but well, I guess it snuck in anyway." She says with a giggle before she lays her head on hannnah's shoulder. "Alright, I do hope you get to come, it will be nice." She says with a smile as she lets out a soft sigh. "I got a history test today, I usualy love history, but we are learning about victorian europe... so... boring." She comments with a huff, how come they couldent learn about a warrior culture, no instead it's all about politics and pompus buffoonery.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-12 14:19:18 1832
Hannah Sharpe just laughs a little bit. "Hey, I like romance in manga! Tales of love and triumph through the power of friendship! Like that Hyper Princess Mana manga!" Even magical girls can read magical girl manga. Sometimes, Hannah utterly lacks self awareness.

Hannah finally gets into the action, though, reading with rapt attention! It actually distracts her to where she 'looks' up with a 'huh?'.

"O..oh! Well, I guess it all depends on how you feel about politics. I have to admit, they can be annoying, but then again I kind of live that out. Office politics can be killer." Comes the girl with a laugh.

In some cases literally, at least when you're a youma.
Rurako Doji 2015-06-12 14:24:00 1833
Rurako Doji smiles as she watches hannah enjoying the Manga, and she does take pride in her action scenes, a few sarcastic quips, and alot of sword swinging, magic flinging, and general blood pumping fights. "Bah, I just don;t understand how a bunch of crooked people out to make themselves look good think they can decide whats best for everyone, and THEN they are actualy insulted when the people they think they are doing good for turn on them because they become tyrants."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-12 14:29:06 1834
Hannah's hand comes to a halt briefly. Then, slowly, she smiles a little more as she continues to read.

What would she think if she knew? 'Crooked'?

"I think it depends on the person. I mean, look at King Arthur. He truly worked for his kingdom, and yet, what happened? He was betrayed, and died by the hand of his own son. Arthur and Mordred alike could both be called tyrants. Which was truly more evil?" A shake of her head, and she smiles.

"Of course there were some back then that worked only for themselves. But sometimes, I think, you have to be a little selfish to truly change. Got to want it, you know? A little ambition. Who knows though. Always hard to tell what a person intends without knowing them, huh?"
Rurako Doji 2015-06-12 14:31:40 1835
Rurako Doji blinks a few times and then lets out a sigh. "Meh, philosphy and politics, not my strong point. Give me a sword." She says with a smile. "Knowledge and a sword... I feel I could do much more with those then anything else i could be handed."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-12 14:36:26 1836
Hannah pauses, and laughs a little. There's an odd little bitter note amidst pity. Putting down the manga, she slides over to the other side of the table, and draws Rurako into a hug.

"Philosophy is important, but, becoming too bogged down in such things can be painful. So leave that kind of thing to me, alright? And I will leave the swordsmanship to you." A loving little squeeze, and she's content to sit with her girlfriend.

For all of her ambitions, the feeling of being close to friends and love burns just as strongly in her heart. Even as despair and hatred rage deep within, the calming presence beside her helps the storm shrink just a little.

And once again reconfirm her ambitions. For the sake of Ao, Rurako, all of her friends...and even the Storm Knight and all the magical warriors who have opposed her, she /has/ to change the world down to its very roots. It hurts to know they hurt, right in the darkest parts of her heart.
Rurako Doji 2015-06-12 14:42:29 1837
Rurako Doji cuddles wit hher girlfriend, and gives a soft sigh, someone like hannnah, so much potential, Hannah, out of anyone, should be alolowed to make her own way in life, and not have to conform to those who want to control everything. Though she wants to keep hannah relitively safe, she often wonders if Hannah, and her other friends, could possibly have the potential to be what she is? not just a magical girl, but a Purity blade, though she quickly dismisses that line of thought. "Yes, and you point me at what I need to cut down."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-12 15:01:58 1838
Eyes closed, close to someone like Rurako, Hannah can almost feel alright with the world for just a moment. But it's just a dream, and she finally opens her eyes. One more squeeze, and then she's back over to the manga!

"Deal~." Grin! The thought of Rurako being a magical girl doesn't even strike the woman as a possibility. She pumps her fist in the air as she's apt to do.

"Next time we get some jerks harrassing my dog..." Cue Boris getting ear-scritches! Woof!

"We both get to kick their butts! Right Boris!?" Boris whines, then tackles his mistress! Lick lick lick! Hannah laughs and wiggles.

"B...Boris! Ahhh, help, not the face!" The big fuzzy lug gets a hug!
Rurako Doji 2015-06-12 15:26:54 1839
Rurako Doji giggles and reaches out to pet Boris-kun. "Next time, I might not be as nice." She says as she sits back and lets out a sigh. "This afternoon is chess club, it's odd, but I find that club harder to deal with the nmy own kendo club." She says, though granted, it's a game of wits and stratagy, somthing she enjoys, but she just doesnt feel good about somthing unless she is the best, and there are a few members in her chess club better then her.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-12 16:23:26 1840
Hannah grins, and Boris eventually is coaxed off by scritches!

Here, the other girl smirks. "Maybe you just need to accept you have flaws, Rurako-chan~. Though that competitive spirit is what I like about you. Maybe we can even play a few games." Not that she really plays chess much!

Then she sighs a bit. "...Though I am a bit worried myself. My club is pretty good, but without me, who knows if they can carry through." Blasted magical girls breaking her arm!
Rurako Doji 2015-06-12 16:45:22 1841
Rurako Doji smiles. "Even with a cast on, I'm sure you can just give a swift kick in the rear if they don;t so what they are suposed too." She says as she smiles. 'And if you want, I could show up and smack them around abit." She adds before she takes a sip of her orange juice. "So, any ideas about where we could go to show off our new dresses?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-12 16:51:42 1842
Hannah outright laughs, leaning back in her chair.

"Of course! They cannot stand the /two/ of us together, can they? And same for your club! If they do not get their act together, they can face me! One arm is more than enough!"

A tilt of her head. Hmmmm. A long ponderous noise, and then she smirks. Legs cross, and there's a devious look to her.

"Why not hold a dance? An inter-school dance! Celebrate...oh, um, a 'rousing start to the new school year'. Or something equally cheesy we can feed to the administrators."
Rurako Doji 2015-06-12 16:55:18 1843
Rurako Doji ponders that thought for just a moment before smiling. "Perfect! A dance would be wonderful, a 'Summer's Ball'" She says with a giddy smile, looking to the time she frowns. "Ugh... almost time to leave." She says with a sad face, looking to hannah. "I'd say we should skip class, but my work ethic just wont let me enjoy myself if i do."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-12 16:59:30 1844
A big thumbs up from Hannah! "Let us do it!" Comes the woman exhuberantly, sounding a bit giddy herself. Then, she stands.

"As much as I would rather stay here, I must slay the beast of Art Class!" Scowl!

Then she grabs Rurako's arm.

"Come forth, brave knight! Let us slay this dragon together!" Out the house she goes, Boris worriedly running after them.

'...Baka.' thinks the Familiar.